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rrjJUSIIED BY TRAVIS BROTHERS. KTtR AT 'AM,,KS poht-ofkuk ah kkcoxikum mail ma. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR.
Sexator Hale i tob congrat
ulated He allows, that there are
plait's whore liquor is- sold down
in Mnnwv He there tells the truth
and shames prohibition. Boston
The only way in which the Re
publican majority can be secured
for the next Congress is to pnss a
law making it a close corporation,
with power to fleet its own mem
bers.. Providence Journal.
. Undeb Mr. Lodge's bill, it would
coat the National Government about
SsinOaflftft in milntt a National
w 7 , - - , . -
electiorii This would be consider
ably worso than throwing- that
amount away. Boston Herald.
The Farmers' Alliance in Ten
nessee will help the Democratic
party. , This rale applies gener
ally, as; th- fall returns will stow.
When- the farmers wake up, the
Democratic vote always increases.
St. Louis Republic.
Now that the farms in the north
western. States are covered by mort
gages, eastern capitalists are estab
lishing loan offiees all over the
South. "We hope southern farm
ers will keep their farms free from
the grasp of these money sharks.
The Indiana man who was elec
ted President in 18S8 says that, at
the end f his term, he shall go
bak tc. Indianapolis and resume
the practice of law. This is sent
out as news. It is old. Tbecoun
try knew it long before Harrison
found, it oat. St. Louis Republic,
Wl echo the sentiment expressed
in the (Carroll County Democrat of
last weekt in regard to. holding a
'Aprimary; m this Congressional dis
irict. By all means let's have t
jji ixiiui , ou tiia.li biiV7 utsi uimi ill
4l,4- 4T,. 1,1 ;il
be sure to win. We are uncom
promisingly opposed to any " dark
horses." which are too frequently
the fruits of , a convention. The
whole people, tmd not a few indi
viduals, control primaries. Lin
den Herald.
The Senate Finance Committee
has made of the MeKinley bill " a
thing of shreds and patches" prin
cipally shreds. It taxes the peo
ple's tin-plate to create another mo
nopoly, and restores the tax on to
baeeo to provide money for buying
the "-soldier vote." It taxes art as
a sop to buncombe, and increases
the duty on' wool and other farm
products to fool the farmers; Henry
Clay would blush for such a body.
, New York World.
The Republicans are trying to
steal Obion County offices, but the
seeret was revealed by one of their
thoughtless bosses. There are sev
eral Democratic aspiramts for each
county office, and the Republicans
intended stealing a march on them
by placing a full ticket in the field
a few days before the election,
Their scheme was to run a white
man for all the offices except regis
ter, which was to have been filled
by a colored person,
bune and Sun.
Jackson Tri -
j.nxj lycxiDiun uun leufiitijf ijjioacu
by the Lower House of Congress,
vjsrovides that pensions shall be paid
to all dependent parents who had
eons in the Union army and to all
soldiers who served as long as
v ninety days, who have since the
war been disabled from any cause
which prevents them from earning
a support This bill will increase
the army of pensioners by two hun
dred ana titty thousand names,
making more than a million pen
sioners, and increase the annual
drain on the National Treasury
The new Brazilian minister has
been received by President Carnot
Congressman Catchings, of Mis-
sissippi, has decided to be a candi
date again.
The international Sunday school
convention convened at Pittsburgh,
Pa., Tuesday.
Atchison, Ktm., is suffering from
the experience of a water famine
caused by a flood.
White Caps- burned the house
and barn of John Wesley, at Polk,
Ind., Saturday night.
General Mahone is said to have
forsaken politics for land specula
tion in West Virginia.
Rain-in-the-Face,the Sioux chief
tain, has applied for a position on
the police force of Bismarck, Dak.
A large-sized scandal in connec
tion with the World's Fair has de
veleped, and there is a bis: steal
behind it
Over seventeen hundred students
are registered at the University of
Michigan, of whom thirty-seven
are Japanese,
Spokane, Wash., is growing so
fast that the brick-yards are unable
to supply the material for new
buildings as fast as needed,
A horse kicking over a lantern
caused the barn and contents, be
longing to Frank Grimm, near Ev
ansville, Intl. to be burned last
The storm of last week was es
pecially sever at Moberly, Ma,
where two houses were struck by
lightning and several persons were
The interstate-commerce hearing
on reduction of grain rates prom
ises to be an interesting session, as
some of the roads will not oppose
Uie reduction..
The heaviest rain storm for ten
years occurred in Minnesota last
wWk, and many farms were washed
of everything moveable, including
fences and bridges.
, .amffiLr - """" 1
At Southport, Lancashire. Eng..
rturday, seven thousand miners
paraded the streets and subse
quently held a meeting at which
resolutions were passed demanding
an eight-hour day.
Prince Bismarck has decided to
make Friedrichsruhe his future
home, in preference to his other
estates, and has ordered houses to
be erected near the palace for his
clerks and assistants.
Artesian wells are being put
down in great numbers in the dis
trict of Riverside, Cal., and owin
to them this district, which was
previously uninhabited on account
of the scarcity of drinking water,
has now a population of 7,000.
The ladies of Pine Bluff, Ark.,
lavo formed an auxiliary society
of the Confederate camps of veter
ans for the purpose of raising funds
to build a Confederate soldiers'
home at Little Rock.
While Mr. Albert Diller, n prom
inent member of the Farmers' Al-
liance, was addressing a secret meet-
ing of that body at Clayton, Ga.,
last Friday evening, he suddenly
reeled and fell dead on the floor.
In the United States Circuit Court
at New Orleans, Judge Billings has
overruled exceptions to the master's
report in the famous Gaines case,
and has given judgement for over
$500,000 against the city of New
The British ship Algoma arrived
at the Delaware breakwater batur- nasty is, that it is necessary to so
day, forty-four days from Rio de cure "free and honest elections."
J aneiro, beveral of the crow were
reported to have had yellow fever a reformer, it is customary to ascer
at Rio de Janeiro, and she is now tain his character and to examine
undergoing disinfection at the his credentials. Is not the same
breakwater. prmrsft nrnrlAntwHli n nnrtv? TIia
John Sabin and wife living on a
farm near Wichita, Kan., left home
to visit a neighbor Saturday, leav-
ing two small children locked-up
at their home. The house caught
fire, and before they could get
home, after being attracted by the
smoke, both children were burned
About noon last Friday, while
the sun was shining brightly and
xi . t - if i
burgh, Miss., was shaken to the
center by a crash of thunder. The
residence of Isaac Gethelf was dam.
aged slightly, the shock prostrating
several members of the family, but
fortunately with no fatal results.
The conditions of the match be.
tween lenny ana baivator, the win-
ner of the fouburban, is as follows
The match ia for $5,000 a side, half
forfeit, the association to add !N),UUU
provided the horses start; to be
run on Wednesday, June 25, if the
stewards decide the track is good.
This race will be one of the great-
est equine contests of modern
The official report of the Secre-
y of State of the Republic of
xico, for the fiscal year ended,
11 be of interest to the people of
io United States. The total ex-
rts from Mexico wera valued at
er 800,000,000. Of this amount
ore than $40,000,000 went to the
nited States; $12,000,000 to Eng.
ud; .$8,000,000 to Germany; and
,000,000 to France.
David Beckman, a Mormon elder
io has been enticing people away
m near Gibson, Ga., to Utah,
s severely whipped near Gibson
tt week. A party of masked men
rounded the house of a recent
wvert and called on him to sur
Iider the elder. Tho victim was
ind concealed in the left of the
house. He was denuded and whip
ped, a coat of tar and feathers was
then applied, and he was given the millions four hundred and nine
order to leave the country forever. teen thousand, seven hundred and
He started on his trip at once,
Harry Winters, a prominent cit
izen of Mount Carroll, Ills., has
been deluged with White Cap let-
ters of late, threatening him with
death if he did not leave the place,
Great excitement prevails, and as
Winters has declared his determi-
nation not to be driven away, fears
are entertained that blood will be
shed before the matter is ended,
The trouble grew out of the mel-
ancholy suicide of a young lady
of the place with whom Winters
had long kept company and whom
he jilted for an unknown reason.
Look at the Credentials!
New York World.
The Republican caucus at Wash
ington has sanctioned a bill to place
elections for Representatives in
Congress wholly under the control
of federal agents.
The purpose of the bill is to carry
out Speaker Reed's edict: "Wo
must do our own registration, our
0W11 counting, and our own certi
fication. To accomplish this the
rights of the States, sanctioned by
a century of usage, are set aside.
The election methods of a free re
public arc to be superceded by a
centralized direction copied from
the plebiscite of the third empire
of France.
The excuse for this revolutionary
plan to perpetuate a partisan dv-
When a man presents himself as
World presents to-day some his-
to facts calculated to throw light
upon the character and qualifica
turns of the Republican party man-
ages ,as national reformers of
elections. It inyites public atten-
tion and the attention of Congress
to this record and to these docu
u T?. U eined
, , T
politicians who nave been most con-
uous in corruptingthe elections
sun prominent in me pany
management. The new federal
judges required to put the pro
posed law in execution would be
appointed by a President who made
Swayne a judge in Florida and
who sustained Woods in shielding
Dudley in Indiana. The Repub-
tlie at)nlication of the law would be
intmsted, Btm has Quay as chair
man an(1 rU(iley a8 its executive
a re these men fit to be intrusted
witn a supervision of elections
i,.!, aAa 1, forma r.f iha
I Vnll r lTionfinfif nil no
they are being cast and counted,"
ind to furnishing certificates of the
election of Representatives which
shall supersede the certificates of
Governors and be binding upon the
Clerk of the House?
To ask this question is to con
demn the bill.
But The World goes further.
The power given by this bill is not
such as should be bestowed upon
any administration or any party.
Through its use any party could
perpetuate its control of Congress,
irrespective of the popular will.
It is an undemocratic, unrepubli-
can, revolutionary, and a dangerous
Are the Republican leaders mad?
Pension Appropriations.
New York World.
One hundred
and sixtv-seven
and thirty-one dollars ! ( s
This is the sum which Represen
tative Henderson, of the Pension
Committee, boastfully reports as
" the amount of the appropriations
made by the present House for the
benefit of the soldier."
This is $08,000,000 in excess of
the estimate of the Secretary of the
Treasury. It is nearly three times
the total cost of the Federal Gov-
eminent in the year before the war,
It exceeds by moro .than $100,000,
000 the cost of pensions in 1885
twenty years after the close of the
war. It surpasses by $24,000,000
the highest annual interest charge
on the National debt. It is eoual
to the combined annual cost of the
standing armies of Great Britaiu
and Germany. It is nearly GO per
cent, of the National expenditures.
And it is a permanent charge go
ing on for a generation.
The tax-payers evidently have no
rights which surplus-spenders feel
bound to respect.
In Debt to Cameron.
The Courier-Journal figures it
out that the Republican party is
under lasting obligations to Sena
tor Don Cameron, of Pennsylvania,
and should nominate him for Pres
ident to show its gratitude.
The train of facts which, has led
to this conclusion e1 these: Mr.
Matthew Stanley Quay, because of
his theft from the Pennsylvania
Treasury, was in despair and about
to, make a McGinty of himself
" deep in the flowing Susquehan
nah," when Don Cameron came to
his rescue.
Don not only saved him from the
penitentiary, but absolutely saved
his life.
It is a universally conceded fact
that Quay made Harrison Presi
dent and saved the Republican
party from defeat in the last cam
paign. So the conclusion is inevi
table that the Republican party
owes Don Cameron a debt of grat
itude. His great service to the
party was in a manner indirect, but
none the less valuable for that
The Cotton Crop.
WniiliiBham Age-Herald.
It is rather early to formy esti
mates of the cotton crop. Tliere
are many perils of drought and dis
aster that it may incur before the
picking season is over. But from
all sections the report of the grow
ing crop is most satisfactory. The
prices for cotton have ruled higher
this year than for some years pre
vious, and there is every indication
hat they will continue good until
the present crop has been marketed.
All of this gives a comforting assur
ance of good times to come. With
a good cotton crop selling at good
prices the South will prosper and
be happy.
The women of the Oskaloosa,
Kan., cily council retired from of
fice leaving the city with improved
streets, better walks, better Sunday
observance, a prohibition of offen
sive stock exhibitions and a full
treasury instead of an empty one.
Their administration has been
much above the average.
" Isn't an American consumer as
valuable to us as a foreign consum
er?" asks Mr. MeKinley. Aye;
and more valuable. The self-sac
rificing American consumer stands
the burden of the tariff tax in order
that the foreign consumer may get
his wages at free-trade nrices.
Philadelphia Record.
Ingalls is a two-faced sneak.
That has been known to a great
many people for a long while, but
he gave a convincing proof that
such is the case when, after voting
for free coinage in the Senate, he
lobbied against it in the House.
Birmingham Age-Herald.
The murder of Miles Fawcett, at
Carlin, Nev., in 1S88, was avenged
last Friday when Joseph Potts and
his wife, Elizabeth, were "hanged
by the neck till they were dead" at
Elko, Nev.
We have not noticed that any R e
publican organ has denounced Mr.
Blaine as a free trader. Cleveland
Plain Dealer.

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