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tu A is nil a i n i:i:st
Chip dolliir per year In mlviinrc; fifty cents for
i months, twenty-live cents lor three months.
'I n k cm ion in k will lie issued on Friday of
c.irli week. KiiliHiTiptlmm, piAiililc III udxancc,
iiiiiv lie sent hv no-i-ofi'ire order at our risk.
I'ostiige stamps are not desirable, but when II Is
found necessary to remit tliein one-cent stamps
are preferred.
Afcnts wanted to solicit subscriptions. Write
lor terms, etc
We sliiill spare no endeavor t furnish valuable
icndniL' mailer to our natrons: and hone to se-
l ine ii correspondent at every post-nllice in lien
Ion County to furnish ns with county news.
t?e Hssurne no responsibility for llie ex
pressions eontamed in conimunicauons appca
luL' In the columns of this piipcr.
TIip following are the Democratic nominees, sc
lected by priniiirv election March R. Isihi, for the
roiiniY ouiees 01 iH'mu i oiiui.v, aim torv mmihiii
receive the support of at 11 true Democrats id the
polls on tne Tin day 01 August, isw.
For County Judge:
For County Clerk :
For Circuit Clerk:
For Trustee :
For Sheriff:
For Registrar:
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1890.
Faemebs and laborers in this
country of all classes, regardless of
politics, if they understood their
interests, ought always to oppose
all taxes on the necessaries of life
as well as taxes upon the wages of
It is a fact that to-day there are
thousands of men in this country
employed as wage-workers, who.
with the industrial conditions that
prevailed fifty years ago, woult
have been engaged in business on
their own account and gratifying
the love of independence which is
the favorite theme of the Fourth
of July orator, and which is in fact
a matter of great consequence to
an American citizen.
The reckless legislation of the
present administration, and the
prodigal use of money for campaign
purposes, has financially foundered
the Government and the Eepubli
can party. There is a deficit of
8100,000,000 for Government ex.
penses, and the party campaign
fund is exhausted. Now since the
money has given out, the only way
the Republican party can retain
power is to pass an election law
ii n it ,i
mat will enable them to count
themselves in whether elected or
not. '
Where ia the proof of Mr. Hak
xison's love for the soldier? II
invited Tanner down and out be
cause Tanner boldly opened the
vaults of the Treasury for the ben
efit of the soldier as was pledge
the soldiers during the Presidentia
campaign. But now when Pension
Commissioner Ratjm is making his
office a personal speculation, he is
allowed to keep his place. The
truth of the matter is, Harrison
was one thing before the election
and another thing since ho has
been elected our chief executive
The Eastern and Western State
have been ruled over by a long line
of Republican State officials an
thoroughly subjugated to Repub
lican principles, which pandere
to monopolists and created deprcs
sion and discouragement in the ag
ricultural communities. The farm
ers have been literally starved ou
of their acres and forced into other
pursuits. Their only resource was
to seek employment in the mining
districts and manufacturing towns,
where they receive scanty wages.
and when they strike against a re
duction of wages, in many instan
ces, they are kicked out to make
room for imported labor that is com
posed of the very scum of Europe,
This is "protection" to American
labor with a vengeance.
The War on the Farmer.
We propose to show in this arti-
le how tho farmers of this country
are being duped and swindled by
ho nefarious "protective" tariff
aws, and we will give facts and fig
ures which defy successful contra
diction. Tho facts are incontro-
Tho suspicion has existed for
some time that the "protected"
(Vmerican manufacturers were sell
ing their goods for less money in
foreign markets than in the home
market, but it was an extremely
difficult matter to prove that such
was tho case. But thanks to the
courage and indomitable persever
ance of our Democratic statesmen,
ho matter has been thoroughly in
vestigated and exposed. Copies of
the foreign edition of American
advertisements, circulated by the
American Mail and Export Journal
which publishes several editions
one is for circulation in this coun
try; the others are for circulation
abroad) havo been secured which
give the prices American "pro-
ected' manufacturers are offering
their goods in foreign markets. Wo
lave on file a copy of the New York
World, which has reproduced pho
tographs of advertisements circula
ted in South America, and of adver-
tiscments of the same goods circu
lated in the United States, that can
be seen at any time at The CliRON
icle office. These advertisements
are printed in foreign languages,
and aro closely guarded from tho
eyes of the American people, ex
cept tho manufacturers who have
them printed. They represent ev
ery class of "protected" manufac
tured goods. For the benefit of
the farmers we give below a list of
farming implements and the prices
the manufacturers sell them to the
American farmer and the prices the
same manufacturers sell the same
goods in foreign markets. It will
open the eyes of the farmers to the
great injustice being done them by
' ' protective ' ' tariff plundered
by tho mill-owners and manufac
turers, while the foreigner is pro
tected, the American farmer is com
pelled by law to pay double prices
for agricultural implements. Read
the following list and ponder it well
AHii'li. Spanish American
A prices. price
Advance plough StUX) Sl8,uo
I 4.(K) s. no
Hay tedder. ;m.(KI 4".oo
Mower -lo.no (ir..ou
Horse rake ' 17.00 25.00
Cumining feed-cutter
No. 3 .. CO. 00 (10.00
Ann Arbor cutter No. 2.. at.uu 40.00
Ann Arbor cutter No. 1 .. if! .00 'm.io
Clipper cutter !)..ri0 ig.no
Lever cutter 4.2.r 8.00
Cultivator '...'.no no. 00
Sweep 60.00 0(1.00
Tho protection the tariff gives
tho manufacturers of these goods
prevents their import, which lim
its tho competition for the Amer
ican trade to a few firms in the
United States, who form "trusts'
to prevent inside competition (else
their "protection" is worthless)
and agree upon a schedule of prices
atwhich they will sell to their coun
trynien. But outside the United
States, in competition with the man
ufacturers of all nations for the for
eign trade, tho prices are reduced
to meet foreign competition, am
yet the American manufacturer re
alizes a handsome profit on his for
eign sales, else he would not sell
Tho effect of our "protective
tariff system is, to make million
aires of tho manufacturers at tho
expense of the laboring classes, yet
the Republican party proposes to
increase the tariff for tho benefit o
j 1 i 1.1
ine iavoreu lew at the expense o
the masses (which aro the poorer
classes), to make the rich richer,
and the poor poorer. Tho Demo
cratic party desire3 to protect al
m XT "i n
xhe isasnviiie American im
peaches Jere Baxter's Democ
racy, and Baxter says tho Ameri
can makes false charges. Th
state of affairs is highly amusing
to Republicans.
Work ou tho steel mill at Chattanooga
still progresses.
An ice factory will bo erected at llock-
wood this summer.
Dysentery of a mild form is prevalent
11 DocaturC ounty.
Trenton will soon have water-works
and a street railway.
Thcie is a general demand for walnut
timber over tho State.
The liepublican State convention has
been put off until July 30.
The old crop of tobacco is being rap
idly placed on the market.
Jackson will have a competitive mili
tary drill on Independence Day.
The Central Grain Elevator at Chat
tanooga was sold at auction Friday.
An Obion candidate for trustee was
seveielj bitten by a dog when he called
to see the voters.
Wheat harvest has commenced, and
the crop is estimated at about CO per
cout. of an average.
It is said tho recent rains have been
very injurious to the wheat crop, caus
ing much of it to fall down.
A meeting was held at Paris Wednes
day to consider the question of erecting
a high school building at that place.
A census enumerator found in Paris
ast week a colored woman, Nancy Ann
Dunlap, aged one hundred and four
Cal. Wallace, a well-to-do farmer, liv
ing near Clinton, was shot and killed by
his son-in-law, William Brooks, a few
days since.
Dr. T. J. llupple, of Trenton, has
been appointed by Governor Taylor as
member of the State Medical Board
of Examiners.
The work on the Paducah, Tennessee,
and Alabama Railroad began at Padu'
cah, Ivy., about five weeks ago and has
progressed to within a few miles of Paris.
Fi eight conductor Charles Scates was
run over and killed at Milan Friday af
ternoon. The remains were carried to
Mclvenzie where ho has a wife and one
Governor Taylor went to Morristown
Tuesday in response to the invitation
for him to conduct the ceremony of the
grond-breakiiig for the new railroad at
that place.
A formal protest has beeu forwarded
from Lexington to tho officials of the
Midland Railroad in regard to the lack
of passenger accommodations with that
part of tho road from Jackson to Lex'
Lizzie Ackerman, who created such
a sensation by shooting her husband,
Jake Ackerman, in the police court at
Memphis, on April 30, has boon found
guilty of murder in tho second degree,
and sentenced to ten jears in the pent
Tho Memphis Cotton Exchange has
appointed a committee to attend the con
vention to be held at Jackson for dis
cussing the scheme of constructing a
canal to connect J ackson with Memphis
by the waters of the Tennessee and Mis
sissippi Ilivers.
Miss Mildred Lee, daughter of Gen'.
Robert E. Lee, has accepted an invita
tion and will be present during tho re
union at Chattanooga. She will be ac
companied by several survivors of her
father's staff. Mrs. N. B. Forrest will
also be present at the reunion.
At a meeting of the Drummers' Relief
Association of Memphis the chairman
was authorized to draw a check for the
balance left in their hands, amounting
to about $725, payable to the Young
Women's Home building fund, for tho
purpose of assisting them in building
or purchasing a home.
At noon Tuesday tho four condemned
murderers, Frank Brennish, white, Ed
ward Carr, Parker Harris, and Henry
Ballard, all colored, were hanged at
Memphis. Brennish made an unsuc
cessful effort to commit suicide the morn
ing of the execution by severing a vein
with a broken glass bottle.
Last Saturday night Miss Ella Lewis,
ex-postmistress at GallatiD, was awak
ened by a man standing by her bedside,
one hand on her throat and the other
feeling under her pillow toward the head
of the bed. Her screams brought her
sister, who had retired in the same room,
to the rescue, and before the burglar
could use his pistol the young ladies
seized him and give him a thorough
slugging, after which they succeeded in
throwing him out at the window where
he lay sometime stunned froni the fall.
Before assistance reached the scene the
burglar pulled himself together and
made his escape.
f he Memphis flaili GommeFcial
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Our prices for announcing candidates are: For
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WK are authorised to announce Capt. H. W.
Avhks a candidate to represent the Eighth
Congressional District in the Fifty-second Con
press of the United States subject to the will of
the Democratic party.
FLOWEKS.-Suddenly, in this city, on Monday
June 'S, l&M), Belle, wife of Elijah (J. Flowers.
The interment took place at Baker's Chapel
Cemetery the 24th instant.
Mrs. Flowers was raised near Big Sandy, this
county, and was a resident of Camden only a few
months, but gained many friends during her
hort residence here. She leaves a husband and
three small children, to mourn her early death.
COWEI.L-At his home, 2 miles southwest of
this city, on June 23, 18!H), Joseph Cowell, of
consumption, in his sixty-ninth year.
The interment took place, with Masonic hon
ors, at Cowell's Chapel Cemetery the 24th instant
Mr, Cowell was a member of the Mdiiodisl
Episcopal Church, South, and died with the hope
of a true christian. He was a first-class citizen,
and was highly esteemed by his acquaintances.
Ho leaves a wife and several grown sons and
daughters to mourn his death.
Legal Notices.
Real Estate For Sale.
f"i 1 THIS is a town hit containing
J , 1 . about 1 acre, and bounded on two
sides by prominent streets. Beautiful residence
location, and otlered at a bargain. No improve
ments. r" q IS an unimproved town lot also.
JlN J. A. and contains about two-thirds of
an acre. IsconveiiicnUy situtated for a residence.
XTf Q FARM of 80 acres, 8 miles from
l J. O. Camden and 61 miles from! Big
Sandy; 30 acres cleared and balance in good tim
ber: one log-house with brick chimney; good
well, and out-houses; line young orchard, etc.
This farm offered at a bargain. Part cash bal
ance within reasonable time.
For terms and other information about tlie
above proierty call on, or address,
Camden, Tenn.
papers in West Teunessee comhlned. Average
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Chicago, 111. 10.f
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clttb :r,.a.t:e3s.
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Subscribe now and secure these staunch rgans
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all on, or -addiiess,
Camden, Tenn.

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