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Next Friday is Independence
Will Corbitt has been indisposed
for several ilnys.
AT). Hinson, of Danville, was in
Camden Wednesday.
T. B. Totty went to Waverly
m business Tnesdny.
The acreage planted to cotton in
this county is unusually small, but
the stand is good and tho plants in
fine growing condition.
Mrs. Tennio Williams and her
School Directors Meeting,
All school directors of Denton The man who does not saeceed as a
County are urgently requested by census-taker is a man of email count.
CaunlvSunnrintondent J. II. liar- Drew-making, in all its branches, at
nor 'to trit '.him .t Cnmden the Hm,Bon' 1Iatley Bros- 1f
two children, of Henry County, firaf onf,lV;1riv ;Tl;lu ;fn if Getting up a woman's club-raising a
it J Jl 1 f 1 I J 1
are tne guesia mis wee oi nersis- tant imsinC6s
j nr 1 lift j r 11 I
ter, iurs. i. u. muuieiu.
Mrs. Mary Hudson is very sick
Ice-Cream Supper.
Vm th
A it.
'inn im I'll! oilnl nil !! Timua
- . 111 III' u 1 II 1 1. 1 1 1 1 V U I
It ft. - . .
viien you want iresu groceries, con
fectioneries, Wcv, -go to J. II. (Jill's, on
the north side of thfi&tJere. If
The man who goes out on "r. larfc mrve-
f . " .. . at the residenco of her father, John There will be an ice-cream 6up.
y I Alie mcrciuy llttS regl8B0.rel P .Mwi,lpn. o mi1p nnrih ofCnmilnn. tw. mvpn undpr thonufinicpsof the tmu-M-Sn an a,u,ra,.
lil i il i ll"-o i
in uie nineties mis week. 1, ,,,. ,.,Tw.r p t, n,ii.in,i pm,i,. finnriw
A. Liiiter, or liig bandy, was Tlin TPenrklv .Nnrxal TnKt.it.iit terian Church Monday evening, The Chkomclr office is fully equipped
i 1. j l i i i -ii i I f I . . . . .1 .1 v i . i i
jii uie city a snort Willie u riuay. 4 av.,..i . t.,i,t '7 .Tn v 7. An eniovn.l lo. evrnmo- and ",I UU"'B ju-pnnung in nrsi-eiass eiyie
Tlifx rrrimo fvrr in thia nriimfw 10 : i. i. il.i 3.. nnrl ji liirnnf iflil cnrvnl V nf ilollPinna
reported to bo very fine this year, the State be present on that oc- -'Cream -is guaranteed to all who may
TohptiIi and Wnrrnn Wnnrls. nf rnsirm. ftttOniU
Holladay, spent Sunday in Cam- One of A. G. McDaniel's bxen
lcn. employed in hauling lumber from
Tom C. Eye, esq., of this place, Beasley's mill, dropped dead from
spent Wednesday evening in Wa- heat Monday near the residenco of
verly. Dr. F. C. Whitfield.
AY. A. Presson and J. W. Pies
son, two Benton County boys, who
have "been attending the McLe
From Flatwoods.
Kpt'clul Coiri'Mi()!iili'nl.
We are having Very dry" weather and
farmers are again wearing long faces.
Several of thetoyB of "this vicinity went
fishing Saturday night. TlMy rt.'it!i
good luck.
Thomas Warmack, in trying to hit a
harrow off from a waiion recently.
accidently let it fall, arid wan struck by a
tooth of the implement, which produced
a painful, though not serious wound.
June 25, 1890.
fcrom Eva.
Mr. Eugene Wvlv, l6f Benton
We solicit your orders.
Draw moderately on the water-cooler.
Drink slowly, in small quantities, and
not frequently.
Say,-friend; stop taking so many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Cait R. W. Ayres is at home
resting liimself for the fall cam
The festive "' 'coon1 ' ra happy In
Tontetnplation -of the early watermelon.
Miss Sis Arnold, of Holladay,
visited her brother, J. W. Arnold,
last week.
The present prospect of the pea
nut crop in this county is exceed-
Never affiliates with the system. Sold
County, and Miss Mary -Mitchell, by II. W. Mannon. 10 :ly.
of near liustburgh, tins county, The course of true love never did run
were married last Tuesday (June smooth, and it would not be half the fun
23). Both of the young people ftf-Mrdul.-Klmira Free Press
are well-known in this county. ' and TK Oiuwkicxe is not a campaign pa
th ev have the best wishes of all.
11 i i i -ii
moresvine scnooi, rcturaeu -name Wtiverly Times-Journal.
tne urst or tne weeK.
There will Ibe a 'picnic &ntl bran-
dance at Bell's School House
Lost their Horse.
per, but ajpermftnervt 'institution, that is
if you support it. Ko tostitttioh cm
iet without support.
The going out of the tied--the depart
ure of the bride and groom from the
church after the ceremony. Detroit Free
ingly fine.
Mrs. A. Amoia ana iurs. uauie Kittinger and M. L. Barnes; W.
liamer are among the indisposed R Lindsey and Biddy Skelly,
Wiia . Miss Lizzie Hicks, who had
A disgraceful looking object- cwe 0f the dressmaking denart
the fence that now surrounds the m(5nt nt Hudsdn, Hatley & Bro.,
conrt-yatu iag signed, and retunied to 'her
Tobacco-buyers liave :all they "homo at McKenzie last Friday,
want to no iranuung tne oiu crop Mrs Anna Yarbroufih and Miss
Of tobaCCO. flonrmn "Rvnu-n of "Rnv TVyitv
As two young men from Madi
miles north from Camden on the son County, who were traveling Press
4th of July. Arrangements will be on horse-back, neared this place The millinery department at Hudson,
made for a grand time. last Saturday, the horse being rode Ilatlfcv & Bro8- 18 in charge of Muses
mi -n i .1. hv ati a nf f"r,p.m rlrnn,! rln.l Tf nlCKS anu uaSler' 01 "Clvenzie. II you
lueiuuunmL' cuuuies auve uu- ij v, . v- rof Q iafo ofiQ ;Df,-,.n.,t.: n.
tamod licenses to marry m uenton w tuppuseu iuc tuumm aa uv- call on them t
Uounty since our last isstie : w. Ji. UJ " c "u AOt"u To candidates :-Gentlemen, election
tne names or tne gentlemen. day is drawing near. The people can
not vote without tickets it is your place
to furnish them. Leave vour orders
A Big Sandy Difficulty.
lU'unlar Corn,soiKk;ne'.3
Mr. 0. N. PaJIord who was Mitver!
days ago is slowly improving.
Mrs. Jacob Browning, who was reported
sick last week is now convalescent.
Miss Mattie Ayres, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Chandler, returned
to her home near Camden last Sunday.
Hon. L. L. Hawkins and Master Willie
Wright, of Huntingdon, have been down
on a fishing expedition with Mr. J. II.
Wyly. They report having had a great
deal of fun, but sorry luck at fishing.
A. J Sykes, esq., and children went
to the river fishing Saturday and by some
nuss&p'httle Wyly ell in where the wa
ter was aboit tti VeSt 'deep. 'Esquire
Sykes immediately plUtfffeK'ih-'fcrouOt
the little fellow safely' t'o'shoVe.
June 24, 1890.
From Holladay.
Regular Correspondence.!
Mr. U. B. Bonds is reported among the
sick this week.
Mr. E.C. Hubbsis spending the week
in Camden.
Dr. D. C. Dickey, of Chaseville, spent
At Big Sandy last Wednesday with The Chronicle for having them Sunday with friends at Holladay.
Lewis Postlethwaite and Ely Mel
ton -had a .difficulty in which the
former AVaS '.pretty badly .bruised
Up. The 'trouble grew out 'of "-the
dischargo of Melton from the em-
rdnv nf f! P TTndann fr. Cn TM-
E. C. Hubbs, of Holladay, spent were the guests of Mrs. Mary Tar- L wno PTMninvp(q.nf BfflW tno.
i i .1 i r U , , , t ,. .
several uays tms wee wuu vum- brougii and Mrs. d. Xotty. otlfrwpn-:H pfta T-fpiii-p-.
Camden, Saturday ana ounaay. . - -.
0r,iiTv,n,.nAv0 hnvo i 1 1 1! C A -v wa ,,v'v
1 IIIIB Ul VVUIi UU tilt) lUfJL Ul 1.
den friends.
The census
Panted. Mr. Colonel Holladay, of Huntingdon.
i - -
The difference between a suitor nn.l n is assisting his brothers in the mercantile
office-seeker is that one pays court and business at this place.
the other courts'-ity:'"- Washington 'Post. After spending a few daya With his
I told you the -new drug store W6Uij Mother At n:cmah,yk, MrCteb. ."
keep all the first-class remedies-Liquid ams Dasvetumea noiiie.
Cathartic Compound lor the liver and Rev. J. L. Weaver preached qUte to
New South for summer complaint. V) :ly interesting sermon at the Methodist Epis
copal Church last Sunduy. Subject:
"Foreign Missions."
Death has been in our midst and plucked
Subscribe for Tue-Cukoniclb. If you
have not been treated as you think you
should have been by former newspapers
only three more days. Will they C. McRae's new dwelling Tuesday It has been repotted here that published at Camden you should notcon- e ear.iu"f "e ? tne family circle
gel' J- W. Garrott was so overcome the Louisville and Nashville JUl" 2 "
nity in their affliction.
June-23, 1890.
T T "M. TllrtiK vir.i-n,l ir I o I f t hn linof 4 Knf h woa fAinn TAfirl I ;rm r v rvn torn r o ti Ar I
tives ana menus m uamuen tne to qun worK ior uie remmnuer ui luy men auupa num iu jjiy Same, jt isn't safe to give many .people a
rst of the week, the day. oanay, tins county, it tne rumor fair chance to steal. Somerville Journal
w m Kinor nt turr npr. ins ir. mni iurs .losnua jjowies?. oi AO wmjiuiuiuw omei tome to me new urue store
linvino- am! hi'a II. W. M.nnnn'.nn.1 .t a .Wtla f Regular Correspondence.
utcu ""b""S v" I a & - 7 , , UiTUV.,,. .,,
tATir TJ "n Tvnvia fr.r rpnfT.n vauiaoie plant over ner rivals wno i,m DUlu w wuc, uiarmea,
giipmg.etc. JU:iy
From Fair view.
Mfvnds this week.
The new residence of Hugh C. Friday. Tho child had erysipelas, have eagerly endeavored to secure
TWcmnoe. in South Camden, is ana was quite sick, x ney return ea
OO - , -mr i
nearing completion. nome onaay.
Our old friend, John N. Wil-
A Sensational Rumor.
Dr. E. M. McAuley went to Hoi- uur oia menu, u onn w n- A nimor went tlie rouuJg of our
laday Friday to remain a few days Pams representing a Louisville, Litizerts thia weet tliat a x.0ld-
on professional business.
Dr. J. T. Alsup, of Big Sandy,
was in town last Friday. He was
the guest -of Dr. R. B. "Travis.
The colored people will celebrate
the Fourth by having a barbecue
Ky., shoe firm, was in Camden on blooded murder was committed at
Cholera is epidemic among the hogs
in this section.
The proposed investigation of the Ten- nie fir8t protracted meeting of this vi
sion Commissioner -makes Raum howl. cinity will begin on Saturday before the
Boston Herald. fourth bunday in July at Pleasant Ridge
Correspondents to The Chronicle will mrcn'
please take pains and write plainly, be- J'ast maay as sacramental meeting
ing careful to siell proper names cor- at l leasant Kiage Lhurcli. lhe congre
rectly, and sign their own names to each 8ati6n was disappointed "en aec6j.it i;
last Tuesday on business. Mr. parker's Landing, in Decatur letter. Weara compelled. to lem-e out the preacher feiHng to'ttm&i
Williams -formerly resided t Big Ooy, several months since. -nnd two articles this -week on .Account d'f
Sandy, and has in'any Iriends 'tn k. nst nw brought to li-ht by penmanship and careless orthography.
this county. . detectives. It waa also rumored H is plain that Alexander was a slave'
rrw t;A.t nr a n . holder. Wasn't he a Massa-donian.
W.-U x--i , , .,i -i i .i , Texas biftings
u rigiu win rogrei to learu oi ner cnargea witn tne crime, ana mat
Thb Chronicle is now ten weeks old.
Mrs. M'y'Cobper.'wl'fe'o'i lillCdHir
lied the18th instant, after having' given
birth to twin children. Her remains were
interred at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery the
next day. Mr. Cooper has the sympathy
of a large circle of friends in his afllic-
J.-. Viq Ttmnnsooft T?iv(r Vinftftm.
i; :u ..irt aeatn wnicnoccurreaatnernome otner arrests would soon tollow. Wehavesofar received verv Hatterimr
, . n . o near Pleasant Valley Wednesday. It was impossible for us to get the encouragement, and have been highly Amanda Bake living in the north part
complimented on the neat and newsy ine mnin CIVU a"ci, uiea the ith
get up of the paper. If this catches the instant. She was, perhaps, the largest
: , , ,Tr , ' The remains were interred in the names of any of the parties, or par
Prof. II. AV. Mannon and Dr. W.
T. Hubbs went to JNashville on
day afternoon.
We hear of nothing being said
Pension Appropriations.
rm. K..
. .... nr zlrmf m tho mnttor Ar TnrrortiTitif 11 L
business last week, returning Home - 7. , 7, I r7 7 . Present House of Ilepresentatives
nrranrrpmpnia tot inn tiptt. iprm ni '
i i i. n t i o for the benefit of the soldiers, is
i .i 1 $167,419,731. This largo amount taken in.-Hotel World
inf omiation on the feubjeci
Messrs. W. C. B. Lewis and T.
B. Totty are receiving the
' Daniel Childress has returned
from a. i&t to n'is father, Zack
Childresst Gardner, vho has been
quite sicL
So far as we are able to learn tlie
eye of any one not a subscriber we ask won,an in th county, her weight being
dm, or her, to give it a three months af0iu Pous. blie was hfty-five
trial subscription (onlv 25 cents, in ad- ears 0U1 ana ,iaa oeen marrie.l three
vance) and see if you would be as well times' her ,ast ,,usbanJ having died two
pleased with it as others. vears a-
v n ,. ... .... ...,. June 24, who.
i?c an icci vcij uiuuii put uut wiiviii
L :11 "' Aul"-Jr "ivJ xv-x.x xu- Uorail .nr, oi4,r Tl,o l?
crop prospucw ebpwiaiijr cWn for thGir new stave facW , r, " by the undersigned at Camden on July 5,
nuts and corn, m lienton County .v, . - puuncan leaaers claim tnat these 1890i Applicant's must bo at least fifteen Miss Lucy Morrison returned to hw
is very good. . t T, . f , soldiers receive the pensions for yeaisof age, must be of good moral char- home in Ciarksville last week.
Ill L11C Ul'lU 1UUU1V. . JLU 113 IU UQ SCIl
for any army service he js now do-
irtg his country, but for thoscvrVice Examinations for auwinttnetftafcte Stte
he is doinff and exnotted to'do fdr sclwlarBliips-m the fnfverrtity'df Teiflies-
:ii v. i : i .;it. i
uce win utj nt'iu, in nccuruance wiui law,
From Big Sandy.
Keguhvr Correspondence.
The wheat trop ia harvtsttl ind tlw
yield Will Vy3it Hi.
tJ. A.'Pbfts.'Of Loiiisillte. dpSrJt U'ft1
days in our city last weeTc.
ll TT "liil li 1. .. 1.1 - - - . . .
-rT .. i i n j.i. Rnvino- t, no i ninn nt. t.hpv miarpn. acier. ana ne prenarea to pass coum itm Mrs. nirh inh nnami a o.nl,i..nn
.1 i ( ii nns Tnovfid iiia klock i a n. mi o v i r B.- ...... ....oounuou
nfries into the building next !f It is a bold bid f on
WtliAliflTilr nn thP north side for the soldier vote to keep the Re- 4T 1 e.l,.iaLiy"0' ""fltu -u Mr. T. E. Barnes is to be congratulated
door to the bank, on the nortn siae f uneral o Jogeph and compomt.on, geography, and United upon the arrival of a fine gir, baby ftt
ot tne square. Mo n,nllncf T,, m, t , oiaiBa AU wuu IW88 can rereive his house
m o 1ora r'nrr,,! nra , r- j xnere is no aouut tnat, consia- an appointment with free tuition, good
The street lamps of Camden are Ltonded bv a lame concourse of L.: n a.u i ..... ....- if .... ...,.
. . 11. 1 t I I Cling U1C LXISU 111SWJ1V Ul Hie Ulll LV I uutu niouuuuuu, ii ucniicu, auu nuilli
outoi. itpu.il iuiu iuivo uLi.ii relatives and friends. Theremams if if Wr. n nnorf! with l,a $300 in tuition and fees, as compared with
time. What about giving ro ;frro.i :f1l Mn
xvL-puuiii;uu ;ai iu cituci iciiu-
Rav. TJ.. W. Avrps dplivprpd fhpL..,:i. i,i.i n j.
' ' ' - J ... . KI I N I I I. Ml-. IHlVHIIlIllHIir. I . ..... . . .
ir Tvrwan aimp; t i -i ii.. .-l .i ... 1 . .. . . . I are auout$lob lor a session oi ten months.
mB- -i- 1, luut-mi wjrimiu t uie cnupei uu or repeai ail pCnsi0n laws, the sol- There i
them attention?
Our genial friend Dr. T. II. Tayloe, of
McKenzie, is at Big Sandy on profes
sional business.
Messrs. William Caraway, J. T. Tierce,
R. A. Luter, E. B. Barnes, and Edgar
. ... ... iTntfv wont tnMumnl.Ja Culm-J....
a few days this week as the guest the cemetery grounds. aier would bo ouicklv deprived of engineering, agriculture, general science, U18 yesterday.
of the family of Crawford Hush- Miss Blanch Harner. of BertrandJ luRYieT,. Thp Wdm nf t,hp chemifitry, and Latin science. The uni- . C. M. Wilson happened to a very pain-
Mo. Who has been spending tho Republican .PartV core nothing ior ver5ity .1,as b.een reorganized fal . dent yesterday : While cutting
W Tr nu-a orwl T T TTVRno i e t 'i-l t. i n ii- 7t tt . and enlarged, With iew rjciuiings ana wouu buciw uiukb anu new up, striking
. K. Hicks and D. J. Mciiae, past few weeks with her grand- the soldier, tho Union, or the ne-L,, .uta J,M L- mthW- infli ..u-Jl t,
passed through Lamcien eanes- mother, Mrs. Mary Yarbrough, of gro he pets so much for his Vote. COUrses of study ana expenses, address ouud.
day with c drove of sheep on the South Camden, leaves for her Mis- AH thev want is the boodle and the president. Dr. Charles W. Dabnev. Our citiiensre'tftTkjnsrriVoVfw'miT.
way to Big Sandy. souri homo this morning. Miss the power. jr., Knoxville, Tenn. This is an unsur- board of health. It is a step in the right
The friends of Mrs. F. A. Mc- Harper possesses considerable niu- Send The Chronicle for three pa8sed PP0Inity for 'ounS men t0 8et direction, and we urge them to push it
Elyea will regret to bear of her sical talent, and her voice will be months to a friend or relative in
illness. She has been confined to greatly missed from the Cumber- the West They enjoy hearing
her room several days. land Fresbyterian Church choir, from home.
a thorough education.
J. II. Harper,
County Superintendent.
June 23, 1890.
through. The health as well as the looks
of our town would be greatly improved,
by a general cleaning up of tho streete,
June 23, 1S90.

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