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PUBLISHED BY THAVIS BROTHERS. kxtmuw at ti.k cammm i-oht-wfm e ah hk.omk lass mam, m attkh. ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR.
The Congress of the United States
is composed of two branches the
Senate and It ml. Atchison Globe.
mj? Reed,
fgood pro
Blaine tx
McKinley, or some other
rotectionist, should call Mr.
to one side and whisper to
him that he is waking sad havoc
with the " home-market argument."
Whatever a man's jwrsonal fol
lies may be, he never succeeds in
showing the depths of idiocy to
which h'6 cnu descend until he tries
to run th6 u Adverse for other peo
ple. Exchange.
It is announced that President
Harrison has subscribed $2 to the
Grant monument fund. That is
$1.95 more than any man will ever
subscribe to a monument for Har
rison. Memphis Avalanche.
It is said one of the $25,000 notes
given by Quay to cover the treasury
steal of 1880 remains unpaid mid
is in tlie Ivnnds nf n i'ti'7fVn nf
Pittsburgh. It would be rth the
lieutenant-trovernorshin to retire
that obligation.
-Pittsburgh Post.
ine jeederai election bin is
merely an act to keep the ins in
mi n i i i i i mi
and the outs out. Unscrupulously
exerted, the powers it confers would
convert the republic into a lease
hold for the Quays, the Dudleys,
and the Reeds Kansas City Times.
While Secretary Blaine's efforts
xo inaugurate a universal system
.l nee uuue uuouguuui uie n esu-
em Continent can not be too highly
commenuea,it may oe suggested
. that he has chosen the wrong po
litical party for the accomplish
ment of his purpose. Philadelphia
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat
says that the Democratic scheme
to split the Republican party will
not succeed ve ao not see wny
mere snouiu oe any sucn scueme
as long as Mr. Blaine is willing to
denounce the Mclvinley tariff bill
as "an infamous measure." At
lanta Constitution.
'The gentleman from Tennes-
see," better known as Gus Enloe, WM proye whether Kentucky wo
got in his work again Friday night men can run as Well as the Ken-
as usual. The private pension-
grabbers bill came up when Enloe
objected on the ground of " no quo
rum." The pension thieves howled,
but Enloe was firm, and the "kaw
kus" adjourned. Jackson Times.
Quay's convention in Pennsyl
vania makes a clean job of it. The
history or American politics tur-
nishes no parallel tor thisperiorm-
ance the absolute control ot a
great party in one of the chief
States of the union by a thief, who
actually compels the party to en-
dorse him as a patriot and states-
man. New York Post.
The laborer is not the primary
cause of strikes. It is the million
aire manufacturer. The manufact
urer demands protection through
a tariff on foreign made goods, and
when he gets the protection he
wants, then he cuts down the wages
of his workmen to a point of starva-
firm, nnd Iipiipp r Kf.rikfi follows,
-The manufacturer makes a racket
VVS.U, "
for .protection that he may grow
richer, and then the working man
makes a racket for waees sufficient
to keep himself and family from
starving. Now, who is to blame
for all the labor troubles in the
land? The Republican party first,
because it gives the manufacturer
protection; and the manufacturer
second, because he is protected,
The working man is not to blame
because he is seeking bread for
starving family.
A race war is threatened near
Amite, La.
Four cases of sunstroke were re
ported iix St. Louis Saturday.
A deadly epidemic of diphtheria
is raging at St. George, W. Va.
There -are said to be thirty-five
.T..a nr.' .
1 he international btfmlny school
COnVOntlOll nUjOUrnecl last I lUlaW
Russia is said to be preparing to
cmuno uci iiiviouuuijf ucinttimsuu
m i I
A general strike of masons, tsar-
peutprs' nnd bricklayers, has oc-
curred at Brunn.
Strikes among coal miners in
NoVa Scotia, and street-carxlrivers
in Illinois areoil.
The annual Yale-Harvard boat
race, which demurred last Friday,
was won by the Yale crew.
Five car-loads of Mormon con-
vetts Irom Kussia l1 througli
mscumoia, aui., last xnuay.
. I
The World's Fair commissioners
have decided to recommend the
lake front as a site for the fair.
No one knows whv ieweler John
Schaible, of Troy, Ohio, put a bul-
let in his bruin last Frirlav ni.h.
. . , -
A six-vear-okl daughter or ftlrs.
W. L. Diess, of Bucyrus, Ohio,
drank carbolic acid, and is not ex-
pected to live.
Washington authorities have de.
dareJ tlie nctiou o tlie Chickasaw
legislature to disfranchise adopted
citizen3 was null and void
England will retain a consular
agent in Heligoland, Africa. Ger
many will not erect fortifications
there without consulting England.
John Oorbittappearedbefore the
police ccmrt at Cincinnati and asked
for the release from tlie 'work-liou:
of his divorced wife, to re-marry her.
At Winchester, Ky., William
Bush, who shot his wife is not ex
pected to live himself if the mob
on his trail succeeds in getting him.
Two lady candidates for school
commissioner of Garrard County
tuckv horses.
A sensational suicide occurred
at Franklin, Ky, the victim being
Mrs. J ohn Shaub, a wealthy widow,
This was her second attempt at
Sara Bernhardt confesses a pla-
tonic love for Henry M. Stanley,
and says she "would jump at the
chance to accompany him to the
heart ot Atnca.
The New South Wales subsidy
to the San Francisco mail will
cease after November next unless
the American subsidies towardsthe
service are continued,
A man at Brownfield, Me., who
has been marri ed sixteen years and
has moved thirty-five times during
that period, thinks ho has beaten
the record as a rolling stone.
An ex-member from Iowa took a
seat on the floor of the House re-
cently. He thought he was going
t.n hit, n. chair, but he missel it. hv
I " 1 " J
a few inches, and went all the way
, Congressman Enloe succeeded in
getting the contract renewed for
the river mail. This special serv-
ice is of great benefit to the Ten-
nessee River country, says the
Clifton Times,
Napoleon Lovell, who killed his
wife and nearly murdered her uncle
at Charleston, S. C, February 17,
has been convicted of murder in
a the first degree, and sentenced to
be hanged September 5.
L. 0. Day, n Methodist Episco
pal minister at AVheeling, W. Va.,
has been arrested on the charge of
bigamy. The allegation is that he
has a wife and children hero and
another family in Wyoming.
The aorney for Patrick O'Sul
livan, under life sentence with Dan-
, n(Mn. .r,,l Martin TWI-p.
plied for a transcript of the case,
far nmi.nl fn fli bii-mii i'niirt nf
- "r-r - ""i'-'
important revelations are ex
pected when the prisoners who
kavo W been released bv the
Mahdi reach European civilization
Lw mnri. An,n,i fliPm 1rmU
less are some who nave lor.g been
mourned as dead,
TlmSrmfrtnn wftiln hv Jnlm Wnn-
amaker for the members of the
Cleveland, Ohio, life-saving crew is
as thick as a carpet, and they were
discharged for taking it off long
enongh to put it , through a wringer
Alter two Brooklyn pugilists Had
ik,. In It. ... . . n
fought five rounds the other night,
and were both badly used up, the
mother of one oi them 80 t is sta
ted appeared on the scene, knocked
ttown a Iew spectators wmi a ciud,
i , , 1,1 ; 1
ana scattered tne others.
nn i tt
lwo neSro mt?n &l harmony
Grove Ga- Sot mto a difficulty
about the attention which one or
them was paying the wife of the
other, when the husband emptied
tlie contents of a gun into the for
mer, killing him instantly.
A dispatch from Ohio tells of
one of the shortest courtships on
record. The groom was a guest at
a Canton hotel. He became infat
uated with the cook the day of his
arrival, proposed, and boing ac
cepted, married her at once.
Major Jones, editor of the St.
Louis Republic, will be married
early next month to Mrs. Patsons,
a handsome young wido w of Wash
ington, D. C, and will sail with his
bride the 15th of July for Europe,
where they will 'pass the summer.
Since the announcement of the
liberation of John L. Sullivan, at
Purvis, Miss., it is stated that the
Sullivan-Jackson fight will take
place under the auspices of the
Virginia Athletic Association, on
their grounds at Richmond, within
G miles of the capitol.
if.i t: . .ii..,
of-'St. Joseph, Mo., attempted to
fii100t his mother Sunday night be
cause she refused to give him
money. His sister struck his arm
ns he raised his revolver to shoot
causing the ball to take effect in
his own body, producing a fatal
y-h a ,
Lw f,vr n,n wt -Wn wVs w.tw
I one has been flooding that city
with $10 counterfeit bills. The
counterfeit is not a new one, but
is extremely hard to detect, and
has puzzled experts. It is on the
uermama JNational Uank. ot rsew
Orleans, La., bears check letter C,
and is signed W. S. Rosecrans, Reg
ister of the JLreasury, and C. IN.
I '
Jordan, Ireasurer.
Rain-in-the-Face, the once riotetl
Sioux chief, ranking next to Sit
tins: Bull in renown, and made
prominent through his connection
with, the Custer massacre in Mon
tana, Recently had a quarrel with
his young wife, whom he had neg
lec'ted for another woman, and tha
night while he lay asleep his wife
pluinred n knife into his side. He
is dangerously wounded, and grea
excUeiuvlit prevails at the Stand
ing Rock Agency, N Dk
Politic In the Census.
ntt.slmrisli ihOTosU
There are loud complaints from
all narts of the countrv of the b un
dering and careless way in which
the census has been taken. These
come up especially strong from the
South, and it is hinted there is a
political purine in view in reduc-
ing the South's representative pop-
ulation. If it can be proved the
loyal Briton Mr. Harrison appoin-
ted Census Superintendent has
been nlavini? a nolitie&l fame in
taking: the census, his future ca-
t j 0 L- 0
reer will not be on a bed of roses.
Vote-Buying in Msine.
r.oston lluruhli
The New York World publishes
a letter from tlie district of Con
gressman Reed in Maine, in which
very serious charges of vote buy
ing are made.
It is stated that the
success of Mr. Reed in always get
ting elected to Congress, on which
we commented on yesterday, comes
largely 'from the employment of
money in bribery at elections, and
that a good deal of this money is
furnished by 'corporations which
regard Mr. Reed as their represen
tative in Congress. It strikes us
that these statesments are made so
BnwinV.nlkr unA flint. t.PnnncitinT,
by Mr. Reed's supporters in the
district to a form of balloting which
shall prevent bribery does so much
to confirm them, that thev call for
Blaine's Reformation.
ChattiintHifa Times.
We are fearful
that James G.
TUa,-,1Q m; r. i; m,i,
longer, or that he thinks so at least,
Whenever a Republican begins to
confess Ms sins, turn from Ms evil
ways and try to live a better life,
t is pretty dead certain that he is
rying to get himself in proper
shape for eternity. We have seen
some evidence of reform on Jeem's
lart for some time. He first an-
notmced his emphatic disapproval
Pfvlpvfll ,wti
aw. Mill lve then set both feetnlowft
on Reed's arbitrary and tyrannical
policy in the House, and now he is
reported as saying that "the Mc-
Kinley tariff bill is the most danger
ous and infamous measure devised
by any party."
If he keeps on at this rate, he
may atone tor his past uie and
qualify lumself to wear wings when
A 1 J 1 1
he goes hence.
Afraid of the People.
St. Louis lU-imblic
The nomination of Unit ed States
Senator by direct vote of the peo.
pie is an urgent necessity of our
politics. It involves no change
whatever in onT :on"tHufcioii.il svs-
. - - -
. ... , - .. . , ,. , , ,v
to that of a presidential election,
in which the President is not really
elected, but is nominated by the
popular vote, to- bo afterwards
uu i. , PJlom ;n
J .. 7,
me manner prehcriueu uy uie vou-
It is everywhere acknowledged
flint. nnrriiTitinn is nn inevitable re
suit of nominating the Senators
through the caucus system. Tlie
caucus is wholly responsible. It has
been openly held in the United
States Senate that giving and re-
iiw r.n,-,a ;a rnf n
punishable offense. The member
oi uie legisiauue wno sens ms vowj
in a party caucus can not be sent to
the henitentiarv fori aud the nlu-
tocrat who thus purchases a Sena-
, . . , , , .
torship can not be unseated many
way for the crime he has commit-
khi against the people.
A Sensational State.
Mu rat llalsti'iid.l
Indiana is a sensational State,
Indiana is
Auerney-uenerai luicnener saw,
the bfhcnigbt, a ball of fire as big
ftS B oose emerge from s. teltv
phone, and it "exploded" 'with -a
noise liko a cannon, close to his
110SO- Tllis was in the same town
where recently there were seven
earthquakes in one frame house
within one hour, accompanied by
th.es sound of a mighty rushing tor-
rent. No one was hurt in either
cnse and the torrent was not tapped
An Anecdote of General tee.
Nov York World.
'General Lee nt -one time was
tery hj'ueh bored by a Georgia in aii
who had made frequent "personal
applications for a Iwrlough. Oiip
morning the General asked his -ton-
'4 "i 1 1 J 1 11
meuTCr 11 ne una(irstooa tne posr-
tion of a soldier. Hie latter said
he did. He was ordered to assum e
it. General Lee then gave the com
mand : " Right about face; forward,
inarch." As he never gave the
Command to "halt" the Georgian
kept on marching until he got
tired. He did not get his furlouglu
Revolutionary Movements in Mexico.
-UepOTtS, WniCUaiC aUSOlUteiV TIV
liauie nave reached oan Antonio,
Tex-' of a seditious and revolution
ary movement going on m the totatea
ot Mexico, uordenng on the u
n t t . ii.
urranue, x apers nowever inenuiy
to Mexico and the Diaz adminis
tration, can no longer suppress the
news. The movement is not coir
fined to any one locality, but is un
douutediy widespread, it is now
It i i ii i t
claimed on evidence of Diw's nr.
tentiohs Very 'shortly of detTrtfihS
himself dictator of Mexico. Gen
eral Reyse, governor of Nuevo-
Leon,. heretofore a not very strong
supporter of Diaz, has been offered
the portfolio of minister of war,
and has had the effect of quieting
his discontent; and Governor Gerza
aian, oi uoanuna, w no nas always
W" an avowed enemy ot 1'kbiu
ucllt m' llHS PPW1 ' ( i
Hr l-.I-ll i.:i tv..jLtl ...VI.
xicoior V erai momu,
where it is claimed that he is being
retained by force, amounting al
most to imprisonment.
A Well Flowing Honey.
Frankfort, Ky., siici'lul.
There is a bluif on the Cumber
land River known as Fox Bluff, sit
uated in Tennessee, about 29 miles
from this city. Tlie bluff riseij
straight from the bed of the river
a distance of at least 175 feet
For generations immense swarms
of bees, which have increased until
they now number millions, have
made their home in a crevice of the
cliff about 75 feetfrom the top. So
rich -had 4hir stores '6f liotfey
grown, tnat a constant Tivuict or
sweets besmeared the rocks bcl6w.
rp, ... innrressihia
however, as to defy all efforts to
reach the bees treasure,
A few weeks ago AVilliam Starks,
a Yankee well-digger, arrived in
the neiarhborhood to bore a well.
He wag toW q thfl beehiye ou
river "and conceived the idea of
boring for honey, just as he would
- for water,
A number of farmers ajrreed to
divide expenses and the work was
began. A 3-inch hole was bored
from the top of the bluff, and at a
depth of 85 feet the drill struck
what the plucky well-borer was iu
search of the honey.
A gentleman from this county
wag t ffe t
barret, ami vessel in 1 miles of thA
bluff had been filled 'and 'carried
off to neighboring farms, says the
sent to Nashville
several days before his arrival for
Qne hUndml barrels. Xhey hav
estimated the quantity of honey in
. the cavern to be at least o00 barrel

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