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HvnscmmoN katks..
flim ilolliir per year In lulvuiiri-: lift v itrutx for
inotit lis; twi'iilv-llve rciitn for tlin months.
Tim 'iti;oMci k will In: IsMiicil oit Friday of
each week. Subscriptions, pavalilr til tiilvaiicc,
may ! sent by post-olllcf order at our risk.
I'ostaKc stamps an; not desirable, but when it Is
found necessary to remit theui one-cent stamps
me preferred.
Anents wanted to solicit subscriptions. Write
for terms, etc.
Vi e shall spare no eiule:tvor to furnish valuable
reading mutter to our patrons; and hope to se
cure a correspondent: at every posl-ollice in lieu
ton County lo fuinisU ns with' county news.
-TVe assume no-responsibility for the "x
inessioris contiiineil In etiittiiHikicat'roits nvpt?nr
iiii? In the eolunui KttriiM paper. '
The following are the Democratic nominees, so
rccti'd by primary election March 8, lslHi, for the
county unices of lienton County, and thev should
receive the support of all true beniocrats at tin"
polls on the Till day of August, 18!H):
For County .Fnrif,'P:
For County Clerk:
W. A. STEELE, Jit.
For Circuit Clerk:
A. R. 131100KS.
for Trustee r
For Sheriff:
Fb Rtrtnrv
FRIDAY, JULY 4, 1890.
The election for county officials
is near at hand, and although- the
Democrats are largely in the ma
jority in the county,, and' scarcely
anything is being said in regard to
the election, we deem it of the ut
most importance that the Demoe
racy of the county be upon the
watch for some Republican trick
ery and stand firmly to the nomi
nees of the primary election, and
bring the forces in solid phalanx
to the polls on. election Tayr August
7th. next
Although tfte Republican's seem
to be asleep,, they are not so by a
long shot.. Judging the present
by the past,, we are satisfied: there
are a number of Republicans in the
county under the guise of being
Democrats that they may occasion
ally work in a Republican county
vluClui, ;utu uouuivu xviuuMl
usually come out as independent
oaaididates against the regular nom
inees' of ther Democratic party.
Therefore we wsrat every true- Dem
ocrat against independent candi
dates. Even if an independent
candidate should' not be a Repub
lican in disguise, ho is not a true
Democrat, because no true Demo
crat will oppose the regular nomi
nees of the party. We warn the
Democracy of Benton County
against all independents.
Stand squarely for the nominees
f your party, and on the day of
election see that every Democrat
goes to the polls and votes for the
regular nominees of his party.
Eternal vigilance is the price of
liberty, and eternal vigilance is the
price of Dem.cx'ratir success.
Delegates to th Republican
conventions in East Tennessee have
a "cinch" on candidates. Each
delegate commands $250 to $300
for his vote, and some are shrewd
enough to sell to opposing candi
dates, thereby doubling their purse,
There are generally from two to
six, and sometimes more candidates
for each office. Suppose a county
ticket is to be made up. The del
egate that sells to one set of can
didates'recives about $1,000. If ho
is shrewd and sells to both sides
ho gets about $2,000. '-Now, upon
this system, none but those who
have command of a great deal
nf money can cet office. That
places the rich man in possession
of the offices, and keeps the poor
man down,. it makes no difference
how deserving he may be. But
that is the policy of the Republi
can party from President down to
the least office. The Republican
party is the rich man's party. It
has no use for the poor man ex
cept to get his vote.
The Day we Celebrate.
Til" Fourth of July each year ought to be com
memorated : the day of deliverance, by solemn
acts of devotion to !od Almighty. It ought t he
solemnized ullli pomp anil parade; with shows,
Kanu'vi, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and Illumi
nations from one end of this continent to the oth
er, from this time forward foreveiniore. John
To-day is the 4th of July the
anniversary ot the declaration ot
Independence, made by our fore
fathers one hundred and fourteen
years ago. It is the nation's natal
day, and is sacred to every patriotic
American heart- It is the day upon
which the birth of a new nation
ality was heralded tothe world
the first announcement to the world
that " all men were free and equal."
On that day, one hundred and four
teen years ago, the American colo
nists declared, their independence,
and the struggles of the patriots
were successful against overwhelm
ing odds. The travail of freedom
was on bloody battle fields, amid
the roar of cannon and the clash
of arms, but the goddess of liberty,
like an angel of mercy, was watch
ing o'er the destiny of the young
nation, and the heroes of York town,
Lexmgton,. Yalley Forge, and Bun-
JLr Hill were crowned with vie to ?yr
and: made the declaration a lasting
and living reality. The nation has
survived a civil conflict and the star
of independence has continuously
rose higher, increased in magnitude,
and burned brighter, until the
whole world has become illumina
ted by its brightness, and to-day
the United States is the greatest
and most powerful nation beneath
the sun. Every citizen can and
ought to rejoice in its greatness
and grandeur, and celebrate the
4th of July,, the anniversary of its
birth. Let every rnnn,. woman, and
child,, rejoice to-day! Sing songs
of praise to God from whom all
blessings flow; sing national songs
suspend all business
"Then up. with the flag ot the Union,,
If t it wave unfettered and free;
Kinblem of dud's just wisdom
And man's undaunted nobility.
Load the cauuou with powder and ball ;.
Mount them in shining array,
lilng the bells with joyous welcome
Ou the. grand old day."
Gather your children around you,
and teah them to love their coun
try and pride in its iutegrity and
honor that to be patriotic means
that they should love their country
and its best interests repeat to
them the heroic deeds of our fore
fathers and the history of their long
struggle for independence in the
dark days of the revolution; dress
the babies in their best "bib and
tucker" don your holiday attire and
let everybody be merry and happy
on this, the greatest of American
holidays, Independence Day.
B8 Prepared.
The meeting of the county Dem
ocratic executive committee next
Monday will be an important one,
and every member should be pres
ent. It requires time to formulate
any plan, and committee's to watch
the interests of the party should be
appointed in every district in the
county, and let them get to work
and make their work tell. The
able men on the committee should
make their plans tend to one end,
and that end should be victory,
All the election committees and
every committeeman has a duty to
perform, an imperative and binding
duty, and that is to see every Dem
ocratic voter in the county.
- j 1 1 i it
11 during tnese clays tne cam
paign is conducted with a determi
nation to win, in a business-like,
energetic manner, the nominees for
county offices and the 'principles
they represent will triumph.
Do not imagine that the Repub
licans are asleep. They do not con
duct elections in this way. They
are organized, hard at work, and
are going to poll their full strength.
They do not expect to elect their
full ticket, they know they can not,
but they are willing to trust to
chanco and the fortunes of war,
not knowing what may turn up
and feeling that in no evrnt can
they be worse off as a party than
they are now, and, possibly, some
thing may turn up for their ad
vantage. The Democratic party deserves
to win. Its candidates are entitled
to the confidence and respect of the
citizens of the county. Thoy are
interested in the' progress and im
provement of Benton, in looking
to the economical and prudent
transaction of tlte business affairs
of tho county, and in freeing the
comity from any sort of connection
with rings and personal advantages
for private ends. Tho primary
nominating these candidates was
composed of a majority of the vo
ters of the county, and they repre
sent the wishes and policies of
those who nominated them.
"With the nominees in the field,
the working committees appointed
in each district of the county, there
remains only the work for the party
voters, and when election day comes
they will show their power. Work
and earnestness will ratify the ac
tion of the primary.
Pay Your Poll Tax.
It is of interest t every voter
to bear in mind that at the last
General Assembly of Tennessee a
law was enacted, and is now in full
force, requiring every voter to pay
his poll tax, if any has legally been
assessed against him for the year
previous to the election. As there
are a great many voters who do not
read the papers, or in any way keep
themselves posted in regard to the
acts of the legislature, they may be
in ignorance of the above law, and
will not be allowed to vote in the
elections this year, unless they have
paid their poll tax. It is the duty
of. those who understand the law to
make it known to those who do not,
and especially is it to. the interest
of every candidate to post the vo
ters on the subject. Tho voter
must satisfy the judges of election
that he has paid his poll tax before
he is allowed to deposit his ballot.
The tax collector's receipt is the
I best proof.
The August election is near at
hand, and thoso voters who have
not paid their poll tax for last year,
should to do so at once if they de
sire to vote in the election. It is
the duty of every citizen to cast his
vote in every election, to do his duty
as a sovereign of the Government
Hon. John M. Taylor is engaged
in making excellent speeches in the
arious counties of the State. H
is making a good impression wher
everiie goes, lie mates no war
upon his opponents,, as 13 too much
tho custom among candidates in
these degenerate days. He is for
Democratic principles, pure and
simple, and for Democratic har
mony. He teaches tho good doc
trines of the Democratic party
wherever he goes, and give the Re
publicans severe castigations for
their corrupt and unjust legislation,
Mr. Taylor wants to be Governor
but he will not hurt the Democratic
party to get the office. If he gets
the nomination ho will be electee
and make an eminently good chie
executive. If he does not get the
nomination he will roll up his
sleeves and work manfully for the
The defeat of free silver coinage
and the tyrannical rulings
Speaker Reed, and the action o:
the majority of Representatives in
Congress in electing, or counting
as elected against the returns, their
own members, has so disgusted the
Republicans of California as wi
probably make that State Demo
cratic in future.
Republicans everywhere favor
the Alliance movement throughout
the South. They do not favor the
Alliance itself, but for the harm
they hope it will do the Democratic
The effect of the McKixley tar
bill would drive Pennsylvania
armers out of business.
Fhom present indications Hon.
onN M. Tailor's chance for the
Governorship of Tennessee is very
Tiie total volume of currency in
ne.Cmtcu btates at present, is
$1,022,033,085, which is a little over
$15 to each individual according to
io estimate of the population of
le United States, based on tho
present census.
The defeat of free silver coinage
and the tyrannical rulings of Speak
er Reed and the action of the ma-
ority of the Representatives in
Congress in electing (or counting
as elected against the election re
turns) their own members, has so
disgusted the Republicans of Cali
fornia as will make that State safely
Democratic in the future.
Speaker Reed has enlarged on
his rule to count Democrats pres
ent and voting but who did not vote,
by counting members as present
and voting who were absent, as in
the case when the customs- admin
istration bill was passed. Mr: For;-
man was counted as present and
oting, when in reality he was at
his home in Illinois. Mr. Forman
:ias stated the fact upon the floor
of the House. This is simply dar
ing villainy.
We are like Rev. Sam Jones in
one respect at least. We favor
mixing a good deal of religion with
politics, but opposed to mixing pol
itics with religion. Let us keep
our religion pure and above every
thing else, but let us season every
thing else with christian religion.
When we go to ehurch service let
all our thoughts be on Christ, and
the redemption of our souls. Let
no worldly thoughts enter our
minds. But when we tro to a po-
itical meeting let the spirit of re
igion direct our thoughts and in
fluence our actions to tho greatest
good to the greatest number of the
people of the nation, and pray that
no Republican get in office.
There is no such thing as over
production. The manufacturer
says there is an over-production,
and shuts down the mills and thou
sands of workmen are thrown out
of employment. Then a strange
thing happens: People go bare
footed, because there are too many
shoes; naked, because there is an
over-production of clothing; hun
gry, because there is too much food;
and cold, because there is too great
an out-put of coah. If manufact
urers would keep their mills run
ning and pay their employes liv
ing wages, they would find a mar
ket for every article manufactured,
but by shuttiug down their mills,
they place hundreds of thousands
of people in a condition that they
can not buy because they have no
The modest and lucious water
melon of the South has become a
prominent and lucretive factor in
the trade of the country. Farm
ers in Georgia are daily shipping
north 200 car-loads of melons, and
it is thought this will continue un
til September. To keep 6pecula
tors from gobbling up the profits,
the melon growers have formed
combine, and thereby get the ben
efit of their own labor, instead of
seeing it go into the pocket of the
speculator. If the farmers can
thus control the market for their
melons, and reap the full reward of
their labor, why can't they com
bine so as to control the market of
everything else they produce? It
seems plausible enough, thus get
ting value received for the products
of their hard toil, and in this way
force the speculators to a more hon
orable way of making a living than
at tho expense of the farmers' profit
on the products of his own labor.
James Sively lias tliaapiioarecl from
A new paper in likely to ho issued at
Islington next month.
Tho Stat Teachers' Association is in
Bc&siou at Moraplus thin week.
Chattanooga in evovtUnl with. Con fed
erate veterans, and visitors thw. week.
Capitalists are inventing largo sums ti
mouey in Decatur County minora! huul
All arrangements have hecn inado to
receive the bcotcn-lrisn at iron City
Five arrests for illicit distilling have
been made in Henry County during tho
past few weeks.
George II. Armisteadhus sold his in
terest in tho Nashville Evening Herald
to John C. Burck.
The twenty-fourth annual meeting of
the Tennessee State Dental Association
begiui at Columbia Tuesday.
Col. Tom II. Baker, sr., has taken
charge of the editorial department of
the National Review, of Nashville.
The Democrats of Henderson County
will hold a convention at Lexington
Monday to put out a straight ticket.
D. B. Kinney was thrown from a wag
on, near Covington, last Saturday and
sustained severe and probably fatal in
George Hurt, eonfijiedt for attempted
assault on a white woman, made his es
cape froni the county jail at Chattanooga
The population of Memphis, accord
ing to estimates on the census returns,
is G5.00Q; Nashville, 73,000; Chattanoo
ga, 41,000; Knoxville, 33,00k
The books of the comptroller and
treaurer show the receipts of the State
for the month of June to have been
$348,989.19, and the amount of disburse
ments $111,575.78.
The First, Second, ami Third Regi
ments, National Guards of Tennessee,
are in camp at the foot of historic Mis-'
sionary Ridge, and are getting a real
taste of military duty.
The residence of Messrs. T. E. ' and
Fannie Richardson, at Brownsville, was
struck by lightning last week, and Mrs.
Mary E, Matthews, mother of the Rich
ardson Brothers, was killed instantlv .
Governor Taylor, Treasurer House,
Secretary of State Miller, and Comp-
trailer Allen visited Bolivar Monday
to receive the West Tennessee Asyl
um for the Insane, which has been com
A serious fire occurred in what is
known as " Black Bottom," in Nashville,
Tuesday. Nashville's water supply is
very short, and she would experience
serious loss if a fire should break out in
the business portion of the city.
Last Sunday on a farm near Gadsden
a ten-year old negro girl beat her little
brother, aged two, to death with a stick
and tossed the body into a thicket. In
the afternoon the child was missed, and
when its lifeless body was found, the
girl acknowledged the crime.
Last Saturday Logan Mitchell shot
and killed a man named Stephens, at
Mitchell's distillery, near Shelbyville.
Stephens, had become offended in some
way, and while under the influence of
liquor lie advanced on Mitchell wjth ft
drawn knife with tho above result.
The Decatur, Chesapeake, and New-
Orleans Railroad has been completed
through Lincoln County, and tho road
will pass through Glendalo and Brent
wood on to Shelbyville. The company
will probably buy or lease the Overland
Dummy Railway and enter Nashville by
that route.
The rights of way through parts of
Sumner and Trousdale counties have
been secured for the Middle and East
Tennessee Central Railroad, now in
course of construction. This road will
connect with the Chesapeake and Nash
villa at Gallatin and run through to
Over 100 witnesses have been exam
ined at Dover in the Shemwell tragedy.
J ohn Shemwell was assassinated near
Bumpus Mills, one night last week, but
as yet the evidence is purely circum-"
stantial. The publio is satisfied that
some of the relatives of James Wallace,
who was killed by Shemwell last spring,
did the deed, but no arrests have been
S. J. Ililliard living in the thirteenth
district made a narrow escape a few
days ago of losing considerable property
by fire. A negro had robbed some bees
and left burnibg rags near the hives.
About midnight the fire began to spread
and before it was discovered two fine
hives of Italian hem, ten empty gucn,
and the fencing around his bee lot were
destroyed. Huntingdon Democrat.

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