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S. W. I'ulloek and wife, of llig
Sandy, are in tlte city.
L. I. Smith has returned from a
visit in Weakley Count 3-.
J. M. rinllips, of Hollow Rock,
spent Monday in Camden.
Dr. W. M. Wright, of Hunting
don, Tenn., was in the city Tuesday.
Russell Scruggs, son of Judge
Ul C. Sci
J fever.
Scruggs, is very nick with the
Mr. and Mrs. Aim a Fry, of Cox
burgh, were in the city the first of
this week.
Miss Mattie Ayres has been the
guest of Miss Gertrude Wyly the
past few days.
James F. Fresson, jr., returned
homo Monday, after a lengthy stay
at Bertram!, Mo.
The proceedings of county court
will appear in the next issue of
TnE Ciikoxicle.
County court this week was well
attended, and Camden assumed a
lively appearance.
The CnuoxiCLE is one day late,
We failed to get to press in time to
make to-day's mail.
Misses Lillie and Lizzie Rushing,
of Areadne, are the guests of Mrs,
T. C. Rye this week.
Miss Dean Mason, of Spring
Creek, Tcnn., is visiting the Misses
Fussell, of this place.
Mr. A. N. Lindsoy and lady, of
Faxon, spent Monday and Tuesday
with Camden friends.
John r. Morris, of Fulton, Ky,
was mingling with his Caradcn
friends at this place Monday.
Enos S. Cain, of Mclllwain, this
county, was in to see ns Monday,
He left an order for some printing,
Miss Mattio Bivens, daughter 0:
Green Bivens, is very sick at the
residence of A. J. Saunders.
Rev. A. C. McRae and Misses
v Ida MeRae, Dora Hall, and Ola
-McDaniel left for Nashville this
Dr. R. B. Travis went to Big
Sandy Monday evening to see W.
L. Morris, of that place, who is
Ipy sick.
t j County Superintendent J. H.
Harper attended the meeting of the
State Normal Institute at "Waverly
this week.
A picnic and bran dance will
take place at Hollarid's spring, near
Camden, sometime during the pres
ent month.
Trustee W. J. Barnes publishes
a statement of the financial condi
tion of his office in this issue of The
The ice-cream supper at the court
house Monday evening was largely
attended, and a handsome profit
was realized.
W. F. Harrison, of Ilolladay, B.
F. Farmer, of Way, and Homer
Farker, of Wheatloy, called in to
n r . .
see us iuoiiuuy. i
Misses Ida, Sis, and lant Iiush
(ng, of Bristow, were visiting in the
ity the first of the week, the gues
f Mrs. J. D. McAulev. X
Rev. Mr. Armstrong delivered a
very interesting sermon to a small
but appreciative audience at the
court house Tuesday evening.
Col. J. M. Bishop, of Sugar Tree,
was in attendance at county court
and the meeting of the county Dem
ocratic executive committee Mon
The county Democratic executive
committee in going actively to work
should assist in taking the labors of
the campaign as much from off the
shoulders of the candidates as pos
sible. '
Thero has been a greater im
provement in the farm stock of this
county the past few years than
most anything else. Our farmers
are beginning to realize that it is
cheaper to. breed fino than common
If the writer of the poem that
las been received at The CllltONl-
CLE office will send full address and
stamps, to cover postage, we will
return the same.
Prof. "William Rogers, who has
een employed at the Ilolladay
High School, at Ilolladay, was in
town Monday. He left for his
Huntingdon home Monday night.
The following license to marry
mvo been issued from the county
clerk's office since our last report :
to wit: "White Robert Limlsey to
Ada Stockdale. Colored Andrew
Jackson to Yenie Hunt.
Messrs. J. A. Barnes, D. J. Gra
ham, D. II. Van Huss, Silas Bul
lock, W. K. Hicks, A. R, Brooks,
AVilliam Caraway,. and J. C.Davis,
of Big Sandy, were in attendance
at county court the first of the week.
From careful inquiry as to the
condition of the crops of the county,
we learn that, with the exception
of those in Tennessee River bot
tom, they are very sorry', but will
pay the owners if they have a good
rainfall soon.
A fishing party composed of the
following gentlemen: J. D. Me
dley, A. G. McDaniel, J. P. Losh-
lee, A. P. Lashlee, James Lashlee,
Harris McAuley, S. L. Peeler, Bud
Totty, and Bud McElyea, went to
Rockport last "Wednesday. They
caught about a thousand pounds of
fish, and were out only two days and
one night.
The convention to assemble at
Nashville next Tuesday to nomin
ate Democratic candidates for Gov
ernor and supreme judge will be
the largest gathering of the kind
ever held in the State. The dele
gation from Benton County will
probably go up the day before.
One fare for the round trip will bo
the railroad fare.
The Nolan House at Waverly,
Tenn., is considered one of the best
hotels on the Nashville and Chat
tanooga Railroad. Mr. B. M. Rick
etts now has charge of this popular
house, and by his considerate at
tention to his guests and the excel
lent fare he sets before them, has
made himself very popular, and his
house second to none.
Business was partially suspended
at this place Independence Day.
A great many of our citizens ob
served the day by trying lo keep
cool, while quite a number went to
the bran-dancq at Bell's school
house, others attended the closing
exercises of the Ilolladay school,
and some of those inclined to sport
went angling and gunning.
T. W. Farmer, of Way, called to
seo us this week. He makes com
plaint in regard to irregularity of
the mails at his place, and says it
is very seldom ho receives his pa
per on time. We have taken all
possible precaution in regard to our
mails leaving this office properly
addressed, but the rottenness of the
present postal service causes us to
receive complaints every week.
The colored people gave a bar
becue and dance near the depot yes
terday. About five hundred people
were in attendance, and everything
passed off quietly until evening,
wdien some unknown person hi
an old negro woman named Simon
with a stone. She was not seriously
hurt, however. No cause is known
for the assault, and if the miscreant
who threw the stone could have
been found out lively times woul
have resulted.
A citizen of this county has a
novel as well as an effective plan o
enforcing the obedience of his ch.il
dren without the ancient custom o:
corporal chastisement When any
of his children manifest symtoms o
disobedience, he puts them behind
a large stump a short distance from
his residence until they are willing
to yield perfect obedience. This
is an actual fact. The gentleman
is n well-known citizen, and lives
near Big Sandy.
Democratic Executive Committee.
The new county Democratic ex
ecutive committee met in the court
house and organized last Monday.
J. M. Lashlee, the retiring chair
man, called the committee to order
at noon, and read his call for the
meeting. The committee was or-
ganized with W. F. Harrison, of
Ilolladay, as chairman, and A. J.
Saunders, of Camden, secretary.
The committee is composed of truo
and valiant Democrats, and they
enter upon their duties at once.
A Runaway and Smashup.
Last Sunday afternoon Messrs.
Cornelius Williams and J. II. Har
per left Eggville for Camden in a
road-cart, and when within a few
miles of this place, near the resi
dence of Mr. Franklin Pafford, the
horse became unmanageable. Mr.
Harper got out of the cart, but Mr,
Williams decided to remain with
his horse, and did so until he was
thrown from the cart, and for a time
it was thought he had sustained se-
rious injuries, but for a few bruises
about the head, he is all right
cart was a total wreck.
Mr. James M. Harris the accom-
modatmg telegraph operator, and J
Miss Lizzie Tinnier, dnnfrhter of
Capt. T. L. Lanier, were united in
marriage by Rev. Thomas E. Hud
son, at Waverly, Friday evening
July 4. The contracting parties
all reside at Waverly and stand
ligh in society circles. Tho wed
ding was very quiet, only a few
intimate friends being present.
After the ceremony the couple re
naired to the Nolan House where
thev were entertained with ice-
cream and cake, and excellent
T iii i !
music. re exienu ucki, wisnes.
Destroyed by Fire.
Last Monday night the residence
of Messrs. Hiram Watkins and Hi
ram Stigall, 4 miles west from Cam
den, was destroyed by fire. About
midnight the occupants were awak
ened by a roaring noise proceeding
from the kitchen, and on 'going to
that part of the building they were
met by the flames, which were un
der too great headway to be sub
dued, the roof of the building fall
ing in with a crash a few moments
later. Mr. AVilliam Hussell, the
lauier-in-iuw ol jur. u iukius, una
who is quite aged and lecble, was
dranred from the burning buildimr
at the last moment, and two of Mr.
0, . i.-ii i i
Stigall s children narrowly escaped
ueaiu in me nerco uauies. xne
tire is supposed to have originated
in the flue of the kitchen. The
residence was a double, substantial
building, and was totally destroyed
together with the household goods.
Only a couple of beds were saved.
The owners sustain a heavy loss,
as they carried no insurance.
Unsuccessful Attempt to Escape.
As No. 51, the east-bound express,
passed Camden station this morn-
. tit m t i ' -l
ing, y. i.uoiies, who us m timiyu
of Sheriff Farks, of Maury County,
and wanted at Columbia for forg-
ery, jumped from the train and
endeavored to make his escape, but
he sustained several bruises in the
jump and being manacled he only
succeeded in reaching a clump of
bushes near the stave-factory where
his groans attracted tho attention
of those living near, and he was
taken care of until Sheriff Farks,
who had discovered his escape be
fore reaching Johnsonville, re
turned on .No. 51 and identified
Jones as his prisoner. Sheriff Farks
stated to a Chronicle reporter that
he captured the prisoner at Clay
born, Tex., and was returning with
him to Columbia, but in the hasty
change of cars at McKenzie he
neglected to secure his prisoner
to the 6eat in the car and feeling
drowsy he went to sleep, and the
prisoner escaped as above. They
leave for Columbia this afternoon.
When you want, tu sh groeerii s. con-
feetioiieiies, 1 tc, go to J. II, dill's, on
the north side of the souare. tf
TiiKCiiitoNici.it office is fully equipped
for doing inb-priiitintr in first-class stylo.
Wo solicit your orders.
Say, friend ; slop taking so many pills
and try
Cation tic Compound.
Sever affiliates with the system. Sold
by H. W. Mannon. 10 :ly.
I told you the new dm;r stare would
keep all the first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound for the liver and
New South fir summer com plaint. 10 :ly
Dr. Tate's Cherokee Liniment is kept
for sale by J. II. Gill, Camden; J. F.
Pivsson, Camden IVpot ; Z. M. Walker;
and at Divider. It is a guaranteed cure
for rheumatism, headache, colic, etc. lt
Tolive or not to live is a question which
aninially confronts tho residents of our
low rounds in swampy districts. Take
Cheathain'sTasteless Chill Tonic and live
to die a nobler death than by a common
place chill. Tor tale by II. W. Mannon.
Come! Come to the new drug store
II. W. Mannon's and net a bottle of
The New South " fur colic, diarrhea,
P''iing. ele
10 :ly.
uiphUhuii s insteiess dull Tonic is
no n the ,n;,rket; Try l md be c0,"in-
tcu wim 11 io lue omy j cm picuaiuuHiiu ei-
fective medicine known that will in every
case cure the chills ami fever. I; contains
no quinine or poisons and is sold under
tl(l f-.lTtlilinr mnf fi Vntni-a mi mir "
iiui.ii ii.i ....ill... ... i-7 l J J llJ '
'1 W' U- W. Mannon. 12-ly-3t
We claim some things for Cheatham's
Chill Tonic, but not everything. It will
not cure softening of the brain or in-grow
ing nail,s, but it will cure clnlls,cold chills.
Guaranteed. Sold by II. W. Mannon.
When afilicled with any of the misera-
nble skin diseases which make life a bur
den. try Hunt's Cure. It is guaranteed.
If it does you no good it will cost you noth-
Sold by II. W. Mannon. 12-ly-3t
Farmer's and Laborers' Union.
The Farmers' and Laborers' Union of
peutonCounty will meet atCowell Chape
on 2JUl t,ay ofJl11?' at,v;llich U":WB
w in nave a picnic ana puunc. speaKiug.
VvurvhraU- iuinvu..,i
J. M. Castii.k,
President County Union.
Camden, July 7, 1S90.
Public Speaking.
The candidates for county office will
address the voters of Benton County at
the following places:
Conley's Springs, Saturday, August
Camden, Monday, August 4.
Faxon, Tuesday, Augusts.
Everybody turn out and give the hoys
good audiences.
Parham's Excursion.
Tuesday, July 22, 1 will run tho cheap
Kf PYiMiriiiim to ( !lint IniiiHH'ri Totm . ivi
ufiUe offere(li Takin,r 0I1 passengers nt
all ticket stations from Hickman, Ky.
to Dickson, Tcnn., inclusive. Will have
ttaijl wel1 tiered. Good order and ev
t yiningpenamingtooomiorraspeciaity
?. . 1 ... , ., , ,
I his f'-e nvsiini n fur c it e neon e on v
Tii ta ., f,ir fi.. ,iu ,jn(, A,vi
return on any regular train.
For further information see poptr aiu
hand-bills, or address
J. A. Pauham, Agent,
Martin, Tenn.
The Cheapest of all Excursions.
The Nashville. Chattanooga, and St
Louis Railway, the short line to the
southwest, wil! sell special .excursion
tickets to Arkansas and Texas and to
Points on the Kansas City, Springfield,
fn1 lrf 'T'' l Ft
Scott lt'clusivo, at all c-npon stations on
lhig j,ne east uf M(.Kc.)lzio July o,
and3l, at one fare fur the round trip,
good to return within thirty days. For in
formation regarding these excursions find
for rules write to or call on V. II. John
son, ticket agent, Johnsonville, or W. L.
Danley, General Passenger Agent, Nash
ville, Tenn. 12-3t
Free !
We give free of charge a ticket in our
great distribution of $5,100 in gold and
other valuable presents of July lo with
every subscription of 50 cents each to the
Weekly Age-Herald, the great southern
The Age-IIerald has twelve pages, is
the exact size of the New York Herald,
and is Ihe leading newspaper in the in
dustrial section of the South. Subscribe
now. You may get $500 in gold, and
you certainly get more than your money's
worth in the paper. Send on your name
and 50 cents in stumps, registered letter,
or postal note, and get the paper six
months and your ticket in the drawing.
For $1 yon get the paper a full year.
The A;e-Herai.d Co.,
11 Birmingham, Ala.
Our prints for !inimn'itirr eaiidHali's my : Fur
Cnil'.'l'rss, llllci'il dollars, ill :ii llii'i'! fur Stilt
olllcoj, ten dollars; for county oMre.., live dollars.
ron co(Uii'ss
AITH are iiiitiitii ii'il to iiiiiiiiniM . 'rr. 1;. V.'.
V A km a t:Mnltil:tti lo r,'in-iiil i In- 1 : i lt 1 1 1 it
('oiiL'ivsdonal iiKtrii-t in tin- 1 ifl vsi"ond 'uii-
jrn'ss or IMC lllltcd States-sahjeci to lit Will of
inn iM'tnorrnuc puny.
Mil JlIU'll 1CS1.STA 7 I'll
tr: are antlinr!;:.".l to iiimmice Hon. W. 1',
Moauiia Iscii'iii'viillr ramliil it to i-enre.
sent I'.i'iilii'i Cminly ill tin1 1-'nvf y-xcvi ulh liencral
Asseinlily nt Knui'isi i'. l.livitiui November ,
'MWlllllB n 'injmiJJI ftMr.miTt ir,yyrc.iMip
Tn:NKK-At ?,:illfnwii, Ark.,
.... :.. .
June 'J'i. lyii. Mrs. C.
I'.. Turner, wife of lr. V.
. . 1 I .IIIMI,'. II II II It I 'X
V. Turner, in her tlilrty-liltli year.
Mrs. Tinner was a ineinlier of ttie Methodist,
liiscojinl Cluireli, South. She leaves a hu.sbiiiul
mid two children to mourn her ileiitli. Tho re
mains were Interred at tins Milltown cemetery.
Dr. Turner was formerly u resident of IVnton
County, and has relatives and numerous friend
here who regret to henr of his sad bereavement.
HUlWOX-At tlm resilience of William Fisher,
i nines houuiwesi ikiiii ramilell, ri'lut;ilay
morning July 5, I.vki, Miss l lcela Hudson, til"
Miss Hudson was an orphan, helns the daalrii-
ter of Albert and Caroline Hudson, both de
censed. She was in her sixteenth Year. The re
mains were interred at the Camden cemetery
last Siindav.
Leral Satires.
J. B. Liniisev, admr., vs. M ary Mei.tov
and others.
?(T appearing from complainant's p:ti-
V-' tion, which is sworn to, seeking tin)
sale of certain land in Benton County,
imessee, thatlv Selphand wife. I'lmna
Selph, and the heirs-iit-law of L:il'v(dt
Melton, deceased, are non-residents of
the Slate of Tennessee, and lesidents of
the States of Texas and A rkansas, so that
the ordinary process of law' can not be
served upon tlieni. It is, therefore, oi
dered by the clerk that publication be
maoe in I lie i anulcn (. hroiucle, a news
paper published in the town of Camden,
Benton County, Tenn , that they put in
their appearance at llie August term of
the Benton County court, to ho held 'at
the town of Camden en the fust Monday
in August next, anil make delense or de
mur to said petition or the same will be
set for hearing expirte as to them, and
that this order bo published for four con
secutive weeks.
This the 27th day of June, 1S90.
A. C. McBae.
Clement & Hawkins, solicitors for
plaintiff. 10:4
Hoot and Shoemaker.
Boot & Shoemaker,
East Side Square, Camden, Tenn.
I inn prep'tred to do all kinds of work in my
line witli neatness and dispatch. I keep none
lutt tlie very best material, and tny past work
speaks for Itself. Kimaii'inK a spci'lally. 7:ly.
Barber Shtp,
Ilavlntr recently pureliasod a new rliair n:il
other new lo ticles tiuidi.i: to the eomrovt of my
patrons, I now have f;u ili'ies to shave, shaei
pno and do hair euttinu' that are second to none.
Th-vnkiu.!; the pulilh! lor past patrone, and so
lisilinu' a continuance of the same,
1 am, respectfully,
Caniden, Tenn.
reMy shop Is one door east of the Stigall
House, tllvc ir.e a cad. 7:ly.
Meeting of School Commissioners.
Last Saturday tho various school
commissioners of this county met
in Camden, pursuant to a call by
County Superintendent Harper, to
transact certain business pertain
ing to the schools of the county,
the most important proceedings of
which was the adoption of a reso
lution to pay all teachers holding
first grade certificates 30 per month
and those holding second grade
certificates 20 per month. The
commissioners were in joint session
the greater part of the day, but
failed to furnish us with n report
of their proceedings.
Attempted to Assault a Lady.
News of an attempted rape near
Waverly yesterday reached us this
morning. A tramp named LeJoy
asked for something to eat of a
lady named Wright, who lives a
short distance this side of Waverly,
and while she was preparing the
food for him he attempted to as
sault her. Her cries for help were
answered before the tramp suc
ceeded in his designs, and he was
carried to Waverly and placed in
custody of officers. The infuriated
husband could hardly be restrained
from shooting him. Considerable
excitement is said to prevail.

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