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A c.U'ITal subjcvt for n cartoon:
The R i: publicum loaders in the Sen
ate with their hands behind their
ears listening for the expected crack
of Dictator Rood's whip, with, the
legend: "To hear is to obey."
New York "World.
Quarterly Court.
The following is an outline of
A Kansas man wants to bet $10,
000 to $50 that he can walk from
Leavenworth to Junction Gity, n
third of the length of the State,
without taking his feet from mort
gaged ground, except when he
crosses n county road or railroad.
Stevenson Archer got five years J
in the Maryland Penitentiary;
Matthew Stanley Quay got six
years in the United States Senate.
- Archer was thofcriilocratrc Treas
urer of n Democratic State and
Quay was the Republican Treas
urer of a Republican State.
National Democrat.
An official position under the
present administration seems to be
anything but a public trust. In
fact the more uses it can be put to
the better are its functions fulfilled,
is the prevalent idea with the dis
reputable mob now feeding at the
Government crib. While AVana
maker uses the Post Office Depart
ment to advertise bis dry-goods
business,,, Rnum furnishes his offi
cial letter heads to his sou, a pen
sion sharper, to assist the latter in
his line of. enterprise. Concord
However good and gracious a
woman Mrs. Harrison may be, the
fact yet remains that she has a bus
band who permitted her to accept
a twenty-room " cottage " at Cape
Ma)i famished with every article
of comfort and luxury from draw.
ing room, to oat-house. The ac
ceptance was the work of President
Harrison, and it disgraces the hat
he wears and casts reproach upon
the name of the grandfather who
owned it. The acceptance was a
vertf grave mistake, Nashville
New York is to have an elect ri
cal railway 10 miles long. tha proceedings ia the quarterly
Beer is selling in Chicago for term vtt;it." ooi.it Tor 3vl wirh
$3.50 a barrel, a result of brewery J U,SG C. Scruggs preling, to-
competition. g'eiher with the magistrates of Ben-
Fire near Atlanta, Ga., destroyed Ua County:
Ihn Knntliorn flntinn Koel Oil . The lands of Madison LockWt
Mills. Loss, $100,000. were detached from the eighth
ti,m :, iJ civil district and attached to the
Georgia 40 miles wide by 50 miles nfthcivd district of Benton County,
long, containing 100,000 popula
Forty cases of persons bitten by
dogs have een reported, to the
police of lVnideuce, R, I., sinco
May 1.
The St Louis Globe-Democrat
says that " the contract providence
awarded to the Republicans to run
this country for another cpiarter of
a century has only just begun."
It is true that the execution of the
contract has begun, but it does not
follow that it will continue twenty-
five years or five years. A higher
and more potential providence has
already awarded a more valid con
tract to the Democrats to annul the
first contract and to exterminate
the contractors. And that the Dem
ocrats will do without regard to
providential or other contracts,
They will do it of their own voli
tion and by their own power.
Memphis Avalanche.
Eteky ray of light from the in
side facts Gi the present rdiV.i.n?
tration opens up to vkw some dew
tardly imposition on the farmsrs.
Recently tho chief officials ot th
land office, gave permission to ctr
tain pet lawyers to the administra
tion, to copy the records of land
warrants, and now thou wine 3 of
agents of thee lawyers are in the
"West and Northwest getting up
warrants for sellers pfc ft ea:r,
when it was the duty "of the land
office to issue tho warrants to the
settlers upon application. But the
administration saw a chance to fat
ten a few friends at the expense of
the farmers and forthwith gave the
opportunity. But fortunately tho
Democrats in Congress discovered
the fraud on the farmers, and will
block the game. If this game had
been carried out in full as intended,
it would have cost the farmers of
the West and Northwest about
It was ordered that road section
No. 3, in the third civil district,
AVyly's rts
deuce and ending at tin Camden
road, be extended to the Cot .ley
Landing, on Tennessee River.
II. C. Ad-m. AY. D. Flowers. T.
A disastrous cyclone swept li&ke a Johnson. John Oxford, and M
City, Mhm, Sunday night, and in n Fitz rald were aoDoiuted to
a few minutes nearly two hundred vlew oufc aud establish the public
i . ... i.fn i
peopie were uieti. TOfid !o hrii. m Ovid's
A Spanish depxrtation is visiting gajQ nvd end with thi u-w Toad
Washington City to propose lie- opened by John Oxford, and report
gotiations for tire annexation of at the next term of court
Cuba to tho United States. AVatt Brothers were allowed
F.-rty-fonr deaths from cholera $28 for repairs on the Harp';'
i ve occurred among the members bridge.
of a b ttalion of Ghoorkhs sitioned It wrs orderal by the court (by
tit Dharms-:tla in the Punjab. . petition filed by N, Wihbn, Je-la
The first bale of this year's crop N- Melton, P. Melton, A. J. Wood.-,
of Geonria cotton was sold at the aumtt, A, burmut, janies
Cotton Exchange, New York, last Hawley, E. C. Tick, and H. Haw-
week for 101 cents per pound. ley) tiiafc the civil district lino be
tx. . t i changed between the hfth awl the
x ui to ucsiio uuicu vtno j-uuiui
in Eutaw Beat,' Aia., with an ag-
givgate ot' 09 children the first
21, tho s-oiid 23, and the third 25.
Tho Russian newspapers indi-
care a conviction that nothnig
fdiutt of v.ar can f-ehia tae )noga-
tenth civil disiric ls, beginning tt
the nor oh liiie of J. J. Batemai's
lane and run north to Mrs. Sara
Hawley's, thence northeast to Har
vey Hollhigswxjrth, and from there
in a westerly direction to the fifth
civil district line near the residence
vim CjUesUoa tii- .actorily tt.Rus- Lf CfcapettCaplmger.
Ihe House Committee on Mill- for extra care of the T)ftnT)Prg.
tary Aiiairs ns uirectea a ravora- m collrt ttrd.erofl th-t Jml
ni t 1 i j j 1 I
Die report on a uui to revive me RG scru,s be emijowered ani
rau ui uuuwsunui-Buiwnu 01 iu instructed to have tlio county at
flrmy tornev. Josenh E. Jones, hi nrnsp-
. ... I Hi-- - i x
lhe indK:tment against Philip Cate suit against W. M. Kinc, for
baitr, aocus-tlof mu.tring i6- huer trostee for rei'onue due bv
ryman Ginnin, at Col ambus, Ohio, him i0 the cunitv of B ,i. n. a.n
was nolle prosquied, and Sauter file any bill that may be neetssaiv
goes free. The court released J. S. Bagget
Publishers throughout the Uri- from the piyment of poll tax and
ted States of cho ap non-copy- from work on the public roads, and
wrighted books have united in a that the judge issue to him a war
great company, with a capital of rant for poll tax paid by him for
83,250,00-). the year 1889.
Several fields of late-planted E- C. Lashlee was allowed $2.50
corn in Mndisou Parish, La., haw Por month for tho benefit of James
been destroyed by myriatiS of small Surratt, an imbecile, for the next
black bugs, which completely de- quarter.
vour the plant. F E- WRS allowed $2.50 per
Miss Flortee Russell, of Ottawa, montJ for the next oparter for the
Kans, was robbed on the streets J1011 of Molhe Clfton' an im"
of that place in broad daylight last r."
Saturday of 810,000 in cash, which
she carried in a hand-satchel.
It is said that the Aaowtra Ter
minal and Improvement Com par y
J. H. K vras allows! ia
fo.Jl ol his ojiiji to tlttie "or keo
ixg tne paupers of the count;-.
The court allowed A. C. McRae,
county clerk, the following bill:
i r ! t, -i , exotncio lost quarter, H5; revenue
loosn, and Memphis lwulwnv, to , n , .
, ,, Ti,- , . settlement $1: 9 pauper claims,
connect with the IumOT Central Q( ri, .ia 4i07R. o .
. r , ., . . . J rand orders, 5612.75; 6 or-
and the Moboe and Ohio. ,
dors of review, 7o cents; accounts,
During a difficul ty over a trivial etc 75 conts Totul 2170.'
,1 , ITT' 'I . ' '
matur pttiie n imams mm near a R Ban0 was aiiowed $305
Sherman, Tex., a rcuig kku by f jr two umi a llfllf jaya aud G R
the name of Bob Jamison ws cJreor $2.25 for one day as brieo
pi-obobly fnoa'iy siabbedby A.i'itd c,,nimitteo.
YUL. ms wiio.aitcr tue cutcuig, j. p. Williams was allv WUO
mace lus escppe. cea for over paiJ sca for the
A par.'.' of cov.bovsrtar Sidney, y.var 1890.
XT-V 1 1 il. - ! 1-1. 1 1 n.i '1 i . .. - -
rsea, v. os. ine msuiuiora auu w new jj,. j. jj iorrej-s was ai.ov, t a V 1 .-
of the Western Union Telepraphlas jailor to date,
Company for targets and cut every
wire in the iciuity with their bul
lets. It took a lart-e force a whole
day to repair tho damage.
Estimates for river improve
ments: Improvement of the Mis
sissippi River between the Ohio
and Illinois rivers, for year, $1,
000,000; and to complete, 12,597,-
000. Gasconade River, Missouri,
Missouri, $10,000.
year, 810,000; Osagu Rier,
b. W. Cautrell was n'lo c ed i'o.oO
o'.'erpaid taxes for 1 o9.
2. K. 1. Agvu w and H;,C. AVLite,
levy ,on,iiii'-e for the thirtetv.h
district, fiied their report, and they
were discharged without further
J. AY. Arnold was allowed 3.50
for repairs on jail furniture.
AV. H. Rushing, sheritf, was al
hr-ved $13 as exvtfEcio Lr p;
Gideon French was relon sod in
definitely fror.1 paying poll tax.
The coGrt appointed J. M. Bish
op, J. C. T ippett, and V. D. Bird,
a committee to view out a road that
AVilllam A. Fry has made near bis
place and on his land, aud report
to the next term of court.
The above committee reported
at once that the road had been
viewed Viut, and they recommended
that the same be granted.
The following is a list of the
judges appointed for the August
First district M. M. Fry, It.
HasseD, and Charley Outwald, jr.
Second district AY. Ar. McCord,
C. T. Spence, and Bass Holland.
Third district Thomas Moore,
John Nunnery, and J. F. McGlohn.
Fourth district P. A. Bridges,
J. C. Moore-, and D. J. Allen.
Fifth district James II. Kee, G.
Pafford, and AY. P. Maideiu
Sixth district Gecrgo AY, Gal-
breath, S. C. AArright, and A. C.
Sevpih district A vey Melton,
J. F, Holland, and A. L. Phifer.
Eighth district AV. AVarniack,
J. B. J owles, and J. B. Lindsey.
Ninth district J. M, Akcrs, J.
H. Gilbert, and AY. B. Stockdala
Tenth district AY. A. Lashlee,
L. P. Browning, and AAH. March-
banks, jr.
Eleventh district James Shur-
loy, H. AV. Crabbe, and E. Hatloy.
Twelfth district-H. B. Bridges,
Henry Elmore, aud J AAT. H. Pros
son. Thirteenth district J. L. Coble,
H. P. Spence and Ed Walker,
Fourteenth district S. H. Har
ris, K. R. Bridges, and J. Cooper.
The court Appointed tho follow
ing jurors to serve' at the Augost
term of the circuit court:
First district D. J. Murray and
T, J. Johnson,
Second district D, C. Hatley
and AAllliam Kelley,
Third district Ting Barker and
G, E, Howe,
Fourth district J. L. Kirk mid
T. F. Kee.
Fifth district B. Barker and J.
M. Madden.
Sixth district AY. AY. Deaton.
Seventh district B. F. Peeler.
Eighth district Robert Cherry
Isinth district George AV, Bar
ker and M. L. Beaton.
Tenth district H. M, Bell and
J, L. Holland. I
Eleventh district John Hicks
and Aaron Hatley.
Twelfth district J. E. Elmore
and C. M. AA'iseman.
Thirteenth district George AA
AAToods and N. P. Spence.
Fourtet nth district Jonathan
Smith and J. M. Patrick.
P. P. AVheatloy was appended
by the ooftvt to wait on the grand
J. S. Hall, G, B. Greer, and G.
B. Bnno, bridge committee, filed
their report and were discharged.
Tlw court detached M. V. Utley
and J. Y. Jordan from the tenth
to the fifth civil district, only for
J. R. Johnson, commissioner of
the poor, was allowed $70.45 for
keeping 'tho paupers of the county
for the last quarter ending July 7,
' A. Pettygrew was allowed $22.50
for caring for AA AAr. Summersett
during his last illness.
D. D. Bird was allowed 1.10
and J. X. Briggance 50 cents for
serving papers on T. L. Johnson.
The court released the Murphy
B.othe- sof !?S assessment for the
L ! year 1SS9, tho amount being $1.93.
Tlie ivvcuuc committee iv)ortvd
as follows: wAVe have -critically
examhu'd all sottloftunts of A. C.
McRae, county court clerk, and
find them correct. Also AY. C
Benton, circuit 'court clork, and w?
find, tall books, settlements, 'I' t.,
for kst quarter convct AATe
found tho books, etc, of T. C Ryo,
clerk and 'master, 'correct."
The court allowed AV. J. Barnes
trustee, $1.50, tiix penalty 10 cents
total $1.00, on the Curtis kind in.
the eleventh civil district, for 1888.
Tine court allowed AV. J. Bnws
trustee, Sl.'50, tax penalty logouts,
total -S1.G0, ixdl tax of Bud Now
stead, of the eleventh civil disti K-t,
for 1888.
Carr. Hubbs was rehmseil froiA
piiying poll tax Jrrd working -tW
public roads.
The court adopted ttd followi'
resolution in reference to the fat
ing of new school districts:
Resolved, by the county court v.f
tho county of Benton, in session
July term, 1890, that it is the sense
of this court that there shall bew
new sub-school districts formed v
this county for tho present schoeJ
year, the taxes having been levied
for the present year with re-fereiKfe
to the schools already estabb'slKv.
Our Two IMvv Star.
Niislnllle, Ainenciin..
l ut J ixii l'l'riiu it C-.C luc Ul'li.i
Stares atiaohfdh'S sigoatureiodft
bid admitting AVycmiag into the
bisterhocd of American States, he
added another disgrace andtaiiilxvl
with another insult the natioifl
f.?g. Only 00 9 we ek before Idaho
wio admitted a el a simi.ar criift
a i
jtea oonrniue'j.
.ixi are is
duty in aiything else than admit
ting jualified territories iiv'o S'?to-
hood, but there is nothing short of
a crime in bringing in half grown
boroughs when they arc not eligi
ble in any of the particulars which
have heretofore guided our law
makers in making such admissions.
Both Idaho and AA'yoming hav
togevne not taOxe th.n'i Kafticiii
population to elect a s'ngle Oi
gressman, and ye-, in order to
strengthen the ReU'cnn' party,
they have been dragged intollrfi
Union in order to add f onx Suia
to 's anol two members of Congnss
a. ixl six vot's to ii3 Re u'icaJi
side of the electoral college. In
evidence of this fact, the 4sarae Re
publican Congress refused ahx
lutely to consider the claims of
Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah,
when all three have larger popula
tions respectively than Idaho and
Wyoming, and when ad three are
knocking loudly for admission,
The admissions of sik-Ii torn
t J'is are bot ljv of the long list
ot' crimes whiih the pf.vty h jwwot
h.xs Commuted and for which the
American people propose to hohl
it responsible.
An innocent rural organ asksi
"AA'hy will honest Congressional
elections necessarily disturb the
industrial tranquility of Che
South?" Honest elections would
not But Congressional elections
under the direction of those noto
rious corruptionists, Matthew &
Ojaay and AVilliam AV. Dudley,
would not be honest Can't you
get that into your heads? New
York AYorhl
The South is not ready toberwled
by bayonets in tho hands of Repub
lican soldiers, and it never will lx
Chattanooga Argus.
In this kind of wmthcr the JVU
lmt is felt hot Puck.

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