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H. 11. Pierce, of Areadne, was in
(own Wednesday.
Louis Williams, of Nashville,
was in town Sunday.
Mrs. G. W, Shelton visited at
Lipe Station Sunday.
Dr. W. I McGill and family
vUiti-d at Dickson last week.
j 1J. F. Hailey has nicwd into his
new residence just completed. -
Col. E. E. Tansil, of Dresden,
was in town Saturday and Sunday.
Several car-loads of sheep have
I teen shipped from this place this
J. S. Yarhrough and family, of
Pox, visited relatives at this place
Lewis & Totty have received
more machinery for their stave
Porn, in this city, Sunday, July
l?, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herrin,
a daughter.
Postmaster David A. Gossett, of
Melllwain, was in the city the first
of the week.
W. IX Hatley and brother, of
Holhulay, went to Nashville the
first of the week.
Ernest Fry acted as salesman at
McDaniel & Hall's during the ab
sence of Willie Corbiit.
Harvey Garrett came down from
Nashville the first of the week, to
visit his father, J. W. Garrett
H. Clay Penton left Sunday to
take charge of the public school
at Hall Valley, in the seventh civil
Mrs. Lizzie Roberson,of Charles
ton, Mo., is spending the week as
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Laura
11. A. Luter, of Pig Sandy, and
U. A. Potts, of Louisville, Ky.,
were in the city a short while last
W. C. Davis commenced Tues
day the erection of a cottage for
Ernest E. Fry, west from the pub
lic square.
Prof. Ab. Baber and W. F. Pa
Iter came in from Paris Tuesday.
They left for their home at Holla
day the same day.
Charley Blackwood, of Paris, ar
rived Saturday afternoon, and will
spend several days with his par.
ents in South Camden.
J. H. Wiseman, of Eggville, was
in the city Tuesday. We are glad
to state that he is convalescing, at
ter a long siege of illness.
Willie Corbit left Sunday for
Brownsville, and remained unti
Wednesday. A, pair of dark eyes
perhaps, was the attraction.
Miss Effie Woods, of Holladay,
spent last week with her cousin.
. Miss Lomia Woods, of this city.
She returned homo Sunday.
Messrs. Jackson and Mellon Fry,
of Coxburgh, left for Nashville
Monday afternoon, for the treat
ment of the latter's eyes by a spe
Mr., and Mrs. A. P. Brooks and
children, of Big Sandy, visited rel
atives and friends at this place last
Sunday, returning home the same
The report has been circulate:
here that the Wyatt Brothers con-
" template removing their saw-mil
frnm near Garfield to Camden or
near vicinity.
Mrs. Julia Leinicke and her
charming daughter, Miss Lizzie,
of New Orleans, arrived in the city
the first of the week, and are the
tmesis of Mrs. Boena Combs.
A. ijQt Hutchinson, from Clin
ton, Ky., nas located at this place
and his family occupy rooms a
H. W. Mannon's. We understand
he has purchased the saw-mill plan
of Wiseman & Mclver, near Egg.
ville, and the plant will be removed
to a point nearer Camden.
Marriage License.
Onlyoue license to marry hai
own issued, m .Denton bounty since
our last paper, to wit: H. D. Smith
to marry Isadora Holla ml
To Repair the Church.
Funds are being collected by tire
members of the Methodist Episco
pal Church, South, at this place, to
purchase a new organ and carpet
for the church, re-paint the seats,
and otherwise improve the church.
Mr. Walter S. Ayres, son of Hon.
B. W. Ayres, of near Camden, was
united in marriage Wednesday the
16th instant to Miss Effie Brindley,
of Washington, Iowa. The wed
ding took place at the above city.
Mr. Ayres has many friends hero
who join The Ciiroxicle in wish
ing him all happiness possible.
s A Narrow Escape.
.11- i
e me tinveroi a livery team
eft them standing in the street in
W of A . G. M-1 VnieVa resi, M
Monday afternoon todeWapack-
m. littJ Trtnmv Monnniol
wwl climbwl into the wagon and
the team started down the street,
and the sudden motion of starting
threw the little fellow to the ground,
ortunately sustaining no seri-ows
injury other than a few bruises.
Residence Burned.
The residence of W. Fu Herrin,
9 miles north from Camden was
burned Tuesday morning. The
fire occurred about 8 o'clock in the
morning, whilo all the family were
out of tho building, and was not
hscoverecl until too late to saw
jut little of the household goods.
It is Pupposetl to have originated
rom a defective flue. A small in-
surance was earned. 1 his is the
second farm ivsidence tlmt has
been bunioil in Benton County
within a fortnight,
Public Improvements.
Aiwrng uie improvement hubu
t . it. L 1." 1.
uomuensnoum pusn iorwam mine
n i i ii if i j i
ueunmureare: xne uumungoia
l t: x it. ii: ii
e. j. nil .v i t." -e . i
noiseai line 10 ine suiuoit, wi-
egraph line to station, a tric
phono system, a complete and em-
cient system of grading the streets,
a sufficient number of street lamps,
ana a cuy nun. a sysiein oi sew -
erage, wawr-woKs, anu eu-cieic
...i i i i
tiguus, ,uu uii uou ieuce iomi
the court yard, will material in
xnr. wulvm wuum iik
to see a fine, large public park, in
tlie immediate vicinity of Camden.
The alley-ways should bo opened
to the public, and the old, dilapi-
ted buildings about town that have
oeen w eye-sore uj our ciuzens ror
years, removed. About two-thirds
of tho trees in town should bo re
moved, and those left standing trim
med up, and thus inprove the san
itary condition of the place. The
orrmnrls in tn ml the Rtni.inn omilrl
oo improveu, anu a smaii pars au-
joining uie uepot, wnn trees, snruu -
l a ...l l ii j
uery, nowen, ana lawns, wouia ri-
imci uieejeoipiss.ngtounsisana
give them a .pleasant impressum of
our city anu us people. Aim as a
A. . I J J . . K I I "
matter of fact, too, Benton County
will not want to be long without an
Agricultural Fair Association. We
can make a showing in all those
things which go to make up a mic
cessful exhibition, second to no
county in tho State. These things,
together with others which will
1 11 ! 1 1
naturally ionow in order and in
time, will receive duo consideration
as we progress in the process of
From Manley Chapel.
ltetwlar correspondence.
We have not had rain enough
to wet the ground in six weeks, and
tlie corn crop is badly damaged,
From present estimates the aver-
age yield will be about a half crop,
The ixianut crop will bo good.
has Iwe.n remarked by old peanut
growers, that dry weather k this
season of the year is au advantage
to peanuts, thus preventing a rank
growth, and making tlie .joints too
We learn that Mrs. Crowoll, the
music teacher here, contemplates a
school entertainment in the near
future. It promises to Ite on a
grand scale, and the youngsters
anticipate it with delight We
should think tlvat the chapel could
have as good a dramatic club as
any place in Tennessee, as we liave
more young people than half of the
towns where they have good clubs,
and all they need is the proper
Mr. Williams, presiding elder of
the Lexington, district, will hold the
third quarterly meeting for the
Sugar Tree circuit at the -chapel
July 2(5 and 27, Arrangements
have been made to hold a Sunday
school convention the Friday be-
frvrrt fLvi m-wtn'iKr friwil nwiwim-
" ----- .x
j i. j.
1 "s ,UX3 "8 UHlue. w
ttw convention, as it as a new thing.
iutilis of the countryvand a
ferge CroWtl hcmX tinS wd wljoin-
jng ciiits isantk-ipateci Every.
01 myiwa COIue l
part in tire teuoerations or tne
convention 'on the best mode of
conducting Sunday schools.
July 15, 1890.
From Fairview.
lteutitar corresiKmiU'iH'C.l
Luther Van Huss and Walter
Davis are cutting cord-wood near
Rocky Springs.
A infant child of K. Robert
interred at the Pleasant Hill
Cemetery Sunday.
A Th fnnei-al of Dorik Winter
Was preached at Dfule's Chapel last
Sunday, Erv. Columbus Cooler
TJw IWbi La winvfViisitW.
iW frf-an t.b fm-m fn UifrKnndv.
Live his children the advwitows of
tlio ssr,lin.l t, flint, ilnp. Tins ia
nobl'e move, we think, m a good
education ss the first suttA host le?.
1jmt, 1-irMlt tsm ivft in 4jipir
J - r
AVheat thrashing is owr with Ure
f1T11.rfl in tlua vk ttitv. Vlumt
ky lywn B failure, averagint? not
not more thaa onfo,lHh or 1)llt
mh a lha(. of a
inf erior H weatber gtm
1 .nnfin,1(1H vprv linf ftn(l rnns
J ' " r
U)erisllin.s for WAut of min.
Wlllllllfi i,,,.:, -.1irrHI
iast Saturday xvhile Ute whmt crop
n,,i At orn while the
, fi iw ,R , ihp
ghade for dinllor; t into ft
est of bmuble-Ws, and to those
wUo wVe rifely out of r-h of the
fury of the Uw oyvd thesoeue
t1Ilinpi vn mu u,fta
Mrs Emily Pierce met with quite
an exciting accident one day last
week. While returning in a mar
ket wagon from Big Sandy, near
the residence of D. H. Van Huss,
, . i . . i
tier horse became rngnteneti at a
J)flssing team rau back ftn
1 mmmchn WSfrn,, flt wilWl ilfi
r" "
begjm kickiug furiously breaking
the o Xm ar0
Lkd to state did no furUier
July 15, 1890.
From Luterton.
Kcpular rotTespeliileiico.
Hog cholera prevails here to
some extent.
Farmers in this section have
been busy harvesting the wheat
The acreage in tobacco is not
large, and the plants aw not doing
We have had no rain in this part
of the county during the past four
Charley Hudson contemplates
putting in a stave factory at Hoi
land's mill.
The straight Democratic county
ticket will make a clean sweep in
lathis end of the county
Ourprlces for iiiiiiiiiiiiciiiK candidates nre : l'iir
Concress, llfteeii dollars In advance: for Stale
oMlcw,tcn dollars; lor comity Mliecsllve dollars.
AITE are authorized to announce ('apt. ft. W.
V Ai iiks h enndidateto represent the Kiulitli
Conpresstoiitil lUxtrle-t in the Kitty-second (on
yrcssof the United States tiihec.t to the will of
tfie Democratic pmt.v.
poit HEvn esexta tivi:.
TEjhpp Hiitlmrlseil winoiiw-e Hon. W. J',
Mourn a Democratic candidate to repre
sent ltentoii County In the Korty-'scvcntli OeiMTtt!
Assembly of Temicsscu. Election Xnvf inhcr
Foil Salt. A fine milch cow and calt.
Will be sold chea'p. KeHso'nior selling,
have another cow. allon W. A. Yar
brough, CamiU'ii dcqtot 1I5-4.
When you want frosli nwcries, con
fpctiontTittvuh., ' to J. II. tiilPs, on
tlie north side of the square. tf
riiuCnnoyrci-K office is "rally -equipped
for 'doing job-printing in first-class srjle.
We solicit your orders.
Say, Wend ; stop taking sn many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Conrponnd.
Newr nffiliiites with the system. Sld
by II. W. Manncnv. 10:ly.
I told ya tlie lie'' tlrug store would
koep all the first-class remediesLiquid
Cathartic Compound for tlte liver and
New Sotith ifor sum tner complaint. y
Tolive or not to live is a question whicli
annually confronts the residents of our
ow grounds in BWampy districts. Take
Oheathanrs Tasteless Chill Tonic and live
to die a nobler death than bv a common
place chill. For sale by II. W. Mannon.
Conie Come to the new drug store
II. W. Mannon1s and get a bottle of
"The Xe'W' South'" for colic, 'diarrhea,
griming, etc. !fl:ly.
Cl.ieatlvmi''s Tasteless Ohill Ionic is
now en the niavket. Try it and be convin
ced that it is the only real ploasant and ef
fective medicmekriMwu that will in every
case enfctfhe-ehills ami fever, it contains
no nnmnte or poisons and is sola unticr
the familirjr motto:; " No cure nop.iy. "
Sold by II. W. Miiim.rti. 12-1 y-3t
W-cl?.im some things for Cheatham's
Chill Tonic, but not everything, it will
not cute softening f the brain orifi-grow-
ingMwls, but it will carerhills.cold'chills
(JuaTanteeth Sold by H. W. Mannon.
When afflicted with any ot tho tnisera
able skin diseases which make life a bur
den, try Hunt's Cure, it is guaranteed.
If it Joes you wo good itwill-costyou noth
ing. Soldby II. W. Mannon. 12-ly-St
Parbaw's EKcursion,
Tuesday, Jmly 22, 1 will run thetheap'
est -excursion to Chattanooga, Town., over
bef. ire otfetod. Taking on passengers at
all tic-kct Matrons from Hickman, Ky.,
to Dickson, Tcnn., inclusive. Will have
train well otKcored. GikmI order find uv-
erythintt portai n i n jr trtxii ni rt a special ty . j
This excursion is for white .people only.
Tickets good for five days, and good to
tetur on any regukr train.
For fnrtWr -information see poster and
hand bills, or address,
I. A. rARFtxst, Acen't,
U:3 Martin, Tenn.
The Cheapest of all Excursions
The Naslivilk1, Chattanooga, and St.
Louis Uailway, the elrort line to the
eouthwx'st, wi'l! sell special excursion
tickets to Arkanms and Texas and to
j)oint8 on the Kansas City, Springfield,
and Memphis Railroad, M.cmhis to Ft
Scort ifclusivo, .U all coupon stations on
this 1 ii to east of MclvUiKiu July 3?, .''(,
a'id.31, a, oiio faro for tho r-nnd trip,
g.i.dtorcti;rn within thicty di'.ys. For in
formation rcgr.rd'higthiTe excursions and
I t rales write to call on V. H. John
son,K:tiet agent, Jjhnsonville, or W. L.
DnnVry, General l'Hssenger Agent, Xash
viile.Tenn. 12-3t
From Liberty.
JU'giilar corri?sptHuli'nPC.l
lhe tarmers have a very poor
prospect for a corn crop.
Mrs. Susan Clayton, of Bertram!,
Mo., is visiting her mother, Mrs.
Mrs. A. Clayton is slowly recov
ering from an illness of several
Professor Presson will begin an
other singing school at Liberty
next Sunday.
Mrs. Nancy Heggie is spending
the summer with her daughter,
Mrs. H. W. Ayres.
Dr. and Mrs. Chandler spent a
few days visiting her parents, Cap
tain and Mrs. P. W. Ayres.
Mrs. Dr. F. G. Hudson and her
daughter, Stella, have been very ill
for the past week. Hope they my
soon recover.
July 16, mO.
llUi'Hou Xolice.
3 WILL, on Th'irHiliiv, Aun tt 7, ISf t,
y (.i(Mi nti'l Imld Hit cicrtidii ul Uif v.t-
riona preciiictK, or vj!in tlnv s i'i
l'-ellton Ilillllty. fttr'tlit' Jdirtm-c uf le t
iii!? of I'm Supreme Jiiilue (i; tl:
.r.iii;, to fill tlit vaenticy liinsi'il liy '.l.c
tlotit.li of Jti'lfjf' W. 0 FolkfH, Mi'orilf,
'J'ruiiU', (.'ircuit C-tttti't (li,rk, 'niiiiy
(.'oni'l ( "let k , Mini K'-intf r f-r Haiti
nf B'-nioti, ami litiict olliciM in ,-anl
canity Yf.ctiit 1V Ihw.
" V. II. Uiin..,,
July 17, 1SH0.
J. B. InpskV, admr., vs. Maiiv MtLrj.
and others.
.CjT appearing from complainant's pcii
tion, which is sworn t, seekiinf the
sale of ftrtain Utid in 'Benton County,
Tennessee, that K. Selphand wife. H'mm t
Selpli, and the heirs iit-law of l.aI'ayeJt
Melton, duceas'.'d, are non residents of
the State of TenneHsoe, -ami -residents f
the Status tff Texas and Arkansas, so that
ke ordinary prucesa law can not
served urioii them. It is, therel'oht, ")t-
lured by the clerk that pnhlicHtioi!
made in The Camden Chronicle, n'tiew
pitrifr published in the town of Cati:''ei.,
Benton County, ienn , that they put. k
their appearance at the August lertu
the Benwit County court, to be held ul
the town of Carwdtrn'ou liie'rt Mo'ifV.y
in August 'iiesct, and make doleri.M' or di
nnir to said petition or the same w-ili I:,
set for hearing exparte us to iheii', n!
that this order be published "for fo'-",f.,'i-sei
ntive Weeks.
This the -37th day of June, 1S"U.
A. C. Mc4i.K.
CleiMent it Hawkins, solicitors fot
BAIL"W -A."Y".
The route to W.. I.ouis and tlio West, via Cairn,
'flwlx'st route to Wit Twuics.src ami Ki-ntia-kv
Mississippi, Arkaii.sas, iiml Texas otiit ts via
The hmt route to points in Kast Tcinicssi'o, Vir
t;iiia, the t'Hroluuus, Oi'orjjlu, ami Kim iriu
MAXIMUM0' 6wa. safety, -irfrit,
MINIMUM of jsense, iinxhity, hk
inumvat -latiaue.
'Be-MHHMo tury yftirt- tickets "wr llv
INT. C. &c ST. Xj. :rx.
if you-sre uftiHL' tn AVaxliiTiu'lon, l'.oitiniorc, Plii!
tli'lplila, New York, and Kusl.
It O A I) H A 1 I:y I'i I'M KX1
Buffet Parlor and Sleeping 0.
Modol lr.y i'oaclii's
Ijiixnn' i
Coiiifoi't ' t'oiiitiini'it.
with lavatflvy and
smoking ivmfiis.
The tHcxiK'i icm'cd traveler ncril nut no amiss:
f(-w cliaiiKt'S are nercssiiry, and sitek iiSMCa-
viaaaiiie Mio4iade in union depoi s.
TlnoHfcli cars, low rates and ipiick tiinc.
Call on or address-:
A. It. KoWNSON, Ticket A'.'ellt. Maxwell llollsiv,
W, V. Knox, .'ticket Afjeiil, I'nion liepul.
W. 1.. IIAM.KV, (k'iiei;l l'as.sen:rer A:,'ent.
.1. W. Thomas, (Jentral Mamcjvr.
Boot & Shoemaker,
East .Skle Square, Camden, Tctbn
I fan prepared to do all kinds of work in inv
litre with neatness and dispatch. I keep infv
hut the very hest TVuUerial. and inv past work
speakts for ftself. Uepairiiw a specialty. T:i..y
Harbor Shoit.
Haviiij recently purchased new cliftir -wd
other new articles tending ( lhe emufoit of inv
patrons, I now have facilities to shave, nIw-m-poo
and do hair em i'in y that arc second to none.
Thanking tlie public tor past patronge, and
lisiliot: a eontiiiiMiiee of the same,
1 urn, respect fully,
Caniden, Temv.
rM-V sltrtp is one door vast of tlie
1ouse. i I ive ifie h c.ill.
We are prepared to do all kiut.s
Camden, Tet.

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