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a uorociLvnc' srjvsPArr.n.
V'i'ir.iMJXl. AKKhJ.V BV
i h a t is j . tu i:n s,
Hl llSl lillTION' UAH'S.
fifty rents for
Republican Hypocrisy.
dollar per vein- In ailjiin'
six nioiitlis; twenty -Hi i' rents for time months
Tisk CHHiiMci K will In) Issued on Friday of
I'lii li week. Subscriptions, l:t y :;1 tit Ml advance,
iiiiiy lie sent liv nosl-oU'ee order sit our risk.
oMa'e stamps miMiot desirable, Put when It Is KiiLrlflllll S iltlS 1111(1 1, IP, Stfl CH-111
ry to remit them one-cent stamps
found Iicccksh
me in i leri'ed
Aenls Minteil to solicit sulisi'if pt iulis.
lor utims, eie.
We .slniil spare no endeavor to furnish valuable
icadini! niiitter to our outruns: ami 1iok: to se
rine a correspondent at every post oliice in Ilea
ton Count v to furnish us with county news.
t Vc n.sNiuue ti.- i . iDM iiliilily lor the ex
TlIE Republiean party poses a3 The Third Regiment encampment at
the friend of the farmer and labor- Suh'ia, Ala., has closed
ingnmn. In honeyed words it ar- A cattle ivlague in affecting Btock iu
gues tlint a protective tariff is a 1111,1 aroilud Chattanooga.
"nrotoHion" to tlio fur in and lnW Tlio State Tress Association mot iu
interests, lint whore is the pro- nm,U111 HC8Slon at ,"1to1 ""IneHday.
teetion: how does it protect the The long drouth in Kansas and Ne
farmer and laborer? Under lie- lmiKka 1,113 Wn UlJiPtl a HoaMnS
Diiblican nile the farms in the Now "
1 I -r . . ii i . i. nr..
i'nring a- niovdi uiuuy ai luay s
IiU.ndiug', 2C. J., IvailwioneH as large as
hiekcry nrcts foil-
The boll worms ore Join $ a great deal
of damago to the cotton crops ol Arknu
sas and eastern Texas.
Information, from Central America as
the Northwest nve plasteuul with
mortgages, and labij; in constantly
or, the strike for lmiig wages. If
a protective tariif " protects" the
riessions r.Mitah-.e.!, iu eooiinvinieiiiions appear- interests of the farmer and laborer,
ui iu t!w k-iL'w-ji.v f this paper. '
(Flection llr.it. Tuesday in November, lS'JO.)
For (invemor:
of liiillierford Fountv.
(flection llrst Tlnirsday In Auyust, 1890.)
why is it the fanners are not pros- to the alleged war between ttuatemala
perous, and labor 'profitable? The and Sun Salvador is very conllieting.
tanners are an industrious people; Indiana's Supreme Court has bus-
they are an economical people; and taini'd a damage judgement against
for fertility of soil, and advantages White Caps won by a whipped man.
of climate, t he United States is the General Alger says that the announce-
arden snot of the earih's expanse, moutof his candidacy for the Presidency
vet, the mndilirms with which mir m l0V uy dames i' oy, oi i-Jetroit, was
For Supreme Judge:
B. J. LEA,
of Haywood County.
For County Judge:
For Count v Clerk:
V.. A.. STEELE,. J r
ForCU ru:si ( Ie;.:
For Trustee:
For Uegistrar: -
farmers a re surrounded are growing
more deplorable each year. Why
this constantly growing poverty
among our tanners Why is it
that labor is starving? The cor-
not authorized by him.
Rev. David C Kelley has reconsidered
his resignation as the Prohibition cand
idate for (J over nor, and will make the
race on the Prohibition ticket.
eoioen yanKHTPUst uompeny
J. II. Farmer, B. F. Hatley, W. II. Meadow, Alex. Adaar.
V. (. Hatley, Simon Nobles, A. J. Farmer. A. C. Meltiw,
T. C. Rye, II. F. Stigall, I). M. Farmer, M. A. Hatley,
J. N. Simpson. E. F. Ross, A. R. Cames.
J. II. Farmer, President. II. F. Stigall, Vice-President. A. C. Mcllae, Cashier.
lleeclces deposits, inahes loans, and docs a general banking business.
J'rompt attention given coUeetlons. 1 : tf.
Dry floods and Notions.
A box containina the chonned nn re-
. 1 1 T 1 . T "
rupt, centralizing, ana pat ernanz- majna 0f a woman's body, was found in
iug liepublicair party is direetly the baggage room oi the- union depot at
chargeable fcr tEe e tisteoce of tfiese- St.- Louis last:- veek. The affair is a
evils, and there is no redemption mystery..
from this unhappy state of affairs Labor troubles have beeu brewing for
so long as the Republican party montlia P th niiuing districtB of Penn-
is permitted to control the Gov- vania and Illinois, and recent advices
j t,1.nmen: confirm the belief that a general strike
is imminent.
ID 10TI018,
Clothing, Hats and Caps,
and General Merchandise.
FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1890.
A TI -r,, 4, f 4-1. CUi.. T
J Ti i- ,, . o 1 " " "
ocrauc executive committee at Jersey's liberal statutes have attracted
Nashville Saturday, Col. TlIOMAS is the Chicago Junction Railways and
M.McCOKXELL, of Hamilton Coun- Union Stock Yards company, capital
ty, was elected chairman of the $1300,000,
committee, J. L. PEARCY, of Giles Horso thieves in northern Idaho re
We. Lear noiive southerners, who County, treasurer and Etiiridge cent,y skipped with a drove of five lnm-
Jtffiliatu with the Republican pacty, T. Wadf. of Rnt.herfnnl Cmmv lved ll01-es- They had a good start on
say thoy aie liepubhcaus because secretary. After a lengthy discus
they favor, a, free ballot and a fair gjon of the details of the campaign,
count God save the mark! Even the chairman was instructed to
ma republican House oE Iiepre- publish the following announce-
seiitatives, there does not exist ei- ment:
tlier a tree ballot uor a tair count. Meadquartkks Hkmocimtic Executive payable at the sub-treasury in New York
Many Democratic members -elected, commute:, rvAsnvn.i.E, Ienn., July L'!), city(
&y large majorities, and upon whose cnanmen oi county A packnge containing $3,000, con-
election there could be produced T" re
L im inker v rii.iiincf ji, ? 4,, 41.
ao biiuuuw ol uiuui, nave ueen un- ()f B- j. Lk f)f Havwo0(1 Comitv. jom
seatea Dy a ltepuoncan majority,, oc-atic nominee for Supreme Judge, is
and Republicans seated who were printed on all tickets to be toted in the
defeated by a free ballot and a fair mixt A?ust election. All Democratic
count. The Republican Speaker pn,wrs in u,e p,,a'! T111 please
i i n i ri i .... .
We also carry a line of Staple Groceries,
J. V. TRAVIS, President.
the pursuing party, and headed for
British Columbia.
Superintendent Porter is sending out
checks in payment of the service of cen
sus enumerators. Checks are being sent
direct to the enumerators, and are mado
t ir Mn...
ot, UW iiousa ot Representatives Chll;rn:fin. State Democratic Executive delinquent poll taxes out of 9.83G on the
signed to to the care of the Uuitod States
Express company, mysteriously disap
peared in transit over the Milwaukee,
Lake Shore, and Western Railroad the
first of this week.
According to the statement of the trus
tee of Hamilton County, there are 8,000
real estate exohmge
in trie Aroenaa coigeetts,, ia. ses
sion since the first Monday in
cember, has counted men as pres-
J. G. Aydkuvtt, Secretary pro tem.
books. If the Dortch law is enforced
fully , there will be a grent reduction in
the vote polled this year.
A new bank lias been organized at
Union City, Tenn., with a capitol stocl
of $100,000. N. W. Powlkes is the pres
ident n.n'1 John T. Walker, of Center
ville, will be cashier. This makes the
Recently a wealth v netrro. fam-
. -i i . " c
eui ana voting upon important ily r)Urcmscd and -moved into a
measures before the House, who niamiifieent residence in nn nrin.
were hundreds of miles away from cratic T)ortion 0f TJrooklvn. N. Y..
Washington City at the time. Ry aml at one tl hit rc8i(lprits in
tiling I
mil er inm (i train . Rocrer. enrnin, n. . . l i r -i -i -i i '
1 uie nenrnnornood iecn.mA nT i v n.,-,..i i..,i- tt.,;
tinn. nnd ferrvmniK ermo' t, he run.- : i nr .fj-i. i
- ' 0--- o . - lnccaseu. luauv oi mem nave re- m. tii:..:.. n t r t
jonty of the northern and western movC(1 from lhe yici it , J
States have had to submit to Re-Lrfv l,nU,rfnofi,Ti,,nt.i It ,i,; i-v.,.i.t t.v.-..
We don't forget, however, thattheso the cround that the proposed site will
power is slowly slipping trom tlieir game TJrotavn 1)e0nle wan ttn force h entirely inadequate to the accommo-
graspf.tliey ars using every means Uue vcovG 0f the South to llation of tllp ""und exhibits that
sucii an occasion win can lonu. l ne
KR1T8 of the force bill to enable i I -a i7..ri matter will come up m the Illinois Log-
tliem to control the election the I , X. TZZ ZZ M Ued
South, and thus Tiei-netuate their r, ' 11. . 1 . . 1 . 11 ifJ stntcd wUati considered-very
' . i uiia wiiu want t(Morcenejrro v,.i;,,i.i0 no.r.,.; fi.f ii,, ,,nnf. a.
party m the control ot our Govern- t,iuallty lipon tbe Southern people, kan,as Federal iudgeship has been set
ment. Ana yet tneso native oorn win be comp;le(I to lake their own tka 8atisfacloriIy to, the pcople of fcbat
Southerners have the gaul to say inoaicine. State. Judge Isaac C. Parker, of the
they are Republicans because they 7 - 7- Fort Smith District, will be transfers
favor a f ree ballot and a fair count! " V " WiU to Littlo Fk0ck to take the r,lace of the
men 01 uen. dons J. UORDON and lato Jiuv0 Caldwell, and Col. W; G
WE cheertully accept lion. J. r. tno Atlanta constitution. As to Whipide, of Little Rock, will be ap
Buchanan as our next Governor, the iniquitous election bill before pointed to succeed Tai-ker
His nomination tor governor was congress, n it does not die 111 the Details from tho cyclone which passed
made unanimous by the State Dcm- Senate, public sentiment will ren- over the northern part of North Dakota
ocratie convention, and he is a gen- der it harmless. It is so manifestly Tuesday afternoon aie meagre, but it is
tleman worthy the distinguished a party measure, at the expense of known that five persons were killed and
fo,-w,1 imnn binv TTa i ie nub ic irnml. hnf if . .1 a man ana wlle Iouaiuy laiaiiy rajuruu
,."Urt.,1.1 o..l .l.-.-1-t! .flcc. xi'ill vnnilvn lfin"m n 1'1T if n-i 1 1 lw n .1..1
OJ1I.HUVI. UAlll llUUUUl'Da null ILlUtC inn, in ,1111 uc IV tK'illl 1 1 I 1 i
1-1 1 . -i.'.. J! il-n.-.ff,. 4.1. ,.44..4... mi v. v. 0 w wX ......
me soiui lyemocmuu vulu ui me ichl-i uu iub biiiuiuu u(kks. xne cjuity 0f Fargo. The cyclone swept
Slate, winch will elect him by the caucassian ha3 never submitted to over northern Wisconsin, wrecking out
largest majority ever cast for Gov- the supremacy of an inferior race, houses, bamcs, trees, fences, etc., fol
ei nor of the State of Tennessee. and never will, and the leaders in lowed by a terrific, down-pour of rain
the Republican party will learn in The Ed Murray Camp of Confederate
The nomination of Hon. Benja-
the near future, if the bill becomes Veterans held its grand reunion and pic
T T -i, -l-l f wi. ii in. iuiuii 11 IUC Mill ULLUIIR'S " O i
mis J. Lea of BrownsviUe, for ft nic at rine Bluff( Arkif last Fri(lay, at
Knnreme .Tudce bv the Democratic , '.. .
X l, .? , , submit to negro supremacy,
State convention meets our unqual- Z i J
ifieel approval. He is a pure, good According to recent figures the request
which raramore Tost, G. A. R., and
other Federal soldiers were present by
Five thousand persons wer
man, and stands in the front rank people of this country are longer P"ent when the Confederate and Fed
-e4i.i i -P,wc..;r. i TVvomL! l,rn,i i,n fi,rtca 17, t eral soldiers were marshaled into line,
, . i i. , .1 . i, , Prominent Confederate and Federa
kcc, and is a sound Democrat this country eighteen persons out n , . , . , , , v ,
. A . MU u UV- 1 A VILA A 1. V A l.u V A U
Every good citizen of whatever
party, can give lam a cheerf ul sup.
v.. vttu jenr. solaiers were pre8pnt from aifferont
In England the average is twenty, states, and they jointly denounced the
ana in uermany nventy-six. month soldiers who are still for war
h puts For
Buckeye Mowers,
I. W. Brill Shoes.
1 :GU1.
Ileal Estate Exchange.
C. N. Til AVIS, Treasurer
E. O. CEOUCE, Secretary.
Real estate bought and sold on com
mission. Taxes and insurance paid.
Titles investigated. Loans negotiated,
and a general Real Estate business
Camden, Tenn.
flie pipbis laifj go
Democrat Publishing Company.
THE Commercial carries tlio most eoimilete, telesrapli service of any southern newspaper, having
a leased wire In its olllee for the delivery of press report. Its ".special " service iifjk'rej.'.'ites
ten thousand words per day. covering the entire South. Ily a system of special trains and merito
rious make up it h:is, during the six mom lis of its existence, reached the hiKh-wutcr mark of a daily
circulation larger than that of all other morning papers la West Tennessee combined. Average
Uallv circulittlon. w.
Democratic in principle and tone, yet conservative througiiout. Ably edited and skillfully put
For advertising and subscription rates, and other desired information,
Mew phis, Tenn.
Liberal terms to agents,
Camden, Tenn.

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