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Water was nt a premium at the
picnic yesterday.
The prediction for rain yester
day wan not verified.
A groat many Grangers hnvo
been in town thin week.
517s j Julia Bruce Tins Iteeii visit
ing in the city this week.
Riley Hootcn, the tobacco man,
us hero the first of the week.
. James E. Totty made a flying
visit to Rox Station yesterday.
8. It. Peeler visited in Hum
ph reyF.County the first of tho week.
L. P. Thomason, of Tossum
Creek, Was in the city AVednesday.
J. R. Davidson, of tho fourth
disf riot, called in to see us yester
day. E. 0. George, esq., is spending a
a few days in Carroll County this
There is a good opening for a
reliable, first-class butcher at this
The town was almost depopula
ted yesterday. Everybody went to
the picnic.
Mrs. Rettio Hill, of Nashville, is
visiting friends and relatives in
this city.
Arch Clement, esq., has returned
from a visit in tho southern part of
the county.
Born, north of Camden, the first
of last week, to Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Greer, a son.
Ewin Goodin and wife, of Nash
ville, is in the city visiting friends
and relatives.
A. J. Farmer has moved his fam
ily into their new residence north
east of Camden.
M. M. Fry and daughter, Miss
Eunice Fry, of Coxbnrgh, were in
the city' yesterday.
J. C. Berry, of Euterton, and
AT. Nowell, of Holladay, called in
to see us yesterday.
Rev. J. r. Arnold has returned
from an extended visit in Decatur
and Henderson counties.
Messrs. W. G. Hatley and B. F,
Hatley have each purchased parlor
organs for their families.
Con. Hudson, James Pettyjohn,
and Riley Deaton arrived last Fri
day from Gainsville, Texas.
J. AV. Fussell had the misfortune
to injure his hand a few days ago,
and one finger was severely cut.
Miss. Nellie Lanford, of Brink-
ley, Ark., is visiting Mrs. AV. C
East and other relatives in Cam
den. AV. K. Hicks, of Big Sandy, and
AVilliam Young, of Auburn, Ky.,
were in tho city the first of the
S. M. Rhodes, of Milan, spent
several days last week in Camden
and vicinity visiting relatives and
After a few days visit to rela
tives and friends at ATaverly, Miss
Gertrude AVyly returned home on
James McMackins, of Hollow
Rock, came over AA'edncsday, and
attended the picnic yesterday a
Cowell Chapel.
Sheriff Rushing levied on G. AV.
Shelton's stock of family groceries
this morning, to satisfy a note in
favor of Alex. McElrath for $119,
The juryman from the tenth dis
trlct is M. L. Holland, instead o
) "J. L. Holland" as given in the
quarterly court proceedings las
Since the singing school has beenl
in progress at the Methodist Epis -
copal Church, it affords the young
people a place to spend their eve
nings. The ccol lemonade, made in the
shade, ai,d stirred with a spade on
th o picnic grounds yesterday, was
in great demand, owing to the dif
ficulty in getting a supply of water.
AVork on tho now parsonage for
tho Methodist Episcopal Church
will commence in a short while.
Col. AV. r. Morris attended tho
arbecuo at Garfield Saturday, and
made a short address appropriate
o the occasion.
I). AT. Hubbs, of Harris Station,
isitod relatives at Holladay this
week. Ho stopped over at this
)laco yesterday, and leaves for
tome this morning.
A. Sunday school convention and
piarterly meeting will be held at
Sugar Tree to-morrow, and prepa- J
rations aro being made to enter
tain a great many visttors.
AV. C. East is doing tho interior
minting on A. C. McRae's now
residence, and Con. Hudson has
charge of the interior work on T.
I. Batoman's now residence.
Mrs. Anna Roberson returned
to her homo at Charleston, Mo.,
Tuesday. She was accompanied
y M rs. Laura Hawley and Commio,
who will remain several weeks.
The sen-ices at the Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, Sunday
forenoon and evening were very
instructive as well as interesting,
conducted by the pastor,- Rev, J.
1. Jones.
Clerk and Master Rye's bint dog
attacked Mrs. AV. C. East on the
street one day last week, but fort
unately she sustained no injury
urther than a torn dress and a f eAv
Tho new organ received AVednes-
day for the Methodist Episcopal
Church, South, is pronounced a
very fine instrument, by competent
judges, and no doubt will be ap
preciated by tho public.
AAT. L. McElyea and family, of
the tenth district, are visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Me
Elyea, this week. Robert informs
ns that he will probably remain in
Camden and assist his father in
Tho barbecue at Garfield Satur.
day was largely attended and a do.
cided success. The principle feat
uro of the afternoon was a hotly
contested game of base ball, the
Garfield nine winning the gamo
from a neighboring county club,
A. J. Saunders has returned from
buying sheep in Middle Tennessee
He wns very successful in Hum
phreys County, bringing in a drove
of fine Southdowns, which he dis
posed of to AV. K. Hicks, who drove
them to Big Sandy for shipment.
About three hundred people col
lected at L. B. Pierce's AVell, in the
fourth civil district, last Friday, to
spend tho day in feasting, speak.
ing, and singing. A basket dinner
was served with nice barbecue, fol
lowed by singing and speaking in
tho afternoon.
AVo are crowded with job work
this week, and the paper will not
be out on time. Our efforts to se
cure assistance were unsuccessful
and lxth the paper and job work
are behind. If wo fail in getting
another workman by Tuesday, tho
paper will be issued in half slice
form next week.
As tho section hands wero pull
ing out from the station one day
last week, John Fisher, colored.
fell backward from the hand-car,
one wheel passing over his arm
The arm was bruised somewhat
but sustained no serious injury
Fisher proposes to havo satisfac
tion by suing the railroad conipa
v tr
and Mrs. Thomas Brough
fton and daughter, Miss Fleta, o
Garfield, uaid The Chronicle of
fice a call Monday. Mr. Brouglyj
' Mvn "sti- urifli no n lnnf fvrm nn V!o
phant's-ear plant which measured
3 1 feet in length and 2f feet wide,
The plant was set out last spring,
and its growth has been wouderf nl,
developing the largest leaves we
have ever seen of that variety in
this country.
armcrs' and Laborers' Union Picnic
Tho picnic and first annual moot
ing of tho Farmers' and Laborers'
Union at Cowell Chapel yesterday
was a very pleasant a.lair. lucre
wero people present from nearly
every part of tho county, and the
crowd present was variously esti
mated from two thousand to twenty
five hundred people. Stato lect
urer Tucker was present, and his
speech concerning the good, pros
perity, and happiness of farm life,
nsted for nearly two hours and a
mlf. Ho is an entertaining speak
er, and held well tho attention of
lis largo audience.
After Mr. Tucker had concluded
lis speech, a splendid basket din
ner was spread out on the ground
)eforo the hungry crowd and every
body was invited to cat of the good
hings to their entire satisfaction,
which was gladly accepted. There
was plenty to eat, and tho crowd a
good naturcd one. The good peo
ple of that neighborhood are notod
or their friendliness and generous
lospitalities, and gained further
good will for their generous pro
vision for the entertainment of the
rablic on this occasion.
The vocal music furnished by
he young people of the neighbor
hood was very entertaining.
An abundance of provisions had
been provided by the committee,
and when the multitude had feasted
to their heart's content, enough was
eft to havo fed five hundred people.
About SCO over and abovo ex
penses was taken in at the lemon-
ado stand, which amount will be
turned over to the trustees of the
church at that place to complete
the church building and provide
seats for the same.
As Harris McAuley was leaving
the picnic grounds late yesterday
afternoon, his horse in some man
ner turned the road cart over, and
for a few moments, to the horror of
those near the accident, a stampede
among tiio passim: vehicles and
stock hitched near seemed una
voidable, but the prompt action of
a few cool-headed men prevented
any serious accident.
The dust somewhat interfered
with tho pleasures of the day. It
floated over the trees and under
growth, almost concealing their
rich, green '.foliage; it clustered
around your eyes and proboscis
it nestled in your hair; it silently
drifted down your spinal column,
and found favor with your boots;
tho juveniles rejoiced when they
reared a mountain of it for one of
their number to scatter to tho four
winds by running through it and
kicking it up with their feet; the
air was laden with it ; and you were
continually reminded of it in a
manner that impressed you with
the fact that there was plenty of it
and that it had come to stay.
Quite a ripple of excitement and
curiosity was created early in the
morning when it became known
that a Gretna Green affair was on
hand. It seems that a daring at
tempt was made by A. M. Cooloy,
son of the widow Cooley, the night
previous to spirit away Miss Julia
Utloy, daughter of John Utley, re
siding in the southeast part of the
county, but their plans wero frus
trated. Yesterday morning Miss
Utley, accompanied by her brother,
attended tho picnic. Mr. Cooley
also went to the picnic, and when
Miss Julia's brother left her for a
-yew moments to go to another part
f l)f the grounds, Mr. Cooloy realized
- fthat the supreme moment was at
hand and hastily summoning J. M.
Lashlee, esq., tho twain were made
one in a jilfy. "When Mr. Utloy
was made aware of what had taken
place, his wrath knew no bounds,
but ho was pursuaded to submit to
the inevitable, and the happy couple
received many hearty cougratula-
tio:1. firm Uh:.- friends.
From Fairview.
Kcfcular correspondence.
D. II. Van IIuss went to Cannlfh lst
week on business.
We have had two good rains in this
vicinity since our last letter.
Isaac Matheny and niece, Miss Lulu,
are on a visit to Padiienh, Ky.
' John Nobles and wife visited his sister,
Mis. Jennie Baker last Sunday.
Rev. Dlakley delivered a practical Ber
mon nt Mount Vinson Church Sunday.
Mis 1), II. Van IIuss and her daught
er, Mrs. Mary Melton, is visiting her
brother, Dr. A. M. Hawley, of Big Sandy.
July 23, 1880.
From the Fourth District.
Kc!Ular correspondence.
Health is good in this section of the
The drouth will cut the corn crop short,
but the cotton crop is looking well.
J. Vv Hicks and Bob Scales had an
altercation near Cross Roads Church last
evening. Cause unknown.
Tho delegates have returned from the
State convention, and they express them
selves well pleased with the nominees
for Governor and Supreme Judge.
YVe had a nice picnic at L. B. Tierce's
Well last Friday, about three hundred
people were present. The singing was
splendid, and several visitors present ex
pressed themselves as having enjoyed
the occasion hugely.
July 21, 18i0.
From Luterton.
Kegular correspondence.
Born, near this place, to Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Lawrence, a sou.
The little child of Thomas Garner died
one day last week. The writer extends
his sympathy to the bereaved family.
Robert Luter opened the public school
at the Waller's school-house Monday,
and George Barker opened the public
school at Mount Zion Monday.
Cupid reigned supreme in this neigh
borhood last week, and the wedding bells
jingled right merrily. On Wednesday
evening the nuptials of Mr. Harning
Smith and Miss Dora Holland were sol
emnized in an appropriate manner. On
Sunday afternoon Mr. Berry Melton and
MissMandy Holland were quietly mar
ried. All parties received the congratu
lations of a large circle of friends.
July 23, 1890.
Frcm Matlock's Chapel.
Regular correspondence.
Mrs. Adlina Thomason is visiting het
sister near Camden this week.
M. A. Fry, of Coxburgh, went to Nash
ville last week to have his eyes treated.
There are a lew chills reported in this
neighborhood, and of a more severe type
than usual.
J. M. Whitfield, of Roe, Ark., is visit
ing relatives and friends in Benton and
Humphreys County.
The dry weather continues, and the
corn is almost burned up, but peanuts
are doing very well.
Miss Mollie Weatherly, one of our most
charming and accomplished young ladies,
who has been attending tho Bakersville
meeting, is at home again.
William llooner, of Beurdstown, who
was visiting relatives at this place, re
ceived the f-ad intelligence of an accident
to his wife and baby, in which they were
thrown from a buggy while out driving,
killing the baby instantly, and his wife
was so badly hurt that her life is de
spaired of. lie left for home at once.
July 24, 1800.
From Holladay.
Regular correspondence.
Rev. J. L. Weaver is on tho tick list.
A fter several weeks illness. Thomas
Dodd is aide to be cut again.
Prof. W. H. Rogers, .f Huntingdon,
was in town Saturday and Sunday.
TJ. B. Bond has sold his interest in the
dry goods business to W. F. Baber.
Rev. John Johns conducting a series
of meetings at the Campbellite Church.
G. M. Leslie is receiving lumber and
material for the erection of a new build
ing here.
Miss Dora McCord went to Garfield
Saturday to take charge of the public
school at that place.
Misses Lizzie Anderson and Beula Fry,
of Sugar Tree, were the guests of Mrs. J
L. Weaver Saturday.
1'rof. Ab. Baber and W. F. Baber left
for Humboldt Sunday fur the purpose of
locating a university.
.Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Hubbs, Misses
Bettie and Mack, and their brother, I. R
Hubbs, went to Camden Monday.
Crops are Buffering a great deal on ac
count of the drouth, and unless it rains
in the near future early corn will be al
most an entire failure. The peanut crop
is not suffering so much.
lr. Bostick, of Decatur County, has
purchased A W. F. Baber a town lot. We
are informed that Dr. Bostiek contem
plates building on the lot, and will open
a drug store here in the uear future.
July 2:1, LS'JO.
Election Xofice
Ft WILL, on Thnrs.
CJ open and hold an
rious precincts, (
rsday. August 7, K.
an election nt the v.i
or voting pliers i:i
Lemon (otinty, for the purpose of elect
ing one of the Supremo Judges of tl..
State, to fill the vacancy caused bv tin
death of Judge W. C Koikes, Shi-rill'.
Trustee, Circuit Court C!"rk, County
Court Clerk, and Register for y,, couniv
of Benton, and district offices in said
county vacant by law.
W. II. Ki-miim,,
July 17, ISM. Hi SI. dill.
Our prices for announcing candidates fire! Km
Congress, Intern dollars, in advance: tor Mat
olliccs, ten dollars ; for county olliccs, II ve dollars-
for coy an ess
WE are authorized to announce ('ait. U. V.
AvifiCH a candidate to represent the, Kinht'i
Congressional histrlet In the Fifty second Con
gress of the United States subject to the will of
the Democratic party.
"1ATK are authorized to announce Hon. W. I',
W Mourns a IX'inocratic candidate to repre
sent r.cnt on County In the Forty-seventh (ieneral
Assembly of Tennessee. Flection November 4,
Boot and Shoemaker.
Boot & Shoemaker,
East Side Square, Camden, Tcnn.
I am prepared to do nil kinds of work in my
line with neatness and dispatch. I keep none
but the very best material, and niv past win k
speaks for itself. Repairing a specially. 7 :ly.
Barber Shop.
Having recently purchased a new chair mid
other new articles tending to the comfort of mv
patrons, I now have facilities to shave, sham
poo nuil do hair cutting that are second to none
Thanking the public for past patroiige, and so
lisit injx a continuance of the same,
1 am, respectfully,
Camden, Tclin.
CTMy shop is one door cast of the Stigall
House. (live me a call. 7:lv.
For Sai.rA fine milch cow and calf.
Will be sold cheap. Reason for sidling,
have another cow. Call on W. A. Yar
brough, Camden depot
TiikChconici.k office is fully equipped
for doing job-printing in first-class style.
We solicit your orders.
Say, friend; stop taking so many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Never affiliates with the system. Sold
by II. W. Mannon. " 10:ly.
I told you the new drug store would,
keep all the first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound for tho liver and
New South for summer complaint. 10:1y
,Tolive or not to live is a question which
annually confronts the residents ot our
ow grounds in swampy districts. Take
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic and live
to die a nobler death than by a common
place chill. For sale by II. V. Mannon.
Come! Come to the new drug store -
II. W. Mamioii's and get a buttle of
'The New South" for colic, diarrhea,
griping, etc. 10:ly.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is
now on the market. Try it and be convin
ced that it is the only real pleasant and ef
fective medicine known that will in every
case cure the chills and fever. L contains
no quinine or poisons and is sold under
the familiar motto: " No euro no pay. "
Sold by II. W. Mannon. 12-1 v-:it
We claim some things for Cheatham's
Chill Tonic, but not everything. It, will
not cure softening of the brain tr in-growing
nails, but it Will cure chills.cold chills.
Guaranteed. Sold by 11. W. Mannon.
When afllieted with any of the ntisera-
able skin diseases which make life a bur
den, try Hunt's Cure. It is guaranteed.
If it does you no good it will cost you noth
ing. Sold by II.W. Mannon. 12-ly-.",t
The exhibition of one of Edison's
phonographs at tho Masonic Hall
Wednesday evening was very en
tertaining. It produced selections
from New York's famous Seventh
Regiment Rand, Adelina Patti's
voice, and other noted celebrities.
The entertainment was repeated
again hot evening.
Unless we have rain soon, tho
supply of butter will bo cut o!V, as
the milch cows depend on the range
for subsistence, nnd the grass i
dying out.
Remember that you have only a
few more days left in which to pay
your poll tax,

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