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IT is proposed to reserve 800,
000,000 acres of tlio public land
in tlio United States to he used by
tlio. Government in building reser
voirs of water to irrigate arid lands.
Marshall & Bucce. who have
for years published the directory of
the city of Nashville, Tenn., have
made mi oiler to take a census of Rev. Lee Harris, the well-known
the city for 1,000. The complaint cow-boy evangelist, is holding re
there is that tho Federal census vivnlmeetingsnt Bell Buckle, Tenn.
mus o,uuu or iu.uuu short.
CoNORF.ssAf an Ext.ot? r,f Jn,.v
son, Tenn., district is after Tom
Reeds pension committee with a 1
big stick, and ho will play sinasli
writh Hansoms httlo 'pension or ot the Dickson, (lenn.,) Dem
shop" ere he gets through. Cooper crat died at that place, of pneu
and Enloo are great " bosses." monia, July 25.
averly 1 mies-Journal.
mtr in i rr
11x4 uim-u-iiumi'is 111 uii? xcu-
T i t j ,
i-i. -i1, , 1-1 A
lll"T yi n f I KtomnrvT will 1111 nrenmnrit.
of "Or TTnrrifMw'a ndi nist m i inn
into the platform. This must have
been gall and worm-wood to-the
Nashville crowd of disappointed
pie hunters that some time ago
turned the doctor's picture to the
wall. Birmingham Age-Herald.
Recent expressions of James G.
Blaine on important national ques
tions has brought him prominently
forward as the probable candidate
of the Republican party tor 1 res-
i1tif i'-n 109 Tina Tvinl-nc if. InnL
very much like we will have Cleve-
i i -i i
land ana uiaine again as opponents
tor the hrst omce in tne gut oi mo
nennle. If such a thin" should
take place, the next Bresidential
campaign will be soul-stirring,
Both the great parties will exert
themselves as never before, and
popular excitement will run higher was drowned July o0, at Harts
than ever known in the history of ville, Tenn., was recovered after
the country. '
MUnissiTmi rnnblican. and an
n ,i;.io0 fr rv.,,TmCa Wna
e i ; t,. .m,
J eighteen buck-shot in him. He
in i ii i pu ill itr r i jiiiiii v u ii i
wns n. rniir date to the constltll-
tinnnl convention, and has been
making some very incendiary
speeches. His chief desire was to
nmuRfi all nveindiees between the
two races, and it is said he hail
been repeatedly warned to leave
the country. He was considered
a fire-brand by both the white Re-
publicans and negroes, and his end
4 ... j i .. i. T 1.
was a surprise u uul ie. juck-
son (Tenn.) Tribune and Sun.
,. . ,.
DurJXQ his speech accepting the
temporarycnairi.mnsiujK Luu-t .Hi-
, , . Pi"!
i ;. ,.r nmn hn
t. ': ,.n -i,i,.i, i,
na . 4,..,n.i i, i, vi
"It was but the initiatory move
ment to lock, up the lood products
and unduly inflate the currency and
ii . i u 1 1 J
injure tho very men who seek re
lief through these measures."
Did the Republican convention,
.irrmcrli if a lenders or in its nlat-
form, make any effort whatever to
give any relief to the farmers? The
convention failed absolutely to men-
tion the subject at all. Nashville
Mn. Lewis T. Baxter, the lie-
publican nominee for Governor of
this State, is president or tne uom-
mercial Club, of Nashville, and as
such, it appears, pledged nimseii on
several occasions not to accept the
nomination of his party if it was
v.couplcd with an indorsement ot the
lorco oui. iiui tne rrl" i" ;
which he stands does -
imamous meusuxe, m
terms that can not be mistaken.
Now it is for Mr. Baxter to recon
cile himself with himself and tell
the people of the State how he can,
tho resident of a club es-
tablishcd for the purpose of invit-
:mim.4irtr, ,1 r.nt,Wnl in fh
State, accept the nomination of tho
TVnnblican t.artv for Governor on
ft platform which indorses a bill
w1,,Y1k if it becomes a law, will in-
Ani-t rb'snniet. unsettle values, and
disorganize the trade and business
of the whole South. Mr. Baxter,
lu-.fn he, takes the stumi) to meet
Buchanan, had better make up his
mind on these points and bo ready
with an explanation. Memphis
Three convicts from Gibson
County, Tenn., wore received at
the State prison last -week.
Cholera is epidemic in Mecca.
There have been thirteen cases,
seven of which have been fatal.
Tlin oifv (.ori of i T1i irt
Uid to be short from 5,000 to
10-000 in his accounts, and has
Mr. S. C. Freeman, former edit-
The Irish member of parliament,
"William O'Brien, will lecture in
ii , ,,j ,1 (11: ji 1 1
mm uwium y una imi in uiu uiifiX'Sd
of the Irish cause.
.mere is a womanat oedaiia, Mo.,
who 'f" thoroughly charged
vith electricity every time she rides
on 1116 elcctric c"irs-
1 he lcnncssve Range Company,
which recently removed its plant
from Nashville to Evansville, Ind.,
has mado an assignment,
Will Vinson, of Bon Air., Tenn.,
was seriously if not fatally injure
by falling from a moving passen
ger tram at Dickson last week
Tomllensley has been sentencei
to onA? 7 1m re Pntentiary for
k )nrvrni . m in Mnriinv. nonr l'ev
i-v , - r - -
'J ' " " " -
A whito man, named A. W. Caw-
thorn, was arrested and placed in
jail at McMinnville, Tenn., Friday
evening charged wmiDarnDurning
The body of Richard Payne, who
expending twenty-one dynamite
Stephen ivmg,tmner, leu rrom
the root of a building at Jackson.
lenn.. Saturdnv, and broke Inslelt
' V-
thigh in two places, and is sen
UUNJ 111111
Drs. J. "V. McCall, AV. M. "Wright
and J . B. Cox, of Huntingdon, have
icn appointed a medical examm
ing board for the examination o
The House Committee of Post
Offices and Post-Roads authorized
Chairman Bingham to report fa
vorably, without amendment, the
-re . i. l.JH
l1 ry posuu suosiuy uui.
xiie police of Chicago made
raid upon the gambling-house op-
ii1,,,, Trti, u0t k,
IKlltU 'y U Willi lXV IV'll lltDl KICK 111'
(L llosll.ov0(1 ovcr op ()()0
ffnit i of urnia hi' outfits
lour hundred ot tho Armenians
who to(k part m the riotous dem
in the Armenian cathedral at Con
stantinople Sunday have been ar
rested. An explosion of fire-damp oc
curred in the Pellisir coal mine at
St. Eteinne, F ranee, causing the
death of over one hundred miners.
About fifty others were terribly
Thirty-nine people, two of whom
were females and twelvo colored,
participated in the civil service ex-
animation at Chattanooga, Tenn.,
Sntunlny. Their work was fairly
satisfactory to the examiners.
Tho houso of Josq)ll jlutl0) a
farnKr livi jn ft gparsoly BcioA
ppction ()f lll0 country 1M,ni. py,,.
vkw Neb., was burned on Wednes-
(1 of (lgt WOflk A four.y(,(ir.0id
twhtcr porished in tho llames.
The dwelling houso with all its
hAon to Mnrt. Kwi.
(lftl nenr Mount Lebanon, Decatur
County, was burned last week
None of tho family wero at home
at the time and the origin of the
fire is a mystery.
Capt. V. B.Vancleave, ex-county
superintendent of Henry County,
1 enn., has withdrawn from the race
for representative in that county,
owing to sickness in his family.
Ins leaves the race to Hurt, An
derson, Miller, and Cook.
News has reached Jackson, Miss.,
that state senator John AY. Cutter,
who is also a delegate-elect to the
constitutional convention from Co-
r.homa County, shot and fatally
wounded Freeland Cht-w, editor of
the Nw Coahomian at Friars
I Point.
John Morrison, living in the sev-
nteenth district of Montgomery
County, Tenn., had 2 tons of clover
lay destroyed by lightning last
Saturday, during what was pro
nounced by observers to be one of
ho heaviest rams they ever wit
News has been received at Vic
toria, B. C, of the seizure of the
Seattle schooner, George S. Y lute,
y the United States customs agent
at Ounalaska. The White neg-
ected to keep a copy of tho bond
hat she would not take lire-arms
into Alaska.
Millions of cotton caterpillers
uive invaded the fields in sections
of Texas, and planters and farmers
are busy poisoning them, lhey
are reported in great numbers along
the Brazos River, and it may be
that the cotton crop will be seri
ously injured.
Among the immigrants who ar
rived at New York one day last
week, was a male infant sixteen
months old, sent from Ireland to
his mother in this country, in
charge of an Irish immigrant. The
passengers on the steamer raised a
purse ot 1 00 tor him.
The Slavouia, a German steam
ship, recently encountered a small
iceberg m latitude 4o degrees o)
minutes north, longitude 21 degrees
11 minutes west, which is said to
be the furthest east that ice has
ever been encountered in the trans
atlantic steamship routes.
It Sand Creek stone quarry, 2
miles south of Greensburgh, lnd.,
12-horse power engine boiler
exploded. John Pugh was killed
instantly, and engineer Ed. Wal
lace was badly scalded and bruised
and can not recover. Five other
men, cutters, were more or less in
The Senate Committee on Judi
ciary has practically concluded its
consideration ot the bill tor the re
lief of the Supreme Court, and will
report it to the Senate shortly.
The committee will recommend a
substitute for tho House bill cre
ating an intermediate appellate
A report comes from Mississippi
City, Miss., that Aimer Breeland,
a well-known resident of t hat coun
ty, was shot and killed at his home
near the above place, last Saturday
by his son. It is reported that Mr.
Breeland was boating his wite, the
boy's mother, at the time of tho
Late Thursday evening of last
week as Jesse Knight tried to
climb on a swift moving freight
train at Iracy City, .Lena., he
si i p ped a n d f ell 1 e t ween t h e vr 1 i eel s.
The entire train passed over his
head, crushing it horribly and
killing him instantly. He was a
miner and only seventeen years
The term of the criminal court,
in Davidson County, Tenn., which
ended last week was particularly
severe on all methods or gambling,
and the proprietors of the many
crap and poker rooms in. Nashville
breathed more freely Avhen the
grand jury was discharged, but the
city authorities are taking a hand in
the matter and a number ot tho
most public games have been raided
several times during the past week.
A terrible wreck occurred at
Obion Station, Tenn., on the New
port News ami Mississippi Valley
Railroad last l'rulay. A passenger
train at full speed ran into a switch
on which stood a freight train, de
molishing both engines and tear
ing the cars from the trucks. The
conductor, mail agent, engineer,
and a brakeman were hijured, the
conductor seriously, and the porter
of the Pullman car is thought to
be fatally injured.
The vote cast throughout 'Mis
sissippi was very light and the
election was quiet. There was no
opposition to the fourteen Demo
cratic nominees to the constitu
tional convention for the State at
large, and the Democratic local
nominees were not opposed. In
as many as half a dozen counties
ox-Governor Alcorn and ex-Chief
Justice Simrall, the two leading
R.';piihheav,s ot the btale, were
placed on the Democratic ticket
and del-ted.
The present drouth -is very ex
tensive. The crops in many States
ar"i very seriously damaged, and
unless they have rain within the
next ton days, will be almost a to
tal lailure." Pastures have dried
out, and new hay is being fed V)
stock to keep them trom starving.
This is a serious drawback on farm
ers having stock.
A. M. McCulloch, an employe in
the Southern Express Company's
oifi.ee at Memphis, Tenn., has been
arrested for stealing packages con
taining money. He claims that
a deficit of over 200 occurred in
his accounts in a mnnner unknown
to him, and he took the money
packages to gamble on, hoping to
gain enough to replace the entire
Two young men, one by the nann
of Flack and the other by the name
of Harbison, engaged in a fight at
a protracted meeting near New
born, Tenn., last Invlay evening,
Flack hurt his antagonist pretty
badly, so much so that a physician
had to be summoned to attend liim.
There was an old grudge existing
between them, and they undertook
to settle it at the church.
A peculiar case is reported from
Spring Creek, in Madison County,
Tenn. On Thursday evening of
last week Mrs. Mandy "Woods re
tired as usual in good health, aiu
when awakened Friday morning it
was discovered that she had been
stricken blind during the night,
hhe has not been able to see any
thing since that time. Physicians
there can not account for it.
Advices from Denver, Colo., state
that mine experts who recently ar
rived there from the. Oklahoma
country report that gold fields o:
marvelous richness have been found
in the Cheyenne Reservation, about
one hundred miles north ot Greer
County, Tex. The Indians jeal
ously guard the place, and it is al
most impossible tor a white man
to get into that country and ge
out alive.
The supreme court of Georgia
has confirmed the sentence of Ion
"Walfolk to be hanged for the atro
cious murder of nine of his rela
tives in as many minutes. On the
night of August 6, 1887, "Waif oik
who is an overgrowu boy, killee
with an axe his father, step-mother
six children, and an old lady visi
tor. No one saw the deed Wal
A 1 1 1 l 1
tolk being convicted on circum
stantial evidence alone.
A. wild, naked man has fright
ened men and kept the women and
children in the house in the t-.ec-lion
along the borders of Lancas
ter and Berks counties, Pa., and
nt least three attempts have been
made to capture him, but without
avail. A farmer tried to coax the
nude man into his market wagon
for the purpose of driving him to
the counly hospital, but the creat
ure struck him with a stick, and
the 1 armor was glad to drive on
without him. The man weighs
about 185 pounds, has a reddish
board, is tanned quite brown, and
has trod the highways like a shad
ow, sleeping in the woods. There
is an earnest demand on the part
of the people that the county con
stable capture the man.
South American provinces are
assuming a war-like attitude, and
in Central America war has boon
declared between San Salvador and
Guatemala. Information received
concerning the actual situation in
the two latter countries is very con
flicting. Civil war exist in Buenos
Ay res. Several months ago, as our
readers will remember, Emperor
Dom Pedro, of Brazil, was de
throned and banished from that
country, and a provisional govern
ment bet up until a republican form
of government could be regularly
established. Tho outcome is civil
war, and no conjecture can, at this
time, be made as to the result.
It is more than likely that the en
tire South American states will
become embroiled in a general war,
and Mexico may be drawn into tho
strife. According to the latest dis
patches, the rebellion in Brazil is
ended. For want of ammunition
the rebels laid down their amw and
surrendered. It is reported that
in tin; last, battle fought theSalva
dorans defeated tho enomv.
Talk of Bloodshed.
iiintii.liiini Aj.'i'-ll.'iMlil
William R. Moore, of Memphis,
ins. written the New York Press 'a
otter advocating the passage of tho
ore bill .untl abusing tV' southern
lutes. Mr. Moore is the propri
etor of a big -dry goods store, do-
)endent entirely or., fcoutholu pat
ronage. Among other things fif;
"1 am aware that United States
Senator Pugh and the lesser lights
of his party insist, thai if a law shall
ie passed which will undertake to
protect every lawfully qualified
American citizen in the casting of
one honest vote, 'there will be
bloodshed,' and I would reply in
great respect and earnestness, that
it American citizens of every name,
class, and party can hot get therr
constitutional rights without it
there ought to be bloodshed. There
should be, and there nrust be 'es
tablished a policy which oaoh and
every citizen not merely Repub
lican, not Democrat- shall be forc
ed to respect in the casting am!
counting of lawful votes."
Mr. Moore before the war was
the most rampant secessionist and
since the close of the great strug
gle he has been an ultra Republi
He is regarded as a rediculous
sort of character where he is best
known, and therefore his ravings,
to a great extent, go unnoticed.
But Mr. Moore is the proprietor
of a big dry goods house depend
ent on southern patronage for sup
port. If ho wants a force election
bill, even at the cost of bloods!!,
we doti't see how he can reasonably
claim this patronage.
We don't believe in the boycott
under any circumstances and don't
advise it, but if there are other
dry goods stores in Memphis as
good as that kept by Mr. Moore
we don't seo why the southern
trade should give him preference.
The Convention in Tennme.
Nutioiul Democrat.
We congratulate tho Democrats
of Tennessee on the result of their
State convention, and we congrat
ulate the farmers of Tennessee on
the fact thst they are such excel
lent Democrats. If it is the wish
of the Domocratic.farmersof every
State in the Union to nominate and
elect the Governor thereof, we shall
be pleased to see them carry out
their pfirpose, provided the farmof
who is nominated and elected is in
every case a Democrat There
should not be in any section of the
United Slates the slightest antago
nism bet ween the Democratic party
and the farmers, and if such antag
onism anywhere exists it can not
be the fault of the Democratic party.
It was more directly in the inter
est of the tanners than of any other
portion of our people that the Dem
ocratic party, under the leadership
of Mr. Cleveland, mado tho great
contest for 'tariff reform in 1888?
It is for the farmers, even more
than for anybody else, that this
contest has been carried thus far
and is to be continued hereafter.
Under these circumstances it can
not seem otherwise than unnatural
that farmers in any part of tho
country should lend assistance to
any movement that is hostilo to
the Democratic party. .For tho
sake of tarilf reform ; for the sake
of extension of the currency on
sound principles; for the sake of
honest government; for the defeat
of the Federal election bill - for all
these objects their fealty to the
Democratic organization should not
bo weakened or rendered doubtful.
If they believe that those objects
can be more readily attained by a
farmers organization co-operating
with the Democratic party and
squaring itself at all times with
the groat principles of the Demo
cratic party, by all means let them '
organize and push on tho good
This is what has happened in
Tennessee. It is what should hap
pen everywhere.
At the request of the Democrats
of the eleventh ward of Wilming
ton, Del, ox-Soerelary of State
Thomas F. Bayard will attend tlio
convent inn as delegate from that

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