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Tii a i j,s nuoriiEiis,
('AlIlll'X, TON.
KU 1! I I'll ON KA'ITN.
'in' dollar piT year In mlvimee; lll'tv cents fr
.-iv iiamilis; twenty lhe cents lor tliri e mouths.
IMF. (UUOMCl.K will he .siii,..l on I'ridiiv of
-" week. Sol.sei iptlotix, pnyiihle in advance,
'' wit ly iiostmlllec nrdrr :st our risk.
I ostup' stiiniis are mil desirahle, but when it Is
l.mnd necessary to remit them one-cent stamps
;vc preferred.
Auelits wanted to .solicit .iuhseripUolis. Write
lol teiius etc.
We shall spare no endeavor to furnish valuable.
'ailiiiK matter to our patrons; and hope to se-
uie a eorrespomleiit nl every post-olllce In I'.en-
; oouiv 10 iurnisn ns wnii county news.
J," We assnine no iVMixinsilililv for iln i.v
Vivs.sions eontiiined in cominunieiitkins appeHi'-
i'S in ioe romiiiu.s oi UUH jiaper.
Election lit st Tuesday hi November, ISM.)
l'"or (ioventor:
of ltutherford County.
Hon. Lewis T. Baxter.
The rutin' ticket was successful.
All the nominees nre elected by n
handsome majority, that of Judge
ScitUUflH being the. smallest, which
wns the result of the united efforts
of the Hi publicans, at the sugges
tion of their bosses, to defeat a
man whose pure Democracy makes
him hateful to them. They swap
ped votes and did everything in
their power to defeat him. The
deep laid scheme of the Moses of
modern times did not materialize,
but it had its effect, as the law
creating the office of county judge
is a new thing in this county, and
a few Democrats believed that by
votinsr for Mr. Bane they were
virtually voting to repeal the law,
But they were too short. Mr.
The Result. requested his executioners to take
their time and adjust everything
so as to avoid any mishap. The
electricity wns turned on three
times before the man was killed.
The breast heaved; the nails cut
into the flesh; the flesh sizaled and
smoked, and was burned into a
.i til it r
crisp; the clothing caught on nre,
and one of the witnesses fainted
at the sickening sight. Kemmleu
wns a heartless wretch, and deserved
death : he suffered the death pen
alty, but in a most horrible form.
If it is desired to make the death
of a criminal so horrible that no one
will dare do murder, elotrocution
should be universally adopted. If
it is desirable to tincture execu
tions with the milk of human kind
ness in the taking off of criminals,
l l . . .. .11 xi 1
Bane's district, that has heretofore in us reiiUU lue U1U Imnuuu VL
gone Republican, was carried by hanging by the neck.
the Democrats from supreme judge The Nashville Evening Herald
to school commissioners. Judge has discharged its Union printers
Scruggs has had to carry every- and adopted the use of plate mat
thing, but he is the county judge ter. By this action the Herald
for the next eight years, or until does the Union printers great in-
such time as the Democracy may justice, for had it not been for their
From Areadne.
Hon Lewis T. Baxter, the Re
publican nominee for Governor of
the State of Tennessee, is placed deem it best for him to step down co-operation in its establishment
in rather an awkward position to and out. Moses' candidate earned the probability is that it would
, - t I j 1 i J jT . J- XT - I i 1 i 1 j
conscientiously nrosecute his can- two districts in ine counw. io have never lived through its m-
vass before the people of this grand man could have made a better race fancy.
old Commonwealth. under existing circumstances than
Mr. Baxter, like the more intel- Judge B. C. Scruggs. The Dem
ligent and honest Republicans of ocrats are happy, while the Repub
the South, is opposed to the Fed- beans well, they they can only
take what the gods provide for
eral election bill, or force bill, now
pending in the Republican Con
gress. Mr. Baxter knows that his
party leaders in Congress offer the
bill as an insult to southern people
and intended to perpetuate the Re
publicans in power by interference
in the elections of the southern
Silver a Commodity for Speculation.
AVith W. P. Morris, John P,
Lashlee, and Asa Swindle al
ready in the field, and Amos Cor-
bett, L. E. Davis, and A. J. Saun
ders favorably spoken of as proU
able candidates to represent Benton
County in the lower branch of the
next General Assembly of Tennes
see, we expect lively times between
now and November.
Itesulnr wrtvsiKiiideuce,
A series of tiiwtifgs will commence at
Hall's Valley next Sunday.
H. II. Pierce ami A. L. Hassell visited
friends on Lick Creek yesterday.
i ne late nuns nave unproved tlie crop
prospects wonderfully in this section of
tli" county.
Tlio school near tin? place n in u pros-
pi'iotiH condition uniler tin) management
of 11. Harrison.
Several from this place attended the
revival cervices at Flat Woods Church
(Methodist Episcopal Church, outh,)
yesterday. A great deal of interest is be
ing manifested in the meetings at that
place, and we trust lunch (food will re
sult therefrom.
August 4, ISM).
From Hustburgh, Tenn.
Regular correspondence.
.Several cases of typhoid fever are re
ported by our local physician.
Miss Amelia Odom has returned from
rrankford, 111., where she has been
spending the summer with relatives and
James Isorman killed a copperhead
snake near this place a few days since
that measured 12 inches in circumfer
The citizens of this place are in fine
spirits. v e have just been blessed with
a fine rain, which Was badly needed,
Crops were getting very dry in this sec
tion of old Humphreys.
Some of the boya have been hustling
around with their "grips" with an air
of mysteriousness that has somewhat
aroused our curiosity. 'We propose do
ing a little detective work.
August 2, 1800.
From Flat Woods.
Congressional legislation
made silver a commodity for spec
ulation. "When silver was demon
etized, speculators in that metal
States and establish therein negro sprang up all over the country and
domination. He knows the pas- reaped a rich harvest by their spec
. . .. - - 1 , , 1,1 l T I
sago of the bill will open afresh ulations, ana the present attituae c i)avis secUred a livery turn-out
race troubles in the southern States, oE Congress on ths silver question t tl Dlace an i f or rj gamj v
i . x v
and ruin the business and indus- has given new impetus to specula- An.pnt well until about 9 o'clock.
tion. uver i.zou.uuu ounces or sn- when within a mile or m of tlieir
ver bullion were shipped to Lon- LW;atio M, Potta advised Mr.
A Narrow Escape.
Late Saturday afternoon of last
week Messrs. U. A. Potts and Will
trial prosperity of the South. Mr,
Baxter is bitterly opposed to the
passage of tho bill by Congress,
but a resolution of the State Re-
don a few days ago, and a short
Davis to drive a little to one side
as the road was somewhat out of
repair at that point, lhe warning
was promptly heeded, Mr. Davis
while before the passage of the
publican platform upon which he silver bill by the present Congress,
was nominated as the candidate of 1,500,000 ounces of silver bullion
his party, favors the passage of the were shipped from London to New pulleil on the jineg aml the next
flection bill. The convention that York. Thus, silver is kept in bull- moment tlie ilorse wag floundering
made the nomination was opposed ion and shipped and re-shipped, up a gteep embankment and the
to the bill, but the corrupt bosses and speculated upon just like any oc.olimnts of the buv lav snrawl-
ot the party rged the resolution other commodity of commerce. In ing by the x-0aclsiclo. The horse
because it. Is ih& only plan that the good old days of Democratic ran about ono hun(ire(i yar(is into
an be adopted that has a, ghost of rule, silver bullion was coined into j of umiergrowth, and Mr.
il it 1 11 I'i1 1 IT 1 1 L '
a chance to perpetuate the power the aonars oi ino uauuies, anu Davis ig autuority for the state
of the Republican party i'n the every dollar thus coined was worth mPnt that the horse climbed a sau-
control of tho National Govern- 100 cents and equal in value to iing in the vain endeavor to extri-
ment. No man can be deceived goia, ana was a par currency in te llimscif from tle undergrowth.
in the policv of the Republican trade ana commerce, uuttnene- N sprioll9 iniurv was sustained
party in their endeavor to force publican leaders put their unholy by cither genliemeil) save a slight
this measure upon the people of hands on the precious metal, and Mn receiV0(i -m th0
tit 111 Hil 11TH I"
the South. the "aonars or tne aaauies was
In order to give their candidate made a base metal for speculators
ftohtintr chance, the State Re- to trade on and become rich at
publicau convention was compelled tho expense of the masses who
thfi intel i- iiKoa tnem so wen
gent Republicans in the State
would support, and to Zrace their
lenders in Congress in the passage The execution of William Kemm-
Kegular correspondence.
Horace Berry went to Camden Satur
day on important business.
Mrs. Celia Walker, of Metropolis, 111.
is visiting relatives and friends hi Flat
R. A, Luter took charge of the public
school at the Water's Bchool-house last
The weather continues dry, and it is es
timated that the yield for coin will not
average a half crop.
James Cagle has returned from a visit
at Metropolis, 111. He says the condi
tion of crops in Illinois will compare fa
vorably with those of Tennessee.
While cutting wood a few days ago.
John Wheatley accidently cut his foot
The wound is a very painful one, but
with proper attention no serious results
are likely to occur.
John Berry, of Beaverdam Creek, has
moved his family to Flat Woods. We
welcome Mr. Berry as a citizen among
us, and will extend a warm welcome to
other good citizens who may choose to
locate in our midst.
August 2,
From Fairview.
fall from tho buggy.
was almost a total wreck.
Public Speaking.
l he buggy
William Kemmler Electrocuted.
Last Monday afternoon a largo
crowd assembled at the court house
to hear tho various candidates for
county offices speak.
of tho election bill, the bosses in- ler Wednesday forenoon in the
je'eted a resolution in tho platform State prison at Albany, N. Y., was
favoring the bill. tho first criminal ever legally elec
Tho platform makes Mr. Baxter trocuted in the history of the world,
-. 11 , I'll. 1 ll 1 ! 11 1 11 I
a champion of the Federal election ana let us nope that it win be tne dresS0(i tbe RS9mbled multitude:
ldll whnt.hor he wants toor not. and last, lhe legislature of JNew York
,-ery voter in Tennessee who votes State had changed the law of exe
Regular correspondence.!
D. II. Van IIuss has been out on sev
eral surveying tours during the past few
Rev. Mr. Blakeley will begin a series
of revival meetings at Mt. Vinson Church
next Sunday.
An infant child of Andrew Melton has
been quite sick, but we are glad to state
is now convalescent.
Since we have had several good rains
in this neighborhood the crop prospects
are much better, and the farmers are re
Moody Pierce and family, of McKenzie,
visited relatives and friends here and
The house was called to order by attended the meetings at Pleasant Ridge
J. TT Combs, whn stated that the last week.
boys would address the populace.
Tho following candidates ad-
for Mr. Baxter next November cution or criminals condemned to
says by that act that he favors the capital punishment from hanging
election bill now before Congress, by the neck by a rope until dead,
Tt is flom-admcr to Mr. Baxter to death by electricity. William
- "o a I t r
and every honest and intelligent Kemmleu wus the first man con
Republican in Tennessee, to thus denined under tho law, and the can(li(lates for sheriff; B. F. David
be forced by a few corrupt and dis- first to be executed by that method. gon aml J x Bowles, candidates
honest leaders of the party to sup- JNot only the inhabitants ot tho
W. A. Steele, jr., who had no op-
ponent for the county clerkship;
A. R. Brooks the Democratic nom
inee, and Zack Walker the Repub
lican nomineo for circuit court
clerk; E. G. Flowers and Harve
Aden, Democratic and Republican
port a measure that is disgusting
to their tine sentiments. But will
the honest and intelligent element
of tho Republican party of Ten
nessee submit to cormpt "boss
rule and support Mr. BAXTER and
United States, but those of the civ
ilized nations of the world, have
awaited the result of Kemmler's
execution by the new method of
disposing 'of criminals, adopted by
New York State, in breathless anx-
for register; W. J. Barnes, who had
Revival meetings have been going on
at the Pleasant Ridge Cumberland Pres'
byterian Church, at which tho members
were greatly revived and quite a number
of people professed religion.
Rev. Mr. Hayes and daughter, of Car
roll County, visited his daughter, Mrs
W. L. Beaton, Sunday. They leave for
home to-day, very favorably impressed
with the kindness of the people in this
part of the country.
It is to be hoped that a full Democratic
vote will be polled next Thursday, and
the ticket elected in every county in the
State. Our people will be satisfied with
no opponent for the office of trus- Hou- Jolm p Buchanan as the next
tee; B. C. Scruggs, the Democratic
nominee for county judge, whose
the platform upon which he was iety. 'The deed was done Wednes
tod? Will even Mr. BAX
ter continue a race to the finish
under such circumstances?
There is no discounting the fact
that the better element of the Rc
Governor of Tennessee.
During an electric storm which occur
,.1 l.,cf ITri.Kiv hI,ilo IVfra M V. Van
opponent was u. u. -uuue; " . 1Iu88 dauhter Mr8. Mary Melton,
1'. Morns, and lion, d ohn 1 . .Lash- an,i an infant child were sitting near the
lee, candidates for the legislature, doorway, a thunder bolt struck a shade
addressed the crowd at considerable tree in the yard, tearing off one side of
day forenoon, and the world is length on atfairs of State, and were t'e top and splitting the trunk of the
horrified. followed by Asa Swindle, also a
TCfviit. fluhmit.tod mi nx candidate for tho legislature. J.
- .., 1 -I' i;
i.i t,inn..nut iu. casino unuouiicuu ma cuiau-..
. . ,,T, , i . . , dacy for the State senate
or tear. v hen piacea m tne ratal T ran(;;(-jates Rn0c at Faxon
if -i :n .t.--Dn hr I nhnir nml flin nrmnrflfns of (h"ntl I ,.1.,,. 1?;,.
I)Ul)llCan liaiiy ill ilu' cu-iui.-jt-i vn.iii, "v. - . xut-aimy, unu uuju up ui L,1o
1 J. I . iii 1 v I r t i rai 1
BMitiments of Houk. Evass, etc. was being adjusted, he calmly bandy luesday evening
tree, the electric current passing down
into the ground tearing up the earth for
some 6 feet along the surface without any
perceptible injury to tho inmates of tho
house further than a slight shock to their
August 4, 181)0
Below wo given few of the many
11 1 A
expressions uom tne democratic
press of tho State in regard to Mr.
Buchanan's nomination for Governor:
Mr. Buchanan is the choice of th
farmers, and if we had no other reason
for supporting him that uloiio is
enough. Troy Press.
Mr. Buchanan is a good mau, a good
Democrat, a genuine farmer, and will he
Tennessee's next Governor as sure a
grass grows and water ruus. Obion
Well, its Buck, the "hay-seed" now.
Before the nomination it was Allianco
caudidate. After November it will be
Governor Buchanan. Murfroeshoro
Home Journal.
Tho Hon. J. F, Buchanan will show
up in the November election the great
est victory for Democracy in Teunessee
that she has ever known. Franklin
Review and Journal.
The work of the convention seems to
give general satisfaction nd tho frieuds
of the other aspirants lor Governor are
falling into line and wilt heartily sup
port Mr. Buchanan.-Snarta Expositor.
Tho people were for Buchanan and
the people will see to it that he is elect'
ed Governor of the State by one of the
grandest Democratic votes ever known
in the history of the State. Hurrah for
the people ! Trenton Democrat.
No Democrat In Tennessee can refuse
to support Mr. Buchanan. His Democ
racy is untainted and his character as a
man i3 above reproach. The fact that
he is a farmer and not a professional
politician is in his favor. Greenville
The recent Democratic State conven
tion was the largest convention ever held
in Tennessee, and the nominee of that
convention will bo elected at the No
vember election by one of the largest
majorities ever heard of in Tennessee.
Lynchburg Falcon.
We take pleasure in saying that he is
an upright, honest, intelligent gentle
man and will be able to cope with any
Republican in the State, and will bring
to bear in tho canvass a degree of energy
and intelligence that will be gratifying
to the party. -Cookeville Press.
Buchanan has all the strength of the
organized Democracy in the State be
hind him and all the force and power of
the organized State and County Alli
ances, and these represent in overwhelm
ing numbers tho organized intelligence
of Tennessee. Memphis Commercial.
We know his heart is big enough to
take in all classes, and that his admin
istration of affairs will be of such a char
acter as to redound to his lusting fame
and great advantage to the whole State
over which he will be called to preside
and which ho loves so well. Lebanon
Mr. Buchanan is not the candidate of
the Farmers' Alliance, but of the Dem
ocratic party, and as such is entitled to
the support of every Democrat in Ten
nessee. He is an honest and capable
man, and, when elected, as he is suie to
be, will make a good Governor. Jolm-
son City Comet.
While Mr. Buchanan is identified
with "the interest of agriculture, he is a
broad-gauged man and will make just
as good a Governor for all other classes
The more we think about it tho stronger
grows the conviction that liis nomination
was the best that could have been made
under all the circumstances. Chatta
nooga New3.
The nominee for Governor, Hon. John
P, Buchanan, is a gentleman well worthy
of the distinguished honor whish has
been conferred upon him. He is a sound
Democrat, and has a record that Is above
reproach, liis nomination has given
great satisfaction throughout the State
and he will he elected by a large major
ity. Brownsville States-Democrat.
The nomination of Hon. John P.
Buchanan for Governor will bring out
the largest vote that has been cast in
Obion County in many years. There
are about forty-five hundred Democratic
voters in this county. Tho "stay-at-home"
vote is almost entirely rural, and
we believe that the farmers will turn
out to a man on election day and vote
for Buchanan. Kenton Argus.
Mr. Buchanan is the Democratic
nomineo for Governor of Tennessee.
That he will be elected goes without
saying. He had a ereat popular follow
ing, aud he will no doubt poll tho larg
est voto ever given to a gubernatorial
candidate in this State. He is known
as the " farmers' friend," and will gain
addiii-ju-.il .-ircngth as tho labor candi
date of tho Farmers' and Laborers' Un
ion of Teunt ssce. Chattanooga Times.
. - I .. .

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