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NO. 18.
Tins more the Atlanta Constitu
tion advertises its boycottish pro
clivities, the keener do tho people
feel the recent loss of a great ed
itor. Memphis Appeal.
What we want in this country is
not so much reform in the method
cf executing criminals as more se
verity in tho punishment of mur
derers. Louisville Post.
1 " To hell with the surplus!" cried
Corp. Tanner. "To hell with the
inland seas!" yelled Speaker Reed.
It seems to be n favorite Republi
can practice to order things sent
on ahead. Columbia Democrat.
Mb. Quay has come to the defi
nite conclusion that the Republi
can party can earn moro votes by
fraud in the whole country than it
can by force in the South, and that
there is no use in passing the elec.
tion bilk--Memphis Avalanche.
" 'Tis conscience that makes cow
ards o! us all." We repeat that tho
Republicans in Congress would not
dread debate if this were an honest
tariff bill. It is a jumble of impo
sitions, a plan of organized robbery,
and its creators are afraid of the
light. Utica (N. Y.,) Observer.
According to a local organ "the
Republican party has no higher
dutv than to reform elections.
Reform, like charity, should begin
at home. You should stop buying
" floaters m blocks of five m In
diana and " purchasing voters en
bloe" in this city and Brooklyn
before you take charge of reform
ing other people.-.? ew York Yorld,
Theee are but two colored men
in the Mississippi constitutiona
convention!. This is. cited by Re
publican papers as evidence tha
the negro citizens are denied their
civil and personal rights m the
South, let there are two more
colored men in the Mississippi con
vention than were ever in any of
ficial body in aU4he New England
iStates together. Memphis Ava.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press (Re
publican) says of Speaker Reed
"That man has abused his trust
and carried his dictatorial policy a
step too far. The Republican party
has had enough of Mr. Reed, un
less he changes front, and that
quickly. If he has left any of the
shrewdness, which brought him to
his present exalted position, he
will heed the murmuring of dis
content that must soon become the
roar of mutiny."1
George 0. Jones, the faithful
priest who is keepin
back coal alive upon
his fathers, has called his feeble
followers to meet him in Indian
apolis on the 27th instant to resolve
nbout something The Greenback
nnrtv has been a shadowy, shabby
organization for some years, and
now that the silver inflationists are
at the front what hope can they
have of a successful flooding of the
country with fiat money? New
York World.
The force bill is probably dead
for the session- It is doubtim, in.
,WT if it was ever the inten.
firm frt rmss. it at this session. If
flip nnnroachmsr elections should
be favorable to the Republicans
they will probably tako it up and
nass it for the election of 1892,
which has always been the real ob
jectivo point If tho country goes
Democratic this fall, however, there
will be less radicalism, liepuun
can conservatism, which is now
pretty thoroughly bulldozed, win
JMJf It.'
Text of the Measure that is Urged
by the Farmers and Laborers
The bill introduced in tho House
February 18. 1890. bv Mr. Pickler. treasury in which the product is be necessary to carry out tho pro
prepared by the committee or the deposited or at any other sub-trcas- visions or tins act, is nereoy ap
Farmers' and Laborers' Union, in ury, by the surrender of such ware- propriated, out of any monies in
accordance with tho action of the houso receipt and the payment in the treasury not otherwise appro
St. Louis convention, and known as lawful money of the United States priated for that purpose.
'the sub-treasury bill, is as fol- of the same amount originally ad- -bEC. 12. lhat so much ot any
ows: vanced by the sub-treasury against and all other acts that are in con
shall be negotiable by indorsement, treasury by death, resignation, or disfranchised. These facts have
Sec. G That the cotton, grain, or otherwise, tho secretary of the induced the l hampion at this tune
tobacco deposited in the sub-trens- Treasury shall have power to ap- to make public its conviction that
ury under the provisions or tins
act may bo redeemed by the holder
of the warehouse receipt herein
provided for, either at tho sub-
point a manager for the unexpired
Sec. 11. That the sum of $50,-
000,000, or as much thereof as may
a protective tarilr is one or the
many things tho West does not
want and can not afford to sustain."
Bo it enacted by tho Senate and
louso of Representatives of the
United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That there may
the product, and such further
amount as may bo necessary to
discharge all interest that may have
accrued against the advance ot
o established in each of the coun- money made on tho deposit of pro-
ties of each of the States and Ter- duce, and all insurance, warehouse
flict with the provisions of this act
are hereby repealed.
A Great Change.
The sudden
of front on
The Farmers' and Laborers' Union.
The annual session of the Farm
ers and .Laborers Union of Ten
nessee, which has been in session
at iWhville, adjourned last Friday.
1 he principal business before the
union was the re-adjustment of the
constitution, which has been exten
sively broadened in many respects,
it is understood, although the details
have not been riven to the nresa
further than the fact that citv me
chanics will hereafter be admitted
to the union.
The following officers were elec-
ntories of the United States a and other charges that attach to the part of the Atchison (Kan.)
branch of the Treasury Depart- the product for warehousing and Champion on the tariff question
i i.i. - TT-.ri.i Oi.i i. i. l 11: ah t 1 1 , n t ,1 n .
neni ui uie milieu ouwb, tu uo uaiumus. Au uiwiui muut-y iu- nas naturaiiy nun ne cause or tne ted to Berve the ensuing vear
uesignuteu anu Known u hbuu- coivuuni uie buu-uruusury u iv- protectionists, lor tne reason mat Prpsiflpnf T "FT Afi vii. fi
treasury, as hereinafter provided, turn of the actual amount of money the Champion was one of the most vice-president E L C riffiii f
ucu uuuuu, ui u7, , u?u j Vu"" , uuwcnui Huuerauw tuev uau m tu Enst TenneBBee; 8econj 0;
zens or any couniy in any oiaie against iarm proaucis as auove west, rne Uliampion nas had tne fip1lt MnttliPw "Rhon nfWo T
shall petition the Secretary of the specihed shall be returned with a remarkable nerve to come out with npssee-RprrptjirvnnrlVronLiirrr pTi"
Treasury requesting the location full report of the transaction to the a bold and fearless
- i. 1 r. i I ci j. n. m 1 1
ot a suu-treusury in sucn uuuuiy, oeuretary ui uie reasury, wuu tne protective tanu policy or tne 1prf1irPr T? W TnfVor nfWn,
and shall: lirst, produce written shall make record of the transac- Republican party, and in a red-hot County- state of croDs stfttisHrfflTi
evidence, duly authenticated by tion and cancel and destroy the editorial says: xr n v0n,, J wn- '
lax ' : 4-., a a .i.nn .titi. J... j -d.u ' u- vvaiker. ot Williamson
K(VIL. Ul UU11U1U11UU JM. W U.AA V J lUUllt V OKJ ICUUlllU DUU vl vUO I 1 f lICll DUVIX 1 UVJLl 4 ItCUUU" ("rtiivti
,1 i lae i n. j. xti. - 1 i- i i t n tti I vyuuiitv.
cierK anu saenn, suowuig mat tuu ury imt receives h wareuoubo lo-ucan leaaera .as i dames jjiaine The State executive board is as
average gross amouuc per auuuui ceipi as auove proviueu, logeiutji ana rreston 13. riumD essay to ae-1 follows Hno-h Ti Tnv1rr fni?0 t-
.OT !? T. B. Reese for Middle
of cotton, wheat, corn, oats, and to- with the return of the
1 1 1 1 -l.l -- i.1 I J. i 1 1" 1 1 11 - ! Jl J 1.
uacco prouueeu anu soiu in uie amount 01 lawim mouey uuu an convictions on tne tanix question. rrw, a t tt: 1 t t
1 r ii l a Til 1 1 1 1. I i -11 1 1 i I ituiiraocc, xx. xj. llllUilUS ttHU tl. 1J.
uuuijr iui me J.UOU pxtvcviiii tuunca no jiciciu puvmcu, u io cm tuiuiy wiii nut uo BcnuuHij Raxter for the State at lartre
years exceeds the sum of 500,000 the product for which it is given is contended that other Republicans The f0nowjnr delegates were a
at current prices in said county at stored in some other sub-treasury, wh0 have never faltered in their pointed to attend the supreme coun-
and sufficient bond for title to a sub-treasury for the delivery of the idea forfeit their party standing or Lonvention of th'e Farmerg.
suitauie auu uueuutue umuuiiu ui cotton, irraiu or ioluuxu, an inw iurnisn erounus ior impeacnincr OT,,i t,i,4.;i tt: i 1
land to be donated to the Govern- case may be, and the Secretary of their Republicanism if they, too, meets in December next, in Flor-
ment 01 tne uniteu oiuces ior uie tne ireusury snuu provme ior iiiw upon mature ueiiDeration, maKe jja. jjQn J0un p T5ucha a W
location of the sub-treasury build- adjustment between sub-treasuries bold to express views on that sub- q Lihtfoot A L Mimm31 l' II
ings, and, third I areficateof el of all charaea ject at variance with the accepted McDowell, and Eth B. Wad. All
linn eVivn-inrf fliof fht cito For t IP Krn 7 Thnf T ho Knwotnrirnf flip m4n lnrmioa J. " "viv
location of such a sub-treasury has Treasury shall prescribo such rules "For over thirty years the Cham- jeUiC0Uge x J Odlvie a 1 T H
,1 i 1 1 i i -i t . 1 1 i i . ! j i !i . . i 'mm t . i.-. l iiiijjibier.
tne citizens or mat county, anu tuso governing tne uetaii 01 tne man- tne protective tarin tneory. unas ni t t
naming the manager of the sub- agement of the sub-treasuries, fix- argiied this question with allHhe dent f union; stated thZ
treasury eiectea at saiu eiecnou ing tne salary, uonu, anu resjjonHi- logic at its commanu. At nas iur- wo11id xv r. ' , .
for the purpose of taking charge bility of each of the managers of m shed columns of facts and "gures tvnvntn State union ' P T; -of
said sub-treasury, under such sub-treasuries: Provided, that the in support of protection versus free L,-" rrn,, i.l?fe ?n6 ?a"
regulations as may be prescribed, salary of the managers of the sub- trade. Sincere in its belief that p ';( xi, iro lIie
it shall then and in that case be the treasuries shall not exceed the sum the only true economic policy for ingt ntlo n,mi, 7l
duty of the Secretary of the Treas- of 81,500 per annum; holding the this country was 'protection to Ctem SKfteTsS !
ury to proceeu wituoui ueiay iu umuugerH 01 suu-ueusuiies jkuhuu- American inuustries, it nas neg- rria. a71r1 Ofi,i-Oaooc, 0,i
ablisha sub-treasury department ally responsible on their bonds octed no opportunity to set ; forth j as found a greater cWof sys-
i-i J 1 i to ji ., , . , i -i , i n tern everywhere, hnrher
g tne ureen-
the altar of
Section 2. That any owner of tion of unmerchantable grades of free trade heresy. Being a Re.
cotton, wheat, corn, oats, or tobacco cotton, grain, or tobacco, or for publican journal, it has specially
may deposit the same in the sub- such as may be in bad condition; emphasized this Republican doc
treasury nearest tne point 01 its snail provide ruies ior tne saie, at trine.
production, and receive therefor public auction, of cotton, corn, "Recently, however, the Cham
treasury notes hereinafter provided oats, wheat, or tobacco that has pion has discovered certain reasons
or. equal at the date ot deposit to been placed on deposit for a longer for very materially changing its
80 ner centum of the net value of period than twelve months after mind on this subiect. and at this
K ... . I - .. ..... .'.. IXJLUtltS JlHtTUK.SH.rV 1T1 T1H Tllrt. lnranm
such products at the market price, due notice published, ihe pro- writing, it has no hesitancy m de- 0f pian8 for rej 7
cowl To-nirwi in. l-f ilotorrmiiioil ViV fliA rxwwla rt flir cnla tt onoli trvrrwlnf I rln-i.in 4lio nil onnimant mul tdi4 A C OI 1116 agll
1 VV VJ V.- lllllMl-i kuv vlhu V'J. UllV VJ1. O l V- U Jluuuvt tUUill CWA PM1U11J1V UllVl IT" I UltUral elCnieUt llheil k"d
manager oi tne suu-tifusury, uiHu-i snim uo uppueu: rirsi,, w ine re- isan mas asiue, wnne a protective wiia -narHpulnr rpl' f 1
rules and regulations prescribed by imbursementof the sub-treasury of tariff is a decided and almost indis- v..aa n tdii i . i
he Secretary ot the Treasury, based
upon the price current in the lead
ing cotton, tobacco, or grain mar
kets of the United States ; but no deposit for the benefit of the holder A est, the great agricultural area
deposit consisting in whole or in of the warehouse receipt, who shall of our land, it is a positive injury,
iinvp a chance to assert
St Louis Republic.
AND now to have him (Quay) de-
V 1 11 l.,'Tnnt Al thfl frtWfl
flare- tue uuttuuuiiuii.uwn
bill " for the prcsent session is a
liftlft too bad Tho extreme party
j . rro-na lmvft acrain and agaui in
V sisted that the adoption of this
meneilTfi. or One
of similar effect, is
vitally necessary; that the party is
T,l,.r1rrP1T to it. and that those who
o r rnonsible for failure to carry
out this pledge will bo rememberec
to their disadvantage, jjui, mi u.
ni.ir.'a rr(nTR and the appeals o:
the press have not been enough to
carry the iniquitous measure
through, and it dead in the W
produce; providing for the rejec- it has invariably
aims, a
more conservative tone, and a
greater degree of unanimity, than
nas existed m the union at, anv
time heretofore. Colonel Polk savs
the order is in no mind to project
any political measures into the
camp of either the Democratic or
Republican parties unless it be
comes necessary in the furtherance
the amount originally advanced, to- pensable benefit to tho .hast, the tlmt it ' f -
- gether with all charges; and, sec- great manufacturing and financial no :f ,00 . , ""-
- ond, the balance shall be held on stronghold of our country, for the p,,,, tt i.A i j.i A i -V
part of cotton, tobacco, or grain, bo entitled to receive same on the a barrier to its progress, an insur
importod into this country shall be surrender of his warehouse receipt, mountablo hindrance to its (level
received under the provisions ot I ho Secretary of the 1 reasury shall opmcnt, and an effectual estoppel
this act. also provide rules tor tho dnphca- to its true material prosperity.
Sec. 3. That the secretary ol the tion of any papers in case ot loss
Treasury shall cause to be prepared or destruction.
Treasury notes in such amounts as Sec. o. lhat it shall be the duty
may 1 required for tho purpose of of the Secretary of the Treasury,
the union contained a preponder
ance of Democrats, it embraeit1
Republicans in largo numbers in
the Northwest.
Internal Revenue.
"What has led the Champion to
this conclusion, this radical change
m its economic opinion i Briefly,
this: It has found that under the
The total collections from all
sources of internal revenue for the
fiscal year just ended, is $142.594..
fUia oliAvft ai'rtlnn rfl in an oh fnrm u'limi Bppfinn nf fhia not cnnll I ilrkminnnno nf flio rrrtooixri irln lJb.Of. WlllCh 811111 llftS UG011 ilulv
rnnd ilnnnminatinn ns he mav Dre- have lioen emnnlipd with, to pause t.hp TCast has steadilv orown to accounted for and covered into the
scrilie ; provided that no note shall to le erected, according to the laws
be of a denomination less than $1
or more than $1,000.
Sec. 4. That the treasury notes
under this act shall be receivable
for customs and shall be a full legal
,1 tn fi.n treasury or tne United States,
detriment of the West In other f tixeiV Sscal year ending J une 30,
f..r.fnvva loo.?, tne total collections were
and capitalists have increased their w,8S4,4J4.2U, and a compansou
accumulations enormously, while ?uu: 1111 "iyise oi 9xit i w,ooz.6i
the farmers of the West have, dur- 111 ,la,vor of tho nscal year Just
ing the same period, made no pr-
portionate gam, but on the contra.
The cost of the collection for the
fiscal year just ended will aggre
gate about $4,000,000, exclusive of
tho cost of printing the internal
revenue stamps, which is paid out
and customs governing tne con
struction of Government buildings,
a suitable sub-treasury building
with such warehouse and eleva
tor facilities as the character and
tender for all debts, both public amount of products of that section
and private, and such notes, when may indicate as necessary; such
held by any national banking as- building shall be supplied with all ry, have been reduced to a condi-
sociation, shall bo counted as part modern conveniences for handling tion of vassalage of tribute-paying
of itc lawful reserve. and safely storing and preserving serfs.
Tlinf. if. chnll lio 1 llfl nntv flio nrrwlnpfa litnl v fn Tio lnraiffd "Tn mif if ctill in nnnfhpr form
of a manager of a sub-treasury, Sec. 9. That any gain arising The capitalists and manufacturers 01 e appropriation tor tiie lureau
wlion rnffrn irrRin. nr tobftorn is frnm flio rlinrrca fur incurmifn nf iha V,oof niilp.l iiiiil nlipftod 1)V a 01 i-iUgraVing and i riUting. ihe
received by him on dejwsit, as weighing, storing, classing, hand- protective tariff, have made money expenses tor tno previous year
above provided, to give a ware- ling, shipping, interest or other m fabulous sums, while the farmers were &-tl8o,728.68, making a de-
houso receipt showing the amount charges, after paying all the ex- of the West have been hardly able crease this year of about fcbo.OOO.
T 1 - - - 'L t 1. i.i I If 1 ! il. 1. i I 1 J - i Al 1 4-1.1.. I
anu grRtie or quality oisuv-ucoiiuu, penses oieonuuctinginesuo-treas-1 to maintain tnemseivesrespeeuiuiy.i HENDERSON Fox a negro fiend
tooacco, or grain anu its viuue ut ury, snau ue accountea ior anu iot oiuy so, out eastern manuiae- wi. ran'tsliwl r trplro toot ni,i
rs ami capitalists navt-. uy iu- whjte girl in Gibson County last
of this protective tariff, been MnV) anJ was recently captu;ed in
m i in u iumi i inn . h m i, 1 1 i1 i i 1 1 i j l i- -t j i ,
tne inuian nation and brouglit
liftoff in fill a Kfafii -oa nl-
is at tho rate oii per centum per snail do two years, and tne regular control oi our uovernment in an ujle Trenton iail bv a mob Sat.nr-
AnM.wt . wrKtSt-.! . ft (1 fill f. 4 IV I n I fii4 I r-. 4-1 I I r. f 1 4 J-i X. . . nlm II I . i I i r. Alnlilnilfn ( lll'TM Til 4 llA T"lH AC I . ... -. -
HuiiULii , vAivnojjr owvuug rictuuu m uu Bum viiivu oiinu uc i us luiiu uuciuff, ncpic I day niht and han"ed.
amount of insurance, weighing, at the same time as the election for and wishes of the people of the J 2
classing, warehousing and other members of the House of Repre- Western States, who, by reason of The State Agricultural Society
charges that will run against such sentatives of the Congress of the being large creditors, of necessity of Alabama, demands that the com-
depositsof cotton, grjiin. or tobac- United States. In case a vacancy borrowers of and dependents upon missioner of agriculture shall be
co. All such warehons) receipts in the omce ot manager of the sub-' the iliast, are virtually politically elected oy tne people.
of its friends. JJetrou r rt-c i

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