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' r
Mr. B. F. Ross, cashier of the
bank at Huntingdon, is in the city.
Our local huntsmen Bay squir
rels are plentiful in the bottom
After a slight illness, Mr. O. F.
Woods is able to be on the streets
again. ,
Protracted meeting will begin at
Cowell's. Chapel to-morrow Sat
urday. Several from Camden went to
.lohnsonville last Monday to at
tend the show.
Is it the duty of the road-overseer
to remove the debris, of the
aid Hartley, building?
Hon. John M. Holladay, the gal
lant merchant prince of Holladay,
was in the city Wednesday.
Mrs. Dr. W. T. Hubbs, who has
been visiting -relatives nt Dresden,
returned home last Saturday.
Mr. Joel, Hushing, of Jackson,
Tenn., is spending u few days with
relatives in Camden and vicinity.
Miss Alva Johnson has returned
from an extended visit to relatives
at Lonoke and other points iiv Ar
Postmaster J. M. Moses has the
thanks of TlIE CHROislGLE force for
the nice peaches left at this office
The upper Story of the college
Imildiug is being completed. The
school will commence Monday the
8th instant.
The Holladay Independent Nor
mal School commences next Mon
day. Quite a number of pupils
have been enrolled..
Mrs. CoL.W. P. Morris, who has
been visiting her son-in-law,-Mr.
William Caraway, of Big' Sandy,
returned home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Morris,, of
Fulton, Ky., spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mr. Morris' grands
father, Col. W. IK Morris,
Mr. and Mrs. John Strickland
and daughter,.Mrs. LefHer, of Ber-
trand, Mo., are visiting friends anc
relatives in Soutlv Camden
Giant powder is being freely
used by the workman in the wel
of uncle William Bartlett.. The
reports at times are temiBc.
Capt B. W. Ayrcs will address
the people ot Benton. County Sat
urday, September 0. Speaking to
He at courthouse in Camden., y
The frame-work of Dr. W. P:
McGill's new cottago is being put
together, and work on tho building
will be rapidly pushed to comple
tion. We have a few copies of the
State Democratic Platform for
free distribution Call at) The
Chkonicle offioe and ask for a
The meetings have closed at
Chalk Hill church. A number of
conversions occurred, and a general
wanning up of religion was expen
enceeL. The county Democratic Execu
fcive Committee meets next Mon
day. It is presumed they will fix
a date for holding the county leg
islative primaries.
T.. C. Bye, esq;, committeeman
fr.r Ttenfrm Countv. attended the
meeting of the Democratic Con
sessional Executive Committee at
McKenzfo last Monday
Tho circulatiug library has been
--removed to Herrin & Mannon's
dru" store. Additions are being
made to the library from time to
time, and the collection comprises
a Timber of. rare- and interesting
The meeting conducted by Bev.
J G. Jones at the Post-oak Church
last week was one of the most suc
cessful for years, and resulted m a
largo number of acquisitions to the
church at thst place
The meet-
g closed Sunday.
Mr. L. P. Thomason, a success.
ful and prosperous planter resid
ingon 'Possum Creek, this county,
was in
Bev. Mr. Bowman, of WaverlyJ
will conduct tho morning services
at the Cumberland 1 resbytonan
Vyjiurcn tno nrst ounaay in oep-
enujer next.
Mr. Will H. Bartlett, railroad
agent and operator at Greenville,
Ky., spent Saturday and Sunday
with his parents,, Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
iam Bartlett, of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Jarnigan
and daughter, Miss Josie, of near
Hollow Bock, are visiting relatives
and friends in the neighborhood of
Cowell's Chapel this week.
nr,,.n nu i n
A. Wall, of Franklin, Tenn., who
i.Tli:nni i). J lllllllfLn V Jt'fl.lil f I I Mllll ). I
will have-charge of tho next term
of school at the Benton Seminary,
arrived yesterday morninc.
JmW Jo. 11. HftwlviiiH. nf HrmrJ
in-donflnd ,T. F, .Ws. aRn.. ftf
Dresden, have been in the city this
week taking depositions in the eel
ebrated Matthews-Spence case.
The latest and most reliable re
ports received at this office relative
to the crop prospects, are to the
effect that tho crops in general will
not fall far short of an average.
Messrs. G. B. Greer and J. M
Lashlee, who attended the meeting
of the road congress at Nashville
tnis wcck, as delegates irom uen-
wn county, navo reiurneu nome.
County court meets next Mon-
day. There will probably be a
large crowd in attendance, and can-
didates will be afforded an oppor-
tunity to address the "dear people.
Mr. H. E. McElyea, a Benton
County boy, but now a citizen of
Hustburgh, Humphreys County,
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
A. McElyea, Saturday and Sunday,
Mr. John H. Wyly, of Wills'
Point, on the Tennessee Biver,
spent several days in town this
week, the guest of Judge L. L.
Hawkins. Carroll County Demo-
Mc B. M.. Bicketts, the popular
proprietor of the Nolan House, at
Wnverlv. Tenn.. accomnanied bv
his wife, spent Tuesday with the
' ' 'I
family of Mr. William Bartlett, at
The latest account we have at
hand is toHhe effect that Judge B.
J. Lea's majority for the supreme
judgeship is now between fifty and
sixty thousand, with several coun
ties to-hear from.
Mr. C T. Spence, a successful
farmer of the vicinity of Chaseville,
was in the city Wednesday. Mr.
Speucd says that The Cheonicle
is a welcome weekly vistor in that
part of the county.
Tirr PnnnwifT v ?a lindlu in iio1
of a regular correspondent at Big
Sandy. Will some resident of that
place kiudly take an interest in this
matter and address the office for
further particulars.
The cool wave continues. Fires
are comfortable in the early morn-
ingg and evenings, and an early fall
has oeen pretucted. iiieks, ot al-
manac fame, predicts frost about
September 1, next. rl hat is to say,
we will nave irost sometime next
Dr. Clark Manley, of Newbern, ar-
rived Wednesday and has secured
rooms at A. G. McDaniel's. Miss
Manley, who comes highly recom-
mended, will have charge of the
musical department at the ienton
Mr. John FogaTty, of Nashville,
was in the city Wednesday. Mr.
Fogarty is-one of the pioneer en-
gineers of the Nashville, Chatta-
nooga and St- Louis Railroad, hav
ing been in the employ of that
company ever since the road has
been in operatiou. .
Official Changes.
Next Monday, tho 1st day of
September, a general cliango will
I tn.lt n nlncn in tlin rmmfv offices nf
roni()n nmintv. Those elected at
thelat(J electkm wiu Ka(.CC(1(1 tbo
officials in their respective po
ronNTV .tttdok
Judge B. C. Scruggs, who was
appointed to the position of county
judge by Governor Taylor when
the office was created a few months
since was elected to the position
ky a handsome majority over his Be
publican opponent. So far Judge
Scruggs has proven himself t hor-
pughly equal to the duties of his
position, and we predict that his
future ofhcial acts will be satisfac-
to the l)eoPle of tlie c0,mty
county clekk.
The office of county clerk goes
into the hands of ex-postmaster
W- A- btcole Jr- wll s electod
to that position without opp(,sition,
IIe is gMy qualified for the
the efficient discharge of the duties
of the position, and no doubt will
provo an accommodating official.
The retiring elei-k, A. C. McBae
has held the office for three suc
cessive terms,, and no charge of
negligence of his duties or unoffi
cial acts have ever been brought
against him. He retires from of
fice knowing that his administra
tinn hns been nitirelv satisfactory
to the p(?ople of hfa county- Mf
x0Ta nf.mir,iPS fh nnsiti.m
of cashier of the Camden Bank
and Trust Co., thereby, to a certain
extent, remaining in public life,
W.J. Barnes succeeds himself
as county trustee having been re
elected without opposition. Mr.
Barnes has proven himself a thor-
oughly competent official, and the
public do not believe otherwise
than that ho will continue to dis
charge his duties in that eminently
satisfactory manner with which
they have been marked in the past
He is a worthy gentleman, and
does not lack in any of the quah
fications that go to make a good
CincPlT clerk
rm m i 'i 11.
xne omce oi circuit cierK. goes
into the hands of A. B. Brooks,
Mr. Brooks is a worthy gentlemen
and well qualified for tlie position
and we predict that his official ca
reer will be marked by a strict anil
conscientious discharge of his du
Mr. W. C. Benton the retirin
clerk has made a faithful official
as the testimonial of the court an
bar, which was published in The
Chronicle last week, goes to prove
E. G. Flowers assumes the role
I ... . . .
ot Hhpnlr. As he, lias nekt l he no
A1 M A 1 1 lltll
Kitinn ot dermtv sheriff tor some
L - . i (nim;ut(
with the duties of the office to
which he has been promoted, aiu
will fearlessly discharge the dnti
of the same.
W. H. Bushing, the retiring
sheriff, has made a record of which
he may well feel proud. He re
tires from office after serving one
term, having refused to make the
race for a SCcond term.
Messrs. Bushing and Flowers
is sheriff and denutv were the sub
- L- -v
jects of very complimentary reso
lutions passed by the court aiu
bar, as will be seen by referring to
the last issue of this paper.
J. T. Bowles, who was appointee
by the county court to fill the un
expired term of A. II. Mitchell, de
ceased, will continue in his position,
the action of the court being en
dorsed by the voters, who elected
him to a full term. We believe the
- duties of his office will continue to
be discharged by him in the same
satisfactory manner that has so far
i marked his official life.
Marriage Licenses.
The follow ill" Connie" have TrO-
1111 iU.u:, couple., lMt I-Mi
cured license to marry from tho
county clerk's office since the last
lSSlie OI. LlIE CHRONICLE, to Witt
N. B. Melton to marry J. B.
, r
John J. Cox to marry Nnncey
Z. A. Barker to marry M. A. Al
Had a Gun.
C. N. Gill and son, J. H. Gill,
wero arrested by deputy sheritf
Flowers Wednesday evening for
shooting off their pistols. They
were given a hearing before Justice
Combs yesterday morning, and the
son was released, but the evidence
was such as to cause the father to
be bound over until next term of
circuit court. L. O. Lashleo and I.
N. Wilson are his bondsmen.
The Camden Cornel Band. .
A,t a meeting- Monday evening
aai organization of tho Camden
Comet Band was perfected with
the following members: E. M. Mc-
luley, J. V. Travis, C. N. TravisPeW bnU' mnnmer complaint. l.:ly
S. L,' Peeler, Eugene Morris, W.
McElyea, G. A. McElrath, and
cigar lotty.
E. M. McAuley was chosen man-
T 1 I 1 1
atrer, d. Li. reeier secretary, ana
G. A. McElrath treasurer. The
manager was instructed to corre
spond with dealers in musical in
struments and ascertain the proba
ble cost of a good set of instru
ments of improved pattern.
The young men have manifested
considerable interest m the work
before them, but not wishing to bear
nil ibo PvnSA of irr.linai-nc flm
msix uiuwiis, it ouyeouuu umt n
uianuuu 1U W1 UCU1 Mau,t'
the proceeds to go toward paying
for tho instruments. Should they
conclude do so, the music-loving
and fun-loving public may confl-
, . ' , . ,
uenuy pi- ittiu titai, ttB
vi iHieui, m uiu cuy win ii
in the entertainment. I
It is very cratif vine to note that
i,r. , r.t ;,n ,A
town is niucn hmauer umu m whh
I 11 il
even twelve montns ago. ine et-
feet of re-awakened public energy
hasconvincedall classes thatdrones
n nnfnf nlnee in fWlen nnrl Rfim
, . , ... ,, . i
ulated the majority of them to seek
mployment, which example is ap
plauded by those who have watched
the transformation.
From Areadne.
Regular correspondence.
E. A. Pierce, who has been sick
for some time is slowly recovering.
Protracted meeting commences
at Crooked Creek Church next
J. F. Pierce, of Big Sandy, con
templates o-oing to Texas and lo.
eating some time soon.
The late rains are proving very
beneficial to crops. The yield will
u, much better than was expected.
One of the most successful re-
r , 'ni,
ligious revivals that has been ex-
perienced for years, has just closed
at Crooked Creek Church.
August 23, 1890.
A Sad Experience Repeated.
Deuth r.g iin visited our home last
Monday morning just two weeks from
tlu; time of tho death of little H.ilph
and claimed our little Maud. Our
brother and sister, I'ev. Virgil and Mrs.
M. E. Tatt'ord, and our mother, Mr.". L.
M. Dry ant., of Huntingdon, together
with our friends aud neighbors of Eva
and FlatwooOs, all vied with each other
in rendering assistance and sympathy to
us iu thiH our sad bereavement. We
can only say: The Lord gave aud the
Lord hath taken away, aud blessed be
the nnmo of tlie Lord.
L. L. and M. E. Stem.
Eva, Tens., August 2G, 1890.
The administration has been very sue
ccssful in one respect. It is reported
that there is uot a red ant left in the
White House. Mr. Harrison has taken
une of bis auU in great shape. Li!e.
- " prMM-s ru- ni:innnirin; ramlWiitj-Ntiro: Kor
(.,l,n.S( i,.,.n uuiiius, in nilvKinf.; fur Slalc
",:., "'"" ; tr .touniy ..mk-., nvu tioiiara-
"yKaiv iuit!miy,-.'t to aini'iiiiuoCAi'T. 1(. W.
V A IM.W II it.i t.i '.n..iu.,iit tli.. I.'l.rl.ll.
ConKicssi.umi msum, in tin- nriy-mromt Vcm-
Kivt" 't Hit" l;nllt"l StHt.es-til)Jvt to tin: will of
lliu DcinocriiLic len t v.
FOR J: IWll KS EXT A TI ) ' 11.
WK niv autliovizcd ( iiiiiiouiicp lion. W. 1",
MoiMtisii l'iimwati; riiinliilutc to ri-hiv-
si'iit, licnlon (Viunty In tin! I'oi ty-wvciith (irncral
?s(!ituiy ot jtMiiicssoc. Kici iion November 4,
ism I.
"7"K ;ito mithoiied to suinomiee Hon. John
1'. Lasmi.kk a caniildale toreiiresenl lli'ii-
ton (Yunilv in tins Kortv-xeveiitll (leneial Assein
l.Iy of Tennessee suhj'oct to I lie will of tho Dein
i oi l'atic aii y. Klwtlon Novcinber 4, 1mk.
Call at M. P. .and V. b. McElyea's
blacksmiUi Blionand jret your horses sliod.
Tlie srood baker is a thorough broad
man. Washington Toat.
Come! Como to tho new .inn' mi ro
II. W. Mannon's ami pet a bottle of
1110 h"ut 1,)r diarrhea,
"S-cte. 10:ly.
An exchange observes that "iMaino
was loaded for Kear." f ko, he appears
to have made a horrible miat ake and &hot
Mujor McKinley. St.Pauirioneer Press.
I told you the new 4rag store would
keep all the first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound for the liver and
Tl . . , 4 . L
wxz and for relief also. Hunt's Cure
will not help you in the former case, but
lt T , 1 .
win sure cure itcn, or it cost you nouung.
For sale l,y H- w- Mannou.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks,
but you can buy anew dog. Terre Haute
Say, friend ; slop taking so many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Never affiliates with the system. Sold
by II. W . Mannon. 10 :l v
We predict for Cheatham's Tasteless
Chi11 Tonic an unprecedented success,
11,0 wen-Known reputation oi us manu-
of superior merits
Summer cometh on anace. and soon will
the granger be engaged in his annual
struggle with chills and fever. Take time
b3' e forelock and lay in a supply of
Cheaiham'8 Tteless Chill Tonic that
your days m the land may be many. For
Eale by II. W. Mannon. lG-ly-4t
Jt L- Hollimrsworth. with M. D. and
w. L. McElvea. will do vour won.l-work
cheap or cash- 18 :-
I 1 - t '
I Aiewvery pomiea reasons way. uneat-
"iim o iaoiuirjry vuui iuim: will uu a
t 8Uccess. ? Tt i3 -bsolntel v fre from
ii deletprimw in?rdints: a
. ---o- " - - 7
to the taste as honey ; an absolute and
never failing cure for Ml malarial com-
Points. Guaranteed to cure. What more
could you ask? Sold by II. W. Mannon.
: .... J ,
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When sho was a Cbild, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she dung to Castoria.
When she bad Children, she gave them Castoria.
(Bill to Partition Land.)
IN this cause it appearing from the
bill of complaint of A. II. Howe, which
is sworn to. bv'which he seeks a sale for
partition of certain lands.that Irvin Smith,
n;,. e,ii n,i in,u, w
" ' th"
and reside in the State of Arkansas no
unit imj oruiuary proceH.s oi law can not
. d tJh' It ther.for. or.
j dered that they enter their appearance
and make defense to said bill of com
plaint on r before the fourth Monday in
September next, or the same will be taken
for confessed und the cause net for hear
ing expavte as to them.
August 2b, 1800.
Clerk and Master.
Jo. II. Howkins solicitor for eoinplain-
Republicans, Attention!
Camden, Tenn., August 27, 1800.
A mass meeting of the Republicans
of Benton County, is hereby called
assemble at the court-houso iu Camden,
ncxt Monday, September 1, lb'JO, to
select delegates to attend tho nominat-
inS convention, which meets at Camden
on onuay ocpiomoer Ti, law, to se-
lcct n candidate to represent this, the
x wcniy-wxui, senatorial district, com
posed oi tue counties ol lienton, Carroll,
- ma Decatur ,in tho next general assem-
I bly of Tennessee.
I D. J. Allen, Chairman.
1 Secretary.

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