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LUUAL AND PERSONAL The revival meeting at Cowell's
flhnnrd whird -rtrwlrirl Siinflnv. ro.
Mr. bam Warren, ct Nashville, RiiRful in nrniiKvmr tho npnnlo find
was in Camdon Monday. accomplishing a great deal of good.
Hon. Dorsey B. Thomas, sr., of Rev. J. G. Jones will begin a so
Lva, was in tlio city Monday. ries 0f revival meetings at the Moth-
E. E. Fry has moved in and tern- odist Episcopal Church, South, at
porarily occupied the rooms at the this place, beginning to-morrow
county jail. week.
John Fry, of Ooxburgh, has been rs- Winifred Stockdale and her
assisting at McDaniel & Fry's store little granddaughter, Lula Stock
for the past week. dale, of Enloe, are visiting in the
Several from this countv n ttendnd city iho Suests of Mlu Rockdale's
the Baptist Association at Hollow daUgllter' MrSl J A Clement
Bock last Sunday. Mr. D. J. Allen requests us to
The drv iroods hou of MrlW announce that there will be a call
iel & Hall is being repainted and mcctinS of Camden Lodge, F. and
otherwise improved.
Messrs. W. C. B. Lewis and Will
C. Davis left Wednesday to attend
the fair at St. Louis.
Mrs. A. J. Saunders was so un
fortunate .as to loose a valuable
milch cow this week,
J. A. Clement and Tom C. Rye
went 'to Big Sandy last week on
professional business.
Capt. Cote Withdraws.
In a speech delivered at Con-
yersville, Henry County, last Sat-j
urday Capt. It. P. Colo announced
his withdrawal from the Congres-
A. M., at their hall in Camden to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.
While Mr. D. S. Cuff was driv
ing an ox team to a loaded wagon
last Wednesday, one of the oxen
kicked him in the side and he fell
beneath the wagon, both wheels
passing over one foot and ankle,
Mr,. Ben. Thompson has gone to
Hollow Rock to engage in the liv
ervlynsinpss. He will be associated
Mr. J. V. Latimer, of Rayville, M, T)(,rspv rwkpr of thnt
La., is spending a few days with placo They ,aro Benton County
relatives m Benton county. boys, and we wish them success.
ut. iu. lucauiey nas oeen m Messrs. w a Rushing, A. G.
the south end of the county several McDaniel W. j? Bivens A. C. Me
i c ii i ' 1
uayson-proiessionai ousmess. R and Bdb Ashing went to
Clerk and master Tom C. Rye Clark Lake Tuesday on a hunting
went to Nashville the first of the expedition. Those of the party
week on. professional business. wh0 returned yesterday report a
Mrs. H. E. McElyea, of Ba- good time,
kersville, stopped over in this city The following marriage license
Tuesday en route to Newbern. have been issued in this county
Thosewhoattendeatho"floating since our last report to wit : Rob
palace" at Rockport last week re- ert Moore to Ellen Gwmn, and L
turned satisfied with their trip. T. Hargis to Nettie Elmore, all
, . ,.11; Ai white; and W. H. Moore to Susan
A part of the material for tne ,, . , ,
t a- r.i; I?. Menzics, colored.
IJttrSOUttiiO Ui, tllW ..uxcimmioii jujiio- . T , . ill
From Morris' Chapel.
Regular correspQudonce.
Mr. John Holland returned from an
extended visit to Arkansas Wednesday.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Utley died Tuesday thJ9th instant. The
Sional race in this district. 1 he bereaved parents have the sympathies of
i ii
race is now between Capt. R. W. the entire community.
Ayres, of this county, and the Bob Utley's inule became frightened at
present incumbent, Hon. B.
Enloe, of Madison County.
Senatorial Convention.
The child is improving.
September-10. 1890
After nil the only way to profit by the
experience of others and avoid thoir
troubles is to die -youog. Atchison
Come ! Come to" the new 'drug store
II. W. Mannon's -and get u bottle 6f
"The New South for colic, diarrhea,
griping, etc. ' 30 :ly.
Some very striking arguments are being
used in Congress just now. Chicago
'I told you the new drug store would
keep all tho first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound 'for the liver and
New South for summer complaint. 10:ly
Adam's lost rib is the chief bone 0)
contention in this'world of -wars. al
veston'News. Say; friend; stop taking so many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Never affiliates with the system. Sold
by II. W. Mannou. 10:lv.
Insurance and assurance go hand in
hand with the agent of the former. Chi
cago Kvening Tout.
Oninirift ifnnnirn the lipsirinfr. dpstrnv.
the guest of Mrs. Ada Whitfield. L,,ft PPV.Q flni, !,;. ,i:afin.
Master John Thomason is visiting his Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic ispleas-
uncle'J. W. Miller, near Camden. ent to take, leaves no unpleasant taste,
Sunday the .21st instant - is the date improves the digestion, and builda'up the
Political. fixed1 for the protracted meeting to 'be system. -No curer.o pay. Sold by II.
conducted by the Missionary Bantists at W. Mannon. 1-20-4
According to previous announce- this place. ., FirR, . trnilflSn,fln. ,iUKhn ., 1; wntw
ment Capt. R. W. Ayres, of this Deputy U. S. Marshal Collier was up man?" Second tradesman. "Well, I
county, a candidate for Congres- Thursday arid "pulled "some of the boys, suppose bo. He doesn't pay his debts
sional honors, addressed an intelli- The boys report an excellent time while until you make him do so'." ruck.
gent audience .-at tho courthouse liunun2aon- We have received hundreds of testimo-
in Camden last Saturday. Heire- L "u ZT , ! an6 uan, rP" malS aS l tne,efllcacy 01 flunl 8 VT m
hearsed the proceedings of Con. day hence the protracted meetiDg o it the best remedy known' for Ringworm,
gress and criticised the action of that denomination failed to take place. Tetter, Eczema, and similar diseases.
he Republican House in passing Crops of all kinds have improved Guaranteed. Fifty cents per box. For
10 force bill, and the obstructions greatly UDder the influence of the late salehy II. W. Mannon. "1-20-4
Reed and his'mrtv have"induWd rain8 especially late corn. Peanut vines n Tt .; ftiWavR best to lie on the risht
in to delay wholesome legislation hvettfken second growth, which is some- side remarked the stump speaker when
u I wliOT rlntvi Tvrnnf o I tr fbntYi I. - .... . .. ...
bsKfbHP.n ndvoratin.-. Taxas Biftinm.
From Enloe. In Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic
will be found a sweet without its bitter.
Special correspondence. Plpnsnnf, to t.lm tnHte. without n. narallel
a cow one day last week, and ran away
with him and his road-cart. The cart
was badly damaged, but, with the excep
tion of a few braises, the occupant es
caped unhurt.
The Democracy of tho counties Mr. and Mrs. Stephens loft lust Friday
of Benton, Carroll, and Decatur on a visit to relatives in Gibson County.
are hereby notified to meet in con- Pule absent their little girl -was taken
venrim, nt. TTrmtinmW Tmnv. on uy , ana uiey were telegraphed
m1 , rv i i n ionn i ii to return home, which they did, arriving
Thursday, October 2, 1890, for the SunJav T. . .H .
purpose or nominating a canaiuate
for the State senate from this sen
atorial district. The convention From Matlock's Chapel.
will be called to order at 1 o'clock Regular eoiresiwndeuee.
p. m., on the -day named, for the Misses Unice Fry and Sallie Matthews
purpose aforesaid, and the transac- Pai(i us a' flying visit Sunday
tion of such other business as may Mrs- Annie -Smith, of Paris, Temi
properly come before it.
Jo. E. Hawkins,
Chairman Senatorial Committee.
deputy marshal E. D. 'Collier on
Wednesday of last week and cov-
veyed to Huntingdon to appear be
fore 'the United States Commis-
copal Church has been received.
The communication from Luter
ton was received too late to appear
in this issue cTiie CnitONicLE.
Miss Minnie Fussell has returned 6ioner and answer to the charge of
from an extended visit to relatives selling wiskey without license.
at Spring Creek, Madison County, The iegisiative candidates have
lean V started out on their-campaign tour
The ruins of the Hartley build- 0f the county. They speak at Cox
ing continue to loom up an eye- burgh to-day, and at Holladay to
sore to the public and a menace to m0rrow. We trust they people
travel. will turn out at all their appoint-
Judge W. C. East has the con- ments and give the boys their at
tract for the paper-hanging and tention.
naintinc on Q. W. Shelton's resi- . To ascertain tho will of the ma.
(pnce jority of the voters in the primary
The many friends of Mrs. A. Ar- election to be held the 20th instant
nold will be pleased to learn that (one week from to-morrow) it is
6he has recovered from lier recent necessary xnaL a inn .
be polled, it is tne uuty oi ine
committeeman in each district to
and relief to the masses of the
American people. He favors the
ree coinage of .silver and wants
more money put in circulation.
He opposes 'all combinations ; and
rusts, and favors tariff reform.
In his closing remarks he made
The debating society at this place is as a remedy for chills and fever. It is the
proving a success. production of the-well-knowriAlB. Rich
Hon. J. A. Clement, of Camden, was ards Medicine Company, of Sherman,
a imvir nomnct orvoiil in lio imUw in our midst last"Week. Tex., and guaranteed -to care. For sale
fk v n . i w in ijiaiu uifii-iiai ii r uuu w vj u , i 1-1 i u
of his own countv for their sun- F.' Vickers, of Danyille, Tenn., was by H- w- Mannon
over on a visit bunaay. ! " bince xne appie ana peacn crops nave
Several of our citizens were- called to Prove( BUch total failures," I don't seem
Camden on business last Mondav. to feel bo lonesome as I -did," said the
.,i7B(K.M-.i-m.:a ( .tJ Chicago World's Fair, reflectively.-
Randy, .is the gn?Rt f Mrs.; D, W. Stock-
dale this week
Mr. O. B. Lackmore has accepted a
Dr. W. P. McGill and family
moved into his new cottage near
the residence of Mr. B. V. Hatley
last Tuesday. ,
The Cumberland Presbyterian
Churcli presents quite fin attractive
appearance since receiving a new
coat of .paint.
Col. Robert I. Chester, of Jack
son, Tenn., was the guest of Mr. C.
K. Wyly, of Camden, last Friday
and Saturday.
see that this is done.
E. D. Collier, deputy United
States marshal, had a man from
Benton County before 'commis.
sioner Crockett yesterday, charged
with selling whiskey without li
cense. He was bound over to the
next term of the Federal court-
Huntingdon Democrat.
Judge B. C. Scruggs lias pur
chased a lot on Paris street, near
the sito 'for the new parsonage, and
The oheerful countenance oi xui. win ft resi(ence a8 soon
Daniel Childress looms up oemnu ligtlieneoegsaryinaterialcanbepro
the counter at McDaniel & Hall's We are gft(1 imxQ tie
store this week. judge locate among us, and extend
Every Democrat in the county u0 kim a hearty welcome,
is entitled to a voice m tne primary We regret to announce the sad
to-morrow week. Do not neglect dgath q m F N Arnol(lj wllich
to take advantage of at occurred AVednesday evening a
nnVk nnd building material are llig re6i(lcnce in tho tenth district
being delivered on the ground for jjr Arnold was advanced in years
the new bank building on tho west anj iia(j i)een quit0 feeble for some
chWnf the public square. while. He leaves a host of rela
i . . .... . , . ,
Tho residence of Mr. F. li. Mc- tives and friends who will chensli
ior xime w come,
issue of the Democra
4V nnnearance oi tne buu,. appears a cau iur u ucuttiuiiuixuu
xv nhlish in this issue at nus vention to oe neiu nero wcwuer a
Lir. ft rail, for the Demo- for the purpose of nominating
- " natoriaV convention, to be candidate to represent this senato
cratic se , October 2. rial district in the State senate. 'S(
l ba rnso of Char- far as heard trom thero'is but one
Judgement in the c Gandidate-Mr. Castile, of Benton
Urr rsTbeforemagis- County, and 'he is not pressing his
.ana v,. g' d last week, claims outside oi uenton bounty.
i-m v The resiaeucu w - "
Elyea "has been improveil with a his memory
new dress of paint which adds to In llis is
oAnrance of tho same. appears a ca
Opening of School.
The second term of school at the
Benton Seminary opened Monday
with a good attendance. Since
this school was opened ten months position on the Louisville and Nashville
ago, nothing has added more to the 1 Railroad as bridgeman.
fame of Camden than the excellent Messrs. Bud and Elvis Outlaw, and
Away with the bitter, nauseating, pas
ty, sweet-tasting chill tonics. Use Cheat-
am's Tasteless Chill Tonic, as pleasant
to the taste as' rockcar.dy 6yrup. The
children cry for it, the inother-woh't live
without it, and the servants slip it from
school facilities afforded the chil- Clarence Day, of Houston County, spent fae gide.boar(1 ;It aids digestion, con
dren of Benton and the adjoining '" ,Ui " lcuuo m tains no quinine, Arsenic, or Strychnine,
counties. Alnree number of fam- Mr-JoUn l'ierce and mother, of fculphur toneg np the 8ystem, arid is warranted.
ilies have been influenced to make "?intf "I r!anheat' No cure no ' SoM . Mannon.
unni uuu k, n . omthuuiu liub wa'K, i .... .-r .,' u 1 ,i ,.i,
j i Messrs. J. t. Uillon and r.n.lr es Dan- u:, i, .v,,. 'a.-oU
j i i ,i I ii - - - I DCCo JIUU BllO UUilll IU iioyc a uunii,
vttiitno uucicu uy tmo tituwi. iei, employes 61 the Louisvilleand Nasli- phiHdelphia Times
x,uu -win, xiaC uuCu buo v, uuu.piV.Wen,vivmg au Econolny ,g wealth,' but'it is a' kind bl
material weaitn ana weiiare or tne oumwy. m.oalt. rtint ih. , ni!,nri(iH it W(i tn
own, but they have served to Mr. -Frank Berry, of Crooked Creek, transfer to his son.-iTuck.
.... . 1 ...... .1 nr:..ir.i..f I
gather a community of intelligent " African travelers say there is no ani-
and energetic people which makes "Z' SrT' . ' mal siIy on lhe fiPot as thp
Camden pre-eminent as the ecluca- s.-r.omiii i -is)n
innnl opntpr nf tin's and Riirmnnd- : So lonK a8 n,story rel)eats ltself the
nKao v fff f From Wheatley. school boy need not commit it to mem-
W V KJJL ' WDU I 'V- j A 1 . T
el-rvnll r- c-rxn Tril in fit 4-4-r I ...... 1
ouu.ul . oi"" "" Keguiar (H.nasr.onaene.j As mQn,&fi ft TORn reaHy. amounts to a
maintain tho high excellence which The revival meeting at Liek Crock ;ttle something, it is said of him that he
- M I . . . . I
the school 'achieved during last closed to-day with good results. doesn't amount to anything. Atchison
year. 'Mr. Walter S. Parker, of this place, is Globe.
The Democratic Executive Com- visitins T raotl,er at 11 lafcwoods' vvho TV3 the e8se?ce 01 f cos; ex'
....ij enT--i. a . .w . j ... -
mittee oi Montgomery vountymet Ah,Tina(in uwit ,ft.Fnrt Sn ... suitof clothes-on time.-Jewellers' Cir-
last Saturday and planed a vigor- Ark- bst June, is back on business this Har
ous campaign. Clubs Will be or- week. IIe speaks very 'highly of hia A. loud report is sometimes called i a
ganized in each district and effi- westenv home. 1 bang, but please note that a false report
cient workers will bo appointed to Oliver, the twelveyear old sonot Wil- h n0t the saine 88 a fft,se bang.-Dc-troit
bring out .a full Democratic vote. ham and -Lizzie Robins died last Friday r ree 1 re8S
The Democracy of Tennessee is
getting together on all sides, and
we confidently iplace Buciianan's
majority at the November election
at forty thousand !
arid was buried at the Wynn grave-yard Doctor. " liave you taken any remedy
Sunday morning. The bereaved parents for this trouble? " Tatient. "No, doctor,
have the sympathies of the writer. I have not ; but I have taken' a power of
Engine No. 133 pulling local freight medicine."-Brooklyri Life.
No.' 117, on the Louisville and Nashville ' I thought many a time when l used
Kailroad, run into the gravel train at to go to see my girl she was sweet enough
Faxon last Thursday derailing and do- toeat." "And why didn't you eat her?"
ing considerable damage to the engine. "She soured on me.'" -1 Philadelphia
We learn from tho Paris Post-
Intelligencer that Maj. John 0. Fortunately no one was hurt. An open Times
Porter, uncle to Mrs. Gen. J. D. C. switch was the cause of the accident
Atkins and esGov. James D. Por- Mr. Upper, superintendent f the 6team
ter. died at that place on the 28th "hovel at Faxon nas shot and painfully
of last month. wounded1 last Wednesday night by the
-- telegraph operator (failed to learn name
Kecent trustworthy calculations of operator). Upper, who was rooming
When Baby was sick, we -gate her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried tor Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clnng to Castoria.
When shefcad Children, she gave them Castoria
of tho population of the Chinese with the operator, vent to his room. at a
onmira.-lw r.n00in miflmriti'oB a late hour, find, thinking he would have
v ... ..-wxww., . 0uii,i,:i
timate it at 382,000,000, and an an- and hilentlyi The perator asm who
nuai increase oi vjv,wv. was there, and upon receiving no" reply -A man's ears are placed in such a way
Tt ia imnnrtnnf hnt worvDnm f red ofT his-revolver in the direction he that he may catch the things that -are
-u n Tk supposed tho intruder to-be. The shot Baid in front of him. :A -merciful provi
Wiau vuta m iu puiumira, effect in Upper's chebk, btiti Isnot dence never intendedtlvat he should hear
as tne success oi tne party may tie- necessarily dangerous. ; hwhaVie eaid behind hisack. Atchir
, pend on the result of the. primaries, -September,. 1800. J EWobe
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