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. I'l'lll.lsilKl) WKKKI.V AT
Camden, Benton County, Tenn.
ThkC'iiiiomci.k is entered at. tint Ciuuilen.
lemi., Hist olUcc as sccoml-class mail mutter.
One dollar per yeiir in advaiire; llftv cents for
six months; twenty live rents for three months.
I UK ( llKONici.R will he Issued on Krlrtny of
t. u eeK. Miiiseriiiuoiis, pavalilo in ndvant'c,
may lio sent by post-olllce order at onr risk.
J osiaue stamiis are nut desirable, hut when It Is
loinul necessary Ut remit them one-cent stamps
are preferred.
f()AnWHiited to solicit subscriptions. Write
we shall spare no endeavor to furnish valuable
rendlnu mattev to our patrons; ami hope to se
wn.-a t ..i ivhioiuiciii hi. every posi-oinco in Ken
ton ( omity to furnish us with county news.
J f -We assume no responsibility for the ex
pressions contained In communication!) appear-
Ini; in the columns of this paper.
Hates on advertisements, and estimates on job
print int! furnished on application.
Address all business coimnunlc.-illonii and re-
romances to
TRAVIS r.nos.,
ANNOUNCEMENTS. which lie has given 'satisfaction. If
yoi choose him for your candidate
The Democracy of Lenton Conn- and elect him, he will make as
ty is willed upon to select candi- faithful n jmblic servant as ho hns
dates by primary election, to-mor- in the past He will be the friend
row, for membership in the Fifty- of all measures pertaining to the
second Congress of the United best interest of tire people is a
States, and in the Forty-seventh whole and an enemy to any and all
General Assembly of Tennessee. methods of legislation that savor
The following announcements of of corruption or have a tendency
candidates for these positions have to work hardships on his constit-
been made through The Citron- uency.
Icle. lliese gentlemen are true
Democrats and well-known to our
readers. All of them are worthy
of public confidence, and should
your selections ne irom among
them, von will have chosen men
who will reflect honor and credit
upon their constituency men who
believe in the promulgation of
Democratic principles and Demo
cratic institutions:
Election first Tuesday in, November, lttto.)
For Governor :
of ltuthcrford County.
"XlflCnre authorized to announce Capt. U. W.
1 1 Ai hks a culminate to renrcsent t ne eh: itu
Congressional district In the Kilty-second Con
gress of the United States subject to the w ill of
the Democratic imrty.
Capt. R. "YV. Ayres, who acquired
his title during the late civil war
between the States as a gallant Con
federate soldier, is well-known to
In either of the above gentlemen
the Democracy will have a candi
date wrorthy of their support. The
members of The Chronicle force
have there personal preferences as
a matter of course, but when it is
Democrat against Democrat, they
will refrain from expressing a pref
erence, and will cheerfully support
the men who are chosen as the
nominees of the party.
Judging from the expressions of
a lew nnsjnuded politicians wno
have gone into temporary spasms
in their opposition to the so-called
Alliance candidate for Governor, it
would seem that they have failed
to discriminate between their per
sonal and ' political opinion. Re
they are forced to market their
cotton. Others think it a danger
erous plan for the farmers to placo
themselves so completely in the
power of foreign capitalists, who
irtually dictate the prices on cot
ton, and it such a schemo could be
mt into practical operation, about
the only gainers would bo the
money lenders who would get their
A A 1 J A
4 per cent, interest on a saio in
vestment, and when the squeeze
commenced tho farmers would be
completely at the mercy of the syn
dicate advancing the money.
A woman factory inspector in
rhiladelplna has made four hund
red inspections during her service
of six months. In nine cases out of
tens lie found, that the operatives
did not know where the fire escapes
Postmaster-General AV a n a
MAKER has excluded from the mails
the Detroit "Guide," the official
organ of the Alliance, on the grounc
that it is a secret publication and is
debarred irom the pound rate priv
RepuVnism in Tennessee quaintonce.
the people of Benton County, and puDiican ieaders created this little
nis mnuence mine district is Doun- jiru07a -uv 4:-
I VtlV, y l.XVXVVA. KSJ 1.1 VI Ull UUV
aeu oniy oy tne limit or. his ac
TT 1 1 i 1 jl
ne nas uevoteu ine ui,: i v t,v r,t
0s btJggressive, defiant, and Sreater Pnrt o hj8 life to the work readiness with which a few little
l)old in its public utterances,, and OI. minier oizne gospel, out not- f ellows rosh into the trap A
it isj'or the Democrats to so
lidii v jx ranks and meet it in the
same spirit
withstanding his arduous duties in
this field, he is still in the prime of
! 1 i 1 fl 11 A m
lite ana rail or vigor. The can-
tain's Democracy is sound and he
stands on the right platform, and
while he has made no noisy pro-
revolution in politics is surely com
ing, and if you want to be in the
swim, join the Democratic, column,
To-Morrow the Democratic pri
maries will be held to select a can
didate to represent the Eiehth
Congressional District in the Fifty.
gu n ..: ,i ji'i.x. i- 1
mbu vuiigH uu u uiuumuio nocal county politics. nml nowasks
x T 1 J 1 1 ' ill w
represent Benton county m ine ih.mnprROvin,h-.c
next General Assembly of Ten
nessee. So turn out and vote and
urge upon your neighbor, the ne
cessity of doing likewise. ,
Occasionally we see an illusion
to the Democracy of certain candi
dates as being "questioned." .No
doubt there are a few interested
It is impossible for the publish
ers of TnE Chronicle to see every
testation of his work, he has fre- body, as we have been rushed
quently done valuable service in with work every since tho paper
started. Don t wait for a persona
request, as we know some have done.
but let every man in Benton County
consider that he is personally so
licited to take the paper, and notify
us at once. You are interested in
politics. The campaign is in ful
blast. Try it for three months
only 25 cents. It is possible fo
The Chronicle to accomplish a
T7h arc authorized to announce Hon. 15. A.
? KnloR a candidate for re-election to Ocm
Kress from this the Kighth District, eonilMjsed of
the counties of lientflii, Carroll, Chester, I lecatur,
Hardin, Henderson. Henrv. Madison. MeXairv.
and l'erry. subject to the action of the Dumo-
From Morris Chapel.
RctJirtar correspondence.
Mr. II. C. Utley made a flying
trip to Box, Tenn., last Sunday.
Miss Nan Dye is visiting her
brother Mr. E. Dye, -of this vicin-
ity. . ...
l arincrs are turning under their
stubblo land preparatory for an
other crop.
A little son of Mr. IS. . Steph
ens was taken suddenly ill at school
last Monday.
beveral from here have been
regular .attendants at the Bethle
hem meetings.
A number pf cattle and swine
made a break-in on M. V. Utley's
and J. Y. Jordan's c rops last week
and committed serious damage.
Mr. Hubbard Johnson, who is
probably the oldest man in the
county, is quite sick. He is at the
residence of Mr; David Johnson.
September 17, 1890.
From Way.
SpeclRl correspondence.
Mrs. Cordia Holland is very sick
with pneumonia.
Out farmers are trying to save
fodder and hay this week. .
H. Benton and G. W. Davidson
visited J. M. Hamer last Thurs
day. .
Protracted raeetiug commences
A Tuscarora (Nev.) newspaper
prepares the young mind for the
coming of a new school pnnciTml
bv the remark that "the official's
teaching weight is about225 pounds at Sulphur Springs the first Sunday
avoirdupois, . which under certain 111 vctouer.
conditions micrht ha mado to nn. v. M. warmer nas ueen very
proximate a ton." sick: for the past three "weeks, but
is now recovering.
The grass and weeds have been Hon. John P. Lashlee jsiteel
allowed to grow undistributed in the protracted meeting at Harmon
the yard ot the iederal court and Uroek last Monday.
postoffice since the new adminis- Tj. JMelton and Bud Farmer went
tration came in. This is a sample to Sulphur Creek last Tuesday, in
ot how the whole bouth would be if the interest Of business.
eratie primary election,
Tvhile Hon. B. A. Enloe is com
paratively a young man and a new
member of Congress, no man who
parties who would like to see some has stood in the glare of publicity deal of gotl or Camden and Ben.
of them iniuredby Republican hate longer than he is better known to ton County, and we shall dp our
and Democratic dissatisfaction, but the country or more highly esteemed best in working for the public good
their desires will never be realized, by his associates of every shade of and the people as a whole.
ITT II' 1 ll I 1 l t t I lii.' T -1 1 1 I
ve tninK mat we. nave so piainiy political opinion, unless wre exciuae (jHj, tariff bill which passed the
i t n n j T) Tt TT 1 I 1 Mr '
stated tne case mat even a common ooss xvd. .his energy ana ei- House recently was passed by the
mugwump can not fail to under- forts m the interest of the people at last week in a somewhat
have been untiring, and while not modifietl f orm and sent back to the
i , . v i i . r I 1 I
aivutjs successmi necause oi a iie- Hous& The House committee fail-
publican majority in the House, his
readiness to condemn a measure
and back it up with invincible ar
gument has won for him the confi
dence and admiration of his con
stituents who are familiar with his
work in their interest. It is to be
earized labor, or repudidate Me- regretted that Mr. Enloe has been ail(Hhflt is tho unsettled find dis
Dowell and his "rat" sheet. No unable to meet the people of the dis- orgid condition of tiie New
labor organization should antago- trict before the primary, but he has York money market, ' which has
oeen requested oy tne leading Lem
ocratic members of the House to
remain at his post of duty in Wash
ington during the session of Con
gress, and his party think it wise
and proper for him to do so.
re authorized to announce Hon. V. I
Miss Fannie Burns, the -school
mistress at Harmon Creek,- was
taken sick and compelled to dis
continue her school last Monday,
.September 15, 1890.
From McKinney, Texas.
Special Correspondence.
The Chronicle is a welcome vis
itor -every "weeik, for which some
friend has my thanks.
i Teioice over the success of the
Democrats in old Benton. ancl I am
let down into a well at Hales' Point satisfied the Republicans will not
last week for the purpose of clean- make the claim again that -Benton
mg it out, and when about half is a doubtful county.
way to the bottom he struck foul "We have just passed through a
air. 1 he men at the windless com- heated political contest, Hon. Silas
menced drawing him up and when Hare, our present Congressman,
about 4 feet from the top he- fell and W. M. Bailey were Xhe con-
back and broke his neck. lupley testants, the latter winning the race
it were turned over to the Repub
licans. Jackson Evening JNews.
The Republican majority in Mr.
Edmund's State, has, in two years,
been cut dowm irom I i ,000 to 17,-
000 or less. Manifestly -then, the
Democrats must have Imlldozed
the Republicans of Vermont, sup
pressed their votes, terrorized them,
and raised Cam generally. Louis
ville Courier Journal.
A son of John Miller was "being
stand it
It is charged that tho ' Toiler,
the official organ of the Farmer's
and Laborer's Union of Tennessee,
is printed in, a "rat" office. If
sucli is true, it is the duty of the
Farmer's and Laborer's Union,
to insist on having their official or
gan gotten out at the hands of or-
nizo similar institutions.
ing to agree on the Senate bill, con
ference committees were appointed
and the difference of opinion be
tween the two branches of Congress
will be adjusted by them. One of
the results of the probable passage
of the bill has already developed
Evesy effort of the farmers and
laboring people of Tennessee which
look to protecting themselves from
the selfishness of powerful and cor
rupt corporations that are sustained
by paid lobbies and perjured hire
lings in the halls of legislation, will
be sustained by every right think
ing mind of every party, for every
act of legislation by the Republi
cans at "Washington is against the
farmer and in the interest of cor
porations and manufacturers.
Congressman Kennedy, of Ohio,
threw the Republican majority m
the lower house of Congress into a
nervous tremor a few days ago when
he attacked Senator Quay and de
nounced the United. States Senatfe
tk a
t Moitms a Democratic candidate to repre
sent llenton County In the Forty-seventh Oeneral
Assembly of Tennessee. Election November 4,
Colonel Morris has served the
peoplo of Benton County in vari
ous public positions, and our read
ers are familiar with his record,
11 1 i mi it
and now ne nas nncd such posi
tions. If he is chosen bv the De
mocracy to-morrow as their candi
caused the President and Secretary
of the Treasury no little anxiety,
and the end is not vet. Leading
bankers are frightened and almost
panic-stricken, and are discussing
measures and means of relief if the
bill should become a law. Should
the bill be passed to takeeifectim
mediately after its passage, which
is the intention of its promoters, a
panic in the money market can not
be avoided under the present con
stmction of the bill.
It is announced that prominent
members of the National Farmers'
Alliance are negotiating with for
date to represent them in the next eign capitalists for the loan of $32
General Assembly, he will endeavor per bale on 2,000,000 bales of cotton,
in make irood all nromiscs Iip mndo thecottontobestored in warehouses
them during the canvass, and will
'.i t fill - - 1 , A. lt.ll 1 i in n i , i , .
tor the doieat oi mu eiwuuu um uy guard wen tne interests t his con-
. -. ,i i tf .1.1.1-. .1 i ni
that houy. h.ES.Msi)iproimwj(umuu stituency ne win Do a represen
ts point on the occasion, having tative of the people and opposed
' only the House to deal with, but to all corrupt legislation.
... Ml 1 ... I
OUAY and his Wing Will SCeK ail Tli are authorized to announce Hon. John
0 . , .. . i V 1'. I.AsHi.KK a candidate to represent llcn-
earlv opportunity tor revenge Upon ton County ill the Fortv-seveiith Ceneral Assem-
. J . , tt, it i i lilv of Tennessee subject to the will of the pen.
their brother Iiepuoiican wnouurf s ocvatic party. Election November 4. is).
i A 1 , I f n ir ' m -
to imbliclv denounce some ol uie john 1'. JuASHLEE is ono ot iien-
bosses as enemies and traitors to ton's true and tried sons, is a true
the party. It is stated that r-.e will Democrat, and has heretofore filled
l... ,u.i;ii-ullv fksLim-isvd. I positions of honor and trust, in
at convenient points in the South.
The news created quite a sensation
among the cotton men of the coun
try, and the scheme is receiving
m'uch adverso as well as favorable
criticism. It is claimed that the
Allianco have sought the akl
TnE grading on the Paducah,
Tennessee, and Alabama Railroad
is being pushed all the ' way from
the state line to the Powell farm,
miles north of Pans, and as
soon as the right .of "way can be ob
tained on a few tracts of land, this
side' of the Powell farm, the work
will begin all the way into town.
raris 1 6st-lntelhgencer.
The editress of the Centerville
(Miss.) Sentinel Imngs ler hair,
wears ear-rings and can't keep from
being pretty, but that -does not
prevent her from being sensible,
Speaking of the proposition to al
low her sex to voto she savs
"There are too many voting alroady
who do not know what tlrey are vot
ing tor. Memphis Avalanche.
by a large majority. Elections in
this county are always exciting, not
withstanding there are -very few
Republicans here not enough , to
put out a ticket .
Mclunney has two new colleges-
completed within the past year,
and the public school system is as
good as that of any "State in the
Union. We have a beautiful little
town of about fifteen thousand in
habitants. Our Master and the '
evil one are well represented here,
the former by seven churches and
tho latter by eleven saloons.
The cotton market has opened,
and cotton is coming in at the rate '
of two hundred bales per day ; soon
our streets will be lined with wacr-
ons loaded wyith the fleecy staple.
It is no unusual sight to see four
r i i i
or hve hundred wagons tiaily on
the streets here during the cotton
A tension rate of 120,000,000 a season, which opens September L
year means 120 days' labor for 1,000- and continues until the holidays.
000 men at$l a day which is the The seasons this year have not been
average rate of payment for factory as favorable for cotton and corn as
labor in this country. The men in former years, and the yield for
who.' work support those who do these crops will riot bo so great,
not There is noway of getting but we will have enough and plenty
around that A hundred andtwen- to spare. Collin County has never
ty million dollars for men who do failed to produce abundant crops
tinf u-nrl? fr.i if. nintiTia 1 9(1 OHA flflfl oitwq if litia lorT -n vwriTifr rFV
days work for their support from principle crops are corn, cotton, ,
those who do work. St. Louis He- wheat, oats, hay of all kinds (ex-
Furnnnnn bnnkcrs to defeat the
l . . i . -i ... -r -n
i. . f price , reuuzeu oy .nr. wwum
1 .... Jl.5v.7X I urn Inn.lc sf nntf.ni
to reiluce the prices so that specu- j g()ld the fiame day fo R H
intors can take auvaiuage ot :. j (;;u-l,orats;5. Harro HVnntv W
necessities of farmers, by wlm-h I k mt.
The first bale of cotton for this
season was sold here last Wednes
day. It was raised by J. E. Mc-
Collum, who lives at the Patton
place between Trezevant and Mo-
Lemoresville. It was picked last
Monday and Tuesday, ginned lues
day evening by Fuqua, Harris &
Co., of lrezevant, brought here
early "Wednesday morning and
sold. It was sold to the highest
bidder. S. N. Williams acting as Hoese stealimr has become auite
auctioneer. Tho bidding was live- epidemic in Obion county within
ly for a while but was knocked off the past few days. Mr. . Logan
to A. M. Lee at 10.05. A premium Moultry, -of' Hornbeak, had the
of $10 was added, which made the misfortune of having two horses
cept ciover;, ana potatoes, lvme
stock, cattle, and hogs are here iii
almndance. W. 1). O'Gavinn.
Septemlwr 10, 1890. ,
All the members of the firm of
mujjci ii uiuo. tun piuiv-uu-itii pun
ters, and it is a rule of the house
that each niembeT of the family
who expects to be taken into the
firm must become proficient in
type-setting or press-work.
taken from his stable one nkrht
last week. "We understand thev
liave been recovered, but the
thieves arc still -at large Troy

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