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The county juil is yawnin
rr fur
an occupant.
Material for tlie now bank build
ing is fast accumulating.
Mrs. Cusic, an aged lady of this
city, is reported being sick.
Mr. J. A. Barnes, of Big Sandy,
was in the city Wednesday.
J. A. Clement, esq., attended cir
cuit court at Paris last week.
When will the debris of tho old
Hartley building be removed?
Mrs. P. E. MeElyea and children
. flTtt VI Ri finer nt. Tin Vermin Tumi I
Mr. W. E. Bivens is able to be
out again after his recent illness.
The merchants of Camden are
preparing for a good business this
The farmers are busy gathering
and storing tho crop of fodder and
Hon. J. E. Jones, of Dresden,
attended chancery court here this
week. t
Miss Tom Pussell is visiting at
Dresden, the guest of Mrs. J. E.
Jones. i-
We wish contribution of news
items from every locality in the
Mr. Harris Rogers, of Nashville,
is visiting relatives and friends in
this city,
Mr. II. F. Stigall is having tho
dwelling in the rear of the bank
Everybody seems to be satisfied
with the result of the primary last
T. L. Lanier, esq., of AVaverly,
was in attendance at chancery court
this week.
The demand for 'ood sidewalks
around town increases as winter
approaches. y
Mr. W. L. Morris and Dr. J. T.
Alsup, of Big Sandy, were in the
city Monday.
Mr. J. M. Bishop, of Sugar Tree,
was in attendance at chancery
court Monday.
Ye local sportsmen are getting
in trim for the fall crop of quails
and squirrels,
A little money is said to have
changed ownership over the result
of the .primary.
The present wet season is prov.
ing very detrimental to the hay
and cotton crop,
There will be a special term of
chancery court at this place the
Gth of November
Mr. Bud Wan-Mi, of Huntingdon,
Tenn.. was amonir the visitors at
this place Monday.
Mr. A. C. McKae is receiving
material for building a fence arounc
his new residence
Only a few of tho old platforms
.remain on the public square. AVhy
not remove them f
Mr. T. J. Lowry, the merchant
.prince at Eva, was in the city on
business Wednesday
How about that telephone line
from town to the station? What
is being done adout it?
Cnrrt. R. W. Avres. of Benton
County, was in Paris Monday,
Paris Post-Intelligencer.
Mr. R. L. Bridges, of near Cam
.Ion lnft last week to enter schoo
at McLtmoresville, Tenn.
Mr. P. Melton has recently. made
1 imnrovements on his
residence in East Camden.
Unless tho public square is grav
rled it will be in an almost inipass.
iblo condition this winter
Tim watermelon season is draw
in"- to a close, and ye candidate
erects it with a sigh of relief.
A hub and spoke factory at Cam
.Ion would prove a remunerative
investment to enterprising parties
Mr. Noah Rushing, a prosperous
former nf Iho vicinity ot 1'leasan
Valley, was a pleasant caller at The
Cnr.ONlCLE olnco Monuay,
Mr. T. II. Baker, j., of the Hunt
Jnenlnn Renublican. was m aueni
annex nf. tho. Republican senatona
ntion at this place Monday
Who -will furnish us regularly
the news items at
Eva? We want
a good correspondent at that plaeo
The white- rabbit owned by Com
modore Hawley, was found dead
in their garden one day this week
John C. Sweeney, esq., of Paris,
Tenn., was in the city Monday,
looking alter chancery court busi
The attendance at chancery court
this week was not very large, due
probably to the inclemency of the
The twelfth district only polled
about halt its strength in the pri
mary, hence its small showing in
le returns.
It is estimated that the peanut
crop of this county has been dania.
god at least 20 per cent, oy the
ontmued Into ram.
Mr. George Gillbreath, n worthy
citizen and prosperous farmer, is ly
ing very ill at his home, 4 miles
west from Camden.
Judge Abernathy granted four
worces tins week. This is the
nest record on divorces we remem
ber of in this county.
Assistant cashier McMurray, of
the Wavcrly bank, is assisting cash-
icr McRae of the Camden Bank
and Trust Company this week. .
Mr. Thomas P. Phifer, an in
dustrious and prosperous farmer
of near Dividson's Landing, was a
pleasant caller at this office "Wednes
Chancery court met at this place
Monday, Chancellor A. J. Aber
nathy, of Pulaski, in the chair. The
docket is somewhat larger than
A number of slier iff s sale of
and take place at the court-house
in Vjamuen w-monow. iiio saies
are made by order of the circuit
n x mi i
Mr. Silas Bullock, of Big Sandy,
dropped in at The Chronicle ot
fice while in Camden Monday, and
exchanged views on the political
Mr. H. A. Rice, a prominent citi
zen of the thirteenth district, re
membered the uhronicle m a
substantial way while in the city
The Huntingdon bar was repre
sented at chancery court here this
week by L. L. Hawkins, Alvin
Hawkins, Albert Hawkins, and Joe
R. Hawkins.
Mr. J. W. FusseiTs delivery
wagon is kept busy since the fall
shipment of produce has set in.
Uncle W yatt is a hustler when it
comes to handling produce
A fife and drum band is being
agitated by some of the small boys
of Camden. They have raised sev
eral dollars by subscription toward
purchasing the instruments.
Mr. II. Clay Benton, who has
charge of the public school at Sul
phur Creek, spent Saturday and
Sunday with. his parents, Mr,and
Mrs. W. C. Benton, this city,
Protracted meeting, to be con-
Rev. J. Ci. Jones, commences at
the Methodist Episcopal Church,
South, in Camden to-morrow
No election was held in the
fourth district Saturday, lienco a
number of fourth district Demo
crats were in Camden on that day
and were allowed to vote here,
The band boys will soon begin
practicing tor their concert. A va
riety of excellent pieces have been
selected tor the occasion and a
grandtreat is in store forthe public.
The-citizens of North Camden
are anxious to have a walk-way
extended from the parsonage to tho
public square. Those interested
should get together and discuss
the matter.
Dr. W. P.' Turner, a former resi-
dent of Lenton County, died at his
home in JMihtown, Ark., beptcm-
ber 0, lo'JU, 01 congestion, lie was
thirty-eight years of age. His wife
died about two months previous to
his death, an account of which was
published m The Ciieonccxe
Some of the materials have been
placed on the ground for the erec
tion of Messrs. Loekhart Bros'.
ill at South Camden.
The firm of IJarrisou, Dodd &
Co., stave manufacturers of Holla-
1 J 1 J 1 T 1 1
uav, mis counw. nas uissoiveu co
partnership. The notice of disso
lution is published elsewhere in
J he Chronicle.
Piev. II. W. Mannon, of . this city,
announces that no will preach the
funeral sermons of J. C. McDamel,
jr., and child, at the Camden Cum-
bcuand Presbyterian Church, the
sec0 ay 111 '
Miss Eva -G. Wyly, who has
been under treatment of Dr. T. E.
Enloe, at Nashville, Tenn., for tho
past tour weeks returned to her
home in Camden Tuesday evening
greatly improved in health.
A .little child of Dan Howes, liv
: ... nr . i c . -ii.
ing on mu iuuiris pmcu near, qouuii
Camden, burned its feet in a Rum
ble manner last Saturday mornim
The little fellow accident! y stepped
into a pile of cinders its mother had
The following lieeuse to marry
nave ueen issueu uy county court
clerk, W. A. bteelc, jr., since our
1 1 fit
last report towit: A. G. Johnson
to marry D. D. Hyatt, W. E.
Lynch to marry Alenor Matlock,
11. L. George to marry Lucy . A.
The Chronicle is a live, wide
awake, little Democratic paper pub
lished at Camden, and it is doing
good service in .Benton County.
Ihe Democrats m that section.
should see to it that The Chroni
cle is well supported. Nashville
rni j l l ii
ine ministerial worn, in uus
county never met with better suc-
cess man it. nas tins year. ltevi-
1 1 i -i ii -r-
vals of religion have succeeded
each other in rapid succession ami
the -churches ot all denominations
have received lame additions to
their membership.
Tho same old mark (X) is used
to notify subscribers ot tho expir
ation ot their subscription to tins
paper. vVoidrop all names when
the time paid tor has expired. If
you find the mark on your paper
i a a: 4.: :i
must be prompt in notifying us if
you don t want to miss a number.
While in Camden last Monday,
T. H. Baker, jr., of the Hunting
don Republican, lost a 1,000-milo
ticket over the Nashville, Chatta
nooga, and St. Lou is Railway. Any
one finding such ticket will confer
a favor on the gentleman by send
ing the samo to him at Hunting
den, or leaving it at The CnnoNi-
cle office.
The matter ef inclosing the Ren
ton Seminary ground with a good
substantial fence should be attend
ed to at once in order to keep out
hogs nnd small stock that harboi
beneath the building which is a
constant scource of annoyance to
children attending school. ;-le
sides, a neat fence-would add very
much to the appearance of the
i A 1 "I 1 1
Messrs. Joe C. Harper and Con
Hudson are moving their saw and
grist mill, recently purchased at
Chaseville, to South Camden, and
the machinery is being set up fast
as it is received. v e hope at no
distant day to see the entire valley
surrounding the station of the
Nashville, Chattanooga, and St.
Louis Railroad at this place dotted
with nulls and factories. y
The new instruments for the band
at this place were received Friday
last, and tho boysare delighted with
them. Ihe band organized as fol
lows : E. M. McAulcy, 1st Eb cor
net; J. V. Travis, 1st Bl comet;
Eugene Morris, 2nd Rb cornet ; C,
N. Travis, 1st alto; Edgar Totty,
2nd alto: Thompson Morris, 1st
tenor ; G. A. McElrath, tuba ; M
Collins, bass drum ; Alex. Rivens
snare drum. v itn a nttie prac
T TIT i l l J J I
tice tho boys can be depended on
to furnish the public fine music,
A lucky streak of fortune has
fallen to Mrs. Sara Flowers, of this
place. Her Scotch,,grandfather re
cently died in New York, leaving
an estate in money and property
valued at over $500,000 to Mrs.
Flowers and her sister, Mrs. Delia
Combs, of Humboldt. Mrs. Combs
has forwarded to the lawyers man-
ayrinc: the estate proof of their re-
lationshipand doubtless they will
soon come into possession of this
valuable property. Mrs. Flowers
is an estimable widow lady, and her
sister, Mrs. Combs, is the wife of
aai industrious carpenter
From Luterton.
Iii'Kntor correspondence. .
Mr. Everett Hall and Miss Lizzie Cor-
bett wore united in marriage last Thurs
day. Mrs. Sallio Vcstor, of Faxon, who is,
perhaps, the oldest lady living in Kenton
County, ia visiting relatives atFlatwoods.
C. M. Wilson will begin a Kinging
school at Ramble Creek Sunday. F.
Reddick will begin a similar school at
Luteuton, September 20, 1890.
From Morris' Chapel.
Regular correspondence.
Mr. Henry Miller is on the sick list this
Miss Minnie Anderson will make her
future homo at J. N. Mitchell's.
A little daughter of Rev. M. V. Utley
is quite sick with chills and foyer.
Miss Lottie Penick, of Fulton, Ky.. is
visiting Mr. J. II. Mitchell's family.
Mr. Hubbard Johnson, who was report-
ed sick in my last communication, is im-
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. .Witt
French, that has been seriously ill, is re-
An interesting singing at the residence
of Mr. J. Y. Jordan, was indulged in bv
the young folk Sunday afternoon,
An old-fashioned quilting at the resi
dence of Mi'; Bennett Holland, was largely
attended by the young folks Tuesday
Morris' Chapel, September 20, 1S90,
From .Big Sandy.
Special correspondence.
Mrs. Dr. Tayloe, of McKenzie, is visit
ing at this place.
Mr, W. 0. Davis, ot Camden, has been
mingling with the young ladies at this
place. Will is a jolly fellow.
The protracted meeting is iu progress
at this place, but the rain has somewhat
interfered with the attendance.
Miss Beatrice Pierce has returned home
lrom Mckenzie, and, consequently, a
smile is playing over the face of one of
the boys.
The residence and business house of
Misses Lillie and Lizzie Rushing is Hear
ing completion. It presents a very at-
trsu-tiv nnne
" lr
ton gin erected. Don't know what the
j Q --
motive power will be, but if he could
utilize the great quantity of natural gas
that escapes here daily he would need no
Charlie Lowry had the misfortune to
get his right foot badly mashed by a train
Sunday morning, lie was trying to get
aboard the train and his foot slipped and
was caught by a wheel, lie is doing well
this morning,
13k; Sakdy, September 22, 1890.
From Enloe.
Kegular eorivsiouilence.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Stockdale,
1 mile east of this place, a tine girl.
Messrs, P. Dillon and George Tick
ers were called to Paris last week on bus
The farmers are busily engaged in cut
ting and saving hay and sowing down
Mr. J. H. Gilbert has returned homo
from an extended visit through West
Tennessee and Kentucky.
Mr. Bud Bomar and sister, Miss Jen
nie, of near Camden, were the guests of
Dr. J. R.. Young last week.
'J he iuneral of D. E. Young, jr., will be
preached at Lick Creek Church on the
fourth Suuday in September, by Key. R
W. Ay res.
Miss Ella Gilbert, who has been living
with her grandfather near Paris, Tenn.,
is spending a few days at her home in
this place.
The protracted meeting at Lick Creek
closed on Sunday, September 7, claiming
four or live professions, but no accessions
to the church.
A successful series of meetings have
been held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, a
lew miles east lrom Here, iuey also had
a baptizing in Bennet's Creek Thursday,
September 18, which was largely attended.
The following named young gentlemen
and ladies, of Lick Creek, made a flying
visit to La Grange furnace last Saturday :
Mr. J. P. Dillou and Miss Belle Stock-
dale, Mr, S. A. Clement and Miss Celia
Cheatham, Mr. E. A.. Shankle and Mis.
Mollic Daniel, Mr. W. B. Vickers and
Miss Easther McKenzie.
Enlok, September 21, lS'.'O,
ine ancienis excelled us in many tilings.
Now, there was Job, a boiler that never
exploded. San Francisco Alta.
The girl who takes care of the chickens
knows all about the shoo bueines.-r-El
Wantkd An energetic man, with good
reference, to take charge of our business
in Camden, -W. f . Downey & Co.,
2:; :2 Chattanooga, Tenn.
Come ! ' Come to tho new driig store
II. AV. Mannon's and get a bottle of
"The New South", for -colic diarrhea,
griping, etc. 'J0:ly.
I told you the now drug store would
keep all the first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound for the' liver and
New South for summer complaint. 10 :ly
Say, friend ; stop taking so many piUa
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Never affiliates with the system. Sold
by II. AV. Mannou. 10:1 v.
Quinine impairs the bearing, destroys
the nerves, and injures the digestion.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic is pleas
ant to take, leaves no unpleasant taste,
improves the digestion, and builds up the
system. No cure no pay. Sold by II.
W. Mannon. iil!0-4
We havo received hundreds of testimo
nials as to the efficacy of Hunt's Cure in
cases of skin diseases, and truly believe
it the best remedy known for Ringworm,
Tetter, Eczema, and similar, diseases.
Guaranteed. : Fifty cents tier box. For
sale by II. W. Mannon. 1-20-4
In Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic
will be found a sweet without its bitter.
Fleasant to the taste, -without a parallel
as a remedy for cliills und fever. It is the
production of the welbknown A. B. Rich
ards Medicine Company, of Sherman,
Tex., and guaranteed to cure. For sale
by II. W. Mannon. 1-20-4
Away with 'the bitter, nauseating, pas
ty, sweet-tasting chill tonics. UseCheat
am's Tasteless Chill Tonic, as pleasant
to the taste as rock-candy eyrup. The
children cry for it, the mother won't live
without it, and tho servants slip it from
the side-board. It aids digestion, con
tains no quinine, Arsenic, or Strychnine,
tones up the system, and is warranted.
No cure no pay. Sold by II. W. Mannon.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, sho cried for Castoria.
When Bho became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she bod Children, she gave them Castoria
DY mutual consent the partner--L'ship
heretofore existinir between W.
F. Harrison, T. J. Dodd and A. S. War
ren, who have been engaged in the man
ufacture of stavee at llolladay.in Benton
County, Tenn., by the firm name and
style of Harrison, Dodd & Co., is this day
dissolved, and said partnership has no
longer any existence.
W. F. Harrison.
T. J. Donn.
A. S. Warrek.
1Ioi,laday, Tknn.; Sept. 20, 1S90. 2G
Camden, Tenn.
Will hereafter bivih! Vn vX ml thini u....L-t
ofeaeli inmitli in Camden: the second week 'n't
liiR Sandy: umV the fnuil.li ill, IIhIIh 'uv. c.iini
1)11. II. B. TKAVIS,
I'anulen. Tenn.
Attorneys at ,Law5
(.'onnlvn, Tenn.
Will iiiiietiee in all tlieeourtsof lU ntmi Countv
and t lie ."iiinvme eour tit Tennessee. Colleetiiwi."
a specialty. 5:iy.
1 1 j. , r 1
iVllOl llOy ill JLilW?
Will nive careful utt.ejit.ioii to all biisin.vss ,.n
trusted to my care, t'ollcclions a specialty
Also insurance iiifent for Kimwille nnd ntlrei
fciMid ciinipanies. , j y.
Iltirber Shop.
IJuyinu reeemlv imrcltascd a m-w elviir mut
other new articles tending to the comfort of mv
pairons, i now nave lacillties to sluive, sliain
loo and do liair cuttini; that are second to noue.
, 'J liankinK the public for past patrone, and so-
11-111:41-.; t -tijiMuiiaoce 01 uiti Mime,
1 am, ri.'sji;ctlu;iy,
Camden, Tenn.
JVMy shop is on- door ui of. tlr S:U:ur
Ucikse ;vi iitu.aJ' . ; l '

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