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vol. n.
NO. 1
, Ma. BnADsE giVes us a good deal
about cod-fishing and sealing and
so on, but never a word about the
later boom, in whaling.
World. -New York
TliE people can get in their work
at the ballot-bux only once in two
years. Tile Republican tariff gets
in its worli every day. Uniom City
The Democraov nf ' .Ti Fmni
State are almost unanimous in want-
j x
ing to se David Bennett Hill sent
W J L11V III ll ,11 L ILfL 1,1 Lir I 1 1 L I ;I , . 1 I I 11 I
-s i flitui Mnn. Tl.n
Schenectady. Gazette..
oreasecune wages ot their employes
IOnprwnr. Mpnnwhilft Ampripmi
f.t . m . . . I
pmnlnvara nr rrvincr for n,ni nr..
trPini, fnv th lnrlmnn nml
rprfnnW Rnlva Mpmnlii An.
AccoitDlNa to Mr. Porter the
" verified populatioii of tlie United
States is 62,622,250." The' unver-
4,000,000 Democrats whom Parti- " " ' 7" "---j-ean
Porter was too busy to count- Dr; J- H-arren the founder of
1 1
St Louis Republic.
The funniest thing of the'season
is the Republican attempt to crawl
out of the protection coop through,
the reciprocity hole.' No doubt
there are now many Republicans,
Diutc iuc utii l v lias xuxicii aiuuiit;
r j o I
the Phillistines, who wish that they
T , , ., , , .
treat. Louisville Courier-J ournal.
The New York Sun' is very much
incensed with- Mr. Cleveland be-
cause he didn't pull off his coat and
work for the Tammany ticket. The
New York Sun, which championed
Ben Butler in 1884, and worked for
Harrison in 1888, cartnever forgiva
the man who doesn't do the right
thing by the Democratic party.
Nashville American.
iTcanhardlv be said that our
Republican friends will "enthuse"
over the President's message. It
recommends partisan legislation of
tie worse' kind, more appropria-
tions and subsidies requiring more
taxes, and the oppression of con-
smmers, but it is done m sueh a
dull, forced way that it will not
arouse enthusiasm even among his
j ' T 1 Ml - TT IK "I
supporters. iasnvuie xierani.
Though there is an opposition of
thirty-six on joint ballot to his re-
election, Mr. Ingalls tells the Atch-
ison correspondent of The Repub-
lie that "there is nothing impossi-
bLe." Perhaps not for the whole
cycle of Brahmins, but no single
Brahmin will ever live long enough
tw realize the truth of that paradox.
As for this particular Brahmin, the
Cornburners have a cinch on him
that they will consider it highly
paradoxical and un philosophical to
let go bt Louis republic.
p;nw,Vn .nnr, r
very busy trying to1 find some one
wnwn witf, bpfnrp ,h J
V ' "
lonf? time thev had Hill up in the-
ai'ras the best man, but the results
of the elections on the 4th instant
"busted" that combination all to
smash, savins as plain as words
could say it, that the great victory
was due to Cleveland's superb and
fearless message in 1887. Then
thpv turned to Senator Carlisle.
But Be, himself, knocked that
scheme into pifr by declaring for
Cleveland for President, as all the
Kentuckians da Cleveland is the
maiL. He is the unanimous choice
ef his partv, and is certain to be
nominated if he; lives. Memphis
The International Typographical
Union has a membership of 23,000.
Theproduce trade of Shelby ville
has been unusually large this year.
The yield of the Madison County
cotton crop is betteu than was ex-
TTnn T C. T.rmrr nf Mn,TWm
county, is m tne raee ior tne senate
Tiie second session of the Fifty
nrss i;otptprb pnnvpnpn nt. lunon
1ast Monday.
A post-office has been established
II fcJW i.l'KlJAA T Ai-t.v Vl
Lfjwis d
OU1Ce arC11 i00y E6W
VeSS?ls llaV6 bePU Completed for
tl10 United btates navy.
Jackson had a small fire last
Sunday.. Property to the amount
of about $2,000 was destroyed.
Mr. PI S. Davis,, a well-known
banker of Memphis, died suddenly
jist H riHftv mnrni-nof nf nnnnlpvu
,. A
uiy uiuil. ui jreiersuurgu,, v a., uisc
Farmers of various portions of
the State are afraid of loosing their
rv A mWni v,no oi,i
een iiile(i
nri r 1 l
nlilna I Inr a t ha llnrr mn rAim
p., A-iv Ai.ii
terfeiter is on trial before the fed-
, .. , .
ilia operations.
Large numbers of horses and
cattle are dying over the State.
Their death; is attributed to the
feeding of bad corn.
The Jasper Shoe Company has
hem organized. It will employ
ab0ut fifty hands. Buildings are
fn h prpotprl at nnpo
Pugh received the Alabama Sen
atorship last Friday. Webb and
0l were wUhdrawnv anci rugn
was. elected over Seay.
Forest fires have been raging in
the vicinity o'Tullahomar for more
than a week. A great deal of dam.
age has been done to fencing,
A committee has been appointed
at Nashville to make a strong ef
fort toward having tlce penitentiary
moved outside the eity limits.
Ke Heffl Jackson saloon
ke9Per accidently shot himself by
rfessly handling a loaded pistol
iast Y- win recover.
The Trades Council of Memphis
has passed a resolution requesting
the citizens of Memphis to refuse
to pay fare on street cars unless it
is collected by a conductor.
George H. McNeill has severed
his connection with the Carroll
County Democrat at Huntingdon,.
and accepted a position on the
West Tennessee Whig at Jackson.
Henry White, one of the best
known printers of Memphis, died
Saturday. He was three times
PresitIeivt of the Typographica
I TT TT 1 1
union, ne leaves a, wire ana one
Sam Jonee ba(1 eght hundred
conversions at a recent revival at
Palestine,, lex. Lvery business
ioilse in the place, racept a few
saloons, were closed in order that
the proprietors and employes could
g and near him.
J. M. Childress who lives 3 miles
southwest of Newbern, was acci
dently shot and killed by his wife
last Saturday- She was in the ac
of handing him a gun when by
some means it was discharged and
the' load took effect in his thigh,
He died in a 6hort while The
wife is prostrated with grieL
Mrs. Lennio Williams, of Dyers-
burgh, is a candidate for State li
brarian. She is a cousin of Governor-elect
John P. Buchanan.
The sub-committee having in
charge the pension appropriation
bill for the coming year has agreed
upon the amount, which is $133,
173,085; aud for examining sur
geons, $1,500,000.
The body of an infant crammed
into a large cigar-box was found in
the edge of Cumberland River at
Nashville last week. No clue as to
the parentage of the infant has
been discovered.
The gin-house of Moore & Co.,
at Milan, with its entire contents
was destroyed by fir November 27.
Luckily for the patrons of the gin,
all the cotton had been balei and
shipped the day before.
Mrs. Jefferson Davis is in New
York busily engaged revising the
proof sheets of her "Memoirs" of
Mr.. Davis. The book will soon be
published and it is expected to pro
voke a great deal of criticism.
The cotkvn crop of Hardeman
County is turning out worse than
was. expected. The fleecy staple
does, not at present command what
is considered a fair price, and those
who can are holding for a rise.
The National Farmers' Alliance
and Industrial Union convened at
Ocalar Fla., last Monday. Every
State and Territory that has an Al
tiance organization is represented
by from ten to thirty delegates.
The latest find of Charley Ross
was made last week by a New York
detective, who claimed to have at
ast found the missing Charley at
Boston. It turned out to be some
one else, as did all former finds.
Joseph Neevag, in prison at
Joliei!, 111., was to have been hung
Friday. At the last liour a commu
tation was granted. The excitement
was too much for the prisoner, and
io has become a raving maniac.
The negro Charles Drake, who
shot another negro and attempted
to shoot the chief of police of
Clarksvflle, a few weeks since, was
captured in Nashville last week.
He is considered a dangerous man.
The brickmasons of Knoxville
struck for nine hours per day in
stead of ten. They agree to fill all
present contracts at the 10-hour
day, but all future contracts shall be
made so that nine hours will con
stitute a day.
Mrs. McBoon, a Union soldier's
widow on her way to Texas with
her two children, was robbed of all
her money while waiting at the
union depot in Chattanooga last
Friday. Grand Army men pro
vided for her.
Frask Sellers one the mob who
attempted to break in the Hunt
ingdon jail to get out the double
murderer, William Widdis, and
who was shot in the head by Wid
dis, is not dead as was reported,
butt will recover.
The clothing belonging to the
Paducah, Tennessee, and Alabama
Railroad employed, was stolen from
the contractor's camp, near Paris,
one night last week. The clothing
was left over night on a line, and
thieves took advantage, of the negli
k , . i i
A most sensaiionai suicide oc
curred at Minneapolis, Minn., last
Friday night W. J. Bell, a Chi
cago tobacco drummer, entered a
saloon and asked for and received
a glass of whisky. After drinkin
the whisky he chewed up the glass
and swallowed the pieces. He died
from internal hemorrhage before
medical aid could reach him.
It is claimed that the apple crop
has been the salvation of the farm
ers of Warren County this year.
There was not a largo crop of fruit
by any means, but the other crops
were very short.
A tramp, near Bloomington, 111.,
last week demanded money of a
Mrs. Spurrier, and upon her refus
al to supply him, he seized her and
beat her in a frightful manner then
fled. A posse is in search of him
and if found he will be summarily
dealt with.
The largest amount of sugar and
molasses ever received in one day
in the history of the city was
chronicled last week at New Or
leans. The amount reached 27,000
barrels of sugar, 2,000 hogsheads
of kettle sugar and 10,000 barrels
of molasses.
Senator Wade Hampton, of South
Carolina., while out hunting one
day last week, was accidently shot
by his son. One shot striking one
of his eyes, but it is thought his
sight will not be impaired. ' Oth
erwise the Senator sustained but
slight injury.
There was quite a flurry in Jack
son last week when several of the
leading business men made the an
nouncement that in order to obtain
needed money they would close out
their stocks of goods at New York
cost The money market strin
gency is the cause.
Much of this year's corn crop in
McMinn County . is worse than
worthless. Many head of horses
and cattle are being killed by eat
ing it In one neighborhood about
fourteen head of horses and mules
have died from this cause and about
thirty head of cattle.
The wholesale merchants of
Knoxville have organized a sugar
company. They propose buying
sugar for all merchants of the place,
A large building will be erected
for its. storage. Merchants claim
that they will now bo able to sell
retail men for less than they have
heretofore been paying.
W. B. Hunter, editor of the
Weekly Bee, published at Syla
cauga, Ala., snot ana instantly
killed Charles Nicherson, town
marshall of that place, November
27. The difficulty grew out of the
arrest of Hunter upon a charge the
marshall could not sustain.
Forty-one prisoners were sejit up
from Fort Smith, Ark., to the De
troit prison last Saturday. This is
probably the largest consignmen
of prisoners ever sent up at one
time by a United States court.
They were all convicted for crimes
committed in the Indian Territory.
It has developed that Red Cloud,
Sitting Bull's right hand man, is a
white man. He was stolen from
his parents when but three years
old. His parents were then living
on an Indian reservation in Wis
consin. A few years ago his iden
tity was discovered but, after trying,
he could not reconcile himself to
live away from the Indians and re
turned to them. He has a sister
living in Chattanooga.
Saturday evening at Louisville,
Ky., Thomas Mann, a police officer,
and Martin Kane, a hack-driver,
became involved in a quarrel about
the pending mayorality election.
Kane assaulted the policeman and
took his club from him and beat
him with it Mann followed Kane
into a saloon where he had fled and
shot him, producing a fatal wound
Mann then gave himself up to an
officer named Puff, and while on
their way to the station house Puff
dropped dead on the street
AFTlllt Tin: smash-ur
Scene Railroad station at Lone
lyvillo ; Reed, McKinley, Aldrich,
Harrison, and Quay sitting on a
bench :
Reed It was a pret ty bad smash,
McKinley I can't understand
how it happened yet Did wo have
too much steam on, think ?
Reed P'r'ps. I wasn't noticin'
the pressure so m uch. I wanted to
lier through- and, say ! she was
tiummin , wasn t sue t
Harrison I thought she was go
ing too fast, all the time.
Reed Then why didn't you say
somethin', Benny, and not be set
tin' there clappin' your hands as
though you liked it ?
Harrison What ! Me say some
McKinley Did you notice that
we were goin' too fast, Aldrich ?
Aldrich No. I told Tom as long
as he could count the telegraph
poles we'd be all right ; but Christ
mas ! I didn't know he could count
so like the devil.
Reed Poke up that fire a little,
Mack. It's cold as Greenland's icy
mountains here.
McKinley I ain't monkeyiif
with the fire any more, thank you
kindly. What's that placard over
your head, Aldrich ?
Aldrich It's something about
freight tariffs.
McKinley Pull it down! I
thought I saw something on it
about tariffs.
Reed I cau't help thinkin' how
we was whizzin'. "Yueu we pass
ed McKinley Stop, Tom! Don't
remind us of what we passed. If
we'd 'a' just passed nothin' we'd be
better off to-dav. Gewhillikens !
I wish we were out o' this. I'm
Harrison Did Mr. Quay lose
anything in the smash, Mr. Reed ?
Reed All he had, Benny, which
ain't saying much ; but why don't
you ask him about it ? There he
Harrison There isn't any use,
I've asked him lots of things, but
he doesn't say a word.
Aldrich Did you lose, anything,
Benny ?
Harrison No ; I didn't have any
thing but my hat.
McKinley Well we'd better talk
over some plan for getting our train
back on the track.
Reed We'd better get right out
into the dark night, into the howl
in' wind, and get down to business.
There's no use o' makin' a deliber
ative assembly out o' this ; because
if we do, we'll freeze to deatli.
Come on !
The monkey-wrench is not called
so on account of its fancied or act
ual resomblance to a monkey, or be
cause it is a handy tool to " mon
key" with, but simply because it
is the invention of Mr. Charles
Moncky, now (?) of Kings County,
New York. Although the world
has pretty nearly lost track of Mr.
Moncky, it seems to be a settled
fact that ho sold his patent for
$2,000 and invested the proceeds
in a homestead in the above named
county. St Louis Republic.
The following written definition
of tho word "bachelor" was hand
ed in by a fifth grade boy: "A
bachelor is a man who has no wife,
nor wants no wife, nor can't get no
wife." Luling Signal.
Thanksgiving Day was general
ly observed in all the towns and
cities of Tennessee and the South,
more so than for years.
The L. R. Freeman Wall-paper
Company, of Nashville, has made
an assignment Liabilities $1 4,000.
1 1
1 1

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