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Mr. A. N. Lindsoy, of Faxon,
called to sw uk Monday.
Mr. W. It. Hootcn, of Paris, at
tended wmrt at Camden this week.
Hon. John A. Barnes, of Big
Sandy, wxys in tho city AVednesdny.
Mr. N. B. Holland, of Luterton,
was in attendant at court Tues
day. At present there is but ono pris
oner confined in tho jail at this
Rev. J. J. Tresson, of Bertram!,
Mo., is visiting relatives in this
Messrs. J. F. Pierce and 1). M.
Nobles, of Paris, were in the city
Some improvements are being
made on the Methodist Church
Trustee W. J. Barnes has been
very busy this week collecting the
taxes for 1800.
Mr. Joe G. Hudson is improving
liis residence on the west side of
the square.
Mr. E. J. Hartley, of Oakdule
Decatur County, was in town Mon
day mingling with his old friends
and associates.
Col. John M. Holladay and Mr
Y. F. Harrison, of Holladay, have
been in the city several days this
The voice of the people has pro
claimed that they want another rail
road. Actions speak louder than
Messrs. J. AV. DePriest and L. P,
Thomason, of Coxburgh, were in
the city Tuesday.
Mr. J. It. Lunn, of Sugar Tree,
passed through Camden Sunday
en route to Nashville.
Mr. T. B. Totty went to Bolivar
Tuesday on business connected
with his stave factory.
"Judge" W. C. East left for
Buena Vista Monday where he has
a contract for painting.
Miss Belle Dodd, of Holladay,
was the guest of Miss Fanny Travis
several days this week.
Enos Thomas has succeeded C,
H. Sullivan as mail rider between
Camden and Sugar Tree.
The numerous friends of Mrs,
Callie Finley will regret to learn
that she is still in bad health.
' "We have been a little behind on
job printing orders this week, bu
are now prepared to fill orders
Miss Blanche Harper, of Ber
trand, Mo., is visiting her grand
mother, Mrs. Mary Yarbrough, in
South Camden.
The grand jury of the presen
circuit court ceased its labors yes
terdav afternoon. Only seven in
dictments were found.
Sheriff Flowers has added to the
comfort of the court this week by
putting down a neat new carpet in
the circuit court room.
Only one marriage has been is
sued iix Benton County since our
last report, that of James Pierce
to marry Majy A. Presson.
Buck Brown, a colored prisoner,
made an attempt to escape Tues
day, but was caught before lie ran
very far. He is now in jail.
Clerk and Master Tom C. Bye,
has another sale notice in this is
sue of The Chronicle. It is the
case of Earp against Beasley.
Mr. Newt Presson, of Doniphan,
Mo., and Mr. Columbus Presson,
of Macanda, 111., brothers, are vis-
iting relatives in Benton County.
Physicians generally are advis
ing their patients to guard against
a return of the "grippe" this win
ter, especially those who have had it
The Chronicle has been sub
stantially remembered both in the
way of job printing and subscrip
tions this week. Our. efforts to
furnish reliable news and first-class
job printing is being recognized by
an appreciative public.
Mr. Bon Thompson's fine horse
was run over and killed by a pass
ing train on tho Nashville, Chat
nooga, and St. Louis Railroad ono
day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Potts have
been visiting in Camden this week.
Mr. Totts returned to Big Sandy
Tuesday to make arrangements for
In tho bastardy case of Melton
s. Holland the decision of the
ower court was sustained the de-
ndant guilty. The case was dis-
)osed of yesterday.
Owing to sickness Judge "Woods
was unable to open court here
his week. Hon. Joseph E. Jones
is presiding in. his stead. Attorney-
General Logan is here.
Mr. E. Tippett, who has resided
at Marmnduke, Ark., for several
years, has removed his family back
to Benton County, where they con
template residing permanently.
Mr. John Harper and family, of
Bertrand, Mo., passed through
Camden tho first of the week en
rout for Nashville, where they con
emplate locating permanently.
A number of Benton County
farmers slaughtered their hogs the
first of this week. Quite an item
in corn saved in feeding will be re
alized by those who have killed.
A great deal of stock is dying in
this county, the result of feeding
rotten corn. Stock men can not be
too particular in this matter, and
great pains should be taken to
avoid feeding stock decayed and
musty corn.
Mr. W. Caraway has sold out his
dry goods establishment at Bit
Sandy to Messrs. U. A. Potts, J
L. Holland, and another gentleman
whose name we have forgotten.
The new company will take charge
January 1.
The Camden Band Concert last
Monday evening was so complete a
success as to demand a repetition the
following evening. The boys are
to be congratulated. They speak
of playing at Big Sandy, Eva, and
Holladay at an early day.
The Cumberland Presbyterian
Church was well filled with appre
ciative audiences Sunday forenoon
and evening, and the inclemency o
the weather did not seem to affec
the church going people of Cam
den so much as the previous even
ing, when no services were hold on
account of the rain.
Mr. Charles Blackwood has an
advertisement of the " Sel f-Heatin
"Washer" in to-day's Chronicle
He has State and county rights for
sale, and says so far agents hav
been very successful handling the
machine, and if the right kind of
man gets hold of a county righ
he can make money.
A difficulty occurred Wednesday
afternoon between Ben. Lashle
and Clarence Roberson, in the
tenth civil district. They shot a
each other with shot-guns, though
neither were seriously hurt. .The
difficulty is said to bo tho result of
a dispute about a game at cards.
Both are young men hardly out of
their teens.
It is stated that the surveyors of
the Paducah, Tennessee, and Ala
bama Railroad are making prelim
inary surveys and the road from
Paris to Perryville will bo located
within the next six wreeks. Some
definite and immediate action must
bo taken by our citizens if tho want
the road to come to Camden. The
road will certainly not go where it
is not wanted.
It has been suggested, and we
aro surprised that such an idea was
not carried out twenty years 8go,
that the timber between Camden
and South Camden bo removed,
thus opening a clear view of the
railroad and the south breeze in
the summer time. The traveler
could then form some idea of tho
size of our town, and in the summer
it will be three or four degrees cool
cr than it has becu in the past.
tegular correspondence.
Mr. II. N. Berry is Indisposed
his week.
Several from this place are at
tending circuit court at Camden.
Messrs. 'James Parker and Har
ris Faflbrd went to Paris yester-
Rev. D. A. Ross, tho new minis-
er on this circuit of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, South, delivered
an interesting sermon at Flatwoods
Lutekton, December 9.
tegular correspondence.)
The weather continues rainy and
very cold.
"Walter Davis, of Eggville, spent
a few days last week with his aunt,
Mrs. N. E. Van Huss.
Messrs. Noah Van Huss and Le-
ander Holland went to Camden
yesterday on business.
Miss Lilly A. Melton is visiting
iii AT ir 1i i
ier brother, Andrew Melton, ana
uncle "Wesley Melton at Eggville.
Several of our citizens took ad
vantage of the cool weather and
slaughtered some of their porkers.
Your correspondent has been on
i-ii i -i
an extended surveying tour and
other official business in the north
end of the county.
Luther Van Huss, of Eggville,
came up and spent Saturday and
Sunday with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. H. Van Huss.
Faiiiview, December 9.
Regular correspondence.!
Messrs. Albert "Wilson and J. D.
Hicks, of this place, made a busi
ness trip to Clarksville last week.
Mattie, the little daughter of Dr.
T. Alsup, is very sick yet. Also
Mr. John DeBruco has been quite
sick, but is better at this writing.
Several from this place went on
a hunt last week. Mack Dowdy
was the lucky mail' to kill a deer,
and ho was as delighted, of course,
as if he had caught a dear.
Our new preacher has come, and
every ono seems to be pleased with
him. He has already aroused the
members of this church, and they
have gone to work to, repair and re
paint the building. The people
hero have contributed very gener
ously to the cause;
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Potts were
accorded a very pleasant reception
at the Bowles House last "Wednes
day evening. There" they founc
1 iiT nil iiii
mo table wen laden with the gooc
things of life, and tho writer aiu
a number of other invited guests
partook of the repast freely, re
gardless of the liciGnley bilL
Big Sandy, December 9.
Regular correspondence.
A number of our citizens attend
ed court at Paris Monday.
Mr. F. G. Wheatley killed a fine
deer in Tennessee River hills last
Mr. P. Manon, of Humphreys
County, was a visitor at this place
Mr. Charles Wilson, of Big San
dy, is conducting a singing schoo,
at Ramble Creek.
Mr. Hick Gilbert, of Enloe, was
mingling with our citizens this
week. He is buying hogs.
Mrs. Peggy Beaton and Mrs,
Mary A. Cheatham, of Enloe, vis
ited their sister, Mrs. H. R. Pierc
this week.
The Ramble Creek singing clas
and the Flatwoods class will sing
at the latter place the Sunday fol
lowing Christmas.
issrs. T. Melton, of Harmon
Creek, J. "W. Jones, and G. Brewer
of Luterton, have been visitors at
this place since my last.
Messrs. F. P. "Wheatley, Simpson
Melton, and James Lowry have
been unfortunate tohave fine horses
die from "blind staggers."
Ariadne, December 8.
Former Well-known Citizen
Camden Passes Away.
Death of A Caiixh'it, Lady.
A telegram to Mr. John B.
Davidson announces the death of
Mr. Travis Davidson, which oc
curred at Atlanta, Tex., yesterday
morning at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Davidson is well-known to
our readers, lie having served as
register for Benton County several
i i Pi 11 P
years ago. rwon atter his term or
office expired he removed to At-
anta, where he soon succeeded in
building up a lucrative law prac
He was reared in the vicinity of
lolladay, this county, where he has
relatives and numerous friends now
iving. Besides other relatives he
a j a t -nr
eaves a wire, (iormeriy a Miss
lughes, of McKenzie,) and one
child, to whom The Chronicle ex
tends sympathies.
Last Saturday night Miss Jessie
Barfield, a handsome young lady
of Metropolis, 111. , committed sui-
ide at Paducah, Ky., by taking
poison. Alter taking the drug sue
in. it At t 1
old what she had done, but all ef-
brts to save her life were to no
avail. She was an orphan girl and
ived with relatives at Metropolis,
and because they objected to hex
marriage with a young man she left
and went to Paducah to stay with
other relatives and was then dis
abled by her lover, which is -as
signed as the cause for her rash
Miss J essie was a granddaughter
of Mr. Charles Barfield, who lives
near Big Sandy, this county, and
ad visited here, making a number
of friends during her visit, all of
whom will regret to hear of her
untimely death.
Died, ut the residence of her son
fci-law, Mr. James H. Combs, m
Camden, on Monday, the 8th in
stant, Mrs. Sarah Jano McElrath,
aged sixty-five years. Her remains
were interred in Camden Ceme
tery "Wednesday afternoon.'
Mrs. McElrath was a kind-heart
ed lady, and enjoyed the confidence
and esteem of a large circle of ac
quaintancc-s. Two daughters, Mrs,
Ab. Shelton and Mrs. J. H. Combs
and one son, Mr. G. A. McElrath
survive ner,
to whom we extend
The community around Cox
burgh was very much shocked am
nieved to learn of the death Sun
day morning of Master Ollie Fry
son of Mr. .and Mrs. M. M. Fry, o
that place. His death was the re
sult of being thrown from n mule
and dragged several hundred yard:
and receiving internal injuries from
which there was no possible hope
of recovery. The Chronicle ex
tends sympathy to the be-reavec
family and relatives.
Norn Tin' quotations given In the following
are taken from l nursuay s uany papers j
W1I KAT No 2 in ear lots 98 eents per bushel
wagons !K?(f'.!tS.
CORN Narked white. C2 cents per bushel
bulk, 00.
OATS Mixed,' sacked, 55 cents per bushel
bulk, n-.
r.UAN lVr ton, ficc-on-board-ears, $20;
small orders SI per ton advance Is asked.
COUNTRY BACON- From wagons, cleat side
O'Jfi'7 cents per pound: shoulders, 7; hams,
nkfui; jowls, J'i&'-'li; lard.tili'.
roUl.TRY Chickens, per dozen, $l.'20ff.$l.fl(l
lieu.s'J.04; ducks, 1.8orf-2. 40; turkeys, per pound
gioss, t;!i57 cents; geese, per dozen, ;!; egg!
20 eents.
llUTTKR-Mediuni, per pound, lofrta cents;
choice, i:iff 20.
l'KANUTS Farmers' stock, good to bright red
per iunl, 3(Tf li'i cents; white, Hffia'a; it-cleaned
reds, SJiftl'i ; whites, iffi.i'i.
COTTON Ordinary, per pound, 6 cents;
good ordinary, TU; low middling, 8; middling,
S'4; good middling, liV
TOliACCO-Theriuot:itionsnr the (larksvillo
market yesterday were : common lugs? 1 .MKf'.2..K;
medium lugs 2.75CT.1.25; good lugs :i.5ofll.50;
, common leaf t:ti; medium leaf li.O'.c.s; good
levaf &.50'; to; line leaf lo.50ft
One wouldn't object to hold the mir
ror up to nature if it was a good-looking
hiss. Texas Sifting.
Notice TIioho who ore indebted to
us will pleasc-scttlo by January, 1891,
and save coHt IIkuuin & Batf.man.
Important My books must be c.Iorfod
by January 1, 1801. All parties indebt
ed to mo will plcaso take notice.
11. 15. Travis.
Say, friend! stop taking so many pills
and try Liquid Cathartic Compound.
Never affiliates with 'the system. Sold
by Mannon & Hervin. 10-ly.
"I would give anything if I had a
mimical ear." "Why don't you tako
quinine?" "Quinine?" "Certainly;
that will make your ears sing." Indi
anapolis Journal.
Ask your druggist for 'CheathaniVj
asteless Chill Tonic. Distinguished.
from the old originul by the word "taste-
ess" printed in red ou all cartoons and
ables. A new departure, but the re
sult of years of careful study and experi
menting. " No cure no pay." Take 'it
and be happy. For solo by Manuon'&
It brings joy to Iho'heart of Anthony
Conistock to read about a ship skirting
a bare headland. Boston Courier.
Come ! come to the new drug store
Mannon & Ilerrin's and get a bottle- of
The New South Sov colic, diarrhea, grip
ing, etc. 10-tly.
Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic.
Same as the old except in taste. Sweat
as Honey, but gets there just tho same.
The babies cry for it. Buy a bottlo
and see them smile. Guaranteed to
cure. Sold by Mannon & Ilerrin.
"Your'e just the man I'm laying for,"
as the brickmason said to the contrac
tor. Lin chaniton Leader.
I told you the new drug store -would
ecp all the first-class remedies Liquid
Cathartic Compound for tho liver and
New South for summer complaint. ,ly
Use Cheatham's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
better then pie, but it breaks the chills
off short and no mistake. Guarantee!?
to cure. For sale by Mannon & Ilerrin.
Physicians are said to bo very fondoT
bowling as a pastime, but it is naturally
most popular with the alley-path.- Bos
ton Courier.
Hunt's Cure is the greatest remedy
for skin diseases ever known. Rim
worm, Itch, and all kindred diseases
positively and permanently cured. -Your
money will be refunded if it 'fails.
Price CO cents. Sold by Mannon &'IIer-
No. G03 In Cham-ery at Camden, Tenn.
Burrell fcarp et als. vs. K. F. Eeasley
et als.
'On Monday the 5th day of January ,!?;,,
at the court house in Camden I will ex
pose to public hale to the highest bidder,
upon a credit of seven months, free from
the equity of redemption, the following
described tract of land : Beginning at the
SW. corner of George Branch's land,
thence E. 152 poles to a stake, hickory
pointers S. 01 poles to a stake, two black
jack poiuters; S. 11" W. i','2 poles to
stake rn an orelianl ; W. l?A poles to a
stake in the east boundary line of Jolin
Ulley's land, and N. with his line 70 poles
to the beginning. The same being the
lands recovered for Burrell Eirrp in the
above styled cause.
Said land will be sold v.pdn a credit df
seven months to satisfy a lien in favor of
A CI. Hawkins for $7'.) 50. The purchaser
will no required to execute note with ap
proved -security, and a lien will be re
tained. Decemburll, 18!K)
TOM C. 11 YE,
8"3 Clerk and Master.
.7. U. Johnson and E. J. French vs. and
Gid French is defendant in this case. The
plaintiffs having sworn out an attach
ment against the estate of Gid 'French
and Louisa French, alleging that the said
Gid French is a non-Tesident of the coun
ty of Benton and that 'his whereabouts is
unknown and residence out of the county
and that the defendants are' justly indebt
ed to the said P. A. Bridges administrator
of V. A. Cannon's estate in the sum of
seventy dollars and eighty rents.and the
said J. II. Johnson and K. J. French are
his securities to the note, and it further
appears that said attachment issued by
me on the 10th day of November, 1800,
levied upon one yoke of oxen and their
undivided interest in the lands of W. A.
Cannon'B -estate in the fourteenth civil
district of Benton County, Tenm., as the
property of tho said Gid French and wife,
Louisa French, by B. D. Furr,' a consta
ble of Benton County. The defendants
are horeby notified to appear before me
at my office in the 14th district of Benton
County, Tenn., on Saturday the 3a day oi
January, 1S1I1, to defend said attachment
suit or else the cause will be proceeded
with exparte as to them.
This November the 24th day, 18!K).
W- II. llVAIi,
".l-No.27 J.T. for Benton Count'

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