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The following report of the con
dition of agricultural products in
tho State has been issued by State
Commissioner li. M. Ilord :
The final crop report for the year
is made up from returns from
eight hundred and eleven corre
spondents. These returns are of
date Nov. '20, and with less than
twenty exceptions, were written
and mailed promptly upon that day.
The figures given in the following
review of the crop situation have
been carefully revised, and it is be
lieved that thev are very close
estimates of the total yields of tlit
crops mentioned.
The total yield or corn, grown
upon 3,410,520 acres, is estimated
to be 55,269,805 bushels, about 2
per cent, below the estimate of one
month ago. Of this total about 5)7
per cent., or 20,000,000 bushels,
may be classed as unmerchantable,
and of this unmerchantable corn
nearly one-half is so badly dam a.
ged as to be unfit for any purpose
whatever.. Great care must be us
ed in feeding out the corn in the
and stalks in the corn-field. Every
careful farmer will give his per
sonal attention to the feeding of
his live-stock, and make it a rule
that no com shall be taken from
tho cribs for feeding purposes ex
cept in broad daylight' when the
grain can be carefully inspected
and all that is unsound carefully
Sheep still decrease in number,
and are rarely seen outside of the
limited districts where early lamlw
aro grown for market and on a few
isolated ranges. A few good sheep
are found in every county in the
State, and it is still possible, under
favorable legislation, to develop
with little delay this very profita
ble branch of husbandry.
Hog cholera and other infectious
diseases of swine still prevail in
many sections of the State, but the
losses this year have not been so
heavy as in 1880. The condition
of fattening hogs is not altogether
satisfactory. In the sections where
hogs are raised for marketing on
foot the scarcity of corn has com
pelled the sale of large numbers
not well fattened. The number to
cribs, not only to be given to horses slaughtered for home cousump
and mules and cattle, but that fed tion js ies3 tuan usuai? amj their
to the stock pigs. condition not up to the average.
The cotton crop, the product of The number of stock hogs is some
821,019 acres, is estimated to be wliat iarKer tiiau nt tlie same date
M1,31G bales of 405 pounds net last year aml the imUBUnny ileavy
each, of which West Tennessee crop of acorns and nuts has kept
(including that part of Hardin them so far in very trood condition.
County east of the river), 302,403 wliat number may be found in
bales; in Middle' Tennessee and good order on the first of March
including a small area in .Last len
nessee, 41,943 bales. The first kill
ing frost of the season did not oc
cur until the 30th of October, but
even at that late date a small por
tion of the crop was so injured
that it will not open, and a consid
erable part of it stained and lower
ed in grade.
Drought in midsummer and con
tinuous wet weather during the pe
riod of blooming very greatly re
duced the yield of stock-peas. The
gathering of peas can be done only
iii dry weather, and is a tedious la
bor, "When used as a forage crop,
or to be turned down as a fertilizer,
the -result has been satisfactory
but peas for next year's seed and
for sale in the market will be scarce,
The area sown to wheat is esti
mated! at 1,185,385 acres, a decrease
BhuO puffing
s, Sewing Machines, Etc.
West side Public Square, CAMDEN. TENN.
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The New York Sun
FOB 1891.
Some people uicree with Tun srx's opinion
about iiH'ii and things, anl some people don't;
but everybody likes to itet hold ot I tie newspaper
which is never dull and never afraid to Hpeak its
Demoerats know that lor twenty years ihk
Si n has fought in the front line for Democratic
principles, never waverhu? or weakening in its
loyally to the true Interests of the parly it serves
with fearless Intelligence and disinterested vinor.
At times opinions have differed as to the liest
means of accomplishing the common purpose;
It is not Tim Si n's fault if it lias seen further
into the millstone.
Kitrhteen hundred and ninety-one will be a
great year in American politics, and everybody
should read Thk Sex.
Dailv, per month So. 50
Dail'v, per year !.
Sunday, per year 2M)
Dailv and Mindav, per year - - - .n
Daily and Sunday, per month - - - 0.70
Weekly Sun, one year 1 .IX)
Address THK SVJX, New York.
f PI IK entire line d groceries, canned goods, tinware, hardware and all other goodM'omnrlsingfh
1 liivens & McAulev stock is now offered at actual cost prices, owing to the recent assignment of
that firm. Tins is nnnnusual chance to get goods that you need and are compelled to buy atgrently
reduced prices. Avail yourselves of a bargain while, you have the opportunity.
A. C. McRAE, Assignee
next will depend very much upon
tho careful rejection of rotton corn
during the winter feeding.
South Side Square, CAMDEN, TENN.
M PI.K accommodations for vehicles and transient stock. Macks, buggies, ami horses for Hire.
, Special accommodations lor traveling jnen ana
Hitching accommodations for the country public.
i Handsome turnouts and careful drivers. Special accommodations for traveling jnen and per
sons making extensive trips with naggagc
Your patronage solicited.
New York Sim. 1
Down below Natchez, while the
boat was running in close to the
left-hand bank and had stopped
her wheel to avoid a big tree float
ing in an eddy, we saw a native
sitting on a stump fishing. He
sat bent over, hat over his eyes,
and there wad scarcely a move-
men to tell that he was alive. We
had a Smart Aleck with us on the
promenade deck, and he had no
sooner caught sight of the native
then he called to one of the deck
hands to toss him up a potato. A
peck or more of the tubers were
lying loose near apile of sacks, and
IK YOU AUK (!(.1N1
St. Louis, Chicago, Mil
waukee, St. Paul,
or any point in the,
northwest, lie
sure your tick
ets read over
Illinois Central.
Ask agents for it.
Natchez, New Orleans
California, Florida,
ov Southern Texas
points, secure
your tickets
Illinois Central.
Take none other.
J. H. Farmer, B. F. Hatley, W. H. Meadow, Alex. Adams,
W. G. Hatley, Simon Nobles, A. J. Farmer, A. C. McRae,
T, C. Rye, H. F. Stlgall, D. M. Farmer, M. A. Hatley,
J. N. Simpson, B. F. Ross, A. R. Carnes. ,
J. H. FARMER, President. H. F. STIGALL, Vice-President,
A. C. McRAE, Cashier.
Pullman BuffetSleeperson all Trains
ltest Accommodations and Equipments.
ness. and reasonable, transportation charges
ssues through bills lading and guarantees rates
to and irom all important points.
,. . -i .i one-was quickly tossed up.
of. 10 per cent, compared with the 1 J ; f
1 , , i-rn ' Now see me startle him, said
acreage sown last year, ihe re- '
acreage sown last year.
duction of area is about 5 per cent,
in the upper West Tennessoe coun-
' -twai. nnnl- in 4Ti-flAnfrnl. Tin.
Tin i i hundred feet, and his aim was so
sin,, nearly 10 per cent, in Jwist '
Tennessee, and greatest in those . , , f , ,
utiuic o uvrau. wiun u null uiuu.
Smart Aleck, as he swung his arm
for a throw.
The distance was only about a
To obtain prompt and ipiick service, order your
suipmenis rouicu via:
sections where the average aimual
vi'tVld is small. Fertilizers have
been liberally used, by wheat grow
ers of East Tennessee, and in the
counties of Sumner, Montgomery,
Rebertson, "Warren, and Franklin,
and to a limited extent elsewhere
in Middle Tennessee. A small pro-
His motions were so quick that we
couldn't agree as to how he did it,
but in about three seconds he had
dropped Ins fish-pole pulled out a
revolver as long as his arm, and
fired at Smart Aleck. The bullet
bored a bole in his silk hat just
For maps, rates, folders, or any other informa
tion, apply to
A. u. Hanson, ueiierai rassenger ana 1 ic
gent, Chicago, 111.
A. .1. Kn'ai-i-. Assistant (ieneral Freight and
Passenger Agent, Memphis, Tenn.
II. TrcKK.ii. (ieneral Freight Agent Northern
Lines, Chicago, 111.
1). 11. Mokk.y. (ieneral Freight Agent Southern
Lines, New Orleans, I .a.
T. .1. llrosoN, Traflli! Manager, Chicago, III.
M.C. MAitKiiAM. Assistant Trallle Manager.
Chicago, ill. U):tf.
, m . 1 WMUIV 111 4111-L.l. IllHJ U11U TUllll 111UU
' . j v l sunk down iii a heap, and fainted
momwiuua,.,.!..,,,-. -
. - , i1 Jl 1 1. UVUU. VYCIV. Ullfil C 1CSW1CU
November. The fly is reported in
widely separated localities, as hav
ing appeared in the early sown
fields ; several observant correspon
dents have found them in large
numbers upon the stems of wheat
plant growing upon the sites of the
wheat shocks of this year.
breeding places should be careful
ly watched, and timely measures
adopted to destroy the tail brood,
The area of winter oats is very
small In several ot the upper
East Tennessee counties a fair
breadth has been seeded, and the
crop is reported to be in promising
The condition of live-stock is re
ported as generally good. A great
many horses and mules have died
from eating unsound corn. A
largo number of cattle have died
and many more have been made
bick by eating rotton or mouldy
r,rn well as t.h smutted husks
him to his senses he carefully felt
of the top of his head, and looked
back at the fisherman, and absent
ly asked:
"Did she explode both boilers,
oi-owl y one?"
A rich man who is compelled to
Such Pfty ren or n s sons-nl-law
pays lie understands now what pay
rental duty means. Texas Sif tings.
A lady writes at the end of a let
ter to a friend: " Now I must con
elude, for my feet are so cold that
I can hardly write." Pick Me-Up.
It would be a startling case o
retaliation if Sitting Bull shoul
capture Buffalo Bill and start a
wild west show on his own hook.
"Washington Post
You can not arrive at accurate
results as to how many Democrats
there are in an assemblage of men
by counting the new silk hats, bu
you can form a vague estimate.
Washington Post.
J(IS ''.vwimnyevninif andniierating lines in
signees of freight superior facilities for bus-
0 ten States, extending from
),'to iV
onx Falls, Oak.
ew Orleans, Ui.. offers shippers and con
Receives dejwsitx, makes loans, and does a general banking business
Prompt attention given collections. It tf.
.1- K. irEKHIX.
Toilet Articles. Ferrumeni, Soaps, '$ Deists' Sundries.
East side-public square, CAMDEN, TENN.
Carefully and Accurately Compounded at All Hours.
' 10:ly.
Tps to do Ifitliout a
lien t
uet i rii r.
4 1
Is tlie official organ of Benton County,
and should be in every household in
the county.
The only premium the publishers of
The Chronicle offer its subscribers
is a paper full of readable news each
week, and well worth the subscription
price asked for it.
Address THE CHRONICLE, Camden, Tenn.
Caatoria promote Digestion, and
overcomes .Flatulency, Constipation, Sour
Stomach, Diarrhoea, and Feverishness.
Thus the child is rendered healthy and its
sleep natural. Castoria contains no
Morphine or other narcotic property.
" Castoria Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to we." H. A. Archer, M. D..
83 Portland Ave., Brooklyn, N. V.
" I use Castoria in my practice, and find it
specially adupted to affections ot children."
Alex. Kohertson, SI. D.,
1057 ad Ave.. New York.
Ths Centaur Co., 7? Murray St., N. T.
i 1 i . 1 1 I i i ! t j Li Li :
f V. It'll II Li
The most
Powerful, renetratintr. Ouickest and
Surest of all liniments for the cure of Rheuma-
t.i sm .Snr A T hrnat 1 i n (m-nrm . Rnii jpc Snrain a.
5wellinr3, Frost Bites, Weak Back, etc.
FOR HCKSES, this liniment i3 unequalled because of its great penetrating
Btrenpth. Iliphly recommended for Spavin, Splint, Windfalls, Epizootic,
Scratches, bwellings, Bprains, tsaddlo and llamesa Galls, Etc. 60c per BstUs.

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