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A WhhIo of Argument.
flMeiiRo lleronl : '.W, sir," Haul
Iko H.liticnl caudiiluto hoursi'ly, alter
lmviifgnrgucil with one f his fellow
citizens for iilmut two hours; "now,
Hir, let mo nsk you if, in view of tlii-su
icts, you Jo not reiml me us worthy
your votuV"
V'Yes, Kir, J do," Hfti.l tho follow
iicn with emphiiHis. "But before
you got ho elated nt winning me over,
allow mo to rt'iuurk that I huveu't rcs
ietered." Von Can't Km W lunula Iron Null",
Of coiiim-, hikI expert l.i (liuiwl them, but you
ran pat ordinary loon t ml H wuciicsomo uuu
(MLrlHI. II Kill lltlnr Inlll'MlmilllC I. II (MUl'l'lMf 1.
i -. in . 1.1. I
i,.... .i .i i ,.r 11...1..1.
n l -ii r 1 1 Ulli I 111 111 "11 If, ftlinii-'' " " "
tor's Stomach I'titter. Your kiilncy, liver
nnrt bowel will bo rendered active and vigor
ouh by iliopri'iit tonic, h ml vour nyieiu ftn-ti-ftvii
K'nlnst malaria unit ilii-tuimtism. 1'se
it, uIkm, if you are nervous anil slei'iilftH.
Chimney worn flrt iut "ti Iioumh of mure
tlimi onoHlory in Italy in 1317.
In Oldru Tlmra
People overlooked the Importance of perma
nently beneficial effects and were satisfied
with transient action, but now that it Is gener
ally known that Syrupof FIrs will permanent
ly cure habitual conHtlpatinn, well-informed
people will not buy other laxatives, which act
for a time, but dually injure the system.
If you
would live for yourself, live for
Dr. Kilmer's Mvamp - floor euros
fll Kidney hwI H!wlier troubles.
Pamphlet .and On!isiHi!ion free.
Laboratory iiu;;hiuiiloii, N. V.
I'o nol four tint you l.iive vn-leil
ntiuy ii you nave mtitfiu your.-eii.
'.' Tlianli-ai vin.
. Trim merit always wins. In the eauc of
hUHine-M eilucatioii tho iiiunii'crr.i of Porter's
Business (!ollei:e have won a victory at the
Dixie Interstate l'uir ju-t closed at Macon.
Ga., tlmt brines this popular institution still
more prominently 1 mi ore il , public. Overall
competitors ttiey wim liio diploma nr.d blue
ribbon for "best lm-unex col luge dNpluy and
method work." Their exhibit con-tatcd of a
representation of un ofliee doing business in
the regular way, which represented in lroim
object lessons, tlmt, to Like a bushiest. educa
tion i to have business trniniie,; i" business
methods by dohiL,' actual work. 'l'ho-e who
wish a tlmroiuli ituim; in Uuokkeepiiijj,
Shorthand or T'ypewviti'i'j, should address J.
E. Porter, 'resident :it Macon, tin., and cir
culars, catalogue an I ether intoi mutton will
be mailed to any ii ldrc.-s. SMidentsinnyeitter
at syiy time. Shorter course, Professional
coui'le ;inu Teacher s couit-e.
Ulie ;i
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
A C'euiutu Mercury.
as mercury will surely destroy tho nenso of
smell and completely derange t lie whole system
when entering it through t ho uiueous surfacos.
Such articles kIh mid never bo used except on
prescriptions trom reputable i)hyiciaus,ai tho
damage they will do is ten fold tot lietroodyou
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure manufactured by P. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken
internally, acting directly upon the blond end
mucous 6urfaees of tho system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure bo sure to get the genuine.
It is taken internally, and is mado in Toledo.
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & t'o. Tv-tiinoninlstrct?
lrySold by Druggists, prico 7rc. per bottle.
Rlpaim Tubnjr.
Slip a vial Into your veQpocket and vonr
life is itmircd? gainst the tt ..tires of DyHpeysia
and all kintlird ailments, One (irco relief.
Mr Window's Soothing Syrup for children
teethiner, softens tho kuiiis, reduces intlamma
tionftUaya pain, cures wind colic. 5c. a bottle
Karl's Clover I!o t. the great blood purifier,
elves freshness and clearness to the complex
Ion and cures constipation, '-'5 els., 50 cts., $1.
If afflicted with sore eyes use Dr. Isaac Tlioni))-
.sou'b Eye-water. IJruggists sell at .we ior bottle.
immL hum
Mr. James 11. Ahtoa
I ArnWell
lto Hood's Sareaparilla.which cured me
aatlsm and ulcers on my leg, whiok I
parilla liad for years and could
not cure. I regard
Hood's Sursupai ilia, and
HoW's Pills Btandiu-d
nvlinei. j. ii. ariiton, niK'ni waicunian
onlington bridge, West Rochester, N. H.
Take Hood's Pills with Hood's Sarsaparllla
m . . ... . .
Don't leave
home mad
If your breakfast
doesn't happen to
J suit.
V To have
ffirarnTF,.. T -nr ...r11 n W
For breakfast
Ami Presenting uu Kpitonie of U14
South' Progress anl Prosperity
The Prrshytcrinn Hynod of Cieorgiit
met in Savaunah with nliout '200 min
isters and lay delegates in attendance.
South Carolina's voto for governor is
as follows: John Gary Evn.ua, 1)9,586;
Sampson Tope, 17,9(17 ; conBtitutional
convention, yes, 31,481, no, I'O.II'O.
A convention of farmerB of "Went
Tennessee, held under the auspices o
tho bureau of agrioulture, met at Jnck
Hon, Thursday, for a three days' hcs
bion. A bare loaded with fi,500 barrels of
flour, all consigned by Scharff, Dern
hcimcr it Co., of St. Louis and towed
by the steamer Tolar Wave, sank about
forty miles above Greenville, Miss.,
and it is likely that the cargo is entire
ly ruinod.
The South Carolina conference of
tho Methodist Episcopal church south,
convened at Laurens, Wednesday, in
its ono hundred and ninth session,
Bishop J. C. Keener presiding. Of the
250 members, over 150 answered to
first roll call.
Thursday night fire was discovered
in No. i hold of the British steamship
.Tohu Bright, lying at Galveston,
Texas. Tho fire was burning furiously
among the 1,800 bales stored in the
hold when tho fire department reached
tho vessel. The fire avbs soon gotten
under control.
The Georgia Midland aud Gulf rail
road has been placed in the hands of a
receiver, mt. 1'lournoy, ot (Jolunibus,
Ga., wan designated by Judge Newman
to act as trtnporary receiver for the
road until tho assets of the propcrt
can be fuily investigated by the court
and its solvency ascertained.
Iieceiver Eugene E. Jones, of tho
Chattanooga, Homo and Columbus
Railroad Company, says thni the reor
ganization of tho Georgia Central will
talio place in a short time, and if the
preseut plan aro carried out, the
Chattanooga, Homo aud Columbus
road will bo a part of the system.
Wednesday tho regular term of the
court of Stait'ord county, Va., began
at i redericksburg, but tho train rob
bery etiso will not come up, having
been postponed until the December
term on account of Morganfield's con
dition, who is still in Cincinnati and can
not travel yet. Searcy is still in jail.
In the district court at Ilouston,
Tex., Thursday, Inman & Co., tho
great cotton buyers, filed suit against
tho St. Louis and Southwestern Bail
road Company for $50,000 actual dam
ages and penalty footing up 82,000.
Inman &. Co. allege that tho defendant
road has been guilty of discriminating
against them in the shipment of cotton.
Bills were introduced into tho Ala
bama houso of representatives Thurs
day providing for the repeal of the
law requiring insurance companies do
ing business in tho stato to have an
actual cash capital of 100,000. In
anticipation of its passage three bills
wcro introduced asking tho inco "pora
tion of mutual life insur" com
panies. The Alabama synod of i resbyte
rian church met m Montb iiery Wed
nesday. The attendance is large. Dr.
Whaling, of Clarkesville, Tenn., was
elected moderator. Dr. Summers, of
Clurkesville.delivered an address upon
secular aud ministerial education,
rinns aro being discussed looking to a
largo increase of the endowment to tho
Southern university, of Greensboro,
A Raleigh, N. C, dispatch says:
Official returns from seventy-two
counties show that Tato, democratic
nominee for state treasurer, received
10!),5:5 votes, and Worth, the fusion
nominee, 115,011. Twenty-four
counties remain unofficially reported.
If these preserve tho same ratio the
democratic voto will bo 139,000, and
the fusion vote 154,000. This will
make the fusion majority only 15,000.
Tho general assembly of tho Knights
of Labor, in session at New Orleans
disposed of the vexatious question of
admitting lawyers and wage-earning
barkeepers to tho order. Tho ques
tion had been favorably reported by
the committee, but was voted down.
The voto was reconsidered and tho
matter was finally disposed of, only to
come up in a division with a number
of ameudraents attached. Tho admis
sion of lawyers was then voted on and
defeated. Tho question anent tho
barkeepers met the same fate.
The Slayer of Judge Allison Dies of
His Wounds.
George K. Whitworth died at Nash
Tille Thursday morning, having lived
eight days after the tragedy in which
he played so important a part. He
sent two pistol bulls through his body
after ho had assassinated Chancellor
Allison, and tho wounds were to se
vere that it was thought death would
ensue almost immediately, but he
proved remarkably tenacious of life.
A New Yolk paper bays that Don
Cameron is tho "summer girl of tho
senate," probably because lie is so cf
fl'xivo iu his cordiality and so glad to
renew iiequiuntiuu'es.
Lady John Scott, who com posed the
air of "Anuie Laurie," and the words
as now sung, is still living. The orig-
I inal song was in praiso of a daughter
I of the first baronet of Maxwelton.
It is said that Zimmerman, the Am
erican cyclift, has won some $25,000
in his races iu Europe during tho past
season. Wheeler and Banker, two
other cyclists from this country, also
cleared from 1,000 to $5,000 each.
From Andalussht, Ala.
I have fully tested tho curative
qualities of Tttterine upon several
cases of Eczema of stubborn character
and long standing, with perfect suc
cess. I candidly believe that it will
cure any case of Eczema, if properly
applied. C. I. S. CAM'ruojf, M. D.
Sent by mail for 50o by J. T. Shup
trine, Savannah, Ga.
For that full feeling
That comes after eating
There is a rcmedv.
Simple but r ffective
aud Immediate.
A Ripans Tabulc.
Take one ! at the time,
there you are.
One who erts just as full
In any other way
Is not so uncomfortable at Uu Urn,
That sensation, to lilrn,
Vuiic8 Inter.
To prevent it
Take a tubule
Before goiug to bed.
The Largest Manufacturers of
afi -On UiU Cont:n?nt, have rcceirtd
from t!i great
Industrial and" Food
;lo European America.
T'tiliketh Dutch lrncM. no Alk-
jHt-t or otlirr I'hemlr&Li or Djrt ra
iinprl 1n anr nf thir nrpnnntimiA.
Their dflicioui BKUAKFAST COCOA U abnoluUly
pur and toluble, aud cotit leu than one cent a cvp.
3.5PP0LICE.3 Soles.
You can oavo money by wenrlna the
W. I.. Doualns S3.00 .hoe.
Ilecnnpe, tto ore the larw-it jnantifaeturew of
this graUouf r.b.ici la t l.o wort l, nnl RUnrmitce their
value by Ftaniilu? tlio liamo uiul iiriro on tb
bottom, whl'.'h protect you nrrainst WkIi irleeaanil
the ml Jrllpmtin ' i.rflt.i. Our simo.i eiual custom
work In stylo, ay fltiliif pr.(t v:rl.ii uualitlcs.
Wehavethm s il l rwrywhrra dt lower prleeifor
the valu" (rlv'n tliai nnv oilier 111:1! c. Ta li e no ub
tltute. IC 3 our lie n l'T catuiot r. iTiely yc, wo can.
Kl(htr Thou.nnrt
tUfi from du of
frai Itbrimt.
Iiim, Neufli, rartiftl
.1 Pr-vWlfi. l.amtncti of
jfljL; H.-k and Lirabf, Impaired
LiV P-hI Frei. Orgaati
Grateful To ttaonlnl
hlrU unrii. Ae.. Ac? If
to, on p no t!mp. Our offr If phor! lit t onli .'D H
niftT 11 1 frriir acftin. KltTtriitT. naturr unerring runnlr
ktieuml thdumn Ii, It wilt hen fit Tm. The Ut if tsinlfnn(
tht ni tnvtnl. 1 If A(ro' bava ofSureeu. Wriw fur Termi,
Electm-nfmadiil Assn,"2"-3'J7Sfrnni(rf St,,findnnatl,0.
CCHin 60e.
to Atlanta Publi-h'nr House, t
OtnU 116-11S Iiyrt St , nr.d receive bv return
luail a va'uuMit llousehoUl M.-ilieiil Hook.
thrive on bcotta LiuulKion
bocuis to t'o to waste. Thin
M ?', ,
l mm
strong, plump and healthy by taking it.
Scott's Emulsion
overcomes inherited weakness
Emaciation or Consumption. Thin, weak babies and growing
children and all persons suffering from Loss of Flesh, Weak
Lungs, Chronic Coughs, and "Wasting Diseases will receive
untold benefits from this great nourishment. Tho formula
for making Scott's Emulsion has been endorsed by tho med
ical world for twenty years. No secret about it.
Snid for pamphlet on Srott's Emulsion. FREE.
Scott & Bowne, U. Y. All
Highest of all in Leavening Tower.
tf-Mti.'V JL av Y d feAYI 1 V
HeM Tako the Chances.
"1 would like another room, land
lord," snid a mil l young man at the
ofiico counter of a private hotel.
"What's tho mutter now?" asked
the landlord; "anybody committed
suicide next door?"
"Worso than that," said tho mild
young man; "the next room is the
parlor of a suite occupied by a widow
and her daughter."
"Exactly; you'vo hit it right the
first time."
"The daughter has a piano."
"Well, do you object to the piano?"
"Not in tho least, but wait a mo-
i fill i 1 i
meni. J.110 young may also nas a
"Oh," said the landlord, "is he tho
"Let me state the case plainly. Ho
brought her a new waltz, which they
practice together every evening, but
thev will never learn it, never!" and
tho mild young man sighed.
"Why? Too difficult?"
"Too difficult? No, sir, it's too easy.
It's called 'the kiss waltz,' and nt the
end of every bar I hear him say, 'Now
we kiss,' or she suggests, 'Jlere there
is more kissing.' Now, what I want to
know is, why don't they give up either
tho music or the kissing? It's tho com
bination that's killing iue by inches."
The landlord told him that No. 13
was tho only room vacant, but he said
he'd tako the chances, and moved in.
Detroit Free I'rcsx.
llig; Profits in Opium.
It has long been known that greut
sums were being made by English mer
chants importing opium into China.
Years ago the house of Jardine, Math
eson & Co. was among the largest im
porters ot opium into cnina, ana so
enormous were thu profits that three
of the partners, by sheer force of
wealth, expanded into baronets, while
a fourth, the late Mr. James Jardine,
of Drvfcholm. became ono of the lar
gest laud-owners in the south of Scot
land. Sir James Matheson, spent up
ward ot $1,000,000 in buying land in
tho Highlands, and tho latter left bo
sides over 3,000,000. Mr. Magniac,
tho cx-membcr of parliament, who left
$1,000,000, was also a member of this
firm. Sir llobert Jardine, of Castle
milk, is the old head of the firm, and
probably tho wealthiest of them all
Sir Hubert not only owns CaBtlemilk,
one of tho finest residences and estates
in tho south of Scotland,but ten years
ago bought up the Logersons.of nam
phray, for $000,000, and later addeil
tho property 01 Jjannck Castle, in
Perthshire, to his already great poa
sessions, llo could buy up a score of
such places if he so desired. frx.
It cost Mr. Morton 19,790 to bo
elected governor of New Y'ork.
to ski.Ij tiii:
Standard Dictionary
in i:vi:nv county in thk south,
Apply to n. d. Mcdonald
T. O. Uox 24J Athuita Ga.
A. N. U Forty-uiKlit, 1(M,
Grapes and Peaches.
Largest yields and finest quality of fruit are produced by the
use of complete fertilizers containing
Not Less than I o Actual Potash.
We will gladly send you our pamphlets on the Use of Potash.
They are sent free,
It will
wben all tho rest (if llicir food
Babic8 and "Weak Children ltow
and all tho tendencies toward
Druggists. 50 cents ond $ I. A
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
J'lio Lady of the House.
Atlanta Constitution: "John, liuvo
you made tho fire?"
"Yes, deor."
"And milked the cow?"
"Yes, dour."
"And dressed the children?"
"Yes, dear."
"Well, you can put the coll'ee on,
and then shave yourself for church !''
William F. Gillespie, of Middle
town, O., has papered his room with
canceled postage stamps, the job re
quiring 82,000 of them.
It is no wonder that tho good old
lady, Queen Victoria, feels rut her
tired. Sho rules over 11,175,054
squaro miles of territory and 3772r,-
j7 people.
fJN Society
women often feel
the effect ot too
much gaycty
balls, theatres, and
teas in rapid
succession find
them worn out, or
"run-down" by
the end of the sea
son. They suffer
from nervouauess.
sleeplessness ana
irregularities. The
smile and rood
spirits take flight. It is time to accept
the help offered in Doctor Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription. It's a medicine which
was discovered and used by a prominent
physician for many years m all rases or
female complaint " and the nervous dis
orders which arise from it The ''Pre
scription" i3 a powerful uterine tonic and
nervine, especially adapted to woman s
delicate v?.nt3 for it regulates and promotes
all the natural functions, builds up, invig
orates and cures.
Many wom.'ii suffer from nervour, pros
tration, or exhaustion, owing to congeal ion
or to disorder of the special functions. The
wast;: products should be quickly got ria
of, the loed source of hritation relieved
and the system invigorated with the "Pre
scription." Do not take the eo-ealled
celery compounds, and nervines which
only put the nerves to sleep, but get a
lastimr cure with Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Mrs. William Hoover, of Bellvillt
Kunlana to., Vino,
writes: "I had been
'female weakness;' jfff.vS:
1 mcu mice uuf
tors : they did me(
no good; I thought
I was an invalid for
ever. But I heard
of Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription,
and then I wrote to
him and he told me
jum now 10 i.iKe 11. fi
I took eiglil bottles.
I now feel cntirclv l
well. I could stand Mrs. Hoover.
on my feet only a short lime, and now I f!o
all my work for my family of five."
$12 TO $35;
Canberaadnwarklaa fnt
m. ruruei urofrrod who
lurulnh h Lorno an J travel
a week;
throiuh tho oountrv; a tiam.
thcuh, Is not iiRcnawy- A
few vai-ancli In towi .Tid
cltl M D and women of uoo.1 character will flu
tall an exceptional opportunity for prolltahln ml
p oymeol. Si'are lionra mjt !, usnl to g.10.1 udTan
tag. n. V. JOHNSON .V (!().,
11th Bad Min sic, Kleiiinouit, Va.
Cures anil FrevfliiU Ktaeuniatlsin, lii niuiu, t
ff Dyspepai.i, Heartburn, Catarrn nn. I Asthina. 3
Useful In M liarl i in I K.-vhrn. (Uans Ilip
A l'eeth an I Hroinotsi the Appetite, swwtnuii
the Ureal h, Cures the Tobacoo lliiiilt. Kudoriwil
V amt packaife. Nilitr, stamra or J oiUit A i;.
oj me Medical Kacnlty. Kcml Tor It , rr:
f UKO. K. HALM, 14U Wt
ii. HALM, 14U VVeat Wth St., New Yore. 7
cost you nothing to read them, but they will save voa
GERMAN KALI WORKS, 93 Nassau Street, New Yoik.
mi ft
Tohic Pellets,
At alt itnrew.or br ttip.H 'Vkv
i.w. uitow.N uK't;
hoi ; b rt'inble hrSft
e vr Yortc I'ltr.
CEO. W. HARDER. WlllUmfport, 1.
mtS VirtU't At'. tlSs rAIU la
x)in;l tyrti; . Tntoa liou:. LccJ J
1n ti:n.r S.i'.-i Ii nni5-l"5 fvl

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