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Special correspondence.
Mrs Ben Lushlee n on trio sick list
this week.
Lcn Wyatt will liavo his luro n:tw-inill
running in full lilast in a few tlays.
Prof. 0. P. Lushlco went to l'.ii: Piiixly
with Cumdi'ii (Irnumtic cluh, uf which lie.
is ii nii'inhor.
Dons Thoriias ih on tho sick list tlim
week. I Inj)t iis nothing Hcrions, iihIons
in one of tlm lending citizens of the it-nth.
I unH-is(iUitl Prof. N ilt O.H' will he a
canili'latc for county Miperiiitfinlent of
liiihlic insti tu-tion. tho old tenth issolid
for hitn for unylhini; he vnnts.
Joe J. Wealherly in hniltlinjr a lino res
ilience, which will add im-atly to the
looks of M-iin street. J. F. McKelvy has
charge of the work, nnd Frank always
does things up in tood style.
Ji. (). Fanner, Mose and Jim I.ashlee
have bought the Ihirtleti farm, on Heaver
dam Creek. IS. J. Fanner will commence
at once to huilu him a fine residence. We
are triad for such good people as Mr. Far
mer and family to locate with us.
Eva is indeed on u boom. T. J. Lowry
is running his lare factory day and nijiht.
Your correspondent noticed one day last
week lifty-iive men at work at one time
on the yard ; ten cars were licinj: loaded
atonce on the side track. Jir Lowry Ima
done r.nd is loi n more tor the people uf
the tenth district than any man in tin
county. With nil his husiness he has a
pleasant word and civil answer for every
one, and he has soma fine husiness nn-n
to assist him, such pleasant p'tii lemaaly
clerks as L. F. Stem and T,. J. Sykes at
tho store and F. O. Holland and J. P.
Mollinjrsworth at, the factory.
Eva, December H.
You who are indebted to ine by note or
account are requested to make settlement
at once and save cost, J can not grant
any further indulgence.
J. W. 1' TEM AN.
Nashville toJarksonvillr. I"l:i.,vl: limit plismtre.
via Chaltaunou'a, Lookout .Mountain, Ivennrsavv
Moiintitiii, Atlantii, Lake City and Maeon, (in.
Ilerths reserved through in advance. 'I'liis i p'
lar line tlivos daylight rules tlirmuh the metur
psiiie liimnitaiiisaiiil o!l bullies fields ol Tennes
see anil (leoria, ami is famous lor "always br
ini: on tilllij." W. I,. Mauley, general passenger
iind ticket ap-iit, Nashville, Chattanooga and St.
Lotus Kuilioad, Nashville, Tenn .
The drat of American N'eVHmpern,
C1IAKM.S A. DANA, Editor.
When Baby was Rick, wo pave her Castorla.
"When sho was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, sho clung to Castorla,
When she had Children, sho gave them Castorla.
The Amerlean Constitution, the American Idea
the American Spirit. 'I lu-.se llrst, last, and all Ihe
time, forever.
Daily, by mail, - . . $8 a year
Dally and Sunday, by mail, $8 a year
The Weekly, .... $1 a year
The Sunday Sun
Is the greatest Sunday Newspaper In the world.
Price 5o. a ccpy. By mail, $2 a year.
Address THli SIN, Now York.
M8D pil
bttvm f w?S!V lores'
Regular correspondence.
II. 1). Odle visited his family at this
place Saturdav and Sunday.
The citizens of Su.;ar Tiee and vicinity
have thudded to have a Christmas tree at
Mauleys Chapel, near here. Christmas
eve night. It promises to he a pleasant
J. W. Fry, ofHockport.wasinotirniidst
this week. We are "Jad to le- i n 1 1 tat he
isrecoverin;' from theeli'ecUol ids tiouble
resulting from the con tact with a mule's
The Masonic Lodjje met Saturday and
elected a new role of otlicers. The can
didates were elected without opposition,
there being only one candidate for each
Preparations are beini; made for an en
tertainment at the college by the students.
It bids fair to be the best entertainnieiil
ever given at this place. Evcrvbndy is
invited to attend.
John Teny visited at this place last
Friday r.ijjht. Friday niizht is the niht
allowed free by the faculty of the Stijiar
' Tree xNorinal College, and your corres
pondent is concerned about bis welfare.
Dr. J. I. Bradley delivered his monthly
lecture on physiology and anatomy at the
college last Monday. It was very inter
est inur. Having a subject before theclass,
he lectured mo.st.lv on the anatomv of the
The school at this place is stil! increas
ing. There is a prospect of it becoming
very full after Christmas. The iacuhy
understand their business, and with such
able r.vofe.-.-or the school will surely
Our esteemed fellow citizen. C. V. Odle,
lost a valuable cow since the last issue of
Tjte CuiioNit'l.!-: by inserting a ramrod
down her throat to drive the oU'eiidin
obstacle that was choking her. back to its
original position.
The little dati-diter of 0. A. Walker re
ceived injuries Saturday morning by be
ing in the way of a man chopping wood.
It was an accident. We are glad to learn
that she is rapidly improving, and will be
entirely recovered in a few days.
W. 0. sind.I. 15. Fry have exchanged
homes. The latter moved to .leannette
anil the fojmer to this place. We extend
a cordial welcome to our friend, Mr. Fry.
hut we regret the loss of the citizenship ol
the latter, J. P.. Fry, who was the rem, lin
ed ownerof the celebrated trotter, Mulhe.
Su(;ak Tkkk, December 10.
Airs. Annie CowelT, wife of C. II. Powell and
daughter of S. T. and K. C. Piesson, was born in
Iteiitmi County, Teen., Atiprit :i, ls5-i ; married
to (', II. Coycll Oetoll-T IS, is.-,.,; prufes-ied relig
ion and joined Hie Methodist I'piscopal ( liuieh,
South, at Cotvt-IN Cliapel Ui loU-i' 1.",, IssS; dl- ii
Novendier Ki, isii-t, with assioaners nT a home
beyond; ne.'K! jears, 3 nioiillis and ludays. Too
miieh ean not be said of the hie and religion of
Sister Cowi 11. She was truly a eonvi'ted woman,
and a constant winker for the church, always
iiririiiH 'those about her to heroine christians. Sin
was uin-easiiif: in her ( Units to do pmii, ami was
a power at revival meetings. She was iutellc.icnt
as well as eonseeiated, lliient and fort-ibh- in her
a i. Aliments for Christ, a'ul had a wondei fnl inllu
enie, always looUIn;: alter tin- prayer meetings,
Sunday srliool, class meetings, the public wor
ship and even the tiimnres of her church. She
had no -liili I i i-ii of Ict own, bid she wasa mother
true and tried to the children of i'.iolher Cowcll,
; tliev will tesiifv. She was not. only a mother
totiicmjiut a vv:te and helpmeet to limtlierCovv
ell. and t in -y lived el peace and unity with the
love of (iiid'in their souls liiudinu' I hem together
in a peaceful and happy life. Tin- more sh" was
known the more she was loved, and the church
and community in which she lived hassustuiic-d
an Irreparable loss. l'.eloed, slit- lias pine to
la r reward so justly due and received her crown
so well il-'Si-rvi'd. ilor husband and parents are
met in tears by numerous friends and svmpa
thi.crs, Her lum-ral was preached November 14
at ( owclls Chapel by I'.-m ln-r K. V. Avers, at
tended by a lare concoul'se of weeping lrieiuls,
who. if faithful until death, Will meei ln-r on llu-
otlier shore. A. ( . .Vlfli.VK.
Camden, November "n, lsi.
l.ot lSVll.l.K vS; NASIIVIL1.K ISAIl.liOAl).
Tlirotich Cars,
Quick Time, and
Sure Connections.
Thorough Courses given in nil the English brunches, Latin, French,
Higher Mathematics, Fnokki -oping, and (lie science and art of education.
Climate healthful. l-,ple moral mid l'-lious. TV.iehers thorough,
t-xiierienei il and th-voti-d.
Four departtuent., Colli g'.atr , Prop-iratovy, ITiumrv nun ..jusic. rru-
. i -11 I:... . .1 1 1 ......... T i . . 1 1 v t I'D . in i wv
deli is espeeuu i v pi i- i.i n -I i i u icacimi'r uioi imMin .v. - ,i ""!"", ,
I'Toctition and cali-dlu-ui-'s tree.
l!OAU!, 7 1M.K .MONTH. TUITION, SI TO Wit. 50 1'I.K MONTH.
No school in the Slate eho'iper. None in the county bet'er.
l,,or catiilofiie call on or address O. L. Ki;NNi:i)Y, Principul.
( 'anideii. Ten
5 212
H ' . . .
i urn
?. 5f
mm mm
uua mm
V -
mmm, mm r
Tlinm'jh Slcciiersto the West via Mi-Keu.'.ie.
'I iiroiiL'h Sleepers to tlie South via Montomcix.
Tlirouj;!! Sk-epers to the Northeast via Louisville
EMIGRANTS s.-ekiiu,' houu's on this line of
this road will receive special low rates, for maps,
rates, etc., see agents of this conuianv, or ad
dress, C. 1 ATM GKK,
General I'ass-n-ier Aacsit.
Liii isvii.i.i., Kv.
Sale of Land.
On the first Monday in J.uiu n v , ISO"),
at the coiirl-housc in Camden, Tennessee,
by virtue of the authority in nu- vesteil,
by trust, deed executed by L V Sniilli
and wile on the o h day of May, lS'.'O. and
registered in the Kcu'isu-r's ullice at t 'ani
deu, Tennessee, in l'.onk II, on paT'-s
172 ;j and 4, 1 will idi'.-r f. -r sale for cash
the tract of land therein described, eon
tainim; i'O ncres more or less, aid land
lies on the waters of lin-shi nn's ('reek,
about five miles north of Camden, bciicj
the tract upon which the said h 15 Smith
now resides 'I he side will be made to
. satisfy a note for SS interest,
and cost of sale, due (i. 11. (ircer as the
runrdian of F.dith Mitchell. The said
land will be iu'.lv described on day of sale.
This November L'l, lS'.H
A. Ci McDANIF.h,
'J-4 Trustee.
Sale of Land.
j means so much more than
c5"you imagine serious andl,
fatal diseases result from!
Itrillinrr ailments neglected.
i Don't play with Nature's
,f greatest gilt health.
'4 r' 7 ( f? t-i r-' a n V :1
0. C. Hudson vs. John A. Holland.
In obedienci
to a thrive i
if the
SV Cl KK A rosiTiox.
Wanted for office work, on salary, in kykhy
voi;.s"rv,youii(;'l.ail.voryoun.!r (ientleinen. Those
from the country also accepted. Kxpci ience not
necessary; In tact -prefer a bcf;innei at small sal
ary at first. Must deposit in bank cash aboutSlOO.
Address 1 O. box 4;::;, Nashville, Tenn. 110
Tourists and others in chousing a route to I'lor
ltla, should not miss t he opport unity to visit Look
out Mountain, scene of the famous battle "Above
the Clouds, "with its iiianiliceiit '-Lookout Inn,"
now open. It would be well, therefore, to bear in
mind that the Nashville, ( liattaiioiwi and St.
Louis Itailroad is the only line passinj: around
Lookout Mountain. "Dixit- l'lyer" through slet-i-tnf-car
bv this line from Nashville to Jackson
ville, l-Ta., carries you in daylight via (.'rami old
Lookout Mountain, Kennesavv Mountain, Atlan
ta, Macon, and Lake City. Mecpinfi car berths
can be reserved throufih to ITorida. Address V.
L. Danley, Ki-neral passenger and ticket ajit.-nt,
Nashviile, Tenn.
ci-ry court at Cam. '.en. Tennessee, made
in the c 1 lse of ( ). C. 1 1 udsi.n vs. .lohn
Ibdlatui, notice is hen-bv L'iveti that I
will sell lit public unction in front of tin
east door of the court-house id Camden,
Tennessee, on
Monday, January 7, 1894, at Noon,
to the highest and best, bidder the follovv-
lou desei ibed 'rai-ts of land: hil tract
Situated in the seventh civil disti'n-t of
r.eiitou County, lcnnessco, m ratine S.
section tl, lyinsr on the northeast corner of
;in entry for 270 acres land in tin- name ,f
(ieoiye V. Farmer, of which this is a part .
on the west boundary of Tennessee Kiver.
and runs west LYm'.j poles to the north
west corner of said entry; thence south
5lS poles to it stake, in the west boiindarv
of said entrv ; Ihenee east ''JS poles to tin-
Tennessee Uiver; thence dow n said river
with its liu'iitiilers to tlie t ; i :i :i iir , com
tainiiifj by estini ition S7 acre-;.
S"cond tract Pii-ii'iiniin' L'O poles west
and '20 poles north of t In northeast eor
nerof Wiliinm Melton's land at two small
cbestnuts (dead) rethink pointers; thence
no: Ih SO )oles to a hlaek-j u-k with two
redoilk pointel s ; thence east SO poles to
il stake with chestnut pointers; thein-e
south SO pules to the beiuuii:, coiitniii
intt by esiinialioii 40 acres.
Tkums ok Sai.k Said hind will h- sold
for cash, nuhject to the eipiily of redemp
tion. This November '27, 181)1.
Clerk and Master.
J. 0. Kor.iN's. solicitor for comoiamant.
It Cures
If y'U arefcclinp;
cut of sorts, weak
and ircnetul'.v cx-
haustvd, jierv-ou-i, -have
no apu-'.ilo J,
and can't v.er!;, J
begin at cnr.rl.ik- J,
111 lllt-llll.si iv.-u.i- Jl
Me stu-HKihctiiin;
medicine, winch is
Frown's lion Bit-
ters. A few hot- J;'
ties euro benefit i,
comes from tlie J
very first dose-;.' X
Uicn't stain your $
iefth. and il's
I pleasant io take.
Castorht, is Ur. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Ijilants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Jlorphiae nor
other Karcotic suhstanee. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Sooihing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria is the Children's Panacea
the Mother's Friend.
"Castoi-laisso well adapted tochlldrcn that
t rceoramend it its sujK-rior tonny prescription
known to me." II. A. Ancinat, 31. 1).,
Ill So. Oxford Si.., Brooklyn, N. Y.
"The use of 'Castum' is so universal nnd
its nicrita so well kuown that, it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are tlie
intelligent families who do not keep Castoria,
Within easy reach."
Caklos jJaktvs, I). P.,
New York City.
Castorla cures Colie, Constipation,
Suur Stoinaeli, Diarrhu-a, Eructation,
KilLi Yorrus, gives sleep, and promotes di
gestion, Without injurious medication.
"For several years I havo riicoi: ended
your 'Cafctoria,1 and hha'd always coiuTLc.j id
do so as it has invariably produced be.m.ad.u
results." V ,
F.nwis F. rARun, :i. D
l.'i")th Street and ?th Ave., New York City.
Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver
Neuralgia, TroabJcs,
& Constipation, Dr.d H!ood
Malaria, Nervous ailments i
V Women's complaints. i
4 Get onlv the rmiinc- it has crossed red g
lines on the vrui ih r. U others :ue sun-
?. stuules. Un icreiet oi lw 2C stntnps wl '
will sind'sot uf !-i Dt-nutiiul Vt-rl.l s
5 Fuir ViwWS and hook lire.
The Ckstxcii Company, T7 JIcnnAV Stuket, Nkw Yoiik Cm
made to Order
W i
Special Offpr to KpuiIpi-r of tlie T'nper-A
Great Meti-oimlitAii I'liper is
IndiHppiiHUble Now.
TnK "Tvhk-a-vi:i-.k" si. ions KKrrr,-
L1C will he sent I'UKK ONE Y It tan person
sending heiore .liinuarv .'H, isr,. a cluh ol three
New yoarlv subserilicrs.vvith s;s to pay for same.
Already'lhe elans are calhcrliin tor the fray in
1S!HJ, and' IS!'.", will he full of interest ini; events.
The skirmish lines will he thrown out, the nia-
ripiiverinn done and l lie plan ol eainpaip;n arrang
ed for the great eoutcst In ''.!.
The reinaininp short sc-sion of the nenioeratic
Coiij-ress.to he followed shortly hy a Uepuhlican
Conitrt-ss, with a Demo-rat in the I'residenlial
chair, will be productive of events of incalculahle
'"in'fact, more politi.-al history will he construct
ed durins: isns tiian in any year snii-etlie founda
tion of the tioveinnieiit. and a man without a
paper will he like a useless lump in the move
ments of public opinion.
You can et three new subscribers for The Ue
publie by a few minim's effort. Kciuemher in
The Kepubhc subscribers p-t a paper twu-e-a-wn-k
for the price ot a weekly - only -l.no a year.
Try It AT t)S't 1!, and see Low easily il can he
done. If von wi-d) a pa"ka:4e of sample copies,
write lor them. Cut out this advertisement and
St. IOtiis, Mo.
ON'Eof these elefraiit sleainn s leave St. Louis
every Wednesday and Saturday tor all point:
on the Mississippi liivt-r to ( aiio. hio Kiver t
l'aducali, and lennessee Kivi-r to Florence, lak
Iuli freight and passengers for all points on tin
Ohio to Fittshurj-'h, and on the Ciiiuberland ti
Nashville. Through lulls of ladiin;, prompt serv
ice, und low rates.
'i'rallie .Vlaice'rr,
Wharf-boat fool of Olive street. SI. l.ulTS
i oneof these steamers arrive at .Johnson
vilie every Tuesday and l'ridav.
i iiliJ'ia V-Jg IE
0 ft s -r st ? ? 1 T f C; 1 1 1
iVercbpt Tailor?.
Tbey Guarantee to Fit Please You.
'the '.iace Horc and every other (J
. Horse can lc rel'.cvctl ot ispraniM, w
Col'C Los.s of Appetite, nntl cured
'. of f.11 diseases by the use of A
R n iAn Evergreen
ft- lb
flltRruffl fit ntnnnn w, ill our eoniiuele list ol .Miisery MoeK. n vim
KEiyfcT IF S t'f'E?!' will cut out this advertisement, mark on il H
RUI I I( I fiLLfll Llltt nameel l lus paper. and tell hew many and v. hat
WWI " kind ol trees and plants vim would liketopur-
We wi 1 s( in von liv mall no-I-nan one snv.Hii
in eoimeriion Willi l no Muiiiieru racuir t oinpa- ; ,,V(.1.1,, ., .,.,. :H:l,ed ,,, Xoi,r ciiniaie, with vu
uv is now runniiiK a : M ,.,.?, ms t,,r plant in-.' and earniL: forit.loiiellier
wceii v Rrt"i"m nt n n nn n w ,;h our nuiipiete list ot .msery siim-k. i yu
'I'., .ifiiiii.ii. I .In t .it A -mill 'i lfl I sill no h of New ..',i ... 'i In I w 1 11-11 Oil W isll tO lihlllt tllelll.
Orleans) with llu- Southern Farilir's new, fast. I We'vviH ipiole vou lower piiees on the .stink
solid vestibule train, the "Sunset Limited" for I you want than have ever been oflcrcd you. f
Houston, San An ton in, 1 .1 l aso, l.os Aiiyeies ana i v rile at onri-
il i.m. iir.r..- . t ur. it i r.?, j i
K.verui-eeii, Door Co., Wj4.
-an Francisco. This car
g M 9 fl
15 V U
$1.75 TER YEAR.
i-Icep them on hand. They will '
savoyoualiuiiurciiiii.ic.-.iui-u -n
in h"vsc firsh and vet -r.nary bills. W
;i: irV
i r - , l : .
hM iT i.il I..
Id Everj-whcro.
i-k. y
tw Vvsier, rra. CO., :?
Is run on Illinois Central Tiain No. Land leaves
stations, aim to I ttt :tnt hI i; vr.)M:i
DAY. ami stations from ( oioilman south I . i
i nr ki . Y. Tiiiiof iMi i;i:si:i;Y.MHNsto
the I'acillc ( oast, in .nhiitioii there is run a
Ti!i:wv;!i withh t ciianck, to i.os au-
fieles, ia Avoniiale, bv the s.inn- unite and train,
I.. ., vim. si:iliims. Cairo to Duralit, K f l
- i-r:,ir tv umr ti ir.x
... fin ,v nu r mbuvb i
v ini v, i unui. ninitivo f -
9 a r r", s nii i t- i-s l w
froinpt answer ami un Honest opiinon, writo to
JII NX iV ( ., who have bad nearly dfty venrV
exiiprii-nee in tlio pntent business. Commtiriii-&-tump
strictly confidential. A Handbook of Ii
formation oricerinni I'ateni Rnrt how to ON
tain tlii-ra Pent tree. Aln n ralalijgue Of Eictbaa-
leal nnd hoieutinu bonks neut free. f '
l-atint9 taken ti,roucn Jiuiin Co. recehm
lilt' l;si Y, and stations from t loot! man south ppenal notice in the Sei'-ntilic Ann rirnn. nnilf
l v l l-V I l : 1 1 ) Y 1 irket tuns aro broncht widely betorotho public witbl
i. i.ui i i"i " ; rt rnrt to tho Invpieor. 't'.'iis imioiaiid ritperl
R-jtac nc I nw AS bV 311V OlhSP ROUtO Ispiiritwpeklir.ele-.'untlyi.ltT-t'ari-ii.ba-iivinrthJl
nates dS LW u "'7 '""" iH-ee-. 'cui..n t.f any "!:( work mtli
TirUets and full information as to rates and
train tiiui' t-au be had of a-iits , the 'Vntial
ltoute and fonnivii.is lines, .-r bv V.'y.-i I
Assistant tleneral I'ii-s. iier Aaent. '
New Orleans, Ii. 1
,irl.l. .s ao'iir, .-:e:iuie (."I'.i rnt Tree.
ltudilir.il V.iiiuim. ruentiily, :.:t) a year. iniM
C'pie.s -Jl cent, I-verv i"i'::t'i r rurt.ninx
ilul pln'fM, in color;', o'. iinoti -ei-ani'g
(.. ... ;i :!',:. -i-.-t i-'i' i-'.-i.r.''siniK
iai'-'-t iiese-iis mil rri-un- iuiii.-ti-is. AUQrii,n
.A s
i !
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