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I ..1
tho Hermans Bay that lightning neTcr
In l)evonHhira if a firo hums blao
nd doml it is thought to bo n forernn-
pr ol death or difmnlor in that house.
In Wales and in Cornwull miners
rn their huts upon tho birth of n
do omia; if a girl bo born his ncigh-
s uurn it for him.
The Sicilians mv that flrn will not
r 1
bnrn a man born on St. Paul's Day
(January 25), but that if a woman bo
bnrnod on that day tho soro will never
heal, and will eventually cause her
death, according to tho tit. Louis lie
tpublio. ,v I When n Russian family moves from
fcno houso to another they always rake
all the fire from the hearth of tho old
domicile, and carry it in a closed pot
to tlwir new residence.
In Greece, when one peasant borrows
fire from another's hearth to kindle
his own, tho -owner of tho fire must
accompany the borrower to his home
"to soe tho fire blnzo," otherwise tho
one making the loan will have his
1 house and goods destroyed by the do-
jvuunng element.
Jane So you have accepted tV
jm millionaire?
Frou-Frou Yes, dear.
Jane Whv didn't von piva the
thing the mitten?
Frou-Frou Eeeuuso I hndAf0'
Don't you know I'm so poor I'" U? 1
k Umy a mitten if yarn weref;'wS a a
pent a ton?
7 Wounded in hs
"I enlists with Co. D, TbiwX Vlrjrlnia
Infantry Volunteers. Auf'-l3' 12 ? w"3
woundoi in the knoe, iti mh ?
limb wna amputatod. " tblrty yra 1
flare sufTurod irorathe
p-maining part of tho
Hub, whiflh has nover
iiealed, but eontinuod
to aisohargo. My
health was greatly
shattered, yet I kept
moving about until
December, 1891, when
I was struck down by
thw grip, and again, a
year later suffered a
1 T n
Iff ,'3 smothcrod feollng so
j,r, vat all. I thon pro u-o l six bottles
" 0f i's Sarsnparilhi, and I feel better than
j t r! for ten years. Wo have used eighteen
lio ::ios inour family and have found it a pr-
lanent cure Jr Scrofula. I owo my life and
Sarsaparilla." F. M.
West Virginia.
Hood's Pills !"'o thu bout fu'uily cathartio
A "
Them AH,
and Harry's
3t (IrnrnwmrriiTgraitr.iiaaaa
Tho Largest Manufacturers of
from t'je great
rnrl Tno
iciiiLii aim rp
v j ('.fry1
ynl:Hf the nittchProTPM, Tin Altft-
tMrdrlirinut BUEAKFAST COCOA U holutely
and tolubic, tad com Itn titan one cent a cup.
for 30 dayi frem dt ef
S .C? HiifTfintr from Kbtunik
mm, Neuialgia, pirtifc
r hfSsi Lf l avHi t,m - na ',ID1,S ia,i'""
045 r'SDi
Orntcrnl TentlmontuU. Kir.i....... a- J aT if
tif no t!ia Our cfTer 1i nort-liwd h:t ?n Ky. It
aevr orrur c&.ln. "t-ctri it, uaiurr tinrrrl V rmtnj
urrd ibomn:ii. It benefit rnu. Ir.et' it i pi:nlf,
il trivial. The Ac n htvfit ofSucraM. V rut- Tor rBt.
o-Kf medial Ass,D,:.".-32:SycaaiorSt.,Clncin!io;i, 0.
i '.-.tl' SXr..iili '.vV-ii'.'iiA'i
V;l.:tS VVHtKr. k.1 tiot r
u c - -ie
t i
to, Wl U.. ! .
health to food's
! flkr
t, t Ud
Up1 Rust In CoHon..
1 - Tl . I -T lft
. ibiijiit in lasiern -"0' c0tton
lina sent us last summer ""?,. ...i
leaves affectoil, as ho wart, J1 8h0wed
rust. A brief rxAminnfA'? n..i
rust. A brief exaniinal''
41 L - 11"
J, mm is,
none of tho usual fun''
6 tCUn tarta
common y ca led rust eo.C(lH(,a
were badly infested w 8 tMlu)
"red spider (ielraVilliant red
ono of the mites. s00pi0 Bjzo 0j
color and almost jnjjh lh j rf
he insects ogethc j , ,
tho under Bide, Kh0 leftc wa
healthy conKp"
duo to the attac' , ,
, ,idi"ro"8 under the m-
iney occoine d th .
fluence of hot'". J..
4i,w ""ty of tue foliage coin
destroy the' i,n7ti.
1 lts a healthy foliago is es-
V??roth. and productiveness
ueuuai wn .. . .? . ., . .,
m any p
tyii'i " la vviuuui mat vuuy
jto a serious check to the
w.jV infect- clso obsorvers of
jttith weakened vitality soonest
P ie the prey of insects. Wliile
'cannot control tho weather
ot he temperature, we can put
.at plants from the etart in such
Tijiuiouo cuuuiuuii uy ieriinza
'tion and by good culture as to enable
(hem to resist better the attacks of in
sects and funsrous diseases. This has
caused some to nRsert that reel rast is
caused by a deficiency of potash in
the soil. While this in one sense is
true, it is not the whole truth. Had
thero been an abundanco of potash
and other elements of plan food in
the soil the vigorous vitality of the
plants would have enabled them to re
sist the influence of the insects until
a change in tho weather conditions
would have checked their operations.
Cotton well supplied with kainit and
acid phosphate will undoubtedly Buffer
less from this red rnst, not because
potash drives the mites, but because a
fully nourished plant can better over
come untoward circumstances than a
weak one can. Therefore the best we
can do is to so encourage tho growth
of tho plants as to mako them resistant
to their attacks. In nearly all of tho
cotton lands of tho South Atlantic
Coast the soil is naturally deficient
in potash. Ilenca the wisdom of
using kainit and other forms of
potash fertilizers, with a good ad
dition of phosphoric acid in tho
readily accesniblo form of acid phos
phate, to give that vigorous growth
which the unaided soil in most places
cannot supply. Some of our best
growers are of the opinion that red
clover on a sandy soil causes rust in
cotton. This will account for tho fact
that on our red clay soils, which aro
well adapted to clover, and where in
most sensons it resists the red spider,
no such influence has been observed
on the cotton. The weakened condi
tion of tho clover on these sandy lands
renders it an easy prey to tho attacks
of the mites, and from their profusion
on the clover they may well be charged
with infecting the cotton. Tho
remedy is evident ns in tho case of tho
cotton itself invigorate the clover on
these lands in the samo way. Clover
is a greedy consumer ol potash and
lime, and if theso sandy lands are
limed, and well supplied with potansio
fertilizers, clover would find better
conditions, grow more vigorously and
bo less infected with insects and henco
not liable to damage tho cotton any
more than on the clay lands. W. F.
Massey, of N. 0. Experiment Station.
The Industrial Condition as Ueported
for tho Past AVeek.
Tho report on tho industrial condition of tho
Snnih for the past week any-: Thero continues
to Iw a stoarly increase in tho number of in w
cotton mills, and in addition to plant now in
operation. Move n'ti'iit ion im Ix-in pivvn to
tl niikintr of tho llnor grades of cotton codH.
Bovernl additional fiinmiM aro to no into Id Kt
in tho ISiriiiiiiL'ham district, wh. r the (h nmiid
for iron Sh fairly wull niiuntained. Ti.o p.-( duc
tion of lmnl cr f;row larger ckcIi we.-k. Ge ier
ul nunins is not Vtry iicivc.
Ttiirty-fov.r new i:.(luKtrics v.ero c-tablinbfi l
or jncorj on'.'fd during tl ovrrck, together wi'li
Hi'ven ciilnr;,'('ineiitH of inaiiul'aciorioH and eight
important new buildings. Prominent pmnng
the ne w iiidiis rl(8 a'o two pr j 'Ptcd Hew cot
ton niillK r.t N'w 0: 1 Mix, La., and a
spindle cotton mill nt C'ifion. S. C: tho Mm
cola Liirn'M-ruii., capita! C'ltO.O 10, of M.inneola,
fla., and tho IShrcveport I'VrtilizT Co., of !
H'.rcvfport, I.a capital t .10.001). Tlio Padn- !
call Idontrits (.'o., capital SKVOCO. ha-i been I
chartered nt 1 aducali, Kv.:thc Ilot Spiines j
Steam Laundry Co., capital $20,000, t Hot
i-iprins, Ark., tho liuckley Hip;h fpc.-d F, cva
tor Co., at Now Orleaim, L., and tlio I. M.
Tohacoo and Cigar Cj-, of Mobile, Ala., capi
tul 1 30, 000.
A barrel factory with $10,000 cnpihl has been
orar.i2"d at Norfolk, A'a.; a S10 000 cont-truc-tion
company nt Galveston, Tex., and a lumber
eompniy with tho same capital nt Thomas. W.
Va. lilick and tilo works aro to bo built at
A ngnxtA, Oa., canning factoricH at lioekwood,
Tnn-, and Galvegton, Ttx., and flouring mill
at liatehTdlo, Ai lc, CI. vdand, Lexington ami
JIcGhee, Teun., Ttrnnilway and llaphine, Va.,
and Elk Uiver, W. Va. A foundry and ma
chine shop ia reported at Pino Bluff, Ark. ; an
e cctrical plant at Georgetown, S. C. ; iee facto
ries at Ru-iHcllville, Ark., and Hammond, La.,
and woodworking plant at'1'i.mpii, Fla.. White
castle, La, Connelly's ISprim'H, N. C, and
Drtskn, Teim Tradefman, Cliattanooga.
Kolb Still Kicks.
" E. F. Ivolb, who calls liimsolf gov
ernor dc jure of Alnbamn, haa issued a
rocssngo "to the general iipwcmldy &Dd
peojdo of Alabama." llo htarts out
willi a refereuco to "tlio revolutionary
condition of your Ftttto government,"
stigmatizes the democrats n.s "usurp
ei'H," and declares that the constitu
tional guarantee of a fair election hr.a
ocen overthrow;!.
The Campania ad Luoania consumo
COO tons of coal daily when driven to
their utmost speed. Thi3 is equiv
alent to a consumption of a little over
900 pounds of coal per minute, or
twenty-fivo tons an hour.
Three raHpberry canes in the gar
dons of tho London Horticultural so
ciety were grown from scods found in
tho stoniaob of a man whose skeleton
was dug up from ono of tlio old burial
mounds of North Britain.
According to the statistical abstract
of the United States, tho total cost of
liquors consumod in this country an-
nufdly is over $1G per capita, twice as
much as the tolal amount of tho fouer
al revenue.
Electrio welding has been used to
remedy blowholes in defectivo castings
bv first drilling out the defects and
then heating the casting and introduc
ing scraps of steel, which are melted
by electricity, making a perfect joint
without a scam or flaw of any kind.
Flammarion, tho French astronomer,
recently remarks that our planet, if it
were as near to tho sun as it is to tho
moon, would melt liko wax under the
heat from tho solar surface, which is
composed of "a stratum of luminous
dust that floats upon an ooean of very
dense gas."
A Case of Exactness.
It is well to bo enptious, but there
are times whon even caution may be
carried to excess. The widow of a Ger
man officer went to the pension office
for the purpose of drawing tho pension
due her. She presented the usual cer
tificate of tho mayor of the village in
which she lived, to the effect that she
was still alive.
"This certificate is not right," said
the official in charge, severely.
"What is tho matter with it?" in
quired the poor widow.
"It bears the date of December 21,
vas tho stern reply, "and your pension
was duo on December 15."
"What kind of a certificate do you
wish?" inquired the disappointed ap
plicant. "We must have a certificate stating
that you wore alivo on the 15th of De
cember," said tho official, with great
firmness. "Of what posfible use is
this one that says you were alivo on
the 21st of December six days later?"
Yuuih's Companion.
The Real Thing.
In tho meatshops of tho towns in
New Mexico and Arizona the visitor
from tho east is apt to notice that tho
drcsst-d eareutesea of sheep have a tuft
of wool still attached to tho head and
tho tail. This is left by the butcher
to assure tho customer that it is mut
ton, and not goat flesh, that he is buy
ing, for in thi'oe territories many flocks
of goats are reared and pastured by
the small Mexican ranchmen to bo
killed for food for tho poorer natives,
lloast or stewed kid, with Chile pep
per sar.ee, is an esteemed dinner dish
at tho table of many well to do Ameri
can and Hpnuisli-Ameriean citizens.
Philadelphia It word.
. YV'eiik im ix Cat
Is a bad eiinile, for i h cat is n very muscubir
nnbnnl for Its Bize. Hut to lm as weak as ti
convalescent after a wasted and protnu-ted
di ea.se is to be week ind-ed. Nothing in tlie
way of a tonic promotes convabwenci',
battens a gain in strength, liko llo-telter'rt
Sloiuacli Hitter-'. It. increases nti ttite, he ps
digestion and induces sleep. Nervous inva
li'iit derive from U un-peakulilc benetit. It
cures malaria, rheumatiMii, cunst;pat;o:i.
It does not make prayers iinylesscfTectiveif
they aro delivered w lulu holdinu' to a plow.
A i hild Hi J.iJM
Thep'caant flavor, gent le action and soothing
effects of Syrup of Figs, when in need of a lax
ative, and if the fat her or mother be costive or
bilious, the most gratifying roMiHs foMow it
use, so that it is thebe.-t f imily remedy known
and every family should have a botlh',
Every good fimuer is a member of tho great
industrial army on whieh tlej worl I depends.
Or. Kilmer's S w A m i - It o o r enrm
all Kidney and Madder troubles,
l'amphlet and Consultation tf:-r.
l.ahoratory HinKhainton, N. V.
Clear away the stones of Jealou-ynnd envy
"It ii an unweeded garden t h it urows to seed."
DcafnoRP ( nnnnt bo Cured
h ' local apiilicr.tion as thoycinnol ro.vb. tho
diseased portion of the ear. '1 liero is only one
w.iy to euro Deufni'sj, ami that is by cimtltn
t.oiial remedies. lli-ai'no-'S is caused byon'
luuncil condition of C o mucous lining of t'.n
eustachian Tnbo. When this tubo ice! 8 in
tlamed you huve a rmii'din'-; Found or impel-ft-
huarini;. and when it is entirely cloed
Deafness is the result, and unless tho inflam
mation can bi taken out nnd this tube re
stored to its normal condition, hei:rintr will bo
destroyed forever; nine cases out ten ara
caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an in
humed condition of t he mucous surfaces.
Wo will tsivo Ono Hundred D dlars for nnv
ease, of ll. afneas feau'i'd by ct'tarrh) that can
not bo ( tire I by Hall's Catarrh Cure, fc-eud for
; reule.rs, fa-e.
F. J. Cnssr.Y & Co., Toledo, O.
.r.old by ni:;c!s:s,
A ltrlelit F.yo
1:1 a sign of cood health nnd if the stomnch is
not in tho best of conditions the eyes will show
it. Hipnns Tabv.les will make tho Btomach
ri.;ht and keep tho eyes bright and clear.
We have not been w i:hout Pi-ti's Cure for
Consumption for ?n y'e'trs. Lizzir. I'EHittt,,
Cunip St., llarrisburir, l';i., Mav 4, ''J4.
Karl's Clover Uo 't. the treat b'on.l eir!iler,
(rives l'reslines nnd elearn.-si to the c(on;dex
loti and cures const ipa'.ioti, "5 c:s., 5') ut s., 1.
tr. Window's Soothlttr Kympfor bilor.-n
teethlmr, softens themim", fed u e" inilnmtna
tion, allnj pain, cures wind colic, -oj. a Lottie
If ntllirted with sore eye-, use Dr. Isaac Thump
sou's Eyo-water.Drui'ists sell at Z:: per hot! le.
Story of ft Diamond.
For many years the rumor of a
magnificent diamond, said to be in the
possession of a tribe dwelling in a far
away region vaguely indicated by the
impression "upcountry," had tickled
the ears of adventurers. Many had
gone in search of it; none had come
within measurable distauco of obtain
ing it.
Finally a Dutch farmer named Van
Niekerk, got upon the track of tho
diamond, llo wandered from tribe to
tribe and from village to village ono
day hopeful of success and tho next
disappointed. At length he was di
rected to n mcdicino man, or witch
doctor residing in a certain Kaffir
village, and sure enough, after a good
deal of palaver and plentiful libatiouB
of jowals, discovered him to be pos:
sessed of a puro white stone of extra
ordinary size and lustre, which he had
little doubt was the diamond referred
The witch doctor, however, was ex
tremely unwilling to part with it. A
high price was offered, then a higher
still, but ho remained immovable.
Tho Dutchman now became excited 1
and offered his whole span of oxen.
To this had of necessity to bo added
tho tent wagon which he had fitted out
for his journey, together with his ap
purtenances. And, at last, stripped
of all his belongings save his gun and
ammunition, he departed with the gem
safely concealed somewhere about his
The bargain nevertheless was a good
one, as the stone was found, when
brought to the frontier, to be a beau
tiful, flawless diamond of the purest
water, and worth 25,000. This dia
mond which is now in the possession
of tho Countess of Dudley may be
called the foundation stono of the dia
mond industry. JJxchanre.
Eclectic, Ala.
I know Tetterine to be a radical cure
for Tetter, Salt Uheum, Eczema and
all kindred diseases of tho Skin and
Scalp. I never prescribe anything el&e
in all Skin troubles.
M. S. Fielder, M. D.
Sent by mail for 50c by J. T. Shup
trine, Savannah, Ga.
The poverty of Venice is notorious.
Laedeker says that a fourth of its in
habitants are paupers. Yet today
18,000,000 francs in gold lie in the
coffers of ono of its banks alone.
The Greatest Hedical Discovery
of the Age.
Ciot this Letter day before yesterday.
Penn Yan, N.Y., Xov. 2S, 180-1.
Your Discover; has done, so much for
me I am only too glad to tea cccrjbodj
about my case
When 1 bcfjnn tal ivrj it. one vcqr n'o
last July, 1 had DYSPEPSIA in 'its
vorst form. 1 teas const ipuUd, so m ucfi
so as to (tlmnjs use injections, and I had
O constant PA IX in m STOMACH
and LEFT SIDE. My knees icere stiff,
and I could not sit dotcn on a stool or
gei aoicn to ju amjthuuj on the floor
Put now 1 can sit. or t;U doicn on m,
Knees, or (( anything in my qarden. I
feel tike, a new person. You must know
T ... 7.V... .
i u-os (iisrouraaea. as l have lost tiro
sisters and an older Crother vith
believe, if they had knov-n of your
remedies they would be well, as 1 am.
iou can fx up my kit, r to suit yourself,
only do publish it, that women may
know what the Discovery has done for
me. Yours truhi,
Mrs. Si All Y C. AYPES.
Send a postal card for Dr. KenneJy'g book.
To Orange-Growers.
The largest cmo and best grade of fruit cap only be obtained
r using fertilizers containing
bt Less than 12 Actual Potash.
Tills is equally true of pine-apples and other tropical fruits.
Our books on Totash are sent free. They
you dollars.
MI Wat k
antl all women who aro nursing babies, derive almost
ccivablc benefits from tho nourishing properties of
This is llio most nourishing
riches tlio mother's milk
V makes babies fat and gives more nourishment
y children than nil the rest of the food they eat.
v occti s umiubion uas uceu presenoeii by puysieia:
v twenty ycxrs for Eickets, Marasmus, Wasting Di3Ca3C3 of 0-
v OsughfJ, Ooli, T7cak Langs, Emaciation and CcniSump'Joa. v
V Send for famthlet cn Scott 's Emulsion. FREE. V
Y Scctt &. Eowns, N. Y. All Drugcista. CO ccnt3 end Si. T
Hard Work and Indigestion ;o
ManJ in IlanJ.
Concentrntc-d thought, continued in. robs
the ptoniach of ncci'sni y blood, aud this Is
also true of hard physic il l.ibor.
When a five hor-e-powcr engine i tn;i(la
to do ten horse-powi-r woik somttl'inx
Roing to break. Very often the hurd.
worked man coining from the field or lh
office will "bolt" his food in a few min.
rtcs which will t.i!:e hours to digest. Then
too, many food are about us useful in tllj
stomach as a keg of nail would be in a
fire under a boiler. The i'l-n.'d MoinacH
refuses to do its work without the proper
stimulus which it gels fiom the blood and
nerves. The nerves are weak and "ready
to break," because they io not pet th
nourishment they require from the blood,
finally the ill-used brain is morbidly wida
awake when the overwoikcd man at
tempts to find rest in bed.
The application of 'common sense in the
treatment of the stomach and the whole
system brings to the busy man the full en-
ioyment of life and healthy digestion when
le takes Dr. Pierce's .Pleasant Pellets to
relieve a bilious stomach or after a too
hearty meal, and Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery to purify, cntith and
vitalize the blood. The " Pellets " are tiny
sugar-coated pills made of highly concen
trated vegetable ingredients which iclieve
the stomach of all offending matters easily
and thoroughly. They need only be taken
for a short time to cure the biliousness,
constipation and slothfulnes. or torpor, of
the liver; then the "Medical Discovery"
should be taken in tcaspoonftd doses to in
crease the blood and enrich it. It has a
j peculiar effect upon the lining membrane
of the stomach and bowels, toning up and
I strengthening them for all time. The
I whole system feels the effect of the pure
i blood coursing through the body and the
I nerves are vitalized and strengtliened, not
deadened, or put to sleep, as the so-called
celery compounds and nerve mixtures do
but refreshed and fed on the food they
need for health. If you suffer from indi
gestion, dyspepsia, nervousness, and &f
of the ills which come from impure blood
and disordered stomach, you can cure
yourself with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery which can be obtained at any
drug store in the country.
Often In the morning
There comes a feeiiiur
Of weariness, indescribable 5
Not exactly ill,
Nor fit to go to the store,
Hut too rear well
To remain away.
One Ripans Tabule
Taken at nicht,
Before retlrincr,
Cr Just al ter dinner,
Has been known
To drive away that
Weariness for months.
Antl-KhenTiitic O
lAnti-oatai ma1
Cur anil FreTnnu lUie'uriatmni, lu jme-uon.
4 Dy xoLWia, Heartburn,
Cm; irru and A'lthnm,
T Usetul lu M tlarlidu l
Kevers. Cloann4 Hie
jt Ineth on 1 lrmntos tho Appetite, .swartmu
X theHrentii, Curestlie Tobacco !i ibtt. Kti'lornid
by tho Medical Faculty. Send for V , V or 2i
Ami iiaeltiur'. filrrr, .sianui or ioslnl So'e,
ULO. H. HALM, lt) West Mlh St., -New York.
? ft pis I B 14 u puis
1 j fUM'ii AND
j P gtonic Pellets,
it 11 ItnrM.or niil 25o. dnub e hoi ; S douh'e timti
1.00. BK(I',V,N .!K W t '... r v Voek City.
postage paid,
t li i At !nnrfi
H1IJ p .. i i : I : n
House, US l.oyd Street, Atl.tnta, (i.i will
iiiili to your address a vnluiible Kp.mily I lec
tor Iiook, wt.ith contains iniormaiii.n indiH-pen-able
in every well-retaliated bousi hold.
A. N. U
.I'iltV, "J-k
will cost you nothing to reid nr.,1 will savs
KALI WORKS, 93 Nassau Street, New York.
food known to science,
and gives her strength.
It en
It fJiO
?ia::s for

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