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Published Weekly at Camden, Tenn.
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BUT! IHJItlini illhtimi Ollll HllL M4TTIt.
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nt I. NNlCMl.MT.
The subscription price if Tn CmioNifi.i U
1 per yrar, 60 cents for n mont' s, Ui cent
f.r tlir iiiimitii.whicli porno?! mum Le pld
lu alvMien. All subscriptions wid m promptly
atopic! at npiraiiun of time paid for.
Oiutunrjr ami umiUr not tot will bo cluryol
for at the itt of 3 ecu's per Hue. We will
furrui'i rti fur Uiiplsy and local adrerUsiinj
oil appl cation.
Our Job prliitlug f-i!it: are nrti-c!s, and
our cpttoiaUf 11 kiwI work. Eaiiruatee (and
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tlom ff publto inte.ent are aolldlod, but we
wnmt iio respoimbihiy for Ui ipr.-i.loui
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TRAVIS BROS. Publishers,
Camden, Tk!k.
Glndstono computes thai tho habit
ual speakers of tho Ilnglinh langnage
have increase 1 from 15,000,000 to 101,
000,000 during tho lust 100 years, and
that tho 7 will number 120,000,000 by
tho end of tho year 1000. At that
rutcof iucrcaso, which i3 seven-fold
each century, mieh upeakers will in
clude not Iokh than 810,000,000 by tho
end of thci rear '2000.
According to a scientist who has
been looking into tho question, three
times as much rain falls in Eastern
Kanna8 as is required for the growing
of bountiful crops. Tho problem is
to conservo this moiBturo by means of
deep plowing, mulching and pond
building in order to have it available
for unusually dry seasons. lie finds
that it cau bo dono and is being done
by a steadily increasing number of
farmers every year.
In the last National election there
were cast 12,073,037 out of 15,137,889
eligibles. Out of the ascertained
population in 1800 of 02,622,230 the
number of church communicants was
only 20,013,307. Allowing 3,300,000
as the number of Protestant voting
communicants, and 2,000,000 Catho
lics, the total church vote, a3 estimat
ed by the Atlanta Constitution, is a
fractipn over 5,000,000 out of 15,
000,000 voters.
It is a most refreshing view of Queen
life that wo are invited to by a foreign
correspondent, when Queen Victoria
is pictured as seeking relief from tho
cares of state in "plain, humble knit
ting," and Queen Carola, of Saxony,
is described as "arrayed in a big apron
over her royal robes and engaged in
making jam." But these are not thq
only queen-like women who have de
lighted in these humble and useful oc
cupations, adds tho New York Mail
1 1-1 TTT
ana express. woman nature is e
eame the world over, whether in court
or cottage.
A Troy man now in Ojo Calicnte,
New Mexico, writes to tho Troy (N.
Y.) Times about the remarkable cli
mate and powerful waters of that
place. On three successive mornings
the mercury at Ojo Caliente indicated
twenty degrees below zero, eighteen
degrees below and four degrees below,
jet by 9 o'clock on these mornings
the therometcr had risen to ten to
twenty degrees above, and during the
middle of the day an overcoat was
superfluous. In fact, there have been
but four days in several weeks when
it was not possible to sit in the house
with the door wide open and read or
write in comfort. The air i3very dry
and crisp, and even when the mercury
sinks below zero the cold is not felt.
But, while the climato is remarkable,
it is nothing compared with the waters,
which are particularly recommended
to persons suffer in j from locomotor
ataxia, paralysis and rheumatic
troubles. The Trojan writes, and
vouches for tho truth of the state
ment, that a native placed a cowhide
in a tub and let the water run on it
during the night, and in tho morning
it was found that the skin had com
pletely dissolved, leaving nothing but
the hair. A person bathing in the
water must use extreme care and can-
no's stay in tho tab more than fifteen
minutes, fcr the water softens the skin
so that scratches and cuts are very
easily received.
Cobbtjpt methods are not near as
certain to win as honest ones.
i:i:v. di:. tai,ma;i:.
iiii; Nou n ixvim.'.h mm.vy
fcutjorti "l.uitrr Jubilee.
Tut: "Death U swallowed op la vl
tory." I Corinthian iv., 64.
About lifil Faster morulngshava wakened
the mrth. In Krnn for tbntj r,.tur1e tho
nlniKrm'H mucin tlix ynr b'm itt KivtT un
til Churl" IX nnvtMhn y.-nr kMn at Jnn. 1.
lo thx Towi'r if Loiiilnii tliero Ih a royal pny
roll of IMwitM I, on M.-u tlnn U art ntry
of i,ii,'ht'u pfin-n f,,r iM rolorivl eml pb--turvl
I.ii-i.t i-k'v'n, ith wlin-h tlio ptoplo
npor( 1. In IliiMiii-ilivo-i fti'ro fi-j aud alms
wiTMilMrihut.vl on 1:iiMt.
l':liiii.Mi''iil pouncjU mi-t nt Tontim, at
fiaul.ut Homo, nt Achilla, M il.vliln tho pnr
tii'ulnr cliiv, nu t after a controvttrsy mor
iinlmrite.l than Krneluti.l (( 0ll,j now
tiiriiui;h nil ChrMeieloin la Homo wy tho
!lrt SumUy after tint full moou wbleli hnp
peinupon or next after Man U '.a 1 filled
with i;.-itnr rejoleln-. The royal court of
the HuMmthft In ruinle up of fifty-two. Fifty
onu are f.rlneeN in the royal iionnholl, lut
Filter Ik queen. 8h wi-ar a rb her diadem
ami Hwnys a morn jeweled neepter; and in
ber Mtnilo nation! are lrntdluted. We wel
eomo thU (lueenl v day, holdiuir Msrh up in
ber rlcht Imnd th wrenched otT bolt of
Chri-.t'n epul. lier and lioldtiik' hlph up in
ber left baud tho key to till tho cemeteries in
My text In an ejaeiilatioti. It Is spun out
of luillelulnlm. l'aul wrot. rii:ht on In Ms
nrKuuient about tho remirreetlon nud ob
berveil nil the Inwsof lo-je, but when ho
eani') to write the words of the text his
finders nnd hin pen nnd tho piirchinnnt on
which bo wrote took lire, nnd he cried out,
'JDeutJi in ewall'Mved up la victory!" It is a
dreadful siht to neo an army routed and
llyinsr. They sender overythhn? vahmblfl on
tho truck. Unwhi'eled u'ltillery. Hoof or
hormi on breast of woin li'd" and ynit
man. You have read of tho French failing
back from Sedan, or Napoleon'! track of
00,000 eorp.-cM lu tliosnowlianks of Ku.-i.sia. or
of the live kintr! tumbling over tho rocks of
licthoran with their armies, while thn hail
storms of li'vivcn nnd tho bwords of Joshua's
lu.t! stniek liiem with their fury.
i.ui in my iet ,n worso dlseouiIHuro. It
sems that a blncl; jtnnt proposed to con
quer tho art.'i. Ho gathered for bis ho.t all
the a 'he ami pninsand mala lies and dis
tempers and epidemics of the ages. Ha
marched them down, drilling them in tho
northeast wind, amid tho Mush of tempests.
Ho threw up barricade! of gravo mouud. Ha
lutcliod tent of enamel house. Home of the
troop3 marched with slow tread, commanded
oy eousumpii'ms; tome la uoublo quick,
commanded by pn iiimonias. Some ho took
by long be.siegement of evil habit nud some
by one stroke of the battlenx of casualty.
"Wit h bony hand he pounded at the doors of
hospitals and sickrooms and won all tho vic
tories in all the great battlefields of all the
five continents. Forward, march! this con
queror of conquerors, nnd all tho generals
aad commanders-in-chief, and all presidents
and kings and sultans and czars drop under
tho feet of his wareharger.
liut one Christina1 night his antagonist was
born. As most of the plagues and sicknesses
and dcspoti-sms came out of the east it was
appropriate that the new conqueror should
come out of the same quarter. Power is
given Him to awaken all the fallen of all the
centuries and of all lands and Marshal them
against the black giant. Fields have already
been won. but tho last day" will sea the de
cisive battle. When Christ shall lead forth
His two brigades, the brigade of the risen
dead and the brigade of the celestial host, tho
black giant will fall back, and the brigade
from the riven sepulehers will take him from
beneath, and the brigado of descending im
mortals will take him from above, and
"death shall be swallowed up in victory."
Tho old braggart that threatened tho con
quest and demolition of the plnuot has lost
his throne, has lost his scepter, has lost his
palace, has lost his priige, and tho one
word written over all the gates of mausoleum
and catacomb and necropolis, on cenotaph
and sarcophagus, on the lonely cairn of the
Arctic explorer and on the catafalque of
great cathedral, written in capitals of azalea
and calla lily, written In musical cadence,
written in doxology of great assemblages,
written on the sculptured door of the family
vault, is "Victory. Coronal word, emban
nered word, apocalyptic word, chiof woid of
triumphal arch under which conquorors re
turn. Victory! Word shouted at Culloden
and Balaklava and Blenheim; at
Megiddo and Solferino: at Marathon, where
tho Alheniaus drove back the Modes; at
Foictiers, where Charles Martel broke the
ranks of the Saracens; at Balamis, whore
Themistooles in the great soa fight confound
ed the Persians, and at the door of the east
era cavern of chiseled rock, where Christ
came out through a recess and throttled the
king of terrors and put him baok in tho
niche from which the celestial oonquoror
had just emerged. Aha, when the jaws of
tho eastern mausoleum took down the black
giant, "death was swallowod up iu victory!"
I proclaim the abolition of death. The old
antagonist is driven back into mythology
with all the lore about Stygian ferry and
Charon with oar and boat. We shall have
no more to do with death than we have with
the cloakroom nt a governor's or president's
levee. We stop at such cloakroom and leave
in charge of the servant our overcoat, our
oversnoes, our ouiwara apparel that we may
not do impeuea in me Driniant round of the
drawing room. Well, my friends, when we
go out of this world we are going to a king's
banquet, and to a reception of monarchs. and
at the door of the tomb, we leave the cloak
of flesh and the wrappings with which we
meet the storms of the world. At the clos
of our earthly reception, under the brush and
broom of tho portor, the coat or hat may be
handed to us better than when we resigned
it, and the cloak of humanity will finally bo
returned to us improved and brightened nud
purified and glorified. You and I do not
want our bodies returned to us as they aro
now. We want to get rid of all thoir weak
nesses, and all their susceptibilities 'to fa
tigue, and all their slowness of locomotion.
They will be put through a chemistry of soil
and heat and cold and changing seasons out
of which God will reconstruct them as much
better than they Rre now as the body of the
rosiest and healthiest child that bounds over
the lawn is better than the sickest patient in
the hospital.
. But as to our soul, we will cross right over,
not waiting for obsequies, independent of
obituary, into a state in evory way better,
with wider room and velocities beyond com
putation; tho dullest of us into companion
ship with the vory best spirits in their very
best moods, in the very best room of the uni
verse, the four walls furnished and pauolod
and pictured and glorified with all thespleu
dors that the infinite God in all ages has been
able to invent. Victory !
This view of course makes it of but little
importance whether we aro cremated or
sepultured. If the latter Is dust to dust, the
former is ashes to ashes. If any prefer in
cineration, let them have it without carica
ture. The world may lcomo so crowded
that cremation may bo universally adopted
by law as well as by general consent. Many
of the mightiest and bet of earth have gone
through this process. Thousands and tons
of thousands u God's children have beeu
frn:.it,i1. P. P. p.liv an I wlf". th" nmv"'
llt (lllk'eir, eri'tlltlti'd by neeldelit lit A'M't- I
I'tila bridge; John l;-ifn eremnlc I I v i !.
rut Ion, Latimer it ud I'.idley i p'm-i i nt Ox- I
bird, l'"Ui,iiin mi l Itloiidnut, a -lu'. c, nn I
Ah'Viinlcr, a phtil i.ili, an I He ir l oinrti leu, il l
rr"lneil at III" iT'li-r ol Miin u Aun lni. I
At b ti t H huii.ln I tie in ati 1 of Chrl-I' ilf-i
rii.b- cremated, nn I tin-re can -n n douM bit
about the ri Mirri--t ion ,f th-ir bodi. If Ui't
world In-.!-, a.- inii' ll li nger ui It but already
been built, Hu m perlui'S limy b lu r 'olil
for lhe lar(;e a -ri-.ie yt apart for the renting
places, but that time but not come, plenty
of room jet, and 'i ra ' nee I n ,t j.hvs that
bridge n' l!r until It comes to it. U h ni"-t
of ii pref.-r tho old way. Hut whether out
id n,it null ill-int'vrrat. hi i-r cr'-m itc ii .
fchall ee that luminous, buoyant, kU lsotue,
transi '-ndcnf, magnificent, Inexplicable Htruo
turo culled tho reurrecetiun body you will
lave it. I will have It. I wiv to you to-day
n Paul said to Agrippa, "Why fdiould It It
thought a thing liicrtxllhlti with you that God
fchould raise tho dd t"
That fifr up cloud, higher than the hawk
fie-i, higher tluui the onglo fllen, what U it
made ofr Props of water from the Hudson,
f ther drops from the Kavt Kiver, other drops
"rum a stagnant pexil out on Newark Hats.
I'l yonder there, embodied In a eloiiif, and
the Hun kindles it. If (toil can make Mich a
bittrous cloud out of water ilrcum, many of
them Moiled and impure and fetched from
miles away, can Ho not trau.spurt the frag
ments of a human body from the earth and
out of them build a rad'ntit body'.' Cannot
God, who owns all tho material out of which
boni-satid muscio and lb-Mi are made, h t
them up a:-ain If they have fallen? If a
manufacturer of telescope drops a telccopo
Mi the Moor, and it breaks, can h not n nd
It lU'nin sii you can sen through it? And if
God dr ).s llui lui'iian eye Int'i the dust, tho
ye which Ho origiiialiy fa-hioii"iI, can Ho
led r "lore it? Aye, U tho manufacturer of
the teles ope, by II change of the j;tiss and a
chnngeof focus, can make a better glin-s than
that whi"h was r-riginally eon-tnicted nnd
.u timlly improve it, (o you n ,t think tho
fashioner of the hii-ium t ye may improve its
t'ight mid multiply tho natural eve by the
thousandfold additional forces of iho resur
rection eye?
"Why .should it bo thought with you nn In
credible thing that Go I should raio tho
ileie;. " Things nil around us suggest it. Out
of what g.-cw all tht-so llowerr-? Out of tha
P. old ami earth, le'surre -ted. llcsurected.
Th:: radiant butterfly, where did It oonie
fnvn? The loaf lisomo caterpillar. Tiiat al
I r.ir. .ss that smites th" tetnpe.-t with its win?,
where did it eomo from? A senseless shell.
Near liergcra", France, la a Celtic t mih, un
der a block, were found flower seeds that had
been buried 'JIM') years, 'i ho explorer took
the (lower seed and planted it, nud it camo
up. It blomed in bluebell and heliotrope.
Two thousand years ago buried, yitesur
reeled. A traveler says ho found In a niutn-
my pit in I'.rypt garden pe.-ts that had been
buried there UCO: years ago. Ho brought
them nut, nnd on Juno 4, 1HH, he planted
them, nud lu thirty days they sprang up.
j;iine,i aooo years, yet resurrectc 1.
"Why Mioul I it bo thought a thing in-
eredMilo T.-itti you that God should raise the
dead," Where did all this silk come from
th i silk that adorns vour pet-sops and vour
homes? In tho hollow of a staff a Greek
missionary brought from China to Europe
the progenitors or those worms that now
supply tho siik markets of many Nations.
Iho pageantry of bannered hosts n:ul the
luxurious articles of commercial emporium
blazing out from tho silk worms! And who
shall be surprised if, out of this insignificant
earthly lire, our bodies unfold into something
worthy of the coming eternities? Put silver
into diluted niter, and it dissolves. Ls tho
silver gone forever? No. Put in somo pieces
of copper, and tho silver reappears. If ono
force dissolves, another force reorganizes.
"Why should It be thought a thing in
credible with you that God should raise tho
dead? ' The insects flew and the worms
crawled last autumn fielder and feebler and
then stopped. They have taken no food;
they want none. They lie dormant and in
sensible, but soon the south wind will blow
the resurrection trumpet, and the air and tha
earth will be full of them. Do you not think
that God can do as ranch for our bodies as He
does for the wasps, and the sp dors, and tho
snails? This morning at half past 4 o'clock
there was a resurrection. Out of tho night, j
the day. In a few weeks tb i will be a res
surrectlon in all our gardens. Why not some
day a resurrection amid all the graves?
Ever and anon there aro instances of men
and women entranced.
A trance is death, followed by resurrection
after a few davs total suspension of mental
power and voluntary action. Rev. William
Ten nent, a groat evangelist of the lost gon
oration, of whom Dr. Archibald Alexander, a
man far from being sentimental, wrote in
most eulogistio terms Itev. William Ten
uent soemod to diov Ilia spirit seemed to
have departed. People camo in dav after
day and said, "Ho is dead; he is dead." But
the soul returned, and William Tennent lived
to write out experionoas of what he had seen
while his soul was gone. It may be found
some time what is called suspended anima
tion or comatose state is brief doath, giving
the soul an excursion into the next world,
from which it comes baek a furlough of a
few hours granted from tho conflict of life to
which it must return.
Do not this waking up of men from trance
and this waking up of grains buried 3000
years ago make it easier for you to believe
that your body and mine, after the vacation
of tho grave, shall rouso and rally, though
there be 3000 years between our last breath
ami the sounding of thearchangolio reveille?
Physiologists tell us that, while the most of
our bodies are built with such wonderful
economy that we can spare nothing, and tho
loss of a finger is a hindrance, and tho in
jury of a toe joint makes us lame, still wo
have two or three apparently useless physii
cal apparati. and no anatomist or physiolog
ist has ever been able to toll what they are
good for. Perhaps they are the foundation
of the resurrection body, worth nothing to
us in this state, to bo indispensibly valuable
in the next state. The Jewish rabbis appear,
to have had a hint of this suggestion when
they said that in the human frame there was
a small bone which was to bo the basis of the
resurrection body. That may have been a
delusion. But this thing is certain, the Chris
tian scientists of our day have found ou
that there are two or three superfluities ot
the body that are something gloriously sugf
gestive of another state.
I culled at my friend's houso one Summer
day. I found the yard all piled up with rub
bish of carpenter's and mason's work. Tho
door wins off. The plumbers had torn uptho
floor. The roof was being lifted in cupola.
All tho pictures were gone, and tho paper
hangers doing their work. All tho modern
Improvements were being introduced into
that dwelling. There was not a room in tho
house lit to live in at that time, although a
month before, when I visited that house,
everything was so beautiful I could not have
suggested an improvement. My friend had
gone with his family to the Holy Land, ex
pecting to come baek at the eud of six months,
when tho building was to be done.
And, oh, what was his joy when at the
end of six months he returned and tho old
house was enlarged and improved and glo
rillod! That is your body! It loooks well
now. All the rooms filled with health, and
we conld hardly make n suggestion. But
after awhile your soul will go to tho Holy
Jjaad, ami while youaru gone the old houso
of your tabernacle will bo eatiroly reon
structed from cellar to attic, every nerve,
nn 1 bono n-i 1 li.--.un an I art-rr
i haul.- i.i-r, nnd Hi" "I I
W ill t"l blirill he 1 1IM I It 1 Uiie.l
l an 1 cup ,,.-I mid i nl.it ge l,
C.e i'ii...iene:i's of be.ivt a imro-
nm t
Mm di
iui I n
nil all
I. it 1 1 I i oil vtill iii ne tol' i It mi r irreiv.
I n. "1 ,,r know tha', If mir e.flhly
(' i" this tit'.i 1'hH 'n ttele ills. i l e I, VI rt
a biiil lmg of li.i l, a h"U e le i lim do
I . 1 1
Mtti billets, etern.il lu the heaven-,."
!mt a day t lem body and s ml licet ;
'I hey are very f..nd (.f ea -h ullier.
yt tir body put bavo a pain and
nil pot re-'-' li i It,' Or. elialignu the
que .-M"ii, did your s ul ever have any
tr.iiiolii mi I your body nut ryinpailil.ti
With It, growing win and weak mulct
Hi depre .ng Influence? Or did yoiit
oiil eti r bine a gUdncss but your body
eel' bratud It With l.in tied eo an I el k and
C'la .tic h'.ep. hurely God never llit'ebd tWO
such gntid friends to be very bmg teparato.L
And so w'it"ii the worl I'n lajt Master morning
shall coitm thi soul will il'v. -end, crying,
"Where Is my body?" Ami tho body wilt
ascen I, fraying, "Where is my soul'.''' And
the Lord of the resurrection will bring them
together, and it will be a perfect soul in a
pi iliN-t body, Introduced by u perfect Chrl4
luto a pi rfoct he-item Victory I
r.ccf has gone up twenty-five per rent,
Cuban Insurgents are growing bolder.
Dun's pcvlew saystrado is Improving.
Ppanish troops are now ponrlng Into Cuba,
Grip is reported to bo dying out in Lon
don. Copper bottoms may bo put on all our war
frhlps. Hypnotism Is said to bo a cure lor dipso
mania. Work cn Berlin's Exposition Building has
Cholera Is again ravaging several Russian
Cerrnany'rt export trade w ith America is
New York City is now agitating for doublc-
de -l;er street ears.
Military masts are to bo abolished from the
United States Navy.
R -al Formosa Oolong tea has advanced in
price on account of the Chinese war.
Tie' threatened drouth all through the
West and Northwest has been broken.
Apricots nn 1 prunes were Injured by frost
in tiie Santa ('l ira Valley in California.
About rr.o.om ,000 feet
cut on the Menominee
of logs bavo been
(Mb'h.) Liver this
General Campos gives it out that ho hopes
to conquer Cuba aud get homo to Spain in
Philadelphia and New Yorkcapitalistshnve
purchased street and other railways in
Mexico, paying $K,uOO,000.
The French newspapers are working up an
Intense feeling against the British, ami all
France is talking about war.
Two train loads of supplies have been sent
from Central Illinois for the destitute peoplo
of Galway County, Ireland.
Tho Denver (Col.' News reports gold pro
duction near that city as somo eighty per
cent, larger thau a year ago.
The British warship Pheasant has bo"n or-,
tiered to patrol the Bering Sea Ashing
grounds during the close season.
New York City health officers have discov
ered a man stricken with leprosy who has
been living in a tenement for nix years.
There are 20.0M women in New York City
who ride bicycles now, nnd it is estimated
that thero are 20,000 more who proposo lo
learn this year.
Names are being collected in Berlin, Ger
many, for a petition that the kI reels of that
city be made accessible to bicycles, as in all
the large cities.
Tho decision of tho United States Supreme
Court on tho Income Tax laweaused greatly
increased work In tho o.Tleesof the Internal
Ilevenuo collectors.
No sponges, slates nor slate pencils are
allowed in the public schools of Cambridge,
Mass. Their places have been taken by
paper, pens ami pencils.
Charles Heathorn, who sued the Baltimoro
and Ohio ltailroad iu Cleveland, Ohio, for
100,000 for the loss of both legs and an arm
lu a collision in Indiana, was awarded $30,-
100 by the jury.
The last Arizona Assembly passod a law re
quiring Boards of Supervisors to establish on
every road and trail sign boards giving the
distance and direction to the, nearest place
wuore lresu water can tie seourod.
Count Yon Walderseo is ths coming man
In Germany.
rrince Hugo, tho Duke of Sora. has be
come a priest alter stuuytng xnooiogy lor
two years.
Lord Randolph Churchill, wh( was sup
posed to bo bankrupt, left an estate valued
at fauo.uuu.
Between March 31 and April 2 Bismarck
received 83!)rt telegrams, 50,003 letters and
120,000 postal cards.
Prince Massimo declares that his family is
the oldest in Europe. He is a direct
descendant of Quint us FabiusMaximus.
Dr. Thomas M. Drown, of tho Massachu
setts Institute of Technology, has been
elected Presidont of tho Lehigh University,
Ex-Governor Hogg, of Texas, is nnnoyed
to find that some poople pronounce hisname
as though it wcro spelled Hogue. Ho wants
it understood that he is just plain Hogg.
The Baroness Burdett-Coutts is said to
have received more offers of marriage than
anv other woman now living. Among her
disappointed suitors was the Duke d'Aumale.
The Emperor of Japan has ordered a very
magnificent and expensive robe of gold bro
cade for tho Dowager Empress of China's
birthday, but it has not been presented yet.
3. R. Crockett, the "Stickit Minister," has
now an assured income of 125,000 a year at
writing. Only recently ho occupied a pulpit
in a Scotch village church on a salary of
One of tho Western millionaires In the next
Congress will be Alexander Stewart, ot Wis
consin, no is sixty years old. a lumber jian
by occupation and made his money oft pino
M. Jules Verne, though In his seventy
ninth year, works for flvo or six hours n day.
Ho is'now engaged upon a story for 1897,
but he has flvo manuscripts ready for tha
Since the death of his wife, Allen Ci.
Thurman. who used to be known as tho "Old
Roman," lives the life of a recluse at his homo
in Coldmbus, Ohio. He reads all night and
sleeps all day. Ho 13 eighty-two years of
The patent of nobility r-f the Brancaecios
dates from tho year 900. The family has had
two saints and seventeen cardinals. Princess
Braucaccio, formerly Miss Field, of Now
York, is lady-in-wiUing to the Queen of
Italy. ...
inn -h
r.lectrlolty Prllvrrnl to I '.tnlllr.
I'll ctricity, ut up in Morale bat
t rit a of all fcii s, lik milk in jars, i
to Iui j.njiaritl for di livt rr at tho
dior of citnmitiirra in New ink, jtint
Miiii'k is no. A cotni'tttij" U'cu
formed for tho j urjitifre, at.-l ii!t.o to
piisli tho clectrio eturni; liattsry iu
fepi ral uo. Mr. lunao It. I'.ich, ono
of the ollicers of tho m w company,
hi Lim iluiio a grt ot deal to perfect
tho i li ctrict frtttra:;o ludtery, in a fo
ri ht interview anM: "Thcro nn nm to
lie a gcucral idea that in order to have
current on tap ono must have a dyna
mo and a frt arn engino to rttn it, and
thus incur a largo i xpendittire at tho
fctnrt. Nothing could ho tuoro rro
ticoiiM. Thero aro thousands of per
ons who would like to run at wing
machines or coffee grinder- ly elec
tricity, or to Luru ono or io i leotrio
lights, but who have no us fur the
current in large quantities. They can
now bo accommodated. Storage cells
aro now made in all frizes. The M.iatl
cst weight but four ounces, and fur
nish current enough for ono lamp,
'e intend to sell electricity -xactly
as tho milkman sells milk. Wo first
supply tho cells. When the current
is used tfp tho maid will put tho empty
or exhausted cells in tho hallway or
beside tho basement door, and our
man, as ho makes his morning rounds,
will collect them and leave freshly
charged ones in their place. The fame
cells, of course, are used over and over
again a great many times." ('olwnbut
Two or a Kind.
Mr. and Mrs. Fitts were out driving.
"I wonder," said thc'just whit the
poor horse's feelings are. It rntiht be
just horrid to bo driven and dragged
about without any idea aa to where
one is going, except as somo one directs."
"I think I can appreciate his feel
ijgs," replied Mr. Fitts. "I amagine
that he feels just about as I do when
you take mo out on a tdioppiug expe
dition." A WAR ECHO.
And th Lena I.linb la not the Only
a fur a Governinont ltwril
(From Journal, Lnrif'on, ,V.)
Samuel R. Jordan has just given the Jonr
mlati account of his liffl, which ia viw of
his extremnly hard lot for tuu pait few years
ill be read with interest.
"I am 43 years old and have always lived
In New Portland. I eulisto I ia the army In
1862 as a private ii Company A, 2Sih Ma.
Volunteers. My army experience injured mj
hoalth to some extont, although I worked at
blacksmithing somo part of tho time, when
suddenly, several years ago, I was prostrated
with what able physicians pronounced Lo
comotor Ataxia, At first I could get around
somewhat, yet tho disease progressol quite
rapidly until I had hardly any feeling in my
legs and feet, they felt like sticks of wood
and I grew so much worse that I could not
move for three years without help, as my
neighbors and friends could testify. I em
ployed several physicians In ray vicinity, and
elsewhere, and they all told me that medi
cines would not help me, that they could do
nothing to effect a cure, and that in titna I
should become entirely helpless. I bocanu
discouragod. I was a great caro to my wif
and friends. Shortly after I met nn old army
comradif, Mr. All. Parlin, a resident of Mad
ison, Maine, and he incidentally montionod
how he had tried Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
a severe case of rheumatism and a spiaal aud
malarial trouble, that he had suffcrol with
consequent of his army life, and been greatly
benefited by thoir use. By his earnest rec
ommendation I was induced to try the pills.
After taking them for a time I began to feel
prickly sensations in my logs and a return of
strongth so I could move them a little. After
a few woeks I began to feol a marked im
provement in my condition. . I soon was en
abled to walk around a little with tho help
of crutches. After taking for some time 1
can now walk without crutches, ray general
health is much improved and I have re
gained my old-time vigor. I can walk
about and enjoy life onw more, for which I
feel very thankful, anil this happy result is
due to the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
are not a patent medicine in the sense that
name implies. They wero first compounded
as a prescription and used as such in general
practice by an eminent physician. So great
was their efficacy that it was deemed wise to
place them within tho reach of all. They
are now manufactured by the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y., and
are sold in boxes (never in loose'form by the
dozen or hundred, and the public are cau
tioned against numerous imitations sold in
this shape) at 50 cents a box, or six boxes for
5X00, ana may be had of all druggists or di
rect by mail Irom Dr. Williams' MediciM
Cat an h Cannot Be Currd
With local applications, as they cannot reach
the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or
constitutional disease, and in order to enre
It you must take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts di
rectly on the blood aud mucous surface. Hall a
uaiarrn uure is noi aquae nieuicme.
prescribed by ono of tho best physicians In thia
country for years. Mid is a regular prescription.
It is composed of the best tonics known, com
bined with the best blood ruritiers. acting di
rectly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingredients Is what
produces such wonderful results in curing ca
tarrh. Send for testimonials free.
P. ,T. CnKNKT & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price T&c
Not Hick Enough for the Doctor.
but a little out of sorts. Rlpans Ta'mles
would serve In your case. It is well to have
them ou hand for Just euch oocasioua.
After fix years' suffering, I was cured by
Plso's Cure. Maut Thomson, 20 12 Ohio
Ave., Allegheny, Pa., March 10,
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup for children
teethlnir, softens thegums,reda -6 inflam.iis
tlon, ailays pain, cures wind colic. IJjo. a bottle
If afflicted wil h sore eyes use D Isaac Thomp
son' Eye-water.Drujk'iflt8 sell at 26c uer botUttu

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