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CUl I t I H I ll lll'l hl'f. TInV Hf.l
, ----- . . j
t-'l a i .. 1 to he 1 1 V i d to run H ti '
J 4.! it ( ii H i,
It'H u lni;;hty niitH tiling (u mo
tlmt vj j't.t thins in this mm ty
in Hut slm of human L in' that
li'iinf ;;i t !' -i ii, r.
'1 li" Ini'ht jiiciiuti.i f thi- ( !.v
in ir.y luirul ju,' imv is tliT f ih r
Vli.nt writ tint luii;; fufi.-lf in t l,-,t
I'MJi-t f yoiirn, mi' ,!i -n. 1 th
r,,..r i. i . .i
.u , iim:; ;( mi um tiici nin
ety ly taUn' tlu-n fiu-n tl- won!
l .. :.... . . .
u nil t. kii h;;Mnn U lo MCll IT
tiling. It. hurts in.- s:u little- tun (
jus' hich it iiiisMj.jilicrihlnm of tin
WOUl .JU11C(! "a Mltlli' Ujioll
.. 1 1 i f i in i . .
n iin Ii ail lilU lUUIItlt'H, llHtT
micalli'il-for ilU-nici- to tln word
ler l hiuiL,' onto hicli a tiling.
II' shouldn't do mcIi injustice to
any thh.j;, Vptcially a del -ffiisi-.-s
word. His own name would ho
more 'propriafu than anything i l.se,
an' if Iih mint write over his true
name, jilnise don't ili.-race Meh or
Void nin, but use nomet liini; ear
nelerttie of what he really is
donkey, or its oquivolent.
Mr. Oh.server writ er piece in hv
lialf of the teachers' asociashun an'
fducashun & nerally, an' ho did I.
llo had haekhone ernouh to pint
out some of ther drawhacks to ed
ncaslmn in this county, an' so did I.
True, mo an' him didn't quite aree
'hout the Huprintendent axin' a dol
lar for his eurtificate, an' tho court
Biiygi'.stin' the price of teachers, etc.,
hut that don't 'mount to much ji.st
now. lie moutjlit ho riht, bo fur
as law goes. Tho court and super
intendent rnought not have no sich
legal right, hut you know thar's a
heap of things that's right nu' jus'
that haiut law; nn' so it is in this
case. I think its nuthin' hut right
to charge a dollar for a surtificate,
an' to havo sorter of a rule to guv
ern prices, hut a lawyer tola mo
t'other day that sich uctious wer'n't
hacked up hy tho law, an' I guess
Lo knows what he's talkin' ahout.
As to tho rest of Ohserver's piece,
I haint got uothiu' to say, except
"Go on, Spot; you're preachin' my
Ohserver's right an' willin' to do
most anything for tho cos of edu
cashun, an' so am I. Him, an' mo
an' every hody else except J ustico,
an' ho, poor teller, aint really to ho
hlarned knows thar's lots of draw
hacks to educablnm in this county,
an' I helieve it was Ohserver's in
tenshun to call the minds of the
folks to a few of 'em, an' I know
that's my ohject.
But Justice, what did you do, an'
wliat'p your ohject? You jumped
into this fight 'hout like a rat-terrier
into a hull-dog fight, an' you
missed the suhject entirely. You
touched educashun nowhar. My
pa alers told mo to keep my hill
out'en things I know'd nothin' 'tall
tout, so if you can't pint out a few
of tho advantages an' disadvantages
of educashun in this county, you'd
better keepyour lip outen the thing.
Nohody hadn't sod nuthin' 'hout
who's goin' to Congress in fact,
this haint no political discushun,
nowhow, hut one 'hout educaslnm.
I think old Benton would make a
hig reputashun hy oxhibitin' you
at the ccntenuial in '9G as hein' the
greatest monstrosity tho State has
produced since her admisshun into
the union No wonder your 'tempts
to smoke my argyment was in vain.
Your pipe is mako of a soft kind of
clay, in the shape of a skull, with
out any stem (hrains), an' without
a mirakle of some kind, you, nor
your posteraty wont never he ahlo
to smoke tobacco of an intellectual
natur. I don't blame you for not
signin' your name to nothin' you
write. I will now stand you aside
for the people to gaze upon, wan.
dering what you can be.
Now, thar's another thing 'hout
these free schools, an' 'specially las'
year, that I don't quite understand,
that I wish somebody would 'splain
to me. The schools las' year was
months hcluH.!. hut w liked ri In :it
1.h in' that much, ooiuehody M'd
1, . . I .... 1 I 1.1 1 I
I lif I II.Miv Muplietl Hit' ft hnt'lH Ml
the county ( ullld !, (f'l up.
I don't know huv, this is. hut 1
am told that the tnish o didn't haf
any inure ri 'ht to i-top th schools
an' tn alv Yin short than he did to
levy a tax an' make Ym long. I
don't know that, lie done if, hut I
do know that my chaps hadn't hard
ly .-!:utd hi fore tlu-y h-i M-hool
was out.
Thar's sonn-thin' wrong son1.",
w har, an' if we can't do better we'd
better call a halt. Kvcrytinie the
taxes get higher tho .schools get
Now, I call on 01er er, or any
body else, Yept.I list ice fur Iknow
he can't - to tell what's the matter.
We're geltin'n very tired pa ingout
taxes and geftin' nothin' for it.
Success to the Benton County
Teachers' Association and educa
shun generally.
August :;, is.r.
(b neral health is improving in
this community.
W. II. and 11. L. Lockhart havo
some line porkers which they are
feeding preparatory for shipment.
We had plenty of rain last week
to complete that enormous corn and
pea crops wo sphko of sometime
The timber business: in this com
munity is somewhat stagnated on
account of tho disease among work
cattle called Pinkeye. J. 11. and S.
A. Herrin havo two oxen that are
totally blind from it, and wo hear
of a great deal of complaint from
tho plague all over the country.
This will probably ho our last
communication from this place for
a few weeks, as your correspondent,
together with M. l' Davis, Henry
French and perhaps others contem
plate visiting in Arkansas shortly.
Wo are going to see the country
and a dear brother and sister that
wo havo not seen in three years.
Besides, there aro some little busi
uess matters to ho looked after.
Wyly, August lo.
The Benton County Teachers'
Association mot at Big Sandy Sat
urday, August 10, 18U5. The meet
ing was called to order hy President
T. Witt Cuff, who delivered the
opening address, "How to promoto
our schools."
The following teachers were pros
sent: S. A. Clement, M. E. Byrn,
Johnnie Brumager, A. A. Lindsey,
Albert Hassell, W. 11. Culpepper,
Herschall Lindsey, J. W. Blair, 11
P. Berry, Miss Ida Brumager, D.
J. Allen, S. C. Vick, 1). G. Curd,
George Allen and Miss Victoria
The first subject for discussion,
"How to manage tho hoys," had
been assigned to G. M. Leslie, D,
G. Curd and V. V. Nichols. They
being absent, tho discussion was
opened hy A. A. Lindsey, followed
hy II. P. Berry, George Allen and
Albert Hassell.' ,
A very interesting discussion o
the suhject, "Can we grade public
schools?" was participated in hy
J. W. Blair, Leon Caraway, D. J
Allen, II. P. Berry, George Allen
S. C. Vick and A. A. Lindsey.
Immediately following this dis
cussion tho association adopted a
motion and the president appointed
T. Witt. Cuff, J. W. Blair and John
nie Brumager a committee to ar
range a'system for grading the pub
lie schools of Benton County, and
have the same printed and placet
in the hands of our teachers at an
early day.
The suhject, " Who should furn
ish the hooks in public schools,'
was discussed hy W. 11. Culpepper,
.S I I I : IIM 111 1 illl I. 1IIH
ill Jh r nit" t n n in.. i.-tt.
r ii.n I.. ,i 1
Oil. -.
t.l I-..U.IH..I I!
.t .! -i ill 'ill -l :
; 1 it il ,i.
u li.iiiu.ei
Ml 11 I.
' I I !l Vil i
ill. I ' (. l-l A
til) ,-. .
Il l 1. i If
. e
. I.. i
II N 1 Ii .1 I . . , l
i. , r ! v e , .... l i .
i..i..i . e nn i.-.i.mii it i
h;i.,', I Ihl II, I I. il
L" I lo M.I, I'O I IS ,.,
ii i . in i . nu r li.u i. I
i ii l" i'l el i! ( r
la hik' ci si i m
iii..-, i.,;
I III' ll II I'.
,i iiii'l til In ! ti it f i r t h il.'
I. 1 In l.. I) IH'I i.it! .i! .!', -,.
I I. s M ,;-ti. I i- M i i..-r .,1 l;.l I i-.r.ici vi. I
,, i i'i , .1,1 k. Ilil-.nl ,. l.lN, I'M i .lli M
.1. .1 IL I I I ,li'll I I r I il I If ( I i i 1 I I 1 1 l IM u
.iipI I iiH ) 1 1 ! i ul.ti t . if : rtiil il iini ihlii-,(,
N illi.mi S hi Ml i el. Cm ,'rfi, I. iii h inn ;-h, 1 1 im.
lii,I I. foi ls nn. mm .r..ii..
i "ii i It i I"m.i r Hi. vi ti r In I m .
i i, i
I" r Hi. vi i u r In I u. . I li.-v
I'O r.iili t. lieu t'.Mt.li, iiit'l a l ii , i iiiiiiIi.
'I hi nil l.ir t '.nli nr Ii.ii 1 1 I , ,iinl r.in iii. j .in
in. .lit im ii'ii i h i-,.
t.-1 1: 1 1 's u i.i: m
ii' ,11 I .llili l.'r ii- .,1 JUKI II Hi
! In I lll.illkl i lull il I i ni l I',
ii i
t I I tllll
' ,tl .' i I'fllU nr lllllliln !.
ill !
I'iHII'Ii llii'l M lflilliilr's
ill I II I'. I II 1! V i I.K iillli'f.
I.'I II.H ln- l iiv
I K I'.ll II'! I. Ii i:ihrn Ulf I'll il t'l.l-l, illl l
1 1 1 r 1 1 i 'i i , i i , i-.Hi'i wm k. I i iniiiii-t , u,.
i.i Mi I'i' i I It' I f mill I i!i' I III hi' 1 1, I'I i Is lii'i nil ii
I'ih'.i; inn. A 1 ' 1 1 n 'J iik Ciuii is ii i r, ( 'an ni ii.
1 1 un
3 2,000
wo Thousand Dollars in Premiums!
riu.Mu ms 1011 1'lAt'tr m i.st kiuiu.
Will '.'ivt- lit v. nil yi'iuly Militrrilifi' frmii inr.v 1111-
tll ( It I'llitT lil il lliillilmliii' i'i'lnlillii. A
Mtll'litT llf f.lllUtliltl' M 1 1 lit' I 1 ' "I IS
w ill it't t ut' iiln.:l.i' n 1.11.
I In! trli'?-ic:ish.
s.'t tiail 1 ii,..!'- Hni wurtli uf f ui m t u rc
'I till ll l lf - !ill HI LMII.
1'n'ii Hi pi ii' - lti Ihi'i'1ii.
I'litli pnf - Miml.iiiu wiiu-iiii.
,silli inf "ji st vmiil; hi it'liiiiff.
N-MMllll llf 1.UI IMH'krl kicli' In fiflv tlif-
Irlll snlisi lllifls.
Iii inliliuitii lii ilit'si' ini'iiiliinis, I'ai-li mill t'Vfiv
I'.U'lV slilisl'I'llliT Will I'.'ITHI' li ll.llltllllllll' pll'l-
liif, hull vmiiiSiI rust 111 liny stun-In .'m ri'iili.
I llf it' Hi t:iri's ii iist Un- Si'ini-W ci-kly Aaii'l -
111 nl li'inl Inn I limn. mil iluiiars.
I lirsi- tirii'.s will In; i'i veil ilium tin- ftiiliminir
'I In- S'liii-Wi'i klv Aiiii-i iciin Ikh (li'iuniU'il in
till' IJt'ilslllV III I III' Sl.lli' nf Irlllirssrc a nlir 1 1 I -
ir lull, si-ah'tl in riiM'liipr, liH-li rnvtltiir will
pi'lii'il OrlnhiT 1st. All 1". S. lulls air llillu-
irifil. I'ihiii this lull iirr tin; fiillowiiij,' liuifs:
1 lir iiiTsnn Hrs plarlii!.' tlit'M- fU'iirrs in tlir or-
Irilliry air mi I Ins lull will rrrrivc the liist prie.
I lie sreoml pel son plarnm tliese Imurrs i il:IiI,
or emiiin in-arest plarliifj I lirm I Ij-'lil, will lie j;iv-
n 1 lie sfi iiiiii prie.
'I hr I liinl pt sun placing tlit'sr IlL'iiirs fi s 1 i t . or
irliiir tlie lirl liriiresl, will receive t lie Hi in I prize
l lie ritiiilii, nun ami sixth prizes will l In n be
ilisii iliiiit'tl iii imlt-r.
Alter these prizes are ilisliiliuteil. the Srliii-
Wtiklv Ameritiiii will lmvc In each fi) Hie ti It v
siilisrrllirrs pliiriiij; the iiuiiiliers nearest ri;ht a
SI . ptii'kelklillr.
Iieiiieinlier. vtm must, pay yl.eti fur the Semi-
Weekly American for one year to he rutitlcil to
a (.'"ess.
i ne in si cm i ct-i miess rcceiveo w ill receive I lie
first luie. The time the pirss is received will
place II ahrail of other like guesses.
I lie hi'liil W eekly Aiiieiican neeils no llilroilnc-
tioii. II Iwu lieen piililisheil at Nashville lor over
liltyjeais. Mxteen paL't'S a week Ml papers a
vcar. It is piiltlisht'd tvMceawcck, Mondays ami
I'linrsilays, jl .no per year.
it is a live, clean lannlv newspaper, ci im; all
the news; cniitainin articles ct intere.il to tho
farmer, merchant and lalmver. Special articles
of Interest to ladies and children.
'I'd airent s: No coniiussioiis allowed upon mih-
scrilvrs w ho enter this icontrst, but an atreut will
he allowed a j.;ucss for every tw o yearly suliscrip
turns sent in. Address
When Baby was siclc, -we gave her Costorto.
When she was a Child, 8ho cried for Castoria.
When Bhe liocamo Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, sho gave them Castoria.
J. W. Blair, A. A. Lindsey and R.
P. Berry.
" The difierent methods of teach
ing history" (a very important sub
ject) was discussed by Albert Has
sell, M. E. Byrn, D. G. Curd and
Johnnie Brumager.
Tho subject, "Method of avoid
ing the lash," precipitated a lively
discussion, which was participated
in by Messrs. Berry, Blair, Allen,
Lindsey, Brumager, Hassell, Cul
pepper, Vick and Curd.
Professor Brumager put several
very pertinent epiestions before tho
association on the subject of "Pen
manship," which made it very in
structive as well aa interesting.
Pointed and able remarks on the
subject of "Managing the parents"
were made by Messrs. Blair, Curd,
Brumagor and. Clement.
After some suggestions and ex
planations by Messrs. Cuff, Blair,
Curd and Brumager, the subject of
"The public library" was left over
for our next meeting, which will be
held at Camden Saturday, Septem
ber 7, 1395.
Messrs. J. W. Blair, Sheriff W.
A. Lashlee and O. P. Lashlee were
appointed a committee on enter
tainment by the association.
T. Witt Cuff,
Victoria Byrn, .President.
Fleer, Heal, mii Froils.
Af'PLl, OliANGf 8, CC III, oJC.AU, Ll 0
Hard Time Prices on Everything.
Seventy-five Complete Stories for
30 Cents in Silver r Stamps.
wiii.iam oottni.
.yil'lihlirt;ll, 'I elltl.
iim r.o.
Attorncv (it Lriw.
Will i- fan In! Al'.'iiti.iu tn i.il l
tl t:- i t In in) i'.ii I-. '..;!.- i iniii ;i sic
i "i Miii'i' ill !!ir i itiirl linn .f.
IIH'1 I'll-
Tlii' K. iiiil.hi' .. li. U-, l.ulv it .! i Iri s i!h rut
'ill it-1 . 'til fi hi n .'ill k i im It I. i" 1 ii 1 1. ..-ii U Im) s
:.ii'l l u ll. All nf si a-iihitlili- ;;,iriiii I'll, nl Un.' l.tl
t L l) li i, ;uiil lit H cuit ul
l'Uf wlii ii- tlit-y imM frmii In 4 11U
lirMt'ii-. nf in'M i::n infills mi' i n i ! : -1 n il I'M't v
fik in I lif I it ' hi I ihf w ii h ,in ui il. r hi. ink 1 1 ir tin'
i:iM. i us.
I liiiii.uiiN nf latllfS ill t'Vfiv Slaii' li.ivi- n'!--cli.isi'.i
liir-f i:itti'inn during tin" pa -I i ;i I iiinl
IIIM'I' ,'l filll!.llllt.
'I lit'V ill"'' luv.ilnalili' liinl i 1 1 i-.ili Mr f nn tlifji'
1 1 1 1 1 i un .limn' t-fiy )far many 1 inns t ! pi it
nl t hi' MiiT.
.snlisi-1 ilir at iiiii'c for
Th2 Twicc-3-VSBk Repiililis
oni.v si.oo A vi:.i;.
The "twin1 a wrck" w ill In- wilt iff fur mio
f ar In any pfisnii si'inliiiK. lu'furc .Maifli l.at'lnli
til tliit'i' iii tt )fariy Milin'iilif is, wnli to pay
ftir the saint'.
If vim want.;! pai'kauo (if Satnpln t'opirs wiilti
or tin-in
Ailtli'fss nil oi'ilcrs Tin- IN' pnlilic.
t. l.t'iiiH Mo.
Paducah, Tennessee and Alabama
Tennessee Midland Railroads.
TIME TA1JI.K NO. 5. MAY 12, 18!.-.
S l U -T II 1 1 1 1 U N I T U A I N S .
I.v I'ailiifali
I.V I'.fllltill
I.v Murray
I.v Paris
I.V llullnw llotk .Iillirtioll.
I.v l,t'Mll;lllll
Ar .lai ksnn
I.v .lai ksnn
I.v Sniin'i tile
Ar Mt'inplils
I.v Memphis
I.v Siiiiiervillo
Ar .lai ksnn
I.v .lai ksnn
I.v Li-Muslim
I.v Hollow KiK'k Junction.
I.v I'm l is
no. 1. 'l. 11.
7.. "'(Hun 4.:uipm
H. 17 V.ln ,r).."tl ptn
s r:i am " .i.'ipiu
W'.'lin II. uo pin
Hi ID inn
1I..V. am
lL'..ri" am no. .1.
I'.'.iVIiiiii ri.liiain
'J.l'ipm 7.4.1 am
4.;;ipm u.'Jiam
no. no. 4.
in. '.'ii urn ft.nopm
12. in pm "iJpiu
'.'.i.ipin y. 05 pin
'l. v.: pm
:i. I't pin
4.M pm No. 12.
5.4 pm fi.ifiam
(' . ::7 j hi i H.iriwu
7. It! pin !i.'ii am
8.00 pm 10.40 am
I.v Murray
I.V I'lt'lltOl'l
Ar l'ailueali
I.V Lexington 3.40 pin'Lv IVrrvvillo 9.20 am
Ai rerrjville 5.40 pmAr Lexington ll.liOam
AH trains rim daily. On Sundays trains will
leave Perry villi! fi.lKi urn, arrivinu at Lexington
H.oo am. Ketiiriiiiii; will leave Lexington at 7. lit)
pin. at rivinj; at i'erryville ii.ihi pm.
New and popular route for Memphis, New Or
leans, Little lioek, llo' Springs aiid all points in
Arkansas, Texas and I.oiiisiaii.i, Nashville ( hal
tannti:a, Atlanta and the Southeast. I'ailueah,
St. I.ouis, Chicago and all points Noitli, North
east and Noit Invest, for furl her information and
through tickets apply to any ticket intent, or to
General I'assenger and Ticket A'ent,
Memphis, Xenn.
A the Race Horse and every otlicr K
O Horse can be relieved of Sprains, Cj
$ Colic, Loss of Appetite, and cured
Keen litem on hand. They will
5 save you a hundred times uicir price i
6 in horse flesh and veterinary bills.
O , . s r -. 1 1 t O I
?s rvquaiiy goou ior uu itivc t"-"
Sold Everywhere.
6 A
Pjoiiefi!AeE j
I THE JfeffJ 1
9. "
I ) K N T I ST.
s l! H .ilil'f.
A.MDI N, 1 I NN.
i-U .'
n. I
i I t'
. ii! i
I . I..
tt 1 1 hi' Mi: 1 l i. ?.;i.
(in it im i a t mi
( I I l !' AN '. Ml,
iii tt ..tii- i - I.- .t i- m. 1. ii, ,n
( in i i V i iitif"! i
nl t ii ii , t,..i a i 1'niiii 1
I I i ( .inn, i ii i.i I n, i in
. I 'ti i i I Im, !, ',., .,
. i . I a :!! .u'i,i ..n li .'
I!'" I'inlit i l iinl In
!. fi I if. li.'. i iit.pt si i ,
lln- ! i ! il
r.t.i.it ,,it. ..ii i ii it
llf i;-!'l .hi I i ..s
l in!. I I'. I'I. I .inn I
N.lsln llf. I III iii, :
Iff, 111!. I i.i'.' I .llf s
.kiiin ;;. m As-i'MiAi i
ii..!:.. v .1 .
r .1 M. I'H i:. y
s t at : h t al .Inline it
V. Iml I....I l.'.il uf ti.Uf -!
, ('nf "I llf ti,,.
n.f i Vil 1 li. v 'a', I. fl I l
if s.
M ns rl
i.t'i i h i i. .v s.i -1 1 u I I I' . i: Mi,t.mi.
i' n;!: ni.vvi i.iNi; ri'i.L;,1
Through Cr.r:,,
in Quick Time, and
Sure Conncrtions.
VJ I'.VA NSV 1 1 I.I".
riii'ini!i si.
I liit.n.-'i
I linill;.ll ii
'pi ",'S f'l I 111' Wi s', a Vi Ki 'I.h .
,f! s III t llf S.II1! ;, Ma M' 11 1 1 Mill"! V.
I n' I s to tlif Ntiiiln asl i.i I ,n ii -.V lilts
KMICi:4NTS sffl.lli'r li-lilfH li t!:w line of
llnsiiiail u ill iffUe siffii lnu laifs. 1 nr maps,
lalfs, ric, si e a;;i'lilH t'l t;ns ih hiv . nr ail-
illtss, c. r. ATWOIIH,
I if nil a! I'ass.'iu'f r AL'fiit.
I.ni i-m.i.i., Ky.
1,000,000 People Wear
WUouglas Slices j
HAND t 00
SEWED $ "tsliX
$2.00 rs
$1.75 ' J
fir Biji
For Men
Wear W. I- Iii(rl: fhoei anil front
fl.OO to (.'I.IM u pair. All SI; ! mid
W lllh. 'llio ailvaiift' m it'HtliT haSlKcreascil
price nl titlicr iiiakt-s, lint tho quality ami prittt of
W. I.. Inml ithon renin in Hie hhiiic
Take iiosniisiiititi". ti-f tiiiitniiine iiinl prift- lssniiuiitdl
on Hi'le. IV. 1.. Jtouiclaa, BaovKioN, JLusa. ao.J L,
v ,Mi-rn i i ii nr t . i
CAVtAIO.IrtAUt marks;
ttromnt answer and an honent oninion. write
MIS S iV- ('., who have had nearly fifty years'
tltins ftirirtly conflilential. A Handbook of ltv
formatltin conoernina I'atpnls and bow to ob
tain them nent free. Also a catalogue Of median
1cjI and scientltlo books sent free.
l'atents taken throtiKh Munn ft Co. rocclva
Pi't'fiul notice in the Scientific Americnn, and
exneneni'fi In tliB nnfent business. onirmunc.
out cost to the inventor. This splendid paper.
tuna are croiiEBt rridoly ccioratne ptililic with-
Issued weekly, elegantly illustrnted, has by fur t ha
larst circulation of any ecientillo work in the
world. S.'Jayt'ar. tinniplo copies sent free.
JIUIJ11IIIK Ullll IUU, UllllllUIJi ,..gvi JCIII. iiiiihib
Oopies, 'Z,t cents. Every number contains beau
tiful plates, in colors, and pliotopraitlia of new
huiini's. witli plans, enabling builders to show tbo
latent (losltrns and secure contracts. Address
lt,.ll,U,. 1,'.)';. mnnlLlif ')IUlanm, UlnnlA
means so much more than
you imagine serious and
fatal diseases result from
trifling ailments neglected.
Don't play with Nature's
J greatest gilt health.
If vou arefeeliner
out of sorts, weak
and generally ex
hausted, nervous,
have no appetite
and can't work,
begin at oncetak'
ing the most relia
ble strengthening
mcdicine,-which is
Brown s Iron Bit
ters. A few bot
tles cure bfiiiefit
comes from the
very first close
iwii'i stain your
teeth, and it's
pleasant to take.
It Cures
Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver
Neuralgia, Troubles,
Constipation, Cad Blood
Malaria, Nervous ailments
Women's complaints.
Get only the genuineit has crossed red
1 lines on the wrapper. All others are sub- '
stitutcs. Un receipt of two 2C. stamps w?
1 semi set of Ten Beautiful World's '
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