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Mttl Cluing, ha (.rimrnl C.n.l 1 1
Ho follnM .Hi- l.iil'i lin i.tn 1,1.,-n i'-in'l
hi tin !!'. t. d( the ''( rni ht(' wcnlhi r u.i!
( f.pN-rvice f. r II..: wi--W.-imIih M. .n-l iy :
I .-I-,.. it .
al-lc hlmwrra fi ll mi r the n-iitrr p.rti..n
of tli State, u 1 1 I wluro tiny ft II pow in;,'
fll,,l " attircl t ij'H wtro inali rially t-
vivrj hipI l.cin liltc.1. lu many plan f. (In
ranirt h,to li'it iiii.l m utt.r..l. ,u n'lt..
V'HltiT llio roporU ,li(iw roiiMiiir-rulilo inr
prov'tm tit in p'lu ral n. millions. In tin
xtrt inc wch!ui portion of tlio t-'tutc rot
toiilmH Ix'i n wriuiihly alT'c:!"! l.yilrntitli
wlm h luiM prevailol in that hinti.ni, ami
lit' ronditiuii of linn prolu -.t in not an fa
.Vural.lo mh it hImuiI.I I, t tlii prri.nl.
Vlii r'h4 anonaoU' ruiim lnivo fallen, re
lirtn nhow a fair condition of maturity
Hiid prohpt-ctivc yield, ultlior.li tlio crop
Wdn coiihUeralily nliorteiied by tlio tlry
weather during Anoint.
Tlic condition of late com lum ix-en iiu
proved where the rains f.-ll during the
Week, mid in Home plaecH, a fair crop in
usHiired, generally, howeyer, tin; August
drouth very herioiihly injured tlm pros
pects iii thin crop. Kurly corn was hIko
injured to Home extent, hut no reports of
anything very Hcriotix are received.
During tliedi y period in Augiiht, tohae
ro he'an to fire rapidly and to ripen pn
niiiturely, eaumng considerable Ioh.h in
production, but where raiiiH have fallen
in miflkiunt quantities, this has ceased to
a great extent, and cutting is now in fa
vorable progress and during the pant week
Lugo quantities have been housed. Tho
worms have been numerous and doing
much damage, reported especially in the
northern counties.
In the eastern division lejtorts of the
condition of all crops continue favorable.
There has been little or no Berioun lac k
f faii'Hciont rain in this section as in oth
erri, consequently crops are in fuie condi
tion generally.
In the central division rains have been
more or less partial, and some sections
have been blessed, while others, adjoin
ing, have felt the ejects of a disastrous
drouth. Tins is true also in tho western
division. In the central portions rains
have been timely, but in someof the west
ern counties crops have suITored for want
of sufficient moisture.
Late crops of Irish potatoes were inuch
improved where sufficient rain lell, and
sweet potatoes are reported maturing
Sorghuru has maintained a good condi
tion and is still reported excellent Cut
ting for syrup and for winter forage has
A great deal of corn fodder was lost by
rapid firing during the dry period, still a
considerable proportion was saved. Late
hay was saved under rather favorable
conditions,' and largo quantities of millet
and other forage crops haye been stored
away for winter feeding..
. Pastuies were much improved by the
Fruit drying has been carried on to a
large extent throughout the State, mostly
under very favorable conditions.
Plowing for fall seeding of wheat and
other cereals has progressed well where
the ground was kept in suitable condition
by the rains.
Fills Do Not Cure.
Pills do not cure constipation. They
onlv atccravate. Karl's clover root tea
gives perfect regularity of the bowels.
For sale by J. O. Presson, .
V. !. I'm iu I, birai-U of tin t; tnd
hi t fn- Till :..l,l V,
Jin k Vi!.m ii nud 1 ae Wytih, l.irc-nr.
Id pry Til nil, 1,1.1.1 III v.n.t. ThoMa
M. Mei !e, L. N. Laid, r.'l'n d W.vatt,
.Mill Now, -II. Walt, r Id..: I. , Walt. 1
hnk uinl .1. A. Pan hn.aii each eitri)iiig
w i upon.
Limn J'.ryaiit, .li- tr.i public wt.r-
Thorn :n M. iiti ele, feloiiious ft'-..iult.
Wulti r Kirk, habbatli bicaking.
l'ol'i'ht 1'i.iriirs, di'.t iilbing J.iiblic Vur-t-hip.
John Nowi 11, tippling.
A. X. Walker, umI'K profalio la!i;ria;;r.
Hard Nowi H, breaking the Habbatli.
Dii.e Lobini, grand larceny; .set f,r
T. I'. Miller, attempt to commit man
lull;;liter. John II. Liven, fi lonioim assault,
1. Hudson and Henry IIiuImiii, Hab
batli breaking.
Jim Haines, tippling, and Newt Mel
ton, larceny.
A Fart W in Hi Kmiwliii;,
Consumption, higrippc, pneumonia,
ntidall throat uml lung disease are cured
by Shiloh's cure. Sold by J. (i. I'resmm.
A Nashville geiitleiimii oRi red a cen
tennial suggestion last week worthy of
consideration. "I have always taken a
deal of interest in agricultural ina'ters,"
he remarked to a reported, "audi think
tho centennial might be used as a most
excellent medium of advertising tl.e ad
vantages TennesHoo oilers for agricultu
ral pursuits, provided tho proper- plan
is adopted. Now, I think it would be au
excellent idea to have a department in
the centennial devoted exclusively to the
farming interest s of tho State. Suppose,
for instance, that we have as one of the
exhibits iu agricultural hall a miniature
farm, on which the principle crops of the
State could bo displayed as they grow. 1
think it would make a most interesting
exhibit to have little plots ten feet square
planted in tobacco, wheat, cotton and
other crops adapted to this section, so
that visitors from-a distance may see
what we can grow here. I think a min
iature farm of that character would be
a great attraction."
Karl's Clover Itoot Ten
is a sure cure for headache and nervous
diseases. Nothiug .relieves so quickly.
For sale by J. O. Presson.
Alrr nl 1 l.r. S-rm .i l iu TtouMa
1 1 rp ! It ,
.,ii!iv - 1 mi
'II:. -t.il. i.C :t I ... 1.
i i ri .lin;.ly !iw !y j.-.:
in the J 1 i ;!.: i Co- :'i
I'cxt e ir. 'I'll' re ill be a I
the Urn.'i fa! i." !!:: iii.t I it'ti
it ItUiiiber of able a pirants,
test I'lcht will be f..r t!
leading the L. pl.blii an ho t
That ic-pii ii." 1 "ib'.icau, ( 'i
.John K. M-Call.
a sure thing for
nation. A ; - I !
in the Li-'hth d: .
, r.,l d.,.,;,j
,1 i)l,tlirt
t !':; htoM-r i
is ; her.' nr.
ail tl.e hot-
ci.ip'y honor of
to h -leat.
-TI I 111
I bv no n . iis have
tl.e I'.. 'publican Dol.ii-
, u si Mi' r of thf " : a 1
riet did not. think that
Mel 'all was entitled to the nomination
last year. Tl.r.e l i-r, v ho opj.o ,' d ( i us
I'.nloi. in lS'.'J, tl.oiii'ht that he should
Itefiular correspondence. 1
W. 15. "Wright and Frank Berry went to
Big Sandy Friday. 1
Willie Byrn, of Wyly, came down last
Sunday to see "a friend."
Isaac Wygul, of hear Wyly, visited in
this" neighborhood Sunday.
Kev. John Garner, of Lick Creek, filled
an appointment here Sunday.
II. L. Wheatley and J. J. Wheatley vis
ited on Crooked Creek Sunday.
Kev. Columbus Cooper, of near Cam
den, filled an appointment here Friday
Dis. J. C. Rumley and Johnnie' Law
BOQi of San? Eois, Ind. Ter., who are vis
iting their uncle, Mode Parker, of Alice,
Bpent Friday at Sulphur Springs. They
are going to enter school at the Univer
sity of Nashville.
Mount Zion, September 10.
A 'Natural Beau ti filer.
Karl's clover root tea purifies tho blood
and gives a clear and beautiful complex
ion. For sale by J. O. Presson.
The Look of tho Fair is the only work
iu any wiso attempting to reproduce in
print the World's Columbian Exposition
entire. In this respect it is without a
competitor, acd a perusal of tho book
and a look at its handsome illustrations
will be tho next best thing to seeing the
fair itself. It confines itself neither to
art alono on the one sido, nor to dry sta
tistics on tho other, but it presents in
attractive acd accurate form the whole
realm of art, industry, science and learn
ing, as exhibited by tho nations at the
fair, and tho work, like the fair itself, is
magnificent. Many books on the great
exposition have been published in the
past eighteen months, and The Cuuon
icle has persistently declined to lend its
columns in praiso of any of the various
publications purporting to describe and
illustrate the World's Fair, bnt we do
not hesitato to commend the Book of tho
Fair as a meritorious publication; every
number is a veritable art gallery, and
from a literary and artistic standpoint
the work is above criticism. Published
by the Bancroft Company, Auditorium
Building, Chicago, 111.
The Ills of Woinoii.
Constipation causes more than half the
ills of women. Karl's clover root tea is a
pleasant cure for constipation. For sale
by J. G. Presson.
"When Baby was filck, we gave her Castorta.
"When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
"When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
Whoa she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
have been given aii'jtli. r chari.'e. Others
have pursuaded tUni: . hes that their
country needs thciu'ut Washington.
There is Senator Ji'iVles, who, from
a Republican Ktati.h.oii.t, iie.jiiilte.l hiin
Hclf with di'tinftioii in the lust session
fifth" he t legi Mature. 1 1 e picas. si his
constituents by st.iving to carry outthe
promises made by his party hi such mat
ters as the fee bill, of which he was the
author and chumpinn, uu by jumping
onto and trvii.g to i tantp out of cxM
encc the poL-ti kw n: d the Doitch
election and rccri.-f.uiion Inw.
His friends ah o claim that it was by
his exertions that the rearraugeiui nt of
his Congressional district und several
senatorial district was prevented. Be
sides being a strong party man there
fore solid with the "rad.i" Jeil'reys is a
pood mixer and a tine manager of a po
litical contest. On the whole it appears
that it is very doubtful if the vociferous
iHid frenzied MeCall will b; allowed to
w ag the Republican banner next year iu
that district unopposed.
l'v v:i ! i f t! . p 'V . s !. I :a n .. t.v
(1.11 ?. r i;..ii v . A i ' - I ii..' ' .-
em I - -1 . i ! ' v . f T.'ii'i, - I ' , I w ii
of. M.in.h.y, the ",':h ih.v of I). !' i, ls...i,
at tl..' i i t .! . .ri.f t: " .i I--.-! i !
ov ii ( f I'.ii'-'h n . lii.i . . ! i ah;
at i.ui.ii.' .'.:.' . I' " I :- ' .-!: t f". t !
hi I-'., r f r - ,i ! i1,.- i .1. ... i . ;.f ci ,
lin'iil in I at ! h. -ci i ! b-: .v'" f .i I he
in. paid iaX'-i nil. I e .-Is i ll.i ;,..irl'.'l
No I ' W .11 be I' .' P, .'! ' y ' ) f 'I l!i
tax. in fi;'i .to I i!.e a. . M i, ci',. i . I . .. i
i hi,-. ,-() t m,,!., r .", 1' 'i
J. A. l'!.KV.:T,
l'aek Tax At;. .nn. v f.:- ie :i o,i (.'..".my.
.'- .1 A.
- n ,..
'! Anl. .
.' v.i-,t
.1 n !
!i by m
I the W i
ii..': .
it a ;.y
V , .'II t1
bv M
i'l in!.!
ei:, i:n
' c.r I hy
V liei'-.
i.eitli by Nor
I'.'i, oil t;.e ea-l
. 1
!'.;;'.. hi in, I
s!..ii, ,".() ai r..-i,
N'o.'es, on th.'
V 1
a. Ii. i i
All KitoiiimkmkI II.
Ask your physician, your druggist and
your friends about Shiloh's cure for eou
sumption. They will recommend it. For
Kale bv J. (). J'rrsson.
Ilar.I to Hold.
No pig with a greased tail was ever
more dillicult to hold than our golden
Treasury reserve. St. Louis Dispatch.
For IisipiNiit
and liver complaint you have a printed
guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's yi-
talizer. It never fails to cure. For sale
by J. (. Tresson.
l.i r i w w - s s t
HIE feg
The following are cases for trial by
tho criminal court, which meets here
next Monday:
T. A. Nixon, giving liquor to minor.
William Cole, disturbing public wor
ship. '
M. It.-Barnes, unlawful intercourse
Trth female under 1G years and 1 day old.
The St. Louis Exposition opens Sep
tember 4, and will continue forty days.
The first week in October will be "Fair
Week," with parades of "Veiled Proph
ets," "Funny "Fellows," etc. For the
benefit of the Tennessee Eiver people.
commencing September 1 and until No
vembor 1, we will make rate of $10 each
for the round trip, from any landing on
Tennessee Eiver between Iiiverton, Ala.,
and Taducah, Ky., to St. Louis and re
turn including meals and berth while en
route, with the privilege of remaining
ou board boat while in St. Louis.
' John E. Massengalic,
Traffic Manager,
W the Race Horse and every other
O Horse can be relieved of Sprains,
Colic, Loss of Appetite, and cured
-? r 1 1 1 t .1. .. C
fj oi ail ui.scu&us uy wc usk ui
k Keep them on hand. They will
h save you a hundred times their price 6
V m horse ucsii ana veicrmary duis
Equally good for all Live btock
Sold Everywhere.' j$
The Webb Mfg. Co.,
k Nashville, tenn. c;
promr BnBwi.r ana an B0tiet, opinion, write to
M liti N k CO., who have had nearly llfty years'
experience In the patent bU8iin.ua. Communtra
tluiiB Rtrivtly conllilontml. A Handbook of In
formation concerniua I'atrnt anil bow to ob
tain them nent free. Also a calnloguu of mechan
ical ami Bcientliio books sent free.
Patents taken through. Munn & Co. roceive
BtHiCiai notice in the HclentiBc Amcrirnii. and
liu are brought widely before the public with-
c.ki. io me inventor. -i nis npionuia paper,
ltwued woeltly, eleRant ly lllnstrate.t, has by fur the
world, ft.'t a vear. Sainnle conies sent free.
umiairiK B.lit.on, monthly, fi.wa vear. Slnelo
copies, !45 cents. Fvery number ooMains beau
tiful plates, in colors, and phot ovraphs of new
liouces, with plans, euubliug bui'.dors to show tho
itttest. cleslKim aud secure contracts. Address
MUMN it COH Kew Voiot, 301 Beioauwat.
1 - r
Pi-lii.-t .N.i.
;u n'-, 1 H ,t: ; . !.
i. n tl.e i't'ir !. b
!t"i and ..-
1 ; t ; 1 1 N.
1 17 nri'.f, li.iii.
.It n , mi tin'
by l'. il i r and ('ii (Li- w i t bv
M-t nt No. ::- v. J. II '.
ia I! .llud.-v. I!:;- in S. A. I!
l'i-'r.rt N.i. ."!, Wi!s -in 'i
1'isrri. t N...S (ir n I'm!'
b Hl'i led ..ii tho imiili by
mnlh bv N'. .!", mi tl..-
illld nil the t :-t bv N' !.'.
DiMiitt N.i. I -Ji.lill l:..l.!:id 1, 'ii'v,
ll'S ifi-.-n, buiindcd tm t!..' li r!li bv N...ii,
.- 1 1 ! I bv Mclt'in, oil !l.c (,-! bv N i i . .-i
und mi tin1 v.i n! bv 1 'i iik.t n. J. .M. Ilmv
iiii l owner.
l)i.-lii. l No. N-ott lbiwarl, b iicrert
b.1 l'l.l.'.l oil tlit !.mli by Meet.-, m the
hi nit h by TlmiiipK iii, on tlie eat-l by 1 laley
and mi the west bv Satin. i. n.i.
Jiistrict No.il-ij W. L. A!;er-i, L tracts,
70 aercH, bounded tl the llnl ib by Uedu'k,
i. ii the foi.th by St'.uhi ), on the east by
l,..rv and "ii the west bv Seiirbi.i: ,'il
res, lionndiil on the north by Lin.lHey,
on the oilih bv (loodiiijiiii the ( ;tsl bv
YYviifi and n:i the west bv Lind-.-v.
istii( 1 N.i. ! lr. boinar's heirn, 101)
Qt'lTH, t.Diiinlvil mi t;i:' not Hi l.v 1. iV M,,
on the si.ulh by W;;d.f, on the ea:.t by Ma-
thenev an. I "ii she west bv 1. v;
lliptrict No. ! Alex llawk, l"'Ja( i(s,
bounded on the north bv Hudson, on th-1
jiith by the'renne?sec Kivtr, on the east
bv Nance and mi the wot bv Nance. Ti
tle in Mr-. Haw ks.
l'iritriet No. ! J. 1!. IbiTetiion. .() acres,
boun.ied on the n nrth by 15. ' I., on the
Houtb by Stone, on vhe east by Kvans and
on the west by 15. & (i. Title in J. 15.
Hainj. ton's heirs.
District ,o.! W. I'. (.irifhn, -100 acres,
boiinde 1 tm the north bv 15. & G. on the
south by brumau'cr, on the east by Wil
liams and on the west bv Williams.
Histriet No. it J. 11. Matheney, 30
icres, bounded on the north by Wynn, on
the south by Lindsey, on theeast bj' Lint!
sev aud on tho west by Lindsey.
District No. 0 W alter Tin ker, 5 acres,
bounded on the north by Akers, on the
south by Lindsey, on the eaut by I'arker
.nut on the west by Starrier.
District No. !) W. M. Lobins, 2 tracts,
50 acres, bounded on tho north by Kob-
ir.s, on the south by Gilbert, on the east
by Gilbert and west by Akers; 8 acres,
bounded on tho north by l!rown, on the
south by Akers, on the east by Vester and
on the west by llobins.
District No. U A. J. lomlin, 100 acres,
bounded on the north by Cooper, on the
couth by Jones, on the east by Cook and
on the west by Lutler,
District No. 0 A. J. Vynn. 27 acres,
bounded on the north by Lindsey, on the
south by Wynn, on the east by Lindsey
and on the (vest bv Matheney
District So. 10 I. Anderson heirs, 18
acres, bounded on the north by i arrar,
on the south by Stevens, on the east by
Anderson and on the west by Anderson,
District JNo. 12 A. A. rresson, 50 acres,
bounded on the north by Vaughn, on the
south by Davidson, on the east by 1 res'
son and on the west bv Presson.
District No. 12 Under & Wheeler, 113
acres, hounded ou the north by Lioe, on
the south by Cole, on the east by Turner
and on the west by (;ole.
District xo. 12 W. T. Uichardson, 50
acres, bounded on the north by Johnson
on tho south by Cole, on the east by John
son anil on the west by Inruer.
District No. 14 S, M. Xirk heirs, 150
acres, bounded on the north by Mitchell
on the south by Douglas, on the east by
Cole and on the west by Johnson
District Nio. 14 1. C. Spence. .50 acres
bounded on the north by Mitchell, on the
south by Douglas, on the east by Cole
and on the west bv Johnson.
.Mucins so much more than
lyou imagine serious and
r fatal diseases result from
I" trilling ailments neglected.
Don't jlay with Nature's
greatest gift health.
If you ie teciinic
. til . I '!!. weak
ami gmciallv -
h. .u ili-.l, iirtvoiis,
have no ippftne
i. ul can't wik,
be'tjiu at otiiot.ik
In k themmi tcli.1-
l le treiivthnit.)(
n.cdn inr.wlm h is (
iiiown'i Iron l.il
ers. A iew l.ot-
t Irs cure betn-hl
.... m a a ff.tn. H
vrry lirt dose it
teeth, and
It Cures
f Neuralgia,
KUney and Liver
Ar railut'i
W. D. Hale, administrator, etc., vs. So
phronia McKwain, et als. In the County
Court of Benton Count v at Camden, 1 enn
In this cause it, appears from affidavit
that defendants L. G. Craig and his wife
Mattie Craig, are non-residents of the
State of Tennessee and reside in the State
of Missouri, so that, tho ordinary process
of law can not be served upon them. It
is therefore ordered that said defendants
L. G. Craifj and wife, Mattie Craig, enter
their appearance in this cause on or be
fore the first Monday in October next, bp-Jl-v lu-ut
mgtlie i th dav of said month, and plead
answer or demur to complainant's bill in
this cause in and by which be seeks sale
of town lot in ilolladay to pay debts due
from the estate of Mrs. S. A. ll;;le, de
ceased, ov the allegations in said bill will
bo taken for confessed and the cause set
for hearing exparte as to them, and that
this order be published for four consecu
tive jveeks in Tins' Camden Chkoniclk, a
newspaper published in the town of.Cam
den, Tenn.
This the 3rd day of September, 18'J5,
10-4' Clerk.
f Constipation, Bad Blood
... 1 1 - K ' - - ' t
iiuiaria, nervous on men is 1
Women's complaint.
('t only th" peiiuitic it hm cross'l rr.l
t 'ines on the wr.ii.iH-r. All otheri arc auh-
ftituu-s. On reii-Hit of two a.-. st.i'in we
n will nj s.-t of Ten Beautiful World' '
I air Views and book Iree,
I.Ol ISVll.l.K A N ASllVlI.l.r. ItAII.KOAD.
Through Cars,
in Quick Time, and
Sure Connections.,
ThrmiL'll Klci'iicrs to tilt! West Via iM.'Konzie.
j itroiarn Mccpers 01 ino miiiiii via jMoiiiKoiiiery,.
l iiroun siei'pvrs to the ortneast via Luuisville-
EMIGRANTS serkinc homes on tliis linn of 1
this roaii will receive spvrial low rates, for maps,.
rnies, en;., seo aeius 01 mis c..int.;iiiv, or ad
dress, C. P. ATMOltK,
Oeneral rassenuer Anent,
LouisviLLt, Ky.
rtyAdvertlsomeiits inserted under this head
at 3 cents per line each insertion.
70 K SAI.K A valnalile town lot lor hnildins
site. Convenient and desirable, for terms
and further iniormation apply at this ofliee.
for a small
family: irood water, and convenient to town
and the school; rents reitsonalile. Apiily to C.
V. llawley, Camden, Tenn.
TJil'K Kb r Two rooms suitalilo for a
J: 1
1,1) NKWSl'A PICKS for siilo at Tuk CH110N--civK
ollice at 'J5 cents per hundred.
OUll job printing facilities are first-class, and
our specialty is uood work. Kstunates (and
samples where possible) will be furnished on aj
jilieation. Address Xnic Ciutoit'LK, Camden.
Foil SALIC -Three complete volumes of tho
Scicntitlc American J iitlliiitr lCdition for the
years tsw-3-4. Here is an excellent opportunity
for tin mechanic, who w ants the best architect
ural publication 111 thu wor.d at a reduced price.
Communicate with this ollice.
-f ACISTliATK'S VA1:KAV1S, Executions,.
1)1 and Stale Warrants for sale at ThkChkon
tci.it ollice. Other blanks printed to order.
Paducah, Tennessee 'and Alabama
Tennessee Midland Railroads.
TIME TABLE NO. 5. MAY li, 1895.
bv 1'a.iucali
l.V Kenton
l.v Murray
I.V Paris
Lv Hollow Kock Junction.
Lv l.exiiifjtou
Ar .lackson
l.v .lackson
l.v Soinei ville
Ar Jlempliis
l.v Memphis
l.v Sonierville
Ar .lackson
l.v .lackson
l.v Lexington
l.v Hollow Kock .1 unction
l.v Paris
, Murray ,
NO. 1.
7.ao am
8.17 am
8.50 am
0.r.2 am
io.-io am
11 iWi am
12. Warn
l-'.M pm
2.15 pm
4.;',() pm
no. 2
10.20 am
12.10 pm
2.13 pm
2.13 pm
3.1.') pm
4.M pm
5.4". pin!
B.37 pill
7. It! inn
NO. 11.
fi.51 pin
7.15 pm
9.00 pm'
NO. 3.
7.43 am
0.25 am
NO. 4.
5.30 pm
7.12 pill
NO. 12.
G.l" am
8,05 am
9.2i am
10.40 am
1. 1 j
ce. State and County, tnd Aire plainly.'
Lv Lexinnton 3.40 )mKv Perryvillo 9.20 am
Ar 1'erryvillo 5.4(1 pm!Ar Lexington 11.30 am
All trains run daily. On SUndavs trains will
leave Perryvillo tl.SH) am, arrlvinir at l.exinirton
8.00 am. KeturninL' will leave I.exinuton at 7.:to
pm, anivini; at I'erryville 0.00 pm.
New and popular route for Memphis, New Or
leans, Little Kock, Hot Springs and all points in
Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, Nashville Chat'
tanootfa, Atlanta and Hie Southeast, raducah,
St. Louis, Chicago and all points North, N01U1-'
east and Noi l liw est. For further informal ion and
turough tickets apply to any ticket aaent, or to
General Passenger and Ticket Aent,
Memphis, Tenn.'
Attorney at Law.
Will give careful attention to all business er'
trusted to my care. Collections a specialty
Fff-Offiee at the court-house.

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