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Published Weekly at Camden, Teas.
r 11 DAT ('AUDI ltUl)0'OIUt MilLMimk.
Tho mWrfptUm prlee of Tat Cbroxi-ti it
l ir yr, 60 fiiii for ii mouths, 25 cento
fur ihr moni I , which pualtivoly itiuil Lb pid
lu advance. All ai-iinpiU)iii will Ui promptly
Itdpneil t tijiirUin of lime pud for.
Obituary ki.'i tttmlar notiiw will b charge-)
for t the rate of S cn:i tr line, V wiU
f iirnwi rt- far di(ly and local admtlug
on application.
Our Job priatlnj facility ar fliiU-1at, ami
our specialty ii good work. liniimaU-a (and
iimpli whore pa,ble) wiU to furultlmil ou
f.ewa oommntilnationi and artie'oa on qnea-
ttoua of publio hitcrwit are aolmUed, but wo
fc-t'imo no responsibility for tbo eurtiona
oomaiued In all such oumibi nioauuiia and
art olfi pub Ulied.
IU mutanwo ran be made In various wavi tliat
are purfei-Hl safe, but all remittances sent an
at tlio rtk uf aendir. Pottage stamps of 1 and
9-eni denominations will be received tn ouim
of lu than $1, profiled they ara soot In such
al;ir aa to prevent them otloking together.
All remittance and bunmovi communication!
ibuuld be sent to
TRAVIS BROS, Publishers.
Camdc. Temi.
'I ho French Government Las turnc!
earnest attention to replanting tho
bnrrou mountains in Franco with
tree, ia tho hopo Hint within tho next
generation tho treeless mountains will
bo covered with foilnge. This cannot
Mjnt have a bcndlciul (fleet on tho
climate. It will alhO do much to
prevent the damage dono by mountain
A good littlo boy, but not too good,
w(8 reproved tho other day, writes
Harper's Weekly, for being "busy"
with hia Bisters. "Bushy" is not as
yet a dictionary word, and is uot so
1'i etty a word as somo others, but it
lias some claims to a respectful con
sideration. It conveys its idea very
promptly and directly, and tho idua is
ono that is not otherwise readily con
veyed except by a circumlocution. To
be "bossy" is not to bo arbitrary, nor
yet dictatorial. It simply expresses
the propensity to make the plans for
a company and see that they are
curried out.
The San Francisco lawyers who
conducted Florence Blythe'a con
test of her father's will to a successful
issue are in clover. According to the
Hun Francisco Bulletin the lawyer who
planned tne contest gets SOjo.UUU aa
compensation for his services, and al
together a couple of millions will be
distributed among the lawyers who
wore connected with the prosecution
ol the case in one way or another
Luckily the estate of which
Florence Blythe is now the sole pos-
b ssor figures up something over 4,
000,000, so she can afford to be liberal
with her lawyers. Undoubtly she
feeds under deep obligations to them
for huuting her up in London, where
she passed her younger days, igno
rant of her parentage, and having
fihown to the satisfaction of the Cali
fornia courts that she was entitled to
the great fortune of the wealthy Cali
fornian who died a few yerrs ago,
leaving a will that has been the subject
of one of the greatest contests that the
courts of that state ever had to deal
Complaint is voiced by the drug'
glbts of Pittsburg, that their business
is rendered much less profitable by
the growing practice of physicians in
Bunnlving druffs to patients in tho
form of tablets and disks prepared by
the manufacturing chemists. As one
of the druggists puts it: ''The pre
scnption business ot a pharmacy is
dwindling more and more, and if it
were not for the soda water fountains,
cigar-stands, cosmetics, lotions, toilet
preparations, and articles of luxury
which are now on sale in almost all
drug stores, tho sheriff would have all of
us. We do a. considerable prescrip
tion business, but the profits derived
from it would not justify our staying
in busines. nor would wo be able to
continue here if we hud nothing else to
depend upon. lno doctors reason
for it is that,in furnishing the medicine
themselves, they are assured . of tho
drug by the reputation of tho makers,
and .that they run no risk of failing to
accomplish the desired results through
the deterioration of drng-storo stock
or "iho crime of substitution" of one
drug for another not in stock. A
further reason is that tho tablets are
more palatable, aud tire, therefore,
much more convenient for administra
tion to children.
Better a blusli on the face than a
stain in tho heart.
Subject : "Uvluxlnz In the SfiP.
Tf xt, "rut v In the ! k!, far the bar
test is ripo."-J,,,el tit., 13.
Tho iword ha been potlrl, and th
world ha ("i-iflirivlrt I tho nw r t of is-divar,
tho iwr 1 of (Virti and tlio wr I of l.s'av
ett. The pfn ha teen irtipr!v eulog.r." I,
and tho world has celebrate 1 the pen of Ad
dison, tb it'tt of Hoiithcy and tho pen of
Irving. The painter's pencil has be'ti hon
ored, on I the world ha celebrated th pen
oil of Murllto, tlio pen-ll of Utinnns an t tho
t 'ull of l!irtadt. Tho sculptor's chisel
hoi pckiio In for tiarti fnwmlum. on ! the
wcrldtia celebrated Chant rey's elilsid ond
Crawford's ehl.M'l andOrenough'ohlsl. lint
thfrotoono timtrumi-nt about whh'h Iolnif
tlio nraf rnnto tlmt WKtercmuiiii thu Bl(!kl.
thoflcklt) of tho Ulblc, tho ololtlo that lift
roanod the harvtt of niti cnturiii. Hharp
and bnt lntjH fsuilflr''U riI littri n c, thl.o
roaplnx hook, un lonor than your arm, hai
furnUhd tho bread for thoutudo of yenr.
Its aueePM hnn producd thHWoolth of No
tions. It ho bad mora to do with tho world's
iiniftrpoo than oword and ptn and p''iidl and
chhul all put toKftTiT. Christ putotho fb-klo
Into oxijuisitp 'rmonlo olmtlo, and you
that lo-ttrurniMit HkmIi all up and down tho
po"nlypM as St. John owino It. whilo
ihroiiKh Joil in mt tt-xt Ood commands tho
pooplo ,'iut throuv'li His servants now tin enm-
manda tbotn, '-l'ut yo ia tho gioklo, for tho
uiirvtw is npo."
Liast oveu:l,r thpro was irreot ro oioinir
all oyr tho lan 1. With trumnot an t eorn t
and orKn an t thousand voicod pcaltn wo
praised the Lord for tho temporal barvts.
0 t'MMOlI uoa
for tho whrat. tho ry, tho
oats, tho cotton, tho rieo, all tho fruits of
tho orchard Htid all tho Kraina of tho Mold,
and the Nation nover lots a better thing
thon whf'n In tho autumn it gathers to fos-
tlvity and thanks God for tho greatness of
tho harvest, but I come to-day to speak to
you of richer harvests, even tho aplritual.
How ohall wo estimate tho value of a man?
Wo say he is wcrth oo many dollars, or bo
has achieved such and suoh a position, but
wo know very well thero aro somo men at
tho top of tho ladder who ought to bo at tho
bottom and same at tho bottom who ought
to bo at the top, ond tho only way to esti
mate a man Is by his soul. We ail knowthat
wo shall live forever. Death cannot kill us.
Other crafts may be drawn into tho whirl
pool or shivered on tho rocks, but tho life
within us will weather all stornis and drop no
anchor, and 10,000.000 years after death will
shako out signals on tho high seas of eterni
ty. You put the mendlcaut off your door
step and say he is only a beggar, bat ho is
worth all the gold of tbo mountains, worth
all the pearls of tho sea, worth the solid
earth, worth sun and moon aud stars, worth
the entire material universe. Take all tho
paper that ever came from the paper mills
and put it side by side and sheet by sheet,
and let men with fleetest pens make figures
on that paper for 10,000 years, and they will
only iavebeguu to express the value of tho
soul. Suppose I owned Colorado and Ne
vada ana Australia, of how much value
would they bo to mo one moment after I de
parted this life? How muoh of Philadelphia
does Stephen Girard own to-day? flow
much of Boston property does Abbott Law
rence own to-day? Tho man who to-day
bath a dollar in bis pocket hath more world
ly estate ttian the millionaire who died last
year, llow do you suppose I feel, standing
hero surrounded by a multitude of souls
each one worth more than tho material uni
Oh, was I not richt in savine this spiritual
harvest is richer than tho temporal harvest?
I must tighten the girdle, I must sharpen tho
sickle, I must bo careful how I swing the
instrument forgathering tho grain, lest one
stalk be lust. Ono of tho most powerful
sickles for reaping this spiritual harvest Is
the preaching of the gospel. If tho sickle
nave a rosewoou bandit, and It bo adorned
with precious stones, and yet it cannot bring
downtheprain.it is not much of a fdckle,
and preaching amounts to nothing unless it
harvests sou is for God. Shall we preach phil
osophy The Ralph Waldo Emersons could
boat us at that. Shall we preach science?
he As;assizes eouid beat us at that. Tho
minister of Jesus Christ with weakest arm
goinar forth in earnest prayer, and wielding
this sickle of the gospel, t hall tind the bar
vest nil around him waiting for the aneel
sheaf binders. Oh, this harvest ot souls! I
notice in the fields that tho farmer did not
stand upright when he gathered tho grain.
I noticed he had to stoop to his work, und I
noticed in orlor to bind the shoaves tho bet
ter ho had to put his knee upon them. And
as we go forth in this work for God we can
not stand upright in our rhetorio nnd our
metaphysics and our erudition. We have to
stoop to our work. Aye, we have to put our
knee to it or we will never gather sheaves for
the Lord's garner. Peter swung that sickle
on tho day of Pentecost, and 3000 sheaves
canioin. Richard Baxter swung that sickle
at Kidderminster, and McCheyne at Dundee.
and vast multitudes came into tho kingdom
or our uoa.
Oh, this is a mighty gospel! It captured
not only John the lamb, but Paul the Hon.
flion may gnash their teeth at it. aud clinch
their fists, but it is tho power of God and tho
wisaom oi uoa unto salvation. Hut, alas,
if it is only preached in pulpits and on Sab-
Datn days; we must go forth Into our stores,
our shops, our banking houses, our factories
and the streets, and everywhere preach
Christ. Wo stand in our pulpits for two
hours on the Sabbath and commend Christ to
the people, but there aro 1G9 hours in tho
week, Rnd what aro the two hours on tho
Sabbath against the 165? On, thore comes
down the ordination of God this day upon
all the people, men who toil with head and
band aud foot -tne ordination comes upon
all merchants, upon all mechanics, upon all
toilers, and God says to you a3 Ho says to
me: "Go, teach all Nations. He-that be
lteveth and is baptized shall bo saved, and
he that believeth not shall bo damned."
Mighty gospel, lot the whole earth hear it!
The story of Christ is to regenerate tho
Nations, it is to eradicate all wrong, it is to
turn the earth into paradise. An old artist
painted the "Lord's Supper," and ho wanted
tho chief attention directed to tho face of
Christ. When he invited his friends in to
criticise the plolure. they admired tho
chalices more than they did the face, and
the old artist said, "This picture is a failure,"
aud he dashed out the picture of the cops,
and said: "I shall have nothing to dotract
from the face of the Lord, Christ is tho all
of this picture."
Another powerful sickle for the reaping of
this harvest is Christian song. I know in
many churches the whole work is delegated
to a tow people standing iu the organ loft.
But, my friends, as others cannot repent for
us and others cannot die for us, we cannot
delegate to others the work of singing for
us. While a few drilled artists shall take tho
ohants and execute the more skillful music,
when the hymn is given qiit let there be hun
dreds and thousands of voices uniting in tho
acclamation. On tho way to grandeurs that
never cease and glories that never die lot us
sing. At the battle of Lutzen a general came
tothsking and said: "Those soldiers are
sinking as tliey are going into battle. Shall
I stop theia?" "No," said the king, "men
t?at ran sing !;ko;li(it pn flk'ht." Oh, tho
power of Clirl itinn wing! When I ar u hern,
ymi may truo boek. Tho argunnt you
iiotkn itgnltint ri lk:lon nmy be tnoro skillful
than tho argument 1 rnttkoln I'liatf of ruiiif
luti. lint who can stand before the pathonof
onio ut Jtftod song like that wlib'h wasiino
times unit:
Hhow ptiy, Lord; O Lord, furtive!
Lt a reiH-ltting rebel live!
Aro Dot Thy m'Ti-l'-o lri; and fro ?
May not a sinner trut in Thee?
Another mighty uleklo fur th reaping of
(he go el hrryi'ft is prayor. What docs God
do with our pmyiT? J)os li go ou tho bat
tlements of heaven mid throw them off" No.
What do yon b wih gifts irlven you by
thou wh'i l-'vo VwU vervmu-li? Yju ktvo
thorn with groat farodnnss. And do you
anpposo God will tako our prayers offered In
tho sincerity and lovo of our hearts, an t
scatter thorn to tho wind? Oh.no! Ho will
answer thorn all In somo way. Oh. what a
mighty thing prayer Is! It Is n"t a long rlg
nwolo of "ohs" and "aha" and "forever and
over, amnns." It Is a breathing of the heart
Into tho heart of Ood. Oh. what a mighty
thing prayer Is! Klijah with It reached up
to tho clouds and shook down tho showers.
With It John Knoj shook Hcotland. With it
Martin Luther shook tho oarth. And when
I'hilipp Molanohtbon lay slek unto death, as
many supposed, Martin Luther came In and
said, "Phillpp. wo ean't spare you!" "Oh."
said ho, "Martin, you muit lt mo go. I am
tlrod of persecution and Ored of Hfo. I want
to go to be with my God.'' "No." said Martin
Luther, "you shall not go; you must tak
fhls food, and then I will pray lor you."
"No. Martin." sold Melanchthon. "vou must
let mo go." Martin Luther said. "You tako
this food or I will excommunicato you." Ho
took tho food, and Martin Luther knelt down
Ind prayed as only ho could pray, and con
valescence came, and Martin Luther went
back and said to bis friends, "God has saved
the Hfo of Phillpp Melanchthon in direct an
swer to my praver." Oh. tho power of
proyor! nave von tested it?
Dr. Primo. of New York, In his bointl'ul
book entitled "Around tho World." de
scribed a mauso'eum in India which it took
20,000 men twenty-two years to build that
and tho bui'dlngs surrounding and ha
ssys: "Standing in that mausoleum and
uttering a word, tt is echoed back from a
height of 150 feet-, not an ordinary echo,
but a prolonged music, as though thore
were angels hovering in tho air." And every
word of earnest praver we utter has an echo,
not from tho marble cupola of an earthlv
mausoleum, but from tho heart of God and
from tho wings of angels as thev hover, cry
ing, "Behold, ho prays!" Oh, test it?
Mighty slcklo for reaping this gospel harvest,
tho slcklo of prayer!
It does not make so mnch difference about
the posture yon tako, whether you sit, stand
or kneel, or Ho on your taco. or In your
physical agonies Ho on your back. It does
not make any difference abort tho physical
posture, as was shown la a hospital, wtnn
tho chaplain said as ho looked over tho beds
of tho suffering: "Let all those wounded
men hero who would llko to bo prayed for
lift tha hand! Bomo lifted two hands, others
lifted ono hand; somo with hands amputated
could only lift tbo stump of tho arm. Ono
man, both bis arms amputated, could give
no signal except to ajr "Mel Mel" Oh, It
floes not make any dlfTerenoo a"bont the
rhetorio of your pravers; it does not mako
any difference about tho posture; it does not
mako any difference whether you can lift a
hand or have no hand to lift. God Is ready
to hear you. Trayer Is answered. God Is
waiting to respond.
"Lift up your eyes upon the fields, forthoy
aro white already to harvest!" How many
have you reaned for God? Do you ask me
how many I have reaped for God? I cannot
say. Now can you say how many you have
reaped? I hopo thero aro somo who havo
been brought into tho kingdom of God
through vour Instrumentality. Have there
not been? Not one? You, a man thirty-five,
forty, fifty years of age and not one? I see
souls coming ud to glory. Here Is a Snnday.
school teacher bringing ton or fifteen souls,
nere is a tract distributer bringing in forty
or fifty souls. Hero Is a man you never heard
of who has been very useful In bringing
souls to .God. He comes with 150 souls.
Tney aro tbo sbeaves of bis harvest. How
many havo yon brought? Not one can It
be? What will God say? What will tho
angels Bay? Better crouch down in somo
corner of heaven and never show yourself.
Oh. that harvest is to bo reaped now! And
that is thl instant! Why not bo reaped for
God this hour?
"Oh,"' says somo man, "I have been going
on tho wrong road for thirty, or forty or
fifty years. I havo gone through the whole
catalogue of v?rlme and must first get myself
fixed up." Ah. vou will never get yourself
fixed ud until Christ takes you In charge.
You get worse and worse until He comes to
tho rescue. "Not tho righteous sinners.
Jesus came to call." So, vou see, I take tho
very worst case thero is. If there is a man
hero who feels ho is all right in heart and
Hfo. I am not talking to him, for bo is prob
ably a hypocrite. I will talk to him soma
other time. But if there is a man who feels
himself all wrong, to him I address myself.
Though you be wounded in the bands and
wounded in the feet and wounded
in tho head and wounded in tho
heart, and though tho gangrene of eternal
death be upon you, one drop of the elixir of
divine life will cure your soul Though you
bo soaked in evil indulgences, though your
feet have gone in unclean places, though you
havo companioned with the abandoned and
tho lost, one touch of divine grace will save
your soul.
I do not sav that vou will not havo strut;
gles after that. Oh, no! But they will be a
different kind of struggle. You go into that
battle aud all bell is against you, nnd you
are alone, and you fight and you tight,
weaker and weaker, until at last you fall
and the powers of darknfss trample on your
soul. But in tho othei' case vou go into the
battle nnd light stronger and stronger and
stronger, until tho evil propensity goes
down and you get tho victory through our
Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, come out of your
sins! Havo you not been bruised with sin
long enough? Have vou not carried that
load long enough? Have you not fought
that battle long enough?
I rattle tho gates of your sepulchor to-day,
I take tho trumpet of tho gospol and blow
tho long, loud blnst. Roland went into bat
tie. Charlemagne's army had been driven
back by tho three armies of the Saracens,
and Roland, in almost despair, took up tbo
trumpet and blew threo blasts in one of tho
mountain passes, nnd under the power of
those threo blast tho Saracens recoiled and
fled in terror. But history says that when
ha had blown third blast, Roland's trumpet
broke. ,
1 tako this trumpet of tho gospel nnd blow
tho first blast, "Whosoever wiU." I blow
the second blast. "Seek yo the Lord whilo
Ho mav be found." I blow the third blast.
"Now is tho accented time." But the trum
pet does not break; it was handed down by
our forefatheis to us, and wo win nana
down to our children, that after we are dead
they may blow thetrumpet. telling tho world
that wo have a pardoning God, a loving God,
a sympathotio God, and that more to Htm
thanthethrone on which He sits is theioy of
seeing a prodigal put his linger ou the latch
of His Father's house.
I invite any ono the most infidel, any one
tho most iithoistlo, I invito him into tha
kingdom ot Gol with just as much hearti-
ness ax those win Tisro for fiTty year y,"m
under tho leaching of ihevoim an I belle vod
it alt. Uhti I ilvinij iu Philadelphia, a
get lemon told mo of a s -enn in vai.-h ho
was a participant. In CallowUM street. In
Plilla lelphU, ti,rH tm 1 been ft poWTful
meeting going on for somo time, and many
were converted, and among otnern one of
tho prominent members of the worst club
boimo t that city. The nt ntht
tho leader of that lub house, the presi
dent of it, resolved that ho would endeavor
to get his oomra lrt away. Ha rob.o to tho
door, tMifora ho entered h heard a Christian
song, an. I uml.T lu power tils soul was
Hi-itul-I. lb went in and HH,.e I for prayer, 1
lieforo ho came out ho was a sut j-ct of con
verting mercy. The next night another
comrade went to rttelalm tho two who bad
been lust to their sinful elr. In. Ho went,
and under tho power of the Holy (Jhost be
came a changed man, and the work went on!
they were all avd and tho Infamous club
house di.sbaudi-d. Oh, it Is a mighty gospel!
Though you came here a child of ain, you
can go away a child of graeo, you cau go
away singing:
Amazing grace, how sweet tho sound
That saved a wretch llko m!
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now i see.
Oh, givo up your sins! Most of your life
Is already gone. Your children aro going
on tho same -vrong road. Why do you not
wop? This day is salvation coma to thy
house." Why not this moment look up into
tho face of Christ and say:
Just a I am, without on plea
But that Thy blood was shed for mo,
And that Thou bld'st me come to Tbeo
O Lamb of God, I oomo, I come.
Ood is going to save you. You aro going
to bo among tho shining ones. After tho
tolls ot life aro over, you aro going up to tho
everlasting rest, you are going up to join
your loved ones, departed parents and de
parted children. "Oh, my God," says soma
man, "how can I coae to Thee? I am so far
c.ff. Wtio will help me. I ara so weak? It
seems such a great undertaking." Oh. my
brother, it is a groat undertaking! It is so
great you cannot accomplish tt, but Christ
can do tho work. He will oorreot your heart
and Ho will correct your life. "Oh," you say,
"I will stop profanity." That will not savo
you. "Oh," you say, "I will stop Sabbata
breaking." That will not save you. There
is only one door into the kingdom of God,
and that Is faith; only one ship that sails for
heaven, and that is faith, rultu the first
stop, the second step, tbo hundredth step,
the thousandth step, the last step. By faith
we enter the kingdom. By iaitn we keep la.
In faith we die. neaven a reward of faith.
The earthquake shook down tho Paillppian
dungeon, une jailor sau, "What shall I
da?" Borne of you would say. "Botter get
out of the place before the walls crush you."
What did tho apostle sav? "Believe on tho
Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."
'Ah." you say, -there s the rub." What is
faith? Suppose you were thirsty, and I of
fered you this glass of water, and you be
lieved I meant to give it to you, and you
came up and took it. Xou exercise fait a.
You believe 1 mean to keen my promise.
Christ offers you'the water ol everlasting life.
You take it. That is faith.
Enter Into the kingdom of Ood. Enter
now. The door of are is set wiue open, i
plead with you by the bloody sweat of Goth-
somane and the death groan of Golgotha,
by cross and crown, by Pilate's courtroom
and Joseph s sepulcher, by harps and chains,
by kingdoms of light and realms, by king
doms of light and realms or darkness, by the
trumpet of the archangol that shall wake the
dead, and by tho throne ol the Lora uoa
Almighty and the Lamb, that you attend
now to tho things of eternity. Oh, what a
sad thing it will be If, having come so near
heaven, we miss it! Oh, to baveoome with
in sight of the shining pinnacles of the city
and not have entered! un, to nave Deen so
near we have seen the mighty throng enter,
and wo not lolning them! Angels of God,
ny this way! uood news ior you: tea tne
story among the redeemed on high! If there
be one there especially longing ror our sal
vation, let that one know it now. We put
down our sorrows. Glory be to God for
suoh a hope, for such a pardon, for such
joy, for suoh a heaven, for such a Cbrlstl
Disposed to Use Harsh Bleasures
Against the Kneiny.
General Weyler, the new captain
general and commander-in chief of the
Spanish forces in Cuba, has issued
proclamations to the volunteers and
firemen, regular soldiers and marines
and the inhabitants of Cuba, and also
to the generals of the army, civil and
military governors, chiefs of columns
and military commanders. He says
among other things :
"But I think it convenient to add
some instructions at present and to
state that the insurrection and the re
cent march of the principal leaders
thereof, without its being possible for
the Spanish column to prevent it, in
dicates indifference on the part of the
inhabitants and also fear and discour
agement. I cannot understand their
inactivity while their property is
being destroyed. Spaniards can-j
not sympathize with insurgents.
It is necessary at any cost to
oppose this state of things and re
animate the Bpint of Ihe inhabitants.
I have como disposed to help all loyal
citizens. I am at tho same time dis
posed to make use of all the rigor of
the law against those who in any form
help tho enemy, speak well of them or
discredit the prestige of Spain, of its
army, cr volunteers. All who are with
our side must demonstrate the facts
with acts ond leave in the attitude no
place for doubt in proving that they
are Spaniards.
Chicago Board of Trade May Abolish
At a meeting of the board of trades
men of Chicago the report of a sub
committee, which has been formulating
the plan of F.obert Lindblom for trad
ing in cash grain to the exclusion of
futures, was approved and if the plan
is approved by the directors it will be
put into operation after next May.
Tho plan is that all trading in wheat
shall bo in cash property and that the
board of trade cash grain depository
shall be organized with $i,000,00u
paid up capital to take care of the
wheat and advance money on it with
other duties which are considered nec
essary for the success of the plan.
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Because Maher Got Sand in Ills Op
ties. A dispatch from El Paso, eays:
"Buck" Connolly, right-hand man of
Quinn, Maher's manager, wired at
noon Saturday from Las Crnces as fol
lows: "Physicians here say Maher'a eyes
will not be well until Friday. Maher
say b he will fight that day certain. He
thinks Fitzsimmons ought to agree to
Governor Ahumada was advised that
it had been stated at headquarters
that the ring had been erected and
was in shape for the men to enter and
that the location could not be fonnd
by his crack cavalry in a month. This
nettled the Mexican executive and
mounted scouts were at once sent out
to intercept tho cavalry details up and
down the frontier, and urge them to
redouble efforts to prevent the mill.
Property Worth $150,000 Destroy ed
by Incendiaries.
The Buckeye Glass Works at Mar
tin's Ferry, Ohio, were destroyed by
fire early Monday morning. The worka
were to have started up during the
day with non-union hands. The fire
was of incendiary origin and the build
ing was doubtless set on fire to pre
vent the resumption. Several previous
attempts had been made to burn the
big works.
The works were valued at 8150,000.
The building burned as if saturated
With oil. .
Pardons in Tennessee.
Governor Turney has pardoned Lo
gan Brittain, of Giles county, ten
years for horse stealing; Henry Wilson,
of llenry county, three years for horso
stealing, and Abo Haskins, of Grundy
county, one year for attempted murder.
A 1. , .A
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