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L s 1 i
Vol. XII. No. 17.
Vi;:i.r Nil. :0I
W 1 s h I I 4 Pi v
V N Vt I I l I I ,., I'l.-hlrht
Ji'J.I. V. Alt II U, I i
"'"'til ' i sl.lf
Guarantees to every Policy Holder Participation in Profits, and is the only
Company in Tennessee which does it. lis Directors comprise the
mcst prominent business men at Memphis. Its Policies cost no
more than those of other Companies, which return Xou nolhing.
jon. w. cAirn i!. i:. v inviTi:."
.1 s. w. i:ii n i;iim)N. I i:i it (iKi.n.i,
W.N 1- ;mi. I,. LAW llol'S.
okoim.k i : 1 1 1 i ) . i!. .i. ni:i 1 1,
I" M l. I'MI N. W. HI'iM.i. '
MM I I i; I iH,N I I. I.. 1 1: I. V 111- N N h ir.
11. r. MLIU'IIY. 1.. I . ,.s
Bateman &
1 t ; -,'. - - ,
f ' ' I - -
We buy direct from Iist WlfMH (lovernment
guarantee ( tin- Oovernnii-ut s In charge.
mail an ue uuum, unu e miy cumpt-uuou.
By special arrangement we ofTer
The VJastiinjton Post
in combination wttli this paper for $1.13 a vear.
The Weekly 1'ost is mi eifnit-piiKe, seven-column
paper, published at Waslunnton, 1). ('., Tuesday
inoiniiu: ot each week, in politic- it is a .strictly
unn-pai liHiin iiideiieiideiit newspaper, advocat
ing only such legislation a is manifestly in the
interest of a majority of the eople. In addition
to fresh daily news from jul over the world, the
Tost oilers special feature in. Us widely known
editorial department, Interesting llction, and
items of interest to the farmer. Full market re-
fiorts, ete. Come into. our. oMr or drop a postal
o the I'ost and get a sample copy.
And th& Weekly Commercial Ap
peal Twelve Months.
Tn order to secure 100,000 subscribers the follow.!
ink -iffer Is made: To the subscriber hint jtuess- j
inc the correct or nearest correct number of bales
of cotton received in Memphis from September 1, !
1X1)5. to Mav 15. Inclusive. !:!. as follows
correct or nearest to t he correct guess Is received
on or before 'February 2!. lSWi. it. (rets in cash
$2,500.00; If in March, 18'JG, l,5(X), but if not, till j
April only frMM. The contest closes April :to.
Receipts in lormer years were as ioiiows: up i
to May 15, ism, 474,ail bales; to May 15, 1805, 581,-
181 hales.
Fifty cents must accompany every (juess for
twelve months' subscription. Sample cony free.
Memphis Tenn.
A special contract enables us to offer The
Weekly Commercial Appeal and Thr CmtONl
Cl.K for ofie year for only $l,l!5 cash in advance;
also allowing nuess on cotton received ill Mem
phis. Subscriptions may lie-in at any time- Ad
dress all orders to 'ink Ciuiomclk, Camden,
St. Louis a Tennessee Rivef
I I everv Wednesday and Saturday lor all points
on the Mississippi Hiver to Cairo, Ohio Hiver to
l'aducah, and Tennessee Uiver to Florence, tak
inc frei:lit i!d passeniiers for all points on tlie
Ohio to I'ittsburnh, and on the Cumberland to
Nashville. TIii oukIi bills of lading, prompt serv
ice, and low rates.
Trallic Manager, .
Wharf-boat fool, of Olive street. ST. LOUIS'.
One of these steamers arrive at Johnson.
Tllle every Tuesday and Friday.
Through Cars,
m QuickTime, and
Sure Connections.
Through Sleepers to the West via MrKenzie.
Through Sleepers to tlie South via Montgomery.
Through Sleepers to the Moi '.heast via Louisville
EMIGRANTS seekliiK homes on this line of
this road will receive special low rates. Lor maps,
rates, etc., see nights of flis comounv, or ad
d.lC33, ATMOltK,
General l'assenner Anent3
LotiisfiLLi., Ky.
and State Warrants Ua sale at Th k C h uox
iclji ullioe. Other blanks printed to order.
M M 1 1 It ( oi:s . M.ina,
n, I v,i i;illV. s.n, i.uv.
- nt run N.ui'.ii.tl l;,,i,k, N.t-luii,
SURPLUS, $400,000.00
Apple 14 Peach Brandies
)'o ided Warehouse under the Inspection and
We thus guarantee our goods to le tliu very best
For advertisements under this head our terms
are strictly cash in advance, l'licesliiriilshedon
For Judge of tits Criminal Court.
IJVKKKTT.-W'e are authorized to announce
J Siijnf v J. Kvk.kktt a eaiidiilate lor ,lmle
ol Hie Cllminal Court of the Lli-venlli Jmlicial
Circuit, composed of the counties of lieuton, l)e
calitr, Chester, Henderson, Madison, McNairy,
and l'erry. Subject to the action of the llemo
fialic paity.
NO LA NO. We are authorized to announce
J Li .Iamks A. Km;i.ani a candidate forjudge
ol the Criminal Court of the Lleventli Judicial
Circuit, composed of the counties of lieuton, De
catur, Chester, Henderson, Madison, McNairy,
and l'erry. Subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
rpAYLOTC. We are aiilhorized to announce
J .Liji.v t. Tayi.oh a candidate for .Indue
i of the Criminal Court of the Lleventli Judicial
Circuit, composed of the counties of lieuton, l)e-
ciiiur, v uesier, iienin-ison, Aiauison. sic.Mury,
and l'erry. Subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
KHKINO. AVe are authorized to announce
of tlie Criminal Court of the Lleventli Judicial
L (ircnit. colnnoscrl of I hi. rntnil iia Af r.i.iitmi I
eatur. Chester. H leison. Mail isnn. Mc:iirv
and l'errv. Subject to the action of the Demi),
cratie party.
For Slioi-lfr.
T;tI.OWF.i:S-We are authorized to announce
Mr. Ii. ii Ki.wkhh a candidate for election
to tlie olll'-e of SUenn for lieuton t'onntv. subi
to the will ol tlm liemocratie party,
election Saturday March 14, lS'.Ki.
TASI1LEE We are uuthoiiz.ed to announce
J Mr. W. A. Lahhi.kk h candidate for re-election
to the ollice ot Sheriff for lieuton County,
subject to the will of the Democratic party, rri
mary election Saturday March 14, 189G.
For Trustee.
C1AMT AVe are authorized to announce Mr.
) J. T. Camp a candidate for elecllon to the
ollice of Trustee of lieuton ("ountv, suliject to the
will of the Democratic, party, l'liinary election
Saturday March 14, 18DG.
For Assessor-Fifth Civil District.
nl.DSON We are authorized to announce
Mi .(). C. HUDSON aciiudldateforelcetiou
I to I lie ollice of Assessor for the Llttb Civil Dis
trict of lieuton Countv, subject to tlie will of the
Democratic party, l'rimary election Saturday
March 14, 18!Ki.
Simple and Fancjj (jroceFies.
Fine Jewelry and Pocket-Knives, Eto
Hard Time Prices on Everything.
The Palmer House,
American and European Plans.
Tlie Palmer House has made reductions on
larjje number of Its rooms, on the American and
Kiirnpean plans, and at the same time improved
Its service; never In belter eonulliou nwr better
kept than at present.
Attorney at Law.
Will give careful attention to all business-Gil'
trusted to my care. Collections a specialty.
tiir"OUice nt Uio cow V-housa.
Dfinocratic inud convrntion nt'Xt
.'ir. .Muni l ry, oi iXi'WKom, wan
1 .. I 1 Tl l
up last week.
Chancery court will conwueliero
next Monday.
llully aroiiinl the banner of Do-
tnocracv. bovs.
Mr. Jlarrv Willi.nns. of IlolW
llock, was over .Sunday
Let every Democrat do hia duty
anil vote in the priti. alien.
Deputy Mai-hhul Collier, of Mc
Kenzie, w as here lat week.
Mr. John Not'Ta.ss, of Chi istmas-
ille, vihited hero this week.
Mr. l!uL;ene Morris, of Nashville,
visited honiefolks last week
Mis. W. 1). M'-llao visited rela
tives ut MeKenzie this week.
Mr. U. A. Potts spent Tuesday
and Wednesday at Nashville.
Mr. James Lashlee, of Clyde-ton,
visited relatives here Monday.
Mr. J. D. Crocker visited homo
folks at Hollow ltock Sunday.
Mr. Nat Hushing, of T-ristow,
went to Huntingdon Saturday
i it " , , ye ll""my
visited at Hollow Lock Sunday.
The county candidates will close
the campaign at Eggville to-day.
f 1 Ht HI . TT 11 1
Gravel is being freely nsed on
some of the sidewalks this week
Mrs. G. F. Bateman has been ill
the past week, but is some better,
Miss Kuby Pivi ns is spending a
few days with friends at Big Sandy
Miss Mattie Bye has ben con fin.
ed to her room this week but is bet
ter. Mr.C.V.IIawley will make some
improvements on Ins place ot busi-
He welcome letters to onr col-
urns from Wyly aud Eggville this
Trustee D. J. Allen has been in
tlie southern part of the county this
Tt will nnv vnn ir ron rlM!,. at;q
cellanpous Ad'vertisin.r" i,, nnothpr
Mr. Sterrell Bnvborn came no
from Big Sandy and 6peut the day
Assessor D. A. Gossett and J. V.
Latimer, of Mclllwain, was iu tovvn
Mr. Jack Fuller has mnvW! 1
fnmilv in tl.o Al S A J
, . .
aii on us wnen you wain rirst-
e.ass joo p.iuung. r e give it our
sp.ai arter.t.ou.
Mrs. M. ii. Crim and daughter,
Miss Maude, visited at Waverly
oaiuruay aim ouuuay.
Ex-Attorney-General D. W. Her-
ring is mingling with the people of
Benton County this week
Mr. Y. W. Ezell, of Padncah,
the tobacco man, arrived last week,
and vri remain here nw i n.
will remain here awhile.
r. F. M. Dickey and family, of
Seville, left Sunday for Texas,
. l,., ;n ,.0,-oi ti.io ,,.
Chase v
Tvr,. ir nt.u. r nt.:
w, M YYlunu''"L Ul"
cago, nas oeen visiting at amuen,
a 1 C Tl I T IT. ... !. TIT 1
uie guest ol iui-s. o. iiarns vyiy.
A great many Benton Countv
xarmers are siiu noming ineir oea-
f n i i i ,i .
nuts lor an advancement in prices.
Every Democrat who fails to vote
in the primaries to-morrow has no
right to complain of the actiou of
ii.'.. i.
i tie puny
The students nt Benton Semina
ry are preparing a drama, which
will be presented to the public in
a tew weeks,
Mrs. J. E. Yarbrougli and child.
or JNashville, is visiting Camden
relatives. Mr. larbrough spent
bunuay here,
A new sidewalk is being laid from
the southeast suburbs to the public
btp.are feline good worn proceed
t .... i -i i i
uu nn uih wutiways in tow n.
Social entertainments have not
been so numerous with the young
ioiks the past few weeks as they
were during and following the hoi-
Mays. ,
Messrs. 1). G. Hudson, Claude
TT 1 ITT m r tt . n
Hudson W T. Morns, Y . A. i ar-
mer, E. E. JLravis and Carlos Fin-
ley made a flying trip to Zach last
lloriHlH 1. .JollllMUl,
'-' , of till'
N't i'l rM-H. of
HW Slim ! John -i III ,v
Nnhvilli'.wiiH in tin l it v ott-riln v
)r. W. M. Wti-l.t. r.f llmitit
ti'ni, was citiii'd to icuv riiam v'-
1 ,11. ,.
tt - nlay tonic Mr. Henry Hall, who
1,1 v,,'.v I'' liealtl
llev. T. F. (.'nson pieaclied to an
Attentive aialience at the Metho,lM
v,iuircii otrio.iy t-uw".;. lie w
H-rvirrs next hun.lay fore-
noon and vciiuil:.
Kvery I'onulitM rr I'i nitlilican
WIlO Votl'H 111 lilt' l'l lIloCIHlle it I
tnnries knowiii'4 that lie will int
pnjtpott the niiiiiinees com mils an
iinpanionable and iiim stiotialile act.
Marriage licences have heen h-
Klled l)V Colllilv (Merk (i. 15. (ireer
ho J. (i. Lowry and Nellie 51o-.es,
J. II. Milhatiks nnd L. A. (yii-hon.
C lored Wiliani Tnv lor find Linda
The Fiowerv Minstrels have lieen
organized hy the yonni,' men of this
place for the. purpose of mvinij an
eiitertaiiiinent next. Aniil. It. .
Ayers.j r., Is president; V. A. Far
mer. vice-president; Iluh Lashlee,
secretary, and E. L Travis, cone
spondin secretary.
While nttenditiLi the funeral of
Mrs. Sam Smith at Cross lti.ads
(Vnieterv Friday the team of Mr.
Dock Spicer ran away, and while
the wagon and fixt tires were more
or less damaged by running into a
tree, strange t.o say the mules es
caped unhurt. Foitnnately there
was no one in the wagon when the
accident occurred.
The family of Mr. W. II. Wise.
man, who reside near Eggville, had
a very narrow escape m a runaway
accident Sunday aiternoon. Jhey
v..r4 m t n cm i n 1 1 f rnni n v-icif in
Lp.,,1, (ii,,.;1.f',nii u iUJn ,,nr ,i1M
hanw of Matthew Farrar the team
mn1oi3 1 ti wtn m a fio . Ii totwul n n. 1 (
awav. The watron overturned and
the occupants were dumped into r
ditch. Mrs. lseinnn nnd iintnrltt-
er were severely injured, also Miss
Enna Ilelmes, who accompanied
them, was bruised considerably, but
not serious. Mr. Wiseman receiv-
1 slight injuries, and Frank Stig-
a" wn0 vvnd u uo w'ftoon escaped i
TlIE ClIIiONICLE eonunends every
movement which has for its objects
the bringing manufacturing enter-
prms to our midst. A movement
is on foot, headed by our euterpris-
townsman, Mr. W. E. Mcltae,
t incorporate a company and man
ufacture" flour here. Another ex-
cellentand commendable movement
lM bten get m fo()t b Dl, w. r
jcQjl' to l)rinr a large canning
fftcto tQ ,ace
These are two of t he best and most
public-spirited movementstosecure
new industries ever made m iJenton
County, and will doubtless meet the
hearty approval of every citizen.
The income to Camden and the
county alike, is incalculable, nnd
the arrangements to begin opera-
snouui uegin at once in oruer
Jjiat our people may reap some of
th T,fiT T i
Mr. Mcllae has a close estimate
Hons Should uegin at once in ortlel
drawn by an old mil man, who will
comehere and take chargeof atiour
ur -n .,, :rtrisslirHli tmi l,v RnK.
1 ... ---- - - j -
. smaU nlnonntof st0ekthe
nentlo of Camden can iret a 'ood
I i t - . o o
n nnt, nt. n verv mm rn e cost
Dr. McGill is in communication
with Ohio parties who want to es
tablish a canning factory here that
will give employment to LbO hands,
cj ....!. .i,iM,n,i
Such industries established in onr
midst would mean much for our
It would mean a good market a
our very doors for all the wheat
fruits and vegetables we could pro
duce; it would do away with cotton
and other uncertain crops that we
sometimes resort to to secure ready
money: it would mean improvet
farms, which would be divided up
intn 9.(1 to iifl acre tracts, nnd lastlv
v ' y
it wouj menu mouey crop3 ju m
The West Tennessee Land am'
Immigration Company is looking
after the matter, and willcheeiin
ly furnish any information bearing
on the subject.
. '. . .
mollis in nounii,
Con8ti tiou Clinw9 more than lialf the
ni8ofw0mea. Kat l's clover root tea is a
pleasant cure for constipation. Forsule
by J. G. Piesson.
!-!ilii!i Cotinly Teachers'
lion niei ct C;iuideti March
l In- nn-H in ; was called
7, 1 -'.m;.
to (Mih r
follow ii,
y tin' proiiicnt, and tlx
Ol'.ii't t S V. et c eli'Clf'd fur
(he entiin' tiir:
president, ami .
j. u ut Cuir,
K. Iili'ord m c-
ret a ry.
Up tlie
The HiMM-iat inn 1 1 1 it took
Ol.-jeil-sloii (, tin
pro .:rain
a I iniiiil lor lie m en-ion.
'lhefn snhji-ct oil t he pin :r,nni
was "Coiiipiilj-ory I.nw." Tin-dis.
cushion wan p:i 1 1 icipaled in lv I. Y.
Jlvans, 1). (J. Hudson, .1. W.' lliair,
D.J. Allen ami Mailin lilair. The
association decided that altendanee
of chihli eii at public schooU should
be Compt.ory.
I he asxiciat ion then took up lie
diciiSf.'on of the public school cur-ri'-iiluiii,
which precipitated a live
ly dUcm.Hou by C. C. Yick, J. V.
b'air and t.thers.
The discussion of primary grades
called forth some pertinent remarks
by D. (L iludsoii, Mai lin ilairand
a ntiinber of others.
'What are the Jlesl Methods to
Keep Teachers up in their Profes
sion?" w as a siibii-ct. nblv discussed
by I. W. Evans and C. C.
Lastly, the association
the (i n stii.ii of a oublie
took up
on need, ami now it could ie suo
ceshftillv esiabl i.hed. This was a
theme lor general discussion, and
inspired the thoughts of every one
present. The subject was discuss
ed at some length bv T. Witt Cuff,
J. W. Blair, D. G. Hudson and D.
J. Allen.
A resolution was offered tender
ing thethnuks of the entire associ
ation to the editor of The Camden
Chronicle for his kindness in pub
lishing programs and educational
articles tim ing the past year, which
was unanimously jidopied by the
association, and we solicit a contin
uance of the same.
The following teachers and metu
bersof the association were present:
C. C.Yick, J. W. Blair, I. W.Evans,
Miss Ada Hall, D. G. Hudson, Ar
vin Swindle, J. B. Anderson, Miss
Lerah Williams, A. A. Cole, M. N.
Frazier, 1). Smith, S. C. Yick, A.
Clement, Miss Eulah Lashlee, A.
xv. McKelvey, Martin Blair, Kiley
licks, IJaniel Clement, J. A. JJa
idson, Miss Anna McDaniel, B.
ohitson, Elihu Hudson and Aarou
There being no further business
lefote the house the association ad-
otirned to meet at Big Sandy Sat
urday, April i, 1S0G.
ii. K. Pafford,
A pcrrsnl of the il.iilv papers with ref
erence to Kiibi'i'ti'itoiial matters in this
State, discloses tlie fact that the friends
of lion. nines A Harris are exceed injr-
ly wrath, and are moved to tnnkedivera
nnd Huudry observations concerning the
uiH'.er-ai)dd methods with which the
friends of lix-Goveruor Robert L. Tay
lor lire flmrced.
Numerous conventions have convened
in diff. tent comities, having for their ob
ject the selection of delegates to attend
the btate convention to nominate a can
didate for governor. Some of the coun
ties have instructed for Mr. Harris and
others have instructed for "Onr Bob."
I'he Harris followers have been pleased
to term a large number of the meetings
so held "snap" conventions; but it is
significant, however, that this soothing
appellation applies only to those coun
ties that have lusti noted for Mr. 1 avlor.
Tlie oh ail man of the County Demo
cratic Executive Committee of lieuton
County issued a call March 5 for a muss
convention to meet at Camden Monday,
March Ifj It is well understood here
that the T.'iends of Mr. Harris will do
all in their power to have the delegates
instructed for the comptroller. ,
lour correspondent behoves that a
large majority of the Democratic voters
of lieuton Countv are for Bob Taylor.
This being true, his friends should be on
hand next Monday to see that ho is rep
resented in the convention.
Tin ti out, Democrats, in force, and use
every endeavor to have the delegates to
the State convention instructed to rep
resent the will of the majority be he
Harris or Taylor.
The writer "of this not only believes
tlie majority of the voters of the county
are tor Bob Taylor, but ho is practically
the choice of the Democracy over the
entire State. Up to this date, out of the
action taken iu 2J counties, Mr. Han is
has revived by instruction nnd endorse
ment, 14i votes, while iu like manner
Hob Taylor has received 2-101. giving
him a majority of sarao of 225 votes.
Camden, March 11.

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