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It'mt.irliif I'rrfuiiiA of 1' lowers,
H is ctiiuiHcl tint tho jxrfnmo ol
fl t tn ilit-M rivr ai noou a tlio utarcb
Hi thu jk IhIh h i xLiiuntotl ; ami it tuny, '
it i mil I, In rt'Htni-cil r 'luciii )tu '
l'it r in a relation of mijiir, wl-h tlifl
fiTtnntiuii ()f nturrh a tit tho ctniion '
IriiKruuro will 1,0 at euro rcmiinul. ;
Mfied fr.w ik iti.o
li'.t i,y , ,,B u,, ,i..iirilie t- rm.HlM
I'iImjii ll aystMii, l.ul aS.i in U t , ; n
v tirmtinfi kh.1 (l("triK lion (, tii (.rpiif.i
luniin-l.m. I ffvrui IT I OlMKIB, ill.
wi'i, umpsv, yraVMl nl
nd other i ii t,,.,,
"era and r.lad.'er wiltt
Hitter., will, h liUwiaa.
wlil.li afT.it tli- kl.l
JliMlni trr'a nlmnarh I
oven mnrs ma ar l, dyti'nr. Mil., us, ber
toil aim i u.uiuaiig CIPMH IalMl.
Yon run rale U.l wi h a clearer ronrlrnre
if you k ;"; you ar-takm t-riiprrtareof tl
liotlioii 1I l.m etitruitt-d ), with.
The oli.Wt of th manufacturers of Dobbins'
Elw trlo .-k.ap liaa lrn fur 81 yrar to make tint
.jap of tit. h fjurior quality tint It will Kit
timtri a(ia-rion. Hit thry succeeded f
Ask your grocer for It. Take no othar.
Tli- "rcif( Ulil mati" shmild lie menially
careful about ln minima in little tiling.
Ir. Kl m-r Hwamp.Koot nirm
an K..liey an. I ltm..r tronblnv
Pamphlet and ( 'Humiliation fr.
, l.iiiMiminry lliiitiainton. N. V.
fiy look! n at a mnn'a Mil for li months,
jou call iiinke a good guest as to liN clmrac er.
Tiif 'fiiu'imt "nnown's linnnrnni,
iRornm" nrr nolil otil In Ikitm. They ara
woniUrrully eHectivo for Cough and iLroat
Activity I what II f In, anil when yon ceai
lo work, to ah purpo-.c i you cra to live.
r.arlloat Onloas Par
There's a marknt gardfinnr In Minnwofa,
lie Is prosperous, maki his money on earll
rt veKtiill(, Rets his iw.ls from Satwir,
follows Halzor's lastruitlons how to grow
1000 bu. pr aon and snlls Saliwtr's Kin of
the EarliwU onion airily la July and gets
tl.50 a bu.! Catalogue telhi all about It and
of lots of other seed for garden and form!
85 pafkairwg earliest veuntahles 11.00.
Ir too wilt, cut this oct kno semd It with
J1 fitamps to John A. Balzer, La Orrse,
WK, you will got freo his grat nataloirue
and a package of yellow watermelon sna-
( c.)
How'a Thla!
offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any ram- of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
H.ill'K Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Ciiknk.t & Co., Trop., Toledo, O.
We, the uni)erlvrneil, have known F. .1. Che
ney for thH la-it 15 yrarg, and bwlleve him per
fectly honorable In all butiineiH tranaact ons
and financially able to carry out auy obliga
tion iimile hv their firm.
Went & Tkuax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Walping, Kim"ai & Martin, Wholesale
I)riH!lt. Toledo, Ohio.
Hill's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood nnd muroms
surfaces of the sytem. I'rice.75c. pr bottle.
Bold by all Druggists. TeBtlmonlals free.
It U Mare Than Wonderful
how tiatlently p.'nple cuffer with corns
pie i
hi 1
comfort by removing them with Hindercorns.
I believe Plso's Cure for Consumption paved
tnv boy's lie lat summer. Mrs. A LI. is
Douglass, LeRoy. Mich.. Oct. 20, 'U4.
mwmm mm
April, May are most emphatically the months
for taking a good blood purifier, because the
system is now most in need of such a med
icine, and because it more qulokly rw ponds
to medioinal qualities. In winter Impurities
do not paes out of the body freely, but ac
cumulate in the blood. The best medlciae
to purify, enrich and vitalize the blood, and
thus give strength and build tip the system,
Is Hood's Barsaparilla. Thousands take it as
their Spring Medioine, and more are taking
it today than ever before. If you are tired,
"out of sorts," nervous, have bad taste in
the morning, aching or dizzy head, sour
stomach and feel all run down, a course of
Hood's Barsaparilla will put your whole
body In good order aad make you strong and
vigorous. It Is the ideal Spring Medicine
and true nerve tcnio, because
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. SI
Prepared only by O. L. Hood ft Co., Lowell, Haas.
Hmnel' DSIIm are purely vegetable, care-
tiWii 9 rill? roily
prepared. 26 cents.
Ml Water
Large Ki7,. Cost J400, in me four months
Will He Sold at a Harsalu.
PT"Apply at once to
Atlanta Newspaper Union, Atlanta, Ga.
r si?
School of Short Ix ix n cl
Al'i;UMTA. 3A.
Notaxt books utl. Actual bimineu from Any of
vnturmg. iluiinSB Dapars, coi!g ounvtiojr a.i i
ir.Kiri.s unt!. Sand for hsndnonieiy illantratel cn
Uiguo. lo&rii cutuipcr than iu any Suuthera city.
Orjjjjei nd WHISKY habits tnred. Bookcnt
XI If .id ?. P.. ATLAMA, A.
Ti s
Wo n!unvn Iiuto titno rnouh, if bb
Will but iiho it Rriht. Citittlio.
ChJ. fly, the inol.l of a inma for
tuuu ii in Lilt ow i l)tin!-. J'hu'u!).
A tyrnnt nevt r tHNtitli 01 iruo
),i(.' IH'K.
!3iij)i'rntitionn arc, fur the moit nrt,
lr.t tlio Miii'low of tToftt trutLs.
Jjon Ldttarila.
Thin in tho course of every evil tWd,
Ant, iirotmKntiug, utill it bringi forth
vil. Colerulgo.
There in no courage but in inno
ccnci! ; no conntancj but iu au Loueat
cause. Southern.
How calmly wo rony submit our
nelves to the hniuli of him who bears
up tho world. Kichter.
Of all our iufirmities, vanitr in tfce
... , .
iirehi to us; a iuun wiu starve uis
ether vices to keep that alive. Frank
lin. That extremes beget extremes is an
apothegm built on the most profound
bnervatiou of tho human mind. Col
ton. Theologies ore well in their place,
but repentance and love must come
beforo oil other experience.
Tho saddest failures in life are thoso
that coruo from not putting forth tho
power, and will to succeed. E. V.
Tho great men of tho earth oro but
marking stones on tho road of humau-
ity ; they aro tho priests of its relig
ion. Mazzini.
Before wo passionately desire any
thing which another enjoys, we should
examine as to the happiness of its pos
sessor. Rochefoucauld.
Tho present, the present, is all thou
hast for thy euro possessing; like the
patriarch's angel, hold it fast till it
gives its blessing. Whittier.
It is wonderful what strength and
boldness of purpose and energy will
come from the feeling that wo are in
tho way of duty. John Foster.
Tho classic literature is always
Modern. New books revivo and re-
, i l
decorate Old Ideas: Old books suggest
... , -j t i i
and lUVlgorate new ideas. Bulwer.
A Discovery of Importance.
It is announced that a German sci
entist has patented a process by which
a tiaann iu mmln thst will tftlttf tha
a tissue 18 mauo mat Will lalto lUO
place of the natural skin and bo ab
sorbed as tho injury heals. Ho takes
the muscular portion of tho intestines
of animals. Both tho inner and outer
layers of membrane aro removed. The
middle portion is then permitted to
remain for a suitable time in a solu
tion of pepsin, when the fibers are
found to be Bomi-digested. The sub
Btance is then treated with gallio acid
and tannin. Largo surfaces from
which the skin has boon removed by
disease or aooident may be healed in
a short time by means of this tissue.
It is prepared and laid upon the ra w
Burfaoe, which has previously been
sterilized, and is Tery lightly band
aged in place. The union of the tis
sue and tho surface takes ulace in a
, ., , .. .
little while, and the tissue forms a
coating that answers tho purpose of
tho skin to a degree better than any
known substance, and is likely, when
Btill further perfectod, entirely to re
move the necessity for skin grafting.
'b,j Ledger.
A Coin That Weighs a round. .
A. O. Lindtrom, a San Francisco
coin-collector is the owner of a rect
angular bit of copper, 5 1-2 by 4 1-2
inches in size, which the numismatics
reckon as being worth about $1,000.
This peculiar-shaped pieco of copper
pinto is a half dollar (dalcr) Swedish
piece of tho year 1717, and hits been
in tho possession of tho Lindstrom
family for about 185 years. Tci
the dimensions as given Bhould be
added tho statement that tho "coin"
is between 1-18 and 1-16 of an inch in
thickness, and it weighs exactly 20
ounces. Tho centre and each of the,
tour corners of this spurious coin
bear the impress of a silver half-dollar
Tho night police of Girardville,
Penn.,' are instructed to arrest all
boy3 and girls uuder eighteen years
of ago who are found on the streets
without proper escorts after 8 o'clock
in the evening.
A craokfil vp ninj bo safely boiled
if wraj'j'ed in a jneco of greased l aj'er.
A good jiolihh for tin boots it to rub
them aith the iunido of tho j eel of a
batmria and when dry iolish it with a
Bolt cloth.
Medicine atains may lie removed
from silver by rubbing with a rag
il 1 1 1 J in ulihurio acid and washing
it olt with sott'Hiid4.
To clean oil jointings cut a raw o
tato in half and rub quickly over tho
mi rf nee, after which poliah with a silk
To clean tarnished brass.cnt a lemon
in two, and with ono half rub on tho
bras, then wanh with warm water and
rub with chamois.
To soften water, put a lamp of pipe
clsy into it and let it dissolve. This
eaves soap in washing clothes and im
proves the color of tho clothes.
To remoTo ink stains, wash careful
ly in cold water and then apply oxalio
: 1 Tii. ..: ,
?, ' lu" T . , '
the color with liquid ammonia.
rr ,
To tell mushrooms from toadstools,
peel an onion and cook it with tho
fungi. If the onion remains white
they are mushrooms, but if it turns
black they are toadstools.
No Scramble for This flare.
Mario Women aro fast leaving
! their own walks of life, aren't they?
I Billson Yes; but there is one walk
which thoy will always leave to man.
Marie What's that?
Billson Up and down the bedroom
half tho night with a restless baby.
1 earson's Weekly.
Grass Is King! Ilnrrahtl
Bhoat for joy. The green grass rules. It's
more valuable than oats, wheat and corn to
gether. Luxuriant meadows are the farm
er's delight. A. positive way to get them and
a very sure one we know is to sow Baiter's
Extra Qraes Mixture. No need of waiting
a lire time either. Balzer has a mixture,
sown In April, producing hay In June. Many
farmers report yields of six tons of magnifi
cent bay per aere. Over one hundred differ
ent kinds of grasses, olovers, Teoslnte, 6and
Vetch, Olant Hpurry and Fodder plants! 83
Iackages earliest vegetables I1.00. (A. O.)
10a postage to the John A. Balzer Seed Co.,
LaOroese,Wls., you will receive, free,ten grass
and grain samples and their mammoth seed
catalogue. Catalogue alone 5o. for mailing.
The Prevailing .Malady
In this country l dyspepsia. I'rohahlv more
than three-fourths of the people suffer from
it in some of it many forms. Many have
dyspepsia anil don't know it, bemuse they
have the painles kind. Such are always half
sick and ascribe their ailment to any cause but
mirueone. vv nere nvwpepsia Is known, or
suspicteo, Tvm-r's Dyspepsia Remedy omrht
to iieucd. It is a wonderful mo'liclne. very
Plea-nt to Mke, and not only corrects dlg-s-
tlon In a few minutes, mit cures the worst
cases of dyspepsia. For sale by all druggists.
Impaired Health la Nat Easily Retained,
yet Parker's Omger Tonic has attained It in
many cases. For every weakness and dlatress.
FITS Mopped free by Dr. Kli.is'S Grs
nkuvb Rkstorbr. 'o tits after llrstday's u
Marvelous cures. Treatise and 2.00 trial bot-
ue tree. or. Mine. Ji Arch St.. fUlla.. fa.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for children
teething, softens the KUrus, reduces inflamma
tion. allays pain.cures wind colic. 25c. a bottle.
W. L. Douglas
3. SHOE beor1dThe
If you pay Si to SO for shoes, ex- f
amine the W. L. Douglas Shoe, and J
see what a good shoe you can buy for
and LACE, made In all
kinds of the best selected
leather by skilled work
men. AVe
make and
soil mors
$3 Shoe
than any
,ujr-, Ui other
manufacturer In the world.
1 None genuine unless name and
, price l3 stamped on the bottom.
Aslc your dealer for our 85,
84, 83.50, 8-3.nO, 82.25 Shoes;
84.60, 8a and 81.75 for boys.
cannot supply you, send to fac
tory, enclosing price and 36 cents
to pay carriage. State kind, style
of toe (cap or plain), size and
width. Our Custom Dept. will fill
your order. Send for new Illus
trated Catalogue to Box K.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass,
f V clea
"SS " -ZaU
hear of it, though. They simply tell you that in all their
lives the work of house-cleaning has never been so light, so
satisfactory, so soon over, so thoroughly well done.
Pfl rl 1et3cllers ani omo unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this is 83 rood as"
wJCliU. or "tho same as Pearliue." IT'S FALSE Pearline is never peddled,
if. TJ.- nc if ynr trroccr send you oiaething in place ef Pearline, bu
Ak XJclCil hoaeatsetJitlact. B7. JAME3 PYLE, ew York.
- s
Gladness Comes
Xith a octtcr understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vani&h before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. Thcro is comfort in
tho knowlcdgo that bo muny forma of
sickness aro not due to any actual dis
ease, but simply to a constipated condi
tion of tho system, which tho pleasant
family laxative, Syrupof Figs, prompt
ly removes. That ia why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, an J h
everywhere esteemed ho highly by nil
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects aro due to the fact, that it is the
ono remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness, without debilitating the
organs tm which it acts. It Is therefore
ull important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to noto when you pur
chase, that you havo the genuine article,
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all rep
utabjo druggists.
If in tho enjoyment of pood health,
and the system is regular, then laxa
tives or other remedies aro not needed.
If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended tothemost Kkillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
then one should have the best, and with
tho well-informed everywhere, Syrupof
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives most general satisfaction.
The Home Bureau for Delicacies for
the Sick, and Nurses' Itwgiutry, at 15
West Forty-second it., N. T., under
date of Oet. 20, 1894, writes: "riease
Bend one doeen boxes HI pans
Tabules to the Nurses' Club, 104 West
Forty-first street. Reports of the
Tabules for troubles resulting from
disordered digestion eome very
frequently to our attention here.
This Bureau does not dispense
medicines, but has opportunity t
bear frequent discussions ooncerntng
the merits of remedies. It seems to
be conceded that the Tabules are a
reliable auxiliary to the physician.
Borne of our patrons use them to a
considerable extent, and physician
assure us that the formula la
Hlpaan Tabnlrs are sold by fmrjIMi, er hj malt
If the rrtc, (Meei.u a box) Is aeut to Tn H t ana
Caemlcal Company. No. lu bpruca it. New York.
bamplevUl, luornla.
liWU1B" via Detuuwe uis nair.
1 1'romotei lasunsnt frowth.
kJ lWTor Tail to Beitore Gray
II air to lta Tonthfui Color.
I Curet tcalp diftraiei Jt hair ia.luig.
You Buy Health
J Brown's Iron Bitters tried and
proven by time. This twenty-year-old
meaicine is not a Deverage, but a pure
ana narmicss remeay tor Dyspepsia,
Malaria, Female Infirmities, Neural p-ia.
f j Liver and Kidney Diseases. Sold under
j a guarantee. Bbown Cbbm'l Co., Baltimore, Md.
1111 " "" n PL.atf "ill.
nu rt if An, rMitmi wo-onyu 1 run gun inut,'
'' . . fw Thmllainilaeomiiigftrl.li farmer, for Willi enr B.w ortatlons la Wasal ICl 1k .
!,k '(Wka.).OaUWiM.). Barl.T(llbo ), Cora 207 bu.), Ht (70 b.). Potat( l.o I ' ' " '
do. 1, uarts Mat). ka4 Unas soaasrtiuutoas ti.raore) w say will) suott yields
mlllsaniaiBishtrsf.rth.farmerl aiLVER MINE OATS.-f.200 IM COLD?
This Oat yislded la FenmTlTania nwora
. J Bore, and faaBdrtds ef fannors whoterUd sanis art sure 350 ba. Is roaaibl
il , rii va a tfiain BAPLEV-amn iu nnini
H 'That It th wonderl 1 18 ba. pr or loTs5 and liu bu. Is rTbla ia 1WS. 80 SM 1
1 IV
Uousan froworj say. Ills marrtlotis, woadsrtnl. Uh, th. nuiisaniam la n.rsi
Catalofu talis all abant it. Itis tnail.d yon wilh lUeraia kid srass (amplss, la.
oludlni Csrn aad Barlsr. cpoa rwtipt of lUe. poetais, or Cktalons kloot for 60. riosujn.
Plain, but athletic."
(Aher sketch in New York Truth.)
Evidently the picture of a woman
ef house for the first time with
Pearline. She finds that what has
been the hardest kind of hard
Ic is now comparatively easy,
feasant, quickly done and in her
joy and enthusiasm and high
spirits, she kicks up her heels.
Probah1- this is an extreme case.
Still, it may be there are numbers
of women who, when they
clean house first with Pearl
ine, manifest their pleasure
in thf samp, wnv Vnn rlnn'r
Col ton,
i4 Sweet Potatoes,
or Hay?
If bo. Bend In your name at once a
... a contestant for ...
G500.00 CASH
for the lArgost acre yield of these
Important fsouthern Oops. Full par
ticulars by return mall.
Keep a record of your work and
watch all the leaks on your farm.
Contest open to all subscribers of
1IIK CONSTITUTION. No entry tee.
Attend to It today. Address
The Atlanta Constitution,
L Climax Dish Washer
1 rnrr widthrmii
I rnrr "''oat
I I ULL Hft'i.li. nia.lv.
Ho our
HI a. h-.
M or of
thi m bring aolil. The
tict ttt ihe ! liu
b ru lrn, ih7 III ha
II. e ('linn. Thry rut
art aloiiK wnh.ut 11.
Amau wjiilf!, .lira mr
W am r n . All vau bvap
vln.ril by raailu.ii trail,
mania la from humlrr
i.f j'ts.pla and rxpmriflnrsi
of Akbihh 11. .w in lb
work. Ynu ran pet lull
Ii Uculari by wrlttug ta
105 Starr At.,
With careful rotation ol
crops and liberal fertilizations,
cotton lands will improve. The
application of a proper ferti'
lizer containing sufficient Pot
ash often makes the difference
between a profitable crop and
failure. Use fertilizers contain
ing not less than 3 to 4
Actual Potash.
Kainit is a complete specific
against "Rust."
Our pamphlttt art not adertiinK circulars boom,
fna: pecial fertilizers, but are practical works, contain.
JK the reiulit of latest experiments ia this line.
Every cotton farmer should have a copy. They are)
lent free for the asking;.
01 Nasau St.. New York.
r at wbotanla prima. 8hl
I Sm baioreatJ. rarrtlil
arwbar for axamlnastoai
(or atJ. KmnUilu n
ranted, loo styles of Car
riage. 00 styles of Har-
nesa, 1 style Riding 5ad
dies. Writ for cauloa-iaa.
Cairlar Raraasa Uf Cat
Elkhart, laa.
when von htiv
i. 1 1111 ... wi.,. .iiiijiim i niini .1. .in stall-1
suiora.Dt ) iu8 In. from eas moaauna j
aousa. is ronibis iu isvo.
TI1E AERMOTOIl CO. flows blt Uia worid'a
windmill busluesa, becau.se It has reduced the coat of
Wind power to 1 tt what It wm. It baa many branch
.. at Tiiur rlnor. It can and does furuisb a
bomtea, ana supplies its koous auu mi.i
t-'ThX :fKtrn others. It makes Pumping ai
l Xt - Ifjeared. Steel, ttalTanlsed-afU
V 'i Completion Windmills, TI1U
fiii m better arucia lor less moue msn
js -.-X and Fixed Steel Towers,
,itrx rrames. Steel Feed Cuti
Steel Bn Saw
Cutlers and Feed
u Grlndera. On application 11 will name ona
. . ...... . . . .. 111 ...n,!.. nnhl
Itk or mese eruciee m. i. wi iuiu.om ..
Jannary lrt at 1S Uie usual price. It also make
Tanks and Pumps of all klnilt. Bend for catMotfuov
Factory: I2lh, Rockwell lad Flllmert Streets, Ctllcaja.
nun uie worn ana learn you rrra 7011
work in th locality wlier. you bv.i
fij. g th. busimas fully: remoini.er wr guar.
' work; alnolutrly suiv; wrli. t
0b sUM'raCTlttlKd COHl i.M. Il.x LU, D.lr.ll, Bi.a.
Morphia Habit Cnrd In 10
tn30rlT. No imy till rnredU
un. 4. ji trntixB. Lebanon, Ohia.
ff HAI,FS!tIEN toaell NewCofh RoKlster (cut
UU price). UlKpny. National C. Co.. Winston. N. O.
iS WHiil- al lis.
Dont ( ouiih byrup. Tart us Good. Ce
j. J intiii.'n. h.iM nr (irnsriMs.
(land we will show you how to
m-ikeid a day i ab.oluirlr suret w. fur.
N. U Jsjne, '96-
Lm.. il

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