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Vol.. XIII. No. 'Ji.
Wnoi.H No. :i:sr.
1 I s 1 J 1 f I I
t i
A1,"'Y I otudiid (lie tiiltv wim
Jirou.l (,f Ihh fens,., t,, . j.rtnul of
liU party.
Tn h-(i)!.' iit)jniufil' l Robert L.
Taylor, hu the people will left
him governor.
' Is Tenness for wilt? JsTeii-
ii'ssi ('K manhood rcu lv to 1
ht oar-
Ic ml off in the market?
(li'T into line for Robert L. Tay
lor ami you will find harmony and
. conll.h u.-e nil around you.
dl'.Tir.to 1 i in for William Bryan
anil the American Mm of how our
fmJMiccs .shall he regulated.
I i ,
Till; 1 1 anna scheme now p; to buy
up the judges of election, hut they
. can't do it, don't you know.
"How niuchdid it cost llauim to
defeat anion in Tennessee?" Is a
very pertinent question just now.
PoruMbTH who "no to McKiniey"
are likely to 1 avo something more
substantial than political reasons
for such stultf.icai.ion.
The RepubHcns have at last
found out what their hand organs
are bent fitted for ar.d have tvt them
to work passing the hat for nickles.
EJECTION day is to near you can
almost feci tho force of the contest.
Tho jubilee is at hand, for Bryan
will bo elected, and good times arc
Tni: argument for free coinage
has become so absolutely unanswer
able that arguments for the gold
standard have been made literally
Democracy teaches equal rights
to all, special favors to none, and
no vvronr3 to any. In freedom of
action and debate truth will prove;1
and hherty live.
IIaxna ha3 the mouey, and that
is a mighty good friend, but Bryan
is protected by the Australian bal
lot, which will bo more powerful
next Tuesday than all tho money.
If the Republicans are no more
. certain of going to heaven that they
have of carrying Illinois by any
majority whatever, they should in
vest in asbestos overcoats at once.
"TnE money question," says Mr.
McKiniey, "is a simple question."
, And that is true. Even an unedu-
cated voter can understand -that a
200-cont dollar is not an . honest
dollar. '
As the campaign advances Amer
ican patriotism is asserting itself.
The situation is improving hourly,
. and is assuming the proportion of
a stampede from Ilanna, gold and
. coercion.
The Bryan railroad men know
better than to decline to march in
. a McKiuley parade. Their only
. protection in next Tuesday's elec-
tion in the North and East is the
, Australian (secret) ballot.
The usual campaign , lies emina
tincr from Repulicun headquarters
. are having no effect this year. It
is most profitable to bo honest in
. politics as in everything else, as
: they n ust learn sooner or later.
WnY should any silver Republi
- can or Populist sit on the fence and
, swear at the Democratic party when
he can net into line and march with
. the non partisan army of men who.
will vote for Bryan and prosperity?
The Republican torn tons in this
campaign may divert the attention
of the people from the financial is.
sue while. on tie rostrum, but as
, soon as thev r.o home and begin to
. talk over work and wages they are
, confronted by it again.
TnE Current-Voice attempts to
. mislead Populists and injure Sir.
. Bryan by saying that a vote for
Bryan and Watson would court in
Tennessee. It is not necessary-to
.' further explain this matter to Pop
ulists in this county. Prof. Mims
, and Joseph E. Jones explained this
fully, and silver men have more
: confidence in Minis and Jones than
. they have in the Republican editor
.of the Current-Voice.
Ti;i: Australian (wen t) ballot
law in in form in various forms in
11 of 1,") States of the union. Thin
U tho greatest modrrn and only safe
lmlwaik a ;aiiiht fraud, intimidation
and coercion at the baliot-box. In
the face of this f.u-t, however, then;
are no-culled reformer (?) in this
Statu demanding the repeal of the
election law in this State - the name
law that Buchanan approved when
he was governor of Tennes.-ce.
0 has been passed flown the
line that without Tennessee and
Kentucky McKiniey can not win.
and if Tennes.,e( ran be debauched
tli" Ilanna ci wd and Us minions
are moviiv.r had"4 to do it. If the
voter. can't W bought the attempt
will be madu to eomiot the iud'es
ection. It is not a ou' stion of
gold and silver now. It is a qtn.
lion ot manhood and honor, or ve
nality, corrupt ion .and dishonor.
W Lieh side are you on?
It is astonishing that while fu
sion has been satisfactorily effected
in nearly every Stat." in tho South
and "Went with a view of electing
Mr. Bryan, the Populist managers
and manipulators at Nashville have
reckhy -y defeated all overtures at
fusion in the old olun'u er State,
There are thousands of honest Pop-
uluts who will go to tho polls and
voto for Bryan and Sewall, and
many will vote the straight Demo
cratic ticket from end to end. Tho
judgment day has como for Buch
anan, McDow ell, et als, and we can
seo no escape from the public doom
that awaits them
The Republicans will not waste
auy ammunition in defense of Mc
Kinley in Tennessee, becauso it is
plain that Bryan will sweep the
State. Therefore, every trade made
that will gam a Democratic or
Populist vote for tho Republican
State nominees is clear profit to the
party. This is Iho reason that such
sweet notes are being piped into
ropuhsts ears by the deceitful lead
ers of that party in Tennessee, who
have leagued with the Republicans
for money or patronage to turn the
Stato over to that crowd. Tho close
observer will no doubt seo the same
scheme working in this county as
it is in Last leunessee, where tho
Republicans ere ohering to vote for
Bryan if tho Democrats will vote
for Iillman. Ihe fight is plainly
against Bob Taylor and for a Re
publican general assembly.
Since a number of the Populis
leaders are engaged in circulating
Mark Hanna's literature, it. is not
hard to arrive at the cause which
prevented fusion of the silver vot
ters of lennesseo. Instead of fu
eiou with the Democrats on electors
(which was demanded from all over
the State) Populist leaders enterec
into a fusion agreement with the
Republicans. What the consider
ation is that is another matter en
tirely. The question now with the
Populist is, will you vote to elect
your leader, William J. Bryan, or
will you cast that vote so as to count
a half vote tor Mclvmley. It is no
a question of Watson or Sewall, bu
a question of principle. Will you
sacrifice that principle and your
leader for a few shrewd politicians
who have no patriotism but wil
resort to any deception to deliver
you to the Republicans?
The resignation of Hon. J. II
Burnam, Populist elector for the
State at large, a man of character
and ability, is a severe blow to the
leaders of that party in leunessee,
In an open letter last Saturday he
exposes the. treachery ot McDowel
and Buchanan in their efforts io
delivery their party bag and ba
gage into the hands of Tillman
Evans, Ilanna, et als. Hon. James
T. Miller, Hon. A. C. Dale and Hon
J. M. Meek, Populist electors, re
signed some time ago and are ac
tively supporting Bryan andSewal
and now the resignation of Hon. J
11. Burnam fall, like a bomb in tho
ranks of those political traitors, who
have abandoned principles for the
loaves and fishes. Manypromiueu
Populists throughout the State aro
in open revolt r.gainst McDowell
deal with the Republicans, and the
sincere free silver masses of 'tna
party will rebuke the treachery .on
election, day.
Sffiirn Voting Tlmt lour Tltkft l
O i.lirl of tlm Knllon lug.
There will doubtless be an effort
ial" to fore bogus tickets on tin-
uspccting advocates ot the tree
oiine'e of silver
in election
'iiehihiy, Noveridx-r !!. Therefore,
ee to it that your ticket is a dupli
at" of tho following, and that it is
irinted on plain white paper, pre
cisely ;ix7 inches in si.e:
Ini (ora of I'ri nlilrnl mid lr rrrildtfii'.
c. marciibanks.
a. 1?. woodard.
j. ii. burrow,
h. u. hannah,
t. l. arnwine
r. McMillan.
E, E. 3'SLICK.
(iuvt rnor.
Itrprt'Konttttl va In CmigreM.
KcpreKentiUl v In (ionoiul Afitirmbly.
. The above is tho regular Demo.
cratic ticket, with the candidates
for electors for Bryan and Sewall
AN AM'i:.lL TO rol't' LISTS.
They are Treed to Vole no ait to Count for
liryan, Their Leader.
Ex-Secretary J. M. Lindsl?y, of
the People's party of T nmssee, is
too manly and patriotic to be in
fluenced by Viceroy Ilanna, or his
niimons in the "party of high mor
al ideas," as tho following appeal to
1 opulists clearly Bhows:
To tlio Populists of Tennessee, GreetiiiK:
This is a critical perio.l in the history
of our parly. Will ou vote to elect our
leader, ilham Jennings I5ryin, or will
you cast that vote ho as to count a half
voto for idckinley, who represents every
thing that is directly antagonistic to our
This is not a question of Watson or
Sewall, but a question of principle, as
represented by our stardard-bearer, Wil
liam J, rryan. llemeniber, he accepted
our nomination. Will you sacrifice our
leader for a few practical politician, who
helievo in business principles and not
patriotism, who trade with Republicans
after being denounced in national con
vention, and asking the women of our
country to save them from Populist mis
management and misrule? Will you vote
so as to turn our State over to the lle
puplicans? I think not!
Mr. Lindsley devotes over a col
umn to show that his idea has been
fully endorsed in other States as
well as Tennessee, which has the
approval and hearty co-operation
of James B. Weaver, Senator But
ler, Ex-Governor Lewelling, Kan
sas; Governor Waite, of Colorado;
Senator Butler, of North Carolina;
George E. Washburn, of Massa
chusetts, and a long list of promi
nent Populists who are fighting for
aud want the voto of every Popu
list to count for William J. Bryan.
Mr. Lindsley concludes' his letter
as follows:
Remember that John V. Buchanan for
the last four years never raised his voice
in behalf ot our party. In the last cam
paign he neither contributed time nor
funds to your Stato committer) to assist A.
L". Mims in his light for governor. lie
claimed to be a Jeflersonian Democrat and
only announced himself as a-Populist six
months ajro, after a. mathematical calcu
lation that tho Democratic party would
adopt at Chicago a single (:oh standard.
In thntcalculation he was mistaken. And
so will he be on the .3d of November if he
thinks he can turn Tennessee over to the
Republicans through a vote for Bryan and
Watson electors, which means a half vote
for Mclvinley.
Remember, Populists, two years ago
your committee had only about $150 to run
your campaign. This year is is dillereut.
Ask yourself how much of this fun;l you
have contributed. Remember, two years
ago your organ, the Current-Voice, was
bitterly fighting McDowell and fusion.
How do they Bland to-day? They aiso
published a list of contributors of funds
as a role of honor Why don't they do it
tb-day ? Is it because it comes from t hat
poliuted source known as llanua boodle?
. Remember, Populists, how you have
.;.'ht t , j.',-! ( n.wlc! iht. i M the j.rin
;i. s n r. ,r -j.t-.ll.y Mr. I'.rynn. Will
a thr nv hw uy ll.U, ilm .),y ( i.i.orttui-
II , to elect your l'n-M.leiit '.'
1 i-.ill eiir uMcrili ui t.i m ni-Huii taken
hv Jaii.i's T. Miller, el.cti.r f. .r t fit S'm!-
lar-e; A A'. I a!e, e! clur for fit- h nth
cm : -1 : I I.:ri. t ; .1. M. M,M k, ,,f
i- "- i i I ill Va t ; J.-hii Jcliiciit'-i', (:;
Mate ciiiiiiiiitli'eni.in ; t, I'. Tullrv, cliii.r
e! tin. A.lvocilc ; 1,. K, T.ivl'.r. i-x m-
ry ; .Iii't'K A. Jl. ( iariett. enr tMnnin '
ill IS'1! f I t!u- h'lpn nn ben "i ; .ii. Jn
V nrtliMII, K'lil enUlcv. Sl.ile im inl.i rs
f '.he M li;ite; T. (i. 'itheit'jiii,,ii, lair
c:ti ilelMle l. r r. ereseiitative n Maurv
1'eui.ty; V. V. Wiirliul.l, ef Cl.ukHVille';
1'. C V. i';.melie!!, if Kiiimvi!!i',i s-iiieiii-
l"'fe( t'( 'Uli'.'e I . iiiteiMCi' niiil n liillul'er
other active Jnli. ts. They are all
utily Miju,rt,ii.: Ho. in iiml J-ev:i!l.
l'o.'lll! I una t brlli vti tli;il V "1 . ill
tli'H hour ui ear roiintry'B peril, v ill u.i
f it f .r;:e! v 1 1 1 i i iln'.v a to Vute '.vhere i'
will count ti half n veto for McKiuley. I
beseech veil to follow Hlfli lei :i il- Jume
1'.. Wiaver, Senator Pefler, Jerry Simp
son, Si'imti.r l.utler ami oiber.4 -a bu are
t'uhtin;' f..r tlie ( lection of hryaii ainl lite
ill tea of .Mclviiilev, Ilaiuri ami boo'lle.
1 call yeiir Httention to Governor hdlb's
repeal to the I'op.i. of Alabama, ax
tlm kjiii; loriilitioiiH. confrent ua in Ten
tuKset', !. your duty, ami vote lor liryan an-1
Sewall electors.
Yoiiri for si.'um'ks,
J. M. I.iNUfii.i:v,
Kx-Sei retary of lVop! i'b Tarty tf Ten-
T. All lienor to I'lcctor Uiivcain for
his manly Ft uul ii. lcHvi:i th en. w.l Hint
are trying to defeat I'.ryau in Teimi'ssi-e.
J. M. L.
A l eellng r'tidomed by TliotinaiuM of Ita
publicauM lu the North Rod WeM.
Secretary D. L. Bisel. of Tonti,
III., has resigned from tho repub
lican club, and writes to the St.
Iiouis Republic as follows:
T am informed that your paper has pub
lished a number of letters of Republicans
who have become dissatisfied with the
policies and platform of that party. I
have always been a Repc.hhv.i.-' Isi:ih
I could continue to be. At tiie opening
of the campaign three inontlifi go I took
an active part in organh.int! e'i'onti Mc
Kiuley and llobart Club anx. was elected
seci'et ny of said club.
I beg .n later to read for myself. What
I read from p Republican standpoint did
irt exactly suit me. I was not satisfied
wiilw the Republican argument on the
money question. At first I was most too
prejudiced to look at the other side of the
question, hut being dissatisfied with my
own side I cautiously began to see wheth
er or not I was right. 1 then began an
investigation of the money question, lay
ing aside all party feeling. . After giving
it a most thorough investigation I began
to think that I was wrong, and the more
I studied the question the less I could see
in the gold r'.i.r.dard policy .for the good
of the common people.
I listened to speeches made hy promi
nent men from each of the two great po
litical parties, aud still I was not satisfied
until Governor Yilham J. Stone, of Mis
souri, spoke at Salem on the lGt h inst.
heard his remarks. 1. thought ho was
fair and honest m what he said. I be
came convinced then and there that free
coinage of silver was riht and for the
good of thegreat masses of the people,
and 1 made ep my mind that I was not
willing to wait until the consent of other
nations was secured, because that could
n ver be accomplished. Therefore, I con
cluded to declare myself, for Bryan and
free, silver.
Since I have made this declaration I
feel better and am satisfied. I know Mr
Bryan personally. I know him to bt an
upright man in every way. When elect
ed ho will carry out the platform upon
which he is running, lie will be the peo
ple's lriend ; he know s their wants and
has the courage to advocate them wher
ever he goes.
I shall resign the assistant secretary
ship of the Tonti McKiniey Club, and on
the third day of ISovember next x shall
vote for William Jennings Bryan for
President of the United States, and will
then feel that I have performed a noble
duty. Respectfully,
D. L. Bisci
The Democratic county executive
committee is hereby called to mee
in Camden on the first Monday in
November, 189G. The members of
the committee are urgently request
ed to meet mo at the court-house n
12 o'clock, to cousider importan
business pertaining to the election
L. Wyly, Chairman,
The executive board of Benton
County Central Free Silver League
and the president and secretary o
each district league are hereby no
titled to meet at Camden the firs
Monday in November. 18. You
are urgently requested to bo pres
ent nt said meeting, as matters o:
great iiuportanco pertaining to the
election will bo discussed.
D. G. Hudson,
L. Wyly, , Chairman,
Secretary. '
i'n'itillnM t ll eel It y llul'l.l.i ti 7'..in U
kiid I l. I lr;Kii,
" the bottom h droppiug oat of
the Mel)mvc!MIeiii!ortt,n innchuio
in Tc n nesf.ee, hays a .Nashville p
cial la.it .Saturday, "and it is drop
ping' ho fa.st that the Republican
leaders here are r.stounded.
"The latcht botnb Wuh exploded
to-night, when Col. J. II. Buriuini,
of rayeltevill ', one of the Populist,
electors for the State et large, gave
out u long letter resigning his pi.", :'
on the ticket, whi. h he had written
to Chairman Beehanun.
"The letter is about the hottest
campaign paper hsiud this year,
and iairly nets Buchanan and Mc
Dowell on lire. It exposes their
notorious trade with the Republi
cans, and nays in ctb et that JIanna,
thiough Mat. E. B. Stahlnian, has
broken tip fusion in Tennessee.
Colonel Burnam iK-guis by cit
ing the understanding at St. Loina
that fusion was the pnly feasible
una of expressing a choice between
Sewall and Watson without imjier
iling Bryau's chanced. Ho Fays in
September he was urged by Sena
tor Butler to delay fusion, in order
to aid in general fusion and force
Sewall's withdrawal, if possible.
Io had opposed fusion unless I ay-
or would meet Minis, in order that
Minis might have the advantage, of
Taylor's crowds, but being jouvinc-
1 that the Democrats did. not m
nd to fuse that way, was alarmed
at tho prospect of losing the State
to Bryan.
September 21 Senator Butler"
wrote to him urging the acceptance
of the four electors offered by tho
Democrats. Mr. Burnam, says, he
urged Buchanan to reopen negoti
ations without effect , lie favored
fusion in his speeches, and while ut
Brownsville he received a letter
rom Buchanan remonstrating with
him, and replied that if his action
was not approved ho was ready to
"When the State committee met
ast Saturday night he says he and
lorace Merritt, T. C. Cain, W, B.
McClanahan and Sid Bond agreed
that if there was no fusion all the
blame should rest upon the Demo
crats, llotiays they aw that Buch
anan was determined to defeat fu
sion and was arbitrary, dictatorial
and had frequent talks with Stahl
maii, 'the enemy of the party and
malignant foe of the country.'
Alter the Democrats refused to
fuse on Buchanan's proposition, it
was then suggested and agreed that
the Populites withdraw their elec
toral ticket and remove the only
obstacle in the way of defeating
McKiniey in tho State.
'Ihe fusion committee reported
the ticket withdrawn and some of
the State committee went home.
"The next day McDowell urged
that the action of the committeo be
rescinded, as it might injure his
chances in the Ninth district, but
his appeal was refused.
He had lust learned, he says,
that the action has been rescinded
on the claim of Buchanan that Iho
committeo has no power to with
draw the electoral ticket. Finding
himself out of line with tho com
mittee, Colonel Burnam tenders
his resignation, and urges co-work
ers to help elect Bryan, not for his
sake, but for principle."
Colonel Buknam has been, on
tho inside and knows the facts as to
what has been going on in the Re
publican and Populist circles in the
State, and his letter to Buchanan
in which he resigned as elector is
a scorcher. The particulars of the
letter are published elsewhere.
Evans and the Ilanna crowd have
imported a lot of hired carpet-bag
speakers into the Stale who pro
pose to tell Teunesseeaus their duty
in regard to voting!
If the State Populist committee
had power to effect fusion, why did
it not have power to withdraw the
electoral ticket, as at first agreed?
If not, why not?
EVEitY Populist bhould read the
letter of J. M. Liudsley in another
column. It is the sentiment of all
Populists in Tennessee who favor
the free coinage of silver.

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