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And what it led to.
PuU!ah4 Wrk!y
t llll 1)111 M IUUA OK iiiiit rr.
In one of the Uh tures given the oth
er ilny ot the winter mci-tluii of tin
I'olli'ge of rifccpturM, a straiigi1 lt lit
wn cat ihu tho nthUu'tle 11;ij4 of
the fctnall chlM, paji the 'Wt-iittuliir.cr
tJuzette.' Tim letturer. MUl Isabel
Ithya, uf the Mam hi s'er Hiu Srhool
coutrlbuttil Incidentally nil account of
nn exiitilnieut of her own. She j;ave
her chtM of almut thirty very youn
chlhlrtu five tiiltiuto to think of the
luont beautiful thjnr they ivep saw,
ud at the end of that time recorded
their answers. Tho huniau dement
was entirely lnred, nut one of them
referring to any beautiful face.
Five rtilhlreu mentioned the inr n
and tai (one Btlpulatlng that it must
be the full moon), two the tun, and om
the Kettln sun. Two cliiwo Ilouo-,
two rertuin bcenory, two birds, and
two (both of them lazy) fell back xm
the last object, kon, tie.,
star-flsh and sixjuge. The fol
lowing ) for ?i;r received ou
vuto each the mow, tho rulu, a but
terily, the Uuloa Jack, a tiger' kk'.n,
alt, silver and, gold, Uriack and
broodies and pink silk.
In tome cas a revUlon waa dtt.rea
the next day. The girl who at first
moat approved tho rain wished after
wards to change it for a house with
snow dropping from it, a little, street
In front, and a yostofllce at the end.
Tho boy who admired tho barracks
next day preferred Hadd-m Hall.
Another boy, who at first suggest d a
ship with flail, withdrew this in favor
of & steamer, which he thought was
nicer biM-auso of tho smoke. Second
thoughts wa an improvement lu the
ease of another, whoso first choice of
a steam engluo (with the qua'-lQcatlon.
however, that It was runniug along in
tho sunshine) was wlthdrawu for a
country scene he remembered, where
there was a stream with golden brack
en and tho sun shining upon It.
The children who were thus interro
gated were not city Arabs, but came
from well-to-do homes. Yet one of
them actually said that the most beau
tiful thing she had ever seen was a
little toy house, "where a woman was
sitting by the window and a man com
Ing up to the door; the woman
wouldn't lot the man In because ho
was drunk."
A little boy who had been taken to
many beautiful places most preferred
a glass ball, which, when shaken, pro
duced the appcaranc of a snowstorm
Inside It; and a girl, who had lived for
three years under tho shadow of one
of our noblest cathedrals, set In the
first place a monkey at the Zoo.
rECCUAnrriES of ihsctcatio:
Many of the errors In books and pa
pers arise from mistakes in punetua
tion. A writer in a ladles' Journal
states that "it has become quite the
fashion of late for Lid.es to tako their
tea In their hata and gloves." The la
dies suffered more severely at tho
hands of a provincial reporter who,
describing tho costumes at a reception
had Intended to say that "Mrs. B. woro
nothing In the nature of a dress that
was remarkable." lie was somewhat
surprised the next day when he opened
the nancr and read: "Mrs. B. wore
nothlne in the nature of a dress. That
was remarkable."
A London paper reported on one oc
caslon the capture in "mid-channel of
a large man-eating shark." A provln
cial journal, copying the paragrapl
but less careful about the punotuatlou,
gave a different version of the inci
dent: "A large man, eating shark, was
captured in mid-channel."
ITerbert Spencer once wrote,
"Whales are not fish because they pos
se-ss fins and a fish-like tall"; but what
tho nubile read was: "Whales are not
fish, because they possess fins and
figh-llke tall," which truly is a most re
markable reason why whales are not
But perhaps the most amusing in
stance of the ludicrous effect1
wrong punctuation ia afforded In the
following description of tho Jubilee
procession, which appeared In an East
Anglian weekly paper: "Next came
Lord Roberts riding. On a grey Arab
steed wearlug a splendid scarlet uni
form, covered with medals on his head
a field-marshal's hat with plumes
his hand, the baton of a field-marshal
on his ragged feature; a smile of pleas
ure aa he acknowledged the thunderln
cheers of the crowd."
It l not common octertnre thai
friroJIy word al.oulj t ln nriui ul j iv
Inf nearly fully yeata til h ; . i u r ,
linltli 1J ihr l.tnuu hrrdiKic t tt advu II
curried. Tina wa tin with Maty
Linear J. At tweui y Cvihwaajiamiii
nut lirr da in in .art jr. At anty t ut ahe
finda hertrlf to ai t'v and sitting ahe can
dj wrirkL that wnult ahum tuauy a yimnyrr
woman, n't lxki baik on thirty n
happy, healthful ytara vt iudualry. Ilut
let lie r tell her utory i
"Thirty nit yen ri a jo t had great trouble
with uiy lir. The iatluii alluwcd thut
there wrti tumor t growing on it, an I tliry
blistered my aide In art effort to give ma
relief. I was at that time artiuij my
liviug at tallorena, but lor five ',
between the pain to my aide at the
t 1 1 -.! r r a I n in ciniuiit ninety, and
wolk aidia lunt, with an prupet
of relief; f irtmiately for nit, however,
Irlend advised me t take l)r. Ayt-r't bar.
aparilla, and fin.iUy peranaded me toUke
a regular couraeof it. When I 1. 1 -l com.
tneiKed takinu the Bara.iparilU mv at'le
waa no painful thai I eotil l nut faxtrn my
dreaa, and fur time I did not grt ny
felirl, but my Irlend adviaed me to per
i.vere and relief mi aure t come, and
come it did. Thli happened, aa I any,
thirtvnl year ago. My liver haa never
troubled me ainre, and firins these vesta
I hare pnaaed thrnucrh the mo-t critical
period of a woman'a life without any pur
iirular trouble, and to l.iy. t aU'y.one
yearaof aije, I am artive and ntr-mg, and
kle t io a jar'a wot k that womM irrt
The fines slated in the contracts be
tween the P.ritlMh Poatofllee and tliej
owneri of ships which carry the mails, !
and which ore deducted f n m the stlp-
ulu'ed aninviut of payment for this sen
Ken lee, are silff enough to jn-Uify the
pereinptory actLn of st atnsh p otCcei
at the moment when the order "All
ashore" la given to friends or passen-
For example, a delay of twenty-four
hours In landing the mall-bags at Ade
laide after a Journey from Hrlndlsl or
Naples means a fine of 100, or 1 per
hour, and the penalty Is even heavier
for delay between Knlaud and Cana
da or China; 100 for every twelve
hours late Is equal to about S per
hour. The tardy delivery at Brind.si
of malls coming from the East Indies
or from China is punished by a flue of
200 per twelve hours namely, 17
per hour late.
On tha Holyhead-Kingston sea ser
vice th deduction for delay hi stated
at 1 14s. per minute; this means 102
for one hour. For tha dally trip be
tween Strorue Ferry and Storuoway n
milder phrase is used: "20 for undue
delay or deviation from course" is the
wording, and It Is ono which admits
of conveniently elastic interpretation.
Scotch sea-deliveries of mail-bags.
Take Laxative Iironio Quinine Tab
lets. All druggist refund the money
If It falls to cure. 25c, The genuine
Snyder, th? calculating barber, has,
been figuring again. It Beema that he
said ho had an afternoon off on Thurs
day, and In journeying to Kensington
on a 'bus to f.ee his best girl, was com
pelled to change hlu position on the
seat three or four times to make room
for the passengers. "It's a nuisance,
this sliding up and down in 'buses,"
said Snyder, last night.
"Did you ever stop to think how
much energy isSvasted in that way?
Every time you move to make room
for somebody else you edge along per
haps six inches. Every time you trav
el lu a 'bus you have to move three or
four times. Call It three that makes
Seed Vegetable
Seed:,,4K-r;:t!e:T,nn- Seed
tm m ,- n ji m i. a a a. s m j u a m s i m n m m- a t i r u w a m
To onr many Friends and Customers : We would state that we have
quite recently leasod and moved into the New Austin Block, 319 and
318 Union Street, where we have one of the best lighted, most com
fortab'e and convenient houses In the city.
We cordially Invite you to make our store your headquarters, where
you can leave your bundles, uso our toilet rooms, teh phonos and all
other conveniences.
We will also say that we now have ono of the largest and best se
lected stocks of DRY UOODS, SHOES and READYMADE WEAK, and In
fact everything to be found in a tirst-class store, Tho main feature,
however is that our prices will always be a little lower than you will lind
the same, goods elsewhere. We guarantee satisfaction lu every in
stance, otherwise money will 1)0 refunded,
? Asking you again to call and see us at ur new house, remember
the place,
313 mi 3(8 Union Street,
Between CcHep and Cherry,
many a younger woman. Her ol new wi f
m iivny I hve taae u a cuupla ttt tv.ll If a
a in (inn a a 1 1 f i r i tlm 1 ovt my good
h U t) i tiealmeut. I give thlt tratU
iii'iinal u i ly ia the 1cj t that it may
inert (he eye df aomt pwur autfeif r."
Mmv 1,ih.,ahi, V, uoiUtoi k, Uul.
lr. Ayer'a Saraaf arl'la haa won Ita way
to every corner o I the ootid by the pram
of ita f i Irii'lt ; thote who have tried it an t
who know thev were cured by the ue ol
the rrinr.ly 'f here ia nothing ao atron
aa tint pel ual Irktimony. It thiowa ail
thru! lea and fain tea to the wi'via and
auuda aoti ily upon the to k of ciperU
erne challeniliig every ikeptic wilh
positive ' lauif." Aer'a haraapanila,
wllh Ha I'vir i l ll ( nd v ilalu ii u i Iiuq on
the tloud la lailual Irmecly for evety
form of iliveaoe thai brgiua lu tainted or
impure blood. Hence tumoia, aoiea,
uUera, boil, erupti ml and aimilar div
e.i- e yield promt (ly to thii medicine.
Some caiea are uioi e atuhboi n than otheia,
but periience wilh lr. Ayer'a haiaapa
rilU uui.lly reaiilta in complete cuie.
Mary I.insaril brin wilh botile, and
went oil to a cotirae til fir. Ayer'a baiaapa
rilla. When ahe ul cured ahe rralurd
that medicine that mull cur diaeaaa
could aKo prevent it. bo ahe tixk a couple
of b'llllea ra h aprlne and ket la perfect
health. There are tliouaanda of aimilar
;tra on record, home of theae ata
I' at here d Intol'r.Aver't Cure book, a lltll
bo'ik of iw para winch ia acot free by tha
t r . vr r.!owetl. Maaa. Write for It.
lSln. Something like 2.").0m),0)0 P,,(
ple rode lu the omnibuses hist year. If
only half of them, or 123,'0,iOO, were
seated, tho alkie up and down auiouut
to the extent of 2,2,0,0 "O.OUO Inches, or
about 35,511 miles. Now, If nil this
energy had beu extended by one man
he could, In the course of a year, have
slid artund the earth, with over 10,(KX
miles to spare. Does the razor hurt,
Eruptions, bolls and pim
pics have their cause In
bad blood. Dr. Ayers
Sarsaparilla cures crup
Hons by curing the cause.
"Save- me! save me'." she ctlud, as
her head ruse above the water, and she
grasped a plank floating by.
"I leg your pardon," he replied, from
the bank, '"but I want It distinctly un
derstood that I'm a married man with
seven children."
"Yes, yes; save me!" she shrieked.
"Then there'll be no falling into my
arms and calling me preserver, will
there V
'Oh, no, no."
"And you wont Insist on marrying
me for my heroic conduct'"
"No, ao; only save me!"
"All right, I'll tackle the Job," he re
sponded, as he threw aside his coa
'Yo see," he explained. Just before div
ing In, "I was caught by one o' thesu
dodges once before, and that's why I'm
married; It makes me a bit particular
Silence is anything but golden to the
poor girl who Is dumb to the entreaties
of a wealthy suitor.
When a man says there is no use
talking you may as well prepare for
a long-winded argument.
It is much easier to teach twenty
men what to do than to be ono of
twenty to follow your own teaching.
After a man has had occasion to em
ploy a first-class lawyer It is useless t
tell him that talk Is cheap.
The Philadelphia Record prints a re
port that the battleship Kentucky may
be launched at once, notwithstanding
tho denials of Naval Constructor
and Field
& CO.,
a a
Bant Chew on the Market.
HftSHVILLE TOBACCO VOfiKS, . Kashville, Tenn.
Business Directory.
pit ra,ri fur Kiit. I'ouliry. lrlrj Fruit.
r iiirra. i at. a ani ( nr auie, ris
or u-li'ph.nie Uifiii i NahIhIiK Ifiin.
Wrt! lo M K. PKKKYHKKKY rO , if ton
n-il cliinT, ilii.oiliy. n d-vii. or nay other kiwi
of flfUl a-fU. Ihi Kro''iTlr l low't ru'-o
prkta. U1 aave )uu luotuy. "l-rj3 llroii.i hi
r. i;. i.owr vo., wi;oiiai. rmit. ivo-
ilni p, lly mill (irnlti. riminilhslnn Mori hantt.
l"iirtlciil,r lit '.tuition iclvrn to orlfri tnl rou-
I'cnmt niH, NusUvUle, leua. Loug Uthtttnce
Telt phoim 7w.
FI'M SK !! , Grain, Frulta Htnl rr"luc.
Sw'tNl l'litutnft nnd '1 i'iiitPiHj tioruiun Mili'-t
wwl our hji'-i'lulitifi A' vtlil' i to buy or M il.
Htut . K. HUli t.. 147 N. Maritel
St., Na-hvllle, Tenu.
SlrKAY. KKKfE to., .'pwl otid Ornin Mcr-
rhaMs. Cull or wrltp for price. 14 N. Market
Bt., Nashville, Teun.
Maohtnlsts, (irimlltitf nnd l!i'nrruK'ntiiiir Mill
fttnl Hulli-r lio'U. Machinery Uopulred, all klud
of ciistlna's. Nuihvlilo, '1'i-ud.
HAILF.Y A It AW K INS, wtiolcsalnnnd retail
Garden 6ml Flld St''ils. ( inli rs und corres
pondence HolioittHi, H5 N. Market street, Nah
vill, Toun.
Iwts tind Iron Konndors, Hi'trrlndinK and Uccor
rucutint; Mill liolls, ShaftinK, Vool nnd Iron
I'ullrvs, I'lpe I-'itttntrH, I'uuipn. All kinds of
Rcpuir work on Machinery, Nashvillu, lean.
Write to JOH I. DALE for Kt! Enirinps
ami Hollers. Lano A Hodlcy Saw Mills. Lnre
lot of irmxl co nd hand woimI working machin
ery, I'lnniTH.lland haws, etc. t'orn Milis Shaf
ting and I'ulleys. Nashville, Tenn,
MoMURKEY A WILSON, Southwest corner
of the, MurKttliouse Keaular meala U5 oonts.
meal.s to unU'r on short notice at all hour, day
orultflit. Nashville, Tenn.
That there are
ts undoubtedly true; but thta old and trite laying la
not applicable to the many men who buy la jrlppa
medlclue nor tne women elthrr. One of the oldtut
aforaen In Aiuerlca, "Uood Old Granny Meletufe,"
M yeara old la to
A good frlend-irood friend bemuse It cured her ol
laKrippn and save her sound lunpi after doctors and
dollars had failed. Lota of babies, scores of society
folks and thousands of other people have learned
that tills Is the best remedy on earth for irrlp, coughs,
colds ami lung trouble. Ask some of them. Ask
your doctor. Oo try It and you will soon be one ol Ui
W-Tt toll's IHna.T.TTAnAi, Af -Q
the muoous, heals the luns and bron-
uuu vuiji quioKiy. v urvr Rrip cotiKn
In one nluhr. Children love it. Old
pimple like It
Kola" by all drupclsta or sent upon
receipt of prloe 25c, 60c. and 1.00
per bottle by .
The K, E. Sulherlnnd Medlnlne
Company, l'adacah, Ky.
ii rum oia
Nashville College for Young Ladies.
Second term opens January 12, 1808.
Highest advantages. Full faculty in
all departments. Specially favorable
rates for new term. Send for cata
logue. ,
Broad and Vnaxhali SashtilK Tenn.
We want a man in every local
ity to act as private Detective
under instructions. Experi
ence unnecessary. Address,
Co-OperatlvoDetootlve Agency,
Naalivulo, Tennessee. "
3d floor Cumherliu. PnoFbyterian 1'ub. Houaa.
A pnn-lical acliool of established npoliioa.
No cntf hrn'iinT meibixt. Buslruwa mi-n recom
mnd tin. Co!l.(je. Write lor circulare. Mob
tlOU papur. Ailrlrpua
a. W. Jb.KNI.108. Pnoi
Notary Seals, So
ciety Seals, Corpor
ation Seals, etc.
Rubber Stamps.
Stencil Brands.
DU.1Y & FiliEY,
Fnlon, Ceraor Sartet, - IMVIUF, TEJS.
Manufactured by
Dr. Matthew Henry Xollock
Il'-guiar Oralua and H k!utcO I'hyalrlaa.
Fi.r-nierly Al-lnnl SnrKon l..NTy,
HlU rvvai-iU 1'i.at Murir.Mui I". H. Army,
mid Inter Hiiru,Hiii llnl l.li M arlfln xcrf
l', wit Ii t wi n r'Nc trl ih .-k-. lliy
alll HI Hot N.Mi,Ka. ik.. Will
" M Mini Af!iiftl at Ilia
OIH , w lii rtTiiii.ii 1 1, ,i inn vrllU f
th Moat NiirfM(u lloctor-H of Ilia
pr-rH,,!!! U o.irdmllf intltHt. All
will rwwHe kind and liouuralitti trntat
iiit'iil. Mini p. i inuiiiMit 1 1 r ar guar
ftntcinl la ut) rm uuiltrtkwu.
Successfully All Chronic aid Long-
PATiRRLl I'V!"'!''-'!. Uronrhttta. Anlhmft,
UfllHIUliI (r -ut.-.l l.y ln-l hnvriUil tliPlhixlai.
St-riifiila. Tumora. Ki'fiim, l.icTs, SVl'lllLlS
ui.il ail trnubii s urlsiiiK trou. un iu,pur Klaus of
the IiiimmI. pr'iinpily nml rotripii-lcly unvlloatpj
irtvi'f from tho ajaluui, rcsUinug huuilU anj
hurn.iiKurlnH. iiiM-uvHof thu tilaiaer of botB
p" inpUy atnl sufoly rurinl.
I k P : C C HI riM . ivf spcriui umi careful tre.
L-.UILO m.-nlf..r nil nilr miinv ilmrotaj.
Vitrlfocce, Hyaro.pit). Temlemowi, WeaknaM
Of OrKana.'l'llfH, Kulula. (lUh kly cured wtUiaul
yn u iiriifit niinn irnin I)l!lln-Mi,
in urn iiinid IIII1 lMfHll
N'lubt EmlsaloM
choiv iMziiicsH iim (if K.niTKT and ConO
(lciice. the Drfiulful Lffwiacf l;Briv loe. wblcb
triii(fN dranlc Wfakm-Mi.uritlttlutr onnforbuiU
ncNH. at'jtlv or enjoyment of life, treated rlk
ntsvi-r-fatilna auivcsM. On piunilnlnif the urin
ary dcioIU( a nipv HiHlimcnt will oftpo bt
f")und. and KomrtlUif (.mull partlclfia of lbu
ni"n will bppritr, or tbo color will beef tbln,
niiiklsh huu, iik'aln climiKlni to a duik and
turb.il nppf-itrani'o. Tht;re are many rxen woo
dl of Una ilimoulty, tvnnrantof the cause, which
U the second htauo of Seminal Weuknenti. Th
Doctor will KuaruriU'e a prrfwt cure In all iuoh
vhhvh, and a healthy restoration of the Benlie
urinary organs.
Wriwyour troubles. If living away from tfca
city. Vou can bu cured at home by oorrespoud
enco. Absolute seoreoy In all professional deal
InKs, and medicines sent vcure from obsierr.
tlon. TertUmonlala of patlenw are never pub
lished. Hank reference an to my responslbllUj
cheerfully given, Addresi
2 and 3 Haydon Block, Corner
Cherry end Deaderlck 8t8.,
Economy tho Road
To Aealth,and
Til a Road to I f a 1 1 h ,
Blood Purifier.
Heart Cur.
Dyipepaia and Indigesttoa Car.
fur for Stomach Troublaa.
Kidney and Liver Cur.
Consumption Cura.
Catarrh Cure.
Tissue Builder.
Female Regulator.
Rheumatism Cure.
The above remedies are CERTAIN CURES
for the diseases- fur which they are recommend
ed. Prepared by the Host Physicians
specifics for the respective diseases. If you are
not benefitted your money will br refunded.
tJSTAUdruKgists sell it
Manufactured by
Th3 Economic Medicine Co.,
Capitd Pianino: id,
J W. &sCULIXJS2, Psw
Um usi TLm
litaraa liafta kjuia wU WrtU tatLSfc
Is It Safely Invested at a Satis
factory Rate of Interest?
We make a specialty of supplying Safe Ir
veMfmontM for trust funds, banks and Indi
viduals, and are pleased to submit list of lnvest
nients we have to offor, upon appiicailon, ln
ciudlnR first mortfraKes on prcxiuctlve farmi
and improved city real estate.
We also handle stocks, bonds and miscellan
eous securities.
Conserve your Interest by writing to ua eom
corning Investments,
Landis Danklng'Co,.
881 N. Colieito Street. Naahville. Tenn.
Gafalogyos Freo
Of PIANOS and ORGANS. Guitars. Maa
aolins. Uanjos, Violins, etc at Factorv Prices
Send for list of Shekt Muaio at 10 cents ci
copy, v
E. E. PHELAN, Manufacturers' Agent
P.:o. Box200. Columbia Tonn.
iMiithen lewi and Idftrtliiif C,. laskrilli Twa.
. J

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