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Vol.. XVI. No. !('..
camji:n. ti:nn.. kimdav. mai;cii
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Money caved is money made. All goods new at the new store. Mo longer 100 per cent, or 50
per cent, made on goods. Alt goods bought for cash and sold on the lowest margin of profit for
same. '-Quick Sales and Small Profits" is better on the merchant and better on the customer
We don't blow our stock, but let the prices talk.
Yard vvidti Crov,n Domestic, per y.!rj, only CCMliS
Calico, per yard, . - - 5 ('(Mils
Chumpion Bed Ticking, per yard, only
Best Brown Drill ;, r jrd, only 8 IHMitS
j Ctood C.slion PI ud, per yard, yours for 1 I S
Wj also represent OEMM &. CO., fine laboring ctUb.
li'hment, of Baltimore, Md. If you want a Spring suit,
see our samples bcfor-.i you place your order.
Ladies' and Children's Hose, per pair, , J (Mlis
Men's Suspenders, from 10 ) 5 (4k!)s
Yoj can get a Good Hat for 50 cents, a tetter oao tor j
75 cents, and one good enough for anybo-Jy for SI. GO. ;
ll I:
ID tHk ii M i
Camden, Tenn.
Tho llcpublicauH of Carroll ami
lloiulerKou cuiiiitie'S lu-M n imm ies
last week find nominated full coun
4y tickets.
An inmato o thu Tazewell jail,
Nancy Davio, inibibi-d too freely of
carbolic neid (uul caiue near gomp;
up by internal combustion.
Fifty thousaud dollars is said to
bo tho price AV. C. Jones k Co., oi
AVaverly, received for 1,100 head of
corn-fed cattlo last week. Terry k
Lester, of Nashville, were the pur
chasers. An enthusiastic nieetinp: of tho
supporters of Judgo John Pi. Lond
waa held at llumboldt last Friday.
It is learned that every county in
the Ninth and Tenth Congressional
districts and four counties in tho
Eighth District wero present, and
thorough organization for aggres-
, sive campaign work waa etloctcu.
Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day,
: an event observed by tho sons of
Erin's Isle, and, as Judgo East re-
' marks, "it has a great deal to do
with tho snakes that wero driven
from tho island." Possibly they
, all landed on this continent, as it is
. no unusual thing for certain species
of tho American manhood at times
to seo snakes.
. Mormon missionaries are making
themselves very obnoxious in many
counties m Middle lennesseo by
imposing on tho hospitality of the
people. They go to a house with
out being invited, even when they
have been given to understand that
their room is more to bo desired
than their company. Unless this
business is checked, "something is
eroinc to happen," says tho Nash
ville Banner.
The latest AVashington dispatches
gives the opinion now prevailing in
. administration circles, and tho idea
prevails that all depends on Spain
ns to whether it shall bo peaco or
war. Spain must accept changed
conditions in Cuba, and grant to tho
j island freedom or a degree of free
dom. Spain plainly intimates that
site is not seeking trouble with this
. government. Tho United States
; court of inquiry left Havana for
Key AVest Tuesday night, but it is
. not know when their report will bo
made. Meanwhile preparations f or
possible war are progressing.
News comes from Henry County
that a spirited campaign will soon
be inaugurated for the Democratic
nomination for county represent;
tive in the ereneral assembly. Hon.
C. T. Crawford, who so ably repre
sented this floterial district four
years ago, is a candidate, and his
. many friends in Benton County aro
watching tho contest, and will await
the result with more than ordinary
interest Ho possesses overy qual-
ification necessary to till tho high
position to which ho aspires; born,
reared and educated in that county,
he knows every need of the people
- of old Henry, and his experience
. also tits him, iu every sense, for leg-
ietativo .work.
Mr. W. E. Mcllae v. nt to Mem
phis Monday.
MrH. (i. AV. Arnold wiu indispos
ed a few days last week.
Martens have made their anuual
appearance in this locality.
Prof. J. AV. Murphy visited rela
tives at lldcrsvillo last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. AV. llowo visited
relatives near Family this week.
Mr. AVilliam AVeatherly, of Bris-
tow, is now clerking for Mr. B. C.
A letter from Sulphur Creek was
received too late for publication
last week.
Miss Lena AVyatt, of Townes, en
tered school at Benton Seminary
this week.
Mr. John AV. Batcman went to
Nashville Saturday with a large
shipment of peanuts.
Mrs. T. F. Cason is somo better
this weok, and her friends hope she
will soon bo out again.
Tho friends of Mrs. A. J. Saun
ders will bo triad to learn that she
i3 much better this week.
Some of our citizens have been
gardening this week. A few other
wiso inclined went fishing.
Mr. John Maiden has bought tho
J. D. McAuley stock of groceries,
and took charge this week.
Christian Endeavor services will
bo held at tho Presbyterian Church
this eveniug. All aro invited.
Marriago licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to W. C. Mclllwam and Nancy A.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Hubbs, who
have been visiting relatives here,
returned to their home at Holladay
Monday. .
A letter from Texas is unavoida.
bly crowded out this week, but wo
will endeavor to give it space in
our next issue.
Mr. A. D. McNair, of Dansville,
N. Y., gave a free lecture to tarm.
ers on tho fertilization o the soil
hero AVednesday.
Keep an cyo on the advertisement
m The CnnoxiCLE ot Mr. llobert
L. Bridges, and watch for his an
nouncement next week.
Mr. J. F. Beaton went McKen-
zie Friday evening. John takes a
great interest in tho appointment
of deputies by Colonel Baker.
Mr. and Mrs. Bobert L. Bridges
spent a few days m the Nashville
market this weok. Mr. AV. S. Cor
bitt had charge of the store durinq:
their absence.
Rev. T. F. Cason will hold reg
ular services here Sunday forenoon
and eveniug, and at Liberty at 3 in
tho afternoon. All aro inyited to
attend these services.
Bring your Bacon Hams, Shoul
ders and Lard to Phillips Grocery
Co. and exchango their, for Corn
Drills, Cultivators, etc.
Mr. E. L. Ilud.ioii, who h; re
turned home from Holladay, m.s
they have a stn;:ig tamp of Wood
men at that plate. About, fifteen
new members have recently joined
The comity teachers' association
is scheduled to meet at Camden on
Saturday, April lit. We under
stand that State Superintendent
thilbroath will be present on that
During an electric pt .tnu Monday
evening two trees, one near the res
idence of Mr. C. T. Brecheen and
one in front of tho residence of Mr.
AVilliam McGee, were struck by
Messrs. Allbritton and llapi?r,
)hotographers, left last Saturday
or Sugar Tree, where they will re
main a short time only. Both are
good artists, and gavo general sat
isfaction here.
Mr. J. AV. Batcman haa received
a nice line of buggies which ho will
sell cheap. He keeps the Tennes
see wagon, and a large lino of farm
implements. See announcement m
another column.
The office of tho Cumberland
Telephone and Telegraph Co. has
been moved from the Melton Hotel
to the store of Phillips Grocery Co.
iho otiice of tho Camden, Sugar
free and Coxburgh Telephono Co.
remains at tho Melton Hotel.
The attention of our readers is
called to tho announcement of Mr.
B. C. Rushing in another column.
He has added this week a new line
of dry goods and notions, and han
dles a lull line of groceries, etc.
Ho oiTors inducements that will
pay you to give him a call.
New students weekly swell the
enrollment at the Benton Seminary,
ant the numbor of boarding stu
dents is larger that any year in the
history of that popular institution
of learning. Tho faculty aro thor
ough instructors, kind, attentive,
and are giving gcnoral satisfaction.
If the proposed telephone line
from Camden to Big Sandy, is es
tablished tho citizens of Eggville
want it to como by that place. To
make tho matter sure, they aro so
licting subscriptions, and say that
the money will bo ready when they
know the lino will bo built. They
understand that it takes money to
build telephono lines, and they are
taking no chances iu the matter.
Farming is fin ther advanced in
thin county than it has been for sev
eral years. A large acreage of oats
Ins been sown, and now farmers are
turning their attention to planting
corn. Mr. Thomas Broughton, of
Garfield, planted 110 acres in corn
last week, and a large acreage will
be planted in the county this week.
AVhcat is growing rapidly, and the
prospects for a largo crop aro gen
erally regarded as propitious.
AVhen you want Lime, go to C.
V. Hawley.
Tho movement to organise a mil
itary company here ha3 suddeuly
collapsed. Of course tho prospect
of war between the United States
and Spain has nothing to do with
it. The boys can not really spare
the time for drill work just at this
season, but perhaps later on, when
they havo more time at their dis
posal, they may organise n strong
company. Ye editor would not ob
ject to a pension, but wo certainly
object to war on general principles.
The joke is on two young nieu
near Bristow, whose nan:.-; an not
given. They hrvd never t;i en Pilot
Knob, in the tenth district, and i'.
occurred to them while going tu
Eva recently that they would enjoy
a view from the top of that amou:".
peak, and preceded to do r.o with
out fear or guU. At Evr. they
related to friends their trip and ob
servations. They were t,iKstioned
by those familiar with the knob and
its surroundings, and then gently
informed that they had passed the
time away on a hill 2 miles from
not Knob and h a mile f.cniLva.
Tho boys have not taken .no into
their confidence, but no doubt they
will fcook tho aid of a good guide m
tho future when on an exploring
Subscribo for Tue Chronicle,
only 50 cents -a year.
Tho following conversation be
tween two citizens, one being a little
deaf, residing a few miles out of
town, was recently heard by one of
their neighbors and reported to us
"I want to borrow some salt."
"Want my saw?"
"No, some salt."
"My saw is out of fix."
"Dad dim. your saw; I said salt!"
"1 tell you, you can t saw with it,
"By grit, I don't want your oh"
saw; I want somo salt to salt hogs!"
"Oh! I haven't got any."
Doors, AVindows and Blinds, at
Hawley' s.
Stop that barking by tho use of
Conssen's Honey of Tar. It arrests
the cough, allays irritation of the,
throat, and relieves congestion ot
tho lungs in a day. It is safe and
pleasant to take, and-never disap
G. Presson.
25c. and
50c. Sold by J.
Ladies: Send two-cent stamp for
nice picture of- Mrs. Borer's Model
Kitchen, showing the " Queen Cab
inet" in use. Expert cooks, chofe
and good housekeepers everywhere
are putting tho Queen Cabinet in
their kitchens. It is for the coun
try home, the house iu town, the
cozy fiat or summer cottage. The
vueea uaoinec uo., l-'epc. o,
Monroe Street, Chicago.
Good second-hand spring wagon
or hack for salo. Also good set of
harness. AVill sell and take good
note, payable next winter. Apply
to C. V. Hawley, Camden, Tenn.
I 1
For Infants and.Children.
simile Clg&aturs
' Ic OS
-AVheu you want fine commercial
job printing, remember that The
Chronicle continues to make c
specialty of this class of .work.
Try that Green Coffee at Haw
ley's; 12 J pounds for 81.00.
Tho Phillips Grocery Co. will
exchange Corn Drills and Cultiva
tors for Country Bacon at tho fol
lowing prices : Hams, 10 cents per
pound; Shoulders, G cents; Sides,
8 cents, and Lard, 8 cents.
Are you lacking in strength and
energy? Aro you nervous, irritable,
despondent, billions, constipated,
and generally run down in health?
If so, your liver is torpid, and a few
doses of Herbine will cure you.
Herbino has no equal as a health
restorer. Sold by J. G. Presson.
James Yicks Sons Garden and
Floral Guide for 1898 is a most
beautiful work of the printer's art
and contains a fund of information
for tho grower of flowers and veg
etables which should bo made very
healthful, and the ease with which
tho information is obtained places
all the patrons of this superior firm
under obligations to them. The
soeds of this firm which we have
planted have always given tho best
satisfaction, and bles us to rec
ommend tho firm as doing an hon
orable business, and no one will
make a mistake in patronizing them.
CoudfKm'g Lightning Liniment.
Time is no pain it will not re
lieve, no swelling it will not subdue,
no wound it will not heal. It will
'cure froat bites, chilblains and corns.
25c. Sold, by-J. G. Presson.
Special convniMmileucu.l
Health is good in this locality.
J. L. Hudson went to Camden
John F. Ogles has gone to Cam
den to-day.
Homer AVatson, of AVyly, was in
our midst Sunday.
Miss Rosa Ellis visited her par
ents near Eggvillo Monday.
James Smothers is making re
pairs on his dwelling this week.
" Mrs. Rosa Herrin and Miss Ada
Black, of rale, visited hero yester
day. Ernest Smothers, Horace AVat
son and Harkloss Ogles spent Sun
day near Eggvillo.
Babe, the little son of John F.
Ogles, was thrown from a horse last
week, seriously injuring his ankle.
The young folks were given an
enjoyablo entertainment at the res
idence of P. Potts luesday evening.
Garfield, March 1G.
Takiil.nxiil ivti nronioQuininoTHhli'ts. All drug
gists loluml the money 1 it fail i loCure. 'JScoui-j.
ANTKO-'-Tnistwortliy itt;-,! wtivo uiMitlc
W tni'ii or ladies to tiavi-I tor respcmHilili', s-
sscfv Monthly
expenses. Vo .uion ste;tdv. Ucfi'U'iii'i'. KncloM'
HuH-addressed sUmpod miv1iih. Tin; IK"iir
inn Company, Department It., t Hi,'i.'('.

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