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11 i
1 3 .
.. 'J' I
CAM Dl.N, TI NV . J ill DAY. WW
i'i v ii' . ( .1 ;::.' fi-i.-- .
4 M 1 I V!
toft t V Vl
i, i . f s i k ' m . - fc.-
r-J,' 99 Wm
- A M
tt.'l i'
t r , i!i Ki
I ii i v i it iuii !: ;r
v i.ir'i I 11 l f
It I I
Aisu !uv' u mvv Inn1 of
I-,.', ii.v I ' , is l: i'i
ft)iit1 I'i'f''
Vnll).. I'll
'i (M'in liii'O left yi ht. r!(iy
. W.l ill l iMli;.VJlio, il'X.
Mr. J. A. C1-, cf llnt'ii.i Vif;i,
' i,i tl " Vy la.-t Tui'fd i) .
Mu i- r i!u;;lt Mc(Jill was v.Ty
r;.t I. !;. i m iL,1.i,i is tciiuvi'iin.
V.VH. 1. l ailiroiH'Ji, of NihIi-
v.Ili'. c Vh.tii;'4 i Hinitfii iil.'iiuf 'i.
Mis. A;K.ir:, of IlumlioM?, l vi.
y.v.i', l.f-r tion, Ir. CliarU Alin.i.
Ih. C . II m !ry fcir'.khi'' now
of biisi-
Ji'i ii t'n
IV II, I i ill Ii V Ii .CM I l' 1
J ......... .
rul'.hl y IH !l ! (l:It f I be Mil II sNrill 1
Inst Saliinlf y -v nii. j
v... i... . i . ...
,,.,,..l ... -,.,,. V
t.liiu it ' I..) t' ty.
l'i:.;ht .; Ihhis' ; v- h i i ;
,'ift! niu hi, a'.nl a liwj'i itmv.i1 ;, t.!.-
rriil r.i tiiiKi-nitti-rv t cot.'ii' 1!h' i
r.n. v.-,!li ;' il;.i.i..i i-i iliin'i''
. i H
t , I I ! " A L rotifM.
Jm n i t: i,-. - tipjiliii;;; which
a.- i: k :i t'i t!i- K'M'i 'tin I't'iirt;
!: !. .i :i ..i ;.i I
l.dii l,n'l :i't lij ilin, i i Iria n
i . . i
fro ilm l.i t.
r v:
U A DWA! r
is Headquarter, tor
Ladles' i?! Osnt's iimisM 0.
i L I .
CAMDEN, .... - TENN.
t n 3 . ?
SCantr"a . Ii 5?f . j 8a:f.u.cl Fltdicr's x-iescriivio:.i for Infcittii
Yard Cliilirca. i It confciLns uftU'i.'C-'.iuu; Morphino Jior
cU'e'Uavccilv; sub.itu.Hcr.,Ji' If; Is u larniI'C3S utittitc
ibr Tiwcs.-ox-ic, Irops, Sorta?i8' '"y""! ct-'-d Ciistoi Oil.
K ii rics:'j:?x; Its sivue Tt",n uj iitiiy ya: use lf
Mijlini-i;; o't Mother. Cistom is ihv CliuWrcn'.i riMiacea
. -tLc li'fov.L.e;.' Pricn'L
iuiia icu mo mm
P- iU
thi orToi ri)MFn, tt wunnv rrT, vrvi t-tr.n oitv
ni'i ni.iit.rfn i 1 't m .. . ..i -ii M-'-kM-M
.l.,tt iU
1 en gosiaosB pi ef
two schoolH under one nuuingemcnt. Au opportunity not only for tcachr. but for
all' who wiih' to cntpr th best equipped school in the
Sontli for profitable Htmly.
Wc arc- offering- advantages superior to any school in the South. The fiwnilty
is composed of fourteen prominent educators, and twenty-two States are repre
sented in the classeft of 1898. Best board, and complete accWnmodatioiK, Send
for cafcalotniiffl. Stmlcnts can civtei' at any time. Mention coui-bo doaireu.
Address CHEEKY BEOS., Prprirttors,
Bowling Groen, Ky,
in:.! ovi'im.'iiH dt lii-. Jilac
ii1.; -i.
Dtirtry Criclvii lidurm-d
lio 'njiiilcy fiuiii a Virtil r.t IInl-
Mr. J. O'Jlcila-y bu:t i"iitol
tho Ciiir. jil iiH' ami uioviul in lant
Mr.. -7. F. l'li hrion, of Lvlo, vis
UlJ l;t !o li:Kt week, tho fuobt of
Dr. ind W. i'. MrCiill.
?lr-;. s''V Siuitti, of (5tnlnor, lins
lof.iuuci.! liuiiiM nftor visiting nIa
f.ivos ;md l'ri;'tiils in thin county.
W "h. Wii'.liloll ninl Orrjirhtor, M ra.
lit Hi t Luv'it!?, ot Wuverlv, vifiti'il
fricn-ls 1'Oiv tli" first, of tbo work.
A loiter f i-oin Wliitlvyvillo ins
Ivrii rocciv".l .i!id is :ioi p-iblLslud
th ) vrriliM- fnilt'il l; pl.tu li iio.i t c.
to tho Haxo.
Dr. and J.lrs. (b II. Watliins, of
llollcv." Hod:, visited li-ro yester
day, and v.vre tlu; guc.-ts of M r. ntid
Mrs. R. L. Phillips.
J. 1 I5( utoi'i, Maibhidl England
i c ..it r: i. .!.
uim ni uii uiuMou liineu tu imtn wits
physical ossiiui nation for tho Vol
uuteor army, ui;d havo leturned
homo from Nashville.
Mr. Lou Hudson, of Gain.svillo,
Tex., who has been visiting in the
county, wes called homo yesterday
by a telegram announcing tho se
rious illner-.s of his wife.
Sheriff Dell, of Waverly, arrested
Pat "Woods, of Holladay, hero last
Friday charged with assault with
ititrmt to kill a woman. "We failed
to learn particulars of the alleged
Mi.ss Mnttio Blitchell and Mr.
Claud Hudson were united in mar
riage last Sunday afternoon at tho
home of the brido'a mother in the
third district. Tho marriage was
a burpriso to their friends and ac
quaintances here. They left Sun
day afternoon for Nashville to en
joy a brief honey-moon. "We join
in extending congratulations and
best wishes.
A reception was tendered the
young people Tuesday evening by
Mr. and Mrs: W. E. MoEaoat their
residence. After several enjoya
ble hours spent in games and con
veisation, those present were treat
ed to an elegant strawberry supper,
and a most pleasant tirao was had,
j.hohe present from a distance were
Mips May Tomlinson, Jacksonville,
Fia., Mr. Ezelle, of McKenzie, Mr.
Jerro Collins, of Jackson, and Mr,
S. D. Clark, of Nashville.
A Washington special Monday
sayer "The President to-day sent
to tho Senate the name of James
Jeffreys to be surveyor of tho port
of Memphis. Tho appointment of
Mr. Jeffreys was a great surprise
to the members of the delegation
Last October Ire was appointed as
chairman of the Uncompogrio Com
mission to conclude the allottmen
of theJand of the 17 te Indians in
Utah. The work of this commis
sion has been concluded and there
fore the place will be abolished and
Mr. Jeffreys was transferred to tho
Memphis collectorship upon the
recommendation of Commissioner
of Pensions Evans."
Mr. i in'. Mr.,. W. N. Aim! in. cf!
Iiiivi i'L iie, iimvcd h"ie hii-t Frii'ay
t vi-il ri'1'itive-.', Mr. An iti
t uniiim lo ahv ill. Nund'iy. Mr
Ait! in ' ! :!inlitHl homo ?.'VHjiy by
i '...m irran. hiiiHMinc,r.,r i-.nl
Ai.tllVW .
st i'i i !.i ii l't i;n i'
i Juiicui W'a it
i tl:; .it- i.
J;. in t 1 1 1
, n.,d l i,'p! ; c
1 1 i '!i J. ! , s
':., .li d I'll.- en it
, i - x a n s -
mi fcd, m. 1
hou: lei 5'riHi:l(or.u'iiti(d-iUi'i l .! , , , ,
i Walt. r Kill,
u: : t. ':-;!!:..: .... w . f
( nslable IT Tj. Cain ln.fc iiM:d
el i.ri th' f'illowl),'' v1. i.e.- ur.jytn:;:-
:ry i.i-n
t'legrnni! jurv h-i."bi. t v'.
ciiiubiii'd weight nf t!.
wh; 1J V.) p-nnvls, tu a vug o:
abort. . "ib ioi:iidj tl:c told nr wp
y, l. pp.i ng;r. in
, ' .;i:.ii .; vs.'iip-
-itiui.i J.
T-n t a . i tip-
;ai!.iii;4; kuIu
ii.t d y-) an 1 oo.t in
!o si ('lire he v.'i.h
0 j,:i
I'l'i'ni''; F'.ibini! tfil
o Hi i'V.Y- tho
ut t the county
a. :! I '. li'i W'f
'illihil ."i;!id 'islioii C! i f;ii! airy
.lo.'i' !, : it'j; t-'ich . .'i t". iced"
(Ml yvir :,n nu-ti:ge of ;jb. nf, Li-,, j() yean; in Lhe SUito
year. I o.ituvil.y, t ' i jury sic. oil
') Di niiH'iats, o Hi publieunH and 1
I'opidibt. Tho jiinyinui wcro nil
inoiijbL'ia of tin: church, (j 5up1.i.-.b,
5 Mi thudistrt, ) Cutubr!and P"--
bytoi'Lii and 1 Christian (C-r'.ip-1.
oil: to).
Delegates to the Kni!:y K.hou!
conveutior. here b'egan to arrive
yesiorday, and the imiiciilioiiH are
good for a large attendance. Fii. v.
C. A. Waterfifhi preHctitJ uu ex
cellent serruon at the Metlulist
Church last night. The conven
tion will meet at that church thit
morning at 8 o'clock, and will be
opened with devotional exercises
by llev. J. F. Carl. Tho program
contain many interesting subjects
of great moment, and some able
speakers will fake part in the con
The President issued a call yes-
erday for 75,000 moro volunteers,
lislributvd among tho States as be-
'ore. Thus Tennessee's quota will
hi lfioO, or about two regiments.
Aro you ready to volunteer? If
so let Denton County organize the
first company of Tenuesseans for
he volunteer reserve army.
It is suggested that a mass-meet
ing bo called to meet here and in
his way enlist a company.
Double shovel blades and bolts
15 cents each.
Phillips Gsoceuy Co.
There is nothing new or startling
in the war situation. Tho Spanish
and American fleets are engaged iu
a game of hide and seek in the Ca
ribbean Sea, and tho Government
1ms shut oil' alt information from
that source. "We can only guess at
what is going to happen next, but
the news from the South is likely
to be lively when it comes.
pi ii in.
.1. .Jin" WhitiXd, -ili' pi il;
JT "iry .French and Arthu" Ar
liul.!, d'iii)''b;!ig lit'Tiry nn'ffir.g;
Kibir.iue.'j, am! 'v.ch 'lined irllM and
Dob-iii, G;rtK'i-, li; iurhing liter
ary .nee tii.g; not. giuliy.
Ji:a (V'!,-, A'ittr-. 0-t,- ami
F''i ilt "v i''!vt-'. a, n: . .Ill It r.i.d battery;
ihl-.d ?:10 e-ich; the two 06l-A se
cured thc-ir -;llo the womau
was ami to jr.il in default cf pay
ment. Andiew Dates. tipi!i:ig; stricken
from docket.
Alon::o Sttiekhni'i, public i)io
faiiity; rtrickwn from docket.
Aloiiivo Mtriekhuid and Adolpluib
Lewis, disturbing public -worship;
stricken froin docket.
Will Lewi?, Eugene Strickland
and Clay Perkirs, disturbing pub
lic worship; stricken from docket.
Hamilton Helms, public disturb
ance; submitted and fined 2.50 and
Walter Daker, two cates tippling;
stricken from docket.
Enos Bryant and -Ethel Hensley,
arrested soma time ago and lodged
in jail for alleged lewdness; dis
charged. Arthur Prince, carrying weapon;
submitted, and fined $50.
G eorge Snyder, carrying weapon ;
nolle prosequied on --defendant as
suming all cost s on conviction.
Henry Ballard, murder, contin
ued. A Kumb:jr of other-cases were
Spain's first shots fell short, just
as her last shots will fall short.
Ladies: Send two-cent stamp for
nice picture of Mrs. Borer's Model
Kitchen, showing the "Queen Cab
inet " iu use. Expert cooks, chefs
and good housekeepers everywhere
are putting the Queen Cabinet in
their kitchens. It is for the coun
try hoxao, the house in town, tho
cozy flat or summer cottage. The
Queen Cabinet Co., Dept. 5, 212
Monroe Street, Chicago.
Calf tongue blade and bolts 10c
each, at Phillips Grocery Co.
When you want fine commercial
job printing, remember that The
CllliONlCl,!! continues to make a
specialty of this class of work.
-"7'AMT!':)-.TniRtc)rtliy Rtirt active jrontlc
W infill "' ladies Ui tinvi'l for voj-ponsib'.ii ps
tiiblislH'fl luiusi; in Tcum'.tsei;. Monthly i;5 ami
ex e lines. Position steady. HeRwnee. Knrlosc
sell-mlilresseil sluniM'tl eiivolopi . Tlie iloiniil
lou Compaay, Department K., Cliicaso.
Keul;ir coireijicmleiief .
We have had enough rain in this
soctiou to do for awhile.
A great iloal of tobacco has been
planted in this community.
Prof. W. E. Wyatt has closed his
school at tho Barnes School-house.
llev. W. I). Dunn preached an
interesting sermon at Baker's Chap
el, Sunday.
H. L. Pierce and wife and Miss
Lizzie Farmer, of Claud, visited iu
this -community Saturday.
Mesdames Alex Bell nnd C. T.
Drechen, of Camden, are visiting
relatives and friends in this com
munity. Sunday was a busy day with tho
farmers on Bushing's Creek, who
were forced to rebuild fencing de
stroyed by the rain Saturday even
ing. The creek was higher than
ever before known, and resul ted in
considerable damage to crops.
Gt.eenbrieu, May 21.
Is your child puny, peeked and
peevish? Does it have convulsions?
1 f so, it has worms. Wh: to's Cream
Vermifuge is the only safe cure.
Every bottle is guaranteed to bring
worms, 25c. Sold by J. G. Presson.

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