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1 he C hlaaaa riif.
Th !n.Ur. f,f lh OU-.tlal Fmp're l a
tv ) nr l kli. affair It riratit th
rn...t grr.t..,!!, ,.f r-n dragon on a frllow
ri'iiMl 1 hf U!'r I ik-k-t.n not "ill, ,f
! nstiiiiiiU f ..in). If ..u.j,iit also of that "f
kiiffnrar frniu ti.iluusm-ss. ' () raniota IM
"ttitnn ninlhj lint from tiia rmnpletlon, tun
llotfctivr'a f.iina n hitters, will, h will
'fUf re ifiilata )mir Iir, pravanl malaria,
and if ii.fl f ilrri"i. iii.rvuutm, r neu.ua
tim a uj kidtirt i nm plaint.
lisnoal la the great Italian fuel. Naples
Ion i unsmiling fur I y thousand tun uf
i lian ual. at a n.sl .t from aliteeii lo l nty
dollar, p-r ton, the national consum ptluu
ltngeiru imu Irrd lliuusaiid.
To ( uri Cold In On Pay,
Take I.aiatlve liromo Qoltiln Tablet. All
I'm'glsta refund luotirj If It fall to c UM. Zc.
Tlia Ugliest prl ever psld for a poem
was 00 golden i rnwna. paid to hannaiaro
hr tnanilliten of Venn a fur hi eulosiy on
tliMf ritv. it I A xrHt which contained
iuly in line.
Po1 Tkeee ll tad Kate Tr Mr Away,
To quit tobacco easily and furever, m i
Uo. full ef Ufa, nerve and vigor, take No-Tw
Bao, tha wonder worknr. tliat mukr weak men
'.roti. All diugciala, Wo or II. Cureguarec
If cd Iluokl' t end sample (rt. Address
Sterling Kcu-alf Ca, Chiracs or Nw Yuifc
At a wes'rrn wedding tha wedding man h
v hUHed by 12 girl friend of the lrld.
M rs. Win slow' Soothing Pyrup for ch 11(1 ran
teething, softens tiie gain, reduce liiftamin
tlou, allar pal ii, emir wind mile. iic. a bottle.
The Hmthern Haw Work are the leader In
(ha South, hra vhflr advertisement ID Mil
liie. 'I hnir paw will suit run.
l.yoa Co "rick I,rtf " Muiiklns Tokarra
stand at tin top for lt delicious arorua.
tiuixl a tan i n made. ' Try It.
Appotitq Strength
Without the First You Cannot
Have the Last.
Hood's Harsaparllla gives both. It
jTfDtly tone and strengthens the stomach
ad Rive dlgPHtive ovfnt, creates an ap-.
petite and lnvl(jorat the whole eyHtetn. ,
By making the blood rich and pure it
strenffthcus the nerves and gives refreshlnj?
leep. Remember
Hood's Sarsaparilla
la Ami'rira's it eatfit Medicine. $1: six for
Hood's Pills cure all liver ill. 25cent-
Mexico Friendly to tbe United States.
C. Greenwood, Jr., has arrived from
a tsrre montr's visit to Mexico.
"Ninety-per cent, of the Mexicans
are heartily in sympathy with - the
United States in the approaching con
flict with Spain," said Mr. Greenwood.
"The remaining 1 per cent, represent
, the sons of Mexicans who fought
against the United States in the warol
"Ttioir liflVA llrtf trrrrl I An Vi nn( . 1
thraashing Mexico got in that war; tha I
fathers of some of them were killed by
, .
our troops, and it is but natural that
they Ihould be resentful against us. As
they are but one in a hundred, however
their disfavor is not appreciaablc. I
did not hear of any of these Mexicans
contributing to aid Spaaln, but I had
fleveral opportunities to learn that the
Spanish residents of the republic are
Intensely bitter against the United
States, and are evincing their loyalty
to-Madrid by the most substantial con
tributions to the war fund."
Three Women Relieved of Femala
Troubles by Mrs. Pinkham.
From Mrs. A. W. Smith, 59 Summer
St., lliddeford, Me.:
"For several years I suffered with
various diseases peculiar to my sex.
Was troubled with a burning sensation
across the fsmall of my back, that all
gone feeling, was despondent, fretful
and discouraged; the least exertion
tired me. I tried several doctors but
received little benefit. At last I de
cided to give your Lydia E. Tinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial. The ef
fect of the first bottle was magical.
Those symptoms of weakness that I
was afflicted with, vanished like vapor
before the sun. I cannot speak too
highly of your valuable remedy. It is
truly a boon to woman."
From Mrs. Melissa Pnnxirs, Lex
ington, Ind., to Mrs. Pinkham:
"Before I began takingyour medicine
I had suffered for two years with that
tired feeling, headache, backache, no ap
petite, and a run-down condition of the
system. I could not walk across the
room. I have J;aken four bottles of tho
Vegetable Compound, one box of Liver
Pills and used one package of Sanative
Wash, and now feel like a new woman,
and am able to do my work."
0 From Mrs. Mollis E. IIerekl, Pow
ell Station, Tenn.:
"For three years I suffered with such a
weakness of the back, I could not
perform my household duties. I also
had falling of the womb, terrible bearing-down
pains and headache. I have
taken two bottles of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound and feel
like a new woman. I recommend your
medicine to every woman I know."
For the Liver
oxroo Constipation
I A UUIitS Wriliit A LI tU iAILS,
I ;i Best t,oiign bj rup. 1 aaw CooU.
f j In time. Sold hv dri cuists.
Cmiiiiienilabla Couraga of I aooili Maa
Who Wrr Walling to lie tia lloh
aon anil III Companion.
The Anaocintod l're gives the fol
lowing detailed story of the act of
heroism performed hj Lieutenant
liirhmonil I. Holmon and his hcvoii
t'miHiiiions in sinking tlie collier Mer-
runac across the ciianuel lending into
the harbor of Santiago de Culm:
The narrow channel leading into
the harlior was coinpletcdy Mocked
early Friday morning when the United
States collier Merrimac was sunk
across its entrance. It is now ininos
aible for the Spaniards to get out, and
it is equally impossible for any Tessels
to get into the harbor, therefore, the
Spanish first class armored cruisers
Maria Terea, Cristobal Colon, Vizcaya
and Almirante Oiiuendo, with the two
topedo boat destroyers Furor and Tin
ton, are no longer any use to Spain.
Lieutenant Ilobson started on his
daring errand at 3 o'clock Friday
morning. Tho Merrimac was lying to
the westward, and under cover of the
clouds over the moon, she stole in
toward the coast, making her way to
the eastward, followed by a launch.
From the crowded decks of the
New York nothing could be seen of the
Merrimac afUr she had got under the
shadow of tho hills. For half an hour
officers and men strained their eyes
peering into the gloom, when, sud
denly, the flash of a gun streamed out
from Morro castle and then all on
board the New York knew the Merri
was nearing her end. The gnus from
the Spanish battery opposite Morro
castle answered quickly with more
Hashes, and for about twenty minutes
flashes of fire seemed to leap across
the harbor entrance.
The flagship was too far away to
hear the reports, and when the firing
ceased it was judged that Hobson had
blown np the Merrimac. For an hour
the anxious watchers on the steam
,aUU,cU 8ent alo"g1 c. "e M"n-
juuc crew, nuucu luruayiigm. lvear
Admiral Sampson and Captain Chad-
w ick remaining on the bridge of the
New York throughout the night.
Then Cadet Powell, who was in
command of the steam yacht, return
ing, reported that he had clearly seen
the Merrimac's masts sticking up just
where Hobson hoped to sink her
north of the Estrella battery and well
past the guns of Mom. Hut of the
heroes who had penned the Spaniards
in there was not a sound or sign.
Hear Admiral Sampson said: "I am
pretty sure the attempt was quite suc
cessful, i hope all those brave fellows
are not captured."
Cadet Powell, in makiug his report,
said he believed the torpedoes pre
viously fixed about the Merrimac were
exploded as planned.
What actually happened on board
the Merrimac will not be known until
Ilobson tells it himself.
Great admiration is expressed at the
department at the coolness and discre
tion shown by the young cadet, Geo.
W. Powell, who tookcommand of the
New York's steam launch and lay un
der the batteries until he was satisfied,
from his own observation, that the
Merrimac had gone down before he
returned to the flagship.
The men Ilobson selected to go with
him were Daniel Montague, George
Charette, J.C. Murphy.Oscar Deignan,
Johu P. Phillips, John Kelly and H.
Clausen. The latter, a coxswain of the
New York, took pnrt in the expedition
against ordeis.
Daniel Montague is chief master at
arms of the New York.
George Charette is a gunner's mate
on board the New York.
J. C. Murphy is a coxswain of the
Oscar Deignan is a coxswain of the
John P. Phillips is a machinist of
the first class, belonging to the Merri
mac. John Kelly is a water tender.
II. Clausen, who slipped on boa-d
the Merrimac without permission to
take part in the expedition , is a cox
swain of the New York.
Gallant Lieutenant Will Be Honored By
1 the Government.
A Washington dispatch says: The
promotion in store for Lieutenant Hob
son, the hero of Santiago, is under con
sideration by the navy department.
Acting Secretary Allen and Commo
dore Hichborn, chief of the bureau of
naval construction, have already talked
over the matter. The department is
desirous of knowing what would be
most acceptable to Ilobson himself,
and when that is learned, a recom
mendation will be matte to congress,
which will doubtless carry it into
effect without delav.
A IUi.varkal.la
Th fotlrtwli.f ra w rrlntaj originally
la Vonifnr, a n'fr rutllll at
Mrrd, Oiil(krU. Dout-t wora raU I a
t It truihfulnet. conav-i'ioiitly closa
wat. ii wu kit on tha c for lw. year
and tha original atatemnut ha now been
Cnm. lately Vtlll"d.
Mr, l et -b ha 1 t.'en a bcpelc raraljtli
for ftra year. HI eaia h had wl.ia at
tention, lie wa confined t' bltad, w
tilont'd lmot .yoini recognition, aud
roul.l nt tak aolid food. loctor railed
tha illenM Kiiul aclaroal. and all sitld lia
could not live. The ( an.lin Mutual Mfe
AocUttou after a tliorough axamlnatlen,
paid him hi total i!!atlllty claim of
1 1 c,h, r..grdlng him foraver Incurable.
i'or three year lie llngerad In thU eon-
union. AUT
taltliiir some
ff Dr. Will
lain' Pink
1'IIU for 1'ale
l'copla there
wm a allffht
f ea . ..-..
ir lilltDK, a
tendency to
Sweat freely.
Neit CHrne a
little feeling
In hi llinlia
This ettend'
ed, followed
hv a rtrl.'L- !n
' "'."' sensation
until at liiHt tun hlooa henn to courts
freely aud vigorously through hU body,
Boon ho was restored to his old time healt h,
A reporter for The Monitor recently
called on Mr. retch again and was told:
"You may say there Is no doubt as to my
cure being permanent. I am In better
health than when I gave you the first In
terview and certainly attribute my cure to
Dr. Williams' 1'lnk l'llls for 1'ale l'eople.
"To these pill I owe my release from the
living death, and I shall always bless tue
day I was Induced to take them."
Huch Is the history of one of the most re
markable cases in modern limes. In tbe
face of such testimony, can anyone say
that Dr. Williams' I'lnk Tills are not en
titled to the careful consideration of every
sufferer man, woman or child? Is not the
case, in truth, a miracle of modern medi
cine? These pills are sold by all druggists and
are considered by them to be one of the
most valuable remedial agents known to
Three out of every 135 English pseak
Ing people have red hair.
No t'e to Cry.
No use' to fret and worry and itch and
scratch. That won't cure you. Tettcrine will.
Any sort of skin disease.. Tetter, Kcema,
Salt Hhcuni. Kingworin or mere ahranion of
the akin. At drug stores, or by mail for Wlc.
In stamp from J. T. bhuptr ne, Savanna h,Ua.
The most nfTenslve thlnir you can say to
a Tuscan is that he is Ignorant or ill-bred.
To Car Conatlpatloa Foraver.
Take Catcaretg Candy Catharlle. lOo or
II C. C. O. fall to cure, dniggn's refund icgoey.
Michael Angelo's book of medical recipes
has been discovered in the Vatican.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is a liquid and Is taken
Internally, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. VS rlto for tes
timonials, free. Manufactured bv
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.
ST.VITUS' DANCE. SPASMS and all nerv
ous diseases permanently cured by the use of
I )r. Kline's Great Nerve Kestorer. Send for
KKKK f l.OU trisl bottle and treatise to Dr.
It. II. Kline, Ltd., lil Arch Street, 1'liiia., I 'a.
I use PI so's Cure for Consumption both In
my family and practice. Dr. . W. 1'attek
box, Inkster, Mich., Nov. 5, lSDt.
A new kind of cloth is made In Lyons from
the down of hens, ducks and geese.
Educate Tonr Bowels With Caiearets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
10c, 2&c. It a C. C. fall, druggists refund money.
Railway engines are not allowed to blow
their whistles within the city limits of Berlin.
"CA8CAKF.TS do all claimed for them
and are a truly wonderful medtciue. Ihaveofien
wished for a medicine pleasant to take and at last
have found It In Cascarel. Since taking them, my
blood hu been purified and my complexion has Im
proved wondorfully and I leel much better In every
Mus. 8ALL1I U. BKU.AK8, Luttrell. Tonn.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent, Taste Good. Do
Good, Never Sloken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c, 20c. SOc.
Sttrll.f Rtwedy Coapinr. fhlr.ro, Itn.trril, Rear Tori. Sit
1'fl TO DBf Sold and guaranteed by all drng
nU'l U'DAU gists to U HE Tobacco Habit.
nr..... fli L 11
uur Native tiurus
Blood Purifier, Kidney and Liver Regulator.
200 DAYS' TREATMENT, $ 1 .00.
Containing a Registered Guarantee.
By mall, post acre paid, 82-pace Book and
Testimonials, FKEE. Sold only by Agent for
And nenatrs for same. Shafting, Pulleys
Belting, lnectore. Pipes, Valves and Fittings
TT Farm and Wagon
United Statoi Standard. All Size and All Kinds,
Kot mads by a trust or controlled by a combination,
For tree Book acd Price List, aaciress
nithiiulaa,N. X., V.ti.-i
r nr
Inanimate Animated,
Mrs. Flypaper Ole man l'ly
stuck on ma this morning.
Mr. Flypuper Ye, and I
you pulled his leg.
Daaafy I Bla4 Vrtp.
Clean Mood meant a clean akin. No
lieauty without it. a areta. C andy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keen it clean, by-
sLrring up the Ury liver and driving ail im-
turitira Irom the lxdv. IWgiu to day to
anlah pimplca, twil, blotches, blackhead,
and that sickly biliout completion by taking
I'awsreU, beauty for ten rents. All drtij
giU, aatiafacUon guaranteed, lie,Sic,&Oa
The population of Kirvpt lis Increase) by
i per rent, lu the lt IKtern yearn.
Iry llen' luul-l nae,
A powder to be shaken Into the hoe.
At this season your feet feel swollen, ner
von and hot, mid get tired easily. If you
have smarting feet or light shoe, try Al
lan's Koot -1hc. It cools the feet and
miikes walking easy. Cur wolln and
sweating feel, bliters and callous spots,
i'.ehcves corns and bunions of all pain and
gives rest mid comfort. Try It t-dii. Hold
by all druggll and klioe stores for
Trial package IIU'.K. Aldress, Allen H.
Uliiiflcd, I,e lloy, N. V.
Kent free, Klondike Map
From fiold ( 'ommlaaion'a onVial survey. Ad
ire (iarlner & t o., (,'ulorado hprings, Colo,
The Xew York Ledgi'r I now uecesfully
sold by bright boys and girls, who thus
earn many valuntdn premiums. Two cents
profit on each copy sold. No money re
quired in advnnc, hend name and ad
ore?. for complete outfit, Including Prem
ium List, to Hobert Uonner's Sons, Ledger
Iiuildlng, lfiO William Ht., N. Y. City.
D. II. II. !! For 50 Years
Stood tha teal and damonatratcd the fact thai
Syphilitic and Mereunal Kbeumatiam can Kt
cured. Try It. 11.00 per large bottle, S fur 11.40,
at drtJggiaia, or aant on receiat of price,iprt
pa.d. by HiooO Balm u. Atlanta, oa.
I.sr uooat ei wonaeriui cure cnt tree.
Fit nermsnentlr cured. No flt or nervous
res after first ilsv's use of I)r. Kline s (,reat
Nerve Kestorer. trial nouieano ireaiiei ren.
Dk. It. 11. Ki.isk. Ltd-HU Arch St.. l,Uila..l'a.
Meilco Is the richest mineral country In the
world, not excepting l'eru.
Ho-To-Bae for Fifty Cent.
Guaranteed tohaero bablt core, make weak
men Lrocg, blood pure. bOo.IL All drugguitA
Out of 2fio,)0 farm In Denmark, only 1.9)0
are more than liid acres in extent.
K "'"? "T'
KFrom Girlhood to Womanhood.H
A k . Mni)T i ct w i 'tt i k I . 1 1 1 t r T.
9 r1 .
When there is anv eosti vencss. move
Jl : a-i'ky N "
1? ycA
T. Jncrsu'a I ivro Drcni itab
Mr dancktrr waa isfferinr from a sever
awn ' pala an back-ark during ktr monthly prriedi. Ske bad violent scrvon a p ell wblrk l
iironucru a pernusr qniTrring ana jeraing
W.I. OlVli'U. . A n . 1 ... ir..,.
Msg ker. All naln and billon, nei wre removed and the lerking wa started
ai.D U. r. r.l III
. I ever taw for yoang girls.
,L. OERSTLD & CO.. Proprietors.
ISAAC R. BOYI, President.
(Pres. lloyd & Baxter i urn. Fact y.)
Box A 3S5.
Chisel Kit Circular 3 f '
T '
All kinds and mak
of Solid and Inserted
Tooth Saws. i. S
Make Burnt Sawsprac-
tically as good as new.
Na need to losa a day
Solid and Inserted P r"iU!S jL
Elartfords-Uodott6 Bicyclo
Are Ready For You.
Call at one of our stores and try the Columbia Bevel-Gear
Chainless. You will be convinced of its superiority.
POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn.
heard W fY
f (
Ih due not only to the originality and
himplk ity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it U
manufactured by mieiitiflc protts?es
known to tho Califohma Fio fSviiL'P
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of pun hualng the
true and original remedy. As tho
genuine Syrup of Fig is manufact ured
by the Cai.ifohnia Fio Si'RL'i Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding tho worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cam
Forma Fio Synt r Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the aatisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes :
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is .
far la advance of all other laxatives, i
as it acts on the kidneys, liver anil '
bowels without irritating or weaken i
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial j
effects, please remember the name of '
the Company
WHITE I.. Fl I.TON, AU'T, Penten, Te-
TV If you h inenay dm you lu 1 hm or BoulU.
If rmrtad with
or f r. um
1 Thompson's EyaWattr
In writing to adver
tisers. ASU 14-23
T"i v f krfrVa.
? f f sae
have a v. rong merging into woninnliood. aZ
The greatest crisis in every girl's life
ni liip stage when the menstrual lunc
tions are being establislied. and she should
have every provision obtainable for establisli-
ing this period properly, without which she
can never become a perfect woman. Mothers.
teach your daughters to contide in
you. Explain their condition to
- them and watch over them as you A
would the most delicate plant, and
vx as this most critical age draws
. near commence giving her
Female Panacea,
Ti Ml 1 II' I .1 - 1 I
it win csiaonsii me, ineusiruw mi
fnnctions, restore the strength anu
give life and energy to the entire a
being. fBlCR l.00 FEE BOTTLB.
tha howeifl gently with moderate doses of
hlllnn atfark
, toeetker wttk great "btarlsg f
i badviolntsrTon ape) I whlrh i
fnnatio. I ooogii a ooiii i ubhsili 8 rt
ii... .i . ..-ni i.r.'i'l .VAU J . J . a -
some sr. josarn sLlVKK kkiiLlaiqd aaa eoaiaifarca ireai- - k
it I, the beitf
AUI ELI2A BtSB3, Dflian, Al
Chattanooga, Tenn
W. G. KAOn., Vlee-Pre't,
(Pres. Mexican Nat. R. R. Co.)
We Carry
in Stock
fv$&. H
Belting, Files, Emery
Wheels and other
. V
all makes of Inserted
Tooth Saws.
of delightful spring riding.
;.'Jr liiiN nun iiiiiuii iwr

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