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1 J
Vol.. XVII. No. 12.
cam ni; n. Ti'.NN.. i'!ifiY. nsrsr V VV..x
A K!l
JipivUI en i, - jb.ii.I iim ..
Since my luft li itcr tho Tennes
see Regiment ha-i made fiuotli'-r
move, and we nie ihtw nuily n
Camped iil h little alh-y uu tho
Government, re,-, rv.ttiuii c: '.! ! t ho
I'rcrt! lio. if in a park, mill exN r.ds
to th beach, which is quite nur us,
and t!,e bos .-i-end in.ihv i f t h i r
1 )UI i V'.i i :s 1
ue i
h Wid.'h-
ing the liii; si.ij'H, the ii .,hen,ie;i unti
o wa i's v i:.'!
iuh conies in.
lJie i siieie -n nave m, enoi inon.-i i
net, nii'l fi.ey r-nv ..,.? in th
utkI droti the net. It in then hruil
0i in by iojch, niul you sec huiul
rtdrt of Funlm'' ', anu nmong them
you m-o eels, eialis, jellyfish, mul,
in fact, a.-.h of every tlcsoiiptiou.
Ychtenlny nioniiii. two hhaik.H wcio
CMl'-ht, they .'f.ve thelil to 11:5.
Tho lar;ofst one (fi bit; u:i a uiuii)
wo kill'd with a knife Tho other,
wo cut u hole in its tail, tied ti huo
crab to it and turned it loose. Uo
di for cliuriH, and occasionally wo
.find an oyster.
Upon the Presidio hills we have
a Cue vimv of Co1l'o:i (into. Th1
sunBet is bc;uitil"':l and entrancing.
Every tint ii: our r.'-iment nmv
lias a nice plank floor, r.nd ;c have
alno boon supplied with "ticks" for
each man, which wo will Cll with
straw. Our tenia arc a.s comforta
allo as cottages, but Company I is
poorly fed. Wo don't get enough
to eat.
Hero wo are . not bothered with
eand, and the .place reminds us of
.a picnic ground at home, Burround
.ed with trees and shrubbery. Tho
Presidio is a regular army post, and
the barracks and store houses fino
brick buildings are situated here.
The officers' residences are very
pretty, and I foltquito homesick
yesterday morning as I was stroll
ing through, tho avenue of residen
ces with tho beautiful gardens and
.yards filled with lovely flowers and
.could hoar tho cackle of chickens.
Everything looked so homelike.
Our boys have all been in target
practice, and shoot liko veterans.
Sham battles will come next. It is
just like being near a battle ground
to look over on tho hills and see the
boys crawling along the ground and
getting behind bushes, and then
when the enemy comes in sight to
; see and hear them shoot blank car
To-day we go out on drill in heavy
Castoria 'is 'Dr. ; ssamuel Pitcher's prescription for Infanta,
''and CMldrcn.'It contains neither Opium, Blorphino nor ;
'other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless eubstituta '
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups and Castor Oil,
It is Ileasant. Its guarantee is thirty years uso by
Millions of Mothers. Cantorfa i3 tho Children's Panacea
-tho Mother's Friend.
Tlie Kind You Have Always BonjM
,'ms, haver-
: '''i. -', all our
i 1 1 e 1 i m i r ft TU 1 1 11 ! I V
ti ui a i i e. I , i.i; Jiiin
llliS been tick
;.. l ,. I,..; ....... 1 . , .
ni i ie- i i . i i . .. i .11. c.ut J
ii :0 days fur!'. a-!; '.v:.h vuv.- or
tat ion home. Jin l-nvH to-'liiy for
Pad.:. 'ah, mkI will fro!! there to
IK linv.' ir.
' i.- in the
t! I i
v, '
"cor.vah (:!'
ch:i:j;el fro'.i
1 v.-uH dis.
S-i::,!ay, ti.t
,'i uli Ixi.ird
t .rely reivve:
j''arr.'.er v.-ill
ip lS;ind ty, and hi ;
nail Hom-'tinic dunn;; th" week.
' I wan arsi:.'!ied to a )lace in the
baud thin morniii:;, and ho will have
no more drilling and picket duty.
An I entered the army only upon a
nunician'H examination, 1 can not
go In us a private.
Mis. Tosvi'.Hend, tho rich lady, is
going to giw tirt 1,2'J'iJ more tickott?
to Hufro bath.i, alno- n niofi
She hiul the clothe: of the entire
regiment laundered.
I have received letters from a
lurge number of friend in In nton
Conr.ty, but hvo been nimble to
aurwer them. Ah they have all re
quested me to continue my letters
to Tin: Ciikoniclk, I trust they
will content themselves by tonciJ
erirjg these communications as an
swers. Eugene Travis.
San Francisco, Cala., August 11.
Is your liverjtired? does it fail to
do its duty? If so, don't neglect its
call for help. A few doses of Her
bino may 6avo you a epell of sick
ness. Herbine is the only perfect
liver medicine. It cures chills and
fever. 50c. Sold by J. G. Treason
Ladies: Send two-cent stamp for
nice picture of Mrs. Rorer'a Model
Kitchen, showing tho " Queen Cab
inet " in uso. ' Expert cooks, chefs
and good housekeepers every where
are putting tho Queen Cabiuet in
their kitchens. It is for tho conn
try home, tho house in town, the
cozy flat or summer cottage. The
Queen Cabinet Co., Dept. o, 212
Monroo Street, Chicago.
Is your child puny, peeked ntu
peevish? Does it fret and cry with
out seeming cause? Does it have
convulsions? If so, it has worms
and White's Cream Vermifuge wil
safely expel them and restore its
health. 25c. Sold by J, G. Trea
inure;! order, wit h
Kucha, kliap.'acks, oa:-.
Did yi u i;o t
the hhow Mn:i liiy
( 'n:'re'
Mi iSiais will
A id
Ca:r.d .1 revt Mon-h
O!. .'..
"lie. M M. Mi.Auh yjisiecoverin
fiom her recent illi.i.:..
Mm. Mollio Howies moved t her
new home last Saturday.
Mi.-:;; lie . Gibson linn returned
from a visit at Springville.
Prof. J. A. I'.aber, of Hunting
don, wnn in town Saturday.
Mr. John W. Hooper has gosu
to Waverly to pee relatives.
Mr. Felix Morris, of near Poplar
Springs, vif ited here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Wobb, of Ar
kanfas, are visiting relatives here.
Mr. Gay Hall made a flying trip
to Huntingdon the first of the week
Mr. 1. L. Monow, of Paris, was
ver to upend Sunday with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Whitfield, of
Springville, are visiting Camden
Several from hero attended the
State Republican convention at
Nashville Wednesday.
Miss Bettio Whitfield spent last
Sunday with homefolks. She has
charge of the public school at Eva.
This little child of Mr. and Mrs.
C. T. Brecheen, which was reported
sick with scarletina, is improving.
Mrs. J. F. Pierce and little child,
of Paris, aro visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. It. J. Bomar, north
west of town.
Tho Kepublicanshave nominated
James A. Fowler for governor. Ho
is a Browulow man and hails from
East Tennsee.
The performance of Miss Bell
Ford, of Perryville, Ky., Monday
evening at the Methodist Church
was a very creditable affair.
Lois, the little daughter of Mr.
aud Mrs. Sherman Bivens, died
last Monday of bowel trouble. We
join in extending sympathy to the
bereaved family.
The sad news was roceived here
Sunday of tho death of Marion Taf
ford at hi3 home in Kansas. Ho
was an old Benton County boy, the
eldest son of Mrs. Laney Pafford,
deceased, and has resided in Kan
sas a number of years. A wife and
several children survive him.
At a call meeting of the Camden
bar Friday, which was presided over
by Judge Joe R. Hawkins, a com
mittee Was appointed which pre
sented resolutions commendatory
to the retiring officials, Sheriff W.
A. Lashleo and Circuit Clerk A. R
Brooks. -The resolutions were pre
sented by Alvin Hawkins, esq., and
were spread upon the minutes o
the circuit court. J. G. Robins
esq., was appointed to present them
to the criminal court, and W. Fi
Maiden, esq., to the chancery court,
The resolutions were very appro
priate and highly deserved.
'A Huntingdon special Sunday to
tho Nashville American says: "Al
bert S. Lindsey, of Big Sandy, and
Miss Minnie Baber, of Huntingdon
wero married this morning at the
home of her father, W. F. Baber,
Rev. W. S. Roney, pastor of tho
Baptist Church, officiating. Sev
eral special friends of the parties
witnessed the ceremony. Mr. Lind.
sey is a prominent school toacher
and has a fine school this year at
Hurstburg.while the bride is a most
lovely, accomplished young lady,
They will leavo to-morrow for the
doom's homo at Bi Sandy." Tiie
Chronicle joins in extending cou
gratulations and best wishes.
l r - . -
vi 11
hundred thotr.v.-.d b:!-i.
!Uei, aii.l a l uce tI n: .i
were put to wink o'i hi . y
i 1
f toV.II tlllrf Week.
Mr. P. Mel'on . ;:.
E. E. 1'iy i' .)'. ( iel the !;k
of the former, which v.n
fiom his f: I til the tin -! o. h
Th mare wa lous.d in J
j..'t; e j
after a long cha..i
11 r
The I " i
) I. lid Ii
l f
HOIM Hie In.Me lor I I. lei i:;,i,. lth
e.ss ape.
AVo are reijie t. c t. i i-. ti
that Hon. T. V. Sin-s. eandi.!.-.'. b.v
re-lection to ('oK 'n- -, w ill K t'.u fit
Camden Monday. Augu.-,t 1!, lS'JS,
ontho i.-.- :e., .,t the day. Con.Liess-
manSimsis fresh from tie- halh of
Congress, and will have so:ur thing
to cay of mo'-e than ord.inary intrr
if t ti to the vt ,-r:i of th" county.
Circuit court adjourned Frid.iy.
Th.o case of Mik. Buch.anau vs. T
Garner et nU was deeided. in favor
of tho plaintiff, giig her a judg
jnent of t2."l.'Jl. h: the case of
Robins vs. Crim, the verdict was iu
favor of .the plaint ill'; the .defend
ant was taxed wit m!1 c.! The ha
beas corpus ease iif Jonr-, ehaig- d
with burglary u,d who wa.i ( onfhi
ed in jnil, ivas heard and he wis re
manded to jail in d 'fne.lt of bond.
CONTAOiOl Slt!,t,lHi:S (IK CAH I.I..
A letter I'roia lr. (.. IC. tt hitr. City VcJ
rrinui iiiii. of Ntihvl'!e.
In view of the fact that the con
tagious disease of tho eye of cattle
exists to some extent in this county,
weclip tho following letter from the
Nashville American for the benefit
of those who have diseased cattle1
Iu the past few iiay.-i nunu roun cut-
'rtaka of n oontn.;ccr.ailincas,e ef theevo
f cattle liavo been roportod to me. It
s cull'jd' by thoho wLo lmvo tlms fur re
ported it ''piiik eyn." This lias not only
been reported by .several dairymen of
ashville nad vicinity, but from tho coun
tieii of Rutherford, Minny, AVilliiuusou,
"ranklin, CofTi'e, Marshall and Bedford.
So far as I have been able to determine,
tho terra "piuk eye" is orrwncoubly iificd
iu reporting this disease. "Piuk ere,"
as it iej cominonlv applied, refers to an
euty-ely dilTereat affection, known as in
fluenza. From the pyniptoms described
in each and every letter which has come
iut,o my hands, 1 feel safe in saying that
it is tho sanio discaso which I liavo lata-
ly come iu contact with daily in tho stock
yards of this city. Tho affection refer
itu is cpii.oouo coujuucnvnis. it is
an infectious disease of cattle and which
causes hiflamatiou of the conjunctiva
(mucous nombrane of the eye). This
iuflaniatiou soon extends to tho cornea
and internal structures of tho ovcball.
Some few cases recover bofore the evo
ball becomes involved, but tho majority
arc nioro Rovcrely a&octed, aud it goes
on to Buppnration and udhesions of tho
cornea, to tho crystalline leuse, ulcera
tion, etc., causing partial or complete
blindness, which may iu some cases be
only temporary, while in ethers it is per
manent. This disease is widespread and
very contagious; when it attacks a herd
it usually affects all the cows.
The only treatment which seems to bt
of any avail is sedatives, viz : Tr. opium
1 part; water, 2 parts, applied to eyes
three times u day, or.Fl. ex. belladonna
1 dr.; zinc sulphate, 10 grains; water, 1
oz. ; apply three times a day until all in
flammation subsides. . Keep cuttle affect
ed in dark etulls. There has been very
little written or recorded in the profes
sional works on veterinary science as to
the pathology and treatmont of this dis
ease, and it is from facts which I have
recently observed iu the stock yards that
I write tho above, for the benefit of thoso
who have been so anxious as to make in
quiry through mo for information con
cerning the dinea.se which is playing such
havoc with their cattle.
G. R. White, 1). s.,
City Veterinarian
Co uu inn' Honey f Tar
Is not a mixture of stomach destroy
ing drugs, but is a scientifically pie
pared remedy that cures coughs and
colds and all throat and lung troub
les. Its action is quick, prompt and
positive. Sold by J. G. Pressou.
r. II. f . ' I:
f-iujM MiDDLU.:?ont:
.-..Kir ..-:.-
V. ! S;
'"leer 1 H Vi 'i:;i (
f the
11 M.uu : i'. V
I'l'l lie !
1)11 il ! : ! t
'l:t, 1 !n.;ly J ,y.i
i v, i
4 ! t :
frt.'h a v.. ;i at
... It !i:diie.;.-r and f-ii,.ii l.t.v.'
1 Jen: y ( . y -.u: .. .sir.
l'iv. V. Pi
a- h w hi; t
h, of i, JU.rk.
L ib
1 e.ii, Mn
: v.S te" 1.1 I'
of healttn
J. II. Spencer. ,!. . Jvi. and J.
II. Gunnery killed t'nvi eon:;.-, lust
Weil., and it 'H m . good day for
Coo!.-, eitllel.
MlPjjI.I I.iu.oh, August 1.
H.OM "M IT H 'IS COi.I I ' K;
I U ci-i c e Nl 1 1 t.i ; i.'e
Dry and. Lot wcr.tli'ji jrcvi.ii-i a,
this locality.
A. J. I.crkharL is tLivnitii.g v heat
in U mitv (kiunty.
G. ik ' '..ie, (Xi., is icported very
Hcl; tl,; . week with, fov !.
Ci era has made its appeivmnca
amoi!'. hogs in this loerlity.
P. H. Condor, i Hollow Hock,
is visiting relatives hero this week.
This community wis larcly rep
resented at flushing's Creoh Hu;i
day. The protracted met tuig at Pleas
ant Valley beginc the h yet Sunday
in September.
We would bo glad to set a letter
rom each of the old. correspond
ents once more.
Mrs. 11. N. Quillcn, of - Wyly, is
dangerously ill, but is thought to
be some better to-day.
Smith's College. August 17.
SlM'C.Ull COlTl'SpolHtCllW.:
M. E. Uyrn visited relatives at
Camden Sunday.
Robert Garner is recovering af
ter an illness of several days.
.Miss Alice Barnes has gouo to
Camden to visit her sister, Mrs. Q
P. Lashloe.
F.'-E. Bevell has moved into tho
houss of hia father-in-law, George
W. Cantrell.
There is a move on foot to erect
a union ehurch building at Barnes'
Several from here are attending
the revival meeting at llushing'e
Creek this weok.
GllEENEIilER, August. 1G.
Kogiilar coiTospoiidence.
Mrs. llandolph Herrin is very
sick this week.
W. F. Bullard is visiting at Paris
aud Springville.
John Faxon is reported on the
sic k list this week.
Kev. J. B. Ptussell preached at
Crooked Creek Sunday.
C. O. Vynn aud wife have teen
visiting on Lick Creek.
Thomas Hawkins, who has been
sick soaje time, is reported very low
this morning.
Mesdamee Mattie McBride and
S. Davidson visited at Big Sandy
last Wednesday.
Mesdamee William Tomlin and
S. J. Wheatley were among the
visitors hero Sunday.
The best of order prevailed at the
bran dance hero last Saturday, and
it was enjoyed by all present.
Everybody is pleased that the war
isover. Crops are exceedingly fine,
and we trust that peace and plenty
will prevail.
The now priest (wo did not learn
his name) officiated here Tuesday.
He takes tho place of Rev. Father
Jappeswho Las been removed ic
another field.
. Faxon. August !".

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