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The Camden chronicle. (Camden, Tenn.) 1890-current, November 25, 1898, Image 4

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OH II r. HUM I I 1 -n.
If v.. tiro!
oil till ( I
ill I;
1 1 1 i ii. I ilo 'li
. .1 n. i.-.t! il
1 1 ii j e ' -t t
i n i I , i i. i
It to ltl'l.l'l.'li.
'l.'T. '
... I
,r,'. I.
I 11 II; brl la It il tfrliylr
l.iun; m ami I n.!
i In ItiilUI mi Or-
uail 11 il'Hil.
itn. 1. 1.
. .ml :
i I ''! Oil t ' S
: , 1 : i i 1 in t -
I It- (. I It. ., iisnl I
I: . I'. HI ll 111 , U
ii i ' t'f a ' il- '
t ' fo.: HI V i I t'.il l,
;"' t i , ti I i ii
1 I .. ,' , V O lll.l III
i 1 'it srr m
'Mi VY ,", !U!'
s I I t H
vr Cwi-
t II A I " I I
I iiilM W I
4, l.u.l! !
Ti v
N I.
n i-i
t i., ,i r i,
It' I'
I I. W. I
It lull I Irilt 1 I
(I'si I i
1 1
(li i III
. I .ll
I r Is
V, I
i I.
,1 ,
.! .1 I v. . i I 1 i u il la .1' ,'..! tit r k ;
I .'Mo
4Hilt--l.il V i '1 '''' i
lit til.' I'! 1 'I I 1 . I I:
I i! I'M I, : .i) .'lei I I J. .o
i t (V . t ;t n f . t, l -.!', '. I,S J i l
li( pi. hi . l.-l.-M ' .'I' 1 II.
Vi ti t'.citisHiii - A i.
lit IIM' I .ll'- ' 1 I' I) U jl, .ill
V, I
r elm
w ill
i.-.-.i l.,r
I.. i ni.li
ipph i
' 1, Hi. I W I .1 .lillM" I
..,e. .1.11 ll III all
.'I I - .1
lii (.li v,.e, , l'i..l
till' ' a s 'lil ,1 i .il
ft' c ) t l 1 s. til!
I I .' .. lie . I..!' I .
Ail i 'il. ;,!" ! mi. I i ii -. li i l- .Mi'i.
tio .l i be .-iit J ill i: i i 'Mi I i
it.iday, M)Yi:Mi;i;it a
Fprrial ryi lespoiitliiiiei'.l
Isn't it titno to remo our fj 11-
11) jr t,i sj?
J. M. flol'mul id Huuirwlint ill
disposed tli Week.
A fino loy iccciitly nrri vi d ftt the
hoiritf of F. A. Fii n'-li.
W. li. l)erii-,L i.s maluny new
build in '4 improvement,-).
' J. M. Jordan, of Dresden, visited
r lntivcrt Ii'-rc Inst week,
i J. C. Cowi-ll is making needed
in provetiients on 1 i dv.villnir.
i Misses Hose and Elta Hudson,
of Liberty, visited relatives lien
Inst week.
Snow mnd its nnpe'irnnce liere
lliin morning, and-there aro indi
cations of a freeze.
V. A. Jvto contemplates Keeking
his fortunes in the West, find J. II.
Nunnery will thorlly move over on
Leiiverdam Creek.'
Elder G. 15. Daskerville presided
at the quarterly conference held nt
the chapel. Cowell'g Chapel paid
up aim over, and mere was enough
dinner to feed u9 many more. Al
together it wns a reat success.
AllDDLECUOOK, November 11.
i.i i
Special coriepoiideni'e.
M. E. Eyru bar charge of the
Barnes school
Riley Watson has been, buying
hogs m this locality.
Jesse Wyatt i.s improving his
dwelling, on the south hide.
Will Barnes is down with pneu
monia. We hope he will recover
in a short time.'
Jesge Wyatt fc Son. whose .mill
was nearly destroyed by tine the
Snd instant, will soon be. ready for
iue govern oer eiecuou is over
aud the. Democratic ticket elected
mi XT i i j
by a largely increased majority
Lets not tire in the good work, but
lets endeavor to make , a heavier
gain in favor of Bryan in 1900.
The literary society here meets
at. Barnes School-house every Sat-
umay ingtit. we nave recitations,
1 t 11T 1 i
f I i'
f .1
Md some interesting, debatable pleasant to rake, and never disap
questions are discussed. Ihesub- points 25c. and 50c. For sale by
leys ior uiscussjiou nex.u oaiuiuuy
evening is Ivesolvetl, that woman
should nave tuu right to vote.
John Irench has moved to las
new dwelling on Main street and
xurs. oaiue JMencu uhh moveo 10
the- pi ace lift vacated, same Flreet.
Bud Cherry has moved in with his
mother-in-law, on the east side, and
Howe Barnes has moved into the
house-vacated by Cherry, on the
corner of Main and Church streets.
- Greenbrier, November 22.
Hejnilar coiTcsptitKlotuie.
Robert Ayres lost a horse last
-week died of "bots."
W. A. bparKs nas omig. n , a nan
liueresi; in me ovuu vr nguu )iiiw,
and will move in the near luture.
J W. Bateman and wife. Mrs. O.
a Hnbbs and child and Carlos Fin-
ley, of Camden, visited here last
5J', ' .
The Sunday school is pleased to
have A. D. Vick for superintend-
ent There was a reasonably good
attendance at Sunday school Sun-
dav but the electioiiTif officers was
- until tIPYt, SllIK HV. Wfl
puaiajtinv.'t ; -j - you muse no ii oi insects, ana it ror-
hope that the interest in the work ter's 'I'rce Wash don't do as reoommend
will continue, for in this way only ed your money will be refunded.
on mod bo accomnlished.
While we would compliment the w ,,H5,h r;il,e- G- v ToDD-Smith's-
College correspondent for lamdon, renn. Agent
his "stickability," we will not en- lost.
courage him to stick to the old rnlw
of "tfV a"iilll, Sltiee tie plead with
is oeople so earnestly to make him
.n'bAnl director, when this office, ns
a rule, seeks the man. W7e are glad
that he is filill at his old place of
business, which is not his business,
but it-? 3 a busbies that his neigh-
bur v.-lini! Jy nl.j.-ct )i, Wt'l'.ipo
ll.nt !i" en :" in a buiin-fh
! i il ij i ( -1 i i , i iiil il i I !i n i 1 1 nt of ci it
i. i- hi'i liniiii' i. .mi
1 .1 1 i i; J V, N'.vr!iil.. r 22.
I IIIMI II A li I I I I 1).
Lobular " i respniitiinir )
do'ill 0'!cH V 11.1 (it lIll!;til);;doi
!n-.t Si! n 1 1 lay.
J. J. Cule nnd wif. t-.ited fi-'u-liv--
nt ( -'inidfii Sunday.
Dr. (1. !!. Wnlkim, of Hollow
Itoek, :n j eterdu y.
Cliaili-y Wii'mim iumiIi- bis re'jji.
I ir vifit in-ar Eville Sunday.
A lai;j' coiiLne'.'iil ion lieaid Ib'V.
M . . I l . . I i I : I l
.iir, Arm.-iu in i je;,.suu ikiue tn
M ip.s I'.i ttie Can inton, of nmr
1 1 II II tilled. HI, H n-A t lit' llenl of M iH
Kinina I'loii-hton Sniulay.
V Idle ci'ohsiu Sandy Iliver
last week illi four nudes to n lum
ber wh;uii L. A. Wyntt met with
an lu'ciiit-tit whirl. eHine mTir end
ing his life. The bridge aseway
and nil were precipitated into the
river. Mr. Wyatt had a narrow es
cape from drowning, and lost two
of his best mules.
(j.Utl Il'.I.I), November 22.
I't'iinlar firrosiifiiuti'iii'i'.
We nre having fine weather this
The cbiss raeotin here Sunday
wiiH H In i Hire.
1 1 i if . i i i
Jilley Watson snipped a Hire
drove of cattle yesterday.
Jesse ! firmer, of Claud, preached
hit the Hill Sunday eveniuir.
The new pastor, whoever lie may
be, will be here next Sunday.
John C. Ibishin-' thinks every-
body knows or ouht to know that
its a "irl.
Our old friend Mid neighbor. I).
C. Seruuus, will preach at Pleasant
Valley Thursday evening.
A 8aw-mill will mxui be in oper
ation near Wyly. This will give
eniployruent to several hands.
Smith's Collf.gk, Nov 23.
E. E. Thompson, of Cooley'H, will
pay you as much as any one else for
all kinds of barter.-
Board SI. 00 per day, at Mrs. J.
II. Farmer's. Reduced rates by
the week and month. Convenient
to the public square.
E E. Thompson,- of ' Oooley's
Tinmlimr will mnl-M if in vnnr in-
terest to call on him for flour and
Sfllt every barrel guaranteed.
Remember, E. E. Thompson pays
23 cents for ties delivered anywhere
on Tennessee River.
Stop that barking by the use of
Coussen's Honey of Tar. It arrests
the cough, allays irritation of the
throat, and relieves congestion of
I 7
tl ,., :n R (1,, Tti Rllf(, n..,i
j JJi'ess6a. 25
E E Thompson, of Cooley's
Landing, has a choice line of dry
00(S) el iliin shoes, hatst caps,
,,roc,,rjet, nIRl a iCB line of ladies'
htg and
wraps. You will save
money by calling on him for your
Take your turkeys and geese to
E. E. Thompson, of Cooley's Land
ing, and get the top prices.
Coimieii's Lljjlitiilng Liniment.
There is no jiain it will not relieve,
no wound it will not heal, no swell
ing it will not subdue. It will cure
frost bites, chilblains, corns. 25.
For hUh by j Q Vriou
pokieus tuek wash.
T!ie most neceory thing with farm-
evs lsfa (nrfl",rd n,,d ,c- "
some lnut, but it, can never be had until
yon rid vour trees of the iiiHceta that are
'mu.u ft great enemy to tliem
Porter's Tree Wash is w hat yon need,
It kills all insects that come in contact
it, nnd is one of the best fertilizers
on the market
lo prevent blights in vonr oichaid.
i i -, r .' ,
We furnislt the Nurseiyman'H Guide
a Cnlt'n pistol, between tlie residence
of Jndpe L. L. Davis and Camden, on
Isovemher 17. Return to me and ge
E- E. Fky.
.Take Laxative tironm Quinine TnIiMs Alldr'ii:-
Itistn refund money ir it fans t'f cure. kOc. The
Ke!iuiii hHX U n, IJ. on i-atll Ulilxt. ..
'..i .-iv. :. u , it. ,n j
'I ii' ei j.K.st a I. in.- ... ;!.. e( t",
( 'l. Hi I 1 i .11. 1 1 I' I . . ! N I .1 I 1 U ( i i 1! I ll II I I
1 1., t.t tin i I I - J,', 1 - i ! I t ' I ' 'I ' i il"
i" 'e . ' i I '! f tl,i''-(,iiiiil.oil."..l l'r- -In
l.-i i hi ( l.uirl, ( i i h.ii.i'u'o ii' .l Ii,.'..m
tl ia Hi lioot " I n. I, ,iin.. I. t 1m i ll k
witnil at ('nliHf.l.i.t, Mini !() 1:11 lniH In i ii
il.. i lv tii.- i j 1 1- i f luiiit.i.i null
0 P. . !i! iin I I't . i.i !i i v, in , J a i i
II til 'HI!, I COO IK,. jl! j. , ; H ,V I I' f. .
1 ijtfrt-. i!li h!ii. h to l.u'iil tl.o iio.tHii
lim 'I tin laui.ov l e c .1 ! .' . 1.1 h
or ro
I In' hunt Un!l w '.till t In .'I; i' i ti, In
l i.-. it. il will ti.' -:. .eto.l id. I jmi-.-le. . .!
i . . . i i i ii-
!i. Ilioill 1 1 1 i V ll 1 1 " I lin lit -ill V Ii il.l .1 .
n ot, i l;. v It W. i:i.-.kloy. nt ti.i
It V, Inn I toot i i -In ill i i it f. r it Jin t inn ll
lis tiu.o In !"K nfti r (lie v u ioil i ,i..o.
iif t he r.r-! it iitiuii Ho ill vi-il. i iti! i
in jiofiin iir 1 1 v ci a 1 1 -1 it 1 1 ul r io( tli.. ,i
riniis n ohlnti i i. h mill kviiuI i.f (lio
. .i. ..i ti
clitn cu, mill w in en . i.r ihn i ni.io w. i,
to tlie j'ofiKi in t rv av m--i1(J,
llio wi.ik i!l lie ( t !. I with tlie ul
1. I Ia! .1 e
11,1-1 II''T ItlMl ll-t li" 'III II. Ml l' Iii
lll lllV llllilltllt l;lis,i ,. ( 'lllullO' liinil
I -liy tfi iei I'liiii ill will Inn i' u mii'.i
I ilo I il.it'o in tiioh Id cm , f. 1 1' t ho i ir 1 1
una iH'iuoli '" ctiiitii i ii i' it'ti mo invito-
t iti i . i . i i .
Pi v i 1 1 1 -! i i:i iv t'ummit ! it-i koi it u
All iiiieio s ititoiitlotl f in' I he in-1 it u! in
slnml.l In- tr rwnitloil t. W. T. ll.iitlisi u
Nt) 111 Stiutl, remit Street. Nn-livil ...
Ti iin. Anv ii fm unit iri'i ilo-jroil c iii 1.
Hoctiii'il from l.'i'V (iini" () Itai'l'iiimi
m i'rot:i-v. 'Jl At i h gltiii HU'i ct, Niisii
ville, Tern.
lllntnrjr of I1 SihiiIIi - iiirlrn 1Vr, ly
llt-iirjr Wallvini'il,
Thf lilmvc it tin- title of a nil pel li! v il
liiNtrufnl. t ii lil v lmaii.l veluiiie ismit il
liv the Werner C'ii!nuiy, Akron, ( Miio
It is t'.e oi.lv aiithontio hi.tnrv of tie-
Si:iliisli-A inel ii'illl war tle.lt luisstif.il
come to our iiotii'e. All tlie othor
have, in the main, lioen merely re-vum,!-td
I i'-tories of the ('ilium w nr. with
hihih) il 1 list rat i'His ami u few ch!i'ter
ulioot the Simiiinh Amoiiean war. tM
course, ii'ivl lilnc lttloii liv Ueiil'V Wat
torhon wouM la renihilile. He. ahov.
all other miteit men in A inei ieu, is llttoil
liv trainiiiff tiiid exjieiionce to write a
history of this war, w hich has lirotiuht
worl'l- i'le renowi, ami oh.i-y to our
arms. Kvory line of the hook lireathes
an enthiuiiistio spii it of pati 'ioti-m that
is exhilarating end h, "pinup
The, work contains over CyjO pageH. h
large tinmlier of full-nie halftones,
topetlier with many licli ilonlile jinff" il
liihtrations. in ten coIoi h. It. is hoM liv
siiliscriition.ninl will uiulonliteillv prove
a money maker to every iutelliL'ent
Dear. Sir It is the dtsire of tlie rail
roads operating in Tennessee to Co op
crate w ith the improvetnf tit clubs, and
other development associations and land
companies of the State, in locating in
iliistiii-H kud settleta in everv conntv on
the line., of or tributary to the co-operating
railroads. To that end the follow
ing information is requested for a joint
publication .contemplated by the rail
roads to be circulated through Kvndi
eaten representingcapital for invest , uent,
oolonit 8 seeking settlements, and foreign
consul who represent colonies of their
countrymen seeking homes m thus conn
(1) A brief description of your town
with population, schools, churches, in
unstnes, railroads, navigable rivers,-etc
and the special inducements offered to
industrial enterprises.
(2) A brief genei al description of your
conntv with population, rati road a, tern
pikps, streair.R, and water power, school
system, churches, and the special induce
nients oib'i'eit immigrants in colonies
and for industrial enterprises,
Cuts in limited number and of- aile
sirablo character will bo accepted at the
expense of the community or the partit
(3) Description of mineral lands o
everv character; of timber lands in bod
ies of fjOO acres und up, and of fanning
lands in bodies of 1,000 acres and up. I
with prices and terms, the pi ice in no
case to exceed the price of such lands in
the locality.
The addresses of tlie secretaries of the
"improvement clubs' and other "devel
opment associations, and ot the land
companies representing the propel ties
described should accompany the dene-rip
tiva matter herein requested
All matter for this contemplated pub
lication shouldbo brief nnd business like
Robkiit Gates,
Industrial and immigration agent." Lou
lsvillo and Nashville Railroad Co',
Nashville, Tenu.
Industrial nnd immigration agent, Nash
villi', Chattanooga and St Louis Rail
road Co., ' Nashville, Teiin.
M. V. IheiiAitDs,
Lund and industrial agent, Southern
Railroad Co., Washington. D. ('.
P S. All replies to this circular and
letters of iuquirv should be addressed to
Robert Gates, 23DJ North Cherry fctreet
Nashville, Tenu.
53 Gill GOEE
chills and revea
Ple&Sitnt to t&Vo.
ContAlni no iioImu. Ccarnnteed
q euro dr moucy rmuu Jed,
Hot A hy 3, G, S'RESSON. amlen, Tenn,
I. H.l.
I I.
1 II 1 HI li 11'
!-.,!.l l.v I.
.in ill. r u iitiii,'n l.oitt tie I'iKr'
.if iiik i i lii 4 ell i,
ii,.. t.
i I.
l'.ll .1.
; i or e i' '
M-..V, fl.tO.l-, I
li UK"' '
j ..i .. fil.li'!'-
Iii ; 1 1. iih'h" .
ll UlHlt fl ij
loo, till 0
1- i.
Vitt'li-tl-i l;;
I s Volt. ei.'
I',o(llill:i. Iiilll.- Lilt 1 1 1 ltollt j!ill
ul In-. l-1 .it'll, in it Mil, i';!o:i Alo'l'
it. K Imi lull i i ! i- 1 l-y m.iii
i n;' '. 't Pi i. o, Z'i I't'i
' l olliiiol tt lil
V I -,.,,.1
011 1 io!- ii,;' in
A li' V ml I cl V i.
liiliimii, ci.in.lio
m n in hi-iill h ?
1 1 up
tt if
he fill
' ?
mi ii
-Itvi 'fth ninl et ol-
,, ,i-i...ii..,.i i, ii i i
iitoil mi! '"ioriil!y
If o, vi iii r livi ri
tm pi.l. atol a fo
o'li e ymi I loi
houlth I " tm !.
V lliios llf I I Ol I ., l:o Will
I ii ui' he in) i tpial as a
HoM liv J. (I Picsmui.
'l ev h nllu.t it saliva
with sour stomach.
ttlli'lf tlollli'l'tl
Titlilt'r' llurkryn Fit Ointment
( lives inMaiit relief. It ull.tys ii fl iiiiii
tiini ami heiils. It is prompt in it" notion
an. I positive in its 1 fleet It it tl u I'.inil
'hat clues without, ynin or il i M'oiiif. i t.
It is for piles onlv. i()e. Tuhes, 7oe
Nil, h J (i Press,,,,. 2o
Forevety loisti'-e of xonr own that
von notice, yon make a ilozon that yon
are never aware of. Atchison Globe.
Tor Infants and Children.
to Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Tlui Ololm-linntictal.
Of iiiniinal Interest to every reader ef H1U I'll
1.1 i tlie iitheri moment elsewhere III I lilt Issue
X the SI. I .mils I Untie lieinneral, iiiiiiiieslloiialily
one of tlie greatest A lint nan iiews,i.iHrs. Utal
l el les imiier ean lit' hail In III. ill. even itav, Ii -
I111I1111! the tile Sinnlav Issue, lor onlv '1 H year.
ami. at Unit ta lee. tits e. it a nil v wit Ii 1 11 1 lie leai
0( all Him ileslie to leatl anv ilailv Iiaper t he
Wee' Iv Ulolie 1 li imiriat Is tssiieil III semi weekly
sei'tiniisof ei'lil 11 lui'seaeli. iiiakiiiir il in aetiealiy
a laiue Hoini-weeklv. anil ulmosl eonal ti- Ilie hv
ei-.ii.'e daily, at il a year, 't ins Issue is just Ilie
1 hilar for Hi" fanner, nieielmnt or inofi'ssitiiuii
man who lias not the tune to reail a daily panel
lint w shes to keen in 1 i 1 1 , 1 1 v and tiiorou -lily
iosted. It is made ni with es,iecial reference to
the wants ol everv meii.lier of tlie laniily, not only
tivim; all the news, lint also a ifi'eat variety of 111
lerestinjr aim uistriieiivsi leadilar mailer (H all
kinds. Write for tree sample copies ti Olobe
J't nilint; Co., St. Louis, Mo. Adv.
I Adveitlseinetiw inserted under this head
al ;i cents per line each inseituin.
f AN TKP Al'ciiI to
reiiresi'iit th lathes'
l.aniiiti V ill tlie noiiiii
1 Ugliest elass vvoi K
01? It Job prnituiK facilities are first-class, and
our sis eiallv I wood work. Kstntiatcs (and
samples where possible) will he finiiished on up
nitration. Address Iiik l-H kumci.k, I amdeii
T AOISTKATICS W A 111! A NTS. Hxeeiiliotis,
ii I nnd stale Wiin ants for sale at Tit tcl'H nos
ici.k nllii e. Oilier blanks primed in order.
; AN'I KD-Aftcni for ''History of the Span
W .ish-Aliieriean War,'' liv Henry Walteison
A enuiplete, anllielitte history; illnstratvU wit It
over 7U lull-iiiiire hail-tones and many rielily col
oietl nii'tins. Lame inval oelavo volnine, su
perl) until!, postpaid for only 50 eenis fs'smps
lakes). Most liberal lei irs, 1 lie m-i-aiesi oipoi
liii'itv of -Hit' ytvar. Address, Xllli WEIiNlil
( 'OMl'AAY, A!uon,Ohlo.
A T AN I hi) - Several trustworthy iiersons in
Y this Slate to iiianai;e our business- in their
ow 11 ami nearby counties. It is mainly otllee work
I'linditi-ted at Iioiiii' Salary str,ia;ht '.KK) a eur.
ll1 id expenses - deli 11 it. , bona lido, no more, tin less
salary. Monthly 75. Uefeitniecse JCm-lose sell
iddiesseil sninioed eiivelose, llerhcrl E. Iless,
riesidellt, Uepai tnifiit M, 'lliicago.
Vt.C:milX& WO kntaiueU' sj El
Through Cars;
m Quick Time, and
Sure Connection
riirtinuh Sleepers to Hie West via McKoir.ie..
i'liroiich Sleepers to Ilie Sunt It via Alonl iromei y
i lnout;li Sleepers 10 the Northensl vis Louisville
EiUlOKANTS seek I UK tinmen oil tills line oj
tills road Will receive speeial low rales. I' or limps,
rales, ele., see agents of ties enninain , or ad
dress, ' C. P. ATMOKK,
lleiioral I'as.semieV Anent,
Loeisvii.i.i.. Ky.
(Opposite the Sonihi-ni.)
First-Class in all its Appointment!
200 1100 s.
RATES $2 & $2.50 PER DAY;-
k LI.V . I . . . A iti.' W
in ' i ,! hi 1 1 L i : in
r a i l I u ii i ii in
..I...... :,, ..!
,-t i ... h ot! si r t .o
ll, ,.
h I I
Hi- i '
.". "- 'li
. p i IT in
i' 1 l cur;
. I iol till!
II r..w
- h. i
ui !
v .,-:..-( Amv ii f
. I t'li . ol ' ,i . , I hi
to ' W '1 '
-r Jim IP;
1 1 . a ' i .in 'oil'!
i. w ii . 1 .y
I I I'll I !..,
I iiiii l. ti, leiill
In !.. il .11
; -i I., to I
... I 1 1! til
rilj lt -...tl li'irt.
. ti iv mio-tlnr.l
Ar.v .
li.. f
U i
H 11
n l lio I i .line
w ill tin. I it to.
watitiej to i
. -l I i m
A. J
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I'avnit. 'leniJ.
17 21
I'liui N ' t l .irm in liii lif li civil
..tii..if I,. 'iii. hi '.anty, nt i ;n i iil
iictoH, siiii.i'o.l me inel a i,,i.l nine Hutu
ini li to to, iwn its thf L A Nos.'iii
a.-e. I'le re a re 'J;1 in re-1 ' 1 1 1 . - till? l.itet,
ol Hie itii;.f..'. .-ui tils c it s.-t "! a piinl
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nine itwoiii I' tutuurn li.lt ll HII I OHitT
.1 l"j iinij- A valu.tliie pi in' f.'r a
. l-uti W lin W l- ili'S a i;-mi 1 ImllOl eoiiVcll--1
1 1 to to" ti
I act No 'J Seven hntiilre-! hiti a nl-
IV!,.' liver littl'lt) hltjl, Sllll.l'e.l sil
li . H Ii-.iii .1 .lot -hi vol.', Mini Iwelvrt
on s In. in (am -Ion, mi.) ki.nwn as Hie
J I' it nier p 'in a- I'here are 1(H) acrcH
n n.i it ..iie.' Mil -1 com a i ns va l n ati i e 1 1 inner
,v!ne!i ii inn.' won!. I sell f r it siiHieient
ui '-ii'it In pay f i, ilie unc" ot the land.
Apply to th" F iniiers' B'liMuijj A. iAmr,
Iss i lail'in.
N 'slivillt', lenn
'.nl'.u k A l:,isli n' H iw. vs. V. S. Mc
Paine! In 1 liatieeiy l 'mirl at Cannlen.
I'ur-nat t to a decree of -ale pro 1011 need'
the N ploniliel tetm 1S1IS ofcmrtiu
tttinV'' slv'fl e:i;is,' I vvi On
sell to the hn'ln't hid lor. at ilie colirt-
uise ilnor iii the tuwit of Camden, the
ilowiiii; iioii-e sun I l"t nitnated 111 lh
iwni f P.iif s.itcly, t'enn , and luoiniled'--f
nil. '!: On the north bv lite Iol ol.
,'..hei-u west by Nichols, smith bv Lilnl
sev and east bv J, F. 1 ) vv 1 1 v . Snid lot;
l'r.itili.23 fed and runs back 150 feet. 'I lie
said lot will b- sold to s alis'v inechaiiU'8'
and tiirnishi r' lien ft r 7?iGo0iind cost.
Ik ii Ms 1 if Sale Said property will he
11 1 . t - . 1 . r f . 1.
sunt tii, h crenn hi iiioiiins ir"e uimi ine-
qtiiiy of redemption I'nrehaser w ill be-
riqui-ii"! to execute interest bearing not
1 11I1 npproveil security, ani lien retaiueci
as turiln r sectirnv
lhm Nnveiuber 17. 1 93'-
d. (i iiunsov.
17 2") Clerk and Master;
St. Louis a TBnnesaea Elve?
iriTV Of Sllr-I'FIKT.D.
6TKAMKK8 ! i 'I I' Y , W. I'AI'UI All.
NIC of Hii'se eleirant steamers leave St. bonis.
verv Wednesday and Saturday for all noints.
nil tlie Vliviisxiiipi Uiver to ('alio, Ohio Hiverto
railiieiih, and l eniiessee Uiver to i'lorence, tak
int; tt vicht ami passenn"is for all iionits on tlie
Ohio to 1'itisliureh, and on the Cinnlierkiinl to
Nashville, 't hioimli bills of laiMjn;, proniit sery
lee, and low rates.
T rattle Manawr,
W iifirf-boat fool of Olive street. ST. LOUIS.
;-er")ne of these steamers arrive at Johnson.,
ville every Tuesday ami Friday
fuos. r. Mi 1. 1. k.h.
V fil 1 H Bicycle.OoW Watch, Diamond
kmjf, or a Scholarship in.
ipv Draughon's Practical business
l-'PflOl'P College, Nashville, 'lenn., or
& Wvpiw Texaikana, Tex., or a schol
arship in most any other reputable business col
lege ox literary school in the U. S. can be secured ,
by doing a little work at home for the Youths'
Advocate, an illustrated semi-monthly journal.
It is elevatini? in character, moral in tone, and
especially interesting and profitable to younjf
people, but rend with interest and profit by peo
ple of all ages. Stories and other interesting
matter well illustrated. Sample copies sent free.
A Rents wanted. Address Youths' Advocate Pub.
Co., Kashville, Tenn. Mention this paper.J
' ''"V
Trade Marks
r'1i, C0PYRIGHT3 &C.
Anvone nentllng a akotfh nd Secrlptlnn inf
qnleklv Hsonrtnin our opinion free whether an 1
Invention In nrobnhlr P'ltctable. Conimtinlea.'
tiotat strictly eonartenlial. Ilaudnook on CuOmta
uent freo. Oldest neenev for neeuring patentit.
Patents tsken tlirnuch Munn & Co. reelr.'
jw-riut nofic, without rhnrco, in tbo
A himdsomoly llhiMrnted wsekly.
dilution of any Hi'ientillo lournal.
Ijircest rir
1 ernis, $3 a
Teir: four months, fl. hold by nil newxieiilers.
; tiling Co B flaw Ycrk
lirarjcb Offlco. F St., Washlugiou, l. U
P A,
1 j
re:: p.-DTr.crrn. t:0T fc?. rrrisncnT.
writs duccis & duccis, Patent AttcrscrJ.
Inventive Afjo Duilclinar,
, Book J'';?.;. Mi-ntion this fmpu
1 1 1 . -
- -

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