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Vol. XVIII. No.. 5.
Whole No.
1 S t I ,
There wore only two members of !
the county court-Justices Luter
and Sinot hers -absent lust Mqcfiay j
nifll'll !lli wrl-wiii lnf lt-l,. !l
for tho lirst quarterly term of 1800. !
ourt held only one dav when the
important business was eoaiphed. !
Tho appropriations for all pur-j
poses amounted in tho aggregate to
$504.49. . . j
T. Vr. Barnos was elected tax-!
assessor in the eighth district 'for!
.the, on ex pi red term of N. C. Brew
.er, resigned. J. G. IJollinj.Bworth
was elected to tho same position in
the third district to till out tlie.un
' expired term of J. Q, Moore, de
. . ceased.
D. B. GosjseU was re-elected
.county superintendent of public h:
.struetion. O. P. Lashlee was re
elected coroner, and Eugene Travis
,w as elected .ranger.
The election of road c.ominission
.'ers was taken up by districts, re
sulting in the following selections:
.First district, Henry Cain ; sec
ond, Al Novell; third, Riley Mark
, ham; fourth,; J. C. Moore; fifth, J.
II. Kee; sixth, John Bane; sev
enth, J. M. Melton; eighth, T. F.
Baker; ninth, Berry JJeriHiou;
tenth, B. A. Totty; eleventh, A. N.
Walker; twelfth, Frank Johnson;
-thirteenth, J. M. Bishop; four
Ueenth, W. II. Hyatt.
The following is the tax levied
;. for the year 1899: County purposes,
.30 cents; road .5 cents; school, 20
cents; amount .same as state on
.privileges for county and school
purposes. Road hands are requir
. ed to give, five days to the county's
. Special correspondence.
B; Davidson has his new corn
mill in operation.
Miss Lena-Davidson is spending
: the holidays with, her uncle, Ellis
Pafford", of near Eva.
Mrs. Thompsonr.&nd Miss Ethel
Wesson; of Waverly, are visiting
: Mrs. Gertrude Gardner, of this
J. H. Melton," of 1 Gainesville,
axas, is visiting his father, Almy
-Melton. He says he is well satisfi
; ed and likes the country fine.
.Next Sunday is the regular ap
pointment for Rev. W. A. Watts
atFlatwoods 11 a. ru. and at Chest
. nut Hill 3 p. m. Everybody come
. out and hear him and you will be
benefited. '
., ' Robert Hamer and Miss Carrie
Smith were happily united in the
holy bonds of matrimony at the
.home of the bride's father last
Sunday, T. J. Lowry, esq., officiat
. ing. Afterwards they were accom
panied by Mis Sophia Farrar.and
j "Atha Thomas, Miss " Flora Smith
t and -Eddie Farrar to the home of
-W. R. Hamer, where a hospitable
Tho Ivhrd You Have Always Bought lias borno the signa
ture of Chas. II. Fletcher, and haa.bcen made under his
personal supervision lor over SO years. Allow no one -to
deceive you in this. Countcrieits, Imitations and
Substitutes aro but Experiments, and endanger tho
health of Chihireu Experience against Experiment.
CJastoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,. Drops
and Soothing Sjrups. It is Harmless and.I'leasant. It
contains nciHier Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
' gubstauce. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
- and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
,nnd Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Mtomaeh and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
l You Have A
Bears' the
' . SAjy-
In Use For
THtCrHTtunCOUnif, TT
reception was given them and a
table was loaded with plenty that
was good to .eat and nice to look
upon. The many friends of this
couple wish theju a long and happy
life together and that their home
may always be filled with the sun
shine that t needs to make it a
pleasant and desirable place. May
God's blessing crown them with
success in ljfe -and ,a home in
Way, January ii.
iiuyham Lodge, Knights of Py
thias, willgiye a public installation
of officers at their castle hall next
Monday evening. Address will
be made by Grand Chancellor Mc
Claren, of Jackson, and Dr. E. W.
Ridings, of .Dickson. Both are in
teresting, speakers, and a pleasant
time. is promised. The following
officers-elect will be installed: E.
L. Hudson,- chancellor commander;
W. E. McCullongh, vice chancellor;
W-;JP. McGill, prelate; E. E..Fry,
master-at-arms; S. L. Peeler, mas
ter of finance; J. R. Hudson, master
of exchequer; J. W. Fussell,master
of work; O. W. Hubbs, keeper of
records and seal ; G. W. Arnold, in
ner guard; T. C. Rye, outer guard.
The marriage of Miss Ada Hall,
of this' place, and Mr. Ellington,
of Nashville, was solemnized
ChristmRS afternoon at the home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S.H. Hall. -Rev. N. R. Waters of
ficiated. The wedding was a quiet
one, only a few friends being pres
ent. Shortly after the ceremony
the wedding party partook of re
freshments, and then Mr. and Mrs.
Ellington left for Nashville, amid
the good wishes of .their friends.
Joseph Lassiter, of Galloway, Ky.,
was the guest of his daughter, Mrs.
N. R. Waters,, last week.
Duncan Wheatley, of Big Sandy,
is confined within the walls, of the
county jail.
Coussen'f Lightning Llnimeut.
Will cure lame back, ecre throat,
wounds, sprains, bruises,- old sores,
cuts. ; Ladies, it will cure your back,
ache. 25c. Sold by J . G. Presson
Is your child puny, peektd and
peevish t Does it fret and cry with
out seeming cause?. Does it have
convulsions? If so, it has worms,
and White's Cream Vermifuge will
expel them and restore its health.
2oc. Sold by J. G. Presson
"'7"A'NTED-Sev(M,!il trustworthy persons In
l tim state to luanaae our uuslnesi 111 tueir
own and nearby counties. It is mainly offiee work
conducted at home. Salary straight 5?;)00 a year
and expenses dcllnite, boiiatide, no more, no' less
salary. Monthly $75. iteferenees. Enclose self
addressed stamped envelope, Herbert K. Hess,
i resmeot, .Department M, cnwuKO.
Signature of
-7T .
Over 30 Years.
Yesterdny was Old Christmas.
Mrs. Mattie Hubbs was very sick
Wednesday evening.
E. L. Hudson made a flying trip
to Waverly last week. '
Zeb Hudson has returned from a
trip to Gainesville, Tex.
Mrs. Leona McDaniel visited at
Bok during the holidays.
P. Melton has been ailing a. few
days, but not seriously so. '
There were numerous f.'.mily
Christmas trees in Camden.
Clarence McDade, of McKenzie,
is the guest of Hugh McGill.
Begin the new year. 1899 by sub
scribing for The Chronicle.
Tom J. Dodd, of Springville, was
in town a few days last week.
Her Hubbs was reported on the
sick list a few days last week. .
Mies Maud Saunders visited in
Humphreys County last week.
Miss Anna McDaniel has return
ed to Jackson to attend school.
The smiling countenance of Bill
Austin is seen on the road egain.
L.'B. Hubbs, of Dyer, visited rel
atives and spent Christmas here.
J. M. Herrin moved to his fath
er's farm in the country last week,
Miss Maggie Melton has return
ed home from a visit at Waverly,
Bub Totty moved to the Ward
place nl South Camden yesterday.
Miss Mary Collins who has been
sick some time, is reported better.
Mrs. M. M. Dodson entertained
the little folks last Saturday .even.
Miss Mollie Mattice, of Nash,
ville, spent Christmas with home
Watch parties wero held in sev
eral Camden , homes last Saturday
. Virgil A. Rushing and family, of
Box, spent Christmas here with rel
A dance was given at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Harris Wyly last
It. L. Phillips is making some
changes and remodeling his busi
ness house.
William J. Rye, of Paducah, vis
ited with Camden relatives during
the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Fry, of Nash
ville, were here on a visit during
the holidays.
Mrs. J. E. Yarbrough and child,
of Nashville, visited with relatives
here last week.
Justice W. T. Morris was at
Nashville last week. Also Tom C.
Rye and others.
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Williams, of
Manlyville, visited with . relatives
here Christmas.
Have you read our "Miscellaue
ous Advertising" in this issue of
The Chronicle?
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell -Roy, of
Huntingdon, were guests of Mrs.
Dodson Christmas.
. Mrs. JR. L. Phillips , and child
have returned from a visit to rela
tives at Hollow Rock.
. Ewing Goodin moved to the Rye
place last week, which is now own
ed by Harris Rogers,
Miss Loudie Morgan, of Holla
day, was a guest at the home of W.
L. McLlyea last week.
W. Dee and T. M. Steele spent
Christmas with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Steele.
Miss Bettie Carrington, of Hunt
ingdon, spent the Christmas holi
days here with friends.
W. E. McRae will make exten
sive improvements on the A. J. Far
mer place, now owned by him.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Whitfield, of
Springville, were over to spend the
holidays with Camden relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. -Claud Hudson, of
Alamo, epent Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hudson.
The young folks have had a jolly
time during the holidays.
.Camden had the appearance of
two Sundays last week, as Monday
wa.3 observed as Christmas holiday.
C. T. Brecheen invited a few-
friends to an anniversary dinner on
his thirty-eighth birthday last 1 ri
day. Mrs. Lou Hudson and children,
cf Huntingdon, spent Christmas
with her mother, Mrs. M. M. Dod
son. It. L. Beasley, who moved to
Gardner about a year ago, has re
turned to his old home near Egg
ville. Claud Bateman, of Hickman
County, was Ihe guest of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Bateman one day last
J. W. Saunders, guard at the
State penitentiary at Morrow, spent
Christmas with homefolks in the
third district.
Clerk L. R. Watson spent Christ
mas at Holladay with homefolks.
He also spent a few day3 at Nash
yille last week.
The young people rwrere. given a
"rowser" at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Arnold Thursday even
ing of last week
-W. A. Steele has moved to tlie
Hawley place, though Mrs. Leona
McDaniel will remain at the Wyly
place for the present. i
It.ia softly whispered that wed
ding bells will - ring in. Camden
agaiu before mauy moons,. though
we have not received an invitation.
Jesse Hall, who has been attend
ing a commercial school at Nash
ville, returned to spend Christmas
and the holidays with homefolks.
Charley Webb and family, ..of
Humphreys County, visited Cam
den relatives during the holidays.
We regret to learn that Mm Webb
is now totally blind. .
Rev. Mr. Couch preached last
Sunday forenoon, but gave way in
the evening on account of the ap
pointment of Elder G., H. .Martin
at.tlie Methodist Church.
After a lapse "of six years Miss
Eva Beasley, one of the most charm
ing membersof Brownsville soeiety,
visited with relatives and friends
here during the holidays.
Eider G. II. Martin occupied the
pulpit at the Methodjst Church last
Sunday evening. He- addressed
very earnest and impressive words
to his audience, and was given good
. Hon.. and Mrs. J. A. Clement
gave a Christmas- party to . -their
young friends during the holidays.
Dainty refreshments- were served,
and the young folks spent' a most
delightful evening. ' -
" A piercing cold wave was in full
swing here last Saturday morning.
This was proceeded by rain, and
the mercury fell rapidly Friday
night. Snow fell. Saturday night,
and Sunday and Monday were
sunny but cold.
, Miss Lizzie Martin, of Waverly,
came over this week, and will teach
a class in musie here. Tiie Chron
icle extends a hearty welcome to
Miss Martin, and we assure her the
people of Camden are glad to have
her with us again.
-The horae-of Mr. and Mrs. 8. L.
Peeler was the scene of a charming
entertainment Thursday evening of
last week. It- was given in honor
of Mr. Peeler's brother,' Tom Peel
er, esq., and Miss Sudie Hastings,
of Huntingdon, who. were their
Wayne Rye and daughter, Miss
Mattie, left last week to make their
home at Mayfield, Ky. They will
be greatly missed by their many
friends here, where the family re
sided for a long number of years.
All wish them peace and happiness
in their new home.
Mr. and .Mrs. Will S. Corbitt
gave an entertainment one evening
last week in honor of . Mrs. Cor
bett's brothers, Thomas and David
Vaughan, of Ralston, who spent
the Christmas holidays with "them
on a visit. The home was also the
scene of another enjoyable enter
tainment last Tuesday evening. .
The Christmas tree exercises at
the Methodist Church was largely
attended. The exercises were brief
but impressive, and ai, the close the
gifts from the thre.'. trees were d is-,
Mrs. W. P. Saunders and chil-
dren have returned from a visit at
Oakton, Ky., with relatives. She
was accompanied by her nW:e,
Miss Myrtio Roberson, who will
visit with Camden relatives.
Herbert Caraway, .oi! J)l Sandy,
aud Allie Bowles, of Paris, 'visited
with relatives here last week. Tire
former has purchased an interest ju
his father's mercantile business at
Big Sandy and Faxon, the 4yle of
the firm being W. Caraway & Son.
There, was a total eclipse of the
moon Tuesday afternoon of last
week. Owing to tho . lateness of
tho hour when tho moon rose, it
did not come into view until 5.45
p. m. and totally eclipsed. It left
the ehadow about 7.35 p. m. The
total eclipse' was visible jjout 45
minutes. '"L
.The doors of Benton Seminary
were opened again 'Monday, after a
vacation. The new "'tern? ,. opens
with the very best .piOBpectn for a
prosperous session, and tho'atrons
of the school are well pleasecPwith
the faculty. ."Thos who are inter
ested should investigate this school
before making otlr Arrangements.
Posto.ak Camp, Woodmen of the
World, will install the following
officers next Tuesday evening: F.
E. McElyea, consul ; commander;
R. L. Bridges, adviser lieutenant;
T. H.. Bateman,'banker; J. G. Rob
ins, clerk; J. E. Totty,,j"r., escort;
W-. S. C.orbitt, .watch man ; O. C.
Hudson, . sentry; -E. L. Hudson,
inanagei. 1
Quarterly conference was held at
the Methodist Church Moiuday and
was presided over byElder G. H.
Martin. : "The reports shoved,,that
all debts had been canceled, and at
the close Elder Martin stated, that
it was . the most satisfactory and
pleasant conference die had ever
presided over,.&nd : expressed hinv
self well-pleased in everyway.
The Camden band completed its
organization Tuesday -eveniug, and
tho boys have already beguu regu
lar practice. New instruments are
needed and will, Unpurchased., at.
once. The following young men
compose the band: -..E. M. McAu
ley, E cornet; U. A. Potts, B. cor
net ; Edgar"Tottyrd to ;'.Bob Spen
cer, alto; Garlon Hudson, -tenor;
Eugene Travis, tuba ; Travis Brooks
snare drum, and Mike Collius bass
-Miss Metta "Holladay, 'who has
been teaching school at Springville,
and W.'P. Diggs, both of Holladay,
were married here Saturday before
Christmas, Justice W. T. Morris
officiating. Miss Holladay was re
turning from Springville and was
met here by Mr. Diggs. Justice
Morris, who is always willing and
ready, was soon found and after the
nuptial knot had been tied Mr. and
Mrs. Diggs left for" their home at
Holladay. We join in extending
best wishes.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. McRae gave
a reception Saturday evening- in
honor' of the sixteenth anniversary
of their daughter, ' Miss Pearl. A
merrier gathering has not met dur
ing the holiday season, and few
host esses can entertain more charm
ingly than Miss -Pearl. She was
the recipient of many beautiful
and nice presents. The refresh
ments were deliciously prepared
and well served, and the guests
forgot all daily cares to revel in the
delightful pleasures of the evening.
' ' There "are somo changes in the
cattle quarantine this year to which
our attention has been called by
Inspector Landon Wyly. The na
tional and State quarantine laws
have heretofore beeirin operation
from January 15 to November 15.
This has been changed so that tho
j quarantine went into effect Janua
ry 1 and continues until December
31. In other words the quarntine
against cattle is in operation dur
ing the entire year 1899. Benton
County is still quarantined against
Decatur and 'Henderson counties.
This;ruarautiziQ has- never been

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