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v Vol. XVIII. No. G.
Whole No. 150
Manila, P. I, November "22ik,
1808. Editor of The Chronicle.
I left San Francisco on the good
old ship Peru for Manila. The sea
was very heavy, and the wind was
rather, raw for land lubbers. The
boys got decidedly sea sick, and
could not chew the grub dished out
to tlujnio they went below to their
little bed of straw.
As soon as wo were able to do so
we drilled on deck just ag we did on
land,, and I can tell you they kept
H on our feet until we forget all
about ou r sickness, lied horse and
bean soup constituted the menu of
our daily meals. It was all we had
to eat, and there was a sore time on
board ship for the battery boys.
In due time and after much anx
iety, mingled, with curiosity, we ar
rived at Honolulu a bright oasis
on the bosom of the broad and
boundless Pacific where we were
given. a;. grand reception anda din
ner that was simply "out of sight."
When they saw "Old Glory" the
people gave three hearty cheers for
the boys and; the emblem of free
dom. When the Honolulu band
began, to. play, the boys declared
that was the place for them, and
we were willing to end our journey
right there,.
But no. The Peru soou sailed
for the Philippines, and, after an
uneventful voyage, we arrived at
Luzon,. As- we' anchored in the
bay at Manila the gunboat Concord
steamed around'us, and, we heard
the captain, of that, staunch fight
ing craft, of, Uncle Sam, say that
Santiago had' fall en and that the
Spanish fleet was , no more. This
the first news we had received
of Schley's great naval victory in
the We3t Iudias. We were also
informed that .we, would have a hot
time as soon as we went ashore.
And how.- the boys did yell and
cheer when they saw the ships of
Admiral Dewey's fleet that fought
so welt and destroyed the Spanish
fleet at Cavefce!'
We landed from the Peru in the
small boats and were then marched
to Camp Dewey, where we arrived
wet, foot-sore and hungry, but we
got there all the same, and pitched
cur dog tents in the mud and rain.
And how it did rain! It simply
poured, and there was a wet old
time in Camp Dewey that night.
AVe slept well, however, and awoke
n Ky Li
"9 .jr"i f v
V 1 i
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought lias l)onio tlio signa
ture of Cltas. II. Fletcher, and lias been made uuder his
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Substitutes are but Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a substitute for
- , . . . ii. -.
ailU SOOtliinjr oyrwps. ii i iwrnuess mvi i luisiiuii iv
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys AVornis
and allays Eeverislmess. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulcncv. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and 15oivels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.-
The KM You to Always Bought
Bears the
In Use For Over 30
next morning looking for Spanish
Now we are at Manila. We will
do the best we can and not become
discouraged in this God-forsaken
land, but hope the powers that be
at Washington will soou call us
home to dear old Tennessee and the
loved ones we left behind. And
when wo do get home how thrilling
will be the stories of deeds of duty
and valor told by the boys in blue.
Walter E. Lynch.
Light Battery G, Sixth Artillery.
Koniilur correspondence.
J. B. Ilerriu has gone on a visit
to Kentucky.
William McGill has moved to the
farm of George Bane.
Homer Hicks has shipped a car
load of hogs this week.
There was quite an increase in
the attendance at school here yes
terday. John Herrin has gone to the
Mouth of Sandy t where he has em
ployment. We think and hope that parties
in this community have about pe
tered out.
The home of Jeff Markham has
been made happy by the arrival of
a daughter.
Bill Hall says its a little tough,
but ho will continue to "batch" it
awhile longer,
J. C. Rushing killed a porker last
week that weighed G74 pounds net.
Beat the sixth district for big hogs.
Now that the road commissioners
have been elected for the yeur, we
hope and expect them to appoint
overseers who will see that roads
are kept in good condition and that
the hands repair the same at the
time it is needed, and not permit
the usual shiftless way of simply
"putting in time."
Satrrn's College, January 10.
Is your child puny, peeked and
peevish? Does it fret and cry with
out seeming cause? Does it have
convulsions? If so, it has worms,
and White's Cream Vermifuge will
expel them and restore its health.
25c. Sold by J. G. Presson
Try that roasted cotfee, the best
in town, at G. W. Arnold's. 18-1
WANTKD-Several 'trust worthy persons in
this State to manage our business in their
own find nearby counties. It is mainly oltiee work
conducted at home. Salary straight S'.NX) a year
and expenses definite, boiialide, no nure,no less
salary. Monthly $75. References; Knelose self
addressed stamped envelope, Herbert K. Hess,
President, Department M, Chicago.
Castor Oil, Parcjroric, Drops
. r "l . . . ..i n 1 ...... , I -
Signature of
Tin, 1
fit it
Si l ! Li 1
William Caraway, of Big Sandy,
was in town Monday.
A. C. McRae is moving ttiis week
to near his farm on the Tennessee
Mrs. W. N. Austin, and son, Mas
ter Charley, of Lavergu, visited at
Camden during the holidays.
The continued rains daring the
past week has swollen the small
streams, interfering with travel to
some extent.
It. H. Daniel, of Sugar Tree, of
fers attractive inducements to the
home-seeker. See advertisement in
another column.
Lawyers Rye, Peeler and Mur
phy and Deputy Clerk and Master
Hall have been engaged this week
taking depositions at Holladay and
other points.
W. L. Morris, who has been hon
ored with the position of assistant
clerk of the senate of the general
assembly, and Hon. A. P. Lashlee
spent Sunday at home.
Berry Herndon, a prominent cit
izen of the eight district, met with
an accident last Friday which may
prove fatal. In felling a large tree
a limb flew back, striking him on
the head, crushing the skull. His
recovery is extremely doubtful.
We give space this week to a let
ter from Walter E. Lynch, of Light
Battery G, Sixth United States Ar
tillery in the Philippines. We note
in recent dispatches that the Sixth
Artillery has gone to Iloilo, where
a crisis in the Philippines may be
The following students from out
of town have entered school at Ben
ton Seminary since the opening:
Tenuie Scheoning, of Big Sandy;
Delia Depriest, of Micldlebrook;
Byrd and Mackie Hubbs, of Holla-
day; Luther and Arch Hollings
worth, of Beaverdam.
G. M. Fowler, of Waverly, was
here the first of the week placing a
telephone exchange in the new long
distance telephone office recently
finished by their agent, Robert R
Phillips. This is quite an improve
ment over the old office, as it gives
his patrons a private office where
they will not be disturbed while
using the line. Mr. Phillips has
also had a telephone placed in his
residence and connected with the
longdistance office, which will make
it more convenient on Sunday and
at night, as it will enable him to
answer all calls at any time. The
bank has connection with the long
distance telephone for private use.
This, however, will not interfere
with the exchange office at the store
of the Phillips Grocery Co.
Complaint is made by our sub
scribers at Garfield that the pack
age of Chronicles which should
reach them on Saturday seldom
comes until the next Tuesday or
Thursday, and frequently of late
thev were not received at all. We
wish to assure them and all other
subscribers that the delays and oth
er faults incident to the delivery of
the paper does not occur in The
Chronicle omce. the paper is
delivered at the post-office here ev
ery Friday morning in ample time
for all outgoing mails, and then our
supervision ceases. If subscribers
can ascertain wherein these delays
occur, they are requested to notify
us at once, and the matter will bo
investigated. We do not presume
to say where the fault occurs, but
there has been more or less com
plaint to us recently froin various
sources, and the department is anx
ious to locate the trouble.
The January term of criminal
court will meet here next Monday.
There was an unusually large-at
tendance at the two Sunday schools
hero Sunday,
Miss Mary Steele, of Bertrand,
Mo., is the guest of her brother,
W. A. Steele.
Miss Charlie Evans has been the
uost of the Misses Stigall a few
days this week.
Ephram Williams, of Manlyville,
spent a few days here this week
with relatives and friends.
A report of the annual election
of officers of the Camden Bank and
also the Knights of Honor have
not been handed in.
There will be a call meeting of
Postoak Camp, Woodmen of the
World, next Tuesday evening to
install the new officers-elect.
The inclement weather interfer
ed with the Knights of Pythias en
tertainment Monday night, but all
who braved the elements were roy
ally entertained by the gallant
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to Hoody Belyew and Lillie Hol
land, T. A. Ellington and Ada Hall,
W. P. Diggs and Meta K. Holladay,
R. T. Stockdale and F. L. Wynn,
T. O. Bishop and Mary Utley, R.
H. Hamer'and Carrie Smith, J. F.
Bailey and Minnie Baker, W R.
Jones and Octavia Cole, James L.
Bateman and V. N. Neal, S. R.
Toity and Ella Holland.
The negroes residing southeast
of here on Tennessee River claim
to have received warning- to leave
the county by February 1 or take
tho consequences, and as a result
there is great excitement among
them and many are preparing to
leave. Just what the consequences
would be in the event the threat is
not complied .with would be hard
to determine, but we have in mind
a similar case in Carroll County not
a great while ago, and the conse
quences were a sacrifice of several
human lives in an attempt to defy
law and order. If there are strong
grievances, the courts are provided
to adjudicate all differences, and
law-abiding citizens can not coun
tenance any attempt to force men
to sacrifice their property and leave
their homes,- even under extreme
provocation, and in this case the
only ground for the act as we un
derstand it is general antipathy for
the negro race. We hope that the
better judgment will prevail in the
matter, and that -we all peacefully
await the solution of the race prob
lem, if problem it be.
The members of the Methodist
Episcopal Church in all parts of
the world are asked to contribute
S20.000.000 for a " Twentieth cen
tury thank offering fund." The
money will be devoted to the char
itable and educational institutions
now maintained by the Methodist
Church, and will be one of the
grandest contributions any organi
zation has ever undertaken for the
benefit of the human race. This
twentieth century thank offering is
intended to be an expression of the
thanks of the people of the Meth
odist Church for the completion of
twenty centuries of Christianity,
and the proposition to raise by vol
untary contributions the vast sum of
$20,000,000 is believed by the Bish
ons of the church to be the most
appropriate expression possible of
that sentiment.
Coutifiu's Llghtuliig Liniment.
Will cure lame back, sore throat,
wounds, sprains, bruises, old sores,
cuts. Ladies,it will cure your back
ache. 25c. Sold by J. G. Presson
Regular correspondence.
Rev. N. R. Waters preached at
the chapel Sunday.
Mrs. N. J. Bridges .visited near
Hollow Rock last week.
V. C. Jordan has rented tho
Lynch place for the year.
The tie industry is inactive on
account of rain audjmud.
Miss Inez Smith is the guest of
Miss Viva Bridges this week.
Rabbit hunting is a very jleas
ant pastime for the young men.
We understand that the Rev. Mr.
Thompson will preach ,at the Grose
Roads church the fifth Sunday.
Some of our citizens want a tel
ephone line to Camden, The way
to get it -is to go down ,into your
pockets, gentlemen. .First ascer
tain the cost, -and wo .vdlljsof just'
how bad you want it.
31IDDLEBR0OK, January 11.
Special correspondent!.
H. E. Wyatt went ;to Paris last
Brazil Brewer moved to Faxon
last week.
J. S. Davidson is on the sick list
this week.
William Gross moved to near
Faxon last week.
Walter Brake has moved to the
Cut. We are. glad to have him in
our midst.
The newest thing in town is a girl
at the home of R. L. Staguer, ar
riving last Tuesday.
We are having a great deal of
rain, and we understand Tennessee
River is rising rapidly.
Lee Nance, son of William Nance,
died rather suddenly last Friday.
He was about 20 years of age, and
a most exemplary young man. We
extend sympathy to the bereaved '
relatives. "
Faxon, January 30. ,
Special correspondence.
Romy Holland cut his foot w
chopping wood last week.
Jesse Farmer, -of Claud, visited
with James Farrar last week.
Joel Hassell has moved to tho
Bud Rushing farm, on Cypress.
Register H. C. Pafford, of Cam
den, visited near Claud last week.
Leon, the little son of R. D. Cun
ningham has been very sick, but is
some better-.
Mrs. L. M. Bryant, who has been
at Nashville for some time, is visit
ing with friends at this place.
Rev. W. A. Watts preached at
Flatwoods Sunday forenoon and at
Chestnut Hill in the afternoon.
George Davidson, who has been
residing in Humphreys County, re
cently move to a place near Cam
den. Mrs. Caroline Davidson and little
daughter were thrown from a mule
Sunday, but their injuries are not
T. W. Cuff opened a subscription
school at the Farrar School-house
yesterday. Those from here who
are attending are Misses Van de 11a
and Delia Holland and Loise Paf
ford. The new year is here, so let us
begin it with new resolutions and
endeavor to excel our efforts of the
past year; for each year we live we
should strive to bo more useful to
the society in which we live and in
encouraging and influencing others
to live for God and his cause. We
do not see why some one does not
contribute a good article on" this
subject to The Chronicle occa
sionally. They could be brief and
yet wield a .potent influence for
Way, January 10.

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