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VeneruMo Scimior Drivers a Highly In.
toreMlng Discourse.
Morulny proved to bean interesting
tlftj ill tbe senate, the principal nub
"Jject under diacuFtuion being the con
etitutionul right of the United States
to carry into effect the policy of ex
pansion. The leading speaker was
Mr. llonr, republican, of Massachu
etis, who delivered a speech in sup
port of the resolution introduced by
Mr. Vest, democrat, of Missouri, de
claring it to be in opposition to the
Aintitution for this country to acquire
fureiga territory to be governed per
manently as colonies.
Mr. Hoar was accorded the unusual
-compliment of cloeo and undivided at
tention by his colleagues on the floor
and a large audience in the galleries,
lie maintained that it was in violation
of the constitution and the declaration
of independence, "the great expounder
of the constitution," for this country
to acquire foreign territory to bo held
and governed as colonies.
Without adverting to the proposed
policy of the United States entering
upon an expansion of its territory ex
cept in a general and indirect manner,
Mr. Hoar entered upon a discussion
of the constitutional phases of the
question involved in the resolution
under consideration, prefacing his ar
gument with a statement of his per
gonal position on the subject.
"I dislike to differ from the presi
dent, whose election I hailed with
Buch personal satisfaction and snch ex
ulting anticipations for the republic.
I dislike to differ from so many of my
party associates in this chamber, with
whom I have for so many years trod
the same pathway. I thank God a3
my eyes grow dim they look out on a
fairer country, a better people, a
lighter future."
Mr. Hoar believed, he paid, this
country to be a nation a sovereign
nation. He believed congress pos
sessed all the powers necessary to ac
complish the great objects the framers
of the constitution intended should be
accomplished. But he denied that it
possessed the "astonishing" and "ex
travagant" powers under the constitu
tion which the senator from Connect
icut (Mr. Piatt) attributed to it.
VMr. Hoar was inclined to ridicule
those who favor expansion and the
ratification of the treaty of Paris with
out amendment. Their arguments, he
-said, were "three cheers for the flag;
who will dare to haul it down? Hold
onto everything you can get. America
lias outgrown Americanism."
In the course of hia appeal to senat
ors, Mr. Hoar said: "When you raise
the flag over the Philippine islands as
tn emblem of dominion and acquisi
ion, you take it down from Independ
ence Hall."
Mr. Hoar dwelt with emphasis upon
the large increase in national expendi
ture, which policy of expansion advo
cated by Mr. Piatt would entail plac
ing the amount at $150,000,000 an
nually. He argued that the adoption of Mr.
Piatt's doctrine would reduce wages,
crease taxation, place an armed sol
dier on the back of the working man
and by the act of the government ev
. ery American's dignity would be dis
"lionored and his manhood discrowned.
In conclusion Mr. Hoar said he
could not, agree that the declaration of
independence and the constitution are
a failure, and that America is to begin
he twentieth century where Spain be-
;an the sixteenth.
Collections of Department Have Grown
to Large Proportion.
The monthly statement of the co,'
lections of internal revenue show
that during November 1898, the re
ceipts amounted to $22,404,405 against
$13,959,296 for November, 1897. The
receipts from some of the sources of
revenue, with the increase in each
case, as compared with November,
1897, are giver, as follows:
Spirils, 9,538,461; increase, $866,
481. Tohacco, $4,337,018; increase, $1-,
!l? Fermented liquors, $4,814,022; in
crease, $2,564,960.
For the five -months of the fiscal
year the receipts aggregated $161,
129,583, an increase as compared with
the sam period in 1897, of $44,341,
118. At this rate of increase the re
ceipts from all -internal revenue
purees during the present fiscal year
w ill aggregate about $275,000,000,
YVnshlnjrtnii Officials Anxiously Awaiting;
Development In Philippines. -
A great deal of reticence is exhib
ited at the war department relative to
the Mate cf affairs at Iloilo. It is ad
j'itetl that General Otis has reported
l the department the facts that were
reported to him by General Miller.but
all that can bo gathered as to the nature
of the communication is that it goes to
conCnn the-press dispatches as to the
attitude of the insurgents.
'lirre are escellent reasons why the
officials at the war department should
at this stage mantain secrecy as to the
instructions governing the movement
of troops in the Philippines.
i i . r-f n
Ol J
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lining of your throat and
lungs. It Is better than wet
feet to cause bronchitis and
pneumonia. Only keep it
up long enough and you
will succeed in reducing your
weight, losing your appetite,
bringing on a slow fever ana
making everything exactly
right for the germs of con
sumption. Stop coughing and you
will get well.
u trim
cures coughs of every kind.
An ordinary cough disap
pears In a single night. The
racking coughs of bronchitis
are coon completely mas
tered. And, if not too far
along, the coughs of con
sumption are completely
Ask your druggist for one
Dr. Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral
, Plaster.
It will aid the action of the
Cherry Pectoral.
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ever ana detlre the belt mdlcal
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mm m
It Shows the Only Method by Which Diseases of the Respiratory
Organs Can Be Reached and Cured.
Passage ot the
, -
to Heat and Dry
me Air Dsiore en
tering tho Bronchi
al Tubes and Lungs
Seusa ofsiuell de
stroyed hero bv
strong Liquid Med
icines. TOXGl'B.
Sense of taste de
itroyed by strong
liquid medicines
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Atomizers and
Vapor stop here.
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Quizzler Wonder what the Bible
means by 'vain repetition?'
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Jones, Browne-Browne, etc., I sup
pose. New York Journal.
"La Creole"
Altruistic Warning",
Mistress (kindly)Jane, I hear you
have been seen in the park with my
Jane (defiantly) Yes.ma'am, I have.
Mistress (still more kindly) Well,
Jane, you are a good girl, and I dislike
to lose you: but I cannot have any one
about the house who keeps bad com
pany. Harlem Life.
A Double Crop of Apple.
On a Long Island farm la an apple tree
which bore two crops of fruit Iho past year,
and the farmers are taking unusual Interest
In llils peculiarity of nature. Just as much
Interest has been shown In llostettor's Rtom
aoh Hitters, which has the peculiarity of cur.
lng dyspepsia, Indigestion, constipation and
Mood disorders that other remedies fall to
benefit. In chronic cbsps It rarely falls, and
It cures whenever a cure Is possible.
Nearly all skin diseases are supposed to be
caused by nilcroa"opIc insects.
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ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
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In one of the Canary islands there is a tree
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shower of water drops from its tufted foliage.
The water comes out through innumerable
little pores situated at the edge of the leaves.
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Thoso who regret the decadence of the
beautiful Santa Clans myth should reflect
that the modern style of chimney Imposes
altogether too severe a strain, even upon the
credulity of children. Boston Transcript.
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Closed by irrltat.
lng Sprays, Douches
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Vapors, c a U 1 1 u g
Dry air only can
enter tbe Bronchial
Tubes and Lungs.
Through it alone
ran Diseases of
these Organs be
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IbI M.'rlH
i t a
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Hair Restorer is a Perfect
Every farmer's wife knows how necessary it is that
the milk buckets, pans, churns, and other implements of
the dairy be perfectly clean and free from taint. A com
mon yellow soap that smells of rosin should never be used
for washing these. Such soaps are made of materials that
you would not use for any purpose. Besides, they are
sticky and the soap will get into the cracks and corners and
stay there. Ivory Soap, is pure, it is well made, and only
sweetclean materials are used. Then it rinses readily.
. CprrlM,189. lyTl.rilOM.kUO..CIoel.nUl.
W WW WW W WW w www w wwWw W WWwWWW
Gerstle's Female Panacea
T""(Gr. !F. P.)""-
Which is absolutely the best female remedy ever offered her, Even if she has
been negligent and allowed disease to fasten itself upon her she should not de
spair of being cured. This medicine is a purely vegetable tonic, containing
those ingredients intended by nature as a remedy for suffering women. It mat
ters not if other remedies have been tried and proven failures Gerstle's Fe
male Panacea will not fall. If there is any tendency to costiveness, indi
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Panacea, $1.00 per Bottle.
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' W W W W W ' W W W W W W
It Looked That Way.
Smith What kind of business is
Brown engaged in?
Jones Pneumatic, I think."
Smith Pneumatic! Why, I never
heard of a business like that.
Smith Well, whatever it is, he's
running it on wind. Chicago News.
Benuty Is Iilood Deep.
Clean blood means' a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cattaar
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) presence, this bth day of December,
sea L A. D. 1880. A. W. Olkason.
' i ') Notary Public
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It requires over 8W000 a year to run tbe
Crystal Palace in London.
Doing It Up.
"How long does it take you to do
up a white ruffled shirt?"
Laundress: "Generally about two
evenings, mam." From Life.
Dressing and Hestorer.
Female Panacea o
Cures All Diseases of Women. i
MANY women are under the impression jf
that the diseases peculiar to their sex f j
that the tiiseases peculiar to their sex
nr nntnrnl fmH inmrnnle hurniiQA an
many suffer constantly from thcni. This is a f 1
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thnt they cannot be cured. It is true, f J
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efficient when the first symptoms of dis- f j
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J Best Couph feyrup. Tantcs Good. Use 1
JVJ In t'e- r'ld fri'ggjytB.
nm ...
Price 1.00.
fix? wy

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