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Vol. XVJ1I. No. 7.
CAMDEN. TENN., Fill DAY. JANUARY 20, 1890.
i desire to say to my friends and
customers that ! appreciate the lib
era! trade they have given me in the
past lYly trade the past season has
been immense.
iy stock is complete In every de
partment, and will be enlarged dur
ing the year 1 899, ! can offer the
best bargains in town. Call and
see me when in town, and make
my store your headquarters.
t, r - (
. i t i 1
TLlio Kisrd Ycu.ITavo Always Bought lias l)onio the signa
ture of Clias. it. Fletcher, and lias been made under his
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
Substitutes are hut Experiments, and endanger the
health of Children Experience against. Experiment.
rCastoria Js a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms
... and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
.and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and l$owels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The. Children's "Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Tie KM You Have Always BougM
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years.
American Beauties
. 11
S ' f
' V ' Economic Painless "Liver Pills cures
: billiousness in one night. Moves bowels
- without griping. Your druggist guaran
,,tee tbsw. Friee, 25ceuU.
Signature of
Economic Littla 13ita cure neuralgia
and headache in a few minutes. Abso
lutely armless. . Guaranteed by your
uruggisr. rnce, 'Ao cents.
Is your liver tired? does it fail to do
its duty ? If bo, don't neglect its call for
help. A few doses of Ilerbine may save
you a spell of sickness. Ilerbine is the
only perfect liver medicine. It cures
chills and fever. 50c. Sold by .J. G.
Pressou! - " 18-5
Tabler'B Burkeye File Ointment
Relieves the interse itching. It soothes,
it heals, it cures chrcnic cases when sur
geons fail. It is a scientific certainty. Its
sales increase through its cures,' it is no
experiment. - Every bottle guaranteed.
50c. Tubes' 75c. Sold by J. G. Pressou.
"-Cousseh's Honey ot Tar is not a mixt
ure of stomach destroying drugs, but is a
scientifically prepared remedy that cures
coughs and colds, and all throat nud lung
troubles. Its action isquick, prompt,
and positive. . 25c. and 50o. Sold by J.
G. Presson. 18-5
Coutieti'g lightning Liniment.
.Will cure lame back, sore throat,
wounds, sprains, bruises, old sores,
cuts. Ladies, it will cure your back
Sold, by, J,. (i Presson.
Ie your child puny, peeked and
peevish? 'Does it fret and cry with
out seemiug cause? Does it have
convulsions? If so, it' has worms,
and White's Cream Vermifuge will
expel them and restore its health.
25c Sold by J; GPresson
Take Laxative Rroino Quinine Tablets. All drug
gists refund money if it tails to cure. 25c. The
genuine lias L. li. Q. on each tablot.
WANTED-Several trustworthy Iff' ls In
this Slate to manage our business heir
owu unci nearby counties. It is mainly ollice work
conducted at home.. Salary siraifibt S'.mOa year
andexpenses-rfiennita, bouiifirie, no more.nolcss
.sal;n y. Monthly $7i. Upierencec. Enclose wit
addressed filamped envelope, -lierbeit E. Hess,
President, Department M, CatcaRo,
RIM all your 1wter and cross-lien to STIG
ALU ar POTTS and get the top jn.l'Wi
r -v 1 s. .i k. 1 'A
t. i lit i ii 1 1 i t vi
"J Zi
Criminal court methereMoudav.
and the following proceedings have-
been had up to the tune of gnng
to press last night:
General Laves, tipplnir: stricken
from the docket.
Carl Arnold. Wvlv Ellis. Walter
Jilmore, Sid Webb, John Hoskins,
and lsham .Nunnery, gaining; sub
mitted and each lined and cost.
Noah Prince and Arch Powers,
carrying weapons; submitted and
each fined S50 and cost.
Ca3Metlock.tirDlintr: nolle cros-
equied nt defendant's cost.
(jr. W. Matlock and Alvm JJane,
carrying weapons; nolle prosequied
iu each case at defendant's cost.
Carl Arnpld and Walter Elmore,
gaining; nolle prosequied in each
case at defendant's cost.
Noah Arnold, forfeiture on sub
txfctia: iudemeut ni si.
Elbert Florence, drunkenness;
submitted, and. fined 5 and cost.
Henry Ballard, murder. Trial
began Tuesday, and the attorney
freueral finished the arcumeut Yes
terday. The case was then sub
mitted to the jury under the charge
of the, court, and the jury is still
Regular correspondence.
T. W. Cuff was at Way Saturday
on business.
James Pafford has moved to the
Chestnut Hill community.
W. G. Robertson is reported on
the sick list, and Mrs. Sara Cuff is
in feeble health.
A. G. Farrar and wife have re
turned from a visit to relatives in
Humphreys County.
A graphophone entertainment at
the home of G. H, Cuff last Sunday
evening was well attended.
AVill Dobson and Bertram' Sar
rett have returned from an extend,
ed trip to Middle Tennessee.
Uncle Timothy Blanchard, who
has been very sick at the home of
W. M. Cuff the past week, is some
We regret to learn that there is
no improvement in the health of
D. D. Pafford, who has been on the
decline for some time.
Flatwoods, January 17.
Special correspondence.
Frank Flowers cut his foot last
B.L Gardner visited in Hum
phreys County Sundaj
J. H. Pafford attended quarterly
meeting at. Big bandy Saturday.
Mrs. Mary Totty, of near Eva, is
visiting her brotherf John Chil
Frank Wesson and wife, of Hum
phreys County, visited relatives in
this locality last week.
'What has become of the Claud,
Eva and all the silent correspond
ents? Let us1 heaf from you.
Mrs. Louise Raspberry, who is
making her homo- with Mrs. Susan
Melton, has been very sick, but is
Mrs.' Mornen Melton was called
to Hollow Rock last week by the
illness of -her daughterKMrs. Kizzie
Ross, little sou of Osco Pafford,
who has been quite sick, is thought
to be some better, but it is feared
thac as a result of fever settling in
his legs he will be a cripple for life.
-.Way, January 17.
Roiailar correspondence.
Mrs. Matilda Bane is very sick
this week.
S. C. Madrey says he wants to ex
change yearlings for a cook.
It is said they have only nine
school directors in the eighth dis
trict at present.
-The "itch" has made its appear
ance, and for that reason Teacher
Liildsey' has resigned his school
He says he could stand it, but was
afraid to risk it on somebody else.
M. E. Byrn, an immune teacher of
Cuba, will finish out the school.
. It is regretted that Rev. Moore
has changed his appointment here
from the fourth to the second Sun
day and at the same hour of Rev.
Bushardt's appointment. The two
churches are within one hundred
yards of oneanother, Rnd his action
will not havo a tendency to ke-p
down hard feelings Ihat will surely
follow, lor tins reason we hope
that he will reconsider hs, decision.
Ave were agreeably surprised at
sentiments expressed by the Lib
erty correspondent last week, lie
lets himself down very gracefully,
and we will abide by the decision.
AV e do not feel that we are duo auy
one an apology, but feel under last
ing obligations to the editor for Ins
fairness and indulgences We feel
that the correspondent aforesaid is
inclined to turn from the errors of
his wuy, and like most meti in their
last moments he tells the truth in
saying that we are good frien,ds. If
an opportunity should occur we are
ready and' will gladly vote for . him
for any office to which he might as
pire from dog-pelter down.
Smith's College, January 17.
Special correspondence.
Miss Alice Baker, of Wyly, vis
ited hem.bunday.
Robert AVarmack, of Big Sandy,
visited here ounday.
Buyers drove out several head of
hogs and cattle here last week.
Miss Bennio Byrn is visiting her
sister, Mrs. G.:AV. Bucy, at Spring
Mrs. Sara McGuire has moved
into the house with Jill's. -Amanda
JamesLockhart has been absent
from his school several days this
week on account of bad weather.
Henry French and John Alsup
failed to close their land trade, and
the former has moved to the Pierce
place, near Springville.
Greenbkter, January 17.
Regular correspondence.
'There was a heavy rainfall here
last week.
Simou Nobles- visited near Big
Sandy Sunday.
Bullard & Holjaud have put in a
new saw at their factory.
. Bullard & Holland shipped a car
load of ax handles last week. -
. O. A.'Utley, who -is teaching at
nails valley, was here Saturday
It is proposed to petition for an
extension of the.Lutertou mail
route to Claud.
Miss Pennie Pierce; John Pierce
and A. J. Fletcher , vieited at Big
Sandy Saturday. -What
has been done toward nut
ting in a telephone line fronrBjg
Sandy to Claud? . Can anybody'
Sulphur Springs, January 17
Regular correspondence.
iNR. II. Elmore and wife spent last
bunday at Uarneld.
Sam Miller, of Box, spent Satur
day and Sunday here.
Miss Belle Elmore was at Cam
den a short time Saturday.
L. N. Lanier, of Mansfield, was
here on business last week.
Mrs. Nancy Elmore, is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Retta Simpson,
at Gleason.
George Beasley returned home
Saturday from a two weeks stay at
Buena Vista.
AValter Taylor, of Hollow Rock,
passed through here last, Saturday
with his sunny smiles.
Mrs. Quillie AVatsoii left Satur
day for her home at Crockett, Ark.,
accompanied by Mrs. Nancy Pres
son. The young folks had an enjoya-'
ble time last Saturday and Sunday
evening at the singing at the homes
of J. J. Cole and J. P. Jordan.
Zach, January 17.
The "X" on your paper indicates
that your time of subscription to
The Chronicle has expired, and
your paper will b stopped unless
renewed at once. We-hope our
subscribers, upon finding the "X"
on their paper will kindly renew
their subscriptions promptly. -
.The Chronicle will be mailed
to any address for 50 cent3 a year,
payable in advance. Subscribers
will please promptly notify us of
any irregularity in the delivery of
their papers.
The Chronicle and Democracy,
Nashville's new paper, SI per year.
See estray notice of 1 .. Bridgc
in another column.
Jesse Hall left for Dickson thi
week to attend school.
Rcy. Mr. Couch will p relic 1 1 next
Sunday forenoon and evening.
Alex BivenB hns gone 1c Hunt
ingdon to work jn the Democrat
Born, Saturday, January 11 to
Alvin Wiseman and wife, of Post
oak, a daughter.
Hugh Phillips, of the Issue, and
A. A. Lindscy, of llustbnrgh, wrr
in town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. N.eal, of -Nashville,
were guests of the fw.Lv. ff Ewing
Goodwin last week. 1 '
We congratulate Hon. William
L. Morris on the arrival of an heijr
at his home Sunday evening.
The "hut" met Wednesday even
ing, and four members were duly
installed with sublime 'ceremony.
Ewing Goodwill went . to . Duck
River Monday to attend the funer
al of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Amanda
Goodwin, who died Sunday.
T J. Dodd and J. H. Whitfield,
of Springville, were here last Fri
day. Mr. Dodd has bought the in
terest of:.Mr. Whitfield 'uf the stave
mill at that place.
Jasper -Rushing returned hpme
frpm Texas. ktst-Friday, where he
has been for the past month look
ing after his interests there. He
says he left them . all well and coiu
William Wiseman, of near Paris,
was. shaking' .liands .with., old Cam
den friends the first of the week.
He was reared near this place, but
moved ..to. Henry County numbers
of years go. 7
This has been a very disagreeable
week for those who had to attend
criminal court here. The roads are
iu the worst possible condition and
we have had all kinds of disagreeable-
Our clever tonsorial -artist Jack
Fuller, has an eye single to the com
fort and-taste of v his. patrons. To
meet the demand' he will put in an
other chair of the latent pattern Una
The following gentlemen com
pose the grand jury: L. H. Pres
son , foreman.. A.. - D... Wood s, J3 A.
Totty, G. AV.-Kirk; A ' Meiton; D.
Q. Kee, R. C. Floyd, J. B. Nance,
S. C. AVright, T. L. Johson; Jesse
Johnson, Bob - Walker and G. W.
A belated report of a sad death on
Crooked Creek about three weeks
ago has reached us. It seems that
a young man by the narue-ofiauce
Lfll into a creek one cold night and
froze to death before he reached
home. He was about 21 years of
age, and well thought of in;that
The oldest man in Benton Coun
ty, Uncle Thomas. Swindle, who re
sides 8 miles south of here, was in
town Monday. He is in excellent
health, and is remarkably wU pre
served for a man of his years. "He
informed us that he would be- 88
years old -in' February, nhdvthat he
had never tasted liquor or used to
bacco in any form.
Burglars were at work-in town
Mcmday 'night. The .hoiiSs of Joe
Hubbs was entered and robbed of
clothing belonging, to Mr. Hubbs
a n d is hi c t h e r. ' Fa r t of t h e clo th
ing were found under the house the
next morning. The choice of meat
was made at J. ,Wi Rowe's, but Mr.
Rowe does not know-exactly how
much meat was taken. Indications
show that an nttempt was made to
enteivtke home of ye editor. Per
haps they wisely concluded that the
field was barren and that time spent
there was time losL -.At-the home
of Capt. AV. F. Maiden they robbed
the clothes line, almost stripping it,
and appropriated Conbtable John
Maiden's overcoat. They did not
neglect the parsonage, but appro
priated a quantity clothing on
the clothes line. There is no clue
as yet to the thief or. thieves, but a
strict wateh -will be kept to.effect
a capture.

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