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The New InduHirlos IU.porte-1 In the Sooth
Imlrijr the Yutt AVeek.
The more important of the new in
dustries specially reported during the
yast week, include a $30,000 company
in Arkansas to manufacture boiler
feeders; a $10,000 box and basket
factory in Kentucky; a brick works in
Arkansas; a canning factory in South
Carolina; a large cotton mill in Geor
gia; a 7,000 spindle cotton mill in
South Carolina, and a $300,000 cotton
mill in Texas; a 0,000 bushel grain
elevator in Arkansas; flouring mills in
utucky and Virginia; a foundry and
machine shop and a $50,000 grist mill
and elevator in Oeorgio; a hardware
company in Arkansas; a harness factory
in East Tennessee; an ice factory in
Texas; an insulator pin factory in
East Tennessee; a knitting mill in
Virginia; lumber companies in Texas
and West Virginia; a marble mill in
East Tennessee; two oil companies in
West Virginia; saw mills in Kentucky,
Tennessee and Texas; a $200,000 shin
gle company in West Virginia; a
$400,000 silk mill in Virginia; tele
. phone companies in Kentucky and
West Virginia, and a woodworking
plant in North Carolina. Tradesman
Chattanooga, Tenn.)
Win Be Appointed liy the r resident To
Study the Philippine.
A Washington special says: Presi
dent Schurman, of Cornell university,"
was at the white house Monday, and
had a talk with the president: On
leaving he said that he had accepted a
position on a commission of five
, which is to be appointed to study the
commercial and social problems of the
It is now understood that the other
members of the commission will be
Admiral Dewey, General Otis, Colonel
Charles Denby and Professor Dean I.
"Worcester, of Ann Arbor university.
The work of the commission, it is
understood, will be purely of an eco
nomic and not of a political nature.
He Is Presented a Portrait of Mftjor Pel-
liam Uy Veterans.
VV General Joseph Wheeler was the lion
of Richmond, Va., Monday. He reach
ed the city late in the afternoon and
shortly thereafter was escorted to a
meeting of the R. E.. Lee camp No. 1,
Confederate Veterans, where, on be
half of the camp, he accepted a hand
some portrait of Major John Pelham,
presented to the organization by the
Sons of Confederate Veterans camps of
Richmond. '
The governor and several Virginia
members of congress and an immense
.rfril -rtmf i r olf flti ilftrtdfl on1 f na rlia,
linguished visitor was vociferously
applauded. Edwin P. Cox presented
the portrait and General Wheeler de
livered the speech of acceptance.
Take the Oath and la Qualified as Sena
tor From Vermont. v
The senate held no session for the
transaction of business Monday.
When the body convened at 12 o'clock
it proceeded at once, in accordance
with the resolution adopted on Satur
day last, to the house of representa
tives to attend as a body the obsequies
of the late Representative Nelson
I At 1 .o'clock the senate returned to
its chamber. After the reading of the
journal, Mr. Proctor, of Vermont, pre
sented the credentials of Jonathan
Ross, appointed by Governor Edward
C. Smith, of Vermont, to fill the un
expired term of the late Senator Jus
tin S. Morrill. The credentials wero
read and the oath of office was admin
istered by Vice President Ilobart.
Trial of Yonnjr Woman Fixed For Fehru
ary Term of Court.
A New York dispatch says: Mrs
Fayne Strahau Moore, in whose recent
trial for complicity with her husband
in "badgering" Martin Mahon the jury
w disagreed, was arraigned Monday be-
fore Justice Fursmau in the crimina
branch of the supreme court. Justice
Fursman placed the case down on the
calender to take its
regular order
After the court proceedings William
A. E. Moore, the husband of Fayne
Moore, was taken from the Tombs to
the Grand Central depot, where he
J was put on a train for Sing Sing to
serve out a sentence oi nineteen years,
Injunction Asked By Thomns Kyan 18
nicd By Maryland Court.
A Baltimore dispatch says: Judges
Wykes and Stockbridge have denied
1ia iuinr.etion recently asked for in
"" the Maryland circuit court by Thomas
F. Ryan, of New York, in which the
petitioner sought to restrain the trans
fer of 3,000 shares of the stock of the
Seaboard Air Line held by trustees
'N 'under a pooling agreement. The pe-
' titiou was dismissed and Mr, Myan
was ordered to pay the costs.
The action of the court in denying
the injunction clears the way to a
transfer of the road to its new owners.
Ban w m
When the children get their
feet wet and take cold give them
a hot foot bath, a bowl of hot
drink, a dose of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and put them to bed.
The chances ore thty will be
all right in the morning. Con
tinue the Cherry Pectoral a few
days, until all cough has dis
appeared. Old coughs are also cured;
we mean the coughs or bron
chitis, weak throats and irritable
lungs. Even the- hard coughs
.of consumption are always
stnade eaiy and frequently cured
, the continued use of
Every doctor knows that wild
cherry bark is the best remedy
known to medical science for
soothing and healing inflamed
throats and lungs.
Put one of
Dr. Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral
over yGiss fa&gQ
r.'ia Beat Medical
Advloo From I
We now hava mm of the molt emi
nent physicians in the United Status.
Unusual opportunities and long ijisri-
no eminently fit tlietn tor Riving you
medical advlca. Writ ireaiy au
nartltiulart In your ease.
Address, Dr. J. C. AVER,
lioweu, mass.
BuUerine is. That la, it la better than Tery
nearly all butter. The best butter that can be pro
duced ia aa good as Bntterine. It isnl better. It
can't be. And the butter is as good only at the
moment it cornea from the churn, it doesn't stay
so. Butter and Bntterine remain on a parity only
for a fe moments. The bntter begins to deterio
rate Immediately. The Bntterine doesn't.
Why de you not buy Butterine r
It's because yell are prejudiced. Yoir have Jteen
told that Butterine is artificial. What does art! tidal
mean? It mean a variety of things according 10
circumstances. Butterine la artificial. 80 la but
tT. Bntterine is manufactured by a process.
Butter Is manufactured by a process. One is just
as artificial as the other. The elements of both are
produced by nature, l'loth come from the same
And these elements are practically indentical.
That's why butter can't be better thin Butterine.
Pure Klondike gold can't be any bettor than pure
Cripple C'rertt gold. Gold is gold. Certain elements
are the same whether in butter or Bntterine
whether In the milk or the fat of a cow.
The difference between Butterine and the best
butter is mostly in the process of making. The
Butterine process is superior and is a guarantee of
Anwith aU its merits Butterine costs less than
butter-only 13c. per pound. And s)c this low
price we will send it to yon express prepaid.
10 lb packages in 1 lb prints.
J6 lb packiiKes in K R rolls.
40 lb packages (solid).
You are enjoviug other modern masterpieces of
science; why riot this wholesome and economical
one? Wo want you to try It.
WILKIN'S ife CO.. 208 ttli Street, N. W.,
Vushiiitoii, I). V. V. O. Box 305.
tail kinds and sires, for
drilling wells for bouse,
farm, City and Village
Water Works, Facto
ries, Ice Plants, Brew-
Trrlmvtinn. Colli and
Mineral Prospecting. Oil and
(inn IjitAst and Host 30
iaj-534. a I y cars experience, wniiii us
LjTJzJ LCQMIS & BYMAH. Tiffin. Ohio.
WANTEDCase of bad health that B I F-A N 8
will not benefit. Bend I eta. to Kipans Chemical
Co., 1Y York, for ID samples and low testimonials.
1 TiTntmm TTQ
If afflicted with
sore eyes, use
1 Thompson's Eya Water
ugn byrup. Tastes Uoou. user.
time. Hold by drncslsts. P8!
Birds of Freedom Misbehave.
There wero many bald eagles around
the locality of St. Michael's, Ind., a
few weeks ajo. Many fine flocks of
winter poultry were attacked by these
predatory birds, and turkeys suffered
to a great extent. An engle attempt
ed to carry off a lamb, but the lamb
proved Joo much of a burden for the
eagle. Baltimore Sun.
St. Louis, Mo., has G38.000 popula
tion and G85 patrolmen, or one to ev
ery 932 inhabitants.
' It is said that in Tail; there an
SO.000 dogs, or one for every thirty in
s r1 w
i 8
d nest Co
Li In
i?2 umw 11
"La Creole"
Your btulnew it to get as much as possible for
your hard-earned dollars. Our butincti is to sell
direct to consume and save them from the large
prices of the mailers. We publith a lllkographcd
catalogue which shows exact designs of Carpets,
Hugs and Draperies In hand-painted colors. We
sew carpet free, furnish lining free and pay freight.
Our Big General Catalogue contains everything
for the house and Furniture for nil uses. It con
taint many surprising bargains similar to this :
t. with rnlllnff toowbl
utrnitillr. Cia ! t furni.h-d with 8 drawers In
.ch p.drttat It i. 50 inchf. loot, SO In. d-op, and hsi 2
lulmirarnii. All biphlr pnli.hid. f"po!l Kr!c, 10.S.
uo you tninK we would spend a million dollars
annually advertising our catalogues if they were
not worth having? They are free we pay all
postage, w men uo you want I Ur Dotal Address
mis way,
Dept. 301. Haltlsnore, Hid.
Dawson City's Isolation.
It Is a curious and almost anomalous
position that Dawson City occupies.
Thftre are few if any towns of Its size
In all the world so locked away from
the outalde world for nine months In
the year. Think of it! A city of
Iti.OOO souls, and the center of a dis
trict of 30,000, a live, busy city, with
streets thronged with nvn, Its big
warehouses, Its growing Interests and
civic problems, shut away entirely at
least nine months in the year, during
those seasons of the year when the
Ice Is forming and breaking, and with
only occasional and laborious commu
nication during the three months.
Whatever happens of fire, flood or for
tune it" must remain for many weeks
or months unknown to the larger
world outside Toronto, (Canada)
Easily Accounted For.
"The war correspondent of the Lon
don Times," he said, "asserts that the
United States uniform is the ugliest
on record." "Now," Bhe exclaimed
triumphantly, "perhaps you will be
gin to realize the costly mistake you
have made in not giving woman an
equal voice with man in all publio
matters. Chicago Evening Post.
Germany antl Asia Minor.
It is inevitable that Asia Minor shall even
tually pass from the pcssPBnlon of Moham
medanlsirii and whether Germany accom
pllshes the task or not, the Sultan must yield
to a Christian nation. It is Just as inevitable
that diseases of the digestive organs must
yield to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. The
disorders of this kind are usually called dys
pepsia, constipation and biliousness. The
Bitters are equally good for all such com
plaints, regardleesof thenamo.
Ireland and cotlnnd.are said to have the
largest proportion of unmarried persons.
$2.00 Astrolog'cal Reading Free.
I will send full life reading: and answer all
quostions with pen picture of future affinity
forlOctsv (postage expenses.) Give date of
birth. It mav mean wealth ana happiness.
Ad. Prof . Colts, Philadelphia, Pa.
Spain Is smaller than Texas by about 75,000
square miles.
No-To-Bao for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure makes weak
men strong, blood pure. 50c, $1. All druggists
According to the latest official figures Italy
has oti.i.io public schools.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With local applications, as they cannot reach
the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or
constitutional disease, and in order to cure
it you must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and actsdi
rectly on the blood and mucous surface. Hall's
Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It was
prescribed by one of the best physicians in
this countrv for years, and Is a regular pre
scription. It Is composed of the best tonics
known. combined with the best blood purifiers.
acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect combination of the twoingreaients is
what proauces sucn wonuomu results in cur
lug catarrh. Scud for testimonials, free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by DruKgists, price Too.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
If you are a victim to sleep let tho baby eat
crackers in bed.
Iteauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean bloo.l means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from tho body. Iiegin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and"" that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, beauty for ten cents. All drug
Bists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 60c. 1
Nearly 1.000.000 persons make their livlmr
iu this country by the electric industries.
Mrs. Winslow's Snothinif Syrup for children
teothinsr.sof tens the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colio. 25c. a bottle.
Fits permanently cured. No fits or nervous
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Kestorer. iM trial bottle and treatise free.
Dr. R. 11. Kline, Ltd., lSl Arch St., I'hlla., l'a.
We think Tiso's Cure for .Consumption is
the only medicine for Coughs. Jennie
PlNCKAUD, Springfield, Ills., Oct. 1, 18'J1.
Nazareth has 3 hospitals 7 convents andS
schools under European supervision.
Kducnte Your Bowels With Csncuret.
Candy Cathartic, euro conitlonil vi forever.
10c, 25c. If U. 0. O. fail, druggists roi'und money.
A Berlin watchmaker invented an instru
ment measuring time to the one-thousandth
part of a second.
:z:'z:'"T.t..., ., - , , - .
Hair Kestorer. is a Perfect Dressing and Kestorer.
Queer Relief About Seven,
So numerous are the queer htliefa
concerning the number Beven that a
narration of the.?? all would fill a vol
ume, but we may mention a few of
them, From the very earliest ags
the seven great planets were known
and ruled this world and the dwellprs
In It, and their number entered Into
every conceivable matter that con
cerned man. There ure seven days In
the week, "seven holes In the head for
the master stars are seven," seven
ages both for man and the world In
which lie lives. There were seven
material heavens, and in the under
world described by Dante the great
pagan dead who were not good enough
for heaven or bad enough for hell re
posed In ft seven-walled nnd seven-
gated city. Thero are seven colors In
the spectrum and seven notes In the
llatonlc octave, and the "leading" note
of the scale is the seventh. Be It
noted that the seventh sou Is not al
ways gifted with beneficent powers,
n -Portugal he Is believed to be sub
ect to the powers of darkness and to
be compelled every Saturday evening
to assume the likeness of an ass.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Lit Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, BOc or (1. Cure guaran
teed. ' Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
The United States ha about 30 persons to
the square mile, England 540 and Belgium
(UO. If our country were as densely populated
as England and Belgium, its people would
number nearly 2,000,000,000.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund money if it falls to cure. 25c.
February, 1868, had no full moon. January
had two full moons and so had March. This
remarkable state of things has never hap
pened before since the era we assign to tho
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
li C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
Champattne was first made by monks in the
seventeenth century.
neroes or xne
W&t with Spaan
thou&nrU of themj aae suf
fering From lingering div
eases induced by life in
poisonous southern camps,
the result of changes or
climate, or of imperfect
nutrition caused by irn.
proper and badly cooked -food.,
Sleeping onthegTOund
has doubtless developed
rheumatism in hundreds
who were predisposed to
the disease. In such cases
the Boys of '98 may take' v
a lesson from the experi
ence of the
Heroes of the
Civil War
Hundreds of the Boys
of '63 have testified tothe
efficacy of Dr. Williams
Pink Pills for Pale People
in driving out malaria-,
rheumatism and other
diseases contracted during
and privation n the ovrmy,
tonic in the world.
Asa Robinson, of Mt. Stirling, 111., Is a veteran of the Civil war,havln5f
served In the 8jrd Tejinsylvauia Voluutcers. He went to the war a vigor
ous farmer's boy and came back broken in health, a victim of sciatic rheu
matism. Most of the time he was unfitted for manual labor of any kind,
and hia sufferings were at all time intense. He says : "Nothing seemed
to give me permanent relief until three years ago, when my attention was
called to some of the wonderful cures effected by Dr. Williams' I'ink rills
for Pale People. I had not taken mere than half a boi when J noticed an
Improvement in tny condition, and I keepou improving steadily. To them
I owe my restoration to health. They are a grand remedy." .). Stirling
At 6.11 droga'mv or sent ,p&tpMi;e rectlpt et price, 50 tv. par'
box, by ht D. VTiU'i,m rAedicin Co., E V, Schcntttady.ft.Y
If thero is any costivenees, move the bowels gently with mild '
doBes of St. Joseph's Liver Regulator. Price 25c per rjackasro. vf
ff My Wipe Was almost a complete Wreck w
i With female troubles, She has taken six bottles of GerstlE'B FeMALst
Jf PAN ACr and it has cured her. Sho is now on the last bottle and is feeling u ;
C well as she ever did and weichs more than ever LefoiJ in her life. 4b
TT eoia at druq stores. B. R. LEU Q EXT. Broxton. Ga. ; '
f L. GERSTLE & CO.; Proprietors, Chattanooga, Tenn. if
M'SH! M 111 wot mwj mmhj
(Mr (
Ms. ViT-l' .
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of tho combination, but also
to the care anil skill -with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Syrup
Co. only, and we vish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing1 tho ;
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fio Syrup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless '
imitations manufactured by other par- 1
ties. The high standing of tho CALl-t
fornia Fio Syrup Co. with the medi-'
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty 1
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it docs not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
J f J f"0 I quick relief and cures worst
ciMd. Bund (or book of testimonials and 10 ilay'
treatment Free. Br.H.H.OEElH B SOHB. Atlanta, G:
their d&ys of hardship
These pills are the best
V'l FT
SOW can a woman be cheerful and
happy when she is weak, nervous,
and suffering the excruciating tor
tures of Female DIseaseo? It should
not be expected of her. When she is
suffering from Deranged Menstruation,
Whitea, Falling of the Womb, etc., show
your sympathy for her in a practical
way by providing her with
emale Panacea.
This splendid tonic will soon relieve 4 f
her suffering and cuhb the disease, thus
produoing the desired result through J?
natural channels. Onlv fil.00 ner hottle. w
Trice $1.00.

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