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Vol. XVJ11. No. 1(5.
CAMDEN. TENN.. 1 J! I DAY. MAHCll :;. lh'J'.l.
Whom .No. I.'
Hy.virtuc of Dm jiowtT mid luit'notiiv
vled in i v lniv d.-ed ,,f .I.ih.ch N.
AlHtlI)UIl Wife. y:iifv AI.-HII,, ditted Uiv
.rniilM-r r., -yM, 1(d' r4,.,,r.f,., h. ;u
Id'.pme IC'2, hi llu li.-ihr'n . 111. .f
JicntoiiC.nir v, i'.-iiii , 1 uiiloif. i foi h.'.k
to the hit-Wi-Hi l.illiT at Hi,;,' 1 lioimc
l'r lit C;liud - t , .5 - .j,; (Mliuty l,f I'.-m-
V.ii, V4,,l..,.y,HV .,, l.tu,., ,
the li'iiiis of 2 mid L' o'vh-fl. the (, !hv
irik' tlcci ;lx I jiiiijn i t v :
A ( ;' aiit f ii.'t of i,i d Mlnalr.l m hi
eighth civil district rmm" 7 mvI1. ii 0. eon
itiiiiiiii.: KM :in.n. ncinnimr on a tdul.i
Willi 1 ! 1 1 . . i s wcctiM.jr. iuii,S'n; mi!J
HOIltll '.'.I J K .! i tu a Ktstkc. hirl.-.ry , )mI
Pil.sH;(iiiH pointers ; t'ucl:(v west L'Ooi!'s
to n Hlake ; lliimv f., it li ill y, . ;.. 'i
ak; tiici o went polen u, (v p.ipljtr,
,yrHtnak pointers; tjicinv Hftllt ti 70 polos
t tlio iiorlhoii'-t cu iifi of ;ui -, 1 1 - in tin.
. namoof.K ..VS'vunI ; tin o.c west ,)') ,.,!.. ;
thence ii"tti iili i.. t ahl h-ii'.'larv line
.of iin entry in the. iiiin," ,,f !', vorlv" !I. r-
rcti lid po'i s ; 'lioncu oust 50 m,1 ; tlutiec
, SOUlll K imI. :; 1 1, ,.;.., -a -t 'JO povs ; theil.o
.Hot Ih H iiijlri- ; thence e;i.-! 10 noles ton
. et;ikf two .o'!,ir pointer.-, llwii.a; north
11"" u:-t l.'o p'llcx o a w hit 'o ik :;ni!iic
.On tin.' Honih j-i.lo ot (Jrt.'i)iiii-r d.-ok
vitii mh, i..c;voo.l aitnl t-liii j.'oihlct'H ;
JhoiKv tip tho nior,ii(i'ii;'4-i i.f kiM crook
outh 62-cast polos; t!u ntv in an onst-
rnlirwlioi, with tho inoaniMs of Naid
.Creenbrior Clock to iho l.oiniiiiiLt. !'o
ingio html conveyed by J. l Smallov
t J. N. Alsup hv doo.J ro.'onlod it, ISoo'k
M, page 221. in the Kesnster,K oUi-n of
. Bam county.
ollld t.fonoi tv isi until In f ,i-u..l..u,. .1
-ded Riven by J N. and Nancv Al'snp o
-uiuTuiiiicrs' navins :md Hmlrijii- ntx
Loan Association, of NnsliyiUo, Toim.
Cafih, free from the equity of redenip
-non and Hie rilit of dower and home
.March 5t3,.18Q0
. S. L. PliKf ER. TrustPf.
Solicitor for the Fanners' Saving and
iuunuing and Loan Aseociotion. 18-15
. J..T. Hill VS. W. Ii. Rinirlpfon Tn T W
Luter, Justice of. the Peace's, court at
Jx3ig Sandy, Benton County, Tennessee.
It appearing by attachment proceedings
iniHimueu in uns court ana by the return
, of the officer on K.iir.n-thflt W Tl inriQ.
- ton is a non-resident of the State and also
; by affidavit, sworn to jivthis cause, that
the defendant, W; B.- Singleton, ig justly
indebted to plaintiff.. J. T. JI ill , and that
' do property being' found, notice of garn
ishment, was koruufl rr ilia u
, Louisville. and K'ashville Railroad Com
pany who has duly answered that they are
indebted, to the defendant; it is ordered
"that publication bo made in The Camden
yuKONicLE ior iour consecutive weeks re-
qit'Hng defendant to appear at the office
v. i.,iueiv justice ot the l'eace foi
BentOn CoUIltV .it P.iir ftnnitw nr. Sloti,.
f-t ....v. j i a .H.l41-
-aav. ADMl 15. 1S00 at ,9 n..l
and make defense to this suit or other-
' Wise tlie case will proceed ex parte.
This Marcli 4, 1899.
Justice of the Teaee for Benton, County,
. Aenuessee.
WATI'.D-Several trustworthy persons in
tills btate to manage our business In their
own and nearby counties. It is mainly olllee work
- conducted at home. Salary straight S'joo a year
- and expenses-definite, bonaiide, no more, no less
oi.ii.nj. iiiuiiumji jveieienees. r.neiose sell
addressed stamped envelope, Herbert K. Hess
- President,. Department M, Chicago.
all xmmi
all the pain
and sickness from
which women
suffer 13 caused
by weakness or
derangement in
'the organs of
Near I y always
when a woman is not well these
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a
woman is very seldom sick.
13 nature's provision for the regu
lation of the menstrual function.
It cures all " female troubles." It
Is equally effective for the girl in
her teens, the young wife with do
mestic and maternal cares, and
the woman approaching the period
known as the "Change of Life."
They all need it. They.ara all
" benefitted by .it.
For advice In cases requlrlnr special
directions, address, plving- symptoms,
the Ladles Advisory Department,"
' The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta-
- nooga. Tenn.
THOS. J. COOPER, Tupelo, Wise., SBysi
- " My sister suffered from very Irregular
and painful menstruation and doctors
- could not relieve her. Wine of Cardul
entirely cured her and also helped mi
mother through the Change ol Life."
In tl.ohi;i,.rcf W. S M. llaiiiolii in bank
ruptcy. hi the I'nitK.I WmIom District
('oiut, KaMi'tti Division of the Western
District of i'cjitie-",co.
To the ci o lit. h h of W. s. MoDaiiicK of
!'.; uloii ('unity, rotioi'i--.(, :o:.i district
nf.iior uiil, i bankrupt :
.N'otiro in hereby jiven that en tboL'Sth
day of Mnivli IS'i'.t, tin. said V. S. Me
D.iniols w.'.s duly adjiidicutod n bankrupt,
and ('ml. Hie (iisl inootiiig of his creditors
will l,o bold in Hie oiliee f tho Jackson
Sun, in Jackson, Teimi sso'.', on the
f April, at 12 o'clock, id
DICii lime the hum ere
prove lli.'ir claims, p;
loiw may attend,
n: ; ItuMei'. ox-
iiuiho 1 1 ii' baiiknii.i. and t:-.!iis:.i t mii Ii
other bu.siiios.s a-, ni:i' properly ccano be
to:'" ! lie'r' i :r.
,'!.i loieo in li.nikrnpiey.
H a s is; Altonicvs. J H -11
Ihe maltor of
W. S. Moivan,
I.iank nitt
In .Bituki iiplcy.
To ihe 1 loin. rab!e ',. S, Haiimomi,
JudL'" of tb.. District Court of the Tn ted
elates for the Western District, of Tonnes
sew, V. S. Morgan of IJoll.idav. in the
county of I'entoii and State of 'J'onnessee,
in said district, rospecl fully ropr.-.seuts
that on the 21 ;, day of January last past,
ho was duly adjudged bankrupt und';r the
acts of Slongress relating to bankruptcy;
that ho has duly sui'iendered all hi. prop
erly and r ights of property, and has fully
complied with ;,!! the reipiirements of saiil
aeia and of the orders of the court touch
ing his bankruptcy. When fore he pravs
that he may be decri ed by the court to
haven full discharge from all debts prov
ablo against his e.sta'e under said bank
runti'.etH, excop! such dcbls as areexcept
ed by law iroi.t such discharge.
Dated this 10th day of .March A. D. 1899.
Hank nipt.
Western District of Tennessee.
On this 2Jth day of March, A. L 1899,
on reading the foregoing petition, it is or
dered by the court, that a hearing be had
upon the same on the 24 day of April, A.
D. 1S99, before said court, at Jackson, in
said district, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon,
and that notice thereof be published in
The Camden Chronicle, a -newspaper
printed in said district, and that all known
creditors ami other persons in interest
may appear at the said time and place
and show cause, if any they have, why
the prayer of the said petitioner should
notbegranted. And it is further ordered
by the court, that the -clerk shall send by
mail to all known creditors copies of said
petition and this order, addressed to them
at thviir places of residence as stated.
Witness the Honorable E. S. Hammond
J udge of the said court, and the seal there
of, at Jackson, in said district, on the 134th
day of March, 1899.
seal. JOHN B. CL0UGI1,
George E. Howe, administrator, et alsvs
H. Hatley, sr., et ala.
In obedience to n deerwo nf tt.o ni,
... ..,v. y. IU'j V-.KHI
eery Court at Camden, Tennessee, made
in this cause, notice is here given that I
will sell at nnbl
easi uoor-oi uie court-house in Camden on
Moiedav Mavl. 1899.
1 r v i u -iwiil n uk:
est and best bidder, the following tracts
of I fl nil cifnntna i' i i
uiramcu M1 niiiM Cl V 1 1 ll 1 S 1 1'IC t
of Benton County, the boundaries of
which are as ioiiows :
First tract. Beginning 110 poles west
of the northwest corner of an entry in the
name ui iauuiniei jNuniiery at a slake,
and then runs east 1."U n.W in o Q..oL.!
Iras, dogwood and poplar pointers ; thence
south 20 poles to a hickory, two sweetgum
pointers ; thence east Gl poles to a hicko
ry, twohiokory pointers; thence north 34
poles to a double muni, two liicl-
pointers ; thence east 74 poles to a stake
in DirusongureoK, elm and ash pointers
thence north 12 ooles : n aoI 1
of east 26 Doles: thenen nni-ih ft nnl,,. .
thence west 28 poles; thence north I'd
poies ; uience 6U east of north 18 poles
thence 20 Doles: II IMII'P til- i iw.ln., .
thence 60Q north of west 23 poles : thence
north 27 poles with-the meanders of'said
creek, a conditonal line, to an elm, syca
more and dogwood pointers; thence 26
north of west 18 poles to a beech, hickory
and dogwood pointers; thence west 179
poles to a stake tl iree nosli iu lr em, I l,i..i.
ory pointers; thence south 22 poles to a
blackoak, dogwood and whiteoak point
ers; thence south 12.'5 nolos
ning, containing by estimation 22S acres,
more, or less.
Second tract. Rem
BirdsongCreek, 74 poles eastof the north-
wesi corner oi an entry in the name of
nenry ump; runs west 74 poles to a
double manle. with 1
thence south 70 nolos tn
creek; thence down said creek with its
meanders, to the heirmniinr tu;..i.,
2o acres, more or ess.
Z. B. Howe, sr., died seized and pos
sessed of said above described tracts of
TEUltS of sale.
Said sale will be on a credit of 12 and
18 months, except 20 per cent. cash.
Notes with approved security will be re
quired of the purchaser, and a lien retain
ed on tho land as further security.
This 27th day of March, 1S99
Clerk and -Master.
OUlt Job priiithi! facilities are first-cktss, find
our sneci.-i tu ia inuwi ,..,m.i, i.-
nun I lT.lOM'i.,!c) VVI" be f""ll on ap
XI Ml'.
Tho following rxtnirl js fnl-;on
from ii loiter received bv TYnnk
Qiiilloii, of W'yly, front his brother,
l. r. (jtnllfu, ol ( (inipany (J, J' n.d
T'oniicHsoo Volmifci'is, tuid daird at
Miinila Frbiuury '.).
"Last iSiUui'diiy niht th( instir
k'enttf attacked tlio Anxu'icnn forcrH,
and you ran bet tho AinriicaiiH
nindr it hot for thnn. Wo had to
l';;ht thrm thrro daya mid nights,
lint whrn wr udvancrd thry liran
a retreat, and we have had them
oiii i way ever hi nee.
"Our batta'lliou (the third) lay
in rrstu'vo all tho time, and we d'ui
not ;o t much of it, but V( lay near
anil ready and waiting to .'o to tho
ilrino; line. The ft rut atd nrond
lialtallioiis got there; first.
"Judgino; from views we had of
Ihe battlefield, the insurgents loss
must bo 4,000 at least.
"Dewey has had some of thefun,
by .shelling them. It ia i ntimated
that an many as 100 insurgents have
been killed by a single shot from
one of his battle fillips. They have
shelled every little, town within 10
miles of Manila.
" Well, I'rank, we are on board
tlie Steamer Ht. Paul now, and will
go to Uoilo, about ',)7i) miles from
here, and whero we will have some
fun, I guess.
"You may not hear from me in
a good while again, but, don't get
uneasy. I must close, hoping to
lxear from you soon. Give my best
regards to all, and write often to
"Your brother,
KoKular correspondence.
J. S. Hall is engaged in building
a large stock barn.
Bill Hall has sold his farm here
to James Hall for S500.
Mrs. Bennett has returned from
n visit in Obion Countv.
Elly Byrn visited relatives over
f T
ic nenry (Jounty Sunday.
ltev. L. C. Deshazo will preach
at tue mil Sunday at 11 a. m.
It is raining here to-day, wliicli
means more delav for the farmers
The meeting of the debating club
hasbeeu changed from Thursday
to Saturday uirht, of enrdi wak
The home of John Bane mid wife
was made happy by the arrival of
ason vtneir sixth) last Thursday
llev. Mr. Moore preached here
ounuay evening, and a collection
j 1 i i -
was taken to Uuy song books for
tne ciiurcli.
Smith's Colleoe, March 28.
KoKular correspondence.!
Robert Lawrence is on the sick
list tins week.
It. I. Hargis went to Big Sandy
iti&t weeii. on ousiness.
The tobacco barn of TTm nca TTq t
gis was damaged by lightning last
Miss Mattie Bush . whn lma
indisposed for some timo is report
er no uerter.
Prof. 0. C. Tick closed the pub
lic school atOakdale last Saturday.
He is teaching a .writing srdmnl t
that place this week.
JjIBEKty, March 28.
UcKiilar correspofldence.
one day last week.
G. W. Rob ins. who is nffmoli ii fir
school at . Big Sandy, spent Sunday
hi nome.
Aunt Liuia Vheatley, who has
been in bad health all winter, is
still very feeble.
Raymond, the little son of R. P.
Berry, has been very sick, though
he is better at present.
Mrs. Nancy Wilson lost a good
mule Friday, and W. A. Akers re
cently lost a fine young mare.
Rev. L. Cooper preached at the
home of Rev. A. Hnssell Saturday
evening and at Lindsey's School
house Sunday.
Jack, J. H. Vester's dog, commit
ted suicide Friday. He was found
hanging by the neck with a rope
tied to a rafter in the stable loft.
The future must have seemed dark
to the poor fellow.
The highest points in Tennessee
River bottom are almost covered
with water. Amim ami ncrrs of
wheat and otils and yin'u -r I ho gri'iit
T. N. Berry, draw tender at the
Danville bride, has almost recover
ed from his fall from the bridge,
which accident occurred nhmit a
mouth ago.
Wo were indeed glad to have ihe
pleasure of reading the letter of our
young friend, Lieut. Leon Cara
way, to his father, published in the
last issue of Tiik Cmkomcle. As
he says, Teniienuee'n sons still re
tain the integrity of their forefath
ers, who were noted for their brav
ery and steadfastness. We hope
that Mr. and Mrs. Caraway may
not only see tho knife spoken of,
but that they may once moroxdnsp
tho hand of their dear son,
Wjji'.ytley, March 2t.
Special cnrrespoiidcDce.
Jlealth is very good in this com
munity. J. H. Pierce, of Henry County,
was here last week.
John Jones, of near Lnterton,
visited here Sunday.
Farming is unusually late in this
locality, but 'farmers confidently
hope to begin work soon.
Constable Felt Farmer will be
gin this week to interview all who
are on the delinquent tax list.
Wheat is improving, and will be
better than was thought to be some
time ago. - The overflow will injure
more or less wheat on Tennessee
Claud, March 28.
Special correspondence.
Mrs. John Love is.somewhat in
disposed this week.
Little Clara llubbs is reported
some better at this writing.
. Amos Anderson mado a flying
trip to Huntingdon last wei-k-.
There was a large attendance at
the singing at Morris Chapel last
There will be devotional services
at Morris Chapel next Thursday
Miss Rose Hatley' has returned
from a two weeks visit to relatives
at Coxburgh.
Rev. N. R. Waters preached an
excellent sermon at Morris Chapel
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Mary AVall has again taken
up her residence among .uG. We
extend a hearty welcome. '
O. A. Utley and family have re
turned from Claud, where the for
mer closed his school Wednesday.
The overflow is rising slowly, and
causing some inconvenience. It is
expected that. wo. will have a bi-
ri bpfru- if. ;Q &
. ' ' . - .i w, . HI
rise before if is nvnv
HustTjETOwn, March 28.
Special correspondence.
Robert Pierce, of Snrino-ville ia
moving to this community.
Snow is .falling here this after
noon, and it is turning cold rapidly.
Quite a number' of vouny folks
. , . ' i o -- r
attended the song service at Ham-
Die Creek- Sunday.
Miss Laura Herrin. who hn re
sided at Marion. 111., for a number
of years, has returned to Benton
bounty. ,
liev. Mr. Moore nreached nn pt.
cedent sermon at Baker's Clmn.d
Sunday. His next cppoint nient will
1 1 1 1 i"H -i
oe rue second Sunday at 6 p. m.
Walter Baker is the firsf, mifl in
this community to disturb the finny
tnue una season. He succeeded in
landing a strinsr of nice fish Satur
About 2 o'clock Saturd nv innrn.
ing this community -was disturbed
by tlie cries of J. W. Byrn. When
asked bv neighbors to exnlain. lm
could only say "Its a boy! . Its a
Greenuiuer, March 28.
Wanted 25,000 ties; will pay top
prices; ties will be received at all
points on Tennessee River. E. E.
Thompson, ('ooley's Landing, Tenn
New Baker No. 12 shotgun for
sale for cash or good note. Apply
to C. V. Ilawley, Camden, Tenn.
Remember that as Camden builds
Benton .County builds with it.
-o'd J'ridav.
bet 11 II
iS.Muird reiiiurs hfive ir; ;-t nimli
4in tlie J ."II i louse.
Shci ill' ll. 1'. J 'rv made a 11 i t s
t tin to W l vesterdtiV.
Tom C. Bye, e'-q , as at Nash
ville and Waverly this week
Next. Sunday ij ita.it er Sunday,
and the end ot the lenten s nson.
The band Los are makiiig tin
levessary arnuigemeiils to giyej;
serios of concerts noon.
C. V. Ilawley is making exten
sive improvements on tho Herrin
place, which is uwiied 1 ; -h i
Heavy and frequent rains and
the overflow from Tennesee River
and smaller streams has greatly do
layed farm operations.
New pattern hid.-; and nailors, in
all the latest styles, just 'received by
Mrs. S. J. Travis. Don't: fail to
see her new millinery goods. '
W. T. Bundick, of Onaucock, Va.,
the gifted Southern orator, will bo
at Camden Tuesday, April 11, and
lecture on the subject of temper
ance. Everybody, j ii vi ted.'
..Dr. E. M. McAuley attended the
meeting of Hopewell Presbytery at
Gleason last week. ,T1: next meet
ing of the presbytery will be held
at Big Sandy in October.
Tennessee River is Mill slowly
rising. The overflow of water has
made its way to the farm of J. J.
Batemau, on the railroad, and can
be seen from the railroad station.
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk (. B. Greer
to Willis McCord and Ada Presson,
Sam Goodman and Ada Younger.
Colored Augusta Laws and Geor
gia Rutledge.
The debate Friday evening at too
con rt-h erase was a pronounced suc
cess. The court-room was crowded
with the beauty and chivalry of the
community, the npeakers did them
selves proud, and the band render
ed excellent music.
Ex-Sheriff W. G. Kirk had an
epileptic attack Sunday in the office
of Lashlee's livery stable. After
restoratives were administered he
was removed to his home,, and is
confined to his room. The. family
recently moved here from Holla
day, and occupy the Lashlee store
' The weather clerk has not smiled
on this locality , this week, but .he
fiasriJe liS n-general assortment,
including rain, hail. snow, frost. n.nd
; threw in a blizzard for good meas
ure. The fact is, -we have been in
clined to the belief that the clerk
aforesaid has either -lost the com
bination or imagines, that he is in
Alaska. We. suggest this is a good
subject for tho debating club. J
Trustee J. T. Camp has finished
the work of rnakiug out the delin
quent tax books and returned home
yesterday. Tho total amount of
the delinquent tax for 1 80S ia W.f
!?2,900. This is less bv over SnOft
than it has been for a number of
years.- laknif' it bv diiaf.ricfo
ninth shows the largest delinquent
list. The amount of nieke1 11 r. tflr
in the county is considerably abovo
the avex-age.
Chancellor A. G. Hawkins, - of
Huntingdon, by interchange with
Cnancellor A. J. Abernathy, came
up and opened chancery court last
Wednesday.- - He ordered a consent
decree, in tho cases of A. C. McRae
vs. J; R. Hatley et als., V. F. Har
rison vs. J. R. Hatley et als. and
the Camden Bank aiid Trust Co.
vs. J. R. Hatley et als., and owinr
to length of decree, court adjourn
ed until to-day, when Chancellor
Hawkins will return and open court
and 6!gu the minutes.
or inlanta and Children.
Tfi3 Kind Yoa Hays Always Bsug
Bears the

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