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i M v. J i :
0Voi.. XVIII. No. 11).
Hoi sr. V.wx. N. !..".
A vM. to iin-orp',rat. the .. n ,H iihl.'ii,
Hi tin,- county of J'.cntcn. aipl lo in,yi!,.
Jor t!n tlc'tiuu ( I (, c.i , -Mi j, pn-sriiU'
their ilnth-s, a:i'l fur ili r .n) p-n-ts.
li t t if ,i 1 . I'.i' it e.i:; i, , ,v !,,((M-ri...tl
As-.-inbly f h-, Mat,. ,,f Tinn.-., (,,.,(
(1m- town 4 (.'.'.imh'ii ,u I!.,- ii.huhitanu
UiiTi'i.f, he, iiiul they ii ti! h.n-i iy, (imsii
tn!"il u hotly politic unn ci,i'n.i ;'it. mi'ii .
aii.l liv the ti;uiiv .r "Mavor r.n.l Ahier
"' f I ho Tu-.vii f Cam,!. mi," mi i -hull
haw pci'p. iu il i ;: -ion ,y their e-.-i-
"ira!c name, may mo ai;l 1 -.i. . 1 , .h-u.l
and 1 impU' iil' l, u'nint, ri-t-t-i vu mi ) j m i -chase
and hold it ul. mixed and n.-t :,l
')l'i")HTtv, or dispose of the. i-ene f r the
hcneiit of KSl 1 tu'.VI!.
ec. L l'.o it further emrusl, That the
corporate limited n-.vd t-nvn of Uondeii
.'hall leas follows, to-wit : IU-'iiiiJi, on
.1 rook, with red oak and plum pointer,
in the vw: t boundary lino of K. J". Ha
ley's land and the east houndaryof J. A.
Clement, mid -1 poles south i Haley's
north west .urner ami J. A. Clement's
novthea.-d coiner, and runs south IS'0 poles
to a Hiake in Y. V. Saunders' Held, then
ea'it 78 poles to u stake, then north 48 de
S WW ast 102 poles to a stake, then north
5-' poles to a largo rock with hickory
pointers, then north 22 decrees west b'a
poles to a Htako, then .wit 104 poles to
the heiimin;!;
Sec. a. lh it further enacted. That the
oitkers of the town of Cam Jen, to he
chosen by the people, shall be a mayor
and board of aldermen, constituting a
town council, each and all of whom shall
be citizens tof and voters m sat J town.
The. board of aldermen shall consist of
liveiS) members, chosen by the qualified
voters of said town for one year. Any
alderman, after his election, removing
from the town shall therefore vacate his
Sec. 4. lie it further enacted, That the
town council shall, at the first "meeting in
-each year, elect a recorder, marshal and
such other officers, servants or agents as
they may deem necessary, and may pro
vide for by ordinance, and shall have
power to prescribe the dutieB of the same.
' The town council shall also fix the com
pensation of such , officers before their
Selection, which, compensation shall not
Tie increased or diminished during the
.term for whicli they were elected. The
council shall also have power to dismiss
. any officer, servant or agent elected or
by them appointed, a majority of said
council concurring in said dismissal, for
any misdemeanor, neglect of duty or mis
. conduct.
Sec. G.'Ee it further enacted, That the
. town council shall have power, by ordi
. nance, within the town:
1. To assess property for taxes, and to
levy and collect, by proper officers, taxes
upon all real and personal property, polls
and privileges taxable by the laws of the
, ikate.
2. To appropriate money and provide
for the debts and expenses of the town.
.3. To open, alter, abolish, widen, ex
. tend, establish, grade, pave or otherwise
improve, clean and keep in repair streets,
highways, alleys and sidewalks, or to
- have the same done. Also to erect, es
; tablisli and kee,p in repair bridges.
I 4. To provide for the erection of all
; buildings necessary for the use of the town
5. lo license, tax, or regulate every
..thing or person, licensed, taxed or regu
lated by tne state or county.
,.6. To regulate or prohibit aud suppress
- all disorderly nouses or bawdy houses.
.7. To regulate the police of the town.
: impose fines, forfeitures and penalties for
the breach, ot any ordinance, and to pro-
yide for the recovery and appropriation
(TTof the same, and to appoint an officer
jor the town, who shall be the recorder,
before whom such recovery may be had,
. not, however, to exclude the jurisdiction
of any other competent court.
8. To provide for the arrest and con
finement until trial, of all disorderly or
riotous persons, by day or by night, to
authorize the arrest and detention of all
suspicious persons found violating. any
v ordinance of the town.
j 9. To prevent or punish, by pecuniary
penalties or otherwise, all breaches of the
peace, noise or disturbance, disorderly
assemblages, in any alley or htreet, house
or place in town, by day or by night, to
prevent and remove all encroachments
into and upon all streets, lands and alleys
- establisned by law or ordinance.
10. To remove all obstructions from the
, sidewalks, and to provide for the con
i fttruction and repair of all sidewalks and
for cleaning the same, lo require the
owners of property ironting on the public
square to erect sidewalks in accordance
with such orninance as the council may
, provide, at the expense of the owners of
the around fronting the same.
11. To regulate, tax, license or suppress
the keeping or going at large of animals
within the town, and in delault ol redemp
. tion. in pursuance of ordinance, to sell,
t dispose of, or kill the same. To levy a
special school tax on property in pursu
ance of an ordinance, which shall be used
for school purposes alone.
12. To tax, regulate or restrain theatri
cal or Mher public amusements, shows
and exhibitions within the corporate lim
its of said town; to restrain or prohibit
horse swapping upon the public square;
to restrain or prohibit gambling; to regu
late the sale of intoxicating liquors, beer,
-v -lie. or malt honors, and to pass ad or
tmnpf suul bv-laws not contrary to the
constitutional laws of the State that may
!.' iifce.ssarv to tarry out the provisions
ind full intent and meaning of the object
of i heir corporation.
lo. To commit any person or persons
!,.., mav fail or r fns.- M pay or secure
" ' nv lineor cost imposed on him or i Jem,
by otdmatire of said town, to tie- jail or
Woikholisn of r.ell'oti County, Until nueh
line mid iv:, I,., fully pi'd or sn-im-d,
liverv pt r.-'oii i o e-'iiim!lt-d to ti,.- jail or
i i ii.i i . . .
i' ini'V. Mi a. I P.' ri-on.i. .1 i w..i ; t-.r
10 t'l', !
at s'lrh lab
ai hi- or Lit
a oof , no! i a-
( IT
w :
nd I tit ae.lh w i
k tl
,w d
i tii
ti ll le'lir.i I aril day, and
j.i'l so i-;np!o ed
, ( .. !ii-.i venf board, a cli
and i ot, of led li Si
shall In.
;'it npo
than l.'."
ta il's a
That i
OIH' ( '
I !
a v
until tl.ev. dole M d:
;a!l be lelea-ed: 1
: on .,liall i ! compeiled
than ,' ei- m 'lit In; for i5
! eoi'o, ration m iv enter into an
lo.'i i-i lo' id W','l r.oOton Colli. !y to be al
lowed to i ominil prisoners t.i the iail or
lo. '
o'r-' of I'.enton County upon such
as call be agreed II poll.
I'o prepare and have publi, ln-d a
or .n 1 1 ii I it i. ill of all tie ordinan
ces and ies..!ul'.on.s of a public natuiv, in
foivf within six montlm after the passage
of this act, and a like dig..-et as often as
may be deemed necessary.
HI. No IVleluber of the t..wn .council
shall become a bondsman for any P'.rent,
ollieeror servant of the town, nor to ha
diiectly or indirectly in any contract with
the corporation.
17. To judge of (lie qualilieation; elec
tion of and return of its own members, to
prescribe rules for tne determimition of
contested elections, and to determine how
vacancies shall be tilled and to determine
all questions in case of ties in any elec
tion, and to prescribe rules for the gov
imientof the board of mayor and alder-
(. lie it further enacted. That the
first election for mayor and board of al
dermen, under this act. shall bo held by
he sheriff of I'.enton Countv on Saturday
Iter the first Monday in April, 18U!t, in
accordance with the laws of the Siaie of
'eimessefV Alt eleetioiw tlu.reiifltr t,.r
the said town of Camden shall be held by
th marshal of tho corporation, aided by
two clerks and two judges, all of whom
shall be legal voters of said town, on the
first Tuesday after the first Monday in
iiay ewry year therealter, aUer giving
ten days' notice. The voters shnil vote
by ballot, under such rules and regula
tions as ui,-j ooard ot mayor and alder
men may prescribe, as to the place, hours,
etc.. flf Yotill!' tiw Anlinatwn Tim of!'.
cers of the town thus chosen shall go into
omco on tne nrst meeting alter the elec
tion, and hold office for one year, or un
til their successors are elected and quali-
ueu. j.ne ionowing snail he the qualm
cations for voting in the town elections :
1. He shall be qualified to vote for State
and county officers.
I. Shall have resided for riy rrririflio
next preceeding the election within the
town limits, or be an owner of real estate
witnin tne said limit.
Vi. A voter's rpsidnnro !a linvnhir dnflnml
as the place at which he habitually sleeps.
oec. , ie it iunner enacted, ihat the
judges and clerks to hold th e election
shall be Rwnrn nnrl f.iinlifio.l nwnii.linn
to the election laws of the State, and said
election shall be conducted in all respects
as all the various State and county elec
tions, by virtue of the election laws of the
state, xne judges and clerks shalL pre
serve the ballots cast in said election, and
file the same, together with the poll lists
with the town recorder, who shall pre
serve tne same.
Sec: 8. Be it further enncfod , Thnf. iL
persons receiving the highest number of
voies, respectively, lor mayor and alder
men shall be declared elected, and it shall
be the duty Of Hl rifTieer lir.l,Hnrr co i,l
election to make out and deliver to the re
corder a certihcate of the election within
three days after their election which cer
tificate shall be produced at the first meet
ing of the board and a minute thereot
shall be made upon the records of the
town. And if the marshal shall fail to
hold said election at the time herein men
tioned it shall be his duty to hold it as
soon thereafter na msiv ho'nftor mvinn tlm
regular notice, and for failure tohohfsaid
election as prescribed m this act lie shall
forfeit and pay to said corporation the
SUm of $25.00. to be recovered liv ntinn
of debt in"' the name o Camden, and if
there be no marshal or he be a candidate
for that office or ineomnelpnt for nnu run.
son the election shall be hehl by a person
to oe appointed Dy the mayor and alder
men, under the same regulations and pen
alties as hereinbefore prescribed.
Sec. 9. lie it further enacted, that a ma
jority of the town council shall be a ouo
rum to do business, and if the mayor or
any of the aldermen or any officer should
die,' resign or move away the vacancy
shall be supplied by the" council at its
next meeting or as soon thereafter as may
be and tho person or persons so elected
shall perform the same duty and be vest
ed with the same powers and privileges
as the person whose place they are ap
pointed to fill and upon line conditions.
And the mayor and aldermen and all offi
cers shall, respectively, take an oath be
fore entering upon the duties of their office
before some person competent to admin
ister an oath, to execute the same faith
fully and impartially arid the mayor and
aldermen shall also take an oath to sup
port the constitution of the United States
and the constitution of the State of Ten
nessee. See. 10. lie it further enacted, That tho
mayor shall hold'his office for omi year
and until his successor shall he elected
and qualified. No person shall lie elect
ed mayo:' who is not, at the time of his
election, a citizen of the Suae o; Tennes
see and lias not been for six mouths, and
is not then, a bona t'de citron and voter
of said town. A vacancy in. the office of
mayor shall be filled bv the bo;
mrd o
if al-
det men. The mayor shall fill all vacan
cies arising in any office ixeeP that of
aldermen until the same, be 1
ed bv t!
town council. It .shad le; the duty i-I the
mayor to preside at all meetingi of the
council, to vote in the elei tioii .f all olli
cers of the bu n, ::d in all ca-en v, here
it is a tie Vote. All or Unani es a-id ieo
LiHoiis sh d! be epproved and signed by
the mayor, on or Lefoie He- ,et Ineefiii','
of the conned, and the mnvor shall !.ae
1 4.i power, ".nd if he slioid 1 n fn -e to rp
prove mi ordiuunce or n solut if. t he shall
icte.i n tho sane- to the ( a.nucil a! i,N n xt
i i. '. .i .' with Lis reaM .na in v. 1 1 ; . . f..r
Lis is lusal, and said ordieanee or resolu
tion t hall not be v;lid uii; ess the council
by a two third o',e pies tl.e same, no'
whhstanding 'le- mayor's veto. I',!;' ;,'
t'ne mayor docs not veto the sane', as pio
vide 1, it shall be v!id without Lis sig
nature. The mayor s hall also take care
that all the ordinances of
town are
fully enforced, re-pected and obsei ved
w ithin the tow u limits, shall call si.eeial
sessions of the council v ben he mav deem
it expedient, and to perform all uch oili
er duties as the town council mav, by or
dinain.'e, or otherwise, impose upon him.
A recorder isjieicby vested with all the
powers of a ju'-'u e of the peace in crimi
nal cases, and shall try all offenses
against the peaceand dignity of said tov.n
ol Camden : Provided, however, Ihat a
change of venue may be had in any case
when affidavit, is made, by the accused
and at least one disinterested party that
justice in (heir opinion will not.be ineted
out by the recorder, to any alderman of
thetotrn of Camden, who is hereby au
thorized to try and decide such case, in
the event an appeal is taken from any
fine imposml by the recorder or aldermen
of safd town, for violation of any of its
ordinances, to the circuit or criminal court
at Camden, Tennessee, the person so ap
pealing shall give bond and security for
tl.rt !..,,...,, ,,! ,,t. .,:A i . " i
i.oj I'uj iiii-i.L ui r-.iiu liiiu anu COS.L Uim lo
abide by an 1 perform the judgment of the
court on appeal, and shall in no case bo
entitled to an appeal from said fine and
cost on pauper's oath. The recorder
shall keep an accurate minute of all the
proceedings ot the town council, issue
privilege license and Collect taxes on
same. He shall collect all special tuxes
levied by the town council, and shall
keep a proper ledger account of the name.
He shall make out the town tax book and
turn the same over to the marshal for col
lection, taking his receipt therefor under
the Stale laws regulating the assessor of
all State iu:d county taxes. He shall act
as treasurer, receive from the town mar
shal, receipt, take caro-of and keep prop
er account of all funds of whatever nature
that may ccme into his hands. Tor such
purpose he shall keep such book or books
as the town council may direct. He
shall make out and present quarterly, or
oftcner, if required by the council, a full
and explicit account and report of all fi
nonces of the tow n, which report the coun
cil may order published for the informa
tion of the town, liefore entering upon
the discharge of his duties ho shall give
bond rithi good ' security, conditioned
upon the faithlul and honest discharge of
all duties pertaining to his office, and
similar in all reFpects to that of the mar
shal and mayor as hereinafter provided ;
he shall perform such other duties per
taining to his ollice as the town council
may provide. The marshal shall ac
quaint himself thoroughly with the laws,
ordinances of the town, and it shall be
his duty to rigidly enforce the same, for
which purpose police authority is hereby
given him, winch lie may exercise with
out warrant in hand, , JIo shall collect
all taxes levied by the council, except
privilege and special taxes, and perform
such other duties as tho town council
may, by ordinance, impose upon him
He shall have power to execute State
warrants and other process which con
stables generally have within the town
limits.' He shall be chief of any police
organized within the corporation
Sec. 11. Be it further enacted, That
the fees or compensation of all officers
herein mertioned shall be such as the
council mav prescribe
Bee. 12. lie it further enacted. That
before entering upon the discharge of
their duties the mayor, recorder and
marshal shall enter into bond with good
securities ana in such amount as may be
hxed by the council, conditioned upon
the faithful discharge of their duties and
upon diligent collection and faithful ac
counting for all moneys that shall or
ought to pome into their hands for fines,
forfeitures or other moneys due said
town, and which ought, by law, to be
collected and paid over bv them. And
the said marshal shall bo liable as here
in mentioned for failing to collect mon
ey, to return process, or pay over money
collected iy process issued by tho re
corder or aldermen. Said bonds shall
be filed with the recorder and carefully
preserved among the records of the town.
Maid Tionds shall be made payable to
Camden, or its treasurer, for the use
aud benefit of said town. The town
marshal shall pay over to tho recorder
all sums of monpy by him received for
said town of Camden, lie shall render
quarterly, or as much oftener as tho
council may require, full and complete
statements of the finances under his
Sec. 13 Bo it further enacted, That it
shall be tho duty of the jailor of Benton
County to receive and keep in jail any
person who may be committed to his
charge for a-breach of the by-laws and
ordinances of said town, and all riotous
and disorderly persons committed to his
charge by the town marshal or other of
ficer, of the town, for which he shall re
ceive such fees as may be agreed upon
by the council, by and with his consent;
Provided, The .corporation and Benton
County agree as hereinlM
"See." 11. lie il further
V J . V- .
enacted. That
when any tax or duty shall be levied or
imposed by said cor )ot id ion, upon any
real t.de hing rtithiii said town of
Camden, and the owm v or ow uers, (ie
CUpiel' Ol' (( cMpiel N t lieia of ;,h all not .av
the same,
I the town lo d shall
make return, of that J.e t umur oaUi
that the ow.h r or owner s Lau no per
sonal property within said town, upon
vhich to di-.l lain for said tax or duty, it
shall bo the duty of the l eeorder, by and
w ith the advice mid with the consent of
the council, to take sr.ch steps fur the
collection of such t or duties us are or
may bo provided for bv the 1 iws of the
Hee, :. Bo it further enacted, That if
the recorder or town luaishal of said
town ahull fail to collec t, or iiftercol
lec ting, fail or fa o to pay ever jiny
money either ot them received for the
use of said town, said recorder or mar
shal, as the case may be, shall be liable
to be proceeded against by motion or
suit at com'mou law in the circuit court
of Benton County, or in any other court
having jurisdiction of the person of the
recorder or marshal, as the case may be,
and it shall be tho duty of such court to
render up judgment against said delin
quent officer and snrities for the moneys
so received, or that ought to have been
collected in tho name of Camden for the
use of said corporation; Provided, That
if the proceedings bo by motion, such
officer shall have five days notice thereof.
See. 10. Be it further enacted, That
the board of mayor and aldcraum arc
forbidden from making appropriations
of any money or taxes to be assessed and
ctcd in r.:iy other manner than for
strictly corporate purposes.
Hoc. 17. Be it further enacted, That
this act bo declared a public law, and
may be read in evidence of all tho courts
of law and equity, and all ordinances,
resolutions and proceedings of the
board of mayor and aldermen, when
printed and published by the authority
of the council, shall be received as evi
dence in all court1 and places, without
further proof, when certified, by the re-
, Sec. 18. Be it further enacted, That
this act take effect from and efter its
passage, the public welfaro requiring it.
Passed March 18, 1891).
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Speaker of tho Senate
Approved March 27, 1809.
-. .Governor.
In the consolidated causes of the Cam
den Bank and Trust Co., A. C. Mcltae,
auministrator, and w. j. Harrison vs.
James 11. Ilatley et als. In Chancery at
Camden, lenncssee.
In obedience to a decree rendered in the
above styled causes at the March term of
the chancery court at Camden, I will on
Saturday the 1 3th day of May, i899,
on the premises of James R. Ilatley, in
the.-first civil district of Benton County,
Tennessee, offer for sale to tho hisrhest
bidder 811 acres of very fine Tennessee
Kiver bottom farming land together with
a road through I. L. Johnson'" land. A
full description. of paid land will be given
on day ol sale.
One-half cash, 'and the remainder on
twelve months time with good personal
security on note and lien retained on said
land for further security, tsdiid sale free
from the equity of homcskad, redemp
tion, etc.
This April 12, 1809.
18-18 Trustoe
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Trains pass Camden on ti. Nashville, Chatta
nooga, and St. l.onis Kailroad as follows:
No. 3, mail. ...5.".1 pm
No. 1, express, 6.35 am
No. 53, " iMiSam
No. 4, maili. . ..it.iT am
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in town this w m l.
Ml . Ih-sio Hie!
ri lativi h at Alamo.
01 l.S VIMtlll
(Man-ip-.d I'aii'iisan w
la A work, But is lu tb r
t.i cry i'",.
Mrs. l)oni McAuloy was ri-jMirt-:il
quick hick yesterday.
AVilliuin Caraway, el' '. Sandy.
whs in the city Monduy.
?-lrs. T. 1j. Ay ith and little child,
oC IJox, ure over on a visih
Judo Jo. !. IlawLins, of Hunt
ingdon, wan over iSunday.
v.. l1. Jaterji!in ami wile are Vi.h-
ltinir m Jlumnhreva Con nl v.
The baby boy .of Mr. and Mrs..
Fuller i.i very sick thin week.
I. F. Pavidsoii, tho well-know n
Way merchant, wan .here Monday.
Lilbnrn's hustling merchant, T.
lJc-Psley, was down Wednesday.
J. C. Kin,'.' and A. A. Wood, of
Ilolladay, left here last niiht ioj
lexaa. .
Mrs. S. L. Feeler, who has beeu
indisposed for about ten days, is
Mrs. J. W. Fussell has been tsiek
for the past two weeks, but h; Im
proving. Era Lee, little daughter of 11: h.
Phillips, has been qui to.,--tick, but
is better.
New fences and other improve-.
'ments are. in evidence in all. parts
of the town.
G. W. Arnold will move his dry
goods, etc., to the Wilson house, on.
tne east side.
' An enjoyable musical entertain
ment was given nt the home of Hon.
J. A. Clement Saturday evening.
C. T. Brecheen and family and.
Alex Bell and daughter, Miss Hes
ter, visited at Big iSaudy. -Monday.
G.'B. Greer is spending a few
days on his river farm, and J. G. .
Ilobius is looking after atfairs in
tho county clerk's office.
Jim Lockhart, of Wyly., entered
school here Monday. v. The attend
ance nt Benton Seminary is almost
equal to the enrollment during tho
public school last fall.
"Last Sunday dawned, a. beautiful
day, and the young people could not
resist the temptation to go strolling
aud.ujoy the scenery. T.h& local
photographer made several views
of a number of couples.
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to Henry Brewer and Lillie French,
0. V. Hawley and Tom Fussell, C.
N. McMackin and Lora Bell, J. A.
Pierce and Ellen Bruce, John II.
Goodman and Mary Bledsoi- Col
ored John -Fisher and Julia Ev
erett. Camden is quite a musical cen
ter. W. E. Mcltae, Postmaster D.
J. Mcltae, Hon. J. A. Clement and
F. E. McElyea have recently pur
chased pianos, and-upon investiga
tion there are 21 pianos, 12 organs,
G violins, G guitars, 1 mandolin, 2
banjos, 2 music boxes, 18 horns, 2
clarionets, I flageolet, 1 fife and 2
drums in the town.
Mr. C. V. Hawley and Mies Tom
Fussell were united in marriage on
last Sunday evening at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Fussell, Rev. N. It. -Waters
olhciatiug. Only a few friends were
invited. Mr- Eula Hudson and
Miss Lizzie McCullougn .were the
attendants. ' After the ceremony
the wedding party attended servi
ces at the Methodist Church. At
9 p. ra. supper vps. served the par
ty at the private boarding house of
J. II. Combs, where .Mr. and Mrs.
Hawley will .remain until May 10,
when they will be at homo to 'their
many friends at their pretty -homo
in northwest Camden. . The groom
is one of the foremost business men
of Camden. i,nd ):. .-: b'.-vi very suc
cessful. His bride is a popular
member of Camden society, and has
a large circle of friends. -We join
in e-tendhig congratulations.

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