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South Carolina Senator
Denounces Wliitecaps.
For Persecution of Negroes la Palmetto
StatC'-Farracrs' Institute Meeting
la Greenwood Was Lively.
Senator Ben Till rami was the speaker
at the farrucrB' iustitnto hold at Greon
wooJ, S. C, Wednesday. At the very
boinniLg of his talk he pitchod into
the whitecapjiers, ho havo been ter
rorizing a portion of that section for
tho past ten days, whipping inoffen
sive negroes.
The Ftnator calls them white cow
ards and paid they were a disgrace to
the county. Ho thought if tho Tol
berts, the republican party leaders,
were still stirring up the negroes they
ought to be dealt with.
If you want to uproot the evil and
kill tho snake, go kill theTolbers, but.
don't abuse the poor, innocent black
"The yankees," 'said the senator,
-are watching as closely and tho eyes of
tho whole world are now on the race
problem in the south. They will take
advantage of everything of this kind
to abuse the south. You are just play
ing into the yankee's hands. They
are wauting to cut down our represen
tation in congress because of our new
election laws, but otherwise there ia
little better feeling now between the
two sections, but this sort of thing
will arouse bad feeling. Why, just
look at that Jewett woman coining
down here and taking away the nigger
postmaster's family. She comes from
Boston, the head and center of all dev
ilment. The yankees are ready to take
up any such deviltry as this whitecap
ping business, and you people ought
to put a stop to thi3."
The senator talked largely about
agricultural affairs, but later got into
national politics and denounced the
Philippine war, sarcastically scorning
JIcKinley's benevolent assiniulation.
"I have not asked for any army ap
pointment," said he, "because I don't
think any decent man ought to engage
in this outrageous war."
The senator bragged about his part
in the armor plate hold-up, and be
fore he closed he made his usual at
tack upon the newspapers.
Congressman A. C. Latimer, who
represents the Greenwood district,
was the other speaker.' It was the
contest of Latimer's seat by R. R.
Tolbert that caused the election riots at
Phoenix last November. lie did not
refer to the present race trouble, al
though he took occasion to attack the
Philippine policy.
Begged For Vindication of Law.
In the afternoon a mass meeting
was held to denounce the whitecap
ping. The prosecuting attorney of the
circuit made the opening speech aud
the sheriff followed. They begged for
the vindication of the law and the
sheriff said he would arrest anybody if
he only knew who to arrest, but ho
declared his inability to find out who
was at the bottom of the trouble.
Others spoke on the same line, but
Bob Cheatham, who was one of the
election managers at the Phoenix box
last November, when Ethridge was
killed by the negroes, exploded a
bombshell. He cried excitedly:
"I've got a remedy for the trouble.
Drive out the Tolberts and whites and
negroes will live together peacea
bly. Rid the country of the Tolberts
and you'll stop the trouble. I'll lead
the crowd to rid the country of even
the name or leave my wife a widow."
Cheatham's fire-brand talk was ap
plauded, but it was evident that the
majority were against him, not believ
ing that politics is the cause of this
A man in shirt sleeves arose, an J
vehemently begged his neighbors to
help him. His farm had been visited
. , and all the negroes driven off by the
whitecappers. His wife is sick from
the excitement caused by the raids.
He has 173 acres of land in cotton and
can't get a negro to pick it. Even t
well-digger he had temporarily em
ployed had been warned not to work
for him.
The speaker was P. B. Brooks, who
is an industrious farmer living not
three miles from the courthouse.
Resolutions denouncing the white
cappers were adopted and a committee
was appointed to investigate the trou
ble and report to another mass meet
ing to be held in tho disturbed sec
tion. Tho negroes are still taking to the
woods at night and many of them have
left their homes fdr good.
It is believed that political troubles
have caused the disturbance, as the
negroes Lave been quiet since the No
vember riots.
"For the SAe of Fan
Mischief is Done'
" A 'vat amount of mischief h done, too,
beaust people neglect to keep their blooJ
pure. It uppers In eruptions, dysprpsii.
Indigestion, nervousness, kidney disejues,
und ether jiUments. Ihofs SvstpjirilU
cures nil diseases promoted by impure
blood or low sttte of the system.
Tell la Why.
We see the fielder on the plot
Catch every whirling ball;
Illifh ball, low ball, grounder, Hot,
He'll catch Vm one aud all.
Dnt then It's straugf, we V declare,
This solf-Mimo catchlnjr star,
Will dune hrtnutjlf full half a square
And fail to catch a car.
Chicago News.
Mnet Iliv a Good Head.
"And Is your son going to be a God
business man?"
"I guess so. They seem to think
pretty well of hhn down at the olliee,
anyway. They haven't said n word
about discharging him, in spite of the
fact that his hundwiltlng Is the same
ns It was when he came out of
chool." Chicago Times Herald.
She Is Willing To De.
If a girl snys she is to be married
"In a year or two," It means there Is
nothing definite; she has not yet laud
ed him. Atchison (Slobo.
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Where Files Go In Winter.
Some one has asked, "Where do
flies go In the winter?" This Is a
question of some Interest, for a house
fly Is born fully grown and of natural
size, nnd there are no little flies of
the same species, tho small ones oc
casionally observed belnjr different In
kind from the large one. The house
fly does not bite or pierce the skin,
but gathers Its food by a comb or
rake or brush-like tongue, with which
It Is able to scrape the varnish from
covers of books, and It thus tickles
the skin of persons upon whom It
alights, to feed upon the perspiration.
A fly Is a scavenger, and Is a vehicle
by which contagious diseases are
spread. It pol3on3 wounds, and may
carry deadly virus from decaying or
ganic matter into food. It retires
from sight at the beginning of winter,
but where It goes few people know.
If a search of the house be mado
files will be found in great numbers
secreted in warm places In the roof
or between the partitions of floors.
Last winter an architect had occa
sion to examine a roof, and found
around the chimney myriads of flies
hibernating comfortably, and sufll
clently alive to fly when disturbed
"in overpowering clouds." No doubt
this Is a favorite winter resort for
these creatures. New York Press.
When Sd a stroke Is Desirable.
The shadow of dabt ia rather gloomy
but some of us would ruu great risk
of sunstroke If we ever got out of it.
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est, what U t li r mutter?
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