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Vol. XIX. No. 12.
Wnoi.i Nc. Hi
i u f j n
Rev. N. 11. Waters wan izt Fari.s
.last Tuesday.
W. L. McElyea is able to bu out
on the n1n via nniu.
Cephus Kirk, of Iiolhuky, was
in the city yesterday.
The band n sumed its regular
practice Monday evening.
Jake Meadows spent Sunday at
Wuverly witb Mrs. Meadows.
C. F. Phillips, of Hollow Rock,
was over on business Tuesday.
Sheriff Dwyer, of Tullahoma; was
here this week 1o visit relatives
V. A. Rushing and family, of Box,
visited here a few days this week.
Next Monday is first Monday,
and a largo crowd will be in town
D. 0. Jackson, of Bardwoll, Ky.,
is spending a fow days in Camden
Mrs. Lou Hudson and children
returned to Huntingdon yesterday.
It is reported that Bud McCord
is dantrerouslv ill at his home at
( 7 t
Hon. James Jeffreys and family,
of Memphis, arrived hero the first
of-the week.
The f on rth quarterly meeting will
bn held at, Cow-ells Chanel Sentem
ber 10 and 17.
Miss Gertrude Haggard, of Union
City, is tho guest of her aunt, Mrs
P. J. O'Reilly.
Edgar Totty is recovering slow
ly. but will not be able to bo out
for several days.
Misses Pearl and Myrtle McRao
are spending the weak with rela
tives near Paris.
Clarence McDadeycf McKenzie,
is spending a few days with Hugh
McGill this week.
Miss Ocie Dokn, of McKenzie,
has returned, home after a visit of
several weeks here.
Mrs. P. L. Phillips anil child left
for Dickson Sunday to spend the
week with .relatives.
The friends of Mrs. P. Melton
will be pleased to learn that she is
much better this week.
Misses Bettie and Hallio AVhit-
field are spending a few days with
relatives and friends at Manly ville
Mis3 Bamma Garrett left Sun
day to visit the family of her uncle,
"William Beasley, near Hardin, Ky
After an extended visit to rela
tives here, Miss Ellen Hatley, of
Leo's Point, returned home Satur
A fine boy arrived last Tuesday
to gladden the home of Hubert
Fisher, of the Cowell's Chapel com
munity. S. L. Peeler and Guy Hall have
returned from Sugar Tree, where
they have been taking depositions
all week.
It has beeu reported here that
' Sol Newsom, who went from this
Jo 11. Hawkins, of Huntingdon,
and T. L. Lanier, of Waverly, have
been hero taking depositions in the
chancery ease of John Allen vs. AY.
A. Pierce.
Mis. W. N. Aiuit'm.cf Lavergne,
visited relatives here last Saturday.
Mhs Gay Kirk went homo with her
and will epend the fall f.r.d wintar
at Lavergnc.
Advertising does pay if done in
Hit', proper way. Some peoj. le get
an idea, that one or two lines in tho
local colli mn should pay them as
well as a page advertisement.
Mrs. Jon McGill and children,
of Jonesboro, Ark., and Miss Mary
McGill. of Claiksburg, are guests
of the family of their brother, Dr.
W. P. McGill, arriving yesterday.
I. C. Hubbs showed us a peach
last Saturday, which is the first wo
have seen this year. It came from
tho .orchard of Mrs. II V. Utley,
near Morris Chanel. Ono vreo had
a few peaches, but they were small
and faulty.
Tho firm of Travis & Hudson has
been dissolved by mutual consent.
R. G. Hudson has purchased tho
interest of Eugene Travis, and will
continue the business at tho same
old stand, whore he will bo pleased
to see his many customers.
Prof. W. D. Cooper has returned
home, after an extended vacation,
which ho spent both pleasantly and
profitably. He has the assurance
of an increased number of students,
and is delighted with the prospect
for a full school here this year.
We understand that Will Robins
and J. A. Dowdy, will not accom
pany the Tennessee Regiment
when it leaves the Philippines for
the United States. It is their in
tention to remain at Iloilo where
they will engage in business. We
wish them well.
11. G. Florence has received the
following letter from Corporal 1.
F. Quilien of Company G, First
Tennoee Regiment. The letter
is d.ited at lloilo, P. I., July 3:
Dear Old Friend-I will, answer
your letter of May 7. I won t-urely
surprised to hear from you, and
am glad to learn that you are well.
I am well, but of course I urn not
enjoying life as well as I used to in
old Benton when you find I and
other playmates would Indian fight
Program - J. B. Anderson, Miss
Eva Frazior ami B. D. Johnson.
Our genial critic was observant,
r.ud his report included the names
of nearly every ono who took part
in the discussion.
The association then adjourned
to meet at Holladay September lf,
:99. V. C. Nunnery,
M. E. By UN, President.
ikom n.Aiwoons.
Fresh Candy at R. G. Hudson's.
Marriage licenses have been is
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to Buck Smothers and Nancy Mel
ton, A. M. Hawley, jr., and Sallie
county to Newborn last year, has
been dead for some time.
School opens at Benton Semi
nary next Monday week. Perhaps
by that time our local agent will
have a full supply of the new text
The CilKONI-CLE ext ends congrat
ulations to Ernest McCullough on
the arrival of a bouncing boy at his
bome Tuesdav. Score one more
for the Democratic majority of old
The protracted niceung at the
Methodist Church will begin next
Monday evening at the usual hour
for services. Everybody is invited
to take a part in the services. Rev
W. C. Sellers, of L-xingion, wil
assist Rev. N. R Ware-' in hold
ing the meeting.
To the Toat'licvs and Patrons of Public Schools:
Hon. Morgan C. Fitzpatrick, the
State superintendent, at Nashville,
says -that no school teacher will be
liable under section 13 of senate
bill No. 30G where tho patrons of
schools are unable to secure new
school books from the agent for
their children. And they can use
the old school books until the con
tractors succeed in filling all orders
The above does not mean that
people who are financially unable
to secure the books, but that they
are unable because agents .haven't
been able to secure them.
It will possibly be September 10,
1899, before we can secure a full
line of the school booke adopted.
We will try and notify yon when
they arrive.
Very respectfully,
Phillips .Grocery Co.
Camden, Tenn., August 30, 1899.
all day amid the rocky hills.
As ft matter of fact tho soldier
strikes places sometimes that are
not very .pleasant, but wo have be
come almost accustomed to all the
hardships of a soldier's life.
I have beeu in the service about
ono year and three months. Wo
have been in active service since
February 4, and some people may
tell you that tho Filipinos can not
shoot, but I want to tell you that
they are mistaken, for they have
tried their marksmanship on mo.
However, I am still hero to try my
marksmanship at every Filipino I
can siht.
Our regiment has been doing out
post duty on tho Iloilo River every
since we have been cn the island.
I go on duty every four days, and
from our outpost we can see their
camp fires, and can see them walk
ing around in the day time.
The Filipinos fight somewhat
liko the Indians do in the States,
and they are constantly firing on.
our outposts. They will steal their
way through tho high grass and
sugar cane until they reach the op
posite side of the river from us, and
then fire a shot or two at our block
houses before disappearing as they
came. I believe that one of them
would crawl all day to get a shot at
an "Americano," for that is what
they call us.
Occasionally one of them will
muster up enough courage to ap
p roach within five or six hundred
yards of our outposts and climb a
cocoanut tree to do sharpshooting,
We generally locate him about the
second shot, and then we have him
coming down from his perch faster
than any squirrel you ever saw.
When we turn our old Springfields
loose it only requires a moment for
him to decide that he needs cover
I hardly think we will be hero
much longer, probably not moro
than CO days. I will close, hoping
to receive a long letter from you at
an early day.
Your friend,
D.'F. Quiliex-
Si'ccliil ( n i N'oiii!i'Ucn.
Farmers are busily engaged , in
gathering fodder this week.
N. T. Holland will soon have hi
now dwelling completed so that he
can move into it.
Miss Ida Brumager will begin
her school at tho Farrar School
house next Monday. We wish her
great success.
Quite a numlwr of the people of
this community are making prepa
rations to go to tho barbecue next
Saturday at Sulphur Creek.
B. R. Cuff (better known as Un
cle Dock) died yesterday at 2 p. m.
of dropsy, aged 70 years. The de
ceased had been conspicuous for a
number of years as a leader in tho
Populist party, and though ho had
many peculiarities and strange ec
centricities, still, ho was honest in
his convictions and had the respect
of his fellow men. He owned some
property, including a valuable lot
in Camden, and besides the farm
on which he resided he owned a 100
100 farm known as the, poor hou&o
tract. No children were born to
than, and his aged companion is
eft alone in her bereavement A
arge crowd attended the funeral
and interment at the cemetery, here
Flatwoods, August 29.
from LirjLHry.
- - t -
Kf ;;ular ionrsp(iiil''in ,
W. G. Lawrence.';. b.v .alir
his recent illness.
Wilso Weathc ly, is abh' i.'U
out again, after.i J-liort I1 tin--:;;.
Both J. P. Hudson 4,. id wif 'uu'f
been very sicl: the M..t few unye.
Miss Olli Gar:e-iy a hh:ui':w
young Lady of Sulphur Cr'.-.i;. vis
ited here hu t we i,
Accour.tof illne.t, A.N. I'imh..
will not begin the singing school ai
Bushing's Chap-' 'iinlil next Fri
day week.
Friday, ScpiemlKT; i, the day
set apart to. clean oft 'Ami Hudson,
burying-ground. Those iutvreHted
will nleaso remember tli(' U".te.
The protracted meeting, which
closed Saturday, unproductive of
Lrood results. Thwro weiv fve ad-
ditions to the church, two by .bap
tism and three by eertiiirat..'
It was R. G. Floreye instead
"Lawrence" who lias returned from
Texas. However. f. certain young
ady, whosf name it 1;. not neces
sary to mention, was not deceived
in (ho least by our little error.
After a short iilaew Aunt Mar
tha Hudson died last Sunday m. her
loino 1 mile east of here. Funeral
services were conducted by, Re1, N-
t. Waters yesterday. the'Jliiosou
nirying-ground where the inter
ment took place. Mrs. JIu'cison was
80 years pf...pge, and?' had been a
faithful member irI-' ihe ,t'.Hirch'ftt
this place for a long number of
yeai Sua ;',-,?.. a. kind neighbor,
an affectionate mother uhU i uvct-
ed christian, and will be greatly
missed by the people of .tbjs. com-
um any. olio leaves three sons anu
three daughters and a host of rela
tives who have .the sympathy. .p?
their many friends.
...Liberty, August 29.
R. G. Hudson is receiving a con
signment of Fresh Fancy Candies.
Stave bolt makers and gocd teams
can get steady work at good wages
by applying to W. P. Parker, Sun
rise, Teuu., or W. F. Stone, Kim
mir.s, Tenn., at, once. They have
four stave mills running and can
give work to those wanting a good
jok Pay each Saturday.
CilLSS k Wl'MON'D Co.
Fresh Cndy at R. G. Iledson's.
-The Benton County Teachers'
Association met at Morris Chapt
Auirust 19. 1899. The meeting was
opened with prayer by Rev. A. C.
McRae. Rev. I. C. Hubbs deliv
ered an eloquent address of wel
come, which was ably responded to
by A. A. Lindsoy.
The program was taken up in
regular order. A. A. Lindsey"waa
appointed critic.
"Education of the Heart" was
thoroughly explained by Rev. A. C.
Queries wore distributed in the
forenoon and taken up when the
association reconvened at 2 p. in.
On motion, the subjects, "Should
wo Visit the Patrons" and "Tho
New Text Book Law" were omit
ted from the program. The dis
cussions aroused the greatest in
The following committees wtere
Resolutions Walter Hnssell, D.
Smith v.uil Mr. Pn ssoti.
Regular corrcsiioiulence.1
Capt. John II. Wyly is visiting
his daughter at Clinton, Ky.
B. F. Brewer and family visitec
relatives at Flatwoods this week.
S. D. Tomlin and W. M. Spence
went to Paris to-day on business
Mrs. Mary Fitzsimmons has been
quite. sick, but she is some better
Mrs. Schnck, of Paris, is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
James Nichols and family, who
reside near Camden, visited .here
this week.
Mrs. P. II. Fitzsimmons, of Erin
is visiting relatives fnu friends in
this community.
The protracted meeting is now in
progress at Crooked Creek, aud the
indications are good for a revival.
Mrs. B. F. iikers Was taken ill
very suddenly last week,, and. for
several days her condition was ex
tremely, serions, the family having
grave doubts of her recovery, but
she is slowly improving.
Mrs. Kate Glenn and children,
after spending a week here with
relatives, have returned to their
home at Louisville, accompanied
by Mrs. Glenn's mother, Mrs. Kato
Butler, who will spend a few weeks
at Louisville.
While hauling pigs and poultry
in a wagon the team of Constable
Parker became frightened by the
pigs sqealing and ran away. Our
worthy official was thrown out head
first into the corner of a fence, in
flicting several bruises and knock
ing the skin off his face, in fact he
is considerably disfigured but still
in the ring. He says the pigs and
poultry escaped unhurt.
Faxou, August 29.
SH'Pial eoniwiioiitlenovl
We are glad to learn thatW. W.
Deaton is some. better.
Rev. J. B. Bushart a a- very sick
at the homo of John Wontherly.
J. B. Nance and daughter,. Miss
Jennie, visited friends near Liberty
. Jeff Greer and family, of -.Weakley
County, are visiting relatives hi
this community.
If any ono should happen to ask
John Spence -to explain why ho is
wearing a broad smile, he-could
only say "Its a girl." Father and
daughter are getting on nicely.
Last Friday night about eleven
o'clock, after a painful illness, Wig
Ilj'man breathed his last. To his
bereaved companion aiid relatives
wo extend condolence. The inter
ment was at old Prospect Gemote ry.
Eggville, August 29.
I Ipr ul iir covrcs poi i (1 n ce.
Miss Alice J3aker is-visiting AC
Mayfield, Ky.
The so-called army worm- is get
ting in its work in this locality.
The protracted meeting will be
gin at Baker's Chapel the fourth
Sunday in September.
Tho people here are busy saving
the hay--crop. u Other crops wers
never more promising.
Mrs. I. E. Wygul and son, El
bert, were called to see Mrs. Simon
Baker Sunday. 'We understand:
Mrs. Baker is quite eick.
Greenbrier, August 29.
Going to paint your house? Get
B. F. Chambers, an h mora' ile am:
highly esteemed citizen of Hollovr
Rock, died suddenly Wednesday
morning at -9 o'clock. In his go
ing our neighbor town loses a va-
your Ready Mixed Paint f.t the Fry juable citizen who- pj:i-e in ib;V
Drug Co. It is strictly up to date. corrrmiuHy will he. J a' c .ill'

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