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Is your breath bad? Then your
best friends turn their head! asil.
A bad breath means a bad liver.
Aysr's Pills are liver pills. They cure
constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia,
Ick headache. 25c. AH drupl9ts.
V. .i.t jour rnonaiarh or beurd a beautiful
1 n
Inrr.wn of
li.h 1 rk T
of Spavin, Curb, Splint, Capped
Hock, Sore Tendons, Cut, Kicks,
Ilrulses, etc., by using
Also an invaluable remedy for man.
When taken internally it cures
Cramp and Colic. It is the best
antiseptic knoun.
Every bottle is wiirrnted. Sold by dealers
unci druggists generally. Family lie, 85c.
Horse size, 50c. and $1.00.
Prepsred by EARL S. SLOAN, Boston, Mm,
Why take
Nauseous Medicines?
l ysj saff ering with
irs yoa suffering with
Are you ulJe-t to COLIC, FLATULENCY
or PAINS In the BOWELS f
Do yeu suffer frem RETENTION or SI P
Do yeu feel LAN(i:Ott, uud DEBIMTA
TED iu the mornlngf
Aromatic Schiedam
Peasant to taka, Stimulating,
Diuretic, Stomachic, Absolutely Pure.
For Sale by alt UROI KKS and
LQalsby k Company,
39 S. Broad St., Atlanta, On.
Engines and Boilers
bU'Kju Water Heater, Strum I'mnpi nml
1'cnbertliy Injectors.
Manufacturers and Dealers la
377" IIXaXaJS,
Corn Mills, Feed Mills, Cotton Gin Machin
ery ami Grain Sepiti-Htors.
SOLID and 1N8F.KTED Saws, Saw Teeth and
Locks, Knljrht's Patent Dors, V.lrdsall Saw
Mill anil Ensrlne Kepalre, (ioveruors, Grate
Bars and a lull line of Mill Supplies. Price
cud quality of poods guaranteed. Catalogue
free by mentioning this paper.
&3&S3.50 SHOES g
Worth $4 to 8 compared with
other makes.
Indorsed by over
1,000,000 wearers.
THK GtHl'lJ! h W. U Do;l'
aa3 price tUapd ea botun.
Take no substitute claimed
to be as good. Largest tinkers
of 3 and tn.50 slioes In the
world. Tour deslershould keep
them If not, we will send you
a natron receipt of price, htate
k'nd of lestlier, size and width, plula or tap too.
Catalogue U Free.
W. I. DOUGLAS SHOE CO.. Brockton. Mass.
i r
Owoi Over 43.CC) Aeres, All Cuhlvetsi by
TenaalsIi Ao Araerlcan Clslieo.
I.nnl flciilljr of Londou. hn.
just t urnpl.'tPil thf purrlinio of a vriht
bod of land In liatm Cot;iit.r, Mo. lie
now owns outright ov-r ! '.''') noes
of thi i holcost land In thr tounry, fur
wLu-li ho paid nhont $1,"00,00. Tli'
purthiiMo wna sin. ply nu l.iv'Btinrnt, so
hit nffi'nti ditni'f, for Mr. boh h u.l his
widownl ilnuzlitiT In law. Wh.it ef
fect tills ln-ary jnirchns will hnvo on
th valurf In tho cointnmilty, It n cer
tain that the niHrchautu of Ihiller n re
beginning fo ffel tbt) rfftet of tli
chane In ownornhlp. Whether Lord
.Scully Is proponing to curry out tha
Ido.ta alrondy fastened on England, 1.
p., the growth of land estates under
oi:p ruler, with tenantry to work thu
farms, Is left for tho future to deckle.
It Is certain that such a condition now
oxlts on his various farina In tha
The ilrst purchase of land In Uutler
County was made by Lord Scully'a
ngents In 1801. Since thn they havn
bought tip, from time to time, the besl
farms In the county. Ills agents, tho
principal one of whom was V. W.
Kenohlo of Sprlngflcld, 111., took over
land trips through the county. 'When
they came to a piece of land that
Ktruck their fancy It was bought with
out que-.tlon as to the price. In this
way many of the old settlers of tha
county Hold out thflr homestead. nnd
were glad of the opportunity. The
land brought from $23 to $33 per acre.
Most of It ranged at ?30. It was
mouths after the Scully agents began
to buy farm land before auy one sus
pected that such big deals were oi
foot. Tfccu the fanners who had land
to sell besieged the agents with Im
portunities to buy their farms. The
agents quit buying and disappeared
from Dates County, giving out that
they bad all the land they wanted.
For awhile the farmers who had land
for sale desisted In their efforts and
Lord Scully was forgotten.
A year or so later they appeared
again in tho county, and for months
they rode from odo end to the other.
They would start out from nutler
every morning nnd return In the even
ing. The receipts from the recording
fees placed that office at tho top of tha
list as the best paying one. Instru
ments by the page are recorded there
and the fees are all paid by William
Scully. In one week over $30,000
changed hands through the Scully
Then the people of tho county be
gan to Inquire into the matter. A bill
preventing an alien from owning more
than 10,000 acres of land In any coun
ty in the State was introducod and
passed in the Thirty-eighth General
Assembly. This was Introduced by
Ibe Representative of this county and
directed at Lord Scully. The latter
was too wise to be caught napping.
He slipped over from London, and bo
fore the law went Into effect a tele
gram was sent out from Washington
that Lord Sully had become a citizen
of this country, and bad been natural
ized. Thus the law wus evaded, and
bis ageuts continued to purchase land
fn bis name, which they kept up until
a few months ago. At the present time
his farms are scattered all over Bates
County. These farms contain from
40,000 to 50,000 acres, and the value is
placed at more than $1,200,000 at the
The one feature which the citizens of
tho county are so bitterly opposed to
Is the fact that Improvements are al
lowed to wane and the farms, instead
of being the pride of their tenants, are
running to waste. At the present time
they arc all placed under the tenant
system. The rents are not exorbitant
Only $2 to $2.30 per acre Is charged,
and so far, in case of a crop failure,
this has been refunded In many In
stances. Three men who nave Head
quarters in Butler are constantly en
gaged in looking after the Scully inter
ests. They collect the rents and other
wise look after the farms. Lord Scul
ly pays about one-tenth of the taxes of
the county and the land he owns meas
ures nearly eight square miles if the
farms were placed elde by side. Al
though there are more than TiO.000
acres of land in tho country, the Scully
lands make a big Inroad on the valua
ble portions.
A Ja'cinaa'a nJ Crest
rorpr-tlint-i no agent may praise1 t!l
wares ,o zealously that poaslbln pur
rhaaers ure seared away.
"You aay this Is gei. atrnng prfmn
ery," raid Mln Martha Tlbbctt.
doubtfully Kurveylug a bottle if green
Ih liquid, "and I aee it marked ,renl
violet pxii.net,' nnd 'warranted. But
H' n preaent for toy niece -If I buy It
ti!u.,mln- It lent Its smell before i
she'd had It a month? I've beard f
folk being cheated that way."
"Madam." unld the agent, "let me tell
yo;i a little atory. Last year I Mild a
bottle of this perfume to a lady who"
husbnnd was a little peculiar In hi
mind; and be took a great dlstaHc lo
this delicious Invigorating odor, bo that
the lady was obliged to aecrete the bot
tle In a drawer.
"Sir months pissed, nnd one day the
husband chanced upon the bottle, and
In his annoyance, we will say. ho
threw It from the window, and It broke
upon the garden wall. And the lady
assured me that three week later her
husband removed the stones on which
the perfume had been rpilled. and re
placed them with others. I leave you
to draw your own conclusions."
"I'm!" tald Miss Tlbbetts. "Well,
my niece is married, und I don't know
just what notions her husband may
have. I guess I'd better not buy any
thing this morning. You ace how 'tis,
don't you?"
Till! vtry woi l "r prrattcn
triV'j terror to a wemn
operation! teccraa rectspary
f f if f f"J f "f
" i mv f o r
Dewey Celebration.
Americans are quick to nppreclate merit.
1 he Dewey celebration prore that, and It Is
osntn forcibly demonstrated in tue prnls na
ronfldenre which Is accorded to Hrmtetter'a
frHomanu Eltlers. one of the most meritorious
remedies erer compounded for Indigestion,
constluatlon. diecensla, biliousness, liver or
kidney disease, or any trouble aiislnf from a
weak stomach. If you hare a weal stomach
don't fall to try It.
P0.l talk more wbon they
think the
BcftjUy I Iiloml Deep.
Ciu.n blood meani a clean skin. No
If atity without It. Casearets, Candy (.'athar
lie clean your blood and keen it clean, by
Etirring up the lazy liver and driving all lm
j urltlea from the body. Begin to-day to
baniah pimples, bolls, blotches, blackheads,
Rnd that sickly bilioua complexion by taking
Cascareta, beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 23c, 50o.
To depart from sound principles Is to pay
too high a price for success achieved by it.
I have found Plso's Cure for Con.umrit!on
an unfallinif medicine. V. R. LoTZ, 1X5 Scott
?t, Covington, Ky , Oct. 1, 1891.
Ncafly always thes
through r.ejlect.
If th; menses are very painful, or too frequent &nd excessive
get tb right advice it om;o nd
stop t.-ikinj chance. It will cent
you nothing: for a Ivies if you write
to Mrs. I'inkham at Lynn, Mass.,
for it, and if ymi let the troubla
run .lon it will surely cost you a
fjreat deal of pain and may mean
an operation.
Miss Sabaii J. (Ikaham, SheridaTiville. Pa., writes: "Dear
i-X-V. -. iUKIi. 1 IN K 11 Ail . t Iiau su.ivitu iui b--
;)eral years with femalo troubles and
doctored until I was discouraged. I felt
wretched and tired cf living. I had dis
ease of kidneys, bladder troubl.
dropsy and bloating, had womb
troubla and larg;c tumor had
formed; in fact all my organs
M ere out of fix.
Seeirgawotnan's letter prais
ing your remedies, I wrote to
her and she begged of me to try
it, telling me all that it had done
for her. I bought six bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Compound and now cannot ex
press my gratitude to you. Tho
tumor began to-come away la
pieces and I got better all tho
time. I believe now that I am
entirely cured.
"My doctors could not believe
it at first, as they all had told mo
that my case was a hopeless one,
and no human power could do mo
I ; ; any good. They were astounded.
-V 'i If I can say anything that can
help other women, I shall bo
glad to."
It is not safe to watt until tho
last moment. Head off trouble
Don't be satisfied without Mrs.
J C -
Nsj( -i,i
by prompt attention to it.
Pinkham's advice.
Kindn'sts wlsjom; there is none in life
but needs it, and many learn.
No Cure, No Pay,
la the way Fhidley's Eye Salve Is sold.
Chronic- and granulated lidn cured in SO
day; common sore ayes in 3 days, or
money back for the askinj:. Sold by all
druggists, or by mail, 23c. pox. J. P
Hatter, Docatur, Teras.
In a district of 60.CO0 neonlo in Livarnool
intoxicating liquor oannot tie bougat.
Fdnoale Your Itnwel With Casearets.
Csnriy Cathartic, cure constipation forerer.
l(c, i&c. If C C. C. fall, dmpclstsrefundmoiiey.
They trho beliavo they can conquer will
1 i , (: i
r-, Vr 1 F
Tho best remedy lor
Consumption. Cures
V f U D Bronchitis, Hoars e-
J a ues. Asthma, Whooping-
eougri, Croup. Small doses ; quick, sure results.
Dr. iiuiriftlltcurt Constipation. Trial, to furc.
,i -t Ma rsrmanefiiiy uareg
V X f a. . i- j
Sfium end ft. Vim' tianct. kHnorKfrroMa
hor UntCa'tssa. TfestiS'-Sn.tiS trial hottje
frse '" iUsbh, thty i.ejiooi)i!- !!(fu.r
wun rrttr. Hd in lr. Klln. I.Vl. H-U.ro
ImtltuM of Xl Arch F,i.. r -llailtiubm. P-
Vnfii iif m ifi - ' 1 "
The Tin Tags taken from 8CHEMPFS
and J, Tobaccos will pay for any one or
all of this list of desirable and useful things, and you
have your good chewing tobacco besides.
Every man, woman ana cuiiu cau "i vuioimub -
they would like to hT and can have FR2E.
Write your name and address plainly aad aand tha tags to us, mn
tloning the numbr of tbo present you want. Any assortment ot the
different kinds of tags meutlontid above wilt bo accapted.
r i 13
V t I i r
r. 4
i mi)
1 Match Box. quaint dtslgn, import
ed from Japan
t Kn fe, on blade, good steel 4U
I Srjtor H inch. od aieel ' i
4 Child's Set. Knife, Fork and Upoon BS
I tal- and Pepper, one each, qnud
ruole i)Hte on whit metal 70
6 Ba:scr, hollow gruund. fine English
s eel
7 Butter Bnif, trlile plate, best
quality 1(0
S Sugar Shell, tnrle plate, beet qual..l0
I 8-amp Bom, sterling silver 1C0
10 Knife, two bld"ii 10
U Butcher Knlle, 8 inch blad 100
M hhear, S lnoii nickel ICO
13 ut Set, Oickr, Picks, silrer.... t
14 Sis r.og'.rs Tahlu Speons 4t0
15 Stt each Rc.feers K. ivs and Torks .Sou
18 Kerolver, iS2 or iS calibre 1" 0
17 llne t all, ''Assioation,- i&
IS watch, Htem wind and set, guaran
teed f,eod time kerj er 2M
10 Alarm ( loc k, ni kl. warranted.... SHI
10 Carveis, tui khoin hkiuile, gcod
ste.1 SCO
tl Bix Ropers" Teaspooes, bsst qul. SW
2i Knives an FornS, six each, buck
hora bdl W
15 Clock, -dy, Calendar, Thermom
eter, Barome'er 6P0
84 Bmlnpton hifl No. 4, 81 or ti cal .10W)
16 Tocl feet, not playthings, but roal
tools 760
56 Toilet Set, decorated porcelain,
very handsome 800
57 Wateh, solid silver, full Jeweled... 1000
3 Sswtea Machine, first flats, with
all attachments X
19 Winchester lteneatlug Shot Gun,
UgUSB ...."M0
80 Kifie, Wlnchesler, l-shot, Sa-cal...2i0
a SUot Oun, dcublo-bavrel, hamiuer-
lcs 0W
32 Guitar rosewood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl
83 Bicycle, standard make, ladies or
gents 8000
K4 Af'er Dinner Coffee Spoon, solid
silver, gold bonl 100
5 Driar Wood ripe 40
You deny yourself plwisuro and
comfort If you don't U90 it.
This offer expires November 30th, 1900.
Address all your Tags and the correspondence about them to
A5 .s Sv S5X xJJIRk,
xZSt (SSk .3EE
Rct.(bow Eisliop)Jos.S.Key,
r .
(Teething PswdersjXJti
Costs only 25 Cents, f not m& at your Druggist's, mail 25 cents ta
Wrote: "We caveyourTKKTHiNA
(Teething Powders) to our little
grandchild with tbe hapiiet re
suits. Th elTectt were almont roosri
enl and certulnly mors iiU'sfattory
tban fro ftnythlnicweever us-ed. '
ti M h MSI
and Whiskey Ilablts
cured at home with-
nnt niiln T4nW rt nor.
Ssj tleulars sent FSIES5.
Tn"i ti f n nnf T vv m 1
AUSUUt, bit. viiica lu-i jrrjur ot.
V Kcreer-VVoodl'chaccoC'o. .Greeimboro..C:.
In writing to adver
tisers. A NU U'J-40
Are Ihe hes. A! for thorn. Cost no more
than common chimney. All.d,0lr'- .
t'lTlSlll'UO til.ASS CO., Allesheny, P.
i : i Ti cC ca:i i:
: . . . . . ! . , ..... f . , . " i , ' i i r . n
Beet tocgn byrup,
TA5U:$ Goinl. Use I
A Useful Device.
Wet boots and bboes can be rapidly
dried by a rennsyivanian's patent de
vice, which consists of a circular baso
of tin, open fit tbo bottom, and pro
vided with a pair of vertical tubes,
ending in curved spouts, the boots Jxj
in; placed over tha spouts and tne de
vice zet on the stove.
An Acctent Scotch Castle.
Dalkeith palace In Scotland is a plain
building, but It has a fine situation,
with a good bowling green and a beau
tiful bridge of white stone spanning
the Esk River, within sight of the
bouse. The present building, erected
ia 1700, stand on the sight of tho old
castle of Dalkeith, which 13 alluded
to as far back as 1130, when Wlilhim
de Graham, who had received a grant
of lauds from David I., was the occu
pant. .In the fourteenth century the
castlo, along with the barony of Dal
keith, passed by marriage to the bouse
of Douglas.
A Swan Fights a Alan.
That a swan will fight fiercely wan I
shown by an exciting struggle between
a swan and a park constable on the
upper lake In Waterloo Tark, England.
Some India-rubber balls had rolled In
to the water, and to get tnem the con
stable paddled out in a puut. This
drew the notice of the male twan,
ten't Tobacco Spit srd f mcke Your Lii Away.
To quit loracco CRSily and forever, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve Rnd vigor, take Jio-To-Dac,
the wondor-worker, that makes went men
strong. All druggists, 50c or $1. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet nnd Ram pie freo. Address
Sterling Keniedy Co., Chicago or New York.
Dean Swift, is credited with the saying
'Bread is tbo staff of life."
Now Is the Tlnic to S'lant H(r wherries. Our free
Publication tell bow to rr.r.ke nmney rn them.
L'. P. Co. .Strawberry S-t ecialiete, Klitreil.N.O.
A moment's insight is sometimes worth a
life's experience.
(successful SHOOTERS SHOOT
'fflt'i RiHes, Repeating Shotguns, Aixununition and
tW I Loaded Shotgun Sheik Winchester gtjns and
ammunition a?e the standard of the world, but
they do not cost any more than poorer mates.
rs? FRFE : Send name and address on a postal tor io
page Illustrated taunogue aescncing sn uj feu.io
ammunition mads bv th
an haves, ccf-:n,
f "1 in t "J
i lid h
1 i i
To cure or money refunded by your merchant, so why not try HV i'rlco 50c.

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