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t'l.-THilhli WiJEKLT AT CaMUKS, Tin.
i) ? Mubii Tiptlfiil of III K (mK'.nk k lt
-11 1 r.i'.l per rai ; . rrnU fu X Itiotit )i i, vs I . i li
JM 1 1 v 1 V IMllsl he p;iid J'l Hilvamc vii.scnp
!nui will he ini:uit!y btoppeii at rApli.iilmi ot
tllllf pllil) (.II-.
H.iLiwtry an J slmilnr lotl( () will Iwilian'fil fur
at tin' tattt (, 3 renH p t inn-. We will fnniMl
r H.-f(riit.lay hiiiI !ou,il aJvprtlMiinon iipulira-
News com iiiur,iritt loin al a rlir-in fjue.it Ions
0( public luli-lr-it me Min-ill,hiit
H"iMuiHllilllly fm - tliepxpicislnm oiiiitiiintii in all
aw-li ciiiiiiiiiiiui'iilioim anil Mt'tii-li'N published.
I'tmiltHiii'i'H can In- (iihiId In sin mm whk Unit
are m i IiM'tly saie. bin, rrinlltuiirc sent arc at
i lilt (if Illl NelKltf.
All rfliilltamci mill biislii-M commiliilratlon.'i
nhiutl b siMit to UiK JII;oM J K,
t 'aimicii, leun.
FllIDAY, OCTOHEK (1, 1809.
The CiiiiOMCLK gives valuo re
ceived for all it tets, Horves the
public well ns a news gatherer and
mentor nnd minds ita own business.
The Carroll County Democrat is
quick to observe tlio effect of the
trusts' influence. It flays: "The
bi; pnpers of the country are be
ginning to line up for the trusts,
and that .is where the people and
the said big papers will part com
pany." And that is a fact.
The following clipping recently
appeared, in the Decatur Couuty
Herald, and could apply to other
localities not necessary to mention
" It seems as if there were certain
kind of christians hereabout who
think they have purchased through
tickets with stopover privileges to
Hearen's laud and have sleeping
car,. accommodations clear through.
But they will find that if they do
aot have their tickets renewed at
someevival station that they have
been switched off on the incline
route, and will wake up Home fine
corning where there are no cold
storage accommodations."
Ex-Gov. Robert L. Taylor has
the following to say .on the subject
of infidelity: -
"It is in the desert, where virtue
trembles to treat, where hope fal
ters and where faith is crucified, the
infidel dreams, , To him all there is
of Heaven i3 bounded by this little
span of life; all there is of pleasure
and love is circumscribed by a few
Meeting years; all there is of beauty
is mortal; all there is of intelligence
an4 wisdom is the human brain; all
there is of mystery and infiuity is
fathomable by. human reason, and
all , there is of virtue is measured
by the relation of man to man. To
him all must end in the 'tongueless
silence of the dreamless dust,' and
all, that lies beyond the grave is a
voiceless ehore and a starless sky.
To him there are no prints of death
less feet in its echoless sand, no
thrill of immortal music in its joy
less air. He haa lost bis God, and
like some fallen seraph flying in a
rayless night, he gropes his way on
fagging pinions searching for a
light where darkness reigns, for
life where, Ieatlv is king."
Quarterly court met here Mon
day, and was in session one day only.
A number of! reports were received
and there were several releases of
payment of poll taxes.
The appropriations were as fol
lows: Bridges and turnpike, $885;
paupers (including expeuse incur
red in sending inmates to asylum),
$108.75; tax boot, etc., $186.90; jail
account, etc., '$99-30; justice of the
peace milage aud per diem, $84.60;
total, $1,314.55. While the appro
priation is considerably larger than
usual, this is accounted for by the
amount appropriated to bridges
and tnrnpike.
W. T. Morris, D. G. Hudson, J.
II. Hudson, esq., J. 11. Castile and
S. T. Presson were nppoiuted to in
vestigate and report upon the ad
visability of redistrictiug the coun
ty into Fcb'col districts.-
lCvtuInr ro! irtiiiiiil(lii-c
ll"v. K. It. Condor U spending ;
day or ho here with friendH.
MisnOnie Vick i Hpemling n fnw
days at Ciuwh-n thin week.
Don't forget the Sunday school
and preaching hero next Sunday.
Elmer Vick dismissed hw fichool
another week and in now at woik at
home on the farm.
(h PfdlWd and A. N. PresHon are
engaged in making sorghum at the
old Htand near O. K. Whitfield's.
llev. George Florence, of Dyers
burgh, stopped over heit to-day tn
route to conference at Tullahonm.
George iMcK-Ivey takes the lend
for fine sorghum cane. It is the
largest cane we ever saw, and two
Blalks ground will make a gallou of
Quito a number from lie re wit
nessed the weddings at Postoak last
Suudny, the contracting parties be
ing P. W. Hudson, jr., and Miss
Nonie Lewis and Thomas Lewis
and Laura Hiulson, Justice F. M.
Greer officiating. After the wed
dings they were given a supper and
reception at the hospitable . home
of P. W. Hudson. We join in ex
tending the hhpply couples best
wishes for a happy future.
Liberty, October 3.
lingular correspondence. ,
. Dike Parker is improving very
Miss Sophia Parker is reported
Very sick.
A. N. Lindsey, of Pig Sandy, was
here yesterday.
Mrs.J.B. Graham, of Big Sandy,
in visiting at this place,.
Lem Jones, of Big Sandy has
opened a hooppole shop here.
Harrison Andrews and wife, of.
Bij. Sandy, visited here Sunday.
John Faxon smiles as he 6inokes
his pipe, aud says "Its a f-f-f-fine
W, F. Bullard and John .Da
vidson attended presbytery at. Big
Sandy Sunday. .
. W. Caraway and eon have return
ed, from the east where they have
been buying fall a.-.d winter goods.
The infant of D. M. Goforth died
Mouday of whooping-cough, and
the iuterment.took place to-day at
the Crooked Creek burying ground.
. Faxon, October 3. :
R.itcular correspondence.
Sewell, little son of Jones Brown,
is still very sick.
Jim Love shouts with all his
might that its a girl.
The school at Mount Moriah will
stop Friday for some time.
Bob Rogers, of Humphreys, was
here Saturday and Sunday.
W.R. March banks, our hustling
merchaut, is on the sick list.
J. B. Anderson was at Garfield
Sunday. Some great , attraction,
no doubt
T. P. Beasley and family, of Lil
born, visited relatives in this com
munity last week.
The contract to repair the school-
house at Mount Moriah will be let
to the lowest bidder Thursday:
Quite a number from here went
to the show at Camden Saturday.
They came back from one to thirty
dollars poorer and none the wiser.
Chalk Level, October 4.
Special coiTPsporulence.
J. M. Utley and others went to
Camden yesterday.
J. F. McKelvey has moved from
near Eva to Flatwoods.
Flatwoods was well represente
at the show at Camden.
Misses Allie and Lena Davidson
are able to be out again, after being
very sick for several weeks
He v. W. A. Watts will prencli a
Chestnut Hill 'nturday r.t 3 p. tn
nnd at x la t woods-tSuudnv h H a. ri
A good crowd . v;as -Uita-ppoin ted
here Sunday. It win uud.-rstood
that Mr. Fanner win to preach on
that occasion, but we h am that the
c.tiito of hi:t health would not per
mit. Fj.AT woods, October cJ.
Plotrriiiii for t ho teucheiH' rishoeintion
i.t Harmons deck Oetoher Vt, IB'.)',);
l'ruyer, Uncle Tom l'ltH'ord; wclconie
address, Icimc Funiit r; response, WW
tcr Maxell.
"What Bilvunt.aff isdiuRrauiiiitf ? And
which i- t h1 most important, diagram
in, (inulizit'ir or puri-.iiif,' ?" O A. Utley
and Elmer Vick.
"Direct and indirect tnxon" (nolve an
example under each), Otsorgo I'.rown
and V. C. Nunnery.
"IlcNolvcd, That tho county court of
lientoti ( 'ountjr wliould make each schoid
dinlr'ct thrwi inilcH Hainan nnd tliut each
district hav(t three dircctniH iim vp now
have in the civil districts," W. D. CoOier
find J. Put Wilson.
"Discipline,- I). 15. GoKsott.
"iiiisineFs education; what, U it?"T.
W. ('uffand I) K McUunicl.
"Present needs," V. A. Watts and
Iiertrum Serratt.
"Should wo teach tttudeiits politeness
in scIkxjI?" Jliss Ida Mrumaer and A.
A. Lindsey. Dona Waud,
J. It. 1 1 OLLADAY,
D. Gossktt,
Take Laxative Itrotnn Quinine Tablets.
All dnifrgist.H reJund the money if itfaila
to cure. E. W. Grove's siguature on
every box. 25 cents.
Part III of the New York World's
Alhum of Songs is entitled "There Ain't
No Use to Keep on Hanging 'Ron i id."
It is bright and catchy; by Irving Jones,
author . of the popular hit, 'Get Your
Money's Worth " There are ten songs
in the album, which will be mailed in
connection with ten numbers of the great
Sunday Hoi Id, for 50 cents in stumps.
Write a postal for list and description of
songs. Address the H oiid, New York
',. A '425c GHiLL CURE
Plcutnt to take.
Contain! do poi.on. (furante4
to cure or tuoncj refunded.
Sold by J G. l'RKSSON, Cnindpn, Tcnn.
h Great PreRidentlal Campaign of 1900.
The -policies ot the meat political dailies are
now being formed and the candidates discussed.
The voire of the people as recorded by ballot ut
the approaehiiiK Presidential election will prob
ably decide the policy of the imti n for the next
decade. Kvery citizen must study the ureal ques
tions that are to come before the people. I bis
can only be done lhiotif,'li the medium of a .great
newspaper. Now Is the time, therefore, foreverv
voter to subscribe for the best and most reliable
ncwspaperobtaimihle. The Semi-Weekly Repub
lic covers the whole field of political news. V bile
it is Democratic, it publishes the news in rtyard
to all political parties without prejudice. ,
us leiesrapiik: ant eanie news service is supe
rior to that, of any other paper. Its special feat-
ares are the best. In fact, it is the paper for that
large class of readers who can not afford or do
not have access to the ;iily papers,
Attention is also called to t,lie ILennhhe's Sim-
day Magazine.. Its half-tone illustration are
alone worth the subscription price. It is made
up of special an icles by Hie l)et literary talent,
embracing n variety of sublets of current inter
est. New feat ures of absorbing interest are. illus
trated and enlarged upon. For the benefit of the
ladies the Infest fashions are handsomely illus
trated The Republic Sunday Macazlne is always
e'f amiK i" every memner 01 me iaitiuv,
The subscription price of the Semi-Weekly Re
public Is JM 00 per year. The Republic Sunday
Magazine SI . 25 per year. Both papers are now
being offered at the very low price of Si. 50 for
one year. To secure this low rate both must be
ordered and paid for at the same time.
Address all orders to THE KKI'UBLIO,
St. Louis, Mo.
Bright Bojs Started In Business.
The publishers of ihe famous bur illustrated
weekly newspapers, Pennsylvania iirit, are now
placing representatives at every pot(ilHce m
Tennessee, and they desire to secure the. services
of capable hustlintf auents In each of tlie follow-
Iiik towns of Reiiton County: Ciinnleii and l!i
Sandy, and in such other towns as are not al
ready supplied.
The work is profitable anil pleasant. A portion
of Saturday only Is required.- Over R.OWl aeuts
are ooinR splendidly. No money whatever is re
quired. Everything is funiNlitd live, ltiibber
stamp, ink, pad and stationery, sample copies,
etc. Papers are snipped to be paid for at the rut)
ot eaeli month, (hose not sold are nut charged
for. Write to Grit Pub C., Willlanisport, Pa.;
and mention Thh Chuonii I.k.
A vnluaUl" farm 267 J acres; fmitable
for fanning and stock raising; location
convenient ; tei tus reason aUle ; title O. K.
Apply to I. N BRIDGES.
18 25 6m. Carutlen, Teun.
John Hicks et als. vs. William, ("ole.
In this caiiH? it duly appearing from
the bill, which i sworn to, that William
' 'ole, defendant in thin cause, is a nou
resident of the State of Tennessee, sq
that process can not, be served npon him;
it is therefore ordered that said William
(-ole appear before the-Judge of the
Benton ouiity Court at Camden. Ten
nessee, on or before the first Monday in
November, next, and make defense to
complainant's bill, or the name, will be
taken lor confessed as to lnm.
This October 8, 18U9
Tom 0 Rye. Clerk
Solicitor for complainants. 19 19
V'! job iriiitiii fnollillos tire first-class. Hint
i t mr specialty U k'i work. Kstlinate.i (and
;lt- Iih.i p iKisMliie) will oo furiiisliei
w i r - f .
if, - i " .
J tern
ion. AdditiS iUK UillOMCLt
A 11! I.I,
Toilet fir tides, per fumerij,
East Side Public Square, CAMDEN, TEN.N
Everything' is New, Pure Fresh.
HnEscmpriONS Acotf?ATriY Compounded at All Houks Day and Nia:- i.
o.eoxon seminary..
Faculty VV, D. Cooper, principal; Miss Betfie Whitfield, assistant; Miss .
Ivio Cheek, instrumental music; Guy Hall, vocal music; U. A. P0U9, teleg-.
CourKif of Ntmlv practical. ffimprf-lifiiKivL', ami tliorniioli, iiuliiiliiig Etiglinh,
classics, ami mat iictnal ics. Mmlcrti nml approved metlio ls of im-tni' tioii.
Ilialthv locality. linililing lurgc, cnrnfui talile nml con vpnicjit. Board very
cheap in the lut of families Kyr fin tliei' iufui nicti-n addrcKn
w. i). cooi'i,:,
Camden, Ten.v. l'riucipal.
St. Louis S Tennessee River
stkam khh err v ok padiu ah.
OXK of these elegant steatners leave St. liuls
every W eiliiesday and Saturday for all points
on the lUississippi liiver to ( airo. iihio River to
I'aducah, and lenm ssee River to Florence, tak
ing freight and passengers for all points on the
Ohio to Pittsburgh, and on the Cumberland to
Naohville. I'lirougli lulls of lading, prompt serv
ice, and low rait.
Trallie iManager,
Wharf boat fool of Olive sheet. SI. I,( ilj
Jf-iineof ihese steamers arrive at Johnson,
ville every Tuesibn anil Fi ldav
THOS. I'.' Mll.I.KK, II. 11. QUYNX,
President. Manager.
Through Cars,
. iti - Quick Time, and
Sure Connection
Through Sleepers to the West via MeKenzie.
Through Sleepers to Hie South via MontKomerv.
Throut;!) Sleepers to the Nort heast via Louisville
EMIGRANTS seeking homes on this line oj
this road will receive special low rates. For maps,
rates, etc., see agents of this eonioanv, or ad
dress, . C. F. AT MO RE,
C-ttlieral Passenger AKent,
I.iuiisvi llk, Ky.
Trains pass Cannier, on the Nashville, Chatta
noofja and St. Louis Railroad as follows:
No. 3, mail. 5.r( pin
No. 1, express, f.af am
No. 53. " 2.0S am
NO. 4, mail. .. ..9. 53 am
No. 62, express'2.fi0 am
No. B, " 9.53 pm
and State Warrants for sale at ThbChkon
iolk. ollice. ot her blanks printed lo order.
While the iron is hot.
Stigall & Potts
have been busy for quite awhile
getting ready for the crisis and
now they have a big line of every
thing you need from the smallest
to almost the greatest, and. they
have some ,.
Red Hot Prices
to' offer their many customers,
and when you go to town don't
sell your barter until you. see
them.- Among the rest of the
ba'ga'ns vou will see
American Beauties
F. C .
A . a
Ubt tr i.. .
p. r " ? p M i '
. 1
lib ,i 3 h
I.I N i; OF
Soaps 2 Droggists'
P n . ft j "
x 11 u i I v .
(Opposite the Southern.)
First-Class in all its Appointments,
; 200 noons.
RATES $2 & $2.50 PER DAY.
ST. UllH, MO.
THE . GE17 HAY..
"WOMEN used '
:ji lo unnri ic-
r"Cj m a le diseases "
could only be
treated after "lo
c a 1 examina
tions" by physi
cians. Dread of
such treatment
kept thousands of
modest women .
silent about their
suffering. The In
troduction of-
Wine of Cardul has now demon
strated that nine-tenths of all tha
cases of menstrual disorders do
not require a physician's attention-
at all. The simple, pur
taken In the privacy of a woman s
own home Insures quick relief and
speedy cure. Women need not
hesitate now. Wine of Cardul re
quires no humiliating- examina
tions for Its adoption. It cures any
disease that comes under the head
of "female troubles" disordered
menses, falling of the womb,
"whites," change of life. It makes
women beautiful by making them
well.- It keeps them young by
keeping them healthy. $1.00 at
the drug store-
For advice in ca3es requiring- special
directions, adiress, giving- symptoms,
ths " Ladies' Advisory Department,"
The Chattanoog Medietas Co., Chatta
nooga, Tenn, -
W. I. ADDISON, M.D., Cary.Mlss., lays:
"I use Wine of Cardul extensively In
my practice and find It a most excellent .
preparation for female troubles." -
S -r
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
onloklv asofrtHiu niir oiiinlon free whether au
Invention is probably patentable. Communlcn.
norm strictly confidential. nanaDOOKon rateuts
eent frea. Oldest eirency for securing patents.
Patents taken throuirh Munn & Co. recelye
tperial notice, without clinrge, In the
Scijnlific JlRierican.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. I.nruest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
yenr: four months, ft. Sold by all newsdealers.
r.VdfJti & Co.36,BroaKev York
Branch Office, 625 F Bt.. WahiiEtou. C c.
razor imie m.mm
r1?? i r? tti r-'-Ti ' 'iA w
''MlTiSlitjls iMi It
A. ImimHTaif i. !' ; 'r-f
., r- --.i -- - " i
? L
.1 if
J '
iK.'.io. St. lau'jt, f;' ': -

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