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Vol. XIX. No. 18.
Wlltil. V
. . o.
A ! !
The Fiiiii Tennessee Rrgimont
in homeward bound at last. Tho
Indiana nailed from Manila Mon
day with V. oHiecis and 010 un it of
the ToiiiicHHOH Volunteers. There
with no nick loft behind, which
fdiown flio In ri'n tirfirwiH Inn r if 1 1 1 1
' 'v
I enneK-ieeans (hut, re-eulisted, find
there, loo, Tennessee ranks an the
Vol unteer Slate, for n larger p r
centago of the enlisted men in the
regimenthavo voluntarily re-enlisted
in the army than any other or
ganization which naw fiervico in the
The transport Indiana is rated at
the war department as moderately
fast, andas the voyagerom Manila
to San Francisco usually occupies
about a month and four days, it is
probable that the Indiana will bo
about a month in making the trip,
reaching San Francisco about the
9th of November.
After a delay of several weeks
AY. E. McEao has received the dy-
111 1 J 1 I
namo ana otner machinery tor ins
electric plant, and it thought Umt
i i i j i j I
. . ..... , . . , . i
possioiy oy to-mgnt or to-morrow
night tho current will bo turned on
and tho people of Camden will en-
joy their first electric lights.
It is tho intention to light the
puDiic square nrst. i no poles are
up, and lineman are at work get-
ting everything ready, to turn on
uA i:i.4:
lll-limUJf., i
There are 14 cases of smallpox
at Lavinia, Carroll County, and the
outlook for stamping. out the epi-
tlemic is not very encouraging.
No quarantine has been estab-
lished, and the inhabitants of the
" little hamlet are freo to go and
come at will. All the cases are ne-
groes, who contracted the disease
at a meeting at Fruitland,' Gibson
Marriare licenses -have been is-
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to P. W. Hudsou, jr., and Nonie
Lewis, T. N. Lewis and M. L. Hud-
Bon, Charley Balsgent and R A.
Garner, -A'O. McCurdy and Virgio
Kirk, J. G. Barnes and M. E. Ellis,
A. E. Crossnoe and Lizzie Garner,
E. L. Hudson and Belus Fry, Sam
' Wesson and Lucy Moore.
We have a full supply of all the
school books adopted excepting Ad-
vanced Physiology. Come at once
and avoid the rush.
PniLLirs Grocery Co., .
Camden, leun.
. '
The Southwestern District Bap-
tist Association met at Tleasant
Hill in the tourteenth district a ri-
day, October C, 1899.
The opening sermon was preach-
ed Friday morning at 10 o'clock by
Rev. Newsom Joyner, ot buena
Rev. W. S. Raney, of Hunting
don, was. elected moderator, and
Rev. C. H. Rogers clerk. Reports
of' the various churches were re
ceived and referred to the proper
, ,w . i a f -1 ii
An eifort was made to divide the
association, but a motion to that
eilect was voted down.
The day of meeting of the asso-
, i i e
ciatiou was cuangeu irom 11uuj
to Wednesday, and tho next meet
ing will be held at Salem in Deca-
tur County on Wednesday before
the second Sunday in October, 180?.
The business of tlio association was
concluded Saturday.
Key. W. S. Riiney preached the
missionary Hornion Sunday morn
ing. At the tame time Rev. 15. F.
Stamps preached in u grove near
the church. Roth sermons were
impressive, and there was u lan.ee
,. i
Aiming the distinguished minis
ters who attended the association
were Dr. E. K. Folk ana Dr. A. J.
Holt, of Nashville; Rev. Mr. New
hind, of Martin, and Rev. R. F.
Stamps, of Alabama.
The marria-'e of Miss Reins Frv
ftml Mr R L Undsoilf which (ook
pl(lC0 Wpanmlay afternoon at the
homo of the, bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Alma Fry, at Coxburgh,
was the, center of interest for tho
many friends of this young couple,
The service was conducted by Rev,
J,' W. Joyucr, of Ilolladay, very
impressively. Only relatives and
a few friends were present. Tho
attendants were E. F. Hudson and
Miss Lizzio Bi R K McDan
iel ftml Miss Gillio stiirall. Vachel
Rusllin,r am Misa Lizz;e McCul
lou l Aonzo McDaniel and Sirs
Dora McMackin. Immediately af-
ter tll0 ceremony the entire bridal
Dartv lc t for tll5s T)lac0 ,vliere thev
wer0 iven a reccption and supper
at t10 Lome 0f tho Kroom's parents,
Dr. And Mrs. F. G. Hudson. They
were met beyoml iho railroad sta
. . .....
tinii . jtkI ianm'tot I in tnmn hv n linm
ber of the friends of the happy
couple headed by tho 1 ass band.
The bridegroom is thl d-known
au( popular young business man of
the firm of Hudson & Corbitt, and
his charming bride is a hidily ac-
complished young lady, very popu-
iar and will bo a valuable addition
to Camden societv. We ioin in
I v4tViiUlllH KsKJLl LLL CI L, L4. 1 L1UUP CV11V4. WUi
best wishes,
I will not be at Morris Chapel
on the fourth Sunday, but will be
there on the fifth Sunday at 10.00
o'clock. N. R. Waters.
The present generation is only
i 1 j Til
now coming to understand tne
meaning of the word "work." It
applies to all classes, rich and poor
alike, and Mrs. Charlotte-Perkins
Stetson has undertaken to make
this clear in her article, "What
Work Is," wdiich appears in the
October Cosmopolitan.
J. B. Meyers, Doctor of Optics,
cf Nashville, Tenn., is at the Mel
t0u House whore he will remain for
L few jav8i au,i auv oue wi10 ims
ftl,v nilmpnffl oF tlie ve will do well
in nH i, ;s ni PYnprt with
maily years of experience of reliev
ing persons of imperfect sight. He
will aive vou a satisfactory exami-
nation aud fit you with tho pl.0per
ienBes. i)r. Meyers is regarded as
one of tbe best opticians in the
South- number of our citizens
kave known and patronized him
or yenrg) anj wo tace pleasure in
recommending him to the people
nf Camden.
Best Brand Flour "White Rose
at R. G. Hudson's; only GO cents a
sack. Try it.
A complete assortment of Ready
JJiixeu x amis, iiibi leeuiveu uy luw
T ' J
ixed Paints
Fry Drug Co
Bacon, Lard, Flour, Sugar, Soda,
Coff etc -usfc receivea at R. G.
' '
Hudson &
Choice line of Cigars, Tobacco,
etc., kept always on hand,, at R. G.
Mrs. Dora McAuley visited fit
Na.divilh thin week.
(.'alios Findley ban gone to Mc
Ken.ie to visit relatives.
Finis Rushing, of Wyly, was in
town v few days this week.
E. E. Thompson and wifo were
lown from Cooley's Monday.
V. J. Higgs has returned from a
rip to tlu metropolis of Ohio.
Claud Hudson has returned from
spending a few days at Alamo.
F. G. Hudson is building an h
attractive fenco at his residence,
Clerk and Master D. G. Hudson
has been in Memphis this week.
Camden will celebrate the advent
of electric lights to-morrow night.
Marshal E. G. Flowers and Tom
Bomar were iu Nashville Monday,
Vachel Rushing, of Big Sandy,
is spending a few days in our midst.
Pleas Potts, who has been iu bad
health for several weeks, is some
Mrs. Mary Brewer has moved to
. ,i -. nr. ii M
rooms at trie residence or v ill
Miss Lura Bridges, of Devider,
is tho guest of tho family of R. L.
Mrs. B. F. Brown and children
left yesterday, to visit relatives at
Cadiz, Ky.
Mrs. J. II. Combs, who has been
uangerousiy in, is some oetter, we
i .i.'ii" iii i
are giau to learn.
i . i i 1
Justice J. F. Stockdalo and son,
Thomas, were guests of Hon. J. A,
Clement last F riday.
Inspector Henry Fryer passed
dowrn the road Tuesday, returning
from East Tennessee.
C. O. Hubbs and mother have
move to the house recently occu-
pied by J. J. Bateman.
Mesdames T. C. Rve and R Til.
McAuley visited at Nashville tho of Mrs. Alva Johnson, died Thurs
latter part of last week. dny mSht of las week, after an ill-
m ,r i c i -i i
j-Ui.ii xix. kjiccic, ui xiiiiuiif, xiia.,
' ' '
ia..A i.:. i ir
I . ' , , '
lltlll iii i. tJ. IF. XX. KJ JV LiUi
A letter from Claud is held for
signature, the writer having failed
to afiix name to the same.
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Hudson have
gone to housekeeping in the rooms
adjoining the Stigall House.
Eugeno Travis returned to Hen
derson yesterday, after spending
the week here with homefolks.
Miss Lizzie Martin, of Waverly,
passed through Camden Tuesday
on her way to Texas, we learn.
Mrs. W. E. McCullough is still
very sick, but there has been some
change for the better since Tues-
New sons books, the same used
by tho Methodist Church, have which was on a pen of logs, was dis
been ordered by the Presbyterian Placed aud the by 3 thrown to
" v
Tom Bomar has bought the I. N.
Wm i ii , a.
side of the public square; consid-
-ni-ni -n 1
luiba xuu xtuciuiiig, uj. x uauu, una
come to Camden and will engage
with Mrs. Leona McDaniel, fashi-
onablo modiste.
Mrs. Rosa Hasting and her son,
Charley, of Manleyville, were the
quests of the family of William A.
Steele Saturday and Sunday.
A. II. Farmer, of Texas, renewrs
his subscription to The Chronicle,
"which generally gets here every
Monday morning with the old home
news." R. Pafford, another Texas
subscriber renews, and says that he
"can't get along without the old
home paper.",
W. S. Corbitt and A. K. Rronl.s,
delegate, and James Tmvnrend
and son atJcndcd the 1 5 ; t j 1 1 1, a .,o-
ciation at Pleasant. Hill la -t wrik.
(leor.-.e T(;liver ha.-; );ud from
Way to this place ami occupies the
dwelling vecated by J. R. Rrov. n-
ing, who Lu.-i moed to tin- t i;t!i
A ti'.'ini from Saund' r.-i tV Ilubb's
blame ran away last r i nlay, une
of the horses was severely injured
ill 1,111 s
and tin' wagon
was consul''
Rev. J. W. Turner, pastor, de-
- . ,,.i t W1 nf !,.,.
byterian Church Sund.ay forenoon,
and Rev. I. R. Hubbs delivered a
o(,od sermon Sunday evening.
V. A. Yarbrough and mother,
Mrs. May Yarbrough, were called
to Huntsville, Ala., Monday. The
former returned Wednesday. Mrs.
Yarbrough will visit her son, John
b larbrough.
G. W. Toliver and II. C. Pafford
have opened a meat market on the
north side of tho square, and rc
spectfully solicit tho patronage of
in ppnprn tv.ihhc
Fresh meats
kept constantly on hand, and all or
ders filled promptly
Wo understand that as soon as
the electric plant is in operation
its motive power will bo utilized by
John W. Bateman in running his
stave factory machinery, which will
be moved to irrounds adiacent to
ih(, nowei. ,ouse of tho ,
Tf imvpnu nr(inAv Annn CA
don't fail to take a peep in at Jack
Fuller's barber shop and note the
changes that have been made. It
has been renovated and two large
plate-glass mirrors and attractive
paintings adorn the w7alls, and we
venture the assertion that it is one
o the most up-to-date shops in the
Conner, the little 5-year-old son
ness or several days. Funeral ser
-i iii Tfi x m
vinpu FPrn pmv nplni hv or I I?
" -"" "J
Hubbs, and the interment we
I il . -r 1 1 1 " 11
mo russen uurrying-grouuu east
of town We extend conclolence to
the iK1Teaved mother and relatives.
Those who attended the annual
conference of the Methodist Epis
copal Church at Tullahoma last
week have returned, and w-e learn
that Rev. George Florence, of Dy-
ersbnrg, has been appointed on the
Camden circuit, succeeding Rev. L.
C. Deshazo, who will go to Hollow
Rock. T. W. Drake, of Lexington,
is the new presiding elder.
The little son of J. II. Spencer,
of the Middlebrook community, was
painfully injured in an accident last
Monday while feeding -a sorghum
wilL Iu some manner the mill,
I . t . i m . t
tho ground beneath it and considv
erably bruised beskleslmving a yery
narrow escape. The mill, which
a heavy oue, slid off the legs
and fell to the ground, missing the
uo" 8 neau oniy a lew incnes
Stave bolt makers and good teams
can get steady work at good wages
by applying to W. P. Parker, Sun-
"se, Tenn., or W. F. Stone, Kim
mins. Tenn., at once. They have
roar 8tave raills running and can
i -i . t . -I
give work to those wanting a good
Pay each Saturday.
Chess fe Wymoxd Co.
The Chronicle will be mailed
to any address for oO cents a year,
payable in advance. Subscribers
will please promptly notify us of
any irregularity in the delivery of
their pnp?r.
n:on urniTY,
,,Ui.ir r ii "ii- "in. ,
V,'. A. Tolls-
lnt Wll', i.l J ; r.'.t-
e.iri', lire
ieic un u Vi'.l!.
Will Child
i f Rerirand, "o.,
1 i VI it II!
in tlii -i eo!i;muiiit.
C. V.
Smith, the mirserym;in, of
HMl Cn'Jllty, hto'j.el h( 1'
spelling bee by thendiool last
Friday evening was enjoyed by tho
Mrs. Alvin Rune, of HoliowRoek,
who is at the home of her iath"r,Dr.
J. R. Florence, is indispor.cd.
Rev. N. R. Wa.ters will preach
on a special subject here next Sun
day. This will bo his lust round
for the conference year.
Charles Webb, of Ilustburg, was
here last week, and sold his farm
to Lee Hargis. We regret that it
is his intention to permanently lo
cato elsewhere.
While it is rat lieu late in the sea
son for snakes, some of our boys
seem to be easily frightened and
they continue to take their medi
cine before they are 'bitten.
Liberty, October 10.
Ki';;u!;tr eoiTespoiKleiiw,!
Homer Parker lias gone to Plat
woods to-day.
Dr. T. H. Taylor, of Big Sandy,
was here Monday.
W. F. Bullard visited friends at
Snri ii i rv i t J-iii ii ,1 n -r
r''it.l.lllV, Klliilill j
The infant child of B. T. Brewer
is reported very sick.
John P. Melton, of Clydoton, is
here to-day on business.
II. A. Caraway, of Big Sandy, is
here to-day on business.
Miss Sara Nash, of Springville,
is visiting relatives in this locality.
J. H. Redick and wife attended
tho reunion at Camden last week.
-Mrs. Zora Berry, of Big Sandy,
spent Sunday hero with relatives.
Miss Claudie Stagner is the ac
.knowledged champion young lady
horseback rider on Crooked Creek.
A fishing party went from here
to Tennessee River Saturday and
landed a 30 -pound cat and a nice
string of smaller fish.
J. F. McDaniel, who got an iron
rod stuck in his leg while at work
on the Danville bridge a few days
ago, has gone to Erin to have his
wound treated.
Faxon, October 11.
Regular correspondence
We are glad to see R. M. Brown
able to be out again.
Rev. Mr. Goodman will preach
at Chalk Level Sunday.
V. C. Nunnery visited relatives
at Hollow Rock Saturday.
Rev. J. M. Smith will preach at
Mount Moriah next Sunday.
The Chalk Level Dramatic Club
will be organized Thursday night
John and D. Smith and John B.
Anderson will go to Nashville next
J. B. Anderson's school here will
close to-morrow, and an interesting
time is anticipated.
Mesdames William Wheeling and
W. R. Marchbanks attended Bap
tist association at Pleasant Hill.
W. A. Higdon has the contract
to repair the school house, at 885.
This has necessitated the early
closing of the school.
Peanuts are out of tho ground,
and many farmers are engaged in
picking. Peanuts are said to be
worth 50 cents on the river. j
Mount Moriaii, October 11.
Fresh Cabbage, Apples, Grapes,
Bananas, Cheese, Onions, Bolcgna
Sausage, at R. G. Hudson's. Call
and see him.

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