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Vol. XIX. No. 25.
Wiior.i: No. 4
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Oilst initiEj, FefOioEFii, Soaps a Ironists' Seines
East Side Public Square,
Everything is New, Pure Fresh.
Prescriptions Acourately Compounded at Acl Hours, Day and Nioht..
2,000.00: io mil
To the Subscribers of the
-SI. OO GETS $500.00 IN CASH.
Try it. You may get it. No one
Ouess number of crams on an avcraco sized car of
eter at large end 2 S inches, tn middle l"4 Inches,
uiihcs, at Hii'iillnnl Inches, In middle, 7 1-10.
Hank of iNashville, feiui., niiliiisk. il, and no one can possibly know the number of gralnson it. The
H-iiil-Vekly American, the Kioa.tc.st semi-weekly, news, family and farm paper iu the Mouth, 104
numbers a year: Less tlian i rent a copv, oflcrs to tho huUh'ji Umt first sending In the correct, or
nearest correct iruess. remittitur tl for VJ months subsf-iintioii to tlio Kuml Week.lv American.
In cash
Second correct, or nearest correct- trness received,
Third correct, or nearest correct, giusx received,
r mo in correct, or nearest correct, Kiiess received, nign-graae, nail-nearing, drop top, tivo
drawer sewing uiaeliine 05.00
r mil correct, or nearest correct, guess received, Jones' chain-drive Mower Ri.oo
Sixth correct, or nearest correct, i;ui)mi received, Tornado Feed Cutter 6.1 00
Seventh correct, or nearest correct, guess recoived, Scientific Feed Mill 3s on
i lentil correct, or nearest correct, guesa received,
i nun correci, or nearest correct, iruess received, Dixie l ea iiuiier 1S5.O0
Ten tli correct, or uearest correct, guess received, good corn shelter 10. W
To the first 1,000 subscribers who send In vs mouths subscription and guess, whether cor
rect or incorrect, will receive a complete history (t vol.) of America's War for Huinanity-a
book no one shoidd be without nicely illustrated and interesting, cheap at 1 each 1,000.00
Contest closes March 1,1900. No guess will be received bearing postmark later than March 1, 1900.
All awards will be paid immediately after closing of contest. If there should be any tie guesses
that is, two or more guesses entitling tlio parties to the same award-it will tie dually divided,
hend in your $1 and guess this day. Try to get the $.m Just think what you can do with $3u0cash,
and no one has a better chance to secuie it Minn yourself. If you do not get first you may get sec
ond. Tho Aniericau always pays Us prizes promptly, in former contests it has paid many pebes.
We give the name and address of a few of those who have received awards: Wellington J&wiudB,
Tmneisvillc, Tenn., f 500 cash ; Charles I). Copo, Sparta, Tenii., Woo.
Sond postal for agents' terms if you want to act ' i agent. All guesses must be accompanied by
Jl lor 12 months' subscription. Address
THE AMERICAN, Nashville, Tenn. "
Special correspondence.
Hog killing ..has begun in this
W. P. Cowan will eoon Lave his
new buildings completed.
N. L. Holland is making new im
provements at his home place.
liobert Hamer and wife left last
'Friday for Arkansas, where they
will make their home.
The infant child of Dred Melton i
died Sunday, and was buried here
yesterday. She has gone to join
the angel band, and this thought
should be a consolation to the be
reaved parents, with whom we can
deeply sympathize.
Mrs. Annie Hamer, wife of Wil
liam Hamer, died Saturday even
ingf and her remains were buried
here Sunday.- She professed reli
gion when a young girl, and was a
member of the church at this place.
She waa a kind and devoted wife
and mother, a good neighbor, and
will be greatly missed here. Her
husband and two children have the
sympathy of the entire community.
Flaxwoods, November 28.
Regular correspondence
Thomas Casey has moved to T.
M. Lockhart's.
J. R. Herrin, of Wyly, is still in
very feeble health.
G. W. Florence will preach at
The Hill next Sunday.
The stave factory will move in a
few days to Bear Creek. .
G. B. Bane came near getting his
house burned a few days ago.
S. 'A. Bvrn has returned from
Point Mason, where he has been
doing brick work for Bullock. &
Miss Vandie Eayborn, of Henry
County, and S. C. Madrey were
married one day last week. The
bridegroom is nearing the limit of
man's allotted time on earth (three
score and ten) while his bride is a
maiden of barely twenty Bummers.
We wish them a long and happy
Smith's College, November 28.
Hogular correspondence. -
Westport was the mecca of some
the young folks Sunday.
There is some talk of Joe Town
send opening a store at Eli.
J. II. Spencer is making needed
? improvements on his dwellings
it y hi j
ijnk or-
Semi-Weekly American.
has a better chance than you.
White Indian corn. ImrtlilO'i Inchcs.dL'int
small end 2 inches, circumference at lame find H'
The car of corn is placed in the American National
cash iri mi
line tobii;ey 75.00
land roller 35.00
, 2,006.00
Owing to rain there was a small
attendance at Cross Roads Sunday.
Ive Pierce and Mesdames J. H.
Kee and Charles Jordan are on the
sick list
Farmers are about done gather
ing crops. About half a yield is
Several boys from here, will at
tend the soldier boys' reception at
We are pleased to know that Ilev.
N. R. Waters will be pastor again
at the chapel, and we feel sure that
he will have the prayers and best
wishes of the people of Middle
brook. Middlebrook, Novfember 28.
Special correspondence. ,
A. L. Phif er and Elmer Yick were
at Camden Saturday.
Crops have been gathered, and
a two-third yield is reported.
Mrs. Joe Fox Melton, of Marm-
aduke, Ark., is visiting her father,
rngon Holland.
The literary society, under, the
management of Jiilmer Vick, is pro
pressing nicely. John .Ldgar and
Walter Phifer were enrolled mem
bers yesterday.
Despite the ram there was a good
turnout at bunday school Sunday
Great interest is manifested in oui
coining together in this work, and
ram or shine lets have a Sunday
school that will be a credit to our
community and glory for. the cause
of Christ.
We note with sadness the death
night before last of one of the little
twin daughters (infants) of Mr. E.
Melton., and wife. In extending
condolence we would say to the be
reaved parents, weep not, for the
little one has gone to shine as a
bright gem in the Savior's crown.
You can meet it again.
Harmons Cheek, November 28.
Everything in building material
kept on hand at Hawley's.
M. C. Taylor, the jeweler, will
repair your watch, clock or sewing
machine on short notice. All work
guaranteed. All orders for jewelry,
etc., given prompt attention. Office
at It. G. Hudson's store.
Going td paint your house? Get
your Ready Mixed Paint at the Fry
Drug Co. It is strictly up to date.
Go to C. Y Hawley for window
ss, any size.
Jrnips Vickrey was at Holladay
lt. Friday.
Trustee J. T. Camp was in the
city yesterday.
Ii. L. Bridges is in the Nashvillo
market this week.
J. M. Broaden, of Pavatt, was in
the city yesterday.
Tom II. Batemau has put a neat
fence at his busiues3 houwo.
Berry Hubbs and family are over
from Hollow Hock on a visit.
Trig. Melton is making building
improvements at his home placo.
Pi. L. Phillips is in the Nashvillo
market buying holiday goods for
the Phillips Grocery Co.
It is rather late for pear blooms,
but Dr. It. B. Travis had them in
his orchard November 28.
Parties owing us stove-wood on
subscription will please noto that
it will be very acceptable.
Mrs. Delaney Lynch wants infor
mation of two strayed hogs, black
with a little while on feet.
E. J. Lagoro has sold his stock
of goods to O. C. Hudson and I. N.
Wilson and will go to Paducah.
When a few gaps have been pav
ed, Camden will have a good walk
way entirely around the square.
Sheriff Fry says all subpoenas is
sued for the August term hold good
for the December term of circuit
All members of Postoak Camp,
No. 47, Woodmen of the World, are
urged to be at the camp hall next
luesday evening, as the meeting is
an important one.
George Woods, Ora Gooch, 11. L.
Walker, n. J. Fry, Robert Ilober
son, Howell Odle and Marvin M.
Fisher, of Sugar Tree, are taking
in the big show at Nashville.
Postoak Camp, Woodmen of the
World, is growing rapidly in mem
bership. The increase has been
nearly 200 per cent, since the first
of August, and applications are still
pouring in.
Yesterday being a holiday, Pro
fessor Cooper dismissed school at
Benton Seminary. "Arbor Day
was not observed. It was thought
by many to be an error or oversight
to set this day on thanksgiving,
Mrs. Bryant, wife of Tom Bryant,
of the Cross Roads community.died
Monday morning, after an illness of
about a week. Mr. Bryant is very
low with fever, and there is little
hope for his recovery. The family
have the sympathy of a large circle
of friends.
The stave factory has been mov
ed from the electric light plant to
bouth Camden. The engine of L.
A. Wyatt's saw-mill at Garfield has
been moved to South Camden to
furnish the motive power. This
change necessitates moving and re
handling a large quantity of timber
on the yard at the electric light
Camden's local undertaker is ful
of humor, often of the Mark Twain
variety. Only afew days agohehac
occasion to fully demonstrate this
well-known trait. He wras crossing
a street while a stray mule stood un
comfortably near. As the aforesaid
mule with characteristic habit turn
ed around, business end front, our
friend was heard to remark: "I
you kick me I'll knock you down V
Quite a largo and enthusiastic
delegation of our citizens attended
the reception and banquet of the
boys of Company I at Big Sandy
yesterday. Great preparations had
been made for their home-coming,
and everybody was proud, happy
and joyful that' they were at home
again; men, women and children
put their hearts into the welcome
and it was a- greeting such as the
returning heroes truly deserved-
earnest, sincere, -joyous and an oc
casion that will never be forgotten.
What a real thanksgiving it was in
the homes of all Jthose who have re
turned home from the front! The
Ciiroxicle joins in the welcome
home of all the boys, and we give
them three big, hearty cheers and
Yratch for the announcement of
Christmas 'goods by the Fry Drug
lira. l. L. PhillipH and MihH Ila
Lashlee attended a thanksgiving
supper at IIoHovf Hock Wednesday
The Huntingdon poHt-offico was
robbed of ovor 200 Monday night.
Dynamite waa used to blow open
tho safe.
The new improvements made by
the Phillips Grocery Co. adds very
much to the appearance of their
business houHe.
Preparations are being made to
restore the unsightly chain rack,
which waa removed last summer by
orders of the street committee while
grading tlio east side of tho square.
Circuit court will meet here next
Monday. Judge Swiggart will find
an unusually largo docket for this
term of court, due mainly to the fac
hat we have had no court sinco last
We learn that Walter Lynch, a
gunner in Light Battery G of tho
Sixth Artillery, which took a con
spicuous part in the fighting near
lloilo last wok, has been promoted
A Camden girl, Mies Ila Lashlee
carried off the honors at a thanks
giving supper given at the Metho
dist Church, Hollow Rock,Wednes
day evening. A cake was voted to
the most beautiful young lady, auc;
Miss Lashlee was easily the favor
ite, receiving over a hundred votes
moro than any one else voted for
in tho contest. Miss 11a is a genera
avorite here, and her friends are
to be pardoned for expressing their
appreciation of the honor thug con
erred by our neighbor town.
Camden had only one boy in the
First Tennessee Regiment, Serg.
Will M. Robins of Company 1, but
a good-sized delegation went up to
Nashville to participate in the wel
come extended the boys. Sargeant
Robins returned home last night,
comingdirect from Big Sandy. He
has the appearance of being in fine
lealth, and does not look any the
worse for the long, arduous cam
paign in the Philippines. After
their experience in actual warfare,
he says the boys are glad to be at
home again. The people ot Ben
ton County have followed the move
ments of the I irst Tennessee with
pride, for it has made a brilliant
record, and their soldierly appear
ance and gentlemanly conduct have
been favorably commented upon
along the entire route from San
Francisco to Nashville, where their
reception Wednesday will be long
remembered in Tennessee.
scurasNAS hold good.
All parties served with a writ of
subpoena for the August term, 1899,
of circuit court are hereby notified
that the subpoenas hold good for
the December term, lbyy.
E. E. Fey,
The road overreers of the fifth
district are hereby ndtified to meet
mo at Judge L. E. Davis' office at
Camden December 9, 1899. Come
prepared to make complete settle
rnent, and bring all tools in your
care. J. H. Kee,
Marriage licenses have been is.
sued by County Clerk G. B. Greer
to J. J. Allen and Paralee Melton,
John Woods and Florence Bell, J.
R. Young and Miss Graves, M. L,
Wyatt and S. B. French, Harris
Earp and Nicie Wright, J. W. Leo
and M. L. R. Lovelaud.
See C. Y. Hawley when you want
window glass.
A complete assortment of Ready
Mixed Paints, just received by tho
Fry Drug Co.
Doors, windows and blinds at G
Y. Hawley a
When you are in town come in
and see us.
The CnsoNiCLE, DO cents a year,
Hpefi.'d t'orrespoiii'
It. W. Ayres i on tlu
hi week.
It. W. Lindi ey and family, of tho
Faxon community, are hero on n
It wan Mrs. Charley Clayton who
wiw called to Big .Sandy by the
death of her sister.
Wo are informed that Rev. J. R.
Harrison will preach at Bushing's
Chapel tho third Sunday at 11 a.
m. and at Liberty at 2 p. m.
Ihe people of this locality were
rudely disturbed by nomo drunken
negro boys. Such conduct is be
coming quite common of lnt' ou
this road at night.
Lir.i: r.i y, November 2S.
llegular correspondence.' .
lbliam McBrido and wife visited
here to-day.
II. A. Caraway, ot Big Sandy,
was here Sunday.
Lee Pierce, of Claud, paid us a
pleasant call to-day.
Miss Daisio Wynn, of Big Sandy,
visited homefolks Saturday.
Several havo gono from hero to
Nashville to meet the soldier boys.
Will Outlaw and C. Day, of Dan-'
ville, tiro -employed on W. Caraway
& Son's hoop yard here.
Mrs. Kate Butler has returned
from Erin. She says Miss Callie
Hussey is greatly improved.
A. T. Duggar, of .Magnolia, 'has
moved to this place. We gladly
welcome such an euterprising citi
zen among us.
A. P. Allen raised 80 large wagon-loads
of fine pumpkins and .375
bushels of corn on 11 acres. Who
can beat it for pumpkins?
Faxon, November 28.
Reguiar correspondence.
R. D. Laurence -is on the list of
sick this week.
Mrs. Ollie Davidson is visiting
at Hollow Piock.
Leoi Townsend, of Bnena Ylsta,
was here Sunday.
Dry Creek will be well represent
ed at the reception of the soldier
boyo at Big Sandy Thursday.
We ask the many readers of Tee
CniiONicLE to please pardon our si-
ence. We have employment "hke-
uuto J acob of old," says the Liberty
correspondent, and while tne ascer-
tious are maliciously talse, still we
hink it moro honorable to labor
seven years and seven again than
o steal a wife. The correspondent
aforesaid has had some experience
along this line, will he endorse our
opinion of the matter?
Dry Creek, November 28.
C. Y. Hawley handles windows,
doors and a general line of builders'
M. C. Taylor has located at Cam
den, and is prepared to do watch
and clock repairing. Satisfaction
R. G. Hudson an't enumerate
everything iu his store, but ho will
sell you groceries cheap, cheap!
Dou't fail to read the big adver
tisement of Claude Hudson in this
issue of The Chronicle. HeTias
some rare bargains that will pay
you to investigate at once. "First
come, first served," you know.
Mrs. Harriet Farmer now has
charge of the hotel property of II.
h. btigall, on the north side of the
square, and desires her friends and
the public to know that she is more
conveniently located and better pre
pared to furnish meals and lodging.
Good beds, good table, quiet rooms
and prompt attention. Traveling
men and those Iravlng business in
town can economize time and save
money by stopping with Mrs. Far
mer. Charges reasonable. Special
rates to those who desire board by
tho week or month.
The Chronicle and Nashville
Semi-Weekly American, one year,
TnE Chronicle and St, Louis
Twice-a-Week Republic, one year,
The Chronicle and Home and
Farm, one year, 60 cpnts.

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