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Compi-res Vftemns of 6i Willi Those
of the Late War.
a .MKvnr.n arraignment
r( it ritfilivoof Ij-'crclnry Hoot
Ridicule Spanish War.
Tho cxm-isc of tlfilicatiii tho 107
N liicnuiiu ntH lui.l mm kci ft ef tho t-tuto
f Jllinui tho latt!i'!'cM mr
roiinili'i;j tho city .f ('h;it!.'iii(ru vrro
Li 14 'I'liiirMlny ut On hunl Knob, tho
tlio, of ni:n nf the Jililicij nl memorial
shafts iiinl f union5 during tho civil
viir ih tho hi'mliiuartei-H of (Jenural
Amen?; the visitors wcro Henator
Ctilloin, (lovunior Tniuior and BtniT,
('onniiiRsioner of IVnsioiiH H. Clay
i lAtujfl, General II. V. JJoynton, rep
resenting tho necrelury of war, nnd u
largo delegation from tlio confederate
camp of Chattanooga.
Major Charles A.Connelly delivered
tho speech presenting tho monuments
to the governor of Illinois on behalf
' of the Illinois commissioners.
Governor John 15. Tanner, of 111 i
, nois, received tho monuments and in
y turn presented them to the govern
. wont.
General II. V. Tioyuton, chairman
cf the national park commission, in
receiving tho monuments, said in part:
"The citizcuB of any state, or of any
nation, might well bo proud to stand
on this historic spot, with tho right to
fdand hero as the military associate of
General Grant, participants with him
each in his appointed rank in that
v miracle of military history, the storm
in c of Missionary 11 idee. First, to
ward this point, and then from this
point ho derected that series or mem
orable battles which have given Chat
tanooga a world-wide fame.
"What of the poldiors who won tho
liattles which theso monuments com
memorato and the great captains who
commanded them? Did General Grant
spend his time about tho commissary
etores in tho capacity of a pure food
commissioner? Did he send his ktaff
officers throughout tho limits of his
command to gather evidenco to prove
that the war department did not know
more than a thing or two about war?
Did ho fill tho press of the laud with
interviews criticising everything and
everybody but himself? When he tel
egraphed General Thomas from Louis
ville to hold Chattanooga, did Thomas
reply, 'We are out cf the proper brand
of meat, and it can't be done,' or did
v lie reply, 'We will hold the town til i
V wo starve?' Did General Thomas and
lus general officers send a round robin
to Washington concerning the condi
tion of their stomachs, their temper
ature and their pulse, and promptly
furnish a copy of it to tho press?
"And what cf the soldiers who serv
ed under General Thomas? They
went about the streets of Chattanooga
1 i 1 . V .. 1 - 1 1 1
x anu ina norso anu. muie corrais. tick-
i" ing tip kernels and scattered corn.
They gathered about the refuse heaps
of the commissary stores where moldy
bread was thrown, whittled off tho
meld, and filled their haversacks with
the crumbs; and when interrupted by
the play of the seige guns, they would
look up at tho smoking summit of
Lookout and exclaim: 'If these ra-
tinons hold, Mr. Johnny Rob,- we'll
J get you yet.'
"The monuments which Illinois here
dedicates are to such officers and rnen.
Let the small, but the loud persistent
crowd of grumblers of the national
guard in the war with Spain, who
iilled the land with their baseless
groanings, take notice of the kind of
soldiers which an American state do
lights to honor.
"And those who nought against
these iron men were eoldiers of a like
mold. When union veterans gather,
that fact should never bo forgotten,
and ever be held as a matter of pride,
since, together, they fix the universal
and tmdisputed standard of American
pluck, endurance and heroism on the
field of battle.
"This great park, embracing seven
battlefields, is being established with
absolute impartiality as a military ob
ject lesson and an illustration of the
powers of the American soldier m bat
tie. More than a thousand historical
tablets attest this impartiality. The
like of it was never seen before in any
Biz Battleship flade a Highly Satis
factory Record.
A Boston dispatch saya: Against
tide, wind and a heavy head eea for
at least half her course, the new bat
tleship Kentucky made a record of
1G.877 knots an hour Friday on her
cfncial speed trial over the govern
ment course from Cape Ann to Boone
island, and by her work showed that
she is a little faster than her sister
snip Jearsage, wnicn recently was
sent over the same course. The trial
eatisfied her builders, that she can
justly be rated as a 17-knot vessel,
although her co-ntract calls for onlv
1G knots.
"Do It and
Stick to It."
If yrr.t A?e sit k And dicwrgcd nvtth im
pure bloo, cjtdrrh cr rheumatism, tke
ILoJ" s SirsJrdriUji fjithfutly and pim's
tenl'y, and you uul soon haw 4 cure.
Hds medicine has cured thousjinjj cf
other; And it Tviil Co the same for you.
FdUhfu!!y t&hcn.
Ctr?crdinrry Fights cf Cirda.
It Is saltl that the bobolinks which
rear tl i If young on tho shorts of Lake
Whm!"'::. Cunuihi, and go to Cuba
nnd 1'uiU) I'Ao to spend the winter,
v, !cc travcf ne a dl.-.'anco exceeding
'.sot) miles, or more than a fifth of
;.e circumference of our earth each
rear. The kingbird lays Its egsrs na
far north ni the filth degree of lati
tude, and Is found In the winter In
South America. Tlio biennial pilgrim
mages of the little redstnr exceed 3.00Q
miles and the tiny hummingbird 2,000.
r.Ki'h Kc'knpo nf ICINAM FAPEtEHS DvR
Culura cither bilk. Wool or Coltou perfectly
Ht one bolUjijr. Sold, by ull drutffe'lbt.
A New War.
:r (to KiT.tlcinsn) "Do
U'C- vr (to BiT.tlcmsii) "Do you happen,
sir. In IimVi lut, your pinsn'
(.out (fcrlinit in Ills jm' kitv) "No!"
P.fw'4!r "'l ht-ii ciiu you let mo have allttle
HHl-t WU' V"
r.y writing at once ' U
for tli 'J remarkable offrr of the PoiUb's B'oit
rtii ln-itltutlon of Practlciil Ituslnrns Training,
Ite Qa.Ab. Business College,
Don't Delay 1 MACON, GA.
Vhy tnkc
Uauccous Llcdicincs ?
in you saHcrisj with
in yoy suffering with
Are you jtubjert to COMC, FLATULENCY
Do yon miller from UETE.NTION or KIP-
Do you feel LANIU OJI, and DtBILITA-
TH1) In the uiornlugr'
ffiDcc tun n.'i
T !
Pisasant ta taia, Stimulating,
Biuratic, Stomichic, Absolutely Pars,
For Sale by nil C5KOCEKS and
All hand-paintod. No
hnndsomer lamp nmde.
Sold at lunnufiicturor's
prices. AVE pay th.
Makes a most accepta
ble present.
I.cautlt ul colored cat
nlogtio of liand-iinintt il
l'A KMM1 or BAy t KT
LAJirS, frt-e. .
Every Lamp ?
UciL Moniy back if
you want it.
Manufactured by
Pittsburg Glass Co.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Our Hjutual Friend,
Red frcal Cartons.
flen's Sizes $1.50.
Boys' and Youths $1.25.
nil! be on sale by one or llie best
merchants In this town ask for
them. Made only by
All.lS l'A, UA.
Those Awfully Lcng Words.
At 1 o'clock A. M. the night editor
shouted through the speaking tube to
the man in the telegraph room whose
business it was to supervise tho dis
patches from the seat of war in the
Transvaal and to act as custodian of
the Dutch dictionary:
"Ay, ay."
"That last dispatch from Fretorla
will have to bo-cut. It's half a column
too long. Come up here and take out a
couple of words!" Chicago Tribune.
"Variety's the spice of life." hut to retain
its reit hinj qualit ts is souietinies diflletilt.
, f V," lis ' J .
V; , ,
f. .-...ii.. m .,.. .. ,., ... ., . 1. ... ,,, ,,. ,,.,, n.i., ., . . . !,..,. .mru..-. ' T .u..".H");'-.'W ..,,, . i . i.m. t,i .1,1, 1. 1 . M, ... ..1 .. .... '." "-.- -""
i Lfd u r i Ii i 1 WW firs Vr B i i 1 M 0 0
A rcoliih Tail.
Tlio f,iK'i!'n of men wearing hrnre
lets U on the lucreaxe. The l'limc of
WnhM H fald to wear a hanKle which
once heloiiis'fd to Maxinlllan, Ihn;eror
of Mexico. The Iuk" of Saxe-Cohuric
Ih nlso nccrediti'd with wearlnjr n j;'d
hraciht. while the late Duke of Al
bany U bald to have worn one fur luck.
Tartsry TaMe.
In Tartary TiIoii. h;el;:i and pn'Uo
nre rRard.Ml us perfumes. A Tnrtary
lady will mako h'-rnclf nrvrahln hy
n'.i.bliw: a ph co of fml-.ly-eut onion on
her hands nnd over her coiiutennnce.
From Across tho Continent.
"I received tho Tctterino couple of
days n;;o. Tho few applications I've
made convince, mo that I havo at last
found in this fine remedy a euro fur
Eczema. I can well a few boxes to my
friend. Whnt discount on ou dozen?
Let mo know at onco. II. C Bindley,
707 Market Btreet, fan Francisco,
CaL" At druggists or by mail for 10
cents by J. T. tJhnptrine.
Maklnj aa Iraprerslon.
"I was much amused one day about
a year nzo, when I was on my way to
Washington," remarked a Dctrolter
not long Klnee. "I had finished a good
meal In the dining ear and was enjoy.
Ing myself In the smoker. Pretty soon
two young fellows came In who ap
peared to me to be colics' undergradu-nte.-
returning to their alma mater.
They began to talk of a visit they had
paid to Washington (luring tho Christ
mas holidays a year before, nnd were
recalling incident and episodes of the
trip. They mentioned the name cf a
Congressman from a Western State
and told of tho good time they had
had at his house. One of thorn was In
esneciallv cood snhils when sneaking
of the Congressman's daughter.
" 'You know, I had a great time with
her,' he said, 'and flatter myself that
I made quite an Impression. I guess
she kuln't feen much of society, for
1 just waded in and took her off her
feet. I didn't do a thing but take her
to half-a-dozen "functions" and I guess
I made her think she was the only
girl there was.' lie said a good deal
more in the same strain, nil of which
I couldn't help hearing. Tho reason it
Interested me was this. I knew tha
Congressman and knew his daughter
quite well. She was about SO years
old, almost ten years the senior of the.
young fellow who had 'taken her off
her feet.' She had spent four years In
New York society, two years in Lon
don, where she was a favorite, two
years In Chicago, and had been for
four years one of the most popular
young ladies in Washington social'cir
cles. I rather imagine that there were
two playing at tho game of making tha
other think of being the 'only one there
was.' "Detroit Free Tress.
A Weed Careen.
It is remarkable how many really
beautiful flowers are discarded be
cause ordinarily they are classed as
weeds. A woman who had plenty of
land nnd a taste for experimenting
made a "weed garden" this year which
is a great success. She doesn't know
the names of all tho outcasts she has
gathered in, but she noticed last year
all tho wild things that grew and flow
ered neglected by the wayside, and
transplanted those that appealed to
her most strongly.
"Tho main reason," she urges, "that
they attract so little notice when grow
ing wild is that they are not massed
and arranged as we place cultivated
flowers to get tho best effect. Now,
that is what I have done. A wild
flower, or a weed,' as it is scornfully
termed, that is too fragile to bo
thought much of will make a delicate,
feathery mass 'which will be vastly
admired when planted together by the
score or more."
Even such a despised thing as the
common ragweed is worthy of admira
tion If you happen to look at it aright,:
and it is finely effective as foliage for
cut flowers.
This weed gardener has provided for
a succession of blossoms from violets
and dandelions to golden rod and late
fall grasses, and nothing has repaid
the gardener's efforts with better re
sults than these absolutely free flow
ers. Boston Herald.
tf'.rj-. ..J if' J Zgij KaiHb iLd ittl EwJ
hTiia best remeay lor
Consumption. Cures
c jougns.tjoiun,ux'ijjpo,
O V I" U D Bronchitis, II oars o-
J Hess, Asthma, Whooping-
cough, Croup. Small doses ; quick, sure results.
Vr.liuU iiMlsturt Constipation. Trial, ioforjc.
A Uiisincss Arrangement.
"I wonder why Fraulein Amalio always
smiles so pleasantly at Sehrueizfrei, the
"Oh, fiat's beeanss she has got a new set
of teei h on credit, on condition that he
passes his office, evory day and shows that
the hasn't pawned them."
, .TI.. '. wvw v - - w" ' - f . -; -
"La Creole" Hair Ilestorcr is a Perfect Dressing and Itestorer.
Ho Wm Slightly Elivited.
"I'm goic to keep this up Mil day,"
onid tha pernewrhig aeronaut, nj ho
threw out auother Baudbajj.Novr
York Tri'M.
iaitrlHy for Fruln.
A Kur ioii m lpnllfit elOn t ilisoT
ere.l nil t 1'tirr.tUH wltl'-h tlinufU L(t
bri tl It li I. full ti k1 Ml n-'i.fl IxtjK, mut
ii.tit.lnU of nn eliM lrlo In'ifl. V. I. lie M'lrntlult
lint lipcn tttit-jr luvenlliiK iitHiiiliir.il M.njr
ut innkliiar tli tirntu wmk, 1 1 nti-tt r' Simii.
rli ItMi'iM I n ft.r Tttf y;u bfifii ill Ihk It
Iiat.H nlir. It ritrfi ityiii'ihl;t (itHl all Hiiiil
m il tr. ul Irn nml liiitlild iii ii:i'l tiivli'Driitrs
t?i i ntiro y'.iim. 'i Urn Is itutiilii " jun tii
NiMH ly n (Ioo1.
"My coo 1 wdijihii." mdil tli rlorTinan to
tliu mr'ly trinl iimtrun, "nbl J oti evt-r fry
1 1 c ; i iic cimU of llru uu your Iiububd'(
"Nn, V'"ir rivennro. Ol've throwa a
l!t,'littil l.t iu : nt bint once or l li-c."
Two t'-BTolltie tinloBiRen In mrii FmiHinrn Stat
if "'J nn. I f ;t.iiimn. hxptirlonri' lint nlmnluti'ly
tii-ri nary, ror j-ivrl l'-nltr ntlilrcm 1 ' iilioiitau
Tol'iifco W otkiCo , limltnid t Ivy, Va.
A fmull lcttir wiiy tlt eye rrmfit, cotl.r
MiiHllrsl uCnlrs JUtitt b us moht. Moiitanjuu
How't TliU T
Wo ( flor On llimilrcit Dollnr Howaril fur
iuy rns of ( ntartli that comiot t cured iy
IIilU'h ( atni rh ( 'tiro.
V. J. .iiknky ro , Tropn., Toli'ilo, O.
W, tln"i nit(liirHii;iiil, liave kimwii K. J. Ch
tit y for tlii lnut 15 yeai B. nnd ln-llevs blm mr
'fi'i t!y Iimioi nliln lit nil bunliipun trniisnctlmia
ni.U IliHiin liUIr nl'lft to. carry out nuy oljllga
tt"tt in ml ly i In ir Arm.
Wept & '1 KCix, WliolfPftla PnigglatB, Toledo,
lliii. . .
WiiniNd, KlSKiN. k Mabviw, Wbolcsale
PruiTKlHtH, 'J'oli'ilo, Ohio.
Hall's (.'atari h t ure Is taken lnternnlly, act
ing dlrertly U m tlie liloorl ami inin ous our
fliers of the pyKtrm. l'llco, 7.V-. per bottle, bolil
liy all DriicpliO'. Teatliiioiilala Ireo.
Hall's l'unily Tills nrc tho hi'Bt.'
Plan's Cure cured mo of a Throat and I.unir
trouble of ihri'P year' Mnding. J. CaiiY,
UuiitlDKton, Ind.. Nov. 12, 1KU.
"When firi'i'k joins (irei k, then Is tho t'ti
of war,"' w.i8 vrittti by Nutlianit l Lee In ltUC
3 n E
Sick headache. Food doesn't di
gest well, appetite poor, bowels con
stipated, tongue coated. It's your
liver I Ayer's Pills arc liver pill3,
easy and safe. They cure dyspep
sia, biliousnes8. 25c. All Druggists.
Want your rnontitarh cr board a beautiful
tirotrn or r!"'h black? Thon u?o ,
.A Lriug your children up on it.
S3 &3.S0 SHOES S".
Worth $4 to $6 comoared
with other m.ikes. t
Iiiilnrsed by over
l,uuii,uui'iin. f j ii
The ffmuine have V. L . ji - i, h
stamped on bottom. 'laUc
no siibsiuute claimed to ue s
Vnnr dealer K"A
l. -1 1 If A' .hV.
not, we will send a pan -i,
Hiiind ot eatner, sue, ana wiuui, n.iu ut
cap toe. Lataiojue t-tree.
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mass.
.33 IlllhtS Htk AIL flSt FAILS.
74 Host CouKh Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
'V.I In time. Sold bv rtnir'jlntfi.
r in
Soo our Agsnt or writ dlroot
u 1
VrJM Rifles, Rcpeitiflg: Shotguns, Ammunition end
Sick Womtn Advised (o St:1;
Advice of
luiiu to . nik no. pi,
"I had liiSiinimntii-n nnd fallir,
cf the womb, nnd intlainnintlun c
cvarl. aufl m tn great pain. I took
medicine pri'scribcd by n phyftcian,
but it did mo no good. At lat 1 hoard
of Lydia 11. l'itikhaiii's Vegetable Cuu
pound, and after uoitijr it fuithfullyl
r.m thinkful to s;'y I nm a well women.
I would adviso all nufferinff women to
feck advice of Mrs. rinkham." Mas.
"For revcral years my health won
miserable. I Buffered tho mo.'.t dread
ful pains, tnd vns tihnost on theTcrga
of insanity. I consulted one of tha
best physicians in New York, and ho
pronounced my diicahe a fibroid tumor,
adviMP.;jr nn operation without delay,
mying that it was my only chance for
life. Other doctors prescribed ttrontf
and violent medicine, and one raid I
was Incurable, another told mo my
only F.alvatlon was palvanic batteries.
which I tried, but nothing rf licved me.
Ono day a frbnd called and bcyjed ma
to try Lydia E. Flnkham's Vegetable
Compound. I began its use and took
Bcveral bottles. From the very first
bottlo there was a wonderful change
for tho better. Tho tumor has disap
peared entirely and my old spirits havo
returned. I heartily recommend your
medicino to all Buttering- women."-
Mrs. Vax Cleft, 410 Savxdei Ave
Jeuset City Heights, N. J.
TOMC. Vsod gucccilully silire 1H71.
ra'ti-ntu nnvlnj ciprcn!; nr.ty on (ti'liverr.
IMimilln'.lim. iii'r-in'l or. ''SI ":;,er.'
lJalllllE, Arth bircet, 1'lillnilriirkU, n.
riaisuy I Guninany,
39 S. liroad St., Atlnnla, Cn.
and Boilerc
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l't'libfcilhy Iujoitorit,
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l3.Z$L'Vwr MILLS,
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. try bikI Grain Sppnratom.
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a if
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